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Runner - Sunday Dec 14, 2003

Weight: 119.5

Weight is up again. I shouldn't be surprised. I went to a potluck Christmas dinner and somehow rationalized that I should be able to eat whatever I want since I've done so well lately. So I consumed a piece of pizza, pie, cake, chocolate covered strawberries, candy, etc. C'mon! I was pigging out! And even though I was careful the rest of the day, I still overdid it.

When I got home, I read CurlsnCuffs entry, and it made so much sense. She doesn't miss all the junk...she's had enough of it! I mean, am I going to die if I never eat cake again? No! Now, I'm not giving up cake, but I found myself eating it yesterday even though it didn't taste good! But I still ate it! And I ate my pie crust even though I never usually eat that part! But I ate it anyway, for some dumb reason. And why did I need 4 chocolate covered strawberries? I didn't! One would have been enough.

I have a cookie sitting on my desk right now that a co-worker gave me. Sure, it looks good. But I've had cookies before. For once, I want to say "no" and feel good about myself for resisting another 200 calories. So I'll give it to my husband. I don't need it. I had enough desserts yesterday to last me awhile!

curvy shar on 12/16/2003:
You'll be fine. You'll be back on track in no time....I know you will! How's the rest of your week going?

Runner - Thursday Dec 11, 2003

Weight: 119.0

Scales are so weird. I wish they were consistent. Yesterday morning, I weighed myself at my hotel...they had an official scale that looked very accurate. According to the scale, I had lost several pounds. Then I got home last night and weighed myself on my home scale...I was three pounds heavier than the morning before.

Since it's literally impossible to gain three pounds overnight, one of the scales is "off."

So I tried another one here at work. It's a scale in the mail room, and it's digital...and I was the same weight I was when I left.

Ugh! Three different scales, three different weights.

Anyway....I made it through the Thai buffet today...I tried to stay away from the really bad fried stuff, but I did enjoy many of the dishes. I need to go really light for dinner tonight.

It's so good to be back...

curvy shar on 12/11/2003:
Welcome back! Glad you made it successfully through your trip.

Runner - Monday Dec 08, 2003

Weight: 121.0

Only a few more days and I'll be home again...I'm still feeling good about how I've done on this trip with my eating and exercise, but the next couple of days will really stretch my discipline.

I'm being taken to a very fancy hotel for lunch today...full buffet of everything, and mostly seafood. I loooove seafood, and most of it is good for me, but I just have to be careful not to overeat. And they'll probably have American-style desserts, so that will be a big temptation.

In two days, I'm going to an all-you-can-eat Thai buffet, too, so that will be even harder! Most Thai food is LOADED with calories! Anyway, I usually do fine until I hit a buffet. Then it is really hard to keep track of the food I eat...it just seems so easy to load up my plate more than once!

I'm ready to go home to my own low-fat cooking...

Runner - Friday Dec 05, 2003

Weight: 121.0

Well, I've survived 5 full days of my business trip...5 days left! Overall, I'm pleased with my eating habits. I haven't indulged in everything that I'm offered, yet I have been able to enjoy different treats every day. Of course, I've awakened at 5:15am every morning to get some exercise, so I think I deserve a treat once in awhile! :) Anyway, I AM getting a bit tired of all the Chinese food, but I've passed up the food when I really don't want it. And then I just eat my own snacks or get some yogurt. Thankfully, there hasn't been as much pressure to eat everything as I thought there would be!

I still am amazed at the Chinese women, though...honestly, they eat A LOT, and most of them are still really thin. And everything is saturated in oil. How do they do it? (And most of them have never lifted a weight in their lives...they are so frail!)

mvto on 12/05/2003:
Hey There!

I am Chinese, but that thin gene must have passed me!! I have to work very hard to maintain my weight. Then again, I don't eat a lot of Chinese food, my eating habits are rather Westernized. Perhaps that's why...

geevee on 12/05/2003:
I always recommend China to friends who want to lose weight. Looking at all those mounds of rice three times a day and everything else swimming in oil I got to the point where I just didn't want to eat. I swear I thought I was becoming anorexic. My clothes started to hang on me without my even trying to lose weight. I think I saw only one fat person when I was in China. It's really amazing how thin everyone is.

RBSz on 12/05/2003:
I wonder if they're like Japanese women, they might look frail but are actually pretty strong. In Japan I saw some elderly women climbing into a bus, the bottom step had to be nearly 2 feet off of the ground, but they were doing it. Tougher than they look. If China is like almost any other foreign country, everyone walks (or bikes) everywhere instead of driving! So more calories burned each day, higher metabolic rate, etc. The US is such a car culture now.

legcramp on 12/08/2003:
Hope you're having a good time! Have a great week!

Runner - Tuesday Dec 02, 2003

Weight: 121.0

I haven't weighed myself since Sunday...that's because I'm on a 10-day business trip, and there isn't a scale around! When I travel, there are positives and negatives to the whole diet thing. Positives: I can't weigh myself every day. I can't bake, so I don't overeat in my own kitchen. Food isn't as much of a focus, usually. I don't snack as much.

Negatives: I'm often "not in control" of when and where I eat. There is sometimes pressure to try things, esp. in a foreign country. I have no idea how many calories I consume in a meal (well, I have a guess, but I could be way off). It's hard, hard, hard to find time to exercise when each day is jam-packed with stuff.

SO....I'll check in when I can! The first two days have been okay...I'm actually traveling with a group of people, so I'm not on my own or anything. And my husband is with me, so if I don't like the food, I just pass my plate to him! (As subtly as I can!)

AND, I always have my soy nuts and granola bars handy when I need them! So I think I'll survive...but I have eight days left!

mvto on 12/02/2003:
Isn't it great having a male companion to pass along any unwanted food? Whenever I doggy-bag something or can't finish something, it's usually eaten up by my boyfriend before I crave it.

superstarr on 12/02/2003:
Hi Runner - I hope you enjoy yourself a little on your trip even though I know it can be very stressful for you not being able to weigh in. Hang in there. You always make good food choices and you know what you have to do. It is nice of your husband to eat your leftovers. They are always so good about that!!

Thanks for your comment. I don't really think I lost 6 pounds. It had to of all been water cause I still feel like a cow!!

curvy shar on 12/02/2003:
Good luck with the rest of your trip. It's always such a challenge to be out of town - especially in a different country!

legcramp on 12/02/2003:
Have some fun while on your business trip, especially since you have the pleasure of your husband's company during the stay!! Take care and have a great day today!

Runner - Friday Nov 28, 2003

Weight: 121.0

It has only gotten worse! I thought I survived the Thanksgiving meal without blowing my caloric intake, but the scale put me two pounds heavier today! C'mon! Really! That is a bunch of baloney. I've gained a whopping 4 pounds in just over a week...how silly!

My rational brain is telling me that this is NOT possible. But another part of me says, "Well, if you hadn't eaten the pumpkin pie, maybe it wouldn't show a higher number!" I just don't understand how normal people eat. I watch my intake so closely...and yes, I do enjoy my desserts when I can, but I try to fit them into my caloric requirement for the day.

Yesterday, I resisted more of the traditional Thanksgiving foods that everyone else was enjoying---bread and butter, ice cream on my pie, fattening casseroles, gravy, etc. I basically ate my no-butter stuffing, a small bit of turkey, some fruit, and some corn! And two pieces of pumpkin pie without the crust!

AND, I ran 6 miles in the morning. Now, I KNOW that I didn't consume an extra 7,000 calories. And I KNOW that scales lie.

But just once, I'd like to be a little encouraged. I try to make the right choices, and I don't end up eating a lot of foods that I'd LIKE to eat. But it doesn't seem to make a difference.

Ah, well. At least I got all my frustration out...my poor keyboard must get tired with me pecking away on it! :)

superstarr on 11/28/2003:
I really don't think you gained 4 pounds. That would be like an extra...14,000 calories and I KNOW, you didn't eat that much!!!! I dont even think it is possible for you!

It has to be some sort of water or something. Are the batteries in your scale getting old?? Maybe your period is coming? Did you drink enough H2O yesterday?? Don't panic, lets just see what tomorrow has to say.....

Really it sounds like you ate well over the holiday and didn't pig out so I am sure you haven't gained any weight.

I am also sure you have thought of this, but how about just weighing once or if you have to, twice a week instead of everyday. Your weight really fluctuates so much and it seems to drive you insane. Right after I had my baby I jumped on that damn scale everyday too until I got down to my goal weight and then I just did every week. Man, maybe now I should get on everyday. It might remind me not to eat crap that day!! I used to keep the scale in my kitchen and then weigh when I thought i was hungry. It did seem to work for me. HHMMMMMMMMM. We live with my MIL. I wonder if she would think I was crazy keeping a scale in the kitchen..LOL!!!

Take Care Runner and don't be too hard on yourself. Not that it makes you feel any better, but I would LOVE to be able to run 6 miles and weighing 121 is my goal weight right now!!!

Have a good weekend...


geevee on 11/28/2003:
Geez, you ate like a POW at your dinner. No crust pumpkin pie, no ice cream or gravy. Boy, you were STRONG! If we had a contest for the best dieter on Thanksgiving, you'd get my vote!

Sounds like your body is reorganizing and holding on to every last drop of liquid before dropping some weight. That's what happens to me. It'll come off in the next day or so.

BellaK on 11/28/2003:
Hi there ~ I'm sure it's water weight. You are right! Scales DO lie! Don't be upset over it. Your weight will go down, I am SURE! Take care, Bella :)

Soon2BThin on 11/28/2003:
I know it's nice to get a little encouragement from the scale sometimes but I'm sure you know how they can be. Probably in a few days it will tell a different story for you. We just have to keep ourselves from relying on the scale so much and think about how good we feel in our clothes. Don't be discouraged, things will get better with that scale. BTW, did you give it a big kick? Lol

Runner - Wednesday Nov 26, 2003

Weight: 119.5

Woah. Something happened between yesterday and today...funny, but I don't feel any heavier. Usually, I feel it! Really! Even if it's only a pound, I can just TELL that I've gained something. Let's see...I didn't have very salty foods, It's not "that time of the month," I haven't been retaining water...those are all my usual excuses!

I did treat myself to some gelato and two pieces of apple bread before bed, but honestly, that shouldn't spike my weight almost 2 pounds.

Ugh. It sure would be nice to see a half-pound loss sometime! Maybe even a full pound! It's so crazy that I run for 55 minutes a day (at a fast pace, too) and can't enjoy a little bit of extra food. All those calorie charts are really off. I may be very active, but I still can't consume more than 1800 calories a day.

curvy shar on 11/26/2003:
I read that having more carbs than usual, and/or having them closer to bedtime can spike your weight. But it should only be temporary. Have a great Thanksgiving!

legcramp on 11/26/2003:
It's one of those down days today, huh?!!! Keep working hard, i'm sure this 2 pound weight gain is just temporary and won't last through the week. Good luck and have a great day today and for the rest of the week!

Runner - Monday Nov 24, 2003

Weight: 118.0

It takes a 3,500-calorie deficit to lose one pound. That is a LOT of calories to me. I like to see instant results, so after eating well for one day, I like to see that register on the scale. But if I still have 3,000 calories to burn before I lose a pound, then that may take days.

I admire those of you who plug away at your weight loss day in and day out. Really, that is admirable. I can do well for one or two days and then just cancel out all my hard work by bingeing on 1/2 a pan of brownies.

You know, if I just made it a goal to consume 500 less calories a day (and I usually consume at least 500 "empty calories") every day, then I'd lost one pound. (Or at least that's what they say) Is it that simple? But that means that I need to be diligent every day, and I just find myself having those moments when I WANT to consume 500 calories in candy.

But then I'm right back where I started! It's NO WONDER I've lost and gained the same three pounds since last February! I'm just thankful I haven't gained more than that...

Anyway...those are just my thoughts for the day!

geevee on 11/24/2003:
You describe the weight loss problem so well. We want to see immediate results for our good days, and having enough good days to amount to a 3500 calorie deficit is not easy at all to do. With all of my good intentions of limiting myself to two beers on Saturday resulted in having five instead! I'm still paying for that lapse two days later. It's just not easy to control our appetites, but we have to keep trying or the alternative is even more weight.

legcramp on 11/24/2003:
You know how it goes - take away something that you want and you're going to want it even more. Restricting foods means that you're going to crave those foods, simply because you're not letting yourself eat them. Instead of totally restricting sugar from your diet, why don't you figure out what times of the day you crave it the most, and let yourself have some, without going overboard? Slowly work yourself into consuming less and less each week. Good luck and have a great day today!

curvy shar on 11/24/2003:
I do think somebody should invent a scale that directly reflects the amount of effort one put into the day. I know that it won't show a huge difference day by day, but every morning I'm on it, anyway.

dolyda on 11/24/2003:
are you not very tall?...just curious...i'm 5'5" & would look rather sickly at 118, i think (i musta been there at SOME point in my life, but it had to have been jr high or something!)...does your "name" mean you run?...i just started last week...can't run for very long yet, but am doing a couch to 5k program that will build me up to the 5k...i'm enjoying it so far

Runner - Thursday Nov 20, 2003

Weight: 119.0

I appreciate the encouraging comments so much! Thank you all for taking me seriously...and taking the time to leave me a comment when you can.

For some reason, my weight is up. I did some baking last night and treated myself to some of it, but I still kept my daily total calories in check...and I'm still running 6 miles a day.

All those "calorie charts" say that I need at least 2000 calories a day...usually the number is more like 2,400 since I exercise so much! But I seem to gain weight as soon as I start eating over 2000 calories. Now, I know I probably don't need 2000 calories, but I do get hungry because I run. And usually 1500 of those calories are good foods---but I usually have about 500 "free" calories every day where I eat junk.

Not good, I know. But I'm not losing weight. I'm still where I was 6 months ago. I don't want to lose more than about 2 pounds, but I would be happy maintaining my weight at 117. I just wish I could really figure out how many calories my body needs. I think I burn less calories when running than most people do since I do have less muscle mass, and I've been doing it so long that my body is really used to it. So I'm not always working out in my target heart rate, although I try to run stairs and hills, which gets my heart pumping!

Anyway...I seem to require less calories than the average person...most people eat more than I do and don't exercise...and they stay the same weight! Why does mine fluctuate so much? Or is a 2-lb. difference in 5 days normal???

curvy shar on 11/21/2003:
I've read that your weight can fluctuate between 2-5 pounds per week, depending upon water, sodium, carbs and just natural fluctuations. So I'd say your fluctuations are normal.

I think the woman who wrote "Potatoes Not Prozac" also has a website. I don't have the URL in front of me, but type in that title into your search engine and I'll bet you'll be able to find it. I forgot that you can't get books as easily as the rest of us.

Have a great weekend!

Runner - Wednesday Nov 19, 2003

Weight: 118.0

Well, yesterday wasn't perfect, but it wasn't a total flop, either. I still wish I could eat sugar in moderation more...and that I didn't crave it! I eat so well during the rest of the day, but if I get on a sugar-kick, it's hard to stop me! Thanks for the book recommendation, Curvy Shar. I don't know if I can find that here, but I'll look! It's so hard to find books that aren't written in Chinese!

Meanwhile, my weight is staying pretty constant. It went down after the race, but it's back to normal now. I didn't think I was eating more, but I'll never figure out my body.

mopflop on 11/20/2003:
Hi, Runner, Wow, you are such an inspiration! You weigh 118 lbs? Running must be the aspect of your lifestyle that is certainly working for you. You must really love it. I used to run (well, jog, actually) Where I live, with the cooler weather, started jogging outdoors instead of the treadmill. I can relate to sugar cravings--had that for years. I kept my weight in check with lots of exercise, and then let my motivation slip away--and so the poundage crept up. Just a note to you and all here, it's so encouraging to read your comments. mopflop

legcramp on 11/20/2003:
Keep at it!!! You're still doing great, and congrats on finishing the race! Have a great day today!

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