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Runner - Monday Aug 11, 2003

Weight: 118.0

I actually got to weigh myself today on a scale at a fitness center! I found one nearby and went in to work out this morning with weights. I'm only 1/2 pound more than I was two weeks ago...I guess I should be happy with that, but I'm not. WHy? Because I've worked REALLY HARD at being careful at what I've eaten. (Yesterday was the exception). ANd I've worked out like crazy.

But it could have been worse, I guess. I'll try not to get too discouraged. ANd maybe using weights this morning for the first time in 2 weeks will rev up my metabolism a bit more than normal.


Runner - Sunday Aug 10, 2003

Weight: 117.5

Okay, I had a rough time at lunch today. My SIL brought out brownies and she had that organic natural peanut butter...that's a deadly combination for me! I was slathering it on my brownies...and probably consumed an extra 800 calories in a few bites! We're here for 2 more days, and I hope I can resist all this temptation. It's so hard. Everyone wants to treat us to special foods, and I've been doing so well avoiding things when I can...but brownies and PB are my weakness!!!! Ugh.

superstarr on 08/11/2003:
OH NO!!!! Brownies and PB would of killed me too!!!! Enjoy your last 2 days with everyone!


Runner - Friday Aug 08, 2003

Weight: 117.5

Still no idea what I weigh...I'm surviving, though, and my eating is okay. I'm on vacation until August 19. It will be nice to get into a routine again when I start working in September.

Runner - Tuesday Aug 05, 2003

Weight: 117.5

Oh, how I miss GOLightly! I hope she starts writing again soon!

Yesterday was a good eating day...finally! I've been needing one of those. My sisters and their husbands are coming tonight, so it's back to the party food! I think I can do okay, though. I'm definitely having many opportunities to practice self-control!

gigi43 on 08/05/2003:
It's funny how familiy get togethers can sabotage our diets. But I decided I wasn't gonna let my family do that when they came up and instead of buying the fixings for lasagna and such for dinner, I made salmon one night and turkey burgers the next and NO ONE complained. We all ate healthily together; even though my brothers and sister are already thin, they are still watching what they eat. Try getting some salmon fillets, squirting lemon juice over them, sprinkle seasonings on, layer sliced tomatos and onions and bake at 400 degrees for about fifteen minutes, or until the salmon flakes easily with a fork. Then add some brown rice and steamed veggies and whole grain rolls and you've got a dinner worth serving at a restaurant. This is just what worked for me - I am not judging you! It's just so easy to find ways to wreck the eating plan and I was glad I didn't have to! Good luck!

Runner - Monday Aug 04, 2003

Weight: 117.5

Finally! A day to myself! My parents left for the day, so I'm in total control of my food choices...when I eat, what I eat, and how much! I did well for both breakfast and lunch. It was nice to eat my cottage cheese, fruit and yogurt without getting a lot of comments. Now I'm going to go for a bike ride with my husband.

curlsncuffs on 08/04/2003:
Funny - you have to avoid the dreaded parents - they want to feeeed ya, eat more - ! LOL

Have a great time!

Runner - Sunday Aug 03, 2003

Weight: 117.5

I'm still on vacation and trying to keep my calories under control. It's so weird not to be able to weigh myself on the weight room scale. My parents have a couple of scales, but they both contradict each other, and I just don't trust them. SO I'm really taking a break from weighing myself, although it's hard not to know for sure if I've put on a few pounds.

The next few weeks are sooo crazy. We have three weeks until we move, and they're booked with parties and family gatherings. I've still been able to exercise, which is good, but I've gotten accustomed to a lot of rich food in the last few weeks...funny how my low-fat salads and snacks don't look quite as appealing after I get used to eating ice cream and lobster!

Runner - Friday Aug 01, 2003

Weight: 117.5

I have no idea what my weight is right now, but I'm sure it's not 117 1/2! I'm still on vacation and eating waaaay more than I need to! Ugh...and there's no way for me to weigh myself. On one hand, it's a great feeling not to be ruled by the scale, but on the other hand, I feel pretty anxious when my clothes seem to feel tighter...

superstarr on 08/01/2003:
Eating way more than we need to seems to be the theme right now for some reason! Try not to get too anxious about the clothes fitting tigher. Maybe they shrunk??!! LOL...I always say that to myself, when really, I know it is just that I've ate too much! How is the moving going? Your still going to post here even though you'll live on the other side of the world right? I will miss you!! I hope your enjoying your vacation. Try not to obsess too much about eating. I know its easier said than done.



Runner - Tuesday Jul 29, 2003

Weight: 117.5

Today is packing day, and I just took a break to check the diet diaries. Man, moving is a chore!! We've only lived in our apartment for a year, but somehow we accumulated a bunch of stuff! I've been on my feet all morning, and it feels good to sit down.

THe next four weeks are still crammed with saying goodbye to people, and most of it happens around food. If I can make it through these next four weeks without blowing my recent loss, that will be a miracle.

Runner - Monday Jul 28, 2003

Weight: 118.3

It's a typical Monday for me. NO matter what, I'm always up on Mondays. I did have a few extra sweet things this weekend, but I upped my calorie burn, too...at least, I thought I'd be okay having a scoop of ice cream. Oh, well. I enjoyed it, and I'm still under 119. Things could be worse!

Runner - Friday Jul 25, 2003

Weight: 117.0

Yesterday, my husband and I went to Cold Stone Creamery for the first time. Talk about an ice-cream lover's dream!!! I loved every bite of my yogurt in a waffle cone with black cherries and graham crackers! And my husband got the real ice cream, so I tried some of his, too. It was definitely a treat, and I'm thankful that I ate very well the rest of the day so I could afford it. I'm finally learning how to enjoy those treats without overdoing it. Although I usually want to order the fattening ice cream, I know that my husband (who never puts on a pound) will get it, and I can try some of his. Usually that's all it takes to satisfy me...just a few bites of the "real stuff." And my yogurt was pretty tasty, too!

Tomorrow is a family gathering, which means lots of food...ugh! I've been doing so well. I hope that the food is NOT the focus. WHen it is, then I feel compelled to eat and eat. Sunday is an all-church potluck. Those can be very dangerous for someone like me who has a LARGE sweet-tooth.

Princess_Teacup on 07/25/2003:
Good for you! It's all about moderation and making better choices, right?

I'm living in fear of sweets right now. A friend of mine was over and we ended up making chocolate covered pretzels on Wednesday. I made her take all of the pretzels when she left because I just knew that I would eat them all the second she was gone. A sweet tooth is a dangerous thing indeed.

dolyda on 07/25/2003:
ooohhhhh.....now you gave me a craving....mmmmmm...marble slab creamery!!!....b/f & i may have to make a trip into town tonight!!! :D

Kerry79 on 07/26/2003:
I love frozen yogurt. They don't really sell it much in the UK except in some of the supermarkets, so I didn't discover it until recently. Yummy - and not as fattening as regular ice cream. Hope your family gathering goes well - I'm off to a bBBQ this afternoon so no doubt I'll be tempted too! Kerry x

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