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Runner - Thursday Jul 24, 2003

Weight: 117.3

What a relief! Those three pounds of water and salt are gone. (At least temporarily!) ANyway, I was encouraged this morning when I was back to normal. I'm dealing with the weight fluctuations much better than I used to, though. I know my diaries may seem like I'm very upset, but it's usually just annoyance and an understanding that fluctuations are a part of life. Two months ago, I would have cried at seeing a 2-lb. overnight weight gain. But I haven't cried over my weight in a long time...I think I'm past that stage, and I now understand that many things can influence the number on the scale..and if I eat too much, then I'm only increasing my chances to see a higher number in the days to come.

It's so basic, and yet such a mystery at the same time. I just wish I could figure out what my daily caloric intake should be. I thought it was around 1800, but who knows? I haven't had a consistent week (weight-wise) for awhile, with all the extra dinners out and salty food and things that throw the numbers off.

After we move, maybe I'll get back into more of a routine. Until then, I'm still trying to be in "the Zone" as much as possible, and trying not to bake whenever I feel the urge to eat something sweet.

Runner - Wednesday Jul 23, 2003

Weight: 120.0

I KNEW that I'd retain some salt and water from the Korean dinner, but I was really, really hoping that I wouldn't see anything over 119 pounds. Ouch. I "gained" two and a quarter pounds in one night. Let's just hope it's mainly my body retaining salt, since that meal was salty. But I did eat far more calories than normal. I tried to stay away from the fried stuff, but I did have some. I sure hope it doesn't take two weeks to get back to 117. That's usually my rate of progress. Two weeks to get where I want to be, one day to destroy it.

Does anyone else retain water like this after a salty meal? I did a 2-hour workout this morning, and haven't eaten breakfast yet because I'm meeting a lady for lunch at 11:30am. I probably will only eat a piece of fruit or something. Normally breakfast is my biggest meal, but this morning I'm really not feeling like eating anything, and I'm not hungry yet. (I think I must have eaten enough fat last night to last me for awhile...)

superstarr on 07/23/2003:
I retain water like crazy!! It is not uncommon for me to gain 3-5 pounds of water, especially after salty foods and around my period. That is why I keep a supply of aquaban in my desk at work and at home!!! I hate water retention!! You probably lost a lot of water at your workout this morning too! 2 hours?? you truly are my workout hero runner!!! You may be dehydrated and as crazy as it is, to get rid of water retention, you need to drink water. Like you didn't already know that......LOL

Dont be too upset at 120, that is what I was today =) But, I too was hoping for something a little lower! Hopefully, some day real real real soon, you and I will both hover around the 116-117 mark!

Tomorrow, Im sure your weigh in will be lower! Don't get too discouraged, you started the day with a great workout and so now your body is in fat burning mode for the rest of the day!!

I'll miss you while Im gone! Keep up all that hard work and exercise.



gigi43 on 07/23/2003:
Oh, yeah - salt will make you retain water like no tomorrow! Give it a couple of days and drink lots and lots of water to flush out your system. Good luck!

Runner - Tuesday Jul 22, 2003

Weight: 117.8

Woo-hoo! A one pound loss! I won't be cynical and assume it's water...I'll just rejoice in the current number on the scale! :) Tonight I'm going out for Korean food with some friends. Hope that won't be too much of a problem for me. Korean food is okay...but not my favorite. THe people taking us love to order "one of everything," so I know there will be plenty of food!

I've stayed away from peanut butter lately, which is good. I can't eat that in moderation.

superstarr on 07/22/2003:
Hi Runner~ I know how crucial that one pound can be and Im very happy that it is gone today and you are in high spirits!!

WOW, you are moving far! That is so exciting! What an incredible experience for you and your DH! Good for you guys, making a plan and going after it =)

What is the deal with the peanut butter? On Sunday night I had to have some! I just stuck a spoon in there and scooped some out. It was soooooooooo good! I love that stuff! But thankfully yesterday I managed to stay away. It is addicting I think!

Have fun at dinner tonight with your friends!


Runner - Monday Jul 21, 2003

Weight: 118.8

It IS the second day of my period, but I'm still a pound a half heavier than I was last Monday. I just can't make any solid progress! It's sooo hard right now, too. My hubby and I are moving far away, and we have so many lunch, dinner, and coffee "dates" with our friends in the next month. I mean, it's at least one meal almost every day for a month! Constantly going out to eat makes me feel somewhat out-of-control of the food situation since I don't always know exactly what is in the food I'm eating...I'm always very smart about ordering healthy food, but I still don't have the same reassurance that I'm eating low-cal as when I'm able to cook for myself.

I had an enjoyable birthday weekend! I only had one piece of cake and fat-free frozen yogurt instead of ice cream. My hubby threw a party for me and I stayed far away from the fattening stuff...I even had a little celebration last night and had more fat-free ice cream while everyone else was indulging in the really bad stuff. But you know what? I'm the one who gained the pound and a half. I swear, life just doesn't seem fair sometimes!

I'm not going to whine, though. It doesn't get me anywhere! I just have to realize that I have a lot to be thankful for. At least I can run, walk, see, hear, and have had 26 years of pretty good health! I shouldn't get so bent-out-of-shape over food. So what if I can't always eat the same things others do? Life goes on! At least I'm trying to be healthy and do what's right for my body!

Maybe the scale will reflect my efforts later in the week... I can hope, anyway!

superstarr on 07/21/2003:
The extra pounds could be water weight. The damn period can do that. Don't fret yet!

Im happy you had a great birthday! Sounds like you did really well with the eating too! Great job!

I didn't know you were moving far away. How far?? That is kind of exciting! A new start, in a new town!

We do all have a lot to be thankful for and sometimes it is good to sit back and take inventory! Puts all this weight non-sense into perspective =)

Have a really great Monday and I hope the scale is kinder to you towards the end of the week!

XOXO Superstarr!

Runner - Friday Jul 18, 2003

Weight: 118.5

More "ugh" today. Not only did I give in to some cookies yesterday, I hardly slept at night and weighed in a full 2 pounds heavier than my goal was for the end of the week...and I'm 1 1/2 pounds heavier than Monday. I just have such a hard time maintaining any loss. But it is almost my TOM...so maybe I'm retaining water. I really don't think the cookies could have killed my progress, since they were only 80 calories each and I had a 2 1/2 hour intensive workout yesterday of running, biking, walking, and lifting weights. So I know I burned off the extra calories...I must have! I ate fine all day long.

I'm trying not to get discouraged. But my birthday is tomorrow, and I want some cake and ice cream!!! I'm going to eat it, too. I think my hubby is taking me out for dinner as well. I need to be careful, though, so I don't end up at 119 again on Monday. That would totally destroy all my hard work the past two weeks.

I've got to quit cheating, though! I do so well and then cheat a little...all those extra calories add up eventually!

superstarr on 07/18/2003:
Happy Friday Runner ~

There is NO way that those cookies gave you an extra two pounds! I am sure, absolutely sure it is water! 2 reasons - your TOM is on its way, AND you had a serious workout yesterday (very inspiring by the way) and if you didn't drink tons of water, it probably dehydrated you, making you retain even more water!!

Don't let any of this ruin your birthday! In fact, dont even get on the scale tomorrow!! Be free for a day and enjoy the day you were born and be thankful you have survived yet another year =) You deserve that cake and ice cream, so eat it with a smile!!

XOXO Superstarr

Princess_Teacup on 07/18/2003:
I think it's important to take a moment before having extra snacks to remember that although you must burn 3,500 calories to lose a pound, it takes only 600 calories to gain a pound. Or at least that has been my experience.

I think your doing great. It's so hard not to have a slavish relationship with our scales. It's so hard not to drop dead from frustration with every one of these phantom weight gains. At least you keep showing up and making an effort to reach your goals rather than just settling for something less that what you really, really want.

Princess_Teacup on 07/18/2003:
I was kidding about the 600 calorie-per-pound thing. I'm nearly certain that all of these fluctuations have more to do with water retention than anything else. But it's kind of boring to think of it in those terms though.

Runner - Thursday Jul 17, 2003

Weight: 117.8

Ugh. The extra weight is creeping on again. I made a very dumb purchase the other day---Snickers Peanut Butter. Yup...I consumed about 500 calories of it yesterday. 500 extra calories I didn't need. Plus, I had some chocolate covered cherries and low-fat ice cream. So I know that I need to cut back on the sweet stuff today. The last two days have been rough, and I don't want to blow it now. I've worked too hard for this.

Nikitalee on 07/17/2003:
Don't worry! I have made many a purchase at the local circle K which has a surprisingly extensive collection of Ben and Jerrys! At least the ice cream was low-fat! :) Today is a new day! Keep working hard!

superstarr on 07/17/2003:
Hi Runner! You have worked way too hard, so hide that new peanut butter way in the back of the cubbard! Lately, peanut butter has been calling me. I've stuck my finger in the jar twice the last couple of days. Im blaming my TOM!!

Thanks for your nice comment! Probably the main reason I was so hesitant to get PG was because of gaining all the weight, but finally I new that if I didn't do it now, it would just be that much harder later on down the road to lose it all. I gained 45 pounds!! It was a lot, even my dr told me I was getting too fat! I remember crying for days after that. But then I said screw it, because I was eating really healthy and exercising a lot, so I figured what the hell. This might be the only time in my life that I can eat like this and really really enjoy it without worrying about the weight gain. Granted it was hard to lose afterwards, but, worth every bite =) I look better now than I did before I got PG. Things just moved around I guess.

You workout a lot and you're really healthy so don't worry! When the time comes you'll be fine too!

Take care today and stay away from the sweets!!

Runner - Wednesday Jul 16, 2003

Weight: 117.5

Somehow I've stayed in the 117's for three days!!!!!!!!! I'm so pumped! I had a big eating day yesterday, since I had lunch with some friends and dinner at a carnival of all things. But I walked around a lot, got in my daily run, and I think I'm going to be okay. My goal is to make it down to 116 1/2 by Friday. That would be wonderful...I'm still about 5 pounds heavier than I was last summer, but most of my clothes still fit, so I'm okay with that. I just want to be healthy, overall.

superstarr on 07/16/2003:
Hi Runner!!

Thanks for being my cheerleader!!

Great job on staying in the 117's for 3 days in a row! How nice to not see the scale flucuating so much! I know how that really drives you insane.

Carnival food can be a diet killer for sure! That is the only place I allow myself to eat corndogs and those elephant ear things. Man oh man!!! No wonder I haven't been to a fair or carnival in years...LOL!!

I have my gym bag packed today and in the car and Im making it a priority to go after work and run!! I keep thinking that only if I'd been exercising I might be even less than 121. But, Im not dwelling.

I like reading your entries. I think we have a lot in common and its nice to see someone out there who understands all this craziness!

Take care, have a great hump day, and I hope you resist all the sweets and snacks that come your way!

dolyda on 07/16/2003:
i'm sure the 5lbs on the scale doesn't make much difference...it's all about how you feel & obviously you feel great!!...i can't even IMAGINE 117...i'm 5'5"...i don't think it would suit me anyway! ;)

Runner - Monday Jul 14, 2003

Weight: 117.0

Man, I am the QUEEN of fluctuations! I'm really not putting much stock in the scale anymore, but it sure was nice to see a lower weight than normal! Ironically, I had too many calories for breakfast...you would have thought I wanted to continue the lower-calorie lifestyle. Anyway, I'm not going to stress out about it. I've been doing well lately with my eating, overall. I'm trying to cut out a couple hundred calories a day, because I find myself "grazing" on food that I'm not really hungry for.

superstarr on 07/14/2003:
117!! You are a queen~!! Im jealous, I want to be 117 too!!! Im happy to hear you aren't giving much stock in the scale. It can be an evil evil foe, or your best friend. Its good your not stressing and your doing well with our eating. Keep it up!

Runner - Friday Jul 11, 2003

Weight: 119.5

Okay, I'm tired of fluctuations. I just wish my weight would stay constant. Other people seem to have a consistent weight. Why does mine need to fluctuate up to three pounds every week? I'm really trying to eat consistently, so why can't my weight be consistent? Oh, well. I just HATE seeing the number 119. It only reminds me that I've GAINED three and a half pounds since starting this "diet."

But I'm really enjoying the book "My Name is Caroline." I can hardly put it down! Please read it if you get the chance.

inmorning on 07/11/2003:
You know, those fluctuations drive me nuts too. I see these people that stay slim and the same all the time, no matter what they eat and it just drives me crazy.

superstarr on 07/11/2003:
Runner, I think you weigh yourself too much! You're going to go crazy!! I used to weigh everyday too, but then it just got to be too much! The number on the scale would seriously ruin my entire day. Now I am down to once a week, on Wednesdays. THATS IT! even though, some days that scale is calling to me. I resist! So my weight stays the same because I only weigh once a week. Probably the same for most on here with the exception of a few =) Maybe you could try this: weigh everday (if you must), but then at the end of the week add them all up and find the average. I used to do that. It works and gives you a better picture of your actual progress cause really your weight can change daily give or take up to 5 pounds depending on hydration and other things. Please stay calm, and sane!!! Try, just for a few days, to not weigh! Wait until Wednesdays and weigh in with me OK!!

Have a good weekend!!

PS, I am averaging about 900-1000 calories a day right now. I KNOW, not quite the healthiest approach with the reunion coming, I had to cut way back. It seems to be working though and the calories I am consuming are coming mostly from protein and veggies and a few low carb fruits such as berries and melon. I feel great and some of my clothes are getting too big. Its amazing what a few pounds will do =)

Runner - Thursday Jul 10, 2003

Weight: 118.0

I met with my nutritionist/ therapist yesterday, and as always, she encouraged me a lot...she helps me see the larger picture and the progress I HAVE made, even if it's just an awareness of my eating habits. I had a good day yesterday, and enjoyed a Weight Watchers chocolate ice cream sandwich before bed...yummy! I was surprised that it tasted to good! I'm reading a good book called, "My Name is Caroline," I think. Anyway, it's about a woman who battled bulimia for years...very eye-opening. I can relate to some of her struggles, though, even though I've never thrown up my food. (ALthough I've felt like it at times!)

My husband is gone until tonight...that's hard for me sometimes, because I just want to eat when no one's looking. BUt I'm going to keep busy doing other things and staying OUT of the kitchen. I've learned that baking sweets just opens a big can of worms for me. But I've also learned that I'm not the only one who has this problem, and that is comforting.

Golightly on 07/10/2003:
Hi Runner! I'm finally back after my hiatus offline. Thought I'd check in to see how you are doing. I think it's great that you're focussing on your awareness of eating habits. And you've stayed out of the kitchen! Good for you!

I just got those other two books you suggested in the mail ... but I haven't started to read them yet. I was sick over the past week and just couldn't get my brain going. Perhaps I'll tackle them this weekend. I dove briefly into "Food and Loathing" and could really relate to what they wrote about binging. I think it'll be a good read.

I could never be bulimic because I HATE, absolutely HATE throwing up. It makes me feel awful and I cry. I cannot imagine doing that daily (or even more). I suppose I am halfway bulimic ... I binge but I just don't purge! Oh dear!

Take care!

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