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Runner - Tuesday Jun 24, 2003

Weight: 117.5

The moment I've been waiting for and working for has finally come! I lost one pound!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Yea!!!!!!!!!!! I've gone an entire week without baking and haven't had a major binge, and I think it's finally paid off. I sure hope it wasn't just water weight! But I feel really good this morning...I finally met a goal. Boy, did it take a long time, but it was worth it!

It's ironic how I immediately want to celebrate by eating something...something I don't normally eat. Isn't that the way it is in our culture? At least in my family, we often celebrate success with food. Think how the world would be a different place if we celebrated success by doing something for someone else. I think that's what I'll do. Send a note of encouragement to a friend or call someone on the phone to say hi. I think I need to establish other ways to celebrate success that DON'T include food! Anybody have any other ideas???

superstarr on 06/24/2003:
I am soooooooooooo proud of you!! GREAT GREAT GREAT JOB!! I can feel all your excitement through your writing! This is cause for celebration and I so agree with you about the food and celebrating! Why is that? With every promotion or success, there is always a meal involved. I've been telling DH that I would much rather have a new pair of shoes, manicure, pedicure, facial, massage, anything. As long as its not food!!!! Usually I always say that when I meet...whatever goal it may be, I will do something nice for myself that doesn't involve food!! I really think your idea of calling someone or writing them is fabulous! That is a great idea and it will not only make them feel better, but you too. As if you could feel any better right now!! Enjoy your day at 117!!!! You must be floating on air, almost literally =)

squiggly on 06/24/2003:
Congratulations! Doing something for someone else is hard to beat. It would make you feel good and it would spread your happiness to someone else. I say go for it. Have a good day and keep up the good work.

gigi43 on 06/24/2003:
It is so true how we celebrate with food! I swear, on my b-day what I look forward to is not the presents but the cake! My family is especially guilty of it, maybe it's our Jewish genes, but luckily I married a man who doesn't feel the need to celebrate with food. I also feel really guilty when food is not eaten, again Jewish genes, and will sometimes eat because I can't stand to see the money wasted. But, again, my husband does not feel this way and tells me just to leave the damn food on my plate and forget about the money. So I'm learning. Congratulations on your newest loss - Doesn't that sound strange - usually you give condolences for a loss

BellaK on 06/24/2003:
Congratulations on your loss! Your determination has paid off! Way to go!


Golightly on 06/25/2003:
Yahoo! Yippee!! I can't tell you how happy I am for you! I agree about the celebration ... I always think of food first. We are definately in a society that celebrates with food. The other day, my daughter wanted to buy me a little treat. Normally, this would have been food. She said she thought about getting me a magazine but since I already have TOO MANY she ditched the idea. Finally, she ended up buying me the Christina Aguelera single "Beautiful". A nice gift. Of course, it's kinda weird to celebrate successes with gifts, so I'm not sure that's a solution either.

Sex would be a great way to celebrate! Maybe I'm just saying this because I haven't had it in so long. Hmmmm.

UPDATE : I went to the library to look for the two books you recommended, and there are waiting lists! That's how popular they are! Anyway, I ended up ordering them on-line (as there is a sale at Chapters.ca). I can't wait 'till they arrive!

Speaking of books, I preordered the new Harry Potter. When I went to pick it up at the Post Office on Monday, the package was missing! The postal people think it may have been stolen! Strange, huh? Now I'll have to wait another week while they get me a new book!! Wah!!

Runner - Monday Jun 23, 2003

Weight: 118.8

First of all, I HAVE to recommend two books I read last week that were very enlightening on the subjects of weight, overeating, and diets. One is by Betsy Lerner, called "Food and Loathing." Talk about an eye-opening book! It chronicles her own personal experience with gaining and losing weight and ultimately ending up in a hospital for trying to commit suicide!

The other book is an older one called "Feeding the Hungry Heart" by Geneen Roth. THis book contains a number of personal testimonies of overeaters...it's blunt, honest, and interesting.

I hope all of you get a chance to read those books! I ordered them from my local library.

On another note, I have had 6 straight days of good, healthy eating, exercise, and small treats! Honestly, I feel GREAT! I have treated my body well and somehow avoided falling off the wagon, which is normal for me. BUT, I still can't lose a pound! I'm maintaining my weight, which is better than the constant roller coaster of going up a pound, then down a pound, but I've GOT to be close to having a defecit of 3500 calories, which would mean a loss of 1 pound. I'm doing everything right, REALLY! I'm NOT giving up. I'm going to lose that stinkin' pound.

superstarr on 06/23/2003:
I think that pound is as good as GONE!! You are so good about all your eating and exercise. Very motivating! Im glad your feeling so great!

Oh and thanks for the great book ideas. I'll check them out!!

Runner - Saturday Jun 21, 2003

Weight: 118.8

For four days straight, I have done everything right. I treated myself to 1/2 cup of real ice cream last night, but I've worked out like crazy, stayed away from the "trigger foods," and snacked less. And I've gained 1/4 pound.


You know what, though? I'm proud of myself for sticking with the "no baking" and "no bingeing" rule. ANd even if I don't lose a pound, at least I'm not eating out of stress.

My body HAS to work with me someday. How frustrating it is to try to lose ONE pound!

superstarr on 06/22/2003:
You poor thing! That one pound just DOES NOT WANT TO LEAVE YOU!! I guess your just too good to let go of =)

Great job on the not baking and bingeing (sp?) I must doing the binge thing enough for both of us!

Golightly on 06/23/2003:
Yeah, I agree with superstarr. If I was that pound, I would want to stay with you too!!

Congrats on the "no baking" and "no binging". That alone is an accomplishment!

Thanks for the note last week and the vote of confidence. I am going to stop thinking about my hair and just get on with life. I've invested too much emotional energy into it. So enough!

Please thank Jess for the note about her hair loss. I am definately rethinking my diet (as I'm not sure I believe my doctor when he said it wasn't the diet). It's nice to know I am not alone in this hair-loss experience. And who knows ... maybe I'll try Rogaine for women too!

(On a side note, I was incredibly flattered that you were thinking of me!)

Take care!

Runner - Friday Jun 20, 2003

Weight: 118.5

Wow, when I read the encouraging comments on yesterday's diary, I had to hold my head to keep it from swelling! :) Really, though, I appreciate everyone's kind words. No, I'm definitely not a supermodel, but I do have a husband who thinks I'm "hot." :) hee hee (And he's pretty good looking himself! He's got killer abs)

GoLightly- It's nice to know that someone else has gotten lots of comments on her age! My own mom used to get asked if she was my big sister, since she looks young! Now she's 53, but could pass for 40. I guess my "problem" will really be a blessing later on in life! I bet you're an awesome mom. I can just tell that you love your daughter so much. And, yes, I do teach English, sort-of. I'm really a Speech, Drama, Poetry, and Broadcasting teacher. All the fun stuff, as I like to say! Maybe that's why kids like me...I teach the "cool" classes! :)

WEll, it's been a great three days! I haven't baked, and have allowed myself small treats to keep my sweet tooth satisfied. However, I haven't binged or felt out-of-control while eating. In fact, I haven't felt like raiding the pantry or fridge like I normally do...maybe it's because I'm not stressed. Honestly, I have the best job. Getting summers off is such a blessing. It gives me time to relax.

My roommate from college is coming to stay with me this weekend. She's always been into healthy food, although she's really battled her weight. She's about 50 pounds overweight, but I honestly don't know why! I eat more than she does, but I know she does like to drink pop. She's tried every diet under the sun, she works out, and I know that she gets discouraged. I think her weight gain must be genetic or something...most of her family members are overweight. She's such a beautiful girl, though, and I always try to help her remember that I love her no matter what she weighs! I just wish I knew how to better help her, because I know she looks to me for guidance.

Golightly on 06/20/2003:
Hi Runner! How nice to read that you are doing so well! Ah, no baking ... good for you!

Thanks for the note (and the hug)! I actually thought about you last night. I thought about all the brownies in your freezer ... I would have eaten every last one of them if I'd had access to them last night!

You are right, our bodies are so weird. I am just going to have to accept that my body is going to do some strange, unexplicable things (like lose hair or gain 3 pounds overnight). Menopause is my future, so the insanity will definately continue!

Looks like this weekend you may end up being the High Priestess of Eating! After all my experiences with coworkers coming to me, I've come to the conclusion that what they really want is just someone who will listen and empathise. Sounds like you are doing that!

Have a great weekend with your friend and keep up the good work (i.e. don't bake anything for her!)

Runner - Thursday Jun 19, 2003

Weight: 118.5

I had a crazy thing happen yesterday. I totally paid for my moment of bingeing. I've been learning some lessons the hard way lately.

After lunch, I decided I wanted a brownie, (even though I said that I wouldn't get into them again), so I got one out of the freezer. I should have stuck it in the microwave,but being so anxious to eat it, I bit down into it to see if I could eat it cold. It was chewy and delicious, but a bit too hard for my permanent retainer, which was already a bit loose. NEedless to say, one side of my retainer came out of the cement! Well, I called my husband, who got me an apt. at the dentist's office where he goes, since they have an orthodontist there, too. The ortho. seemed to know what he was doing, but I thought he might not have used enough cement. Sure enough, two minutes after I left the office, the whole thing came off! By this time, I had blown 2 hours, and was quite upset! I went back to the office, demanded my money back (in a nice way of course), and said that I'd go somewhere else. Ugh, ugh, ugh!

But, on a good note, I'm enjoying the feeling of not having a retainer on my bottom teeth very much! Usually food gets stuck in it easily. And before I get it fixed, I want to eat a really sticky carmel apple with no hesitation!!!!!!!!! :) And maybe some taffy, too!

ON another note, I'm back to "normal" this morning, whatever that is! At least I'm not over 119. I'm going to try to limit my sodium intake, too. It's not something I pay very much attention to usually.

I met with my nutritionist/ therapist yesterday, and she leveled with me a bit about my roller coaster emotions and weight. She's given me the assignment of not baking anything for a week. I can make dinner and stuff like that, but I can't bake any sweets or breads. I willingly accepted the challenge, because that is normally where I goof up royally! I have this obsession with creating perfect desserts...and then trying so much of them that I consume hundreds of extra calories!

She mentioned that I need to just stay far away from the idea that I'm "baking for someone else," when both of us know that my main reason for doing it is so I can indulge in the "forbidden food."

SO, I'm going to take a week and limit my sodium, keep my snacks to 100 calories (instead of 200), increase my fiber, and stay OUT of the kitchen, unless I'm getting creative with vegetables! :) HOpefully I'll see some progress. If not, then at least I know I'm doing the right thing for now!

superstarr on 06/19/2003:
LOL about your retainer. I lost mine some years ago while eating a sugar daddy and I never had it put back in. I had the cement sanded down and left it at that. Needless to say though, I have been contemplating seeing the ortho cause my bottom teeth are now a tad crooked =( Go out and enjoy that caramel apple and taffy!! They aren't THAT bad of a treat!

Also how did you find a nutritionist? I have been contemplating finding one but really I want to know if my insurance will cover it. I know they will cover therapy and such. HHMMM something for me to look into.

Im happy your are feeling "normal". I think you goals for the next week sound reasonable and I am sure you will be fine. Get creative with the veggie dishes =) Even bake the veggies if you have to and pretend it is a cake =)

Oh, I am any where between 1400-1200 calories a day. Protein is around 125-90 a day and then carbs is less than 20. Fat, that fat is high, like between 50-80 a day, and the one day it was 97!!! YIKES!

Take care, and get online to find some yummy veggie recipes!

Golightly on 06/19/2003:
Wow, I would never need a no-baking assignment ... I hate cooking! Your nutritionist sounds great. I went to see one last November and I told her that my biggest problem was restaurants (I go to a lot of business lunches). She gave me a few tips (don't eat the bread) but otherwise I didn't find her much help.

Listen, I just have to say this ... YOU SOUND LIKE A HOTTIE! Each time I learn something new about the way you look, I just think "I'll bet Runner could be a super-model!" When you left me the note today about your young looks and baby-faced smile ... well, I think your husband is probably very lucky to have you!

I completely empthasize with your situation about people saying you look young. I used to get this all the time (I have a baby-face too, a pert nose, big brown eyes, etc.) People would always think I was the babysitter, not the mother of my daughter. I hated it! I hated being asked for I.D. when I ordered drinks at restaurants! I hated all the comment!

But you are right ... you will love it by the time you are my age. Most people think I am about 30 years old. I don't get a lot of comments about being a mom (there are 30 year old moms) but most people die when they see that I have an adult daughter. People often think we are sisters. AND NOW I LOVE IT! You will totally enjoy looking young by the time you are my age!!

I'll bet you are a great teacher because the kids can relate to you. You look young and you seem to have a really great sense of humour! Do you really bake for them too? Gosh, I wish you had been one of my teachers! I think you mentioned once that you are an English teacher..?? Oh yes, I should tell you, I am awaiting the book "Riding the bus with my sister" as the library didn't have it but they are ordering it for me! I can't wait to read it!

Okay Runner. No more baking! You can do this!

Take care!

Princess_Teacup on 06/19/2003:
Best of luck with the "no baking" assignment. I share your passion for baking and desserts but have realized that when it comes to sweets, and especially to baked goods, I have no control. None. When I was a little kid I used to marvel at the ability of adults, who it seemed could have desserts and candy whenever they wanted, to refrain. I thought that when was older sweets would lose some of there appeal. But now, nearing thirty, when it comes to desserts I might as well be six years old. I'm still a hard-core sugar junkie. It's so difficult for me to resist the temptation and when I give in it's so hard for me to stop.

Thea7777 on 06/19/2003:
You can do it! If your husband needs a sweet - make him go get it himself!!!

and - I agree with golightly - you do sound like a supermodel!!!

Runner - Wednesday Jun 18, 2003

Weight: 119.8

I was quite anxious to get on Diet Diaries today to express my frustration. After my brownie-binge on Monday, I did everything right on Tuesday. I got plenty of exercise (about 2 hours throughout the day of running, lifting, biking, walking, etc.) and ate what I think is a good amount of calories for my body---about 1800.

THe only thing I have to show for it this morning is about 1 1/2 pounds of weight that didn't show up yesterday. Or Monday. Or Saturday or Sunday. And the ironic thing is that I had desserts and fatty foods all of those days. Yesterday was my first really good day in awhile.

Do you think I'm paying for my weekend? Do you think it's because my food yesterday was pretty high in sodium? Do you think I could have possibly put on 1 1/2 pounds when I limited my caloric intake? Or do you think my body is just refusing to lose the weight?

I was so close to my goal on Saturday. I was only a pound away. Now I'm almost 3 pounds away.

I'm discouraged, but too weary to cry about it. In the past, that's what I would have done. The strange thing is that I feel better about my body now than I have in a looong time. I don't feel heavier. I really don't!

I'm going to blame it on the extra salt. Have you ever noticed that fat free foods have a lot of salt in them? I had some really low-fat turkey bacon yesterday, fat free dressing, a protein shake, and a slice of homemade pizza with fat-free cheese...all of those foods are fairly high in salt. I can only hope that my extra weight this morning is due to what I ate, and not temporary.

Because I know that I honestly didn't consume an extra 3,500 calories. In fact, I didn't consume ONE extra calorie.

curlsncuffs on 06/18/2003:

I've watched you struggle back and forth now for awhile and I know you have visited with a nurtitionist. You are so active - more active than anyone I know. And, yet you struggle just like us! Can I make a suggestion for you - try Weight Watchers - seriously - join - (sometimes its free) try it for one month! See how they tell you to eat - and follow the plan closely! See if it makes a difference in one month! And, be true to the plan. You will find the meetings very helpful - everyone there is in the same boat - where you need to lose 5lbs or 150 lbs! I bet you will lose all 3 of those pounds in the first month! Hugs

Golightly on 06/18/2003:
Hi Runner! How odd, yet again I find that my post has disappeared ... I left you (and a few other people) notes yesterday but they don't show! Oh well, it didn't say much except that I empathise with your sweet-tooth problems. Fresh baked brownies ... YUM! I also thought it was ironic that you used the word "confession" ... I had written a diary entry about confessions too! We must be psychically linked somehow...

Okay, about the weight gain. I have found that on days I "cheat", the weight doesn't show up necessarily the next day, but can take days to show on the scale. It's crazy because it's like I can't predict when I will gain! I almost always take an upwards swing on the scale a week before my TOM. Could that also be your problem?

Sadly, I eat a lot of salt, for the fat-free reasons you mentioned. Plus, as I'm doing the low-carb diet, I eat a lot of cheese (which had tons of salt). I keep thinking that I should probably cut back on the salt, but then I worry that the weight-loss will stop. So I'm taking it one problem at a time. Right now, it's weight loss. If I get to my goal weight, I'll tackle my problems with sodium and diet pepsi.

If only you and I could get our sugar intake under control. Gosh, I love desert. I would rather eat chocolate than anything else in the world. If I could have a healthy lifestyle and eat chocolate for breakfast, lunch and dinner, I would do it!! Instead, it's salad for me...

Everybody keeps telling me that after a few months of dieting, my sugar cravings will abate. I've been dieting since January 4th, and so far it hasn't decreased at all!

Runner, you do so much exercise. The weight has just GOT to burn off! Hey, didn't you mention that you have thyroid problems? Could perhaps this be what is effecting your weight?

superstarr on 06/18/2003:
It HAS to be the sodium. Some people, me in particular, retain water really easily! Some days I can wake up and my feet will barely fit in my shoes Im so darn bloated. Usually happens after a day of eating high sodium foods. Give it a few days, drink tons of water and eat some fruit. The water should go away. There is no way the 3 pounds are fat. That would be 3x3500 over the course of a couple days. Impossible for you! Im glad you are feeling good about your body though, despite the scale telling you fibs today.

I can't believe how much exercise you get in. You are truly an inspiration for me to get off my butt!!!!

Enjoy your day!

arlie on 06/19/2003:

I have followed your struggles and I am also perplexed by these weight fluctuations. You might be right about the sodium. Or maybe it is the fat free foods... they are usually high sugar/carbs, so maybe you're doing well on calories but getting too many carbs & sugars and not enough proteins or fiber? (This is pure speculation on my part -- I'm not a nutritionist at all, but I have been reading a lot about Atkins and the whole low-carb philosophy.) Anyway, stick with it. You'll get there!

Runner - Tuesday Jun 17, 2003

Weight: 118.5

I did a very bad thing yesterday. It started rather innocently, or so I thought...

I have a weakness for brownies. A big weakness. Especially gooey brownies right out of the oven.

Well, I decided to make a batch brownies for the BIble study I was going to last night. One positive thing was that they were a fat-free brand, so they weren't loaded with oil and saturated fat. But I'm sure you can guess what happened.

I ate about 1/2 the pan. A 9"X9" pan, with 16 servings. I ate about 8 of the servings throughout the afternoon. Hmmmm...at 130 calories per serving, that was a LOT of calories! No fat, but a calorie overload.

Needless to say, I was embarrassed to take just a few brownies to the meeting, so I made some mini muffins instead and shoved the rest of the brownies into the back of my freezer where they can just stay there until I reach my goal weight!

I'm never going to actually lose the pound and a half if I have moments like that.

It's crazy, because I can eat well all day and not be focused on food, but as soon as I start baking, I just lose my motivation and shove food in my face!

Ah, confession is good for the soul, though. I'm off to a good start today, and I'm ready to give up desserts for a few days. I've had a steady strem of desserts since Friday, and I really do need a break.

superstarr on 06/17/2003:
Were they the fat free ones by Krusteaz? I love those fat free brownies. used to eat them all the time and could easily eat a half pan!

Im sure you have had your sugar fix for awhile and hopefully you won't need to bake anything for a bit =)

Tomorrow I have to make rice krispy treats and those things are one of my favs and I can't have any! It will be hard, so very very hard! But, I can do it!

Be good today =)

biscottibody59 on 06/17/2003:
I know the feeling! I avoid baking like the plague--but, I refuse to go fat-free (except for my skim milk for my coffee--I buy a brand that isn't at all watery, and I keep Jell-0 FF pudding in the fridge). I don't enjoy FF as much and then feel empowered to eat more because after all, "They're fat-free!" It's just another way to sabotage myself.

I sooo enjoy a recipe I have for oatmeal-date scones and I would never think of making them without lots of real butter. What's the point--food is meant to be enjoyed, not worried over. All things in moderation!

momof3gr8boys on 06/17/2003:
Oh Runner - I feel your pain! I am not a sweets person at all. I can pass over pretty much anything sweet - I'd rather go for another serving of the real food! But girl . . .put a plate of brownies in front of me and I'm done. I remembered this when my oldest requested brownies last week for his birthday - I think I had more than he did. I never felt like I was cheating because I would just pinch off a bite every time I walked through the kitchen. After 2 or 3 days I wondered where they all went and realized I had pinched my way through them!! And these weren't fat free! Let me know if you figure out how to make them and not eat them - I'll just have to practice avoidance!

Runner - Monday Jun 16, 2003

Weight: 118.5

Well, to update those who read my last e-mail, the cheesecakes turned out to be pretty tasty, but the "strawberry thing" was a disaster! IT was honestly the worst fruity dessert I've ever tried! My family tried to be encouraging, but we had to toss the whole thing out! It was soggy and gross...and we got a great laugh out of it! :)

Anyway, the weekend was pretty good, eating-wise. I'm only up 1/2 pound today, and that could be due to anything. The main thing is that I'm learning to be better self-controlled. (And less focused on food).

I hope I can just stay disciplined to lose the two pounds I've been wanting to lose since January! I just want to do it...I'm motivated and tired of giving in to my sweet tooth.

Golightly on 06/16/2003:
Oh well, at least everyone got a laugh from your baking escapades! I love sugar so much, I probably would have eaten the "strawberry thing" anyway ... soggy, gross, none of that matters to me as long as it's sweet! Yikes!

The note you left me on my diary gave me such a laugh. You are proably right ... the pillow is probably carb. After all, I can't eat wheat, so I probably can't eat cotton either! But now I'm curious about my goose-down duvet ... do you think that's a protein?? LOL

Runner - Saturday Jun 14, 2003

Weight: 118.0

Yesterday, I spent WAY too much time in the kitchen! Not because I was eating, but because I was baking, cooking, and baking some more! For my mom's birthday and for Father's Day, I decided that I would bring the "treats." That way, they can be low-fat and hopefully delicious, and I enjoy creating new desserts in the kitchen anyway!

WEll, my sister can only have gluten-free products, so that posed a bit of a challenge. But I was up to it!

First, I decided to make my dad a Snickers Cheesecake with a recipe from Cooking Light. Everything was going perfectly, until I put it in my Pampered Chef Springform Pan and tried to put it in the oven! SOmehow, the bottom slipped, and the cheesecake started falling out, all over the floor and myself! It all happened so fast. I managed to salvage most of it, but it definitely didn't look as pretty as it did originally!

THen I decided to make my sister a gluten-free cheesecake. THat turned out okay, but I have no idea if it tastes good!

After that, I attempted a gluten-free birthday cake for my mom, so my sister could have some, too. I used all the special flours and went to great pains to get what I thought was a decent recipe. Just to try it out, I made myself a small cupcake. It was rather "blah" tasting, so I wanted to try an old family trick by poking holes in the cake and filling it with jello. Then you frost the cake with whipped cream. It's really good!! The cake turns out very moist because you refigerate it.

Well, after making the cake, which took a loooong time, I meausured out the water for the jello...but boiled an extra cup without thinking!!!!!!!! So as I was pouring the jello over the cake, I realized how watery it was, and it ruined the cake! I could have cried.

So it was time to try something else. I said "forget the gluten-free stuff, she has her cheesecake," and decided to make my mom a french Strawberry pie. Unfortunately, I goofed that up pretty badly, too, and ended up throwing all the fruit and sugar and yogurt and whatever else was in it in the blender and blending it up to smoothie consistency. THen I put it over a pretzel and sugar crust and froze it. Who knows if it will taste good at all? I'm going to pick up ice cream to go with it.

All I know is that sometimes I have great success in the kitchen, and sometimes I really bomb out! I'm taking the two cheesecakes and blended fruit thing home tonight...I have a feeling that the most popular dessert item will be the store-bought ice cream that I'm picking up.

But at least I tried!!!!!!!!! I know they'll appreciate the effort, if anything.

Next time I'm letting someone else bring the goodies and I'll just have a small piece!!!!!!

superstarr on 06/15/2003:
OH MY GOSH! I am very very impressed with all your culinary efforts!!! Im sorry they didn't all turn out as well as you had hoped. Your heart sure was in the right place.

Golightly on 06/16/2003:
Oh dear, I really shouldn't giggle, but it is so funny! Remember on Sesame Street there was this bit with the chef? He would stand at the top of the stairs and say something like "Six strawberry shortcakes!!" and then promptly fall down the stairs? He would get covered in the stuff. Suddenly I had a picture of you saying "One Snickers Cheesecake!" In any case, I applaud your efforts and your heart being the right place. Sounds like you can be very creative in the kitchen!

My dad started my low-carb diet, inspired by my successes. As a show of support, his Father's Day gift was a bag full of intersting cheeses. It's a boring gift, but he seemed to appreciate it.

This is the first weekend in a long time that I have been perfect on my diet. I was at my parents home on Sunday but, as my dad and daughter are now on my diet, the meal was carb-free! We outnumbered the regular eaters! I was so happy to not have the meal be such a challenge.

Of course, I'm not losing, as I think I'm experiencing some sort of back-lash from the cookies at jury duty. But, I'm sticking with the diet and exercise, as it's got to work eventually!

Take care!

Runner - Friday Jun 13, 2003

Weight: 118.5

I wasn't as good yesterday as I should have been, and I'm down a pound. SO strange. I'll never figure out the scale, so it's better not to even try! :)

I had a good talk with my husband last night about my frustrations, though. Sometimes it helps to just talk it out.

And it really helps me to write out my feelings. I get so encouraged when people leave comments...thanks to those who take the time to encourage me!

It's going to be a weekend full of family and food...what's new? I'm praying for self-control and disciple.

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