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SomeFineDay - Monday Aug 29, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 143.6

it has been SomeFineDay!  My granddaughter ordered this for me.   Amazon changed differ prices for the same Fitbit in different colors.   Black costs a lot more.   I don't care about the color.   I might have to add yarn or something to extend the band.

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/29/2022:
You got a good deal! 40% off! Awesome! I put my Fitbit in an ankle strap, so the wristband size doesn’t matter. I never did like watches or anything on my wrists.

happy-1 on 08/29/2022:
Love a fitness tracker! The Fitbit pops out of the band and you can put it on one you like better.


Donkey on 08/30/2022:
I love the FitBit!

horn_of_plenty on 08/31/2022:
Congrats on your new fit bit...

i think down the road i might like one to count my steps...for now, i just come by instinct day to day (my steps tend to be not enough...and i do not wish to alter them much right now, so do not need a fit bit)...later i will want to...

SomeFineDay - Sunday Aug 28, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 143.6


We had a good time at the church potluck.   it began after  11:00 worship. I made a big bowl of potato salad. As usual, it was a hit.   I managed to control my eating, but my old man ate like I had not cooked dinner for w week.   Guess what!   My granddaughter is helping me find a activity tracker to count my tread mill and other steps around the house.   We are looking on Amazon.  So many brands! We are looking at Fitbit and Garmin. The less expensive brands say they have apps for my tablet but when we look, we don't find any at the App Store.   So that leaves it to Fitbit and Garmin. The cheapest Fitbit is a lot cheaper than the cheapest Garmin.   The Garmins are nice, but I saw some of the apps pictures from here and it looks very complicated.  The cheapest Fitbit is about $50 and is designed for little kids.  LOL.   I might buy one.   It can still do a lot, like count steps, and so some sleep wmd heart stuff.   I am not sure yet.   The Medicare Advantage Provider sent us free pulse oximiters that you clip to your thumb.  We have a blood pressure monitor from target.

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/28/2022:
Glad your potluck was a success! I love potato salad. Does your church have a big auditorium with a kitchen? The one closest to our house does. It was our polling place until the state made absentee voting available to everyone. The church ladies baked the best desserts ever and sold them as a fundraiser when the polls were open. We never came home empty handed,

The Greek Orthodox has a huge annual fundraiser open to the public and widely advertised. They have BBQ lamb shiskabobs (sp?). and sell Greek pastries. Yum yum. But the line gets so long we decided to leave a few times. The Catholic Church has food fundraisers too, open to everyone. The best sausage sandwiches ever!

You will like the Fitbit. I prefer simple trackers like mine.

Donkey on 08/29/2022:
For starting out, I would recommend a basic step tracker like the FitBit, especially if you can get it cheaply. I would agree with you that the Garmin is much more complicated.

legcramps on 08/29/2022:
My first Fitbit only tracked steps and I liked it just fine! Sometimes it's better if we make things as easy as possible, especially when first starting out with something.

SomeFineDay - Saturday Aug 27, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 143.6

   I am having fun watching TV and walking very slow on the treadmill.   I have it flat on the floor  now but will use the incline soon. My old man is already using the incline and walking fast like uphill.   He is already complaining about his feet hurting.   He needs to slow down. He is getting out of breath.   I called the doctor's office and the nurse said good for him.   She is a nice and funny nurse.   I think I am eating 1500 hundred calories a day.   I jot it down on paper but it takes too long to sign on here at the diaries and write all that down.   I should try harder.   I do good for breakfast and lunch and not so good for dinner abd after dinner.   I need to work on it.   I read about a lady who stays thin by not eating anything after six in the evening.  

Tomorrow we are having a potluck at church.   I need to decide what to bring and not eat too much of tge good things other people make.   One couple brings a huge pan of macaroni an cheese. It is beautifully browned and crispy on top.   I am going to take a teeny tiny piece.

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 08/27/2022:
Looks like your weekend is filled up.

Jacky82020 on 08/27/2022:
I loved my first $100 used treadmill! Started off doing 5 minutes at a time, stopping, repeating etc etc.

I love Mac and cheese. Too lazy to bake it, but Stouffers ( sorry can’t spell this word & the autocorrect here has no clue) frozen is really good. Cooks fast in the microwave.

American_Woman on 08/27/2022:
That sounds like a good idea to not eat after 6 pm. I have read about some people on this site doing similar and they had a lot of success. A little macaroni and cheese sounds very good. Enjoy yourself! You can do that and not go overboard. Just fix yourself a plate with just a few small servings of your favorite foods on it, whatever that may be, not heaped up high, and let that be your limit and enjoy it. Nothing wrong with that.

horn_of_plenty on 08/28/2022:
Good for you on incrementally increasing the treadmill and not overdoing....sounds like your hubby should do a little more like you do.

if his feet hurt, he should take some time off the treadmill until he feels better; and slow the pace a little bit. injury is not worth it.

happy-1 on 08/28/2022:
I found a really good keto boxed mac and cheese on Amazon from Perfect Keto. Oh how I have missed it.

I like to bring caprese skewers. No cooking, just assembly. Looks fancy.

Donkey on 08/28/2022:
I hope your potluck went well! Those are always so interesting to see what others bring.

Nighttime eating has been an issue for a couple of members here, through the years. You don't know my history, but I've gained and lost the same 50 lbs at 4 times in my lifetime. The 2nd to the last time was due to late-night eating while watching TV. Bad, bad, bad.

SomeFineDay - Friday Aug 26, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 143.6

 The boys  got off work early and brought the treadmill over.   They helped us rearrange some furniture in the living room.   They moved a big easy chair and end table into the extra bedroom.   The treadmill folds up, but it's stiff in a way and I might keep  it open so I will use it mkre.   it is harder so far than regular walking.   I think because the pace is constant and yiu have to keep up with it or start to stumble. I am not reallly tripping, I am going slow and stepping off.  I am glad it is not too loud because then it would drown out the TV.   I'm doing good on my diet. Laying off the cookies and fatty foods. Had oatmeal again for breakfast and tuna in water for lunch.   It will be leftover dickens for dinner, the same things as last night. 

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 18.6 lbs to go!

bearcountrygg on 08/26/2022:
Nice loss there.

SomeFineDay on 08/26/2022:
Hi Bear! I am so glad you are writing in the diaries again!

happy-1 on 08/26/2022:
All of this sounds like amazing progress!

coffee&calories on 08/26/2022:
Good work!!!

Donkey on 08/27/2022:
Enjoy your treadmill. I use mine more in the winter.

American_Woman on 08/27/2022:
Tuna is very nutritious. Has high levels of omega 3 fatty acids. High in protein, too.

horn_of_plenty on 08/27/2022:
yeah, i get a clear, liquid stevia and some they add a minor but of alcohol too, but i don't get that one. it's sweetener made from a stevia leaf. i once bought the plant at Home Depot but it died ...the leaves were actually extremely sweet. i couldn't even have a whole leaf at a time!

your eating sounds wonderful today. and i would have also left the treadmill open too, to use it more. otherwise, i'd forget about it. my dad uses a treadmill and has headphones that he has a long cord for and he plugs them into the tv bc his treadmill is very loud.

SomeFineDay - Wednesday Aug 24, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 144.2

 Breakfast: oatmeal, low fat milk, raisins, black coffee.  300?

The people down the block are moving.   We are going to buy their treadmill for a hundred dollars. It is on the small side, like Jacky's baby treadmill.   It folds up. We will put ot in the livingroom so we can use ir and watch TV.  The boys across the street have a big truck and will get it this weekend. They are very nice young men and we babysat for them when their parents worked when they were little .

Bear!   I am sorry to see you erased your diary.   I want you to start writing again so I won't be the only old lady here.   I saw when you wrote it was your 56th wedding anniversary. So you must be around my age.   If you start up your diary, I wish you could break up your long posts with spaces like this how Jacky does,  because I have trouble reading long things.   My glasses are new but I can't see as good as I used to.   The eye surgeon said I am not ready for cataract surgery yet, but I have them in both eyes. He operated on both of my husband's eyes last year. The actual surgery only takes about 15 minutes, but you have to arrive early to the outpatient surgical center and sit around all day.   When my time comes, I am thinking about doing one eye only. They stage cataracts 1-4 like cancer and I am a 2. The eye doctor said no good doctor operates on a 2.   He does not know how long it will take me to get to stage 3.  

I will try to report my lunch later.   It will probably be a can of albacore tuna, the kind in water and some crackers and a diet soda.   I never did figure out how many calories my meatloaf had.  I used lean beef bit still a lot of fat baked out.   I used oatmeal and eggs and some spices. Tonight I am baking chicken legs  and it will say on the bag how many calories.

Progress as of today: 0.8 lbs lost so far, only 19.2 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/24/2022:
What a coincidence! I paid $100 for my first treadmill many many years ago. When I upgraded after a few years, I sold it for the same $100 to a soldier from a nearby military base. You’re going to like having a treadmill around. Start off slow for short time periods and work your way up.

Yep, it’s sucks how they make people wait around all day at those surgical centers. Years ago I had LASIK surgery in one eye only. I didn’t need to wear glasses and could see just fine.

SomeFineDay on 08/26/2022:
Doing one eye at a time is a good ideas!

horn_of_plenty on 08/24/2022:
hope to catch up on your entries more, soon ;) just stopping by to say hi.

SomeFineDay on 08/26/2022:
Hi back to you too!

horn_of_plenty on 08/24/2022:
just browsing, i hope all goes ok with your cataracts and they can be operated on soon for your benefit. i also see great foods....like tuna :)

i like diet soda once in awhile; i drink seltzer always and flavor with stevia.

SomeFineDay on 08/26/2022:
I have to read more about stevia. I think I heard it is a natural sweeteners and better than many others.

SomeFineDay - Monday Aug 22, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 144.0

 My husband quit this group.   I knew he would. He does not like counting calories, but is eating less junk food when he watches TV.   So he lost a pound already.   I lose a pound one day but it comes back the next time I weigh myself.   I would not have stayed away so long, but as you all must must know, the website crashed.   I am glad they fixed it. I am going to guess a little on today's calories.   Breakfast, two scrambled eggs, 2 slices diet bread toast with diet jam, black coffee.  350 calories.  Snack, banana 150. Lunch, tuna with cut up pickle and diet 7Up.  200 calories.   Dinner will be meatloaf, baked potatoes, peas and carrots.   I don't know how much calories are in the meatloaf.  ........We took a long walk in between rain showers.

Progress as of today: 1 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

coffee&calories on 08/22/2022:
I always find the pound I lost too. I’m guessing on calories today as well, but I figure even estimating is likely making us eat less than just saying forget it. Good job today!

Donkey on 08/23/2022:
I too find the the lost pound or 2. I've lost and gained the same 3 pounds over and over and....

SomeFineDay - Saturday Aug 13, 2022
(Eat healthy and take long walks)
Weight: 145.0


I created this diary because a friend who no longer uses it suggested I'd enjoy it.     I will take a long walk with my husband early tomorrow before it gets too hot.   

Progress as of today: -20 lbs lost so far, only 20 lbs to go!

Jacky82020 on 08/13/2022:
Welcome to the group! I’ve always thought walking was a great way to exercise. I walked outside nearly everyday in California, but rely more on a treadmill here on the East Coast. It gets hot, rainy & snowy sometimes.

SomeFineDay on 08/13/2022:
Thank you!

Donkey on 08/13/2022:
Welcome! I walk almost every day that I work, for around 30 minutes. Helps me save my sanity when dealing with co-workers and clients.

I hope you post often :-)

SomeFineDay on 08/13/2022:
You are much too kind, TY

horn_of_plenty on 08/13/2022:
welcome, i think you'll enjoy this group! :)

SomeFineDay on 08/13/2022:
Me too!

Maria7 on 08/13/2022:
Welcome to both of you.

horn_of_plenty on 08/14/2022:
hope you walk was nice!

innerpeace on 08/15/2022:
Hello and welcome.

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