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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Feb 18, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.2

Whoopsie! The weight went up some. Well, there's no mystery there, I had a bad last 2 days. Except it already went up on Monday morning to 157.2 for no reason at all. I was perfect all weekend. Oh, well, that's not why I had trouble the last 2 days. Here's what happened---I had planned a controlled cheat day for Saturday because a) I thought I needed one b)DH was going to be gone all day and ya know, I don't like to cheat when he's watching. Well, his plans were cancelled so I ended up doing really well all weekend. And I planned to do the cheat on Monday while he was at work. (It sounds like I'm having an affair or something, doesn't it? No way!) Making this plan kinda helped me to get through the weekend. Well, anyway, I did really terrible on Monday and afterward felt like it really wasn't worth it and why did I do it, you know, the usual things we all figure out after it's too late. And Tuesday was just more of almost the same, only not quite as bad. Anyway, I'm back, I'm doing really well today and here I am. Up 2.2 pounds since Sunday morning. What a dummy!!

So as I said, I've done really well today so far. I went to WalMart for a few groceries and ended up walking around there for about an hour. Then when I got home, I got on the treadmill for 30 minutes, did my ab and arm exercises and then the treadmill again for another 20 minutes. And it felt great! I've had 13 of my 26 points for the day so far, with just dinner to go yet. So for a few days I'm going to be making up for lost time :(

Okay, I've got to go clean the kitchen before the DH gets home from work. (It's almost 3:30 here) I've got to stop going back to bed in the morning so I can get some work done around here! So you all take care and I hope you had a really good day today. Thanks for explaining to me, CurvyChar. Guess I'd better be building some more muscle. I've been trying for 6 weeks now, gotta keep this up. I can barely get into a 14 myself. Most of my fat is right around my middle. Okay, I'll see ya all tomorrow.

shellybelly on 02/18/2004:
Hey. I'm stayin in New York New York in Vegas. I heard it's nice. How'd you like Vegas? I'm so excited about going... :-)

breakaway on 02/19/2004:
Don't worry I'm sure that weight is jsut water weight and it will come off as fast as it went on. Hang in there and thanks so much for your wonderful comment to me! You have a great day today!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Feb 15, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 156.0

Temperature--65 Sky--clear and sunny Wind--just a small breeze So, of course, I took advantage of it and walked 4 times around the block again, 2.8 miles in 48 minutes. And it's getting easier. Yay, me! Got rid of that pesky .4 of a pound too. Everything's coming up roses! I can't believe how, after 6 weeks of this, it is really getting easier to stick to. And some days I don't even eat all my points! Oh, I know there are going to be bad days yet, I know myself well. But it looks like my metabolism is kicking in finally. I feel great! Have I said that yet? Hahaha!

Okay, good wishes to all of you. I'm going to go get caught up with all you DDers here. Take care, I'll see you tomorrow.

P.S. Muggy, where are you? You are missed. I hope all is okay with you.

breakaway on 02/15/2004:
Great job!! 2.8 miles is nothing to sneeze about that's for sure! AND you did it in 48 min! I usually do 3.5 in 77 min so I"m a bit slow I feel but I'm only walking at 2.7 mph. 3.0 is sitll a bit to much for me to keep up with at my weight. I continue to add more though. I used to be at 2.5 when I first started. Anyhow, your a great inspiration and I need to keep better score on my points. I do somewhat but I really need to start writing them down again. You have a great day!

kanga on 02/16/2004:
Go girl go!

curvy shar on 02/18/2004:
Hey there - Just wanted to comment on your comment on my entry. Absolutely no offense taken, I understand your confusion! Yes, my weight is 248. Yes, I am in a 12! It truly is the weight training that's done it for me. I have been doing that for 11 months now, 3-5 times per week. I don't understand HOW it works, know it has something to do with the fat vs. muscle space thing. (Fat takes up 5 times as much space as muscle.) It totally blows away everything we've been taught about size, doesn't it?!!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Feb 14, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 156.4

Yeah, that's right, you read that right, 156.4 today!! Woohoo!! Double woohoo!! That makes 2.8 pounds down this week. Of course I was up some last week so I'm only down 5.4 pounds since I started this again on Jan. 3, 6 weeks ago. I'm happy though. I haven't weighed this low for quite some time, haha! I was really surprised since I had only hoped to get at 157 point something this morning. *doing the happy dance* all day long. I guess it could be all the exercise this week, 6 days out of the last 6 days, yay me! (sorry if this sounds boastful) And I've been eating really well since Monday. No slips!

Today I slept in late with my adoring DH. He got me a diamond heart pendant for Valentine's Day. We had a nice breakfast together, watched a little TV then went out for a walk, 4 times around the block, 2.8 miles, 50 minutes! So I'm all caught up on the Idita-walk, now just have to keep doing at least 30 minutes of walking each day until March 21 when it ends. My ankle is doing well and doesn't bother me much at all, thank goodness. I needs me walking every day. Yesterday I also ate only 22 points for the day, could have had 26, so I'm good for the day. Hey, this Weight Watchers thing really works!

Okay, I hope you're all having a fine and productive weekend and a Happy Valentine's Day! Take care and I'll be back tomorrow.

P. S. I forgot to mention that I made 2 dozen Valentine's cookies for my DH today and only ate 2 myself, hahaha!

kanga on 02/14/2004:
Congratulations on your big loss! wow! the cookie thing is major! Glad your ankle is better.

Soon2BThin - Friday Feb 13, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.0

Hey, happy Friday the 13th, everyone!! Mine is going well so far, how are you all doing? I just finished 50 minutes on the treadmill, it's a little cool and windy today so I thought I'd just stay inside. And I did half an hour of exercises for abs and arms. I feel GREAT!! I can actually feel my muscles now when I lift the weights. And yesterday, when I was doing the squats, I could feel my glutes in there. Yippee!! And I'm down another .6 of a pound! Yay! I'm almost caught up on the Idita-walk, just one more day of 50 minute walking. Then I only have to do 30 everyday after that. Woohoo! Did I tell you how great I feel today?! I'm just so grateful that I am able to exercise again. But I do know that one wrong step and I will have a sore ankle again so let's hope that never happens.

Yesterday was good too. I had 25 of the 25 points allowed for the day. It's really getting easier to eat right. Of course, I'm not perfect and I know there will be "those days" but I can handle it now. I'm really on my way.

Okay, I'm getting cold so I'm going to head for the shower now. Happy Valentine's Day to you all. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow!

grayjay on 02/13/2004:
It's great to know that you're having such a great day!!! Write the date down, it should be easy to remember and hold on to the feeling! When you're having a rough day, go back and read today's entry, hopefully it'll help you stay on track!! Congratulations!!! Grayjay Deb

Maria7 on 02/13/2004:
Hey, Soonie...good to go on the working out. Happy Valentine's Day to you and your hubby!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Feb 12, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.6

Boo hoo! My body just doesn't want to drop this weight, it seems! Only down .2 of a pound. I had an excellent day yesterday too. Only ate 20 points of my 26 allowed for the day. And I weigh and measure everything! And I had that 80 minutes of exercise! Like I said, Boo hoo! But I know it will happen some day, if I just keep this up. I just finished a 50 minute walk outside. I walked 25 minutes one way, then turned around and came back the same way. It was 52 degrees, the sun was shining, the sky was perfectly clear and there was a nice breeze blowing. Well, when I turned around, that cool breeze had turned into a cold wind, brrrr, and it was all slightly uphill. So my hiney muscles got a good workout, heh! I'm going to have the best 55 year old hiney ever, right? Yeah, I will be turning 55 on May 4 of this year. Funny, most of the time, I don't feel any older than, oh, maybe, 26---I wish! At least, in my mind, hahaha! Anyway, I still have to do my leg exercises today and I guess I'll do that after I finish here. Boy, that walk would have been so much easier if I'd had one of you with me. We could have walked for miles as long as we kept up the yakking, right, hahaha!

Okay, I'm going to go do those exercises now, I'm all cooled down from the walk. I hope to get back here later to read and comment. I hope you're all having a good, active day. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow!

grayjay on 02/12/2004:
Hi, I sometimes wish that my body was a true barometer of everything you ate and exercised. If that was the case, I would see immediate reaction to all of my weight loss activity. I too was up this week and probably should have been down. Of course if I had that wish, I would also see exactly WHAT I ATE and didn't exercise which would be really scary when I was bad...

Hang in there, it takes time to go through the process :)

Grayjay Deb

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Feb 11, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Happy Wednesday, everyone! How is everyone doing? I did get around to reading all the entries yesterday but didn't comment much. Sorry, I will try harder today. Sometimes it's just hard to think of something to say.

I'm doing well and just finished doing 30 minutes on the treadmill, then my arm and ab exercises and then, another 20 minutes on the treadmill. 80 minutes total exercise which gives me another 4 points of food for the day. If I keep up that much walking for the next 3 days, I will be all caught up on the Idita-walk. My ankle is doing much better. It seems all the walking is making it even better. Go figure! I'm still just walking at a 3.0 mph pace but sometimes I crank it all the way up to 3.2mph, hahaha! The weight stayed the same today even when I got on the scale several times. Maybe the whoosh fairy will visit tonight, haha! I get 26 points today but I'm going to try to eat a lot less and see what happens.

Yesterday was a very good day except I went over points by 3 but that's not too bad. I went to the WW meeting, which was really good, a girl got to her goal after losing 132 pounds. I think it took her 4 1/2 years but that's still good. Then I dropped some books off at the library and came home. I didn't weigh in at the meeting since I only have to weigh once a month and I don't have to for another 2 weeks. Hopefully I will be down some more by then. After I got home, I did my 30 minutes/treadmill, leg exercises and 20 minutes/treadmill. So a really good day.

Okay, I hope you're all doing well and getting in that exercise. Take care and have a great day!

breakaway on 02/11/2004:
Great job on the exercise! I am very proud of you! Your goal will be coming up so fast. Hang in there and continue the great work!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Feb 10, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Good morning, everyone!! How's it going so far today? It's still early here so I haven't done much. No exercise since I'm going to the WW meeting this morning. Then I'll exercise when I get home. My ankle doesn't hurt any more than it did so I guess walking on it yesterday didn't hurt anything. So I'll try it again today. I dropped .4 of a pound since yesterday and my stomach is growling right now. That's a good sign, haha! I only ate 22 of my 25 points yesterday so I had a very good day. And it paid off too.

Okay, must get ready to go. I hope you all have a good day and stay on track. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Monday Feb 09, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 159.2

Well, call me stupid, but I just finished 50 minutes on the treadmill!! It didn't hurt much and I did 30 minutes first, then did my arm and ab exercises, then did the other 20 minutes. I was only going 3 mph. I had 120 minutes to make up on the Idita-walk so I've already made up 20 of them, just 100 more to go. I'm not telling the DH though, he'd have a fit that I'm walking that much so soon. Hopefully, I haven't crippled myself, haha! When I wear the brace and my walking shoes, it has lots of support so I can walk easier. I know, foolish of me anyway. Hey, a girl's gotta do, what a girl's gotta do, right? I paid $30 to get in this thing and I'm not giving up! We'll see how my ankle feels later, hah!

Okay, food wasn't that good yesterday either. I mean, it WAS good, but I wasn't, know what I mean? So I'm starting all over again today. At least I haven't put all of the few pounds I'd lost back on again. So how are you all doing this fine Monday? I hope you feel as good as I do right now! Okay, I'm heading for the shower now. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow.

breakaway on 02/09/2004:
Good to see you got your walking in but be careful! If it didn't hurt you it will be fine. They say when you feel pain then stop. I won't tell your hubby! Promise! You have a great day today!

Grayjay on 02/09/2004:
Good for you! I think... I know it's good to be walking, as long as you don't make your ankle worse. You don't want it to take longer to heal. Anyway, starting fresh on a Monday always makes things better. Have a great day tomorrow! Grayjay Deb

Soon2BThin - Sunday Feb 08, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 159.2

I have no idea what I weigh today. I really went overboard yesterday but I'm over that now and ready to go on somehow. I am still not able to walk normally on my ankle yet :( and I haven't tried doing the bike either. I should be in there doing that right now but I'm just not feeling it today. I hope I can get that good feeling back again. But I am going to eat right today. It really scares me when I think of gaining a lot of weight back. It took me weeks to lose so little and I've probably gained it all back now.

I did shop the other day though. I went to 3 second hand stores and then to Sear's in the mall. Bought a few things. What I needed to do was shop for some decent winter clothes to take on the cruise in May to Alaska. And I can't wait til then to do the buying since they already have bathing suits and summer clothes in the stores now. I found that the average temp in Alaska in May is about 55 for a high. I wish we were going someplace warm instead. Oh, well....

Okay, going to go read some entries here now. Thanks for all the comments and thanks, Muggy, for the ankle-strengthening exercises. I guess I sure need them, heh! I hope you're all having a good weekend. See ya tomorrow.

Grayjay on 02/08/2004:
Hi, It's great to see that you are still here. I'm sorry about your ankle, it must be really frustrating not to move around like you used to. Have you considered exercising in water? Even if you don't swim, you can walk laps of the pool. The water would protect your ankle and you'd still get your workout. Wish I could be shopping for a cruise... Remember that you're going through British Columbia and it's not quite as cold there. We often camp in May. Don't worry about your slip yesterday, it was only one day and it sounds like you've already moved on.

Take care, Grayjay Deb

breakaway on 02/09/2004:
Good to see you got some good tips on strengthening that ankle, Soon you will be on it on a regular basis! Jsut don't push to much activity just yet. you have a great day and hang in there!! You will get there.

Soon2BThin - Friday Feb 06, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 159.2

Good Friday morning, DDers!! Well, I hope things are going better for you all than they are with me. I guess I must have resprained my ankle since it doesn't seem to be better yet. I thought that maybe overnight it would be better but that's wrong. I can walk around carefully but haven't tried the treadmill yet. It's KILLING me to not be exercising. I was going to try the bike this morning but thought I'd better not do anything since I want to go out for some shopping later so I'm saving my ankle for that. If I wear the brace and my walking shoes it helps. So that's how things are going for me. I haven't exercised for the last 3 days so my weight has gone up a little even though the eating hasn't been too bad. I plan on trying the treadmill tomorrow though.

Well, you all have a great Friday and weekend. I'll see ya tomorrow.

cat121 on 02/06/2004:
I am so sorry about your ankle! It is so frustrating to have something like tht preventing you from exercise. It seems like you get to the point where you really count on the exercise, at least I know I get frustrated when something like that prevents me from working out. Good luck- I will be channeling good thoughts to your ankle!

breakaway on 02/06/2004:
I sprained mine really bad and it took years to heal up right, I would keep repraining it if I stepped wrong or something. Keep wearing the brace so that doesn't happen I would be really careful on the treadmill and if it starts to hurt Iwould get off. Mine is finally now right again thank god but I still sometimes wear my brace if it's slippery out or something. I don't want to resprain it. GOod luck to you and hope the treadmill works out. Have a great day today, at least try to.

creepybird on 02/06/2004:
I hope your foot gets better!!!

BandMom on 02/06/2004:
Hi! Hang in there!Miss you! hugs and smiles and how about some sun shine! bandmom

kanga on 02/07/2004:
I'm sorry about your ankle hope shopping doesn't hurt too much. I know you are missing your exercise anything that becomes a part of our lives is a family member even things we used to not like. Take care of yourself.

muggy on 02/07/2004:
Sorry about your ankle.. it is so frustrating! I used to be always limping or on crutches with mine. Be careful about it as the injuries tend to worsen each time. If you are interested.. I have added information on how to build up your ankles to prevent injuries.

If your ankles are weak and the tendons are stretched out from injuries, you can strenthen them by doing calf raises They can be done on a two by four.. or a step.. Be sure to hang on to something to keep your balance. Stand with your feet a foot apart and raise up and hold for five seconds...then lower and stretch for one second. Repeat 5 times. Then turn your toes in and repeat the set. Next turn your toes out and repeat the set. It is very important to do all three directions. It will build up your ankles and you may twist them occasionally... but be able to walk it off. This exercise also builds great calf muscles... you'll feel the burn! :-)

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