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Soon2BThin - Sunday Jan 25, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Good morning! Okay, yesterday I went over by 5 points so I subtracted those from my flex points. Here's what happened---I started a new medication for my diabetes yesterday morning. In the afternoon I was so tired I laid down to take a short nap. I woke up about an hour later and sat up on the side of my bed. Things started swimming around and I broke out into a heavy sweat. I had to go to the bathroom but I was afraid to stand up so I called my DH and had him get me some orange juice. I drank that down and asked for more. I started to feel a little better and able to get to the bathroom. I checked my blood sugar and it was only 37!! It's a wonder I even woke up! So needless to say, no more of those pills! Then I was soooo hungry I ate an apple, 2 eggs, 3 pieces of toast and a cup and a half of milk! So it was all this and the 2 glasses of orange juice that put me over on points. I guess as long as I eat right and exercise almost every day, my diabetes will be under control. I checked my blood sugar this morning and it was a safe 70. I don't understand why when I have the fasting blood work done at the doctor's that it shows my blood sugar is up too high! So now I have 179 Glucovance pills all for nothing. Anyone need them? And I don't even want to think of the wasted money!!

Okay, today will be a no exercise day unless I get ambitious and change my mind. I slept til 8:30 and just feel dragged out. So I will eat right today and start the exercise again tomorrow. It's a dreary, cold, rainy day today and that's what I feel like. I hope you're all doing really well this weekend. I'll check back later. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow.

feeleebubs on 01/25/2004:
Oh Goodness! That would be so scary. It's got to be frusterating having the doctor tell you your blood sugar is so high and then going home and having it be fine. They should just give you a week or three day trial of the Rx before you go spending a ton of money on a 2 or three month suply of it. You take good care of yourself and don't worry about the exercise toady ;)

breakaway on 01/25/2004:
Doesnt that make you scared! I don't know if I could trust the dr again after that. Man, what a close call for you. Glad to see your ok and that everything is working out. Did you ever call the doc and if so, what did he say about it. You have a great day and take the day off to rest.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jan 24, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Happy Saturday, everyone! Is anyone out there?! So I'm down only a pound for the week, that's 3 pounds in 3 weeks. Not that good but better than nothing. I just finished a 2.25 mile walk on the treadmill and my leg exercises. Whoo, I'm wiped out! When does it get easier?!

Yesterday was good except I went over points by 3 so I'm subtracting those from my flex points. 32 flex points left for the week but I'm not planning on using them. Week ends are hard though so we'll see. At least I've got the exercise in already. Yesterday I did 2 miles on the treadmill and my ab and arm exercises. I haven't been walking outside since we've been having rain off and on for the last few days and it's all muddy. We have dirt roads around here except for our street which is paved. The temps have been only in the high 50's lately too. I know that's better than what a lot of you are having so I consider myself lucky with that.

Okay, time to head to the shower. I think I'm cooled down somewhat now. I don't have much else to do today so I'm going to do a lot of reading--"Odd Thomas". And trying not to eat too much, hah! I hope you're all having a good weekend so far. Take care.

babygirl112 on 01/24/2004:
Happy Saturday! hey, it is still good to lose a pound a week, a slow weight loss is the key to a permanent loss. just keep it up, don't get discouraged. because working out and eating healthy pays off in the long-run!

JellyBelly2 on 01/24/2004:
Great job on the exercise as usual. Can we still access the dd picture site? Have you heard from stellastarr lately (Connie?) I worry about her.

Soon2BThin - Friday Jan 23, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 159.8

Okay, I'm sitting here waiting for the washer and dryer repair guy to get here. They said between 7 and 11am. So no exercise this morning and no going back to bed, heh! The new washer and dryer are both making noises that shouldn't be there, darnit! You just can't get anything perfect any more.

Yesterday was a very good day. I used only 22 of my 27 allowed points--22 regular points and 5 exercise points. So I didn't use the exercise points. I earned 3 points for the walking and weight lifting and another 2 points for the bike riding I did before dinner, 30 minutes. Then why, oh, why is my weight up this morning?!! This time the weight is seeming so hard to get off! Of course, it could be water weight, after all, I did eat 3 dill pickles and some chips yesterday, haha. I am still loving those pickles. I think I eat a jar a week now. Lots of sodium there.

So the other day I signed up for the "Idita-walk". Don't know what that is? Okay, you sign up to walk 30 minutes a day for 35 days, Feb 1 to March 21. That totals 1050 minutes. The Iditarod sled dog race in Alaska is 1049 miles long, thus, the name "Idita-walk". At the end you get a t-shirt. It cost $30 this year to sign up, all of which goes to the Nome, Alaska boy scout troup. I did it last year but I think this year will be my last. If you're interested you can go to http://www.idita-walk.com/ to check it out.

Okay, I'm outa here. Guess I'll go clean the kitchen while I'm waiting. And then, maybe, come back here to read some entries. Take care and have a great Friday!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jan 22, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Well, I'm really late today! It's 1:15 here and I just finished my workout. I did 2 miles on the treadmill in 35 minutes and my leg exercises. Whew, I'm beat. I've been increasing my speed on the treadmill and I'm up to doing half at 3.4 and half at 3.6, or about that. And the leg exercises are getting better and easier. Tomorrow will make 3 weeks of this for me, no cheating, exercising almost every day and writing down all my food and keeping track of the points. They say after you do something for 21 days, it becomes habit. We'll see.

I didn't do the exercise this morning because, honestly?, I went back to bed. I was going to go early to WalMart but decided to wait til later. So I left here at 10:15 and got my shopping done before I did my exercise.

Yesterday was a pretty good day. We went out for dinner with the sis and BIL at an Italian place. I'm not much for Italian food, I just had the angel hair pasta and marinara sauce, with a salad and 2 very small pieces of garlic bread. I still haven't figured out the points for this stuff but I will. I don't think I went over though since I had 10 points left for dinner. Oh, and I only ate about a cup of the pasta and, believe me, there was way more than that on the plate. So it's now resting in the frig. Of course, DH ate all of his pasta, plus a salad, plus a bowl of soup, plus some garlic bread! You can tell he's not really trying to lose weight, hahaha!

Okay, it's time for some lunch and then I'll hit the shower. I would shower first but I have to eat regularly or my blood sugar gets very low and I don't want to pass out in the shower, hah! Hey, how are all you guys doing today? I'll try to get back here to read and comment later. Luv you guys! Take care.

JellyBelly2 on 01/22/2004:
I'm sure you already know, but in case you don't, www.dottisweightlosszone.com has all kinds of points for restaurants. Great job on the exercise and sticking to points.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jan 21, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Happy Wednesday, everyone! Here it is, the middle of the week already. I haven't weighed myself yet this morning, it's early. But I'm probably up again. Not that I was so bad but I did use the rest of my flex points yesterday and I did keep track. Here's what happened---I thought at dinner I would drink a glass of milk for a change and after I ate my soup, I fixed a small bowl of Kashi cereal, cause I had the extra points, ya know, and I was still hungry. And I had a serving of ff, sf pudding too. Lots of milk in all of that. Anyway, after I was in bed I couldn't sleep so I was thinking about things and it just dawned on me that I had had the DH buy the milk this time and I didn't check to see if he'd bought ff milk!! So this morning I checked it and sure enough, NOT ff milk, regular milk!! So I had to go back and re-add my points, putting in 2 more points for the milk since regular is 4 points a cup and ff is only 2 points a cup. I was still within my points for the day but just barely. Okay, I know this is no big thing but it did make a difference to me. Here I'd thought I was eating ff pudding the past few days and it wasn't, cause the milk was regular. Oh, well, chalk it up to experience, I guess.

Yesterday was not a good day for me, NO EXERCISE at all! But, like I said, I stayed within my points. The WW meeting was fun, as always, and I got to my hair appointment right after the meeting. I was in and out of there by 11:00, counting the eyebrow wax and hair cut. Then later I went out to the library (got the new book by Dean Koontz, Odd Thomas) and the grocery store. I had plenty of time to exercise after that but I didn't. So I had another lazy day. I think that's only 3 of those in almost 3 weeks now, so I don't think that's too bad, although it did kind of bother me all day.

Today will be better. I'm going to exercise this morning and later I need to go out to the bank, to the grocery for some ff milk, and to get my lottery ticket. And that's about all except for little jobs around the house. So I guess I'll go make my bed now and get dressed and get on that treadmill. Maybe by then it will be light enough that I can open the blinds and watch outside while I walk. Well, you all take care and have a great day. You're all doing great! See ya tomorrow.

shellybelly on 01/21/2004:
Grrrr....boys. That's too bad. At least your points were ok. Keep up the good work!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jan 20, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 158.8

Woohoo! A new weight! I don't know whether to trust that scale or not though. But I'm taking it---finally! I know I've been doing really well with both the eating and the exercise. And I get plenty of water too. The only things I worry about is not getting enough protein and calcium. It seems my diet is full of carbs and not much else. I don't get the 3 milk servings that WW recommends because I don't drink milk, I like to eat my points, ya know. So I need to work on those things.

So no exercise this morning, I'm going to the WW meeting in less than an hour. Not weighing in though, I don't need to and I hate paying that $12 every time I weigh on their scale. I only have to weigh-in once a month so I have until the end of Feb. to weigh. I still like the meetings though. Then I have a haircut and eyebrow wax after that. So I will be busy until at least noon.

Yesterday was a really good day. I ate 23 of my 25 points and as soon as I finished my entry on here, I changed clothes and got on the treadmill. I really pushed myself and did 2.25 miles. That last quarter mile was so hard. I was going to go for 2.5 but I just couldn't do it. Could be because I did increase my speed some. Then I did all my arm and ab exercises. Altogether it took about 1 hour and 20 minutes. I worked hard! Thus the weight loss today, I guess. It does pay off!

Okay, gotta eat a little something before I leave for the meeting. I hope you're all having a great day! We can do this, people! We can, we can, we can!

shellybelly on 01/20/2004:
Woohoo! Great job! Keep it up! :-)

Soon2BThin - Monday Jan 19, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 160.2

Well, my weight just keeps bouncing around. I hate that new scale I bought. This morning I got on it, it said 159.8 again. Then I picked up my walking shoes and weighed while I held those and it said 161.6. Then I got on it again with just me and it said 160.2. So I guess it gets stuck sometimes and I have to do something to shake it up. Someone here told me that, I don't remember who. So I guess it works. I should get on the old scale and see what it says. I do feel thinner, believe it or not but I can't understand why I'm not losing more weight. I usually drop a few pounds really easily at first but not this time.

So this morning I slept in again. Now I wish I hadn't because now I have to fit in some exercise sometime today. Probably as soon as I finish here I'll get on the treadmill, although it's a nice day today, the sun shining, but it's only 50 so far. And I just don't feel like going out.

Yesterday was a good day. I had 24 of my 25 points and did all my exercise first thing in the morning, except I had to do the donkey kicks later in the afternoon. I had to stop exercising in the morning because my blood sugar was dropping and I felt weak. Must be because I hadn't eaten anything since before 5pm the day before. So I quit before finishing to eat breakfast. But I did do the rest in the afternoon.

So I guess I'd better go get started on the exercise. I feel so lazy today, guess it's because I had so much sleep. I sure am good at sleeping, haha! I hope you're all having a good, productive day. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jan 18, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 159.8

Good morning, well, morning for me. It's almost 11:30 here and the sun is shining. I've done my walk on the treadmill this morning and most of my leg exercises. I'll do the rest later. So I'm having a good day today so far.

Yesterday, I didn't get on here, I had a really lazy day. I slept in some and didn't do any kind of exercise at all. I even took a short nap in the afternoon. It's nice to take a day off once in awhile. But I'm back at it today. My eating wasn't very good yesterday but I did keep track of the points and I had 8 of my flex points. So not too bad. I did stay within my points and didn't go off the deep end. I've managed to get through 2 weeks now without a slip. I'm not losing the weight very fast but it's going down. Maybe it will just take awhile to get going. My legs were so sore yesterday from the lunges and squats on Thursday but they feel better today. And I can see a difference already in my stomach area and DH said so too. Of course, he's always trying to stay on my good side, hahaha!

Okay, I'm just going to take the rest of the day easy. Oh, I almost forgot about how I did on Friday---I stayed within my points--25 of 25 for the day--and did take that walk outside for 2.1 miles, 3 times around our block. The weather was perfect for it, the sun was shining, there was a slight breeze and it was 60 degrees. I really enjoyed it. Well, I hope you're all doing well. I'm going to spend some time now checking with you all. Take care and have a good Sunday.

JellyBelly2 on 01/18/2004:
I started back on WW today. So far I've had 18 pts. and kinda hungry. Will eat the rest soon. Now to get in the exercising mode.........

Soon2BThin - Friday Jan 16, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 160.8

Darn, I didn't think I'd see those 160's again. But my leg muscles are sore this morning so maybe they are holding water. Anyways....Good morning, DDers! I'm running late again today. But there are sheets in the washer and the dishwasher is running so at least I've got a start on the day. I went back to bed this morning because I had a rough night, couldn't get to sleep after watching ER, though ER didn't have anything to do with it, just a lot on my mind, and then, I woke up at 5 to sounds of the cat coughing up a hair ball. Yuck! So had to clean that up. Then up at 6 to make breakfast for the DH. Then I went back to bed until 8:30! And I don't feel guilty, I feel much better now.

So yesterday was another good day. After I made my entry, I got on the treadmill for 2 miles, 36 minutes, and then did my leg exercises. The squats and lunges are getting a little easier and I increased them a bit yesterday. I guess that's why my legs hurt today. But it's a good hurt. Then I cleaned my bathroom and bedroom, brought the trash cans in from the street and filled the bird baths. So I had a pretty busy day. Also I had 22 of my 25 points. (25 points was 22 regular points and 3 exercise points)

Today I'm doing some laundry and I'll clean the DH's bedroom and bathroom and maybe get on the treadmill again or maybe I'll take a walk outside. It's a beautiful day today, the sky is clear, the sun is shining and it's going up to about 66 degrees. Perfect for walking outside. So I'll try not to waste it.

Okay, you all have a great and productive day. Exercise, exercise and drink that water. We CAN do this. And it does get easier every day. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow.

Maria7 on 01/16/2004:
Hey, Soonie! My, what busy day you've had! Good to go on the 2 miles, too!

Scruffy on 01/17/2004:
It is good to see the positive stuff :-)

ClearOcean on 01/17/2004:
I love the sign of soreness as it means my body is working it. I wish we had the warm temps as you have. I am in NY and we have been in the 0-10 range with wind gusts to 25 mph. Too harsh to be walking in.

prism on 01/18/2004:
Good job on keeping with the program....I notice that after I exercise I retain a little fluid and weigh a little more the next day, too...Those muscles are recovering, I guess.....Are you going to weight watchers meetings? I kind of quit several months ago and am thinking of going back...Anything new with the new year? Beth

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jan 15, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 159.8

Good morning, er, I mean, afternoon! Well, it is still morning here, only 10:30am. The sun is trying to peek out and it's getting up to 67 degrees today. A little cooler than what we've been having, yesterday 74. But I'm not complaining since I see what most of you are getting, brrrr, cold! I hope you are all doing well and managing to survive the cold spell. I'm grateful to be where I am, thank you.

Okay, bad Soonie was out today and went back to bed this morning. Darn, I hate when she takes over. But good Soonie is making her way out now and thinking seriously of doing a walk on the treadmill or riding the bike some. I sure don't want that weight to be going back up again. I sure don't know what is with me and going back to bed. I get plenty of sleep, going to bed about 9pm and sleeping pretty well until 6am. I was up a couple of times last night, feeling queasy. Took a pill and slept fine the rest of the night. I just feel so sleepy all the time. And I really need to drink some more water right now. I can tell I haven't had enough yet today. My throat is dry. Usually I do my best water drinking when I exercise and haven't done that yet.

So yesterday was a very good day. I had only 23 points of the 25 I could have had, yay, me! And I did a 2 mile walk on the treadmill and my ab and arm exercises first thing in the morning. So a pretty good day. I also went in to my gynecologist for the yearly thing, what fun! She wants me to come in for an ulra-sound in a month or two. Otherwise, things are all fine.

Yesterday when I talked about my treadmill and opening or closing the blinds (refer to yesterday's entry) I forgot to mention (in case you don't know) my treadmill faces the front window so I like to have the blinds open so I can watch what's going on outside. If it's too early I can't do this because it's still dark out. Anyway.....

Okay, time to go put some laundry in the dryer (oh, I love the new dryer, BTW, it's sooo big), fill my water bottle and jump on that treadmill or bike, I think I'll do the treadmill, maybe even both, who knows? I'll let you know how I did when I see ya tomorrow. Take care, stay warm and have a wonderful day!!

babygirl112 on 01/15/2004:
Hey, what a good Idea about the treadmill in the window, how cool! I should try that, lol, I been doing it staring at my boring wall. haha.. great idea! :D

JellyBelly2 on 01/15/2004:
Hey! You're doing WW? I'm thinking about going back on it. Have you tried the Fast tracking? Thought that might give me a jump start. I do better by going to meetings. Keeps me honest. By the way, we weigh almost the same. I like to look out when I'm on treadmill too. Great job on points and exercise!

JellyBelly2 on 01/15/2004:
That is so wild that you were thinking of me and you're the only one I felt led to comment on tonight. (I remember the treadmill thing well-ha!) Hey, have you heard from Connie (stellastarr)? I emailed her and it came back. Just worried about her. I think I'm going to start to meetings too on Sat. It's the only thing that keeps me faithful. Did you get that fast track menu and dvd?

breakaway on 01/16/2004:
OH I so envy your temps right now lol. It's SO cold here in Wisc. You did so great keeping yoru points to 23. Your doing very well, keep up the good work!

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