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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Nov 19, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Hey, gang! It's 6:30am here and I'm up! No going back to bed this morning. But why is it, that when I plan on staying up the next morning, that I wake up at 1:00am and can't get back to sleep until 3:00am?! So I've only had 6 hours sleep but I thin (hmmm, the eyboard won't type the letter , well you get the idea, don't you, the letter after j?) I can get by on that much sleep. Well, now I forgot what all I was going to say, d@#$% eyboard!

So here's what's been happening---no exercise, eating not too bad. Monday, when I had planned on going to the gym to exercise some, I made a couple of stops first and, while I was in the second-hand store, I started feeling sick (hey, the k works now!) and my stomach ached, so I just came on home. Then, yesterday, I didn't even go to the WW meeting, I slept in until 8;30am again and just didn't feel well yet. And I stopped taking my Glucotrol (for diabetes) because I thought the problem may be with that. I was only taking 5 mg. anyway so I'll see what happens and just keep a check on my blood sugar today. It seems that all my feeling bad and wanting to sleep so much started when I started taking those. Oh, and they also make me want to eat more than ever. So I didn't take it yesterday and I'm feeling pretty good this morning. We'll give it a few days and see how I feel.

Also, while I was laying awake in the middle of the night, I decided to skip the gym until after I see the neurologist on Jan. 9 about my neck. I figure I can't go in a couple of weeks anyway since I will be in Vegas all week and with the holidays I'm going to be pretty busy, so I may as well wait until then. I know, it sounds like a cop-out, doesn't it? But that's my decision and I'm sticking to it! I'm just going to keep on walking every day that I can and build up my time and speed with that. So, since I didn't weigh in at WW yesterday, I haven't changed the number here but my scale said 160.5 two days in a row. I think the WW scale weighs a little more because of the clothes and shoes. So I'm not too disappointed with that. Hopefully, by next Tuesday, the WW scale will put me under 160.

Okay, that's all, folks! Gotta go get dressed and on the treadmill. It's cold here this morning--44 degrees--but going up to a nice 80. I had my hair permed yesterday--pewwww! Why does it have to smell so bad?! Anyway, it looks pretty good. You all have a great day and I'll see you tomorrow!

legcramp on 11/19/2003:
Great entry today!! You sound very happy with life in general! And walking on the treadmill as much as you can is just as much exercise as going to the gym!! Good luck with your new plan of attack and have a great day today!

breakaway on 11/19/2003:
Hey you enjoy that trip, we all need to take a week or two off every now and then. Enjoy it and when you get back you can get back to business and we can get back to harassing you about it lol. Your entry was pretty funny today with the K not working. You have a great day today and good to see you will continue with the walking! :)

Soon2BThin - Monday Nov 17, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Happy Monday! I've been a bad Soonie already this morning, slept in until 8:30! I did get up with DH at 6 and made his breakfast but then I went back to bed after he left for work. Oh, it was soooo nice! I just love the flannel sheets my Mom gave me. She couldn't use them, they made her too hot so she gave them to me. They're so nice and warm! I always have cold feet in the winter and I always hated getting between those cold sheets, it took forever for me to warm up. Anyways, I'm blaming it on the sheets, haha!

So no walk this morning. I'm going out soon to the second-hand store and then the gym, so I'll get my workout then. Like I said yesterday, I'm going to the gym Monday, Wednesday and Friday for sure this week and probably next week too. Then I'm off to Vegas. I'm kind of worried about what I'll be eating while I'm there but I'm going to make good choices as much as I can. Shouldn't be too hard, right? It's just that when I'm on vacation, I usually throw caution to the wind but I know I'll feel better if I really try to eat right. So that's the plan. Hey, and I got on the scale this morning (twice) and it said 160.5 (my home scale) What's with that? I was pretty bad over the weekend but I did feel sort of thinner around the middle. I don't understand it but I'll take it. It makes me want to do really well today so maybe I'll see a small loss tomorrow at weigh-in. Who knows?!

Okay, time to stop being lazy and get with it. Still have to get dressed and get out of here. The sun is shining but it's cold, around 50 here. Going to maybe 65 or so. I'm feeling great and hope you all are too. Have a great day!

legcramp on 11/17/2003:
I know what you mean about trying to warm up at night in bed!!! I have an electric blanket and it really cuts back on that 'i can't go to sleep because i'm too cold' feeling!! The only problem is in the morning when it's time to get up! Keep up the good work, something seems to be working for you! Have a great day!

breakaway on 11/17/2003:
Try the flannel sheets. They are really warm :) Great job making it to the gym! Your hanging in there! Great job!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Nov 16, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Thanks for all the nice comments. You people are great! I know I shouldn't feel guilty but that's easier said than done. I'm sorry to have let it all hang out yesterday, my only excuse is I wasn't quite all the way awake yet, heh! I'm feeling better today. Yesterday I felt that I'd lost my mojo for losing weight, but last night, I was on here reading someone's weight-loss journal (I read lots of them on other sites) and I felt it all come back. Isn't that great?! I had that feeling that I was never going to lose this weight, who was I kidding, and you were probably all sick of hearing from me here. You know, I've been here almost 4 years, pitiful, isn't it? I've been working on my weight-loss since 1997 though. At least I've kept off about 30 pounds. I just wish I hadn't gained back this 15 or so. It's so hard to get it off. I remember I had a hard time with it the last time too, that's why I joined WW back then (1999). So, anyway, yesterday was completely wasted. I ate, no exercise and I just felt crappy all day.

But today is a new day! I got up at 7, walked on the treadmill for half an hour, had to stop twice to fix my heel, the ankle brace was rubbing on it, I hate that, and here I am, completely wiped out! Man, I used to do an hour easily but it's killing me now. I was going to chicken out of the WW meeting on Tuesday cause I know I will have a gain but I decided to face the music, maybe it will help me, I love the meetings, too bad they cost me $12 each (one of the things I feel guilty about) And I'm going to do better this week, going to Bally's Monday, Wednesday and Friday and exercising at home the other days. I have a lot to make up for. Besides I've only got 2 weeks until Mom and I leave for Vegas. I know it's too late to get thin by then but I'm going to try to lose as much as I can. No big goals though, I never do reach them.

Okay, time for a shower, then breakfast. The sun is shining, I'm going out later to a craft show and the grocery store so I'm going to keep busy today. I hope you're all having a good weekend. Talk to you later.

breakaway on 11/17/2003:
Hey, you did wonderful today!! Great job! Yes, you can do this and glad to see you realized that on your own. Great job facing the music at WW! I had to do that this week too. But to my surprise I had lost a lb.

Oh, I wanted to let you know that my hubby is not on WW with me but he is doing his own thing. But he is still doing well and doesn't say anything about my diet at all. He's really good about it. Hope you have a great day today! SOunds like a great day so far :)

Soon2BThin - Saturday Nov 15, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Good morning, people! I slept in this morning. It's 8:30am here. No exercise, no nothing, yet. Soon I'll have breakfast and later I'll get on the treadmill. But you know, I just don't have it this week. Why is it I felt great and did great for 2 weeks and now, I just feel "blah"! I don't want to gain more weight but I just want to be lazy and eat. I guess once you do that one day, you just want to keep it up. So I'd better not have any more lazy days, right? I was doing some thinking last night before I went to sleep, trying to figure out my reason for being overweight (besides eating too much), you know, like Dr. Phil says, there must be a payoff. The only thing I could come up with is GUILT. Maybe I'm punishing myself or trying to make myself feel better with the food because I'm guilty of so many things in my life, at least, that's the way I feel. Even things I did way back when I was a teenager, even though I know that now I'm a different person and I was just too immature then. I know I shouldn't blame myself for all those things I did back then but I just can't get past that guilt. Oh, and now, well, there's so many things I feel are my fault now. I won't go into them but I just don't know how to get past them. Well, that's the only thing I can think of that might have something to do with why I eat so much sometimes and all the junk food too. Now if I could just change that behavior. Help, Dr. Phil!! Guess I'd better get to reading his book. I bought it a long time ago and haven't even opened it up.

Okay, I feel a little better, getting that off my mind. Can any of you relate to these feelings? So yesterday went terrible with the food. I was doing well until after I got home from all my errands. It was 2pm and I was starving! So I just ate and ate and ate. Darnit! And I never did get to the gym. I had stopped in Sears at the mall and talked to a salesman about washers and dryers, which we are planning to buy in the near future, and by the time I finished with that, it was late and I was hungry. So I just came on home. Didn't get to the second hand store either but that's probably a good thing, haha! Didn't buy a curio cabinet either, the one on sale was pine and I want oak, but I did see a nice oak one for a hundred dollars more than the one on sale. Thought I'd better talk to DH first on that. Found the washer and dryer I want too--$900 for the washer, that Whirlpool Calypso that's advertised on TV, and about $400 for the dryer. I want a washer I can wash comforters in, real big. I hate going to the laundromat, I'm so spoiled. Don't know if we'll get those though, they're only on sale through today. DH is busy draining the pool so he can sand some stains off the bottom and then refill and cover it for the winter. Lots of work, for which I feel some of my guilt, but won't go into that one.

So that's it for me. Oh, I did get on the treadmill for half an hour yesterday so I had lots of walking. I'm going to try my darnedest to have a good day today, weekends are hard, although I don't know why, they are the same as the week days for me since I don't work. Okay, I'll see ya tomorrow. Hang in there!

BellaK on 11/15/2003:
Hey... Some days are just bad, we all have them... But it seems that you do have issues that must be addressed such as your guilt for something that happened when you were a teenager... Have you thought about talking to somebody about those things? Doesn't it feel great to get things out though? Maybe a therapist can really help or even Dr. Phil's book, so get that book and start reading it ASAP! Take care ~ have a great day! Bella :)

geevee on 11/15/2003:
Forget the guilt trip! The one thing that distinguishes the US from other countries is that we don't dwell on the past and its mistakes. We look forward and are positive. As individuals, we should do the same. I know exactly how you feel when you say you just don't want to do anything. Those days come, and when they do, don't do anything. Tomorrow is another day. It's all right to do that occasionally, but you do have a point when you mention the possibility of getting out of good habits. That's how I got out of swimming. Soon, one day led to another and FINALLY, a year and a half later, I'm back in the swing.

As for the eating spree yesterday, if you've read my recent postings, I've had 3 days of almost non-stop grazing, but somehow I still lost weight. The secret for me was what I ate. I only have foods that will help me achieve my goal in the house, except for that piece of cheese cake which I finally finished last night. So my non-stop grazing was with lo-cal and very nutritious foods. I've had these eating days all my life. I can't explain it either. So my solution is working very nicely for me. Keep thinking ahead and always have your goal in mind. It really helps.

geevee on 11/15/2003:
I forgot. When I was up to 165-67, I could barely fit into a size 14. It was like skin-tight. Buying a 16 was simply out of the question, but I had to buy a 16 swim suit or I couldn't swim. It was a matter of pride. The way the manufacturers size clothes has no rhyme nor reason nowadays. I think some delibrately mis-size so you think that the smaller size you can fit into is great and you'll buy it.

breakaway on 11/16/2003:
Yes, I totally understand how your feeling! I felt that way when I was younger. Feeling I wasn't a good enough mom (so i ate) i wasn't a good enough wife (so I ate) etc...etc... I finally talked to a good freind of mine and she told me that I have to start being selfish!! And you know, it really works lol. I started thinking of myself if only one day a week. Just know that it's ok to think of yourself once in a while. You deserve that!! Now,I don't feel guilty anymore and I realize that I was a pretty darn good mom, both my children are very respectful now that they are teens. And they both get A's in school! I couldn't ask for better kids and that was me who raised them. Think of the GOOD things you have done, I bet there are a ton of them! Just sit down and write them down. Dont' feel guilty about the past, there is no way to change what is already done. Now you have to move on and live life as it is now. Your going to do great!!! Just do what you can and take it slow! Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Friday Nov 14, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Hi, gang! TGIF!! Oh, goody, I can sleep in some tomorrow. Here I am again, nice and early. It's 6:25 here and still pretty dark out. It never did get sunny yesterday but the sun did peek out a couple of times. At least the rain was gone. Okay, here was what my day was like yesterday---I headed out to Super WalMart first thing, shopped there for about an hour and a half. Came home and had breakfast--donuts be damned, I had one anyway (better than my usual two)--then went out to Walgreen's and Safeway for a few things. I shopped around Walgreen's for about half an hour, looking at all the Christmas stuff, so I had plenty of walking around in the morning even before I came home and got on the treadmill for half an hour--1.5 miles. I had bought a new Walkman too to use while I walk. You see, I have CNN on my TV with the sound turned down and read the "thing" at the bottom of the screen to get all the news, while I listen to a tape on my Walkman that keeps me going to a certain beat and speed. My new Walkman has a TV band also but it only picks up local stations, not cable, so I could even walk and watch a TV show at the same time. You see, with my treadmill going and the big fan blowing, I could only hear the TV if I have it turned up really loud, which I don't like to do, so now I can hear the sound on my Walkman. Cool, huh? Probably won't use that part much because I really like walking to the beat of the tapes. Anywho....I had a really busy day all day so hopefully I burned some fat, haha! And today I have lots of plans so will be busy again. After I get off here, I will go in and make my bed, get dressed and hop on the treadmill again for half an hour. Then shower and breakfast. After I get my hair dry, I will head our for Target and the mall. Also want to stop by Sam Levitz and look at curio cabinets for the entryway. I've been wanting one there ever since we moved in almost 3 years ago. I'll be doing a little Christmas shopping at the mall and picking up the dancing snowmen at the Hallmark store--gotta have those, ya know. Last stop is the Bally's, where I will do some exercises on the equipment and then home for lunch. Whew, busy day! Should burn up some more fat, ya think? Oh, almost forgot, I think I may get over to another second hand store too, maybe. Although, I'd better not buy anything I really don't need, it's so tempting. I'll only buy if I find something I just really have to have, hahaha! I love to look though.

Okay, must get busy. I hope you're all having a great Friday. I came in to read all the entries yesterday but didn't leave many comments, sorry bout that. I'll try to do better today later on. So have a great day and try to stay warm and dry wherever you are. It should be a nice day here. I'll see ya all tomorrow. Take care.

breakaway on 11/14/2003:
I want to applaud you for only having ONE donut rather the the Usual two!! That was good! And you got a TON of walking in! Terrific job! Sounds like you have a really busy day set up for you so that will be great exercise today. You have a super day and hope you can fit all this in your day. I don't think I could :)

Nikitalee on 11/14/2003:
Wow! That's a lot to do!! I always love busy days because then I'm not sitting around thinking about food that I can't eat. :) Keep up the good work! All that walking, somethings bound to get burned off!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Nov 13, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Good morning! Yes, it's me! I'm actually here early this morning! It's only 6:22 here. DH is off to work and I must be off to Super WalMart this morning---finally. I've been planning to go since Monday. It looks like the rain is over and it should be a nice day. We sure had quite a bit of rain here.

Okay, yesterday---I don't want to talk about it anymore. It's over! I'm ready to have a better day. I guess I'll take a walk on the treadmill later for my exercise. And it's time to start journaling my food and counting the points again. So I will. Now if I can just resist the call of those donuts in WalMart. At least they are way over in the corner, maybe I won't hear them.

So you all have another great day, okay? Thanks for the comments and I'll see you tomorrow.

geevee on 11/13/2003:
If you don't think you can resist the donuts, don't go to Walmart. You gotta protect yourself. I delibrately avoid even driving past Checkers when those moods hit me and I crave a burger and fries.

breakaway on 11/13/2003:
If you can get back to counting your points so can I!! I quit counting mine a while ago and I need to get back to it. I will so that today. Good luck with your points and I will check your entry tomorrow to see how you did. Have a great day today!!! Thanks for the inspiration!!:) and you CAN avoid those donuts!!

malh on 11/13/2003:
Make the good choice and don't buy those donuts. Resist the call....lol...

Straight Talk on 11/13/2003:
Good morning - You CAN resist the call of the doughnuts! YOU have the control over food. Food does not actually have a voice, much as we like to think it does. If you give in to the doughnuts, you made the choice. Nobody else. You can choose to sabotage your weight loss efforts, or you can choose to stick with what you know is right. What's it going to be?

curvy shar on 11/13/2003:
Did you resist the doughnuts? Hope you had a good day.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Nov 12, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Boo hoo! Phooey!! Boy, I really hated putting that weight up there! But here's my explanation, see if it makes sense---last week, I wore my big, heavy walking shoes to the weigh-in so I took them off before weighing in. This week, I wore lighter shoes so I didn't take them off before weighing. So maybe that explains the .8 gain. But still, I was hoping for at least a pound loss, so, phooey! Trouble is, I'm not doing so well this week so far. Yesterday the only exercise I had was walking in the RAIN all over Nogales and carrying some of the goodies we bought--not food-goodies! We got some real bargains BTW. But it still was probably a couple hours of walking, not real fast though until we headed back to the car on this side of the border---in the RAIN! Which was probably about 3 or 4 blocks of walking fast and carrying about 15 pounds of goodies. (We bought lots of huge ceramics, spent $122.00) Anyways, where was I? Oh, then, after we drove back to town here, we were just in time for happy hour at Macayo's so where do you go eat when you've just come from Mexico? Riiight! And I was soooo hungry, I didn't eat any lunch, just a Glucerna bar (for diabetics) because around 2:00 I was starting to feel my blood sugar drop and I always carry them. So anyway, we went to Macayo's for dinner. Just 3 happy-hour sized burritos for me (too much!) and 2 glasses of iced tea. Which explains the way I feel today. Way too much caffeine for my dainty little body, I guess, and I layed in bed for 3 hours last night before I could finally shut down my mind and get to sleep!! Thus, the way I feel today and why I went back to bed for a couple more hours of sleep and the sky is all cloudy and gloomy and I just feel so lazy again and, no, I'm not going to "get over it" and do what I should be doing! I'm giving in to it and letting it take over my body! I'm going to act like the rainy weather and be gloomy! All day!! I may drag myself out later to the second hand store to take back a top that was TOO BIG for me and see if I can find some more capris to buy with the credit they will give me for the top. That's all I can bare to force my body to do today, so there! The other part of my mind is telling me to go to the gym and do the work out I had planned but I think the other (bad) part is going to win out today. I think part of this is also from the fact that I got on our scale this morning, thinking that JUST MAYBE I might have lost some from yesterday---NOT! It said 162 so I said "What the H#%*s with that!" and, thus, that brings us to now. I'm not even dressed yet and my bed still isn't made! And I need a shower and my hair is still sticky from getting rained on yesterday when I had hair spray on it (you all know what I mean) And I still need to unload the clean dishes I washed yesterday from the dishwasher and clean up the kitchen. Atleast I don't feel like going back to bed and hiding under the covers all day! I haven't come to that yet, haha! Let's just be glad I don't still live back east where it's like this almost every darn day of the winter. That's hard to fight and I'm sorry for those of you that do. You have my utmost sympathy. So maybe most of you hate my entry today and the fact that I'm giving in to all these bad feelings. But I'm giving in to that inner child and behaving absolutely juvenile ALL DAY!! Boo, me! And it's not that I'm feeling sorry for myself or feeling depressed or anything--I'm just being the "bad" side of me, I guess. Don't want to fight it, don't want to be good! I just need a day off from "counting points", exercise, and being "good".

Sorry I've rambled on so long here. I had it all planned I was going to write about how I talk better to my cat than I do to myself and she even bites me occassionally, so I was going to start talking nicer to myself (you all know, the name calling and such when I look in the mirror, we all do it) BTW, I got all this from Fred's (ChunktoHunk.com) entry yesterday. I thought maybe if I started talking nice to myself (Oh, you sexy thang, you are so hot today!) it might help me lose weight better. Hah! I think you have to walk the walk, not just talk the talk. Hahaha!

Okay, I'll let you go now. Sorry for the downer today. I really don't feel that bad, honest! I'll be back tomorrow, I promise, a better, more upbeat Soonie, okay? Have a great day, I know I will!

breakaway on 11/12/2003:
I am sure that is exactly where that .8 came from. Clothing can really make a big difference on the weigh loss I have found out. Your doing a good job so you hang in there and I know your next weigh in will be better! :) Have a great day!

Nikitalee on 11/12/2003:
We all need a do nothing day now in then! And don't underestimate the powers of compliments to yourself! It just might work! :)

Scruffy on 11/12/2003:
talking to myself was interesting, but not as effective as people saying I looked better...and the rain is nice for some here in AZ :-)

breakaway on 11/13/2003:
Yes, My husband was on DD for a while (mostlyidle) and in fact he is also on a diet again and doing fairly well. Not as well as I am but he doesn't eat out fast food anymore and that's the biggest thing! :) I am hoping he does come back here because he does really well when he was here.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Nov 11, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.8

Good morning, everyone! Weigh-day! No exercise this morning---again! I was making Tuesdays my day off but this week, it's been Sunday, Monday and Tuesday. I may be doing a lot of walking today anyway, we're planning on driving down to Nogales, Mexico for a little shopping. So I would be doing a lot of walking around there. They're calling for rain today but right now the sun is shining. I guess if it rains when we plan to go, we won't go. I'm going to WW meeting first this morning. I don't feel like I lost anything this week but I know I didn't go over my allowed points all week. I could have done more exercise though, I only did 4 days. Oh, well, we'll see what happens at the meeting. I'm not worried, whatever happens, happens. I'll deal with it.

I wasn't as lazy as I'd thought I would be yesterday. I did do some laundry and went out to the second-hand store and the grocery store. I found 3 nice things at the second-hand store---a cute pair of embroidered denim capris, some soft lounge pants and a nice white with gray flowers top--all for $20.00. Another top I bought was too big so I have to take it back. I love shopping there, sometimes you can find really nice, new-looking things but most of it is crap. Last week at another second-hand store I bought a cute 2-piece dress, Liz Claiborne, black with tiny white polka dots of soft, clingy fabric, for only $12.99! I'm taking that one to Vegas when I go next month.

Okay, time to get ready to go. I'll let you know later what the new weight is, at least, I hope it's a new weight, preferably DOWN. Have a great day!

willloose on 11/11/2003:
good luck with the weigh in soon2bethin!!!

Scruffy on 11/11/2003:
hoping for the rain :-)

malh on 11/11/2003:
Sounds like you had a great shopping trip at the second hand store. Thats wonderful..I've been to NOgales...long time ago..great place to walk and walk.

breakaway on 11/12/2003:
Those WW meetings are such a great help and so imformative too. I have been bad though and havent' been writing my points down. I need to so that!! your doing a super job I bet the scale will have good news for you, keep it up!!

Soon2BThin - Monday Nov 10, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.8

Guess what! I'm going to have a "lazy" Monday! I had planned on going to WalMart first thing this morning but I was feeling queasy all night and I just didn't feel like going anywhere this morning. So I went back to bed. I just decided I'm going to be lazy today. I know, I know, I did this last Monday too. What is it with Mondays and me?! I don't think this is going to become a pattern, I promise. I did do a lot of work yesterday even though I never got to the exercise. When I got finished with all the work, my ankle was killing me. Guess I should have had the brace on all that time. And it's still hurting this morning. So I'm going to just take it easy today. Of course, being lazy makes it hard to not eat everything in the house but I think I can do okay. I have weigh-in tomorrow so knowing that will help. I hope you all have a great day and take care of yourselves. See ya later.

geevee on 11/10/2003:
For Heaven's sake, don't feel guilty about not doing anything! Those days are necessary. You need to unwind and simply relax. So enjoy the day.

shellybelly on 11/10/2003:
Woohoo for lazy Mondays!! ;-D I wish I could have one of those...unfortunately, Mondays are my busiest days of the week. I have office hours and a weekly meeting. So, take a little extra time and be lazy for me too...k? Hee hee. Maybe I will implement lazy Tuesdays.....Hmmm....

legcramp on 11/10/2003:
I feel like having a lazy monday today too, but unfortunately i'm sitting here at work. It looks beautiful outside(although it's probably colder than the arctic!!!), and I really wish I could be out there doing something other than work!!! Good idea though to take it easy today, especially with your ankle being so sore lately. It's best to try and heal up before taking on any more exercise. Good luck in your menu choices today, have a good one!

breakaway on 11/11/2003:
Maybe you should make Monday's your off day's. It may work for you. Your doing just fine! Hang in there and have a great day today!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Nov 09, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.8

Good morning, everyone! Well, I just got up, hah! Slept in a little bit. No exercise this morning but I'll get a walk in later. It looks like another nice day. The sun is shining and it should get in the 70's.

Yesterday---I did really well again. First I went next door to their yard sale, only bought a small cooking pot with a lid, $2.00. Then we went to the craft sale, lots to look at but all we bought was a loaf of pumpkin bread. After that we went to check out the new library. I think I'll start going to that one, the parking lot is a lot bigger than the other one and it's probably equally as far away as the other one. I picked up a schedule of classes at the local college, I'd like to join a yoga class and maybe something else, who knows? Then we noticed some more buildings close to the library so I said let's go see what's there. Turned out to be the community buildings and they had a little farmer's market going on in the patio area. So we looked at all they had to sell there, tried a few samples and ended up buying some banana and pineapple bread, a jar of sweet beets, a jar of pineapple-mango jam and DH bought 2 muffins and 6 chocolate chip-walnut cookies for himself. So far I've managed not to touch any of it. But is it ever calling out to me, hahaha! I just keep telling myself it probably isn't as good as it looks. It was noon by the time we got home. Now we know where to go if we want some homemade goodies, they are there every Saturday. Someone was also selling some mighty good looking tomatoes for $1.50 a pound so I may get some of them next time. I'd already bought a few the other day at the grocery store. That's one thing about living out here--we can get good tomatoes all year round.

So after I got a little work done around the house, I hopped on the treadmill for 38 minutes--2 miles. Yay, me! It totally wiped me out though. I remember when I used to do at least 3 miles, sometimes 4, and it didn't bother me a bit. Guess I have to work myself up to that again.

Well, we haven't heard anything from #3 son, I hope he's doing okay. I guess no news is good news, huh? I think I'll call him later to see how he's doing. He works nights and usually sleeps most of the day so I'll try to catch him before he goes to work.

Okay, time for breakfast! I hope you're all having a great weekend. I'll come back later to check up on you. See ya later!

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