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Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 25, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.6

Why, oh, why don't I get up in the morning and STAY up?!! I got up with the DH this morning at 6 but went right back to bed. This is just wasted time, I figure, and, Lord knows, I probably don't have that much left to waste, right? I swear I'm not going to do this again unless I really need to, say, if I don't get much sleep the night before or something. But I should be able to function okay on 7 or 8 hours sleep, right? No more of this stuff!!

Well, I probably wouldn't have been able to walk on the treadmill anyway. I did 25 minutes yesterday and the last 5 minutes I had to really push myself. My ankle was hurting big time. #$%^ ankle!! It's still sore this morning. But I will try to get that walk in sometime later today, maybe just 20 minutes. Otherwise, I felt fine walking and could have done an hour without the ankle. It's been 7 weeks now, how long is this going to last?! Well, at least, yesterday was a better eating day. Still went a little too high on the points, I just felt extra hungry all day but did well until the evening, darnit! So today will be better, okay?

I have to go to the dentist this afternoon. Rats!! I had an appointment last week in the morning, but they called and moved me to this week. I like to get these kinds of things done in the morning so I don't have all day to worry about it. It's a new dentist for me because of our new insurance and last time I was there, he just looked at my teeth. This time they said they're going to do a "debridement?" or something like that. Guess I should have asked what this means exactly. They said it takes an hour and a half but at least they didn't say I would need to have someone drive me home. Then I would have known it would be really bad. So it can't be too bad if I can still drive home, right? Right? I'll just be so glad when it's all over. I hate this feeling of not knowing. I usually don't mind going to the dentist because I usually know just what they are going to do. Sheesh!

Well, I sure got lots of feedback on Dr. Phil here yesterday. Looks like everyone kinda agrees with me, so we can't all be wrong, right? And I wonder about these pills and meal bars he's pushing now too. What a gimmick! I just don't feel as I used to about Dr. Phil. I don't have an opinion on the book yet since I haven't started reading it. I have some library books I have to finish first. I've started reading Janet Ivanovich books now so I have a lot of them to get caught up. She writes just like Sue Grafton except more rated R than her.

Okay, gotta go do some things. Wish me luck with the dentist. I've read all your yesterday's entries so I know you're all doing so well. Have a great day today!

squiggly on 09/25/2003:
I finished Dr. Phil's book and it is full of a lot of valuable info. I think the show will be far more informative due to actual examples. I don't think you have to follow the book to a T like he says you do. I think he has good ideas.

legcramp on 09/25/2003:
It might be a good idea to hold off on the walking until your ankle is better. Once its been hurt, it's really easy to keep hurting it, over and over, without even realizing it. Why don't you try weights instead for a bit? Or water exercise?

If you're still having trouble waking up in the morning, it could be that your body is trying to tell you something!! So stop and listen and try to figure out what it is that's making you so tired! Have a great day today!

breakaway on 09/25/2003:
you know I did the same thing...went back to bed every single morning! I found something that helps keep you up and moving. I used to go outside just for a short walk around the back yard and once I got outdoors I wouldn't want to go back to bed. Try it! It worked for me. GOod luck and have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 24, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.6

Well, yesterday was a very bad day but I'm back on the wagon today. And, ya know, it's kinda hard to get back on wagon once you fall off for one day. I think I learned something though (you'd think I would have already learned this before) I hated the way I felt after eating so much--I felt like I'd gained 30 pounds in one day!! I even had to take something for indigestion, so bad, so bad! What am I trying to do, kill myself?! So much sugar and I'm diabetic!! I keep making those excuses to myself though--I've stopped the hormones I was taking for so long, also stopped taking the new ones to help stop the problem I was having. Just maybe that's why I'm so tired now and was eating everything in sight yesterday!! And, the hot flashes are taking over!! Right now it feels like it's 100 degrees in here! Okay, no one wants to hear all this whining so I'll quit with the lame excuses. Inside I know I really have no excuse for my behavior and I should know better. Right?! I'm off to a better start today except I didn't stay up this morning as I should have. I went back to bed after the DH left for work. There's a gray sky and it rained all night and this morning, so I felt just like the weather and slept in til 8:30. But I had a good breakfast and I'm going to walk on the treadmill in just a little while. Also do my arm and ab exercises. I've got to stop going back to bed in the morning because I'm not getting anything done around here lately. I need that extra couple of hours to get it all done and exercise too.

Okay, I hope my entries lately aren't too depressing for everyone, that is, if you're still reading. And talk about depressing, what do you all think of Dr. Phil lately? The new "diet" shows just aren't what I thought they would be. And aren't they awfully full of commercials, or is it just me?! Well, you all have a great day! I'm outa here!

breakaway on 09/24/2003:
I have liked Dr. Phil but I never expected him to cut anyone. That was a little depressing...seems like he's playing games with these people in the name of money. I didn't like that. I think he will get some nasty letters about that part of the show. I mean who will be the lucky 5 to have to go home..these people expected his help and they NEED his help to make it. Anyway, Glad to see your holding yourself accountable for your own actions. I think we all have to do that! We need to do the right thing and some of us just need an extra little push. Ihope your meds get straightened up soon! You try to have a good day!

legcramp on 09/24/2003:
Cutting 5 people from the show is NOT what i was expecting from that show either.......those people will have gotten all their hopes up only to have it come crashing down around their ankles. I only hope, like that one lady said, that they won't start bingeing on food the moment they get back home. I'm just not sure about these shows right now.

On a brighter note, good to hear you're doing some exercising today!!! I have a hard time getting up in the mornings as well, but once you've formed a habit of it, it's a lot easier to do!! Keep at it and have an awesome day!

malh on 09/24/2003:
I know what you mean about falling off the wagon, as I've done that too many times...this time tho I'm bound and determined to stay on this wagon, no matter what kind of trip its gonna give me. My hubby gets up before me and sometimes after he leaves I can't get back to sleep but dread getting out of bed, I now keep some hand weights by the bed and do so weights with my arms. Keep up the good work.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 23, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.6

Okay, so I didn't lose that much this week. I don't know, I thought I did really good with the food but I didn't have much exercise. Last week, on the WW scale, I was 165.4 so they said I lost .8--eight-tenths of a pound! My home scale said 165.5 last week and 163 this morning. But I did wear my denim capris this morning for the weigh-in and I wore shorts last week. Maybe that's why the scale didn't say I lost more. But really I'm not in it for whatever the scale says, I just want to be able to look down and not see that stomach sticking out and have all my clothes fit comfortably. I was feeling pretty good at 150 and I wish I knew why I went and gained all this weight back. I comfort myself with the thought that at least I didn't gain ALL of it back up to 195 where I had been back in '97. Small comfort!

So here's to a better week this week. I hope you're all doing better than I am. It's raining some here today, all cloudy and gloomy, from Hurricane Marty they say. But it should get back to the usual sunny tomorrow. Take care and I'll see ya tomorrow.

breakaway on 09/23/2003:
Hey 8/10ths of a pound is sure better then none. At least the scale is moving in the right direction. Good job! I will keep my fingers crossed for you this week!

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 22, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 168.5

Stiiiiilll going! I'm hanging in there. I know that if you do something for 2 weeks, it becomes habit, right? That's what I'm hoping anyway. I'm glad I have the flexpoints to fall back on. I don't think I could do 22 points everyday. It's really hard for me. But I'm determined this time. I'm so tired of being fat. I think I'm just going to post the weight I get on the WW scale from now on. Although I dread the week I'll have to start wearing heavier clothes when it gets cooler. But I'm not going to worry about that. As long as I'm feeling better and thinner I'm not going to worry about that number. I think I'm doing pretty well this week even without any exercise. I may jump on the treadmill sometime today though. I have to make up for the 2 days I missed last week not doing a hill for the Operation OFB challenge. So I need to do 5 hills this week, no problem. My darn ankle is still sore a little but I think I can still do it. As far as my little "female" problem, it seems to be getting slowly better. As you may know, I'm going through menopause and I'm having a lot of problems with the hormone replacement. I won't go into details but it's pretty gross. Okay, so yesterday was right on my 27 points and today I will just have 22 since I weigh in tomorrow. I'll be drinking lots of water too. And there's lots of work to do around here, that's for sure. So I should have a pretty good result tomorrow. I'm going to go read some of your entries now, I'll work later, haha! See ya tomorrow!

breakaway on 09/22/2003:
I have almost been on Weight Watchers for two weeks and you know...it is becoming a habit. I haven't splurged once since I have started and I just know I can't have bad food and that's all there is to it. I hope that your two weeks becomes a habit for you. Have a great day today!

Scruffy on 09/22/2003:
Stay strong :-)

ThinLee on 09/23/2003:
Hi! Congrats on doing so well these last two weeks! I read somewhere that it takes 21 days to make or break a habit. For my eating plan, that was about right. For my work outs, I got into it right away but had trouble around weeks 4 & 5.

You can do it!!! Keep going!!!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 21, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 168.5

Hi! I'm so bored today and I know that's not a good thing when you're trying to lose weight. I just want to veg out and eat! But I'm not going to. I just keep drinking water and just had a glass of the flavored WalMart water. I like the mango-peach. Anyways I came here to pass some time and I usually don't eat while I'm reading entries here so that's a good thing. Already read all the entries for today, not many here today. But you're all doing so great and I just want to keep up with you all. So I will just try to keep busy doing things and not eat until I need to. I'm still taking it easy too, things haven't changed much from yesterday. Guess I'll be calling the doc tomorrow if things are not better. Yesterday I did well, just had my 27 points, lots of water and all the veggies and fruits I needed. I'm going to go with 27 again today and then have only 22 tomorrow since weigh-in is Tuesday morning. Hope I can make the meeting. I hope you're all having another great day. See ya tomorrow!

breakaway on 09/21/2003:
Your like me...I come here when I want to stay away from the food, it really does work! Call that doc tomorrow and I sure hope everything is ok. Your sticking to your points and that's great! Talk to you tomorrow!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 20, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 168.5

Hey, everyone, how's it going out there? I'm doing okay here today. No exercise though. I seem to have developed a major "female" problem, darn hormones again, and I don't think exercise would be the right thing to do right now. If you get my drift. Nuff said.....But the food part is still going great. 22 points yesterday so that means 27 today. I did sneak a peek at the scale monster this morning and all looks good so far. I'm debating whether to change my weigh schedule. Should I enter the number that I get at WW meetings, or my scale once a week or just stick with my scale weight once a month. That's sooo hard to do, stay off the scale for a whole month. And then there's the WW scale but I'm not sure I'm going to keep paying to weigh in every week. I can go to the meetings every week and only pay and weigh in once a month being a lifetime member, or pay every week and weigh in then and also get the weekly info. If I don't pay every week, I don't get to weigh in or get the weekly info. Have I got you all totally confused yet?! I'm thinking right now that I want to pay every week and get weighed until I'm back down to my goal weight of 150. I think it will help me get there quicker. So unless I change my mind about that, that's what I'm going to do.

So I'm just going to take it easy today and keep my feet up as much as possible. The house cleaning can wait, I guess. One of these days my health will finally let me get some stuff done. It seems like it's just one thing after another lately. I guess that's what it means to get old, hahaha! Of course, DH is in the best of health, lucky him! And thank goodness! And I just want you all to know, I've been reading all your entries but I haven't been commenting much. I'm sorry, I just can't think of anything to say sometimes. Oh, and what's happened to Kyrin, SoccerMom, PastaGal and Maria. They were such regulars for so long and now, nothing! I miss their sunny entries here. You all have a great day now, ya hear?! PS--there's a pic of the DH and I on breakaway's picture page. Thanks, breakaway!

breakaway on 09/21/2003:
Sounds like your doing fabulous! And your very welcome for the pics. I was wondering where all the regulars were to. Doesn't it seem strange without them here? I hope they come back. Have a great day today!

prism on 09/21/2003:
I'm lifetime, too, and I think the weekly weigh in is a big incentive, at least for me...I pay every week. I got a coupon in the mail where it's $3 cheaper than the regular fee everybody else is paying...it's only $8.50 per week for me...Everyone else is paying $11....Okay , so it's $2.50 cheaper...

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 19, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 168.5

I did well yesterday--25 points, 3 of which were flexpoints--and I did get on the treadmill--only 1 mile in 21 minutes--but it was a start. My ankle didn't hurt much then but I'm taking today off since it does hurt some this morning. And I have to go out to the library, the bank, and the grocery store some time today. So I didn't want to work it too much. But I'll try it again tomorrow. Oh, I also did the arm and ab exercises. Today I'm going for just 22 points. I could have done 27 points yesterday as I'd planned but by the time I finished dinner, I was full, and I'm not eating anything after 7pm. In case I never mentioned it, I have no problem at all getting in the water for the day. I haven't been counting but I'm sure I get way more than I need to. Maybe I'll keep track of it today. And maybe later I'll get on the treadmill again. I joined the OFB challenge (One Fine Butt) on the OneFat****ypoo.com site, where you have to walk up a hill at least 3 times a week. Yesterday I added some incline on the treadmill to make a hill and, since I got a late start this week, I need to do the hill today and tomorrow to get the 3 times in this week. So I guess I'll be walking today after all. I'd almost forgotten about that.

So did any of you watch "Survivor" last night? It looks to be a good group of people but I think the Morgan team people are pretty dumb. First they didn't think to look on the map for the water and then when those 3 guys went naked in the immunity challenge, they really looked stupid, especially since they lost. I didn't understand that at all except maybe the director convinced them to do it. Like the naked girls in last season's. But I think I'll be watching it this season. I didn't watch the Africa one, I just didn't care for the people that time. But I've seen all the other ones.

I finished the "Seabiscuit" book last night and, if you want to read a good book, I recommend it highly. I learned so much about horse racing and training and the jockeys and it wasn't boring at all. She's a really fine writer.

Okay, that's enough for today. The View is on and I'm only half watching it. Guess I'll get ready to go, it's hot here already at 10am. We're still in the 90's here, 60's at night. But the humidity is down in the lower teens now so it's more comfortable. Talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great day!

breakaway on 09/19/2003:
Great job today! I think that is a great challenge and very good for you! Good luck! And good to see you got your arm and ab workouts in. I always look for that lol. Good for you! Have a great day today.

breakaway on 09/19/2003:
Thanks for the corrections. Yes It was one and a 1/2 cups of milk. And I was looking in the new book they just had out and they still have carrots listed as a free item. I will be sure to change it both in my book and in my diary for WW Thanks! And I figured out I had 0 on the grapes to and someone corrected me on that lol. Oh well, Now I am a littl closer to the limit anyhow. THat's good! Thanks again for the pic and I do have it on there but I sent you an email asking if what you put in the email was what you wanted below your pic or not. Let me know.

Scruffy on 09/20/2003:
good stuff :-)

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 18, 2003
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 168.5

Happy Thursday, everyone! How's it going today for you all? I'm still in my "sluggish" mode today, slept in this morning and haven't really done much so far. I did just finish the cross-stitch T-shirt I did for the DH. I started on it over a year ago (sheesh!) but I thought I would finally finish it up to give to him on our anniversary, Oct. 5. It will be our 35th!! The T-shirt says "I'd rather be fishing" and has a couple of fish on it. I had made him one just like it about 20 years ago and he still wears it even though it is as thin as a spider web and has paint on it, haha! My DH is NOT the nappy dresser! So he will be surprised to get a brand new one. I've worked on it when he's not around so he doesn't know about it. Surprise! BTW, we're going to be staying the night on the 5th at a 3 bedroom penthouse with private hot tub at a resort near here. We belong to one of those "time share" things but they call it something else and it works a little differently than a time share. So it's not costing us anything, we stayed there once before. I know we don't need the 3 bedrooms but it's a beautiful place and the hot tub is great! So it will be a night out anyway and he's taking that Monday off from work. I think we will probably eat dinner at Red Lobster cause he loves that place.

So, yesterday was a very good day except for the no exercise thing. I ate my 22 points and didn't go over. Today I'm allowing an extra 5 flexpoints so I'm having 27 points. I'm trying to do that every other day, one day 22 and the next 27, just to see how I do that way. (In case you didn't know, WW allows an extra 35 points each week to either use all at once or divide them up) So I've had 2 really good days so far, yippee! I think I may try to get on the treadmill this afternoon and also do my arm and ab exercises (thanks, breakaway) probably after I finish here. We'll see how it affects my ankle and how much I am able to do. I really miss my exercise!

Okay, that's all today! I'm going to get busy now. You all take care and have a good day.

breakaway on 09/18/2003:
I love the Time Share! They have great condo's We stayed in one in Florida when we went to Disney last year and man was it nice. I didn't even want to leave the apt. lol It had such a nice balcony and it was So peaceful at night. Hubby and I sat out there when the kids would go to bed and we just loved it. We had the place for a week. I am so glad to see you got your exercise in! I am SO proud of you! Great job on your points and your going to be kicking butt at the next weigh in! WAY TO GO!

Scruffy on 09/19/2003:
Good job!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 17, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Well, I just didn't get on here this morning, went back to bed instead! I can't understand why, I went to bed last night at 9! So anyway, I've had plenty of sleep, haha! And I still want to take a nap now. It's just after 12 noon right now. {yawn} Maybe it's because of my hormone change. The doc put me on Prempro now, hope it works. Yeah, I'll blame it on that, hah! Could be it's because I just watched 3 hours of TV, heh. Yep, just sat there on the couch, eating breakfast and then working on the afghan, while watching Regis & Kelly, The View, and then, All My Children. Now the news is on. Does anyone think I may be bored?! I just don't feel like doing anything but sleeping. Well, at least I got the kitchen cleaned up and my bed is made, haha!

Okay, so yesterday....I went to the WW meeting! Had to pay the $12.00 but got the new beginners book, points finder and all the info on the new flexpoints. So I'm armed and ready to fight! This meeting has such a funny leader, kinda corny. She dresses in costumes and everything. But it was fun. By the time I left there, I barely made it to the doc's on time at 11:00. Yippee, no waiting! We talked, I paid my $49.00 and she "gave" me 4 weeks' worth of Prempro. Then I see her next month so she can see how I'm doing. I left there and went to Sam's for gas in the van and, guess what, I bought Dr. Phil's book! It was only $14.20, how could I resist!? Who knows when I'll get to reading it though. The library has 2 more books waiting for me on reserve and I haven't finished "Seabiscuit" yet! I bought a few "diet-friendly" things in Sam's and then went to a nearby Michael's, just to look around. I only bought 2 small picture albums (didn't really need them, I never get around to putting pictures in albums, but I'm ready just in case) They were only 2 for $1.00! How could I resist?! Then I came home, my ankle was killing me. It still swells and gets sore if I walk around on it too much. So I still haven't gotten on the treadmill yet! And I keep forgetting to do my arm and ab exercises! Darn, if I don't get those things out of the way first thing in the morning, I just never get around to it. But I have to tell you, at WW, I weighed 165.4 and 165 at the doc's. I'm not changing the weight here though until Oct. 4 so the rest doesn't matter, except that I know I'm losing. I ended up with 27 points yesterday so I used 5 of my flexpoints already. Oh, and I found out that instead of the old point-range, now you just have one point number, mine is 22, and they say not to eat less than 20 very often. Whew, am I long-winded, or what?!

Okay, I'm done now, hehe! I guess I'll go read some entries here though I should be cleaning my closet. What a disaster area! But I'm just not in the mood. Am I spoiled or what?! Oh, well, it's not going any where, haha! So I'll see you all tomorrow. Have a good one!

breakaway on 09/17/2003:
OK You fogot to do your ab and arm exercises. WHat time do you want me to remind you to do them tomorrow? lol I will do that if you want me to. Your weigth is looking really good! And I think if you start the ab and arm workouts again that may just wake you up a bit. Stay on track and GOOD JOB for getting back to WW. I have yet to eat all my points worth...but I have to have 30 and that seems like alot. Have a great day today! DOn't forget to give me a time to email ok!!;)

squiggly on 09/17/2003:
Dr. Phil's book is good. I'm halfway through mine. I paid twenty for mine. Good luck on your diet.

Scruffy on 09/18/2003:
LOL, Scruff was here :-)

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 16, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Good morning, DD friends!! Okay, okay, I didn't make it in here yesterday, I was a bad Soonie! I slept in til 8am and went to Mickey D's for my breakfast. I checked on dottisweightlosszone.com to see how many points I had and it turned out to be about two days' worth! Guess I used up all my "flexpoints" for the week. Uh,oh! But did I enjoy every little greasy bite? Absolutely!! I planned it, I thought it all over, and decided to go with it anyway. No guilt, no regrets and I felt great for the rest of the day. Of course, I only ate 4 more points the rest of the day and went to bed hungry, haha! And I promised myself this was absolutely the last time I would do that, hahaha! But it wasn't because I was hungry that I couldn't get to sleep last night til after midnight, no, I just had so much on my mind. I was excited that I had decided to attend a Weight Watchers'meeting today! I'll let you know how that goes. I also have a doctor's appointment after the meeting to talk about my hormone problems so I was thinking about that too. I always go over in my mind what I'm going to say to the doctor, heh. And then when I'm there, I usually forget half of it! Also I'm excited about Dr. Phil's weight-loss challenge. Did you see it yesterday? So I was thinking about that too last night. I'm not expecting miracles but it should be some help, right? I'm ready! (Woo, I just saw half-naked jogger guy going down our street) Oops, sorry, my mind wandered there a little! Oh, life is grand, isn't it?

Okay, I must get going, heading for the shower. Oh, darn, there goes another hot flash, wooooo, it's HOT in here! Have a great day! I plan on it!

breakaway on 09/16/2003:
Umm half naked jogger guy? How nice lol Good for you for sticking to your points even after having McDs you did't have much for the rest of the day! Good willpower you have there! Iknow, DrPhil say's its a midth, which it probably is but oh well. Your doing really great can't wait to hear about the meeting. Have a great day today

legcramp on 09/16/2003:
You sound pretty pumped about going to a WW meeting today!! Hope it goes well for you!!!

I'm reading SeaBiscuit right now too, and so far it's a great read. They've introduced all the major people in the book, and i'm reading about Seabiscuit now. I think it's a very interesting book, i just hope that reading it before seeing the movie won't wreck it for me!!

Have a great day!!

squiggly on 09/16/2003:
I got Dr. Phil's book and highly recommend it. It is great. I am already half way through it. I plan on following his diet on tv and doing it myself. What can it hurt? I'm glad that you are having a good day and good luck at the doctors office.

Scruffy on 09/17/2003:
Sounds like you are doing well, even when choosing Mickey D's. Good to know you keep the goal in sight :-)

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