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Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 14, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Well, not a lot going on today here. I just finished reading all the entries on the DD and it didn't take long. I guess most of you are pretty busy on the weekends. I got up early today but didn't do any exercise. My ankle is hurting worse than yesterday. Just when I think it's getting better, it gets worse again. I did go out and feed the birds and fill the birdbaths though. Also filled the hummingbird feeders. It was nice and cool this morning but it's hot now, probably about 90-95. But the sun is shining and there's not a cloud in the sky. I've been thinking of getting in the pool again today since it won't be long and it will be too cold. I'm doing okay with the food today. Had a little too much yesterday even though I had told you I was doing well up to the time I was typing here. I went a little overboard with dinner and snacking later, not too bad, could have been worse. I just don't know why I can't seem to get back to counting all the points and staying within my range. I think I'm going to go to a meeting on Tuesday morning. It's been awhile since I've been to one. I will have to pay since I'm back over my goal weight but I think it's just once a month for backsliding lifetime members. Once I get back to goal, the meetings will be free. Maybe they can help me get going.

Okay, talk to you tomorrow. I hope you all have a great and productive week.

breakaway on 09/14/2003:
Those meetings are so nice and I am really looking forward to my next one! There are so many freindly people there. And I thought I would feel really dumb there but I didn't. Turns out that I was the largest one there but that didn't bother me at all. That's what I'm there for right. Well, take it easy and hope that ankle heals soon. Man, seems like forever huh? Have a great day today.

Scruffy on 09/15/2003:
hang in there and remember to make good decisions :-)

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 13, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Hey, how's your weekend going so far? I'm just having a "blah" day. I don't feel like doing anything and that's just about what I've done all day. I don't really feel that well either. Nothing drastic, just "blah". I'm doing well with the food so far though, only 16 points and it's just after 5pm here. And I did get out in the pool for about 20 minutes and swam a little and did a few exercises. So, better than nothing, I guess. It won't be long and it will be too cold to get in the pool here. The nights are getting pretty cool, in the 60's, so it takes a long time for our solar heating thing to warm the water in the day time. The water temp was 85, just right, I thought, but DS thinks it's too cold for him, hahaha! It felt great! My ankle is still sore but I'm getting around a lot better now. It did hurt some while I was swimming but at least I could swim. I think by Monday I will try the treadmill, slowly and not for very long. I'm thinking maybe I could do 20 minutes, we'll see. I can't wait. Hey, maybe I'll get ambitious and try it tomorrow, who knows?

So...if you saw Dr. Phil and Katie Couric last night, you now know exactly how to lose weight, right? Haha! Mostly things we already knew, right, we're such experts by now. If you really want to read a new weight-loss book about a guy who really did a fine job losing a lot of weight and he really makes sense, go to Amazon and order the phatman's book called "From Chunk to Hunk, the Diary of a Fatman". I followed his weight-loss story from start to finish on his website but it's no longer available. So go get the book, I think you'll like it. I don't think I will be buying Dr. Phil's book or his so-called diet bars or pills but I will be watching his show from Monday on. After all, I still have Bob Greene's book that I haven't finished yet. Right now I'm still reading the "Seabiscuit" book. It's really good but I haven't been reading it much the last few days. Gotta get busy on that. I did start crocheting my afghan though and that keeps my hands busy while watching TV. Also bought a new book that has patterns for making pillows so those will be nice, short things to make. Lots of different, neat patterns, I'll enjoy doing those. I love to crochet but I go in spurts, sometimes I enjoy doing it, and other times I can't be bothered. But I can't eat and crochet at the same time so that's a good thing, right?

Okay, I've run on long enough. Thanks for listening. Have a great day tomorrow. Buh-bye!

breakaway on 09/13/2003:
I am really excited for Dr. Phil's new season to start. It should be pretty interesting. That's great that you have things to do to keep you busy. I found DD and that is what I use to keep my hands busy. You have a graat day and will check out your entry tomorrow.

Scruffy on 09/14/2003:
Good job on the swimming, hope the treadmill goes well for the ankle.

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 12, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Good morning! I feel like going back to bed (as I did yesterday) but I must get an early start and go to WalMart. You don't want to go there in the middle of the day, that's for sure. So crowded. I hate waiting in the long lines. Anyway....yesterday wasn't such a good day. Besides being 9/11, I just felt very depressed all day. Had to go to the dentist too. After that I went to Michael's for a crochet hook and then to the bank. I passed up the Burger King, Sonic and Mc'D's but came home and ate all kinds of things. It was 3pm by then and I was so hungry. I guess it could have been worse though. So not a good day all around. I feel like I'm never going to lose this weight. Maybe Dr. Phil will help, hahaha!

Okay, I must get going, it's 6:30am already and time just flies lately. I've got to get ready to go. I'll see you tomorrow---maybe. Have a good weekend! P.S. Thanks for all the comments, it's nice to know someone is out there who cares.

geevee on 09/12/2003:
Whatever you ate at home couldn't have been as bad as BK or Mc D's. Good for you in avoiding those places!

breakaway on 09/12/2003:
I am watching a great show with Dr Phil on it right now in fact. It is about his new program. Great show and it has really helped me through the night so far. I have been doing great...no slip ups so far. Like Dr Phil say's we HAVE to hold ourselves accountable for what we put in our mouth. He is so right. We have to say no, that's just all there is to it. Heres to saying no!!!! Let's do this.

Scruffy on 09/13/2003:
You did so good avoiding the drive thru death machines, congrats!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 10, 2003
Weight: 168.5

I almost hopped back into bed this morning but I'm fighting it. DH is gone to work and it's only 6:30am here. {yawn} I have lots to do today so I'd better stay up. The ankle still isn't ready for walking yet but I'll do my arm and ab exercises.

Yesterday was a better day. I think I still went over a bit on points, I lost track of them. I haven't been writing things down, just keeping track in my head. I guess that doesn't work too well, heh! I've also been thinking of returning to the meetings. I think I only have to pay once a month as long as I'm still over my goal weight.

I want to welcome back all the people who have returned to the DD. Yeah, I'm STILL here! 3 1/2 years, you'd think I'd have made some progress, wouldn't you? But I guess I may be the oldest member and been here the longest. I would still like to see PastaGal come back full time and Maria and what happened to Herb? And Muggsy, if you're out there, come back to the DD. And welcome to all the new people here.

Okay, you all have a great day, I plan to. See ya's tomorrow!

Oh, also, I just remembered---where's SoccerMom, Kyrin, MOPnGLO, Beth 201 and pezzy? Come on back, guys, you are missed!

Princess_Teacup on 09/10/2003:
Yeah, always write it down. Personally, my number one dieting rule is my brain will always forget first what I don't want to remember like how much I've really eaten.

breakaway on 09/10/2003:
Yes, we have heard nothing from Herb. I'm a bit worried about him. I sure hope he's ok. I have been here since feb of 01 and it seems like forever. It's so addicting here and if you stray away for a while seems like you always wanna get back here.

Well, It's good to see you didn't go back to bed this morning. Good luck with the exercise today! Have a wonderful day.

grays on 09/10/2003:
I have the same problem with mentally keeping track of food. It hasn't been working too well (surprise, surprise :D) and so today I finally went out and bought a notebook.

keep up the good work!

geevee on 09/10/2003:
Look at it this way. If you HADN'T stayed with DD's, imagine how much more you probably would have weighed? You haven't lost, but you've learned a lot about controlling your eating. Now is the time before the Christmas holidays to get into shape and get serious, because we're all going to be struggling through December, so you definitely need to lose some before then.

Crittermama on 09/10/2003:
You're doing good, Soonie. Three and a half years? Yeah, you may just have been here longer than anyone. But I've been here 2 years and I haven't gotten far either. Of course getting pregnant didn't help but I could have done so much better. It looks like a whole new group because so many people have left us and so many have joined. MichelleP hasn't been here since May. I really miss her. And SacFatCity too. Here's hoping they will all come back soon.

breakaway on 09/11/2003:
Wanted to let everyone know that I have the picture site so I can add pics now and it will be veiwable tomorrow by the members here. If you want to add your pic to the site send it to my email. And add any writing you would like added under each picture. Watch for a link to the picture site tomorrow in my entry!

Scruffy on 09/12/2003:
Nice of you to remember the lost. Also, eventually the weight goes..Consistency is the key.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 09, 2003
Weight: 168.5

G'morning! How's it going so far? I just got up half an hour ago, it's 6:30am. It feels like I just went to sleep and already, it's time to get up! Soooo, yesterday was a very bad day. But I did do my arm exercises and ab crunches so it wasn't a total waste. I ate a good breakfast, no McD's, went to the grocery store at about 11:00 and then came home and had an early lunch. And I had bought a 2-pack of Hostess chocolate cupcakes for a treat. Why, why, why?? Why do I do that?! So for lunch I had a ham and cheese sandwich, some regular Doritos and the cupcakes. Then I said "what the heck" and also had one of the English muffins I had bought with margarine and honey on one half and margarine and sugar-free jelly on the other. (Note: the sugar-free jelly. I wasn't TOTALLY bad, haha) Then a little later I ate a bowl of Cranberry-Almond Crunch cereal with regular milk. The only good thing is I didn't eat dinner at all. Hah! So I will have to do extra well today and probably the rest of the week. I HATE when that happens!!

Okay, the book I'm reading is "Seabiscuit: an American Legend" by Laura Hillenbrand. I got it from the library by reserving it on their internet site. I've found you can just about get any book you want by doing this. Sometimes you just have to wait quite awhile. Only on this book it says "Property of Jail Library" cause they get the books wherever they can find them. It just kind of gives me the creeps and I feel like I have to wash my hands every time I read it, ya know? But it is a really good book. Although I'm not even half through it yet. I've also been reading a diet website--http://www.angelfire.com/ok5/just4jo/index.html She's really doing great on WW and she lives in New Zealand so it's interesting with some of the expressions and strange foods she eats. I've been reading her archives and I'm only up to Feb. 14 of this year. It starts in 2002 and she writes really long entries most of the time. Go check it out if you're interested.

Okay, I'm heading for the shower. I hope I can do better today. I read all your entries yesterday but could only comment on a few. So go have a great day. I'll see you tomorrow!

breakaway on 09/09/2003:
Gosh there are SO many who had a bad day yesterday! You are like the sixth one I think. Don't worry about it. Just get back on track and keep thinking about your goal weight. WHat will it be like to reach it? Keep up the good work! Don't give up!

Scruffy on 09/09/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 08, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Happy Monday morning, everyone! Don't ya all just hate Mondays?! Oh, well, what can we do but make the best of it. At least I don't have to go out to work. Poor DH does. He had taken an early retirement about 6 years ago when the stock market was doing well but had to find a job here when the market plummeted and I lost my health insurance (no connection there). 2 good reasons for him to go back to work. He's not making half as much as he did at P&G but the good health insurance he gets is worth it all. Anyways....I hope you're all renewed from the weekend and ready to tackle anything. I don't know about you but I have that "I just wanna go back to sleep" feeling real bad this morning. It's only 6:30am here and I didn't get my full 8 hours in last night. {yawn}

So I had 2 really good days over the weekend. I stayed pretty low on my points and ate all good things, except the Mrs. Smith's Boston Cream Pie that DH bought Saturday when he went out for a haircut. But I'd only had 15 points besides the very small piece of it that I had and DH and DS ate all the rest. I did exercise too, both days. Yesterday I was out in the pool doing some leg exercises for about 20 minutes. Then I just lay on the deck, looking up at the puffy, white clouds swirling slowly overhead. Soooo relaxing! Today I will do my arm and ab exercises again. I'm not as achey as I was the other day.

Oh, we watched "Two Weeks' Notice" yesterday, DH too, and even he said it was better than a lot of other movies I have rented. I like just about anything with Sandra Bullock in it. And Hugh Grant aint too bad either! And I was reading "Seabiscuit" again last night. You should hear some of the ways that the jockeys used to keep their weight within the limits back in those days! I never realized what a hard job jockeying is! It's a really good book and I can't wait to see the movie.

Okay, must get the day started. DH is off to work so I guess I'd better get some things done today too. I don't think my ankle is gonna let me walk on the treadmill today yet as I had planned. I think I'd better not push it. Probably shouldn't do any pool exercises either because I think yesterday's work made it more sore this morning. So I'll just do arms and abs today and give the ankle a rest day. Sheesh, when is this thing ever gonna be back to normal?! I guess the older you are, the longer it takes to heal, hah! Darnit! So I'll see ya's tomorrow! Have a good one!

breakaway on 09/08/2003:
Trust me...that ankle will be a bit yet before it heals completely. I knew your hubby would like the movie. My hubbys isn't into chick flicks either but he did enjoy that one. The book your reading sounds interesting. I think I will pick it up later. Your doing SUPER on your exercises though! Good for you! Take care and I will check your entry tomorrow. OH by the way Sarahbeth will NOT agree with you about Monday's lol She has had a bad one so far.

breakaway on 09/08/2003:
Thanks for your comment today!!! :)

Princess_Teacup on 09/08/2003:
I think that good diet/exercise days on the weekends are worth many more additional pats on the back than good days durning the week. Good for you!

breakaway on 09/08/2003:
Is that journal from Just4joe called "Pigs do fly"?

Beth on 09/08/2003:
Hi, thanks for the encouraging message!! With flexpoints, you're allotted an additional 35 points a week that you can use at any time during the week. I haven't used any yet, but I think it's a good thing to have them in case you go over a little bit you don't have to feel so guilty and go on a binge. Also, you could use some one week and none or more the next week to keep your body on it's toes.

I sprained my ankle back in May and it still bothers me sometimes. I know how much of a pain it is.

Have a great day!!

bigmama on 09/08/2003:
sounds like a fun weekend. i've been meaning to pick up seabiscuit.. is it a good read?

legcramp on 09/08/2003:
Wow, you sound so optimistic and peppy, you're exhausting me!! Just kidding. The book you're reading sounds good, I would get it but chances are i'll see the movie long before i get the book finished!

Have a good day!!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 07, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Hi, gang! Just a short one today, it is Sunday, ya know. I just got up and haven't done anything yet except take my Nexium with a big glass of water. I must shower yet and have some brekky. I didn't get a chance to get in the pool and do some exercising yesterday because by the time I was ready, it was all cloudy and I'm not taking any chances with the lightening, although I never did see any. And it never did rain. Oh, well. Maybe today. I did do my arm exercises with the 5 pound weights though and 50 ab crunches. Usually I start feeling results within a couple of weeks so that's what I kept reminding myself of while I was doing them. I also watched a movie, "Gangs of New York", it was pretty good. I love that Leonardo DiCaprio! Guess what! I had rented 4 movies this week from Blockbuster, put in "Mr. Deeds" yesterday to watch and 15 minutes into the movie, I realized we had already seen it!! Duh! Signs of getting REALLY old!! We watched "Ghost Ship" the other day, pretty good, a gory beginning so watch out. Now I just have "Two Week's Notice" to watch. I know DH won't like that one so I will watch it by myself. I also started reading "Seabiscuit" this weekend, really enjoying that one. So I've been really busy. Also, I'm reading an online journal of a dieter called "Just4Jo" that's really good. She's doing really great on WW although I've only read up to Dec. 16 of 2002. I love reading really good diet journals online. I also read all the entries here yesterday too. If I didn't comment on yours, I'm sorry. This site is sure great inspiration! You guys are wonderful people. (Okay, so I'm kissing up!)

Okay, this turned out longer than I'd planned. Must head for the shower. It's only 8am here. Have a good one!

breakaway on 09/07/2003:
Hey, as usual your always there for me. Thanks for all the comments you give me. You will LOVE two weeks notice it's really good. My hubby liked it to, it's really not that bad he said. I think your hubby would like it. Another movie that's good but doens't look like it would be from the cover is cradle to the grave. IT was awesome. Anyhow, you are doing great and thanks for the info on that diet. I think I will go there to check it out to. I think when I start WW I will start a webpage for myself with pics and keep them all updated. THat's the downfall of most people on the web with diet journals. Most are not kept up, you get really hooked on it and then there gone. Well, good luck to you today and will see you tomorrow.

Scruffy on 09/08/2003:
Nice entry!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 06, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Good Saturday morning, everyone! How are you all doing? I checked on everyone yesterday and you're all doing great! I checked my weight this morning and I've dropped a few pounds but I'm only entering my weight on the 4th of every month here. I think it's just water I've lost but still I feel better about it. I sure never thought I'd be up this high again, ever. Darn me!

Yesterday I went to the doc and found out about my blood work. My sugar levels were too high but my cholesterol was good. My thyroid was too low though so we've made an adjustment on my Synthroid. I'm also supposed to take Metformin for the blood sugar but I took it yesterday and last night my sugar was at 84 only an hour and a half after dinner and I was very nauseous and my heart was pounding so I'm going to stop that one until I can call the doc on Monday. Sure don't want to go through that again. I felt terrible. But on the good side, I did get in the pool for a short time yesterday afternoon and did some water walking and leg exercises. Good for me! I can't wait until I can walk around better though. Pretty soon the weather will be perfect for walking outside and I want to be there. My eating was pretty good even though I ate---you-know-that-place---for breakfast. And a big doughnut from the bakery. Bad, bad! But I only ate half of an AdvantEdge bar in the afternoon and one of those "Soup at Hand" (cream of broccoli), an apple and a Healthy Choice ice cream sandwich for dinner. Thus I was down a pound from yesterday. Okay, my weight this morning was 165.5 but, really, from now on I'm not going to weigh until the 4th of Oct. I'll try anyway.

Oh, Maria, the yarn I bought is a light blue, just one color. It will look nice in the living room. Our vertical blinds are blue and the pillows on the couch are blue. The people who lived here before us put a lot of blue here. The bedroom and den carpets are blue but the living room and dining room and kitchen are all ceramic tile, white. Did I ever say I love my house. Compared to what we had in Cincinnati for 30 years this house is so big and new. This one is only 8 years old and the one we had there was built in '45. I really grew to dislike that house, it was so small and old. I know, some people like old houses but I prefer new. And this one has a pool and a beautiful back yard. And a huge kitchen too, which I love.

Okay, I've rambled on enough here. I hope you're all having a great weekend so far. I will do my arm exercises again (oh, my arms are pleasantly sore) and maybe get out in the pool again. The weather is great here, sunny and warm, although the monsoon isn't officially over yet. I'll see you all tomorrow. Buh-bye!

cac30202 on 09/06/2003:
I hope you are feeling better! Being sick sucks, especially when you are working so hard to be healthy. You are doing a great job.

pollyanna on 09/07/2003:
The thing I appreciate about our bodies is that we can "adjust" the diet on occasion to make it work for us LOL I love the description of your breakfast...now don't go believing that if you eat you-know-where and top it off with a big doughnut every morning you are going to be down!

peace :)

Scruffy on 09/07/2003:
Nice job on the pool stuff, wish I would do more of that. Works more muscles.

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 05, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Good morning! How's everyone doing this fine Friday?! Got that exercise out of the way yet? I'm just doing it every other day, the weight lifting, so I'm off today. Still can't do the cardio because of my ankle but I think it won't be long now until I can get started. I have a doctor's appointment this morning, she wants to talk over the results of my blood work. I hope everything is okay. I'll let you all know tomorrow.

I did do some arm exercises with my 5 pound weights yesterday (Breakaway) and some ab crunches. So I'm off to some kind of start anyway. Maybe I'll get out in the pool later and see what I can do there without my ankle hurting. I had Burger King yesterday for lunch so the eating wasn't as good as it should have been. I just had a fish sandwich and small fries so it could have been worse. I went to Michael's to get some yarn to get started on an afghan and the Burger King was right there, darnit! But on the bright side, it only cost me less that $20.00 for enough yarn to make a huge afghan. Hah! I sneaked a peek at the scale monster this morning and it said 166.5 so I must be carrying some water weight lately. It could be from my swollen ankle, ya think? Also, my swollen belly, hahaha!

Okay, must go get ready to leave for the doctor's. I didn't get a chance to check up with everyone yesterday, just a few. I hope you all have a great day! See ya tomorrow!

Scruffy on 09/05/2003:
Good stuff..keep it going.

breakaway on 09/05/2003:
WOO HOO I loved seeing that weight lifting session on your entry today! You just knew I would have to come check that out right? lol Good for you!! I am VERY proud of you. Next time your next to Burgar King I challenge you just drive right by. Think of all of us here cheering you on when you do it! ;) No, really you did really good considering you had a SMALL fry. Your right you could have done worse. I need yelling at today to because I over did my potatoes today. I love um and man when I make potatoes I make potatoes. Loads of um. So feel free to yell at me lol. I think I need to package my potatoes in family size portions while still in the peel so that is all I can make. Well, good luck to you at the docs and you are doing super! Keep it up!

Maria7 on 09/05/2003:
Hey, Soonie! What colors are you afghan you are making?

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 04, 2003
Weight: 168.5

Man, oh, man, what happened?!! Did I put on 7 pounds in the past week?!! I swear to you, I weighed about a week ago and it said 161.5! I couldn't believe it when I stepped on the scale this morning, I had to do it twice! I know I couldn't have eaten that much food! Darnit, I hate the scale!! But I'm not going to let it ruin my day (or my month) haha! Here I was thinking I would weigh about the same as before, but, what a surprise. I guess I'd better get my act together and change my ways, huh? I sure have a lot to work on now! Let's hope I see a big change for the better next month, right?

So.... I spent some time yesterday here, reading and getting to know the new people. It looks like you are all doing well. I'll sure be glad when I can join in on the exercise. But, in the mean time, I'll start eating right and no more cheating! I think seeing what the scale said has given me a jolt. I certainly don't want to go any higher. It's sooooo hard to get it back off again.

I went out yesterday to the library to pick up some books and then decided to spend a little time at the second hand store. I ended up spending an hour there, looking at clothes and bought a few things. When I looked down at my sprained ankle, I discovered that it had swollen up quite a bit, so I headed for the check-out and went straight home from there. I put my feet up and applied the ice packs to it right away. That did help some. Didn't tell the DH, he would have had a few choice things to say, I'm sure.

Well, it looks like Dr. Phil is going to do some kind of weight-loss thing on his show. Can't wait to see that. Maybe we can all learn something new. I keep hoping, anyway. I keep looking for some kind of secret key to this weight-loss thing but I guess there's only one---eat less, move more. But it should be fun to watch anyway.

Oh, forgot to mention---I never did get to the arm and ab exercises yesterday, bad me. So as soon as I get finished here, I'm going to go do them. I hope you all have a good and productive day. I'll be checking on you later. Buh-bye!

breakaway on 09/04/2003:
I was looking for the exercise and found it at the end of your entry. I forgive you for not getting that in. You sound pretty busy. When I see the exercise in your entry I will cheer very loud for you!! Take care of that ankle and sorry to hear about your weight gain! I know how frustrating that can be. Don't worry it will come off as soon as your able to move around more.

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