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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jul 23, 2003
Weight: 163.0

Weight's the same, diet's the same, exercise, well, I skipped it yesterday and today, but I have done a LOT of shopping, heh. And my left heel hurts for some reason lately (probably from the shock of the walking I did over the weekend, hah!) Every once in awhile it gives me this sharp pain for no darn reason. I'm just feeling so lazy today. I couldn't get to sleep last night til after 11. Got up to fix breakfast for DH at 5am and went back to bed, couldn't get to sleep then either til 6, slept til 8, fed the birds, ate breakfast (the eggs, with no toast, are getting boring already), went to the second-hand store to return something I bought yesterday and to look around again, stopped to purchase my powerball ticket, came home and here I am. I think a nap is in the very near future, I'm practically falling asleep on the keyboard. You know, I don't think I could stick with this low-carb thing without the anticipation of my reward dinner everyday. MY BODY NEEDS THOSE CARBS, darnit!! So far, I'm not losing any weight and, if I don't lose any by Sunday, I'm going to have to change that reward dinner with less carbs than I'm having so far......whoops, I almost zoned out there a minute, where was I....oh, yeah, a nap. Okay, you chickies have a good day, I'm outa here!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jul 22, 2003
Weight: 163.0

Good morning, everyone! It's 9:45 am here and I'm doing well so far. 2 days down, a whole bunch to go, I hope! I'm liking this diet because you still get to eat some carbs at dinner. And no food after dinner so by the time breakfast time is here, I'm really hungry. I have been eating dinner between 6 and 7pm. I'm drinking lots of water and getting that walk in everyday so far too. I'm only doing half an hour of walking but I'm going to increase that when I'm ready. And increase my speed gradually too.

I got on here yesterday and read all the entries but, if I didn't comment on yours, I'm sorry. I think you're all doing great and some are really good inspiration for me. But where's Herb, Pastagal, Kyrin Maria and Golightly??? If you're out there, I miss you guys, come back. And all you newbies, I'm glad you're here and good luck to you all. Okay, everyone, have a great day!

pastagal on 07/23/2003:
Hi Soonie,,,i am still around,just haven't felt like writing ,so i come on and read from time to time,,i seem to be having alittle trouble getting back to the way things were before my Mother in law passed away,,i have my daughter & grandkids back home again,so that is keeping me busy,,and seems like daily there is something i have to do or take care of,so i just don't seem to have the time yet to devote to the puter,,but i know after a few months things will get back into a routine for me. Glad to hear your still going to give low carb a shot,,ya know,,,i found that you just basically have to take the things that work for YOU and create your own "diet" and not look for the quick fix,,just stick with eating less and less carbs daily and doing your exersise and you will find it does work :} Well not to worry i will be back soon,,,,but for now i have nothing to share so i think i will just continue to read for now and keep up on everyone else ok,,,talk to you soon. Pastagal:}}

Soon2BThin - Monday Jul 21, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Soon2BThin - Monday Jul 21, 2003
Weight: 163.5

I'm ba-a-ack! This time I think it's for good. I still weigh the same as last time I was here so things are not too bad. I started back this weekend with the exercise, walking on the treadmill and swimming in the pool, and it felt great! I'm doing the Carb Addicts Diet and started that yesterday. I really think I'm ready this time to stick with it. Maybe not exactly that diet but I'm determined to try it for a week at least and see how I feel. I'm tired of being fat, heh. So here goes....

Well, I hope you're all doing good and had a good weekend. Now it's time to get going, okay? I'll see ya all tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jul 10, 2003
Weight: 163.5

Happy Thursday, everyone! How are things going for you all? I started out well this morning again--1.5 miles on the treadmill in 30:35, a little faster than yesterday. The eating part of the plan isn't going as well though. I went yesterday to buy my Power Ball tickets and spotted the Hostess cupcakes and I bought a pack of the chocolate ones and the orange ones, mmmmmmm! And with my diabetes I really shouldn't be eating these kinds of things. So I'd better quit giving in to these cravings. Otherwise I didn't do too bad yesterday but it was bad enough, right? Well, pretty bad! I still dropped a pound, don't know why. There will be no exercise tomorrow morning, I'm going early to Wal-Mart and then the chiropractor, but I'll get right back to it on Saturday. Who knows, I may do some later tomorrow too but, knowing me, I doubt it. If I don't get it done in the morning, I usually don't get it done. So the DH and I are going out for dinner, I'll try to be good. With him watching me eat, it shouldn't be too difficult. Okay, have a great day out there. I hope PastaGal and Golightly are back today. See ya's all tomorrow!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jul 09, 2003
Weight: 164.5

This just in....Soonie has finally gotten on the treadmill, woohoo!! So I've only done 1.5 miles in 32 minutes but it's a start! I guess it's been at least a month since I've done any kind of exercise. And, boy, am I tired. But then, I'm tired everyday lately, exercise or not. I'm trying to figure out when I can fit a nap in today but I have too much to do so I probably won't get more than a small "lay-down". Gosh, I haven't been out in the pool for more than 2 weeks now. That's a darned shame since it's only out the back door, ya know?! My tan is completely gone, what little I had back then. So the plan is to eat lunch while watching AMC, then head out to the pool to some serious floating around. (Oh, and I'll try to swim a few laps too) (BTW, it's only a few minutes to noon here) I still had a hard time getting up this morning, that little voice kept trying to talk me into sleeping another hour, but after I listened to the day's news on the radio, I finally got up at 7:07, fed the birdies and took my walk. Okay, so far, so good! I never did get on here yesterday to get all caught up with you all so hopefully I will today. I hope everyone of you is doing great. I'm going to go fix a light lunch now. See you all tomorrow!

SoccerMom on 07/09/2003:
Congrats on getting back on the treadmill! Good for you. Now, you deserve a nice float around the pool, and by the way...use a kickboard to "float" and churn the water up with some furious kicking action....it's a great leg-toner and calorie burner.

Have a great day, and remember to ~~SMILE!~~ while you beat the water to a froth!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jul 08, 2003
Weight: 0.0

Heeeeelp!! I'm going the wrong way! If you don't want to read something really depressing, stop reading right now, you don't want to be reading this, I assure you. First, the weight is up so high the last couple of days I don't even want to report it here. I mean, it's starting to make me really panic! I just can't seem to get started. First I said, Monday was the day. Then today was it. Well, I'm still not there yet! The only good thing about today so far is that I haven't given in and taken a nap! I tell ya, I get plenty of sleep at night, then I get up at 5am to fix DH's breakfast and pack his lunch and I SAY I'm going to stay up and walk at least half an hour, but I end up going back to bed after he leaves. I set my clock for 7:30 but when the radio comes on, I get up and reset it for 8. So far that's my limit and I get up because I want to take my Nexium at 8 so I can eat my breakfast at 9 with Regis and Kelly. I get dressed and go out and feed and water the birds and some of the plants, then have my breakfast at 9. So then I sit there all morning watching Regis, then the View, then I clean up the kitchen and usually go take a nap. Unless I have to go somewhere as I did today. I came home, fixed lunch and ate that while watching my tape of All My Children. I'm still ready to take a nap but so far have fought it off. And while at the grocery store, I bought some "bad" things. What is making me do this? I know, I know, it's me, I need to take the responsibility for it. I just need to start my day off better and the rest will follow, I know. I need to break these bad habits. Okay, enough whining, I'm sorry. I just hate the way I'm feeling right now. And the longer it takes to get back on the wagon, the worse I feel. I know what I need to do, I'm just not getting started with it.

Well, if you're still reading, I hope you are all doing better than I am. I haven't been on here for a couple of days to check on you, my server has been down, but will try to get caught up today. I'll try to stop being so whiny, okay? Maybe tomorrow is the day, yes, that's right, tomorrow IS the day. See you then.

toddlermom* on 07/08/2003:
Whew! I feel you- I'm doing the same thing. I got up this morning with every intention of exercising before my kiddos got up, and next thing I know I'm hearing "mommy, I'm hungry" and it was 9:00!!

Thinking through some things, and going to make up a menu plan and grocery list tomorrow. Every day is a new chance to turn it around, right?


Soon2BThin - Saturday Jul 05, 2003
Weight: 162.5

Still hanging in there! Not much going on. It's going up to 109 degrees today. Hot, hot, hot! It's cloudy though, along with the smoke. It seems the fire is getting closer and no end in site. We can see part of the actual fire at night and it looks so close. What we need is a good rain. But it doesn't look like there is any in site.

We had a good time yesterday, no one did any swimming though. We just stayed inside and looked at picture cd's and did a lot of talking and laughing. The food was good and I didn't do too badly with it. I did eat 1 and a half brownies though, mmmmmmm! Everybody had gone by about 5pm. Oh, I forgot to mention, by evening, just before the sunset, the sun was a nice, weird shade of red, from all the smoke in the sky. Everybody was calling us to make sure we had seen it. No sun at all today though, it's too cloudy and smoky. DH is going fishing with brother this afternoon. They are going about 125 miles from here and will fish all night, when it's cooler. So I have some time alone until DS comes home from work after 8pm. Oh, whatever shall I do? I think I will rent some chick-flicks I've been wanting to see.

Okay, you all have a great weekend. I plan on it. See ya's Monday!

miriam1129 on 07/06/2003:
hi im from yuma az....i guess you have heard of it? every one hates it here..lol..i dont know why..well thanks for your support i'll be cheering for u too..

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jul 02, 2003
Weight: 162.0

Okay, nothing much here to report. How are you all doing? Better than me, I hope. Or is that "I"? Whatever..... I'm doing so-so, nothing to write home about. At least my weight is still hanging in the lower 160's. I wish it were 150's though, of course. But I haven't earned it so I can't complain. I'm thinking now I will just take it easy and really get busy on Monday, heh. Monday. Well, there is the holiday this Friday and I know I will be eating stuff. Everyone is coming over here for dinner and a "sort of" birthday party and fourth of July combined. My sis and BIL are bringing the food (sloppy joes and stuff, brownies for dessert) so I don't need to do anything except have the house cleaned and pool ready. It's going to be a hot day so I don't imagine we will spend time outdoors unless we are going in the pool and I doubt I will be doing that. They're saying 105 or thereabouts. I'm just going to relax and do a lot of talking and listening, haha. Okay, I don't know if I'll be on here until Monday so you all have a happy Fourth of July and anyone from Canada, I hope you had a good Canada Day. And anyone else, well, just have fun, okay?

Soon2BThin - Monday Jun 30, 2003
Weight: 161.0

Hey, I haven't been on here for a week now, that must be a record for me! How's everyone doing? I must get caught up here! There's not much new with me, still not doing well or exercising, maybe that's why I haven't been on here, I don't want to bore everyone or bring ya's down, ya know. The eating part hasn't been too bad since I started a new diabetes medication and it makes me kind of nauseous, heh. In fact, I felt so bad yesterday I spent half the day in bed. What a lazy day! When I was awake I just layed around watching the game show channel. Or read the book I'm currently reading "Armageddon" the 11th Left Behind series book. I'm almost finished, BTW. I won't give away any of the happenings though.

Okay, it's going up to 106 degrees with more of the same all week. Sheesh! Time to get in the pool! It feels like the cooler is not doing much cooling today in here, the humidity is 61 percent in here, maybe that's why. Time to turn on the AC, ya think? I'll have to check with the "boss". Humidity outside is 22 percent today (high for here) and the dew point is 52. They say if it stays above 50 for 3 days, the monsoon season is here. Doesn't look like rain though, haha, although the sky is still a little hazy from the Aspen fire smoke. Big, big fire. Probably about 10 miles from us now. Okay, that's the weather report from our neck of the woods, now back to......

I hope I have a better update tomorrow. The plan is exercise, water and eating right. Okay, time for lunch, hehe! Buh-bye!

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