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Soon2BThin - Sunday Jun 22, 2003
Weight: 160.0

Hey, how's everyone doing? I just heard from JellyBelly and she said to tell everyone here that her new name here is MOPnGLO. So there, I told you.

I'm being really lazy today (what else is new?) and didn't get in the exercise this morning as I had planned. DH and I went out for breakfast at Cracker Barrel instead. So I'm still my same bad self. Let's see how tomorrow goes. I hope you're all doing well and that we all have a great week. Ta-ta!

Golightly on 06/23/2003:
Hi Soonie! Congrats on the weight loss! And don't question it ... just enjoy it!!

Thanks for the note and hugs you left me. Yes, my hormones were checked during the various tests and they are fine. So the mystery continues. I indulged in self-pity and food all weekend -- aurgh! But I'm back on my diet now and planning to stop worrying about my hair!

Take care!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jun 21, 2003
Weight: 160.0

Hey, how's the weekend going? I don't know why, but my weight is going down some! It can't be because of what I'm eating, I can tell you. But I will take it and get back to work on it now since it's giving me a head start.

Biscotti, as for TOPS, I forgot all about it this Friday and I already made an appointment at the chiropractor for next Friday so I can't go then, but soon I am going to try to check it out. Thanks for asking and reminding me. Yeah, I wonder what happened with muggg and Stella too. I worry about people when they don't show up anymore. I hope they are doing okay.

So my plan for tomorrow is to get up early and get that walk in first thing. And follow a better eating plan too. I keep thinking about trying CAD again like Golightly or just cutting way back on the carbs and following WW again, as Pasta is doing. I'll let you know how it comes out.

Well, it's been a beautiful day here so far. The fire is still burning on the mountain, it's the Aspen fire in the Coronado Forest that's been on the world news. I can still see the smoke from our back yard. It's really a shame that it has burned so much property. I had only been up there once a couple of years ago. It's nice and cool compared to down here. But it only got to about 95 here today, a pleasant day for our area this time of year. And WINDY!! That's why they're having such a hard time with that fire. So I hope you are all having a good one. Take care and hang in there!

MOPnGLO on 06/22/2003:
Hey! This is Jelly Belly! My new name on here is MOPnGLO. Let everyone know please!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 19, 2003
Weight: 161.5

Hey, what's going on around here?! What has happened to all the old regulars, like Kyrin and her sister, SoccerMom? And I know Pasta took some time off but I sure miss them all. Not that all the rest of you aren't the greatest! I was just thinking, if I never came back and made an entry, I'll bet no one would even notice that. But that sounds a little bit like, "poor me, nobody likes me" and I don't want to be saying that. Besides my entries are pretty boring lately, not doing well, no exercise, what the heck am I doing here anyway?! But I just keep coming back, boring the heck out of everyone, hah!

There is a window right next to my computer here and we had it tinted last year to keep a lot of the sun out during the summer. The birds will come right up and sit on the window sill or the security bars and they can't see in since the tinting reflects on the outside. So my cat sits right there on the inside and tries to get them and they don't even know she's there. She'll sit there most of the day, watching them. It's so hot here right now, 102, and the birds like to get near the windows because it's a little cooler there. Poor birdies! Drives my cat crazy though. It's really windy here today too and we have a huge fire going up on the near mountains. It's already burned almost 500 acres and still going strong. It's sad because there was a fire there last year at this time and already so much was burned. You know the fires here are pretty common since they always name them, just like hurricanes. You can just see all the smoke from it in the air around here, the sky is sort of brown.

Okay, that's the news from my part of the world. I'm still eating badly and not exercising. I had fully planned on staying up this morning after the DH left for work but I had a really bad night's sleep again, the weirdest dreams, so I went right back to bed for another couple of hours. Darn, when am I going to get my act together here?! At least my weight is not moving much but I'm feeling so fat. And I just have no energy. Who knows when I'll get back to my old self. I just feel like crap. I know, that's no excuse and I don't have a better one. So you all keep on doing well. I'm lurking around here, reading all the entries and hoping for some inspiration. One of these days......

P.S. I forgot to mention--I got the results of my bone density test. Under all this fat, I have great bones. Well, they didn't put it exactly like that, just that I have great bones. At least part of me is doing okay, heh!

Soon2BThin - Monday Jun 16, 2003
Weight: 161.0

Good Monday morning, everyone! So I'm up a half pound from yesterday, you should see what I ate, hahaha! Nope, you don't wanna know! Well, I was finally going to get started on the exercise this morning, had it all planned out. You see, I get up at 5am with the DH, fix him breakfast and his lunch, then get him out the door for work. Then I was going to get ready for my walk before the sun had a chance to come up. But, ya see, we left the cooler on all night (that's what people use out here to cool their house when it's not humid out, it circulates water through the pads and blows out cool, moist air, just thought you'd want to know, hah!) anyways, I didn't sleep very well because I was too cold. Then at 4:30am the smoke alarm outside my bedroom door started making beep noises about every 60 seconds, so I was awake even earlier than planned. (It needed a new battery) To make a long story short---I took pity on myself and went back to bed after DH left. Bad, baaaaad! But I promised myself I'd walk tomorrow. I'm going out shopping today so I won't have time for a walk. Besides it will be too hot later. There, is that enough excuses?! I know, I know, not good enough. But that's it anyway. Nyaaaaah!

Okay, time for breakfast and Regis and Kelly. I'll try not to be too bad today and better for sure tomorrow. I hope you all have a great day. Buh-bye!

dolyda on 06/16/2003:
aahhh...i remember the swamp coolers all to well...i lived in West Tx for several years...ours used to set our smoke detector off...we eventually moved the smoke detector!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jun 15, 2003
Weight: 160.5

Well, how is everyone doing this fine Sunday?! I just got out of the pool where I just lay there and floated and soaked up some sun. Lazy me! I did swim a couple of laps, heh! I'm starting to get a nice tan and, as everyone knows, tan fat looks better that white fat, right? Hahaha! I haven't been on here for a few days, nothing much new. I'm not doing very well with the eating and exercise, just holding steady with my weight. I hope you are all doing better than I. (or is it, than me) I even hit McD's this morning, boo, hiss. Everything else is pretty far away from us but, wouldn't you know, there is a McD's within a couple of miles. Darn, that Ronald McDonald. But it was greatly enjoyed and I don't even feel too guilty about it.

Okay, I'm going to go try to get caught up with you all here. Welcome to any newcomers to the DD. And good luck. And I hope PastaGal is back. Hi, Maria, good to see you here. I hope things are going great for BiscottiBody, she works so hard. Keep up the good work, everyone! Have a great week!

Golightly on 06/16/2003:
Hi Soonie! Well, I see your weight went back down! I'm glad those few pounds didn't disourage you. As you know, we are in this for the long-haul. One or two pounds either way won't matter a few months from now, when we are thinner! This is about where we are going to be next CHRISTMAS, not about how the scale looks this week.

Ha, ha, your line "tan fat looks better than white fat" gave me a giggle! Oh dear, I guess we do look better cooked! I was looking at my white legs on the weekend ... they are almost neon white! ... and thinking that I had better get some colour on them. My sister's garden wedding is in August and I want to wear a short sun-dress! But not with these legs!

I agree, Ronald McDonald is cruel. I imagine he has a HUGE ass ... why else would he wear those pants? There are days I really miss Big Macs ... God, how I loved them. I haven't stepped into a McD's in months. I don't want to look like The Grimace anymore!!

Take care and keep up the weight loss!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 12, 2003
Weight: 162.0

Well, at least I'm being honest, hehe! Up another 2. When will this all end and start going the right direction?! I'm sure you have all given up on me! Well, guess what! I think I'm going to try TOPS! I've found a meeting about 9 miles from me on Friday mornings. But I can't go this week, I have a bone density test scheduled for tomorrow morning. But next week I'm going to check it out, the first meeting is free. You can follow any diet you want, it's just for support, I think. So we'll see how it goes. Don't let me forget to go next week, okay?

Sooooooo....I thought "I'm going to have a big McD's breakfast this morning, sort of for a last pig-out before I go back on WW" I think it was that "other" me that talked me into it! Who would believe all that greasy food would fit in my stomach. I guess it still hasn't shrunk, haha! And the rest of the day hasn't been much better. But I'm going to have a Lean Cuisine for dinner. Fry's had them for $1.99 and I luuuvvvv the Sweet and Sour Chicken dinner. I bought 4 of them today. I would have bought more but I'd just bought 5 at WalMart Monday and paid $2.75 each, darnit! I think I will go back to Fry's before the sale is off and buy more. Did I mention I luuuuvvv that one? I really think I could eat it every day. Uh-oh, I'd better check the sugar content since I need to watch my sugar now. Darn! You know something that has the word "sweet" in the name has to have a lot of sugar. Well, maybe if I don't eat anything else sugary at the same meal it won't be too bad. Anyway I should be in Sweet and Sour Chicken heaven for days to come.

I did get caught up with you all yesterday. But I do miss PastaGal. I hope she's doing okay. I know she cared very much for her MIL. And she took such good care of her for so long. I did leave some comments but if I didn't get one on yours, just know that I was there, I just didn't know what to say, sorry. So many of you here are such inspiration to me. I really need to keep up every day here.

Okay, time for dinner. My Lean Cuisine and Hollywood Squares. I know, I know, that's a big no-no, eating while watching TV. Shut up! I am truly old, you know. Take care, see ya's all tomorrow.

Maria7 on 06/13/2003:
Hey, Soonie! You're not the only one that has put on weight, so don't feel alone! Just hang in there and your chicken dinners sound like you will do fine!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jun 11, 2003
Weight: 160.0

Okay, okay, the prodigal old lady has returned! And a bad one she has been, hehe! Here's all the newest news from my life.....I have given up the Atkins diet now, also tried the Carbohydrate Addict's diet a couple of days, hmpf! I just can't stick with either one! I was feeling so bad and not like my usual self. So I've given up the struggle (wuss!) and I'm now sort of doing WW once again. Although, so far, I'm not really doing that one either, hah! I'm feeling somewhat like I'm just so far off the wagon, I can't even see it's tail lights. But now I'm running to catch up! Still no exercise either. My back has been killing me the last couple of days (ya think it could be from when I helped DS move the computer desk out so he could work on it?), the kind of back ache that makes my legs ache too, hard to sleep well at night, can't get comfortable, that sort of thing. So even though the mornings are fairly cool here lately, I have yet to get my butt out there and walk. Bad, bad Soonie!! So we'll see how tomorrow goes (struggle, struggle). As you can see, the weight has gone back up considerably, waaaah! No surprise there. The surprise is that I can even get the nerve to get on the poor scale. Darn, I was so thinking I would never see the 160's again. But it's just what I deserve.

Sooooo, how are you all doing? I must confess I've been a bit remiss about visiting here lately. I certainly hope you are all doing much better than I am. And I'm sure you are. Stand back, don't let my badness rub off on you, haha! Okay, I'm going to spend the rest of the afternoon catching up, at least, until the DH gets home from work. Man, I feel so guilty with him working out in the heat and I'm here on my butt in the cool house. But I guess I'm lucky he's the great DH he is, working and getting us great health insurance coverage. I found out yesterday that my blood sugar needs some help in the way of another medication and my bad cholesterol is through the roof so I will be increasing the amount of Zocor I'm taking from 5 mg. every other day to 40 mg. every day! Bummer! Hey, I may keel over any minute! I know, I shouldn't joke about that, it's really serious. But what you reap, you shall sow. So that's where I'm at. Time to get back in my old groove before it's too late. Kind of like a wake-up call, huh?

Okay, the dryer is finished, I must get my clothes out before they wrinkle. I'll keep you updated if you're interested. Buh-bye!

Golightly on 06/12/2003:
Hi Soonie! Oh dear, you've been doing as badly as me? I guess we both have to get our butts in gear! Actually, I just wrote this morning that I'm temporarily giving up on the Carboydrate Addicts Diet. I'm losing so much hair, plus I want all the fresh fruits that are in season! For the next week or two, I'm just counting calories. When I visit my doctor next week, I'll discuss whether to back on the CA diet.

So, I guess we are both ditching the low-carb approach! Cherries, here I come!

You know, I think you are very brave for weighing yourself and then logging-on for support. Admittedly I've been the position where I've thought "I'm so far off the wagon, what's the point?" But I force myself to face reality (the scale) and that's what gets me going again. As long as we are not hiding from the problem, we are on the wagon!!

Actually, one of the good things about this site is that we keep ourselves accountable for our actions. We post our weights, we tell everyone our problems and we face everything head-on. Girl, you got on the scale AND logged-on! You are brave! You are facing this!

Anyway, promise me you will get out for walk! I promise I will go for a swim!! We can do this!

superstarr on 06/12/2003:
Thanks for your 2 cents. I did end up however going to the luncheon and I just didn't eat anything. Before we left I ate the lunch I had brought from home and then I just sat and chatted while everyone else ate. It was nice and it felt so good to not eat that crap! I was very proud of myself =)

I hope you find a program you like and can stick to. I know it can be hard. I waffle back and forth all the time trying figure out what I am going to do. Im trying atkins now for the next couple weeks just to lose some emergency weight and then I will switch to something else along the same lines but not quite as strict or fatty. Yesterday I had like 56 grams of fat doing this diet!! OUCH!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 05, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 156.5

Good morning! How's it going today? Everyone got their water beside them? Hey, speaking of water--I read in a little e-mail yesterday that I get from "RealAge.com" every day that you shouldn't keep filling up the same plastic bottle of water all the time. Repeated fillings of water tend to break down the plastic and you end up drinking plastic chemicals in you water. Just thought I'd pass that along. It said you shouldn't refill your bottles more than once or twice then throw them away. I think I may just disregard that one though. How much can it hurt, right? I've been doing it a long time anyways, hah!

Okay, the weight is still going in the right direction. Just not fast enough for me, haha! Once I get back down enough where I won't be losing the same old pounds, I'll be happy. I think I'm going to do the Atkins diet for the rest of this week, until Monday. Then I'm going to try the Carbohydrate Addict's Diet. I'm going to try to find the book today at the book store so I can follow it correctly. I got their old book at the library but I know they've changed some things. So I'm going to give it a try. It looks like Golightly is doing really well with it. (Hi, Go!) Well, I had another really good day yesterday, ate well and did some exercise in the pool. Today feels like a kind of difficult day, I'm hungry and I want my oatmeal and toast for breakfast but I'll persevere and have Scramblers instead. I just feel in kind of a bad mood today, you know, like I'm kind of tired of the same old thing. I need me some junk food to kind of perk things up, haha. But I've talked myself out of that. I know if I want to keep losing I must stick with it. And I WANT to keep losing!!

Okay, same old thing here, the weather is hot, HOT, breezy again (will we ever have a calm day again around here?!) going up to 102 today. I hate the wind, you clean the pool and turn around and the wind has blown more junk in it. Poor me, hahaha! So I hope your lives are going well and things are nice where you are. I'm going out today later to Michael's (they have some hanging silk plants on sale for half price), the pool supply store, the book store and the grocery store. No Burger King or McD's! I'll talk to you all later. Have a good one!

Nichole_130 on 06/05/2003:
That is so funny what just happened! I just posted my comment about the Russell Stover candy and then was reading your diary and you said the same thing. I even got them at Wal-Greens and got the peppermint patties even though they had other stuff. They WERE good, weren't they?? I am so happy someone else can vouch for that. Also, I would like to know more about the Carb Addicts Diet, since I am on Atkins right now. Let me know when you know more about it. Have a good day!

Golightly on 06/06/2003:
Yikes! I just read your compliment about how well I'm doing, and now I feel guilty! I've had a terrible food week. They cater the jury which I am on, which means free cookies, donuts, muffins ... and hey, they're FREE, so I've been eating them! Very bad! Tomorrow (Saturday) I'm going to try to get myself back on the diet again.

It's funny you mentioned oatmeal because that is the thing I miss the MOST when I'm on the diet. I am a sucker for the Quaker apple 'n cinnamon oatmeal!

Glad to see you are doing so well! I shall follow suit starting tomorrow...

Have a great weekend!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jun 04, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 157.0

Good morning, everyone! Happy Hump Day! How are you all doing this fine day? I'm doing okay, just awful hungry this morning. I guess it's because I really didn't eat much yesterday. Usually I'm not this hungry in the morning. Guess I'll have eggs again, sheesh! I just don't feel like eating meat first thing in the morning. I do have some Atkins breakfast bars though, maybe I'll try one of those. Oh, you low-carb people out there, I've discovered that Russell Stover makes some low-carb candy. I bought the "peppermint patties" at Walgreen's for 99 cents and they are GOOD! You only get two little ones in the pack but if you eat one really slow with small bites, it seems to satisfy that chocolate craving. I do love my sweet stuff!

So I lost one of those new pounds overnight. Now I must just keep it going in the right direction. I did have a really good day yesterday, food-wise, and I did get out in the pool in the afternoon and did a lot of exercises there. I'm still not back at the walking thing though. Maybe I'll take a walk later when the sun is going down. It's not too hot then if there is a little breeze.

Today is the last day for taking the Prednisone, I'm glad of that. The rash is almost gone on my legs and I just may get around to shaving them finally today, heh! Okay, I hope you all have as good a day as I will. May all your stumbling blocks turn into stepping stones. (I stole that quote from someone's site, I hope she doesn't mind) Take care, I'll see you tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jun 03, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 158.0

Honesty is the best policy, right? So there's my new weight, as of this morning. I was down 2 pounds from that yesterday! Oh, well, easy go, easy come! Alas, Golightly, I think we will always have the problem with food, for the rest of our lives. Just think, it could be something worse, hah!

So you can see, I had another high carb day yesterday. Why do I do this? I don't know, think I will ask Dr. Phil! Did you see his show yesterday? I think I had a few "lightbulb" moments there, maybe I can make this work. I'd like to get his book and the workbook. I think I have a handle on why I sabotage myself like this but I still need some work. What do ya think?!

A busy, busy day yesterday too, you'd think I wouldn't have had time to eat! But I did. I was just overloaded with things and didn't have the time to get on here. I did find some time to get out in the pool though and had me some nice exercise, yayyyy! And a little sun too. Now I have lost that "pasty" look but my legs still look bad. Need to work on that. And I haven't shaved them for weeks now since I had that rash, yech! Thankfully the rash is almost gone now. 2 more days on the Prednisone.

Going to have blood drawn at the doc's this morning so I'm fasting right now. I'll find out the results next week when I see her. I'm wondering how my cholesterol is doing. Then at 10:00 I have to see the chiropractor again. And I am finding some improvement in my neck so that's working. Then I will come home and have breakfast. Don't think that the thought didn't cross my mind to stop at Burger King or McD's and pick up some greasy breakfast to take home! Baaaad Soonie! But my other self talked me out of it and I will head straight home and stick to my diet today.

Okay, how's your day going so far? I must finish getting ready to go here, my appointment at the doc's is at 8:30 and it takes me about half an hour to get there. What will I do between the time I finish there and 10:00 when I head to the chiropractor's?? It's too far to go home and then go back out. And the stores aren't open yet then. Problems, problems, guess I'll figure it out. I hope you all have a great day. Take care, I'll see ya's tomorrow!

Golightly on 06/03/2003:
Hi Soonie! Ha, ha, easy go easy come! Nice twist on a concept! It's scary how easy the weight can come back on though, isn't it? But don't fret too much ... it's probably just a weight fluctuation that will go back down in a day or two.

Congrats on NOT going to McD's or BK! Good for you! Small victories add up!

I saw Dr. Phil yesterday too. It certainly made me think -- especially his comment about willpower NOT being as important as making sure you don't set yourself up for failure. It made me proud that I had given away all my "fat" clothes! I'm not sure about these defining moments he keeps talking about. For me, I have basically been gaining weight since I was born! It was never stagnant in the first place, so there's no defining moment as to when I STARTED to gain. After all, I'm 40 years old ... 5 pounds per year adds ups! Anyway, I'm tempted to buy the books too ... I would definately like to explore why I eat a little more closely. (So far all I've got is : IT TASTES GOOD! ha ha)

Take care!

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