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Soon2BThin - Sunday Jun 01, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 157.0

Okay, up another pound, this is going the wrong way! How's your weekend going? So, I deserve the extra pound, I ate Subway for dinner, all that bread, and I had 2 cookies and a granola bar later because, you know, once you screw up it's okay to screw up even more, hah! So no big surprise with the weight this morning. I'm going to follow the program to a T today and if I don't show a loss tomorrow, I'll know it's the Prednisone--- I think. Whatever! BTW, the rash is getting better and only 4 more days on the Prednisone.

Maybe I'll get some exercise in today. I know, that doesn't sound very enthusiastic, does it? It's really hot here today but what can you expect from Arizona this time of year?! And I plan on getting in the pool later and doing some kind of workout. Oh, I did 30 ab crunches on the diving board yesterday along with the paddling around in the pool. I know, not much. So I'm working my way back into it, okay?!

Okay, here's to a really good day for everyone, especially me, I need it! See you all tomorrow!

yawanano on 06/02/2003:
Oh well, the good thing about Atkins is that a couple of days back on track usually wipes away the sin, lol. I just can't seem to stick to it for more than a few days at a time and I keep gaining and losing the same few pounds over and over and over! How frustrating! Good luck with your efforts, at least you don't have far to go!

SoccerMom on 06/02/2003:
I hear ya! Those carbs are keeping me from getting any further, too. Hubby likes to just grab a sandwich, while we're working on the remodelling over the weekend...and that bread is over 30 grams of carbs...eek! Not a good way to spend my carb allotment.

The prednisone seems to put pounds on, too...not sure if it just makes you more hungry, or if there's some evil chemical reaction whereby the fat molecules are just <i>glued</i> to your insides...but I gain every time I've ever had to take it.

Take heart! It's only for a few more days, then you can get back to normal, and the pounds will start to come back off.

Allie on 06/02/2003:
You made me laugh with your "because, you know, once you screw up it's okay to screw up even more"! That's exactly how I think!! =) But great attitude about gettin' back on track tomorrow! BTW how do you change the colors in your diary entries like that? They look totally cool!

*\o/* Allie

Golightly on 06/03/2003:
Hi Soonie! Admittedly, I am having problems with the carb diet! First, I am still struggling the hair loss and now I am having problems sticking to it! Lately I've been having carbs at breakfast too! Oh dear ... Luckily, I am still keeping under 1350 cals/day, so I am losing (thanks for noticing I'm down another 2 pounds! I can't wait until I'm out of the 170's for good!). I've decided to give myself the week "off" my carb diet and give it another try next week.

To answer your questions, my reward meal is dinner ... I sometimes skip the salad, but I always keep it to 1/3-1/3-1/3 proportions. I have desert 2-3 times per week. I have a real sweet tooth, so it would be impossible for me to go without! Sometimes, even when I don't stick to the 1/3 proportions, I still lose weight!

I think the hardest part, for me, is trying to have a social life with the diet. Ordering in restaurants is difficult (and sometimes disappointing). And I can't really go out for drinks with friends now. I am going to have to find some solutions to this, as I have no intention of becoming a recluse!!

I've been exercising for over 4 months now and somehow it still hasn't become a "habit". It still feels like I have to force myself into it. I exercise every second day but it's a struggle!

I am really beginning to think this does not get "easier". Will food be a struggle for the rest of my life??

Soon2BThin - Saturday May 31, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 156.0

Just a quickie here. I hope you're all having a good weekend. I'm doing okay. Up a half from yesterday. I hope that won't be the trend now. I started taking this Prednisone for the rash on my legs and I know it can make you gain weight, it's a steroid drug. Last time I took it, though, I lost a lot of weight and then gained it all back. And I had such an appetite! I'll try to control myself this time though. I only have to take it for 6 days and that's all. I have a rash on lower legs almost like I had 2 years ago at this time. Never did find out what caused it. I just hate to see the weight going up even though I'm doing well. Not much exercise but I did get in the pool this afternoon with the DH and paddled around some. Okay, take care, see ya's later!

pollyanna on 06/01/2003:
I hope the rash goes away quickly and the Prednisone doesn't cause your body (and mind) too much stress! It is a killer, that drug. Here's to good health!

peace,<br>pollyanna :)

Soon2BThin - Friday May 30, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 155.5

So I'm a little late today but doing well so far. I had a good day yesterday too. We went to TGI Friday's for dinner and I had the cobb salad without avacado, black olives, blue cheese or croutons, with ranch dressing. Well, by the time it finally got to us, I was feeling that sick feeling again, like having low blood sugar so I immediately ate 3 bites of the bread stick. And they had brought blue cheese dressing instead of ranch (ewww!) and I didn't notice till I had put it on the salad. She offered to bring me another salad but I said it was okay and just picked out the egg, chicken and tomato bits and ate those. I wasn't very hungry after all. They also took it off our bill :) Then we stopped at Mom's, as we usually do on Thursdays, to change her sheets, pick up doggie-do in the yard and take out the trash can for pick up on Friday. By the time we got home it had started to rain and we got quite a shower here. A little early for rain around here but it was welcome. By then I was hungry again so I ate some strawberries with Cool-Whip, a few Atkins chips and half of an Atkins Advantage bar. Then nothing after 7pm. I kept wanting to eat the rest of the evening, I guess because of those bites of breadstick I had eaten earlier, carbs. But I managed to control myself ;)

Okay, so here's to another good day. I'm doing well so far. I hope you are doing so also. Hey, what happened to Herb?! Anyways, I got all caught up with everyone's entries yesterday, keep up the good work, people! Have a great day!

Beth 201 on 05/30/2003:
I agree on the blue cheese dressing. No thank you! (YUCK) Well it seems you are doing well. Well I hope you are having a great summer. Keep up the good work. Beth :)

pollyanna on 05/31/2003:
Okay this IS something happening out there--every person I have read this morning (myself included) has been experiencing a STRONG desire to eat--hungry when normally we wouldn't be. It must be the position of the sun or something.

I also know that "sick feeling" with low blood sugar. A couple of bites of carbs won't cause the hunger later--the whole breadstick or two might--I will also think about not eating after 7 (yeah yeah I've said that before, haven't I?). I agree about blue cheese....*shudder*

peace<br>pollyanna :)

Soon2BThin - Thursday May 29, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 156.0

Happy Thursday, everyone! How are you all doing? It's only 7:55am here so I'm off to an earlier start than I had yesterday, hah! No exercise though, it's so darn hot here. I know, that's no excuse. I never did get in the pool yesterday, it was so windy and the pool was just full of tree debris so I was out there cleaning it out in the afternoon sun. It's still not too great and it's going to be windy today too. Darn, I'm tired of windy days! Supposed to get to 101 again today. Sheesh!

Well, I had a really good day, food-wise yesterday. But the scale said the same this morning. Probably because of the bad day I had Tuesday. Oh, well, I'm happy with it.

It seems we've lost a few regulars here, Kyrin, MichelleP. We miss you guys! I hope they come back. I know sometimes I need to take a few days off here too but I always come back. I feel that some here are not too happy to be hearing all about the low-carb thing but we all have to do whatever works for us, right? And it's exciting to have something that works so we tend to run on some about it. I hope you all don't mind. I'm going to stick with the Atkins until I get below 150 again, then probably try the Carb Addicts Diet with Golightly. We'll see how that goes. I know it's devastating to anyone who has gained back a lot, as I did---over 10 pounds. And it's taking me so long to get it back off again. So it looks like this low-carb thing may be the way I can do it. And I really don't believe it is harmful as I used to think. I'm also hoping it will help keep my blood sugar down--I'm diabetic--and my cholesterol also, as it says. I'm having blood drawn next Tuesday so I'll find out about all that the following week when I see the doctor. I know I haven't been on it long enough to have done much good but I'd like to see just how I'm doing since I started taking the Zocor every other day instead of every day.

Okay, I'm off to start the day. I already fed and watered the birdies, the poor things, it's so hot for them lately. I still need to fill the hummingbird feeders, haven't done that for awhile. I'll talk to you all tomorrow. Have a great day!

Golightly on 05/29/2003:
Hi Soonie! Yeh, I've been wondering about Kyrin and MichelleP. I'm hoping they haven't given up on their diet efforts! Gosh, it would be nice to hear from them again!

I think cleaning the pool probably gave you some exercise (even if you never got in for a swim!).

Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday May 28, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 156.0

Good morning, err, afternoon, I guess, in the east! It's only 10:15am here. And another no-exercise day. But I may go out in the pool later and do some exercise there. It's just really so hot today. I think it only got down to 73 over night here. Going up past 100 again today. And it's WINDY! The wind chimes are really noisy today! So I got DH off to work this morning at 6:30 and went back to bed. I'm getting a bad habit of doing that. But I've been just really tired lately. Guess I should exercise, as Golightly said. I know I always feel better when I do. It's been sooooo long, hard to get back at it.

Well, yesterday I went completely off the diet! I didn't have any eggs again and nothing else on the diet sounded good for breakfast. So I thought I would try just eating my oatmeal for breakfast and then doing the regular diet the rest of the day and see what would happen. Well, I was fine all morning, then just after noon, I started to feel hungry and weak and nauseas (?). When I looked at the leftover chicken I was going to eat, I knew I just couldn't eat one bite. I felt so bad! So I grabbed a granola bar and lay down on my bed and ate it. Then I fell asleep for an hour! When I woke up I was hungry so I fixed some noodle soup, you know, the kind in the package. Then I just kept eating and eating, cereal, banana, chips, and an apple butter sandwich! I guess having the carbs again affected me in such a bad way. So I ended up having a very bad day. But when I weighed this morning, it was still the same. Go figure! So I'm back on the Atkins this morning, eggs, sausage, cheese, you know the drill. But it's nice to know that I could take a day off and no harm done, weight-wise, that is. But once I start with the carbs I have to eat more often to avoid that low-blood sugar thing again.

Okay, I'm going to go enjoy my windy, hot day here. Not much work to do. Oh, as for getting a job---I'm not really looking but if something just right comes along, I guess I would go to work. DH is on full-time now with the school district so we will have good insurance now. And he really seems to like his job. I hope he's not just saying that for my benefit, he's that kind of guy. I know I'm so lucky for him to put with me. So for now, I'm going to just make things nice around here and take care of all the chores there are around the house and pool. And always have a good dinner for him later. And just be a good wife. I don't know if I mentioned, he's 57 years old and was retired for about the past 5 years.

Okay, I've just got to go read some entries now, I'm so far behind. Thanks for all the comments. Take care and have a great day!

Golightly on 05/29/2003:
Soonie, it sounds like you were sick yesterday (naseous, tired) so I wouldn't kick myself over having the bad day! Sometimes we all have days like that. On Monday I was just not myself. I was so exhausted that, after getting up early to workout, I immediately went back to bed and slept until 2pm!! Crazy! And I have days where I am absolutely RAVENOUS, so I let myself eat. Otherwise I will be miserable and full of self-pity and absolutely no fun to be around! So believe me, you are not alone!

Your husband sounds really nice. I think it's sweet that he would protect you and not tell you if he hates his job!

Soonie, you have really lost some pounds over the last month, and you should be proud of yourself!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 27, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 156.0

Well, well, I seem to have lost some of my old self, hahaha! So you can see how I've been doing this week. I'm back on the Atkins diet the last 4 days. Although, yesterday, I did have a small spoonful of baked beans and some Fritos. It looks like it didn't hurt things a bit, since yesterday I was at 157.5. I'm going to try to keep this up as long as I can and then switch over to the Carbohydrate Addicts Diet and see how that will go. Right now I feel pretty dragged out and I'm waiting for that energy rush to start. I get out of breath just walking from my bedroom to the kitchen, heh! Oh, and that could be because I haven't been exercising at all. One of these days I plan to get back at that.

How was your weekend? I hope you are all doing well with your plans. We had the family over for a cookout yesterday and played in the pool all afternoon. I made those baked beans and I just couldn't resist tasting a little. They were worth it! Everyone else had apple pie for dessert but I controlled myself, thinking, it probably isn't that good anyway. So I've had 4 good days so far.

Okay, time to make some breakfast. I hope to get on here later and get caught up with you all. I haven't been here for days now. You all have a great day!

dolyda on 05/27/2003:
Congrats!!...keep up the good work...and get some exercise!!! :D

pastagal on 05/27/2003:
Soonie,i am so glad that you are sticking with the low carb,,,ya know just leaving the ,potatoes,,rice,,bread,white bread that is,and pasta,,sugars alone will cause you to lose slowly,,i know for me i have been amazed at how not eating sugar stuff for the past month now ,how it has made me not crave it anymore ,,i use to almost always want something sweet after i ate lunch and dinner,,and for my birthday my son brought over a strawberry cheesecake and insisted that i was going to eat some,so i gave in and had them cut me a small peice,,it took me forever to eat it and it was sooooooo sweet tasteing ,,i was surprised at how that small peice was enough to satisfy me,,,anyway,,,just know that if you do have times when you eat something you should not eat,,just eat smaller amounts and don't let yourself get hungry to the point of over endulging ,,,anyway,,your doing great and i know for me i am eating lots of food and it feels great to lose weight without starving myself now,because for those who do starve themselves to lose the weight,,i feel bad for them because i know they will gain it back once they go back to eating normal again,,and i know with eating this way,you can lose and will lose and nothave to starve:}Have a great day soonie;}

Golightly on 05/28/2003:
Hi Soonie! Ah, there's nothing better than homemade baked beans! I can understand how you couldn't resist them! Yum...

Sounds like you are doing great! Maybe some exercise will help you get rid of that dragged-out feeling. I hate exercising, but I always feel better afterwards!

Keep up the good work and have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Thursday May 22, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 160.0

So how's everyone doing? Better than I, I hope! Well, the weight is going back up again, hah! I guess when you eat like I have been doing, that's what happens! Can you believe, I didn't eat the Atkins way (or, anyway!) today because I didn't have any eggs in the house and I didn't want to eat anything else for breakfast?! So it's been a really bad day. I know you don't want to hear this and I wasn't going to make an entry today at all, but I started reading the entries this evening and just reading CharlieAngel's got me to thinking, HOW CAN I DO THIS?!!!! Gosh, she's doing so well! To have that stamina to refuse the fried fish and all the fixin's when she very easily could have given in, and to do 3 MILES of the Leslie Sansone walking!! What the heck am I doing here?!! Well, all I can say is "I will try again" "tomorrow is another day", okay? I will keep going on, I will not give up!

Okay, I hope you all have a great day tomorrow! I will, I promise! Oh, and we go see Wayne Newton too, that ain't all bad, haha! Don't give up on me, people! BTW, does anyone know what happened to MichelleP? I miss her. See ya's all tomorrow!

Golightly on 05/23/2003:
Hi Soonie; I was thinking along the same lines as you. I saw Buttahfly's new weight and just thought "Why do I keep cheating? If she can do this, I can do this!" Thank God for these boards.

Don't worry, we won't give up on you. I'm sure you have better days ahead!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 20, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 158.0

Didn't weigh this morning yet. Probably up some. I ate carbs yesterday, lots of them. I'm thinking of trying the Carb Addicts Diet instead of going all low-carb. This low-carb thing is giving me problems---constipation, low energy, dizziness. So I will do low carb until dinner, then have a balanced dinner. We'll see how that works.

So how is it going for you today? I did get to read quite a few entries yesterday, left a few comments, while watching Dr. Phil and Oprah. Did you see that guy get to sing with the Temptations? What a good show!

Well, the chiropractor did some more adjusting on my back and neck yesterday, still hurts today. He thinks if I keep this up it will get better. Of course it's in his best interest to say that, hah! But I guess I'll keep it up for awhile and see. Too bad it costs so much!

So, no exercise again today. I don't know why I can't get going. I used the excuse this time of not getting enough sleep last night. DH started a new job this morning with the school district, full time. So he was up real early this morning and so was I. But I went back to bed for awhile.

Okay, maybe tomorrow will be better. I'm not going to exercise now since it's too darn hot. I'll let you know how the diet goes today. Have a good one!

Scarletta on 05/20/2003:
I know how you feel, I have had absolutely no motivation lately. I also watched oprah...that is the one show that I watch everyday.

dolyda on 05/20/2003:
the problems you're having with atkins will pass....if you follow Atkins like it was written, you should only feel bad for about 3-4 days & then you will be hit with so much energy you won't quite know what to do with it...you also won't need as much sleep anymore...i realize you have to do what's right for you, but i really think you should give it a 100% shot before you give up on it! :D

kamryn on 05/20/2003:

I see that you used to be on WW. I joined yesterday. So if you have any tips for me... I'd really enjoy hearing them. Thanks. Good luck.

Golightly on 05/21/2003:
Hi Soonie! Sorry I haven't gotten back to you! I am only on-line at work, and it's been crazy at the office.

Yes, I'm doing the Carb Addicts Diet. I don't eat carbs except at dinner. My only problem with it is when I am in a social situation. I can stick to the diet no problem UNTIL I have to eat at a restaurant or go to a dinner party. Then it's almost impossible. Every single tossed salad at restaurants has carrots, which is a carb. And they grate them into the salads ... very hard to pick out! Other than that, my problems are mostly the struggles with my emotions, not the diet. I've lost a steady 2 pounds per week since January (until this week ... oh dear!)

I'm with you ... I hate exercise and it's a constant struggle to force myself. I was bemoaning this the other day ... when is exercising going to simply become a habit and not feel like a struggle? I've exercised almost every day for 4 months, and it still doesn't feel like part of my routine!! I think maybe it's against my nature to workout ... I am naturally a lazy sloth!!

I think it's great that you are trying new things with your diet.

Take care and have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Monday May 19, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 158.0

Good Monday morning, everyone! Well, my weight went up to 158 but I'm still down 3 pounds for the week. I haven't been exactly sticking to the induction diet and had a slice of bread each of the last few days. So I'm eating too many carbs. I'm going to cut that out and do better. And I haven't started back to exercising yet! Tomorrow for sure! I haven't been here all weekend so I have no idea what's going on here. I hope to get caught up later today. I have an appointment with the chiropractor again this morning. So far it isn't doing me any good. Okay, I'll talk to you all later. Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Friday May 16, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 157.5

Okay, the honeymoon is over! I stayed the same this morning. But that's not bad since I STILL haven't started back to exercising! DS is always after me to EXERCISE! I think tomorrow is the day. It's been so hot here now I will have to get up really early to walk.

Did anyone see the lunar eclipse last night? We watched it for quite a while. I had to keep running outside during the commercials on Friends and Will & Grace. I think I've only seen one before. Neat!

Hey, if you're interested in seeing people who have lost a lot of weight, the Discovery Health Channel has a show this afternoon, the schedule says 4pm but doesn't say what time zone so you'll have to figure it out. I'm going to start checking my TV at 1:00 just to see when exactly it is on. Sorry about that. Anyways, it's on everyday, different people. You may find it on their website.

Okay, my eating is still going well. Sometimes I have to force myself to eat. I sure miss my oatmeal and toast for breakfast though. Does anyone have any ideas of what I can eat for breakfast besides eggs? I always loved eggs but now I'm getting quite tired of them, haha! Mom gave me her box of Atkins bread mix so I may try to make that today. She said it was too involved for her to make so when I make it, I will give her some. DS is making pancakes right now, mmmmmm, they smell good! None for me, thank you. BTW, it is his 25th birthday today. Hopefully, after he finishes his medical transcription classes, he will find a good job and move out, hahaha! Things are going pretty well, but the DH and I really got used to living alone, ya know? Wish us luck, okay?

Okay, I did eat some after 7pm yesterday. We didn't get home from Mom's until after 6:30 and I made DH's dinner first, then mine. So when I finished it was after 7. Oh, and I also snacked on a few of the Atkins chips awhile later. But I drank >120oz of water all day, no diet Coke at all!

Okay, that's enough! Thanks for all your comments. You're great! And welcome to all the new members here. I didn't get through all of you yesterday, reading the entries, that is. I hope you all have a wonderful day! Buh-bye!

flossy on 05/16/2003:
could you eat cottage cheese??

pastagal on 05/16/2003:
Sounds like your really starting to get the hang of this low carb eating,,,last night the kids brought over a strawberry cheesecake and first thing my son said to me was,,,YOU are eating a small peice,you have done so well mom and its your birthday and you can have this,,so i gave in and did have a very very tiny peice,,it was good,but wasn't as good as i thought it would be,was actually to sweet tasteing ,hubby said the same thing,,my hubby is even drinking diet soda now,something he would not ever do before,but says now he likes them.

I am going to slowly start putting back in a few higher carb foods,,like pasta and rice and see if my weight stays the same or changes,i am not doing Atkins or anything thing but my version of Low Carb,and its working for me,with me just not eating the high carb foods is working,,,i never realized how much high carb stuff i was actually eating till i changed and started doing this.Isn't it great to go and not feel hungry all the time and to feel like you have to make yourself eat,,,great feeling i think. As for breakfast,,i am now having either my eggs scambled or fried in olive oil and put them on 1 slice whole wheat bread w/mayo,,fills me up so good,,,when i started out i was having scramble eggs,,,ham & bacon,,that really was when i didn't want to eat any lunch,,kept me full for hours and hours. You can have small peice of steak w/a veggie if you want for breakfast ,,or just meat,,,you don't have to eat eggs everyday,,anyway,,glad to see this is working for you and don't get stuck on what the scale says,you could lose inches and not weight at times,,but keep doing what your doing Soonie and your going to see the weight drop off you:} have a great weekend sweet lady:}

dolyda on 05/16/2003:
sometimes ya just gotta think outside of "breakfast"...there is a recipe on atkinscenter.com for a key lime pie...i make mine with all different flavors...if you like cream cheese, it's pretty good...sometimes i have a slice of that in the mornings....sometimes i'll grab some cheese & pepperoni...kinda strange not to have "traditional" breakfast at first, but you get used to it...having eggs EVERYDAY gets old, i know...i still have them most days tho...just different everytime...sometimes scrambled with ham or onions...sometimes fried...sometimes with bacon...other times with sausage...hope this helps! :D

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