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Soon2BThin - Thursday May 15, 2003
(Atkins, no eating after 7pm, exercise)
Weight: 157.5

Hey, another pound bites the dust! I think I'm going to love this diet. I read a little in his book last night so I know a few more things about the diet. I used to think this diet was not a very healthy thing but I'm starting to believe it's going to help me after all. And not just the weight-loss part. I checked my blood sugar the other day and the highest it got was 108 and that was just before I went to bed. That's really low for me. So it must be the not eating carbs thing. And you know what, I don't even miss them. Of course it's only been 3 whole days but I really feel good about this. And everyone assures me that the eggs will not raise my cholesterol. So I'm going to keep at it. I wonder if the weight-loss will slow down soon. Ewwww, yesterday I drank one of the Atkins shakes (strawberry) and as I was sipping it through a straw out of the can I noticed little lumps. I thought maybe they were particles of strawberries but when I was almost finished, I poured out the rest into a glass. The lumps were not strawberries! Yuck! So for the rest of the day I was waiting to get sick or something. But I guess it wasn't that bad, I'm still here, haha! The date on the bottom of the can was Jan. 2004 so it wasn't expired. Now I'm kind of leery of buying any more. And it really didn't taste that good anyway. I'm really not craving stuff like that, I just wanted to try it, and at $2.00 a can, I don't think I will be buying it often. The Advantage bars are pretty good though. I only ate half of one yesterday. Mmmmm, the creamy lemon chiffon is really good. My Mom is sort of doing the diet too. She has tried it so many times in the past and couldn't stick with it for very long.

Oh, I forgot to mention.....we're all going to see Wayne Newton out at one of the casinos next Friday night. Mom just saw him in Las Vegas but when she heard he was going to be here, she just had to go see him again. My sister took a picture of him kissing my Mom at his show and she just treasures it. Also she's using it to remind her she needs to lose weight, hahaha! If you don't know who Wayne Newton is, he's Mr. Las Vegas and he's also on the Aflac commercial where the duck is in Las Vegas. Mom said he kept saying "Aflac" during his show, haha.

Okay, I must go make some breakfast now. It's only 8:40am here. The sun is shining and it's going up to 91 today. It made it up to 99 yesterday. Whew, it's getting hot and summer is here! I hope you're all having a good day and drinking that water. I think I'm going to keep track of mine today for a change and see just how much I am drinking lately. So I'll see ya's tomorrow.

dolyda on 05/15/2003:
yea!!...goodbye pound!! :D

flossy on 05/15/2003:
Everyone should know who Wayne Newton is! He was also in Vegas Vacation. A friend of mine used to carry his picture in her wallet.. hmm I wonder if she still does that.

I am very tempted to try low carb. My uncle is doing awesome on Atkins. I am such a carb freak, it would be really difficult for me. I am also not very fond of meat.

<font color="purple"> More comments..<br> Ok, ok. I am going to try it. Not exactly Atkins, because I love my veggies, but more of a what my grandma refers to as a �no white foods diet�. No bread, pasta, potatoes, or rice. My question is, what the heck is there left to eat? Isn�t it horrible? My life centers around those foods. So much so, that I am having a hard time trying to figure out what to eat!

So my question to you is.. what in the heck are ya� eatin�??

hearts_desire on 05/15/2003:
YOU WILL LOVE THIS DIET... it is the best and it works... i wish you the best sweetie... this is the one i am back on.. gonna stick to it this time.. out of ALL the dieats i have tried.. this one does it for me...i didnt use any of the atkins drinks or bars.. heres a little tip for if you have a sweet tooth... get strawberrt whipped cream.. keep it in the freezer... yummy.. kinda like havin icecream.. i'll keep reading you.. keep the faith !! Lisa

Soon2BThin - Wednesday May 14, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 158.5

Woohoo!! 2.5 pounds gone in just 2 days! And what made it really great was the fact that DH was standing right there to see it, hahaha! I think I'm going to like this diet. And when I asked my doctor today what she thought of it, she said she thought it was a good diet. So I feel a little better about it. I still worry about eating too many eggs, although I've heard that they really don't make your cholesterol go up, as they used to think. We'll see. I hope it makes my cholesterol go way down so I don't have to take the Zocor anymore, it's so expensive.

Well, it looks like I may be having a hysterectomy in the near future. I haven't decided yet and I'm giving it one more chance to stop this TOM. So right now I'm not taking any hormones until the TOM is gone. (I don't know why I call it TOM, it happens anytime and this is the 10th day.) Anyways.....we'll see what happens.

So I went to the new Low-Carb store at the mall and bought a few things. More Advantage bars, a small bag of low-carb chips, an Atkin's shake (strawberry), some carb-free bbQ sauce, and the new paperback Atkins book. I didn't buy a lot because who knows how long I will be sticking to this, although, right now, I feel like I can do this forever. But there's still that nagging little voice in my head saying that this will be just like the other diets and I won't stick to it long. If I keep losing the weight as I have so far, that should keep me going.

Okay, I guess that's all for today. I didn't get on here early this morning because of the Dr's appointment. And I haven't had any exercise either, unless you count the walking at the mall. I got there before the stores were open so I just walked some until 10:00. I'm counting it, hehe! I hope you're all having as good a day as I am. Talk to you later.

Beth on 05/14/2003:
I'm thinking of going back on Atkin's again, too, but I also have that nagging voice saying that it won't last. I was just reading your last few entries, you have too much stuff to do! You must be really stressed out. I remember a time when it seemed like I was doing all the work and my husband wouldn't lift a finger to help with anything at all. I hated being in that place, but things got better and I hope it's just a phase for you guys, too. Good luck with Atkin's!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 13, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.0

Good morning! Well, I made it through one day without a morsel of bread, hahaha! For me, that's excellent. Now another day to tackle here. So far the low carb seems very easy and I don't feel hungry a bit. But I need to ask some of you low-carbers out there----does anyone know anything about the Atkin's low carb bars called Advantage? On the front of the label it says "2 net carbs" but on the back it says there are 20-some total carbs. What the heck is up with that? Anyway I ate one yesterday, very good, BTW, but maybe I shouldn't have, I just don't know. If any of you knows about those bars, please let me know. And they're expensive!! Otherwise I think I did very well for the day. I don't know if it was the diet or just my state of mind that made me not so hungry. I mean, how could just one day have that much effect on me?! But I feel good and I'm ready to take on today. No exercise yet though. I'm still on that TOM from hell and I see the doc tomorrow morning, grrrrrr! Wonder what she'll have me do this time. It's been 9 days now, sheesh!

Thanks, everyone, for all the comments. I'll try to get here later and leave some myself. I hope you're all doing great. See ya's tomorrow!

Golightly on 05/13/2003:
Hi Soonie! Buttahfly has been buying those Atkins products, so she might know about them -- unfortunately, she hasn't been on-line recently because her sister gave birth. But maybe leave her a note?

BTW, I think low-carb diets have to be the most expensive of all diets!

I was off my diet for about 2 weeks and just getting back on track -- and like you, going off the diet has made me RAVENOUS! I cannot describe how hungry I have been for the past few days. I've stuck to the diet, but this morning, instead of my usual cucumber, I went to the cafeteria and ate 2 eggs and bacon. And I am already getting hungry for lunch! I'm hoping my appetite calms down after a few days back on low-carb.

It will certainly make me think before breaking my diet cycle again!

You're doing great, Soonie! Hang in there!!

dolyda on 05/13/2003:
the difference in total & net carbs w/ the atkins bars is some of the carbs come from sugar alcohols...the whole thing about low carbing is to keep your blood sugar stable...carbs raise your blood sugar...the sugar alcohols do not...i would watch the bars tho...they tend to stall most people's weightloss if they have them too often...also, the malitol has a laxative effect for most people!!

dolyda on 05/13/2003:
yes, i keep track of the carbs i eat...i stay under 20 net grams...alot of people use fitday to keep track...i did for a while then i fell off the wagon & even tho i'm back, i haven't gone back to keeping track on fitday...once your stored carbs are burned up & you start burning fat for energy, yes, you will have bad breath...there are sugar free breathmints & gum & i've also heard of some people chewing parsley!...congrats on your loss so far :D

Soon2BThin - Monday May 12, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.0

Happy Monday, everyone!! This is the first day of the rest of your life! Boy, I don't know how I lost a pound and a half this week but I'll take it. I sure wasn't eating right or exercising at all. It just shows you that you can't ever predict what the scale will say. The way I was doing I thought I should have at least gained 5 pounds, haha! So here's on to a better week.

This is the first day for my low-carb-ing it. I'm going to follow Pastagal on this, she's doing so well and I want to get in on it. There are still lots of high carb foods in the house but I think I can do it anyway. I'm sure going to give it my best try. Years ago, I went on the Atkin's diet and I lost 10 pounds in 10 days but that was the end of it and I gained it all back and more. But I think this modified-type of low-carb should be easier to follow and Pasta has sure proved it can help you lose weight. So wish me a "happy new weight-loss plan", okay?

Of course, I'm not off to a good start on the exercise. I couldn't get to sleep last night because when I'm going to set out on a new plan, I just keep thinking about it, ya know? So I didn't get up early this morning to take my walk like I had planned. And it's getting really hot here today (90's) so I probably won't get any walking done later either, except some shopping after my chiropractor visit. Oh, well, tomorrow's another day.

Okay, got to get busy here. I hope to check on you all later and leave some comments. I can't get into the chat room lately but DS will try to fix that for me some time this week. Have a great day, everyone!

dolyda on 05/12/2003:
i wish you the best of luck!! :D

Golightly on 05/12/2003:
Hi Soonie! I'm on a low-carb diet also (The Carbohydrate Addicts Diet). It allows carbs only once per day. So far, 34.5 pounds lost since January! I'm sure you'll see some results from this new diet!

How sweet that you were so excited to start your diet that you didn't sleep! I was like that at the beginning of my diet too. Now my problem is waking up to workout! LOL

Take care and good luck!!

pastagal on 05/12/2003:
OK i want to wish you the best,,,remember to eat a good breakfast everyday and drink your water and eat alot of protein ok,,the protein is what makes you lose and keeps you satisfied and takes away the cravings for the bad stuff. Don't get to overwhelmed ok and take it One day at a time,i am here for any advice you need anytime;}

pastagal on 05/12/2003:
Oh one more thing,,go to Prevention.com and check out the message boards on the South Beach Diet and hear what all them have to say about it,,its a great site to look at.

Soon2BThin - Friday May 09, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.5

Good morning, everyone! How are you all doing? As for me, I'm using food to keep me sane right now. I feel like so many things are going wrong lately. If I just write it out here, I know it will sound so petty, the little things that are bugging me. But to me, they are so nagging! First, the diet thing is a thing of the past. Like I said, I'm using food, any food! I feel like it's the only good thing I have right now but I know, it's ruining me. And there's the job thing....I keep racking my brain, trying to think where I could work where they would hire me. I mean, who wants someone that has no education, training or experience?! I don't even have references!! And I know DH wants me to go to work. He's only working part time for the school district, filling in where ever they need him, and we really need the money. My new medical insurance premiums are sky high so it would help if one of us would get hired full time with benefits. And the thing that really bugs me is people seem to think it's my turn to go out and work, like I never worked a day in my life! I mean, what kind of work is staying home all these years, raising 3 sons, cleaning the house, paying the bills, doing the shopping and the laundry, running kids here and there all the time, besides taking care of all the DH's needs. I'll admit that now things aren't quite so demanding but I still haven't got much free time, since I'm now doing the work around the house that DH was doing before he worked---yard work, pool work, feeding and watering the birds, taking out the garbage, things like that besides my usual work around here. And I just know that if I get a job I will still have to do my usual at home. I worked for a short time at H & R Block and I still came home and did what needed to be done, while DH nagged me about my job. He thought they took advantage of my time by forcing me to work overtime to finish things on my own time. Of course, when we did that, we were to charge the client for our extra time, and the pay I made wasn't that good. In fact when I brought home my very first pay check, which I was so proud of, DH just laughed at it, it was so small. Oh, well, I'm just ranting here so you can ignore me if you want.

Then there are my health problems---right now I'm having the TOM from hell, which I shouldn't be having since I'm on hormone replacement therapy and the doc keeps adjusting the dose but I'm still having trouble with it, and I'm seeing a chiropractor for my neck now--who knows how much that will cost us--and I'm just feeling so much pressure right now about everything! You'll probably all laugh at my small problems but I'll tell you, they are driving me nuts! Just chalk it up to "old age", after all I just turned 54 and I'm not too happy about that either. So my weight is suffering. I just need to pull myself together and get it into my head that I have to do whatever I have to do! Life changes sometimes, that's all. I've just been spoiled, I guess.

Okay, thanks for the comments. I hope to get back here and continue where I left off soon. Have a great day and sorry for the rant but maybe you will all get a laugh out of it.

pinkuspettuty on 05/09/2003:
Are there Starbucks by you? They pay a decent hourly wage and they give HEALTH INSURANCE. Your "DH" doesn't sound too supportive or respectful towards you. I hope you try to stand up to him. Your problems don't sound small to me, they are the fabric of life. It sounds like you could use a little appreciation and nurturance. I know I turn to food to "love me" when I don't feel like I'm getting it from my significant others. Hope things turn a corner. Take care of you. Pam

momof3gr8boys on 05/09/2003:
Everybody feels that way once in awhile and its totally okay. My mom told me the tale once about how if everyone put all their problems in a big pile and got to choose someone elses that everybody would probably go right back home with their own. I try to remember that when I'm having a tough time. Best wishes!

pastagal on 05/09/2003:
Gosh i can so relate to your situation right now Soonie,,i would bet alot of it is caused by your hormones and the meds not working as they should yet,,,it took me nearly 15 yrs to get the right dose and for it to work right,so hang in there ok,,,listen,,,the thing with Low carb is you can basically eat all you want anytime day or night,just as long as you don't eat High Carb foods,,,its taken me three weeks,,first week felt horrible ,was sick to my stomach alot and the second week no energy,,,but the third week i am seeing such a difference and feel so good,,my bones don;t ache like they were doing,,i have more energy,i feel like i can think clearer,deal with things better,i know its the sugar in the High Carb foods that was doing that to me,,but the weight is coming off so easy for me,,let me tell you what i eat most of the time,,Mornings i have eggs alot,,first week i had bacon and eggs,and sometimes ham slices fried in olive oil,,which i changed to when i started this,i use to use good old Wesson Oil,,not now,,,i have high cholestrol and take Lipator for it,,but in all the Low Carb books i read,,it says that the cholestrol will come down,,even eating the eggs as i do,,so will see ,i go for my physical this month, anyway,,i eat for lunch usually,,,salad w/chichen or tuna,or Hambuger pattie w/lil dab of ketchup and mustard and mayo and lettuce and tomatoes,,no bread tho,,also grilled chicken leftover or steak,,w/salad,,and i do eat fruit now,,usually watermelon or cantaloupe or Strawberries ,,haven't wanted an apple yet,,i have eaten tuna mixed up with mayo and put celery ,onion in it,,eat it with some wheat crackers,,,i eat Spam ,i love it,,it has to be cold in the fridge,,i cut a hunk of it and eat w/mustard,,i bought some low carb bread today,and by low carb i mean,nothing over 8-10 carbs and not more than 1-2 grams of sugar,,and if i eat the bread ,,i use one slice only,,,Dinner is Meat of some kind,,or fish,,or chicken,,,two veggies every night,,and a salad and we use Ranch dressing,the real stuff to,,i eat alot of butter now on my veggies where i use to watch how much i ate,not now,,i stir fry meat w/ all kinds of veggies ,,have fruit everynight w/dinner,,i eat low cal cool whip like ice cream,,this week i am going to keep sugar free pudding in the fridge to have w/cool whip,,,sf jello w/cool whip,,,strawberries w/cool whip,,,and at night we have popcorn,not microvwave kind,,but Orvilles w/ lots of butter,,,i don't eat alot of popcorn,,usually small bowl,,you can eat Pork Rinds which we love,,especially the new BBQ ones they have now,,,Nuts,,,cashews,,Almonds,,and Pistacho's,,we get those at Sams club,infact we buy most everything at sams now,,,you have to drink alot of water doing low carb ,,especially if you eat alot of protein,,,but it works,,and once you get past the first couple weeks,its very easy,you will find your full most all the time and have to remind yourself sometimes to eat. I had my doubts i think that is why it took me so long to get serious about this way of eating to try it,,we have been taught over the yrs this is not a good way of eating,but when really it is,,its SUGAR and High Carb foods that keep us fat and make us want to eat everything in site 24/7,,,anyway,,,i can give you the name of some good Low Carb books to get and read,,once i read and read and read till i finally got it,i understand the process now and why it does work so easy. I hope this helps alittle,,you hang in their and hey,there are plenty of places who hire our age group,so don't throw in the towel ok,,Oh and one more thing,i can really relate to how your first paycheck wasn't good enough in hubby's eyes,,,MEN,,they all think alike sometimes.

BandMom on 05/10/2003:
Hi! I know how you feel sometimes!Hang in there!Here is a hug and a smile. Bandmom

Soon2BThin - Thursday May 08, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.5

Hi, there! I'm not doing so well, I guess you could say I'm on hiatus, haha! I've got so much #$%^& going on in my mind that I am just not working on staying on the program! Don't get me started!! Well, maybe one day I will explain. But right now I am just not my usual self. No exercise and eating bad things. I know I want to be thin so bad so why am I doing this?!! I'm so busy lately I can't even find the time to get on here and see how you are all doing. I'm so sorry and I miss you all! Well, gotta run, talk later, I hope. Buh-bye!

pastagal on 05/08/2003:
Soonie,,,,i want to say i am sorry for missing your Birthday on sunday,,i just went back and read your last week of entries,,so Happy Birthday girlfriend,,i had a stressful weekend with my MIL and just didn't keep up with things on here,hope you forgive me. Listen,,maybe you need a much needed break,,,i can tell your really stressed and if You need to eat the stuff in your house first before doing low carb,then just continue on WW ,which by the way is a super program,,and just focus on One day at a time,,,but when you do go on Low Carb and need suggestions for things to eat,just yell,,,i really like the way i am eating now,wish i had done this long time ago,anyway,take care and i hope things get better for you real soon:}

Golightly on 05/09/2003:
There must be something in the air right now, because so many of us seem to be off track. I was thinking the exact same thing as you last night : "I want to be thin so bad so why am I doing this?"

Finally, I put this quote on my bathroom mirror:

"It is never too late to be what you might have been." (George Elliot)

I'm back in the saddle for now.

Soonie, is something going wrong? You mentioned that you have a lot on your mind....

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 06, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.5

Okay, okay, I've regrouped here! I did a lot of thinking yesterday on my day off and I've decided I can't do the low carb thing yet. Don't groan, I hear ya's! But, darnit, I have too much stuff with lots of carbs in the cupboards and freezer that I just have to eat up. I can't just waste them all. Do you think I'm copping out?! I've decided to just keep doing WW, at least for this week, and see what happens. That TOM is here right now (my hormones are so mixed up!), maybe that's why no loss this week. So I'm going to drink lots of water (as usual) and really stick with the program well this week. Hopefully I will have a loss on Monday. No exercise this morning *groan* I slept in a little this morning and I was up several times during the night (darn this TOM thing) so I'm off to a bad start. But I will eat right today to try to make up for it and I have lots of work to do so I won't just be laying around. (or is it "lying" around, never could keep that straight) You all have a great day. I hope to get in to check up later. Buh-bye!

OwnedBy2Cats (Andrea) on 05/06/2003:
What is TOM? LOL

Keep up the good work with your Weight Watchers program. I've heard it's a really excellent program to be on. What makes you wanting to leave WW for low-carb? I've heard low-carb is bad for the health. Have you looked up the bad side effects caused from low-carbing?

Andrea (OwnedBy2Cats)

krazzierebel on 05/06/2003:
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Golightly on 05/08/2003:
Hi Soonie! Isn't it funny -- I was thinking about scrapping the low-carb approach myself. I miss instant oatmeal! I was off my diet during the past week or so, and I'm struggling to go back on my diet. I was contemplating just counting calories instead. The only thing that is keeping me on the Carbohydrate Addict diet is that it was actually working. So this morning, I've committed myself to the low-carb diet again. Sigh.

Let us know how your WW approach goes!

Soon2BThin - Monday May 05, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.5

Well, I sure hated adding that half pound on here! I'm about to give up!! I'm maintaining okay but I just can't seem to get the losing part! How are you all doing? It's a brand new week so let's get going! I think I'm going to try the low carb thing that Pasta is doing. I need something different to shake things up, I guess. So I'm taking today off to get prepared and will start up tomorrow. Famous last words, huh? Let's hope they're not my last! Have a great Monday!

PhantomBride on 05/05/2003:
Hi, I feel your pain. I'm working the Points, and have lost a good deal of weight in the past with WW. The plateau time sucks! The only thing I can suggest is if you're keeping a food journal, read it over carefully and see where you might have made better choices. I remember having a terrible plateau time and going to McDonalds and having an Egg McMuffin. For some reason - it jump-started me and that week I lost. Do something different, eat something different, drink the water, and write down everything you eat. That's the hard part for me, but it truly helps. Good luck - I'll be thinking about you. Loren

cac30202 on 05/05/2003:
don't give up! You can do this! Reducing your barbs may help, just please, please, please don't over do the "no carb" concept.

SoccerMom on 05/06/2003:
Low carb is great! A book that describes how the process works in your body, and a good starting place for low-carb is "Atkins for Life". It's also full of recipes. I bought a copy at Barnes and Noble, then saw it for about half that price at Sam's Club...so you might want to check Sam's first ~grin~.

Don't get discouraged with your maintaining...I was stuck between 162 and 165 for over a year! I finally mastered the art of "exercise on a regular basis" along with my controlled carbs, and I've lost 17 pounds since New Year's. Just keep working at it, and tell yourself that at least it's not a gain...those plateaus are usually followed by 2 to 3 pound drops. Good luck!

Soon2BThin - Sunday May 04, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Happy Birthday to me, happy birthday to me-ee! Yep, I'm now officially 54! I've been saying I'm almost 54 for months now. Anyways....just another day. Just finished my 4-times-around-the-block walk, 2.8 miles in 48 minutes. Whew! I was only going for 3 times but pushed myself once again and I feel GREAT!! Yesterday is another story. Kind of a "food fiasco", haha. Well, I guess it wasn't too bad, at least I didn't run out for junk food. I just ate too much of what was in the house, heh. But I didn't eat anything after 7pm. And I never did get out for that walk but I did do all my arm and ab work. I even added an extra set to each exercise so now I'm doing 4 sets of 12 on each exercise. And I spent half an hour cleaning the pool and checking the chemicals and stuff. Plus my usual everyday chores around the house. So at least I wasn't completely sedantary. I did watch a lot of TV though, lots of stuff I had taped from the week.

Okay, it's almost 9am here and I'm heading for the shower. DH is still in bed, he must have had a rough night. I think he's coming down with a cold, poor baby, and you know how men are, hahaha! I hope you're all having a good weekend. See ya's!

pollyanna on 05/04/2003:
You were writing this while I was replying to your yesterday!

Happy Birthday to you!!! And what a great way to spend that birthday! Great walk, great snoozing hubby and great morning to you! Carpe diem!

peace, pollyanna :)

kyrin on 05/04/2003:
<font color=#9966cc><b>HAPPY BIRTHDAY, Soonie!</b>

You're doin' great startin' a birthday celebration out with a walk around the block. WOW! That's a terrific way to start another year!


Kyrin </font>

chubbyknees on 05/04/2003:
HI! Happy Birthday!! And congradulations on your 4 times around the block!! Next thing you know you'll be walking from one end of the city to the other! Have a super day!

SoccerMom on 05/04/2003:
Hey...Happy Birthday to Yooouuuuuu!!! Congrats on making it to a lovely 54!

Soon2BThin - Saturday May 03, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Happy Saturday, everyone! Well, not a good start so far. No exercise, unless you count---ahem, clearing throat---! Then we went out to breakfast at IHOP. I've had 10 points already!! Darn! It sure was nice though. I love to have someone waiting on me, hah! I had hot tea with a little honey, 2 eggs, 2 bacon strips and 2 pieces of toast. Mmmmmm!

Okay, I have lots of work to do today. It's clean and check the pool day. I have lots of laundry to do and my bed isn't even made yet! DH and I took another walk last night, only 2 times around the block, and I didn't eat a thing after 6:00pm!! So that was a good day's work. Oh, and I was running around all afternoon again, doing errands. I finally made an appointment with a chiropractor about my neck trouble for next Wednesday. I had to go to the x-ray place to take my x-rays that I had done on my neck about a year ago over to the chiropractor's so he could check them out before my appointment. (Whew, that was a long sentence!) And I went to the second hand store to take some of my clothes in to sell. Man, I only got $13.00 credit on what I took in. And one of the items was a nice dress that I had paid $40.00 for and only wore twice, I think! And I already spent the credit on a new bathing suit there that still had the original tags on! It was marked an 18 but when I tried it on, I thought it couldn't be more than a 12 or 14, really. In fact, it was kinda snug on me but will do. It's really pretty too, has one of those little skirts and lots of flowers. I like the skirt kind, they kind of mask my lower tummy area, heh. But I also bought a couple of tops that I thought would fit but when I got them home and tried them on, they were a little snug, darn! Well, that just ruined my day, I got so depressed. I ended up eating dinner early, that new cereal, Fruit Harvest, (not very good, BTW) with FF milk, a banana and a granola bar. I felt like I was going to eat the rest of the night and to heck with it. But we took that walk and that straightened me out so I didn't eat for the rest of the night. Yay, me! Now I have to watch it the rest of today since I already had too many points for breakfast. Wahhh! I'll probably go do my arm and ab exercises before it gets too hot and maybe take a walk later this evening again.

Okay, DDer's, I've got to go get started. It's 9:10 am here and I'll bet you have all got a head start on me. Thanks for all the comments, you guys make me feel so good. Pasta, I'm going to start that lower carb thing soon as my bread and oatmeal are all gone, I think. But I have to keep bread in the house for DH and DS, darnit! And I don't know what I can eat for breakfast on that plan since I have high cholesterol and can't eat a lot of eggs. Also can't eat nuts cause I have diverticulosis, double darn. So it will be a real challenge for me. But I'm thinking it over. Gotta do something different. Wow, this is long-winded today. Have a great day!

krazzierebel on 05/03/2003:
<font face="Comic Sans MS"><B><Font Color=#7F01FF>i<Font Color=#8001FF>t<Font Color=#8201FF> <Font Color=#8301FF>s<Font Color=#8501FF>e<Font Color=#8601FF>e<Font Color=#8801FF>m<Font Color=#8901FF>s<Font Color=#8B01FF> <Font Color=#8C01FF>t<Font Color=#8E01FF>o<Font Color=#9001FF> <Font Color=#9101FF>m<Font Color=#9301FF>e<Font Color=#9401FF> <Font Color=#9601FF>y<Font Color=#9701FF>o<Font Color=#9901FF>u<Font Color=#9A01FF> <Font Color=#9C01FF>h<Font Color=#9E01FF>a<Font Color=#9F01FF>v<Font Color=#A101FF>e<Font Color=#A201FF> <Font Color=#A401FF>e<Font Color=#A501FF>v<Font Color=#A701FF>e<Font Color=#A801FF>r<Font Color=#AA01FF>y<Font Color=#AB01FF>t<Font Color=#AD01FF>h<Font Color=#AF01FF>i<Font Color=#B001FF>n<Font Color=#B201FF>g<Font Color=#B301FF> <Font Color=#B501FF>u<Font Color=#B601FF>n<Font Color=#B801FF>d<Font Color=#B901FF>e<Font Color=#BB01FF>r<Font Color=#BC01FF> <Font Color=#BE01FF>c<Font Color=#C001FF>o<Font Color=#C101FF>n<Font Color=#C301FF>t<Font Color=#C401FF>r<Font Color=#C601FF>o<Font Color=#C701FF>l<Font Color=#C901FF>!<Font Color=#CA01FF>!<Font Color=#CC01FF>!<Font Color=#CD01FF> <Font Color=#CF01FF>y<Font Color=#D101FF>u<Font Color=#D201FF>m<Font Color=#D401FF>m<Font Color=#D501FF>m<Font Color=#D701FF> <Font Color=#D801FF>I<Font Color=#DA01FF>h<Font Color=#DB01FF>o<Font Color=#DD01FF>p<Font Color=#DE01FF>!<Font Color=#E001FF>!<Font Color=#E201FF>!<Font Color=#E301FF> <Font Color=#E501FF>T<Font Color=#E601FF>h<Font Color=#E801FF>a<Font Color=#E901FF>n<Font Color=#EB01FF>k<Font Color=#EC01FF> <Font Color=#EE01FF>G<Font Color=#F001FF>o<Font Color=#F101FF>d<Font Color=#F301FF> <Font Color=#F401FF>t<Font Color=#F601FF>h<Font Color=#F701FF>e<Font Color=#F901FF>y<Font Color=#FA01FF> <Font Color=#FC01FF>d<Font Color=#FD01FF>o<Font Color=#FF01FF>n<Font Color=#FD01FF>'<Font Color=#FC01FF>t<Font Color=#FA01FF> <Font Color=#F801FF>h<Font Color=#F701FF>a<Font Color=#F501FF>v<Font Color=#F301FF>e<Font Color=#F201FF> <Font Color=#F001FF>o<Font Color=#EE01FF>n<Font Color=#ED01FF>e<Font Color=#EB01FF> <Font Color=#EA01FF>c<Font Color=#E801FF>l<Font Color=#E601FF>o<Font Color=#E501FF>s<Font Color=#E301FF>e<Font Color=#E101FF> <Font Color=#E001FF>t<Font Color=#DE01FF>o<Font Color=#DC01FF> <Font Color=#DB01FF>m<Font Color=#D901FF>e<Font Color=#D701FF>!<Font Color=#D601FF>!<Font Color=#D401FF> <Font Color=#D201FF>i<Font Color=#D101FF> <Font Color=#CF01FF>w<Font Color=#CD01FF>o<Font Color=#CC01FF>u<Font Color=#CA01FF>l<Font Color=#C901FF>d<Font Color=#C701FF> <Font Color=#C501FF>l<Font Color=#C401FF>o<Font Color=#C201FF>o<Font Color=#C001FF>s<Font Color=#BF01FF>e<Font Color=#BD01FF> <Font Color=#BB01FF>c<Font Color=#BA01FF>o<Font Color=#B801FF>n<Font Color=#B601FF>t<Font Color=#B501FF>r<Font Color=#B301FF>o<Font Color=#B101FF>l<Font Color=#B001FF>!<Font Color=#AE01FF>!<Font Color=#AC01FF>!<Font Color=#AB01FF> <Font Color=#A901FF>k<Font Color=#A801FF>e<Font Color=#A601FF>e<Font Color=#A401FF>p<Font Color=#A301FF> <Font Color=#A101FF>u<Font Color=#9F01FF>p<Font Color=#9E01FF> <Font Color=#9C01FF>t<Font Color=#9A01FF>h<Font Color=#9901FF>e<Font Color=#9701FF> <Font Color=#9501FF>g<Font Color=#9401FF>o<Font Color=#9201FF>o<Font Color=#9001FF>d<Font Color=#8F01FF> <Font Color=#8D01FF>w<Font Color=#8B01FF>o<Font Color=#8A01FF>r<Font Color=#8801FF>k<Font Color=#8701FF>!<Font Color=#8501FF> <Font Color=#8301FF>C<Font Color=#8201FF>r<Font Color=#8001FF>i<Font Color=#7E01FF>s<Font Color=#7D01FF>t<Font Color=#7B01FF>i<Font Color=#7901FF>a<Font Color=#7801FF>n<Font Color=#7601FF>a</B></font>

pollyanna on 05/04/2003:
It is the actual eating of the whole house rather than the wanting to eat the whole house that gets us....you ate well for your "wanting to eat the whole house" and you didn't eat the whole house! Yippeeskippee (but if you had, by the time you got down to the last stud, you'd have lots of toothpicks!).

You are doig great, even on your "bad eating" moments. And the walk--perfect :)

peace, pollyanna :)

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