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Soon2BThin - Friday May 02, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Well, have I been black balled yet? I know I'm not doing so well (well, the last few days have been excellent!) but I never find the time to check in here with you all and make some comments. I'm so sorry! My life is running away with me, I guess. But I'm still working at it.

Almost didn't exercise this morning. I shut the alarm off and went back to sleep for another 20 minutes. Then I heard the DH up and making some noise, so all was not lost. I got up and got going. But I only did 3 times around the block, 2.1 miles, 35 minutes. So that will have to do. I have some errands to run later so I will be busy all day. There's always something to do around here. Yesterday was very good. I swept the floors and mopped the kitchen and did some laundry. Then after DH got home, we went to Mom's to do some chores for her. We didn't get home until 6:30 so I didn't finish eating dinner until about 7:30. I've been trying to not eat after 7pm so I had to cheat a little on that yesterday. Oh, well, at least I ate really well yesterday. 26 points and I'm allowed up to 28 with the exercise I've been doing. I keep trying to keep my points lower than that but I'm failing at it.

Okay, if I don't get a chance to talk to you later, you all have a great weekend. Take care and move that body!

kyrin on 05/02/2003:
Hey! What do you mean <i>only</i> 2.1 miles? You're doin' great, Soonie! Keep it up, gal!



inmorning on 05/02/2003:
I have had a hard time checking in and commenting too, so you aren't the only one. Good job getting up this moring, sometimes that is the hardest thing.

krazzierebel on 05/02/2003:
hey great job!!! i'm sure half hour didnt cause much damage last night!!! you are doing great!!! great inspiration to me!!! thanx!!!!!!!!!!


pastagal on 05/03/2003:
Hey there soonie,,,,,you asked if i have done any exersise,,just walking about 30 mins every day on the treadmill,,and i do lift weights for maybe 10 to 15 mins each day,,,and thats it,i am hoping i will get more into exersise when the weather gets nice and stays that way,,,just seems to make ya want to do more when it is nice out.I have only been doing this low carb faithfully for a week sunday,,,and drinking alot of water again,and my pants are getting looser already and i think its alot of water weight that i have lost,but i feel so different and i have been told it is giving up the high carb foods,,cause i still eat some carbs,i am not doing NO CARBS,,i don't want to do that because i can't go the rest of my life without carbs,,,so i am doing a modified carb program for me and hubby and its working ,in a couple weeks or so i will add back in bread,,but it will be whole wheat ,the lowest carb i can find,,and have pasta once every couple weeks,,and same with potatoes,,,that way i won't feel i am being deprived,,but i think this is what i should of done yrs ago,,,i find i am not hungry like i use to be,,when i do eat i sometimes almost have to force myself to eat,,and i don't eat after 7pm at night,,,i know for me it took me a long time to make my mind up to do it the right way,,which was to clean out all bad foods from my house and give them away,,and we then went to Sams and bought just what we are allowed to have,and by doing that its made this much easier,,and we have eaten out twice since starting this,and its been really easy,,,anyway,,i still think WW is a great program,heck i lost nearly 80 lbs couple yrs ago doing it,,i just like how i feel doing this ,i like not craving sugar products or high sugar foods,,,anyway hope you have a great weekend:}}

BandMom on 05/03/2003:
Hi Soonie! I'm here for ya! I know how hard it is sometimes. We can do it together! ok! Hugs and smiles. Bandmom

Soon2BThin - Thursday May 01, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Okay, okay, so I didn't do any exercise yesterday, you caught me! But...I have just finished another 2.8 mile walk this morning. Yayyy, me! I told myself just 3 times around the block, at least, but I felt so good after 3 times, I ended up doing the whole 4. That's 2.8 miles, in case you missed that, haha, in 48 minutes! I know, not that great, but great for me. It was beautiful, 68 degrees, bright sunshine, a nice little cool breeze, I loved it! Too bad we won't have many more days like this. Soon it will only get as cool as 80 at night. And over 100 in the day! Sheesh! Then it will be time to dust off the treadmill, heh.

So how are you all doing? Gosh, I haven't been able to check in here much lately. I feel so out of the loop, ya know? I must find time to get here later today. After I finish this, I must do my arm exercises out on the diving board, hehe. It does work better than on the floor, since I don't have a weight bench, I get more range of motion. And some nice sun. I'll be glad when the pool is warmed up enough to get in and I can do some exercise there. The water temp is only about 80 right now, it's nice when it gets to about 85 degrees. So it won't be long. I still have to go out and clean it every day so it would be nice to be able to get in it!

Oh, BTW, yesterday I did get some exercise, out running errands from 10:30am until about 2:00, and my eating was pretty good. I think I only went over by 1 point for the day. And water--forget about it---I think I drink gallons, hehe. I'm always so thirsty with this one med I take. So the water part is no problem for me. Anyways, I knew I had all these errands to do, that's why I didn't walk in the morning. Sometimes I'm too tired to do much after walking. Shut up, I'm old, remember!! Hey, I think I broke a record of some kind last night---I went to sleep on my right side and never moved all night long!! Now that's a good night's sleep!! I've never done that in my life! Now the right side of my hair is straight and the left side is still curly, hahaha!

Okay, that's enough, gotta go do the diving board exercises (arm exercises and abs). I sure hope you all have a great day! And thanks for the nice comments! See ya'll later!

Ariadne on 05/01/2003:
I couldn't help but laugh when I read about how you woke up with half curly/half straight hair. I have naturally curly hair and that happens to me all the time! Especially if I take a shower or bath right before going to bed. Of course, I never think it's funny when I first wake up in the morning.

Congrats on your walk. It gets easier, walking longer and longer each time, doesn't it? It's a great feeling.

Take care!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Apr 29, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Good Tuesday morning, everyone! How are you all doing? I just finished a 50 minute walk around the block 4 times, that's 2.8 miles! Whew, I really had to push myself that last time around. I took 2 days off and I've been really bad! But I'm ready to start anew now! I hate that feeling when I have to go out to dinner or something and have to dress up a little and nothing looks good on me or fits the way it should. Why do I keep sabotaging myself? I'm right to the limit right now of just barely being able to fit into the bigger clothes I have! That's bad!! And I so want to be able to fit the smaller clothes. I have lots of clothes I have never even worn yet! Sheesh! Okay, I'm just cooling down a little then I will head for the shower. I will try to fit in the weight lifting some time later today. Oh, I forgot to weigh in yesterday (how convenient!) and I decided to just wait until next Monday. I know I didn't lose any and who wants to see that bad news on the scale!? Okay, I'm going now. I'll see ya all tomorrow. Have a great day!

pastagal on 04/29/2003:
Hey Soonie,,,i admire you for getting out and taking those walks,,tho i am trying hard now daily to get on my treadmill and walk,,no matter how long or short of time i make it,,if you have noticed i have changed to doing Low Carb,hubby is doing it with me,tho he hasn't but maybe 10 lbs to lose if that,,but he wants to feel better and thinks this will help,,so we are being faithfull to this and i have to say,last night i was not hungry at dinner,,it felt strange,especially since my lunch earlier in the day was very small cause i was not real hungry then,,,but breakfast was big and that seem to really hold me over all day,anyway,,i think low carb wether it be Atkins or your on modified is great,,,have you thought about giving that a try? just curious,,tho i still think ww is a great program,,it did wonders for me ,,but i just felt i needed to try to let go of the sugar products and see if i could feel better, anyway,,have a great day ok:}}

kyrin on 04/29/2003:
Oh, ye-ah. I can relate to procrastinating the weigh-in and measurements. Isn't that just what I did yesterday? LOL

I'm proud of you for catching things up with your walking. Good for you! ...May is going to be our month for gaining some weight loss ground. April just wasn't my month. Yours either from the sound of it. Darn that Easter Bunny anyway.

Enjoy your afternoon!


Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 26, 2003

Weight: 0.0

pollyanna on 04/27/2003:
It was just one of those days, eh?

Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 26, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Good morning, everyone! At least it's morning here, 9am. Most of you have already done your workout and you're on with the day. Well, I've had a couple of rocky days here. This job thing was really getting me down. But I'm better now, heh! I don't think I'm going looking for a job until things look so bad that I have to. I'm such a wus! But I may try the H & R Block class in September, I think it is. Then maybe work for them. We'll see. I just did a 40 minute walk on the treadmill. I just felt like doing something different instead of walking outside. You see, on the treadmill I can listen to my walkman and it really gets me going. So here I am. After I cool off some, I'm going out to the diving board, since I don't have a weight bench, and do my arm exercises with the weights. The sun is shining and it's already almost 70 degrees. Going to soak up some sunshine today! I did the arm exercises on Thursday and, boy, were my arms sore yesterday. But it was a "good" soreness. Got to keep that up. Also did some ab crunches and, of course, that made my neck hurt something awful for the rest of the day. So I'm going to do some other kind today. My neck feels pretty good so far this morning.

Okay, I'm so behind on reading the journals here, I'm sorry to say. I hope you're all doing well. Thanks for all the comments on mine about the job thing. You all are great! So maybe I can find the time to get caught up later. I know I watch too much TV but when the summer reruns start up, I'll have a lot more time to do other things. Oh, and I just may go for another walk later. I know 40 minutes of walking isn't that much. So I'm heading for the diving board now. See ya'll later.

pollyanna on 04/27/2003:
I think a 40 minute walk is a good walk! LOL since I can't do it, it sounds great! And regarding the job....take it as it comes. It is not easy but we can make it fun--a challenge. Work on your presentation of self and get some satisfaction out of that rather than trying to appeal to what they want. Good luck!!

peace, pollyanna :)

Soon2BThin - Thursday Apr 24, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Good morning! Here I am again, all sweaty! DH and I just finished a 40 minute walk around the neighborhood. Whew! And I plan on doing some more exercise later today. Either a walk, some yoga or one of my tapes. I was looking on E-bay last night for some step aerobic tapes with the step included but didn't see any. Of course I only got through 16 pages out of 60 something. Lots of people trying to sell exercise stuff! Well, my eating hasn't been real good lately but I plan on starting to do better today. And at least last night I only had some baked beans for dinner then nothing else for the rest of the night. I had Burger King for lunch, nuff said! I was up until after midnight last night trying to figure out what I was going to do about my job situation. Uh, there is none, haha! If you have any suggestions let me know. What can a 54 year old woman with no experience or skills and a high school education do to earn some money? No, not that, I'm too old. How about a paper route? At least I wouldn't be on my feet all day but I wonder how much you can make doing that. And does it have benefits? Maybe in September I will take the H & R Block class again and work there from Jan. to April 15 doing people's taxes. At least I've had experience at that. I did it for 2 seasons back about 12 years ago but it was so stressful that I said I would never do it again. But I think now I could handle it maybe. Since I know what to expect now. And I could keep the paper route at the same time maybe. I'm going to check into it. Seriously. I did see an add in the paper for routes in our area of town. Can't hurt to check it out, right? Gah, I don't want to go to work, really! Am I being a wus? Feedback, I need feedback here. Give it to me, I can take it. Well, the insurance man I applied with will be bringing my policy by this morning so at least I will have medical insurance in the mean time. It costs a pretty penny and I don't think the coverage is as good as what I had but what the hay? You take what you can get.

Okay, enough rambling! I feel better! Time to wash up and have some breakfast. It's only 8:40am here, BTW. Have a great day, y'all!

kyrin on 04/24/2003:
How about doing something to lose weight and get paid for it? When I went to work for McDonalds, I told them that I only wanted to work for about six weeks so that I could lose 20 pounds. The hiring manager was intrigued, so she hired me on the spot and then proceeded to work my butt off. Later on, when we moved to another city, I went back to McDonalds to (you guessed it) continue losing weight. I ended up being asked to join their salaried management team.

Fast food might not be for you, but there are plenty of opportunities out there for people who only wnat entry-level positions--especially in the sevice industry.

If you're looking for fun? What do you like to do for fun? What do you do on a day to day basis? What forms your comfort zone? Are you crafty? Do you like meal preparation or house cleaning?

Try working for a housekeeping service, copy center, day-care center for children or adults.

Do you like to type? Are you organized? Check out the temp agencies. Tell them that you want to get out of the house for xx hours a week and that you want to have some fun. Then challeng them to hook you up with some of what's available.

I've about given up on finding a full-time job. While I was mopping the kitchen floor a few minutes ago, I was thinking about checking out the local Merry Maids service to see about getting myself out of the house a few days a week and getting paid to lose weight (again).

You never know where the adventure will lead until you take that first step.



Golightly on 04/24/2003:
Hi Soonie! Suze Orman, a financial manager, always says "do what you love and the money will follow"! I think that advice is a little on the sanguine side (I'm more of a show-me-the-money gal!), but it might lead you in the right direction. Is there something you love to do? A hobby you really enjoy?

About the paperroute ... a friend of mine did paper routes to earn money to pay off a debt, and she actually made $1000 a month! Paperroutes have certainly changed. They are no longer jobs for underaged kids looking for pocketmoney!

Personally, I love reading, so I've always toyed with the thought of working in a bookstore or at the local public library. (Right now, working full-time is enough, so I won't be chasing those jobs until retirement!) Another job I would love to have is delivering flowers -- all day, people would be happy to see me! And be smiling at me! That would be so nice!

momof3gr8boys on 04/24/2003:
On Ebay you may want to check out The Firm videos - some people are selling it with the step except it's called the fanny lifter - lol. I saw several on there a few days ago. Good luck!

BingeOnThis on 04/24/2003:
Whatever job you eventually go for, please try doing something you enjoy or get some form of fullfillment out of. I watched my dad work until he was 62 at a job he absolutely hated and it made him bitter. Of course, he worked there 26 years, but still...do what you enjoy. Thats the basis of whatever you choose to do! Take care..

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Apr 22, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Whoops! I'm going the wrong way again. Looks like I had a fun weekend, huh? But I'm back this morning. Just finished a 37 minute walk, 2.1 miles, 3 times around the block. The weather is great here, clear sky, breezy, with a high of only 78 today. I have to go out later for cat food from Petsmart and then to the library to pick up the book by Patricia Heaton of "Everybody Loves Raymond". It sounds like a good, funny book. I'll let you know. I just finished the one by Fran Drescher of "The Nanny" called "Cancer, Schmancer". It was very good. DH is working today at the school again with the autistic kids. He helps out where ever the teacher needs him. Yesterday he worked at a high school doing janitorial work and he was really beat when he got home last night. Really hard work but I think he enjoyed it. As for me, I just did a lot of shopping yesterday afternoon. Didn't buy much, I just love to look around at the second hand stores, hehe! Found a summer dress, Kathie Lee, with the tags still on it so I assume it was never worn. $8.99. I really enjoy a bargain. Okay, must go make me some breakfast and watch Regis and Kelly. Take care, everyone, and have a great day!

Golightly on 04/22/2003:
Hi Soonie! After the Easter weekend, I think we are ALL going the wrong way! I have a lot of regrets from the weekend (damn that Easter candy!)

Let me know about the Patricia Heaton book ... I'm thinking about buying it. I love Fran Drescher's books, she's so humourous! I wonder if Patricia Heaton writes with humour?

Sounds like you got a great deal! I love second-hand stores too!

Have a great day!

BingeOnThis on 04/22/2003:
Oooh I love second hand stores. We have around 10 or so within a 30 mile drive and go to them on a weekly basis just about. Not only do I get great deals on clothes but it's also a lot of walking!

I'm about to begin on a Stephen King book. Guess reading a horror book right about now will take my mind off my own diet horrors :)

Gael the Whale on 04/22/2003:
oh I love second hand and thrift stores too. hope you had a great day today and an even better one tomorrow

Beth 201 on 04/24/2003:
Sounds like you are keeping up on the exercise. Great Job! To answer your question. I am working at Carrs which is Safeway here in Anchorage. The weather has been pretty nice. We got into the 50's today. Tia and I are really enjoying our walks. We did not get out today for one, but before work tomorrow I promised her we would do our walk. I have a few things that need done today. Still working on them. LOL Well I better run. Thanks for the support. I am feeling great!!! Hugs! Beth :)

Soon2BThin - Friday Apr 18, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Hey, I'm finally here! Not doing too well but could be worse. I think I'm just going to do what I can and not worry about it. I've got lots of work to do before Sunday. I invited the whole family over for dinner on Easter. So I need to give the house a good cleaning and I have lots of food to fix. Then Monday, look out!! Seems like I've heard that before, haha!

So....my DH has rejoined the working force today. It makes me kind of sad because it feels like "good-bye vacations, lunches out together and those nice walks in the early morning, talking all the time." He's just part time right now with the school district. He'll be doing different substitute jobs, like today he's taking care of a few special needs kids, keeping an eye on them and making sure they get to their classes, things like that. That's all I know about it now, I'll hear more later, I'm sure. And next week he starts at another school doing janitorial work from 2:00pm until 10:30 I think. He's experienced at that since that's what he did when he first started at Proctor & Gamble many, many years ago. He likes to work and he just thought he might as well get paid for it. He was always doing jobs for the family. Also he'd like to get full time so he can get good health insurance coverage for us. Maybe you might remember that I lost mine and I'm searching for new. Okay, I've thought of going out to work (I was always a stay-at-home Mom) but I have no skills, no experience and, heck, I'm pretty old. I know I couldn't stand doing grocery store check-out work being on my feet all day. Maybe I'll think of something but I'm not worried about it. DH says I don't need to work anyway. But I feel so useless now that he's working. Oh, BTW, he decided to go to work because the stock market drop has really hit us hard, losing more than half of our retirement. Guess that's pretty common right now.

Okay, must go get busy. I hope you all have a great weekend and holiday. And CharlieAngel, if you're out there, let us know how you're doing. And JellyBelly and Maria and Breakaway. You are all missed. Bye for now.

kyrin on 04/18/2003:
Hi, Soonie, gal! It sounds like you're going to have a full house for dinner on Sunday. (I love family get togethers for holidays!) Have a great weekend.

I'll be looking for you on Monday!



Maria7 on 04/18/2003:
Hi Soonie, Thanks for thinking about me...I just got online and read your comments. Looks like you are fixing to have a big Easter dinner...what are you going to fix???? Hope you've been doing well. SMILE!

Beth 201 on 04/18/2003:
Hi...I hope you and your family have a wonderful Easter. Sounds like you are going to be busy. I have to work, but I am going to wear my bunny ears. LOL I agree on the cashier job. It is a hard one. The standing is getting to me. BIG TIME. Well I wish you a very happy holiday. Beth :)

MichelleP on 04/19/2003:

Hope you are feeling better soon. Good luck with all your Easter plans!

I hope you dh likes working with special needs kids, it can be very hard, but I will tell you it is so worth it! I can not imagine doing anything else. Have a wonderful weekend and try to find some you time! Hugs

pollyanna on 04/20/2003:
Hi Soon! What a nice time you have had with your husband! And it sounds like he is going to enjoy what he does at the schools, but I'll bet he's already missing those walks and talks!

And, since I am also 52..........YOU AIN'T OLD! Okay, maybe a little, but not old old, just old ;) Hang in there girl :)

peace, pollyanna :)

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Apr 16, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Just dropped in to see what's going on. As you can see, I'm doing well with the maintaining part of weightloss. But....I WANT TO LOSE MORE WEIGHT!! Darnit! I thought I'd had a pretty good week last week but I guess it doesn't work to do 5 great days and 2 bad ones, hahaha! Sorry I haven't been here the last few days to comment and see how you are all doing. But I have lots of time tonight, nothing on TV that I like so I'm free! Well, have a great day tomorrow and welcome to all the newbies here. Buh-bye!

Gael the Whale on 04/17/2003:
Amen. that is where I am . a few good days a few bad days.

MichelleP on 04/17/2003:

I think it is wonderful you are doing awesome. I know you want to loose more and I have a feeling you will. I wish I had been able to hold on to what I had lost, but we all know how that goes from time to time.


Golightly on 04/17/2003:
Hi Soonie! I know, there are so many new people it's hard to comment on everyone's diary!

Dieting doesn't even seem to work with 6 great days and 1 bad one! I guess our only choice is to be "good" 7 days a week! Sigh. This is especially hard given the holiday weekend. Is it even really Easter if you don't eat a chocolate bunny?

SoccerMom on 04/17/2003:
Hiya! You don't say where you live, but if you've got cactus, I'm guessing in the southwest? You might try a flower called "Tithonia (Mexican Sunflower)". I would think it could stand the heat. Best bet would be to go by a local plant shop and ask about drought and heat resistant flowers...then buy a couple of plants, or a packet of seeds, and see what happens.

Good job on the maintaining. Sometimes, that's just as hard to do as losing. Our family has decided to completely forego the Easter candy, and get a nice fruit basket, instead. That will help!

Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Apr 13, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Good morning, everyone! It's 9:55am here so it's still morning. Well, yesterday went very well. I had a little more points, 24. And I did get that second walk in later in the day. I left here just before 5:30pm and walked 3 times around the block, 37 minutes so I had a total of 3.9 miles and 67 minutes for the day, yippee!! BUT--no walk this morning. So maybe I'll walk later this afternoon, who knows?! As for me having a bite to eat before I walk--I take Nexium in the morning so I have to wait a whole hour before I can eat. So that's when I do my exercise and by the time I'm finished, I can eat breakfast. I was really hungry this morning since I didn't exercise, I guess, because I hadn't had anything to eat since before 7pm last night. And I guess the exercise kind of keeps the hunger away for awhile. So, no exercise this morning=early hunger. But I still had to wait the whole hour and then had breakfast at 9. Anywho....

So that's my story for today. I think I may go out to the mall this afternoon, I have something to return and I think it's the last day of the Penney's sale and maybe Sear's too. I want to get some shorts and a matching top at Sear's, I think. And I feel adventurous this morning. You have to feel brave to go on a Sunday, hah! Besides it will keep me out of the kitchen so I won't eat until I need to. Yesterday was really difficult in that department. I wanted to eat all day but I kept a tight rein on it. I so want to see a nice loss tomorrow. I do feel a tad smaller in the tummy area, I hope it's not my imagination. I'm almost afraid to get on the scale but I will just accept whatever it says and try not to be too disappointed. And I know that one medication I take for chronic pain says that weight gain is a side affect, sheesh! It's working great for the pain, I actually went for a whole week without that pain. But if it's keeping me from losing weight, I just don't know what I will do. Work harder, I guess.

Okay, see you all tomorrow. You know, I started to get caught up here yesterday but when I read PastaGal's new weight-loss and Kyrin's 90 minutes of exercise, I decided to go out for that second walk. Thanks, ladies, you are such an inspiration to me. So maybe I'll get caught up with the diaries later today. Have a good one!

Gael the Whale on 04/13/2003:
Great walking. that is bad about the medication though . seems sometmies like we are damned if we do and damned if we dont. But I know you will hang in there. Hope you have a great day too.

PaulLopez on 04/13/2003:
I think walking is an excellent way to loose weight. Very low impact, anyone can do it, and results will come.

Keep up the good work!

kyrin on 04/13/2003:
Ah....now I see why you exercise hungry. My mom takes something in the morning too. Also has to wait for an hour. She takes her pill, then putters around the house until she can have a cuppa and a piece of toast. Then, she goes to one of the local gyms for some swimming. By the time she finishes her laps, my dad is done with his mall walking and is ready to pick her up. She climbs into the van and dad hands her a biscuit and some tea from, you guessed it, McDonalds. LOL

You're doin' wonderfully with your walking, Soonie. I'm proud of you!


Golightly on 04/14/2003:
Sounds like you are doing great, Soonie! I watch Dr. Phil when I get home from work -- this Friday he is doing another weight-loss episode, this one focussing on using food as a coping mechanism for stress or lonliness. Sounds like it will be interesting!

Yeh, I'm always inspired by Kyrin. God bless her!

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