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Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 12, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Gee, I'm on here late today. My internet service had a little problem but looks like it's fixed now. So I couldn't get on here this morning. Things are going pretty good, although, like most people, the weekends are the most difficult for me. DH is gone, helping my brother do something (and they're probably planning the next fishing trip, haha) and DS is gone to work. So here I sit. I've been watching my Dr. Phil tape all day while doing laundry. I tape the show all week then watch it on the weekend, although I do catch it sometimes during the week. We took a 30 minute walk this morning, I guess that's enough. I may take another later when it cools off. I ended up having 19 points yesterday so that was good again. Today I just want to eat more, that could be because I'm not keeping busy enough. Yesterday I went to the mall and Sam's so I didn't eat lunch until after 2:30 when I got home and I really wasn't even starving like I used to do. (?)

Okay, that's it for today. I'm still not all caught up with all the new DD news. How are you all doing this fine weekend? Ya'll be good now.

kyrin on 04/12/2003:
Hey, Soonie! Your day sounds nice and relaxing. Good for you!

Re: the question yesterday about working out before you eat anything (not having eaten since the night before). Gal, have a snack at least. I try to have some protein and carbs as soon as I wake up. ...and I don't let myself get away with having a cuppa tea and calling that a snack either. {grins} ...I just feel better and my workout goes better if I have something about an hour before I get started.

I can relate to not wanting to take two showers too. I would almost rather skip an afternoon workout rather than have to go through all that again. LOL So, I do part of my workout, then cool down with some housework, and then finally, I finish the workout session. After the last cooldown, I head for the shower feeling pretty darned successful...and take a nice long warm shower to reward all of those muscles.

Have a wonderful day tomorrow.



Gael the Whale on 04/12/2003:
hope your weekend continues to go well. Hang in there.

Soon2BThin - Friday Apr 11, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Good morning!! How's everyone doing? I haven't been able to catch up on the entries since Wednesday. I've been doing well the last couple of days. Wednesday: 20 points, 50 minute walk. Thursday: 20 points, 50 minute walk. Today: 50 minute walk, so far. I wonder if I'm getting enough exercise. But that 50 minutes just about kills me! Of course, I don't eat breakfast first and I hadn't eaten since before 7pm the night before. Do you think that could be why I get so wiped out? I think I may just do 30 minutes at a time over the weekend, maybe twice a day. The trouble of that is, I don't want to shower twice a day, heh. And I sure sweat a lot!

Also yesterday, I went shopping at the second-hand store, Target and Wal-Mart so I had a little exercise then too. I don't feel like I'm losing any weight though. Of course, I've only had 2 good days in a row, what can I expect?! But at least, as long as I keep pretty busy, it's not that hard to stay at 20 points a day, which is low for me. I'm allowed 20-25 points a day plus exercise points, so I'm doing really well with that. And no eating after 7pm. I'm planning on going to the Mall and Sam's today so I will be busy this afternoon. I still need to clean my closet and dressers too, put away the winter clothes and the clothes that don't fit yet. And I want to get caught up with everyone here also sometime today. Lots to do!

So you all have a great day. I know for some of you it is half over already but it's only 9:50am here. Going up to 88 degrees today and the sun is shining. See ya's later!

Golightly on 04/11/2003:
Soonie, when you get back on track, you really do it right! I'm with you on the showering ... Kyrin had suggested to me to break up my workout throughout the day. It didn't work for me. I did a quick one in the morning (then showered), then a quick on at lunch (then showered), then a workout in the evening (and showered!). My skin was drying out! So now I'm back to doing it in a big chunk in the morning. Maybe these other girls don't sweat as much as we do!!

See ya later!

Gael the Whale on 04/11/2003:
sounds like you are busy busy busy. glad you are doing so well. hope you have an excellent weekend and eat healthy and keep moving.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Apr 09, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Good morning, or is it afternoon where some of you are?! It's only almost 10:30am here. Okay, so today is a new day. Too bad I keep having the bad days that I need to make up for. Oh, well. DH and I had a nice 50 minute walk this morning. It's nice and warm here, going up to 89 I think today. And I've had my 5 point breakfast. It should be a busy day and I will keep moving. All the junk food is gone and I don't plan on buying any more in the near future, haha! I didn't get to read entries last night because I was downloading my pictures and we are having trouble with the printer so DS was trying to figure out how to get it to work. Anyways, I plan on getting to the entries some time today and get all caught up. I hope you're all doing well. So I'll see ya's later. Take care.

Gael the Whale on 04/09/2003:
Hi soon. doing well today. trying to choke down pink salmon. great diet food. only Jordan went back for seconds. no it wasnt that bad but it wasnt something they cleaned the pot out for . I just bought some junk food but putting off fixing it till I have made some progress. Need lettuce after while so we can fix some salads. It is noonish here. and brisk but not too cold and not too hot.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Apr 08, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Uh, oh! Baaaaad mistake! I can't do the "off day" thing like I thought I could. That just isn't going to work for me. Heck, it just carried from yesterday into today. I've been eating since yesterday morning, mostly junk. This just will not do! Okay, gotta take some inventory here. I thought I'd eat a few "forbidden" things on Mondays and be done with it and ready to get back on the wagon the next day. Well, it's been junk food heaven around here. Soooooo, here's what I'm thinking.....maybe if I just allow myself that one thing I've been craving all week and not do this for the whole day. Just one thing I really want. Let's see how that goes next week. Okay, and you know what I found out?! I really preferred the way I feel when I'm eating right over the stuffed-with-junk-food feeling I've had the last 2 days!! So the junk food is all gone and I'm ready to get with the program, to quote a very smart person. I guess I just keep learning and learning, huh? Duh, you'd think I would have known this by now! And I'm ready to drink about a gallon of water cause since I haven't been drinking enough the last couple of days, I'M DYING OF THIRST HERE!! Oh, and I haven't been exercising the last 2 days either. So I'm ready for tomorrow! Bring it on!!

I hope you are all doing lots better than I am. I'm going to go check right now, okay? Here I come! See ya!

Gael the Whale on 04/08/2003:
I know what you mean. think I am getting a handle on this last binge though. am going to get water even now. hoping for a better tomorrow . Hugs .

Soon2BThin - Monday Apr 07, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Guess what?! No new weight number!! It just stayed the same this week, phooey!! I know I've been doing pretty good so I should drop some next week. We'll see. But today is my "off" day so I'll have whatever I wish, okay! Then back on the job tomorrow. If I don't lose any by next week, I'll forego the little day-off thing. No exercise today either, I'll continue that tomorrow and plan on doing some for the next 6 days. Right now it seems to make it easier for me if I have that Monday-day-off thing to look forward to. You can't gain much in just one day now, can you?! We'll see. Give me your opinion if you care to, okay?

So I'm just going to enjoy my day off and indulge in some of those darn peanut butter eggs. Maybe a couple of other things too. Might even go to Macayo's for happy hour this afternoon too, muahahaha! Oh, this Soonie is a baaaaad girl! I kinda feel like a traitor to the DD though but I don't think that will stop me, hah! Sorry! I'll be back tomorrow. Hope you all have a great Monday!

Gael the Whale on 04/07/2003:
Lol happy munching. but come back tomorrow do. Hope you have a great day and resist temptation just a little. Have a great day.

yehudith on 04/08/2003:
Hi. I think that these "off" days of eating "carelessly" are important for morale -- at least that's what i do!

have a great day,


Soon2BThin - Sunday Apr 06, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Hi, gang! I just got back from my 48 minutes of walking, by myself this time. DH is gone fishing and DS is at work. Hey, remember how I used to sneak out to McDonald's for breakfast whenever the DH was gone fishing or somewhere? Well, I haven't done that for months now, yippee! I'm being such a good Soonie! And I really don't miss it, ya know? They're right, it does get easier. Well, on my walk, I had to deviate from my usual around-the-block thing today. As I was on my third time around, I noticed a white SUV that kept driving slowly down our street, turning around at the corner and coming back again. He must have done this 4 or 5 times while I was walking on that part of the block. So I was kind of afraid to walk down the other street of the block because it's kind of deserted, you have desert on one side of the dirt road and just a few straggly houses on the other side. And I didn't want to meet up with that weirdo there, uh, uh! So when I got to that road I turned around and came back up our street again, then back down to home. Maybe I was being over cautious but I thought how silly I would feel if I walked around the whole block and that dude was waiting for me, ready to drag me into his car. Then what would I do?! So here I am, safe and sound and I still got in the whole 48 minutes of walking. Now I'm going to do my ab exercises and maybe some arm too. My neck still hurts a lot, I don't know what to do about that. I do have some arthritis there but this is more like a muscle pulled but it just won't go away. DH says I should go to a chiropractor but I'm just so sick of going to doctors all the time.

Okay, I plan on being back here tomorrow with a new, fantastic weight to announce. (Gee, I'm going to feel silly if it doesn't change, heh) But I will accept whatever happens. Still I felt a lot less bloated this morning than I have been lately. And I've had a pretty good week. Que sera, sera, right? And it kind of helps me get through the weekend doing well when I weigh-in on Mondays. Keep your fingers crossed! I'll see ya's then! Ta-ta!

kyrin on 04/06/2003:
Better safe than sorry! I'm glad that you were cautious. ...My son won't let me walk alone on the sand road that runs through the woods behind our apartment complex. It meanders along for a couple of miles and is a lovely walk, but it's traveled by cars occasionally (only estate homes off the road) and is very secluded (all of the estates are 1/4 to 1/2 mile off the road). So I only go walking there when Matt goes with me.

You're doin' great with your McD's breakfasts. Good for you!



Gael the Whale on 04/06/2003:
keeping my fingers crossed for you too. "smiles" be well.

Beth 201 on 04/06/2003:
Hey it never hurts to be safe. I think I would have done the very same thing. These days there are two many weird people out there. You seem to be doing great. WOW! I hope your neck gets to feeling better soon. GREAT JOB on the McDonald's front. I have been doing great in that area also. I have been wanting fast food, but I have not had any for about 1 month now. YAHOO FOR BOTH OF US! Well you keep up the good work. I also weigh in tomorrow. I wish us both the best of luck. Beth :)

Golightly on 04/07/2003:
Sounds scary! Glad to hear you are safe! (Although, I wonder if fear burns off extra calories...?)

I see you still haven't posted your new weight, so I'm going to check back later today. I'm so excited! I love reading about everyone else's successes ... makes me smile and keeps me motivated!

Take care!

willloose on 04/07/2003:
i agree soon to be thin better be safe than sorry sometimes i too have reservations of going walking in our neighborhood at night but i make sure i have cell phone with me and try to walk in lighted areas. i wish i had a dog...

Soon2BThin - Saturday Apr 05, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Happy Saturday, everyone! Well, here I am, 11:10am and I've had a good start to the day. I got up at 7:30 and took a nice 45 minute walk with the DH. Nice to have someone to talk with while walking. But it sure wiped me out. You'd think by now I could take a long walk without getting so tired. But I'm recovered somewhat now and ready to get to work on all the housework I need to do. Already have laundry in the washer and the dishwasher is running. It's a beautiful day in the neighborhood, hehe!

Yesterday I ended up with 25 points for the day, pretty good. No eating after 7pm. The no-eating-after-7 thing isn't too hard for me except when watching TV and they show a food commercial, haha! Otherwise the thought of food never even crosses my mind. So I've had a good 2 (or is it 3?) days in a row. I did get out for that shopping yesterday afternoon--bought a pair of shorts ($7.50) and shirt ($3.00) for the DS at K-Mart--everything at least 50% off--and a short skirt with shorts attached underneath--don't know what they call that--and nightshirt with Tigger on it that was reduced to $5.48 for me at Target. I don't usually find much at Target in the way of clothes and don't go in there very often. I was looking for a tape or CD of Native American music. I listened to some very relaxing NA music the other day when I was getting the touch up on my eyebrow tatooing at the dermatologist. So I just have to find some somewhere. Didn't find any at Target or K-Mart. Guess I need to get to a music store at the mall or something. It seemed like it would be good meditating music.

Anyways....I look forward to having another really good day today. I have lots to keep me busy and I'm feeling pretty good. I hope things are going well for y'all. Enjoy your weekend, okay?

Gael the Whale on 04/05/2003:
lol those food commercials should be banned from tv. they get to me every time. have a great day today.

pollyanna on 04/06/2003:
Sounds like you had a really great last few days! I might try that "no eating after 7 pm" thing myself....but would have to kick it up to "no eating after 8 pm" because we have to eat later here some nights. But I like the thought!

Have a great Sunday! peace, pollyanna :)

Soon2BThin - Friday Apr 04, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Hi, there, gang!! Well, I'm having another good day, 2 in a row, yippee! I just finished my walk around the block 4 times again, took 48 minutes once again. Whew, then I filled the bird bathes and feeders and here I am. Dripping, haha! It was 70 degrees with the sun shining, a little breeze, not as much as yesterday. So it was a very pleasant walk, if you can call walking that fast pleasant. But I really enjoyed it. I need to get back with doing the ab exercise again though, I haven't done any for several days. My neck has been bothering me, as I've said before, so I didn't want to strain it doing crunches or the arm exercises, darnit! It seems every time I get going with a routine, something comes up to mess it up. Oh, well. The eating part is going well, so far. I'm going out this afternoon to K-Mart (our K-Mart is closing, waaah, so I want to see what kind of bargains I can find) and Target and maybe Ross, they've got swim suits on sale there. I really don't need anything but I love to shop sometimes, not always. And I'm in a good mood today but I'd better watch out for those check-out candy bars, hehe. I want to see a nice loss again on Monday.

Okay, I've got to go shower now and then have a bite of lunch. Yesterday went really well, with 23 points for the day and I had plenty of veggies! So I'm going for that again today. I can do it, right? Have a great weekend, everyone!

MM on 04/04/2003:
Great job with your walking! I can't wait until the weather is nice, so I can start the after dinner walk with the family. Yes you can do it! Get those fruit and veggies in today!

kyrin on 04/04/2003:
Hey, Soonie! I'm still working on not straining my neck while doing crunches. I start off okay, but as my crunch muscles tire, I find myself using my neck more. When I start doing that, I switch to doing reverse crunches. (Start from a bent kneed sitting position and act as if you're going to get down into the regular bent-knee crunch position. Go as far as you can--keeping your back straight, not rounded--and then return to the sitting position. This helps me work the abs, but keeps the strain off my neck.

We'll get there eventually. Yes, we will.



Soon2BThin - Thursday Apr 03, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Okay, doing better today!! I just finished my walk around the block--4 TIMES!! That comes out to 2.8 miles. It took me 48 minutes. The sun is shining and temps in the 70's, kinda windy though, but that kept me cool enough. I had only figured on doing 3 times around but after that much I still felt great and, well, so many of you here are doing so much more than I that I just had to go for another time around. And walking against the wind sometimes had to make me burn more calories, right? The eating part is going well today too. And it will continue! I just have to remember that candy bars are the enemy and I just cannot fraternize with them! Bad candy, BAD!! And thank you all for your comments. Glad to hear you're doing fine, PastaGal, if maybe somewhat frazzled. Don't worry about making an entry, I just tend to worry about people when they're not here for awhile and you've been a regular for so long, like me.

So it's nice to be alone today so that I can make an entry without someone looking over my shoulder. DS is at work and DH is at Mom's, painting yet. So it's nice and quiet here with just the cat and me. You know what, I forgot to mention---why is it that, for awhile here lately, I had to put my name and password in before I could get to my entries, and now, I don't have to? Not that it matters, just wondered.

Okay, gonna go now. Time to fix lunch. I think I'll have some veggie soup and crackers. Maybe even take a nap *yawn*. Oops, I forgot, the trip to Las Vegas is on now but I'm not going to go. DH doesn't want to go and he may have a job by then and I just don't want to leave home right now, the way things are. I want to be with him if something bad is going to happen. And then there's that SARS going around. I think Las Vegas would be a place you might catch it, what with all the people from foreign countries there. So it's just Mom, my brother and sister and BIL. I'm just happy, staying home, and besides, look at the money I will save. I just had that vacation in Feb. on the cruise and spent way too much money then. But mostly, I love my DH and don't want to be apart from him. Is anyone gagging yet? Hah! So I hope you're all having as great a day as I am today. See ya's tomorrow.

Golightly on 04/03/2003:
2.8 Miles?? You really are "Soon to be thin"! That's an impressive distance! And you're eating well too! Way to go Soonie! :)

kyrin on 04/03/2003:
Wow! That was about a 17 mph pace. When you walk, you don't go strollin'! {grins} Great resistance work too!

prism on 04/03/2003:
Good job on the 2.8 miles. Sounds like you got a good workout...

No candy bars!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Apr 02, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.5

Okay, here it is my 3 year anniversary at the DD and I'm doing terrible!! Well, I guess it could be worse but still....It all started this afternoon in WalMart with a candy bar. Why, oh why, do they have to have those at the checkout?! If I had to buy a whole pack, I wouldn't. But when you can just get one, I'm lost. I had been doing fine so far today. So then I just kept eating the rest of the afternoon! AND I didn't exercise this morning! I just couldn't drag myself out of bed even though I woke up when the radio came on at 7am. Bad Soonie!! I had good intentions but didn't follow them through. Better luck tomorrow. I feel like such a failure and I know that's not a good thing either.

Did anyone see Oprah today? I know it was a repeat but it was the good one where she and Bob Greene talked about losing weight. Some really good points. Am I an emotional eater?? What do you think?! Hah!

Okay, I'll see ya's all tomorrow when I WILL be having a better day. I just can't allow myself to put back the 2 pounds I lost last week. I'm so tired of going up and down! Have a good night!

kyrin on 04/02/2003:
Alright now, Miss Soonie! What's up with eating your reward item in the checkout line...and <i>before</i> you've earned it? Candy bars are okay. You do need to make it a special occasion though...and not just something to eat when you're tired or bored, or hungry.

Oh, well. You'll do better next time. Won't you?



Re: Pastagal. I know that her MIL was not doing well. She was having trouble absorbing nutrients from her food...and something about the feeding tube not working, maybe? Pasta has had her hands full this year. I worry about her, but understand when she has to take a break occasionally.

Golightly on 04/03/2003:
Hi Soonie, and happy anniversary! Yes, those checkouts can be murder ... I started buying magazines to keep myself away from the candy. You would NOT BELIEVE how many magazines are on my coffee table now. I'll probably have to find some sort of magazine-addition website soon.

Weight fluctuations are one of the hardest things to face ... be strong!

pastagal on 04/03/2003:
Hey soonie,,,how ya doing?:}} as for me,,i am hangin in there,alot going on here at my house these days,,first it was my daughter and her problems and losing her job and my x son in law telling her if she didn't get her **** together he would take the kids,which i found out from him he would never do ,he just wanted to put the scare in her so she would get her act together,which btw she has done and is doing so great right now,,,then there is my MIL,she has had some major problems,her digestive system is trying to shut down and she isn't taking in the food from the feeding tube well,,so we have had to shut it way down and she is getting very little at the moment,,otherwise she asperates it up into her lungs and ya know what that will do,,,but i am dealing with it as i always do,it is just hard to watch and deal with at times. My son is doing ok,,he has alot of pain still and will for some time to come the doctor says,he has to have more surgery which is going to set him backwards again and that is depressing to him,but it has to be done. Other than that i am great,still doing good with dieting and yes i saw Oprah yesterday and have decided to make a contract with myself and hubby signed it and its on the fridge,,I am NOT eating past 7:30 at night,which has helped sooooooo much,and i am giving up White Bread,,white rice,,white pasta,and flour and all Sugar for 30 days,,if i see a huge difference i will continue inless i just can't do without these items,,but after that i will have pasta now and then and if i need bread it will be WHEAT and if i eat rice it will have to be white cause i tried wheat and just can't tolerate it,,,but more bean soups also which i find very helpful ,,oh and i am eating less popcorn right now and more almonds at night,,i find they really do hit the spot and don't have to eat a ton of them,,,anyway,,you hang in there,you doing great and even if you don't hear from me all the time here,i still jump on daily and read as many as i can and try to keep up with everyone,,i just don't have as much time to comment these days,,,you take care and remember to take it ONE day at a time and be CONSISTENT,,and watch those CARBS:}}

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