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Soon2BThin - Friday Jan 03, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.5

Happy Friday, everyone!! How's it going for you all? I had a pretty good day yesterday for a change. Can I make it 2 in a row? I did get up and walk 40 minutes on the treadmill already, so I'm off to a good start. Sweating buckets! Next I must do the lower body exercises, that includes abs, which, for some reason, I really hate. I know, I know, just DO it, right?

Yesterday I even took another go on the treadmill before dinner for 30 minutes, yeah, me! I did eat a few chocolate kisses though so that wasn't a good thing. Oh, well! They are almost gone now.

Okay, must go! Talk to you tomorrow. Have a great day!

MichelleP on 01/03/2003:

Way to go on your workouts you are doing awesome. I am sure a few kisses are okay!

kyrin on 01/03/2003:
Yeah, the ab work isn't much fun...but I like the way that I feel when it's all done. You're right...just do it!



Soon2BThin - Thursday Jan 02, 2003
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.5

Good morning, everyone! A whole new year and, let's hope, a whole new life for us all, right? I'm already off to a good start. I got up early (and don't think it was easy!) and done my 40 minute walk on the treadmill. The sun is shining and it's going up to 67 today! So, how are you all doing? I've been reading the entries here and keeping up with you all. I think we will all do better now that the holidays are over. I've got 4 weeks and 2 days before my cruise. How much weight can I lose by then? I'm not setting any goals but I'll just try to lose as much as possible. I have to be able to get into those summer clothes comfortably. It's times like these that I always wish I'd stuck with the program all this time. I think of how much better I'd be feeling about myself now if I'd kept the weight off that I'd lost and even lost more. I can still remember that feeling of being thinner and not having that pot-belly sticking out when I look down. I want that feeling again! Why, oh, why do we sabotage ourselves and go back to all the old habits?!

Okay, must go do the upper body work now. Since I haven't done it since last Friday, I'm starting over again. So, here's to a great year for all of us. I'm looking forward to it! Happy 2003! And I hope we'll see some of the old regulars returning here too. CharlieAngel and Pastagal, where are you? Have a great day, you all!

MichelleP on 01/02/2003:

Sabotage .... what a great question! I am with you ... heres to a wonderful and successful year! Hugs

inmorning on 01/02/2003:
It is downright cruel what we do to ourselves isn't it! I know I feel so happy when I know the scale is going down and people are telling me how much weight I have lost. I have no idea why we sabotage ourselves but it bears looking into deeper doesn't it?

Have a great day and (((((((((((((((Soon2Bthin))))))))))))))) here is a great big hug for you.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Dec 31, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.5

Good morning and Happy New Year!! I did weigh in yesterday, as usual. I'm up a pound this week but I expected it. No exercise since Friday and I'm still not eating right. I'll do better today although we're going out for dinner this evening. I have a doctor's appointment this morning (that yearly oh-so-fun exam) so didn't get in any exercise. Maybe later..... I hope you're all having a good day. Take care and be safe. PS--Did you hear? They arrested Diana Ross here in Tucson with a blood alcohol level of .20. Uh-oh! Heh!

BandMom on 12/31/2002:
HAPPY NEW YEAR TO YOU! I have been miss you!Hugs and smiles Bandmom

inmorning on 12/31/2002:
Good luck losing that extra pound some where. I hate those exams too. I have been seriously putting mine off. Yikes, it makes me wince just thinking about it.

prism on 12/31/2002:
Okay, I admit it, I'm glad other people are up a little this week, too, so I don't have to feel so bad! We can all start over this weekend and be really good from then on...I'm making a goal to walk 75 miles in January....Have fun out at dinner tonight!

Soon2BThin - Friday Dec 27, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.5

Good Friday morning, everyone! Time to get back on the wagon! I just finished my 40 minute walk. It wasn't easy, getting up at 6:30 this morning. Of course, once I was up, that little voice kept nagging me to get back in bed and sleep some more. It was dark and cold and that sounded really good to me, but I fought off the urge and did my walk. Now to get the eating back on track! I've got lots to do today so keeping busy should help.

Well, gotta go do some upper body work. My upper body will be surprised, hah! I hope you're all doing well. Take care and have a great day!

kyrin on 12/27/2002:
I see you remembered how to change colors. If you're looking for a wider color selection, go to <a href="http://www.geocities.com/SiliconValley/6658/color.html"> Create It~101</a>. I have a color printer, so I printed out a copy of the page. I keep the colors and codes handy by my computer. Let me know if you need anything else.

It's nice to see you jumping right back into your regular routine. {grins} I got out of my warm bed this morning, but put on my fuzzy socks instead of my sneaks. I guess I've got the post-birthday thing going on. LOL

See you back here on the 1st.



Curlsncuffs on 12/27/2002:
Happy New Year - hope your mom is okay. Congrats on the excersise plan. Hang in there! How much have you lost so far?

Beth 201 on 12/27/2002:
Yahoo Way to go....I need to do the same thing..however I am sorry to say I am being lazy. I will get my butt up and do something. LOL Have a great weekend. Beth :)

beth 201 on 12/28/2002:
Thanks for your comment. I hope I am feeling a lot better soon myself. LOL Well you have a great weekend. Beth :)

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Dec 24, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.5

***MERRY CHRISTMAS*** I hope you're all having a wonderful Christmas Eve! I'm sure you are all so busy. I know I am. I forgot how to change the colors here so I have to do it all in red, I was going to change to green but I can't find my instructions to do that. I'm a computer idiot! Oh, well, my weight stayed the same this week, I guess I can be grateful for that. Not much exercise and eating has been atrocious! I plan on starting over day after tomorrow. Take care, everyone, and have a safe and happy holiday.

Beth 201 on 12/25/2002:
You have a Happy Holiday yourself. Take care and enjoy yourself to the fullest. I did not even know that you could change the color. LOL. Hugs Beth :)

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Dec 18, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.5

Guess no one read my last entry since there were no comments. Boo hoo! Could be because I made such a late-in-the-day entry, huh? Or nobody likes me anymore, boo hoo, hehe! So, this is my 8th day in a row of no exercise. Don't quite know why this is, could be my state of mind or I'm just being lazy. I'd better get my (ahem) self in gear or I'll end up being right back where I was once again, (SCREAMING!!) NO WAY! But the candy and cookies are readily available everywhere and they are all calling out to me in such pitiful voices I'm having a hard time resisting. I've gotten back into my habit of hiding candy in my bedside drawer--EEECK! Am I the only one here who does that kind of thing? I feel like such a weirdo! Okay, I gotta go. I'm waiting to hear from Mom if they are releasing her from the hospital today so I can go get her. They starved her for 2 days and now still don't know what the problem was. Currently she is waiting to see a gastroenterologist, about time, I say. So that's why she's not released yet. Anyways.....Talk to you as soon as I can. Hoping to get back to the exercise. How could I have done so well on vacation and now that I'm home, I'm hopeless!? I hope you're all doing well.

BandMom on 12/18/2002:
Ok Soonie,I'm coming to check out that bedside drawer!I'm here to get you back in shape!Come on let us get started on those exercises.Hugs and smiles. Bandmom Ps. I still love ya!

MichelleP on 12/19/2002:

I am saying a big prayer for your mom, that all goes well and that she gets to come home soon! Now come on you are not hopeless, you are worth so much more than that! Okay you took a good well earned break from your program... and maybe you need a few more days, only you know for sure! But when you are ready, get off your ahem and get it moving!! Comeon on down your the next person to get it together! Sending you Big hugs!

kyrin on 12/19/2002:
I'm keeping good thoughts for your mom. Hope they get things figured out soon!

Don't fret too much about the goodies and the bedside drawer of candies. Concentrate on maintaining...go do a bit of exercise to compensate for the extras that you're eating...and vow to jump right back into the groove with us after the holidays.



prism on 12/19/2002:
I had the same experience. While I was on my cruise the first week of the month I did a lot of exercise in the gym and alot of activities on ship and on the islands...but when I got back I started vegging out for at least a week, until somebody challenged me to a mileage goal for the month ..... I'm going to try for 75 miles walked by the end of the month. So far I'm at 31. We;ll see what happens....Maybe you should set a goal for yourself to reach by the end of the month to get yourself back in gear... :)

Soon2BThin - Monday Dec 16, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.5

Good afternoon, everyone! I haven't been here all week, whew! What a week! I really miss you all and the DD. But just when I think things are winding down a little, I ended up in the ER with Mom this morning. I think it's the same problem she had the last time but they are doing testing this afternoon so she sent me home. Just waiting for the phone to ring, you know how that is. They may decide to keep her again, I don't know. Sooooo.....no exercise this morning. In fact, I haven't exercised since last Tuesday! Unless you count all the running around I did with shopping and decorating the house. I think I'm finally finished now. The cookies that I made for my sons are in the mail this morning, DH did all the waiting in line to mail them. Of course I've been into the ones that were left over, hehe. Considering the way I've been eating the past week, it's a wonder I only gained half a pound but I know if I keep it up, it will all catch up with me, right? Gosh, I am so far behind with all your entries and I really hate that but I just haven't had the extra time. I feel so left out! Waaaah! Tomorrow's plan--get up early, exercise and visit with the DDers. But you know what they say about "best laid plans", we'll see. Hope you are all doing great and have a good rest-of-the-day!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Dec 11, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Hi, everyone! Guess I haven't had time lately to update, sorry. I did weigh in on Monday and guess it wasn't too bad, although, naturally, I'd hoped for better. Then I remembered--I had probably put on some weight right before we went on vacation, what with all the eating I did, leftover turkey sandwiches and such, and no exercise that week. So I'm not too unhappy. Good thing I exercised on the vacation, huh?

I have been so busy, with shopping and starting to put up the Christmas decorations yesterday. (Reminder to self--don't take a vacation in December again) At least I don't have to shop for gifts for the family, we have adopted a family this year and my sister and BIL have bought all the gifts so all we have to do is pay them our share. It's a woman and her 2 young boys who are the family of one of the current prisoners where my BIL is a guard. They are living in a shelter. You get a list of items they would like to have and sizes and all, so it's really neat. So there will be no gifts to open for all of us this year but we don't mind. I did get the DH a gift yesterday at Radio Shack--a radio-controlled bass boat that has a little guy in it with a fishing pole, looks real cute and I figured he could play with it in the pool next summer, haha! You know, men and their toys. I hope he likes it and doesn't think it's too silly. Good thing he won't know how much it cost, haha!

Well, I just did 40 minutes on the treadmill. Must go shower, eat brekky and head off to Wal-Mart. Hey, I was there yesterday waiting in the express line and two workers came up, gave me a plastic card they scanned, they scanned my items, bagged them and all I had to do when I reached the checkout was hand her the card and pay! Pretty neat, huh? A high five to Wal-Mart. This saved lots of time. Okay, gotta go. Talk to you later. Hope you all have a great day! And I haven't been able to read your updates for so long, I'm having withdrawal symptoms! I miss my DD!!

kyrin on 12/11/2002:
That does sound like a really neat idea. Way to go, Wal-Mart!

It sounds as if your family has a perfect way to celebrate the holidays this year. We also have way too much already. I keep telling my family that I don't want anything. Maybe I should be telling them to donate to a family or group in their area.



inmorning on 12/11/2002:
Our Sunday School class does the adopt a family thing. The women that go and do the shopping always come back and tell us what a great time they had. Have a great day.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Dec 08, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.0

Hi there! I'm back! We got back yesterday. Bet you didn't even notice I was gone, hehe! Seems like the week went so fast. I'm sorry that I wasn't here when Michelle went in for her surgery, I hope everything went well. I haven't had a chance to check up on everyone yet. Thanks for the heads-up notice, eighty-five. I was gone and didn't have use of a puter.

We had a great time, although we were getting kind of tired of each other by the end of the week, if you know what I mean, haha! Saw lots of Indian ruins, beautiful mountains and canyons. I even rode a horse for the first time, still sore from that. The resort we stayed in was really nice, even had a whirl-pool tub in the master bathroon made for two, whoo-hoo! It rained the first day when we got there but was nice after that, just a tad cooler than here at home. Sedona is a popular vacation spot for some of the movie stars, who have homes built there, so we saw lots of huge, beautiful houses. I imagine the property there is pretty expensive.

I did pretty well considering I was on vacation---I worked out for an hour on Monday, Wed., Thurs., and Friday in the nice little gym they had at the resort. I did 45 minutes on the treadmill, which was in great demand since there was only one, and then I did 15 minutes on the recumbant bike, so I had some pretty good workouts. And Tuesday was the hour of horseback riding, which I know was good for my abs since I had them tensed the whole ride, I was so nervous, hehe! We usually only ate two meals a day, breakfast and late lunch, then a snack in the early evening. We kept pretty busy so this was fairly easy to do. We only ate out twice and I had a burger and fries each time, bad, bad! But the rest of the time I think I ate okay. We'll see tomorrow when I weigh in. I'll be saying the scale-prayer, "I'll be surprised and happy if I've lost some, but I'll be okay if I stayed the same, just please, please don't let me have gained any". I'm hoping the exercise had some influence.

Oh, I also just finished 45 minutes on my treadmill this morning, will do upper body later. Okay, must hit the shower and grab a little breakfast. The sun is shining and it's about 45 degrees here at almost 10am. I'll be watching all the shows today I taped this week while I was gone, love my TV shows. Don't plan on much else. Already watched all the Dr. Phil shows from last week on yesterday, which I tape every day, love that Dr. Phil! I'll try to check up on ya'll later, hope everyone is doing good. Have a great day!

BandMom on 12/08/2002:
Thank you for the card. It was very beauitful!I saw One dr Phil show and like it very much! I going to start watching him.I'm gald you are back home safe.Hugs and smiles. Bandmom

Beth 201 on 12/08/2002:
Welcome back I missed you. Thanks for the wonderful post card. That was a treat to open the mail box and find that instead of a bill. LOL. I love going horse back riding. I really want a horse. They cost way to much money to have up here. The food alone would cost me about 400 a month. OUCH! Well I am so happy you had a wonderful time. Well you have a great week. Thanks again. You made my day! Beth :) Oh. Good job on the exercise, I've been bad this week in that area.

Grayjay on 12/09/2002:
Sounds like you had a great holiday! Congratulations on getting all the exersize in. That takes a great deal of focus. You did everything right - even if the scale doesn't confirm what you already know. Excellent Job!! ~Deb

Soon2BThin - Thursday Nov 28, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.0

Hi! I hope everyone had a good Thanksgiving. We had the leftovers for dinner, heh! Still have a little turkey left. It's almost 10pm here and I'm almost ready to get to bed. Just wanted to remind you, if you missed it the other day---I will send you a post card from Sedona if you send me your snail-mail address. Don't worry, I won't do anything weird with your address, okay? Might even send you a Christmas card too. We leave Saturday morning so time's running out.

On the diet front---I'm doing terrible, lots of turkey day leftovers, since ours was last Sunday and I broke down and bought one of those pumpkin custard pies they had right inside the door at Wal-Mart the other day, ate most of it myself since the DH doesn't really care much for it, I never knew that before now. Anyways, I hope all that is over now and I promise to do better, okay? Even during vacation! I'm tired of this fat, bloated feeling and my jeans are complaining.

Well, you all take care. This will be my last entry for awhile unless they have internet available at the resort, in which case, I will certainly come by to say "Hey". I'll miss you all and give you all the details when I get back. Hope you all have a quick recovery from turkey day and get back in the groove. Bye for now.

Beth 201 on 11/29/2002:
Hi..I hope you have a wonderful trip. You have my e-mail and address. Hope you have a great vacation. We will miss you while you are gone. Have fun and enjoy yourself to the fullest. Hugs Beth ;)

BandMom on 11/29/2002:
Hi ! My address is Rosalind King 713 S.Goyer Rd. Kokomo,In. 46901 My Email is Queen6088@aol.com Hug and smiles. bandmom

eighty-five on 12/02/2002:
<!DOCTYPE HTML PUBLIC "-//W3C//DTD HTML 4.0 Transitional//EN"> <HTML><HEAD> <META content="text/html; charset=iso-8859-1" http-equiv=Content-Type> <META content="MSHTML 5.00.2614.3500" name=GENERATOR> <STYLE></STYLE> </HEAD> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV><FONT color=#ff7f00><B>Calling all Diet Diary Members</B>: </DIV> <DIV> </DIV> <DIV>Our friend and fellow diarist <B>MichelleP</B>, whose love, compassion and friendship have touched many of us, <B>is going into the hospital for surgery</B> this Wednesday morning, December 4th. Lets let her know how many of us will be thinking of her in the days ahead. <B>Please email her <B><U>tomorrow, Tuesday, December 3rd</U></B> at: </DIV> <P align=center>michellepoole2@aol.com <P>and wish her well! </P> <P align=center></B><I>"The greatest healing therapy is friendship and love." --Hubert Humphrey. <P> </P> <P></FONT> </P></B></I></BODY></HTML>

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