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Soon2BThin - Sunday Nov 03, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Good morning, everyone!! I hope everyone feels as well as I do. Sometimes I have to pinch myself to see if I'm dreaming, haha! Life couldn't be better for me, ya know? I'm just having a great day. But I can't help hearing that little voice in the back of my mind, saying "something bad is going to happen, things can't keep on being so good". Go away, little voice, scat!

Okay, okay, enough of that or I'll start crying, heehee! So far this morning (it's only 10am here) DH and I walked for about 50 minutes around the neighborhood, good walk. Then he made me eggs, toast and tea for breakfast! Mmmmm, better than Denny's, haha! Now I'm listening to some Sheryl Crowe on the stereo and DH is out putting the cover on the pool. I still have to do my lower body exercises, which consists of: going up and down one step to strengthen my knees, 3 sets of 15, then some donkey kicks (I think that's what they're called) with an 8 pound weight behind my knee, 3 sets of 15, some ab crunches, 80 of 3 different variations, and then some of these things I don't know what they are called, where you lay on your back with knees bent and lift your tush off the floor, I do 30 of these. I keep telling myself if I keep this up, it will show some results pretty soon. My arms are a little sore from yesterday's workout but that's a good thing, right? I keep telling myself I'm going to have great arms next summer {smile}. Oh, I forgot to mention, yesterday was a really good day for me, 21 points, 100 oz of water, my one hour walk on the treadmill and no food passed my lips after 7pm, whoopee! Now just have to keep that up, heh!

Okay, gotsta go now. I hope to get back here later to read entries, haven't done that for 3 days now, darnit! You all have a great day, take care and stop to smell the roses, okay? Buh-bye!

kyrin on 11/03/2002:
Yea, Soonie! You're mood is infectious! Wow! What a lower-body set! It almost makes me want to do another workout. Well, almost. I'm starting to really feel the muscle fatique from this morning's work. {grins}

Just keep thinkin' positive. That good feeling is gonna last. You sooooo deserve it!



Soon2BThin - Saturday Nov 02, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Waaah! Why is it, sometimes, the timer on the treadmill goes soooooo slow?! Well, I just finished--tada--ONE HOUR of walking, yippee! (Doing the Snoopy dance, hehe) And I will do that again tomorrow! You know, when I'm good, I'm very good, but when I'm bad, dangit, I'm EVIL! Too much evil this week, heh! So this weekend I will be good. I will try to eat only when really hungry. Weigh-day is Monday and I haven't been doing so well this week, ugh!

Yesterday was terrible! Well, it was good, I was bad, hehe! Breakfast out at IHOP, lunch at TGIFriday's, I had the chicken sandwich, grilled, of course, but it came with fries!! I could have substituted a salad or soup but they charged extra money to do that and that just didn't seem fair to me so, heck, I ate half the fries. And I didn't eat all the sandwich but still.....I drank water though, think that helped? Then they brought DH a surprise treat of some kind of dessert with ice cream and lots of whipped cream for his birthday from which we all partook. Then for dinner, I still ate a peanut butter and jelly sandwich, some baked Doritos and graham crackers with margarine. DH had gone to the high school football game so I was alone, sigh, and you know, the whole day was a mess so I go, "What the heck?" Baaaad, Soonie! So I have a lot of making-up to do this weekend.

Now this may sound funny, since I've been doing so bad lately, but I was thinking maybe I've set my goals too low for this month so I'm going to try to surpass them. What do you think? Doesn't hurt to try, right? Anyway, that's the plan for me. And how are you all doing this weekend? Done that exercise yet? And Pasta, Jelly Belly, and Stellaaaaah, where are you all? I miss you. I think I will e-mail Pasta today, I hope things are going better for her and her family. I thought Stella was back for good, I hope she's doing okay too, I miss her kind comments. And Jelly Belly, I miss you too.

Okay, got the upper body work to do this morning. Must get moving again. You all have a fun weekend, okay? Take care.

kyrin on 11/02/2002:
Way to go with the hour walking, Soonie! Good for you!

I can empathize about those fries. I sent Matt out to Captain D's for some chicken strips and coleslaw...told him no potatoes. He brought me french fries. Like those aren't potatoes? {sigh} I gave him half of them and enjoyed the crunchiness of the rest. Oh, well, I did all right the rest of the day.

I miss Stella. Wonder what's up with her.


Soon2BThin - Friday Nov 01, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Oooops, I'm so later today!! It's 10:30am here--guess what---NO EXERCISE (unless you count the walk out to the mail box I just took, hehe!) Today is--ta da--the DH's birthday!! So we did a little cuddlin' this morning, then off to IHOP for brekky. Darn, I'm so baaaad! But he enjoyed it, heh! Anyways, maybe I can get a walk in later today, I'll sure try. We're also taking my Sis out for lunch--sigh--she's had 2 eye surgeries recently to correct her vision after she had cataracts taken off about 20 years ago. They didn't have the technology back then to fix them so she always wore those "coke-bottle" lense glasses all these years. So to celebrate her new sight, DH said we'd take her out to lunch. He's so thoughtful, I tell ya! We're going to TGIFriday's, she has some coupons for there, hehe! I'm sure I can find something that won't be too bad to eat for me. I've had enough splurging today already.

Yesterday---not a good day either. No exercise, unless you count some shopping, and we went out for DH's birthday early to TimberLodge for Prime Rib, mmmmmmm! We split the dinner though and I ordered an extra salad for me, plus, no dessert, but I had regular dressing on the salad and the bread with garlic butter is heavenly (sigh, again). Oh, almost forgot, after doing our chores at Mom's house after dinner, we stopped on the way home at Sonic for my favorite--strawberry creme pie shake. We split a large one (more sighs) What are you going to do with me, huh? No more of that, darnit!!

Sooooo---as far as my goals for the rest of October went---on a scale of 1 to 10 I'd have to give me about a 3 maybe. Almost no water yesterday either, baaah! But I didn't eat anything after 7pm, hahaha, who could have after what I'd eaten??!! Oh, and I didn't get on the scale this morning to see if I made my goal to the 150's---no way I could have made that!! Besides, I forgot!

Okay, new goals for the month of November---(1.) Get down to 155 (2.) Drink at least 90 oz of water every day (3.) No eating after 7pm (4.) Exercise at least 5 days a week, at least 30 minutes a day plus weights. How does that sound, pretty do-able, right? Besides, we have a nice week's vacation at the end of the month in Sedona, AZ. If you haven't heard of Sedona--it's in northern AZ, there is beautiful scenery, red-colored mountains and clear, clean air. A lot of the movie stars have homes there, in fact, when we were there last October, we saw Al Pacino's house, Sharon Stone's house and one where Lucille Ball used to spend vacations. And there's lots of---SHOPPING!! We're staying in a 2 bedroom condo for the week, we belong to one of those time-share thingys. Anyway, I have that to look forward to and plan for. So I'd better do better this month, hee!

Okay, have I rambled on enough, what a wind-bag!! I've got bills to pay, puter things to do and lunch to eat out, haha. Must get busy! Have a great day, you-all! Take care. Buh-bye!

MichelleP on 11/01/2002:

Happy Birthday to your dear Hubby. Sounds like a lot of running around. Eatting out is so dang hard! No the best choices they have on menus. Have a wonderful weekend!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Oct 31, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Good morning! Okay, so I'm not having such a good morning. I had a bad night, thus, no getting up early to exercise. Thank goodness, I finally see the gastro-enterologist later this afternoon. I've been waiting to see him for months now. I've had this pain problem for years now, maybe 10, I've had all the tests, some twice, and I'm hoping he can come up with a treatment. This is a new guy, since the ones I saw before were in Cincinnati. I imagine he'll want to run all the tests over again, sheesh! Anyways, that's my story and I'm sticking to it.

Yesterday was okay, I guess. Did the exercise, drank the water, no food after 7pm but I think I overdid the food some. I lost track of the points but figure it was probably between 30 and 35. Oh, well. Never said I was perfect, hee!

Okay, I'm in a hurry, gotta get brekky ready to watch Regis and Kelly's Halloween show. I know it's been on already where some of you are but it's just going on 9am here. Ta-ta!

PS--forgot to mention--HAPPY HALLOWEEN!! I don't have any candy in the house, yeah!, cause we don't get any trick-or-treaters way out here in the boonies, so there's no temptation there. Mwa-ha-ha!

herb on 10/31/2002:
Thanks for the comments. You're right, I should move to Arizona, not only is the price of gas is better, but so is the weather.

SoccerMom on 10/31/2002:
Happy Halloween to you, too! Gee, you're almost ready to wave buh-bye to the 160's!! I'm heading there, too, but refuse to hop on the scale until next week.


Soon2BThin - Wednesday Oct 30, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Hi, DDers! How's everyone doing this morning? Good, I hope. I'm doing great! Just finished a 40 minute walk on the treadmill. I know, it's not that awful much but I don't think I was losing weight any faster when I was doing a whole hour. So I'm thinking 40 minutes of cardio is enough for me. Next I'm doing lower body exercises and abs. That takes me about 15-20 minutes. Maybe later I'll check out the Richard Simmons tapes that finally came in the mail yesterday. Speaking of yesterday----I did great, if I do say so myself. Eating was good, I had the exercise and drank more than 100oz of water, I'm sure. Also no food entered my body after 7pm. So I consider that a fine day for me.

Okay, time to go do those lower body exercises. It should be a fine day, going up to 80 or so. The sun is shining, looks perfect. Hey, what happened to Restellastar? I thought she was back for good. I hope she's okay. You all take care and have a great Wednesday, okay? Toodle-Oo!

BellaK on 10/30/2002:
Congrats on all that exercising! Great job! Have a great day! :o) Bella

kyrin on 10/30/2002:
It sounds as if you had a banner day yesterday! Good for you! So, how are you liking the RS tapes?


Soon2BThin - Tuesday Oct 29, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Happy Tuesday, everyone! It's 8am here, yes, we're only 2 hours behind EST now, we don't change our clocks, yippee! I just finished my 35 minute walk on the treadmill, already had 40 oz of water. Next comes the upper body workout. I really don't do that much, takes about 15-20 minutes, but better than nothing, I guess. Yesterday was a bust, no exercise but I didn't eat too badly. Didn't get enough water though. Oh, and I only ate about 2/3 of the grand slam breakfast at Denny's. I just wasn't feeling good yesterday, I won't go into details, so my eating wasn't too bad. But I'm going to have a better day today! It's cold here, about 55, going up to 75. The sun is shining though so that's nice. Okay, time to get moving! Have a great day! Buh-bye!

Soon2BThin - Monday Oct 28, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Good morning, DDers! Just got back from Denny's, sigh! I didn't do any exercise either, even though I had said I would exercise every day til the end of the month. Unless you count all the walking around after breakfast at Home Depot. It seems every time we go to Denny's, DH needs more supplies from Home Depot, and you know how big that place is! I just felt like taking the day off from exercise today. And the Denny's part is just because I love spending time with DH and we never have breakfast together unless we go out. I feel I have his undivided attention when he's sitting accross from me, eating, haha! So nice! I know what you're thinking, there goes the diet! But never fear, I will do well for the rest of the day.

Yesterday was pretty good. We did go to Nogales and shopped. I didn't eat any lunch when they all ate at a Mexican restaurant, except for a few tortilla chips. And I wouldn't drink anything for fear of the water, ya know. They had bottled water but I didn't even trust that! When we got back to the car, I had an apple that I'd brought. By the time we got home, at about 5:30, I was starved. We stopped and got Subway on the way home so I had that for dinner and I also had---a BROWNIE, no 2 brownies, AAAAAAGH!! I figured since I didn't have lunch, I could afford it. And a little after 7, I had a cookie, AAAAAGH, again! My first food after 7pm all week! I guess it wasn't too bad, could have been worse, and we had done a lot of walking around while shopping. And I did drop that 2 pounds this week, yippee! I was hoping for more but figured with the weight lifting, I wouldn't lose much. So I'm happy with the 2 pounds. Oh, and I did find some pretty colored birds for the patio, 2, that's all I bought. On the way home, we saw a perfect rainbow, I think the first one I'd ever seen that was so perfect. You could actually see both ends of it and all the middle and it was so bright. We didn't run into much rain though, thank goodness.

Okay, on with the day. I have lots of laundry to do. I may take a nap, I didn't sleep too well. Soooo tired now. I was going to sleep in this morning, I'd shut the alarm off about 4am, but, wouldn't you know it, DH was up before 6:30. Usually I have to drag him out of bed at 7! So much for sleeping in! So you all have a great day, I'll be checking on you later. Take care, dear people. Ta-ta!

MichelleP on 10/28/2002:

LOL I am sure that one breakfast at Dennys is not the end of the world! YEP I CHECKED IT IS OKAY! I heard that calories do not count when they are spent in time with hubby. I can not remember the last time dear hubby and I went to breakfast....neither of us is big on breakfast, unless we are at the beach. I miss those times...

If your Home Depot is as big as ours, then that was a good walk! I love going to that store, so many things I would love to do in my house, money and time seem to be the key LOL!

Have a great day! HUGS

Soon2BThin - Sunday Oct 27, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Happy Sunday, everyone! So....we have a little change in the weather today--cloudy with a little rain. It's about 50 degrees, only getting up to about 70 today. Sigh! So I just did 35 minutes on the treadmill. After this, I will do lower body exercises.

Yesterday was another good day, eating, water and exercise, and no eating after 7 pm. Sister brought over some brownies but I only had one small bite to taste them, DH gets all the rest, although, he doesn't really need them either. I don't know why she brought them, she knows I'm trying to be good. Oh, well, I WILL be strong. Oh, no, now that I've mentioned them, they are calling my name, can't get them out of my head. AAAAAAGH!!

So we may be going down to Nogales today, I don't know, with the rain and all. It's about an hour or so drive from here. In case you didn't know, it's just over the border into Mexico. Great shopping! You can bargain on most everything. I'm looking for ceramic parrots on perch swings that we've seen hanging in Macayo's. They would look nice hanging on the patio. Mom's going and sister and BIL and of course, DH. I hope we get to go and don't get rained on.

Well, that's my plans for today. Time to go do the lower body exercises if I want that great butt and abs. Have a great day! Toodle-Oo!

prism on 10/27/2002:
Good for you on just having that small bite of brownie. Have a good time shopping.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Oct 26, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Good Saturday morning, everyone! I won't bore you with the weather report here, let's just say "more of the same" hehe! Just took the DH for another walk, 40 minutes. It was goooood! Next comes the upper body workout.

I'm taking my hat off to all the working people out there today. I don't know how you all do it, working all day and taking care of things at home too, and then, trying to get in a workout when you can. HOW DO YOU DO IT??!! I'm home all day and I still can't get everything done that I want to do! So my hat's off to you all. And hope you're enjoying your weekend.

Well, yesterday turned out to be a very good day, dietwise. I reached all my goals. So here's hoping today goes just as well. Oh, and Prism, I am keeping in mind how the muscles retain the water when you first start exercising them so I won't expect too much at weigh-in on Monday. Thanks for reminding me. I'm just going to keep it up and I know it will pay off soon. Okay, gotta go get started on weight lifting. Have a great day! See ya!

prism on 10/26/2002:
Good job on getting your walking in first thing. Hope you enjoy the weight lifting. I know you'll do great at your weigh in

Soon2BThin - Friday Oct 25, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

It's Friday!! So it's been 7 straight days of exercise. We just finished a 50 minute walk outside and a great one it was! 50 degrees at 7:45 now and the sun is shining, of course, hehe! The weather here has been great lately, nice and cool in the mornings and not too warm in the afternoons so I can have the doors and windows open to enjoy the fresh air. Wish it could stay forever!

Yesterday---a pretty good day, what with the exercise and at least 96 oz of water and the food part wasn't too bad, though I did indulge in half a chicken chimichanga at lunch with iced tea. It was Mom's idea since we were out at the bank, which was just down the street from Macayo's, our favorite Mexican food place. But now that I think about it, I should have looked at the menu to see if they had a taco salad or something like that but hind site is 20/20 right? Oh, well, I'll keep that in mind next time. And I still ate more than I needed at dinner, not too bad but it was that 7pm cutoff thing that got me again. I'll do better today, I promise. So anyway, it's been 6 days now of not eating past 7pm and I think I can keep that up. Hope it makes a difference on the scale Monday.

Okay, it's lower body workout day so I must get going. Hope you all have a great Friday and nice weekend. See ya!

SoccerMom on 10/25/2002:
You get the *ATTAGIRL* for the week! Seven straight days of exercising! Woo-hoooooo!

Have a great weekend.

prism on 10/26/2002:
I was looking back at your past week of exercise...Wow, have you ever been busy! What an inspiration for all of us...Keep up the good work. The exercise will pay off. The only thing is sometimes the first week or 2 of an exercise program, your muscles actually retain some fluid as part of the recovery process, so you weigh more on the scale, but are smaller in inches...the scale will adjust pretty quickly...

Also, I am not sure , but I have heard that taco salad has more calories than alot of other entrees you can order....so maybe you were better off with what you ordered....

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