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Soon2BThin - Sunday Jul 07, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Hey, everybody who might remember me here!! I just came in to let you know where I am. I just came home from my Mom's for a short while to pick up a few things I needed and see my cat, haha. I'm staying at her house for awhile as she is recuperating from back surgery, my Mom, not my cat! She had the surgery almost six weeks ago but developed a bad infection a few days after and they had to open her back up and leave the wound open to heal from the inside out. I know, YUCK! So she's home now for the last 10 days and I have been staying with her night and day to help her out. She's still very weak and can't get around too well yet. My husband is with her right now so I could come home for awhile. She also has a dog, cat and bird I take care of too. So I'm pretty busy right now. Don't know when I'll be able to come home for good. She only lives about 10 minutes from us so that enables me to come home a little. I have no idea really what I weigh now, her scale is no good. I'm going to buy her a new one as soon as I can. And I haven't been exercising either. But I plan on getting some walking in starting tomorrow. I'll have to go real early while she is sleeping and it's not so hot here. But my diabetes is acting up so I know I need to get back to the exercise. Okay, gotta go. I hope to get back here regularly as soon as I can. I miss this so much! I hope you are all doing great. Take care. Love, Soonie

MichelleP on 07/07/2002:

Welcome back!

Wow you have a lot on your plate! Good luck and hugs to you!

BandMom on 07/07/2002:
Hi and I miss you too! take care and here is a hug for you and your mom. Bandmom

inmorning on 07/07/2002:
So glad you could come back and see us. We miss you and can't wait until you are back for good. I hope your mother gets better soon, I know how slow those wounds heal from the inside out so my prayers are with you.

misha on 07/08/2002:
I know that taking care of a loved one can be difficult. My grandmother is fighting an infection in the bone and is slowly recuperating. Just remember to take care of yourself in the process. Keep movin


Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 20, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 158.5

Well, only up 4 pounds. 4 POUNDS!! you say! Oops, Soonie does it again! Okay, I haven't been here, I haven't been eating right and no exercise since----well, who remembers?! I just thought I'd check in to see if I can still make an entry or if they kicked me out. I stop by once in awhile when I can find the time to see how my old friends are doing here. One of these days I'm going to get back on the wagon, okay? I swear. I don't want this to get too out of control. And I'd better hurry up and hop back on soon or......So I'll be back here just as soon as I decide to quit being such a pig and get this weight off again. I hope you'll all let me join you again. You may ask what's keeping me from starting right now. Well, I just don't know, to tell you the truth. Vacation is long over! It's time to face the music, right?! See ya's soon! Oh, PS--the funny thing is, I'm not drinking much of anything but water. I crave the stuff all the time. But that's a GOOD thing, right? Take care.

Crittermama on 06/21/2002:
Welcome back Soonie!! I've missed you. I hope you will rejoin us soon! I crave water too. I drink it almost to the exclusion of anything else.

pastagal on 06/21/2002:
Hey,,get you butt back here and we will help you to get motivated again ok:}} After your trip and getting sick and other things happening ,i think you deserved a break. But i have missed your entries and hearing about your days,,,hey i just saw on aol as i signed on that Arizona is having a bad fire right now,,this isn't anywhere near you is it? aren't you in arizona or do i have that wrong,,,anyway,let me know and come back ok,,miss ya soonie;}

Soon2BThin - Friday Jun 07, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Good morning! Just a short one today, I think. I have the usual stuff to do today, a lot of running around and, boy, is it hot already! Weight's still the same so that's a good thing, huh? We went to Denny's yesterday for breakfast so I really should have had a gain, haha. Hubby likes to take me out for breakfast once in awhile, it was nice. But I ate too much. Funny, I didn't feel really full though, what is going on with my stomach?! It seems I'm eating non-stop sometimes, and not all good stuff either. Oh, well, I guess it will end one of these days and I'll get back to normal. Do you feel like I've been saying that for a long, long time? Seems like it to me. Yes, Pasta, I do plan on still going with Weight Watchers, don't know when I'll hit a meeting though, soon, I hope.

Okay, gotta go. Take care and have a great day! Love, Soonie!

herb on 06/12/2002:
Denny's is like walking through a mine field, you've got to be so careful, at least they put hearts next to the good stuff. I think they label it "fit-fare." The trouble with Denny's is that they're open 24/7.

As far as my DSL goes, I had to use the phone line, I don't have television. Got rid of it 7 years ago, you ought to try it. There is so much garbage on there, but on the other hand with cable there's so much good stuff. I'd be afraid of never leaving the house, or taping all the "Frontline" shows, and Norm Abrams building stuff. It's too addictive for me.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 06, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Hey, everybody!! Sorry I haven't been here to read all of you or comment, bad Soonie! I've been really busy, guess I didn't tell you that my Mom had back surgery a week ago last Tuesday, she's in a rehab right now though for her therapy. So I've been running there to help her out and also to her house to take care of the cat and the bird and the plants, you know, stuff like that. My husband does probably more than I do, did I ever tell you I have the BEST husband in the world?! He took such good care of me while I was sick and the night at the ER, he stayed with me the whole night, doing all he could to help me. We have grown closer now than we ever were, I'll tell you. But enough of that.....

How are you all doing? As you can see, my weight hasn't changed much but then, I'm not doing a thing about it! Eating pretty much whatever I want (except I have to watch the sugar thing, diabetes, and the salt thing, blood pressure) Still getting in plenty of water, but then, out here in this heat (103, today) you really need the water. I've only been in the pool once so far and haven't even touched the treadmill since long before we went on vacation. BTW, while we were on the cruise, we only used the stairs and not the elevators once! And it really helped my knees too. When we first got there, it really hurt my knees to climb the stairs but by the time we were finished with the cruise, my knees were just fine. We don't have stairs here at home so I don't use stairs except at the mall or something. Anyways, the cruise----it was fun seeing Hawaii with my sister and BIL, we had a great time, rented a car for 2 of the days we were there and just went wherever we wanted. But they don't allow you much time ashore so it seemed we always had to hurry. And the first day of the cruise, when we first got there, we only had a few hours in Oahu before the boat left so we didn't even get time to see the Arizona Memorial or Waikiki beach or Diamond Head, what a rip-off!! My hubby and I had seen the memorial the last time we were there but my sister and BIL were really disappointed. Those are like the main things everyone wants to see. Maybe I'll write the cruise line a letter to complain about this. On Carnival, we stayed on that island for the first 2 days so you could see what you wanted, which made sense, huh? This time we were on Royal Caribbean. Anyway after spending 6 days visiting 5 islands, it was 5 whole days stuck on the boat at sea, going to VanCouver where we got off and flew home. Boy, that was a loooong 5 days. It was cloudy and got kind of cold so you couldn't even get in the pool or lay in the sun if you wanted to. They had bingo twice a day, haha, and we played every darn game. Thank goodness I did win once for $229.00 so that helped. And there was the casino, I won once there too for another $250 so we didn't come out too badly on the gambling. We did pass some time in the little game room where they had Scrabble and Sorry and other games and cards, saw a few shows and just ate, ate, ate! 24 hour-a-day food, I'm not kidding. They had this little bar where you could get whatever kind of ice cream you wanted or a sundae, mmmmmm, and it was all paid for so it felt like you were getting it free so, of course, we had to eat as much as possible, hahaha! Anyway, you get the idea---we saw a lot, ate a lot and had a wonderful time! Could have had better weather but, hey, I'm not going to complain!

So I'm feeling better, still not up to my normal. I don't want to go into details, it's too boring and involved, I was just pretty sick. Still seeing doctors and all that. I hope to get back into the exercise soon but I'm not too worried about it. Thank goodness my weight hasn't gotten too out of control so far. Thanks for all your comments. One of these days I'll get here to check up on you all. Take care. Love, Soonie!

inmorning on 06/07/2002:
Wow, that sounds like an excellent vacation. I seem to remember something called a vacation. I think it was in the 1990's :~)

pastagal on 06/07/2002:
Hi Soonie,,,,your trip sounded like alot of fun,sorry you didn't get to do what you wanted on Ohaua tho,,,i remember our cruise,it was Royal Carribean and we had lots of time off the ship,,guess each one is different tho. And the food,,looks like you didn't do bad tho,,i loved being able to eat what ever and not have to pay,,made you feel like you should eat every time you walked past food huh:} Sorry you were so sick,,but sounds like your hubby really took care of you and thats so good to hear,,and glad your feeling better to,,,So are you going to start back to weight watchers or just do it on your own,,anyway,you take care and let us hear from you soon ok;}}

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jun 01, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Hi, nice to know I was missed, haha. Not sure if I'm going to keep this up. In case anyone wondered, I've been very sick, spent all last Friday night in the ER. I'm doing better now. Hawaii was great, hardly can believe I was really there, it feels like a dream now, came and went so fast. Haven't been here for a long time, maybe I'll get caught up some day. Hope you're all doing great!

MichelleP on 06/01/2002:

Welcome back! I am sorry to hear you have been sick hope you get to feeling better soon! When you get to feeling better, cant wait to hear all about Hawaii, that is the one place I dream of going!

Take care!

Crittermama on 06/01/2002:
Welcome back. Glad Hawaii was so great. What were you doing in the ER!!! Glad you are feeling better, though.

CharlieAngel on 06/02/2002:
You WERE missed Soonie! As soon as I saw your entry I immediately went to it! So sorry you were ill! Hope you are back to 100%! Tell us all about Hawaii, have always wanted to go there! One of my high school girlfriends is a news anchor over there! How cool is it to be that successful at your chosen career? There have been so many changes here at the diaries. I can hardly keep up with all the newbies. Some, I have started reading and some, well, you would understand that they really don't want help just affirmation that what they are doing is ok! A lot of our core group has left us, StellaStar, Pink, Muggs, Rader, all seem to have dropped out completely. I wish it wasn't so since they were so inspirational. I hope you will come back to us! Hope you have a great day! Charlotte

pastagal on 06/02/2002:
Hi soonie,,,,yes you were missed,,,i have taken a week off here and just getting back myself,,i had a week of horrible headaches and needed a break,,,sorry to hear you have been so sick,i know the last entry i read from you ,you were real sick ,,i just figured you were trying to get back to normal before returning,,and like CharliesAngel,,,,i saw your name and came to it first:}}} hope that helps :}I hope you don't leave us,,i always enjoyed your entries very much,and we have lost so many of the old buddies from here,,they just slowly disappeared,,well get better soon and i hope you will return ,,at least keep in touch now and then ok,,i was waiting to hear all about your Hawaii trip,,please do tell more about how that went ok,,,take care and have a good day:}}

Soon2BThin - Wednesday May 22, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Okay, I'm back! Hi, guys! I wasn't going to put in an entry for awhile, I'm sick!! Yep, got a urinary tract infection and my blood pressure is going wacko! So I saw the doc today. And I DO feel pretty bad. But, hey, at least I'm not hungry, hehe! I had gained 5 pounds of water on the trip and have lost 4 1/2 of it already and since the doc put me on diuretics, I'll probably lose even more in the next few days, hehe. Also on an anti-biotic too. Whoopee!! Well, I hope you are all doing better than I am, haha. I'll try to let you know if I live, okay? Take care. Love, Soonie!

pastagal on 05/23/2002:
Aww welcome back Soonie,,,sorry to hear your sick tho,sounds serious,you really watch that BP ok,and take all your meds and drink alot of water and cranberry juice,,,looking forward to hearing about your trip,i sure hope you didn't get sick while on the trip,would hate for that to put a damper in your fun,,,well you rest up and when you feel better let us hear how the trip went ok,,take care:}}

shy_angel on 05/23/2002:
I hope u get better soon!!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday May 15, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Hello, gang! Why didn't anyone tell me it would get so cold on the way to Vancouver!!? Here we are in the middle of the Pacific and it's COLD!! The temps are only in the 50's here and cloudy and windy. Blech! I never even got to wear my swimsuit! We're just staying in and playing Bingo and gambling in the casino---and eating, of course. Food is available 24 hours a day! I can't wait to see what I weigh when I get home. Haha! Well, this is costing me .50 a minute so I'll talk to you's when I get home. Then I must get back on the wagon, huh? I hope you're all doing great. Take care. Love from Soonie!

Crittermama on 05/15/2002:
I hope you're having a great time even if it is cold. Can't wait til you get back!!

pastagal on 05/15/2002:
OH wow,how sweet of you to take the time to get online and write us,,,your the best Soonie;}} sounds like your trip is going good tho,except for the weather,,hope you run into some warmer weather where you can get in your suit and enjoy the water,,,gosh don't they have great food aboard those cruise ships,,just eat small bites of everything and you will do just fine,,,hurry back and enjoy every moment sweet lady:}}

Soon2BThin - Friday May 10, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Hi, everybody!! Here I am on the ship and they were nice enough to have some puters we can use. I just wanted to say "Hi" and let you know I'm doing just great. Except for the diet, that is. But we're doing lots of things and we haven't used the elevators yet at all. We have one more stop on the islands and then 5 days at sea. Well I hope you're all doing great. See ya later! Buh-bye!

Soon2BThin - Sunday May 05, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Good morning, everybody, or afternoon, depending where you are. It's 10am here and a beautiful day. We'll be leaving for Phoenix this afternoon since we fly out of there early tomorrow morning. Then on to HAWAII!! I tell you though, I feel like crap this morning, have for the last few days. I won't go into details but it's not conducive(?) to travelling, haha. And my sinuses are an awful mess. I almost wish we weren't going so you know I must feel really bad. I hope it goes away.

So the weight is the same this morning. I haven't been dieting or exercising at all the past week and I've been up and down. But it's not bothering me. We'll see what the scale says when I get back, although if I feel like this the whole time, I'll probably lose weight, hahaha. I'd rather gain and feel better though. Does that make sense?!

Okay, I'll catch up with you all when I get back, the 17th. I hope you're all doing good and enjoying the warmer weather. Take care.

shellybelly on 05/05/2002:
I hope you have a wonderful time in Hawaii!! I am soooo jealous of you! Come back with some great stories. Take care! :-)

BELLAK on 05/05/2002:
Have a grrrrrrrreat time in Hawaii! :o) Bella

Crittermama on 05/05/2002:
Have a great time and I also hope you feel better.

Maria7 on 05/05/2002:
Soon, I hope you get well and enjoy your vacation and have a GREAT time! I hope when you get back you tell us, you got better quickly and had a great time! Love, Maria

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Apr 30, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Well, there went 2 pounds of water, I guess. Better than nothing. Now I just need to keep it going. I did have a Whopper yesterday. Hadn't had one of those for a long time and it was so good. With fries of course. No more of that kind of thing. I'm finally getting excited about the trip. I started getting some things together yesterday that I want to take and trying on clothes to see what fits and what I can wear. I hope I can fit it all in the suitcase, haha. For those of you who don't know, we're going on a cruise to Hawaii for 12 days. We will leave Sunday for Phoenix cause that's where our plane leaves from early Monday morning. We're going to stay Sunday night in a motel so we won't have to make the 2 hour drive so early Monday morning from Tucson. We fly to San Francisco for an hour and a half layover, then on to Honolulu where we get on the cruise ship, cruise the islands for 7 days then 5 days at sea before we get to Vancouver to fly home. We're going on Royal Caribbean this time, we usually go on Carnival. I hope it will be as nice. We went last time to Hawaii in '99. This will be my 6th cruise. 24 hour free room service, whoopee! Usually I don't gain any weight though, keeping so busy and taking the stairs instead of the elevators and they do have a gym on board and an outside walking track on the upper deck. We're going to rent a car on the big island of Hawaii for the 2 days that we are there so we should be able to see a lot.

Well, I have a lot to do today so I'd better get going. I'll check in later to see how you all are doing. BTW, where's JellyBelly?! I sure miss her, come back, Jelly!! And thanks to all of you who commented yesterday, it's nice to know someone cares. What would I do without you all?! Take care, see you later.

shellybelly on 04/30/2002:
Yeah for 2 pounds! Your cruise sounds like so much fun. I hope you get to wear lots of cute clothes and have the greatest time! :-)

MichelleP on 04/30/2002:

Your trip sounds wonderful!!!! I love to cruise. Your right you wont gain on that trip, I bet you will loose! When we were in St Thomas and St Croix I snorkled all day LOL! I AGREE WHERE IS JELLY I MISS HER 2! Take care and have a wonderful day!

momof4 on 04/30/2002:
The cruise sounds great - I've never been on one! Lucky you ! Have a great day !!

Maria7 on 04/30/2002:
Have fun! I've NEVER been on a cruise before, so be sure to share lots of details with us when you get back, Soon, and I hope you have the BEST time you've ever had! It sounds REAL exciting! Love, Maria

pastagal on 04/30/2002:
Wow your trip sounds so great,,your going to have to tell me all about it when you return,,,we might do that next yr,,,we went on a Royal Carribean cruise 5 yrs ago and it was GREAT!! the ship was Grandure of the Seas and it was new and Beautiful,,,we had a big cabin with a deck and it was our 25th wedding anns and on our anns hubby had the ships captain get me 25 red roses and brought to the cabin for me,,what a surprise,,when we left the ship after it was over,i gave the flowers to them cause we couldn't take them home with us,they set them out so everyone could view them,they were so pretty,,,anyway,,,12 days,,,,wow,,,that really sounds nice,,,you just go and enjoy it and savor every moment,,,and yes,there is so much to do that if you keep busy you can actually go and not gain weight,,well i know your excited and i envy you Soonie;}}}

dvdmon on 05/02/2002:
Hey there, thanks for the note! It's good to see that there are some folks who have stuck around! Can you imagine, I first joined DD almost two and half years ago? Wow! I'm sure you were not much after that! Well, take care.

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