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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Mar 20, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Happy Spring, everybody!! It's finally here. The sun is shining today with the temps going to 76, goody, goody! I hope things are nice where ever you are. So far this morning, I've done my exercise on the treadmill, added some inclines today for a tougher workout. The last 2 days, I just walked outside with the hubby, which was nice. But I don't feel I get as good a workout when walking with him, we walk a little slower. At least the weight is going down again. I plan on keeping that up.

Yesterday we had dinner out at Macayo's, the Mexican restaurant, and I didn't do too badly, could have been better, but I really enjoyed it. I'm not going to avoid these kinds of things, just try not to do too badly. I would still like to lose as much weight as I can before the Hawaii trip but I'm not going to stress over it. I bought Bob Greene's new book "Get With the Program", that I saw on Oprah's show last week but haven't even opened it yet. I thought maybe I needed a little help. We'll see how it goes. Just have to find time to do some reading. I'm still not caught up with all the entries here. As soon as I get done here, I'm going out for a little shopping so I will have a busy day today.

Okay, gotta get going now. You all take care and have a great day! PS--forgot to mention, the Heart Walk Saturday was a lot of fun, about 3 miles. They had lots of free things and Subway sandwiches afterward. I'd like to get in some other walks this year.

traya on 03/20/2002:
:-) You sound like me - I'm so glad Spring is finally here. Now if the temp will just start rising and stay up there I'll be a happy camper! ;-)<br> Keep up the good work! Tammy :-)

Iti on 03/20/2002:
You are doing wonderful! Keep up the good work and remember to drink lots of water = ) Hugs, Iti

Iti on 03/20/2002:
You are doing great....keep it up and continue to do the right things. Before you know it, you 'll be amazed at how much more you've lost. By the way, what's you goal weight? Hugs, Iti.

shellybelly on 03/20/2002:
Happy spring to you too!! Have a great day and keep it up! :)

pastagal on 03/20/2002:
I have found soonie that after the first 15 mins on the treadmill the rest is downhill,do you find that to,,,,you sound good today,and i am with you,when we go out to eat,just do our best and if we over eat,don't beat ourselves up over it,:} Just stay consistent and portion control and it will happen,,,congrats on the new numbers:}}

BellaK on 03/20/2002:
Happy Spring to you! Let me know what you think about Bob Greene's new book. I read "Making the Connection" and thought it was extremely helpful! Bella

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Mar 19, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.5

Hey, everybody! I'm still struggling along. Just haven't taken the time to get on here. So busy. Didn't weigh today but it's probably just what it says here. I'm exercising but the food part isn't so good. Not really bad either but could be better. We're going out with Mom to meet one of her old buddies from work for dinner at a Mexican food restaurant, that can't be too good, hahaha. But I'll try not to make a pig of myself.

Gonna go read some of your entries now, I haven't been able to lately. So far behind. I hope you're all doing great.

MichelleP on 03/19/2002:

Keep your spirits up you will be back on track in no time! Your exercising and that is AWESOME! Have a great dinner out and take care!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Mar 13, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.5

What a day so far! It seems one minute I'm feeling up, the next, way down! And it's not even 10:00 here yet. Here's my day so far---I woke up before 6am, my clock was set for 6:30. I tried to catch a few more minutes but was awake when my radio came on. Then I lay there, petting the cat, debating whether to get up or just go back to sleep and forget walking today. I got up. Then I got on the scale. Up half a pound. Thinking of going back to bed again, what's the use? Pull the covers over my head for the day. Inside I'm screaming "why am I doing this?" Got dressed, did the 3 miles. By the time I was finished showering, my stomach was growling and it was only 8:30! I usually eat breakfast at 9 with Regis and Kelly. I couldn't wait, fixed breakfast, knowing I'd be hungry again before noon. Last night I'd decided to not go to the gym anymore, it didn't seem to be doing me any good, at least in my mind. But now I'm planning on going today. I don't think I'll do the walk around the track though, did enough walking this morning. It's so far to drive, 12 miles. So I'll go to the mall first, right next to the gym, and get that top I didn't buy the other day. White with big red flowers, would be good to wear in Hawaii. Okay, now I feel better, hahaha. Then I need to stop at Wal-Mart for a few groceries. I'm telling you, I have to really force myself to get out of the house today. I just want to cover up and take a nap. At least while I'm sleeping, I'm not eating. Plan on having a WW Smart Ones for lunch when I get home. Salad with FF Italian, I guess. Maybe I'll take a nap this afternoon. I always say that in the morning but usually don't. But I've been going to bed at night just after 9. Ho hum. Well, that's my day so far. The whole time I'm on the treadmill, I'm debating whether to go on or give up. I hate being at this weight, I'm so fat! And I'm having a hard time lately with "growing old gracefully" but that's a whole other story. Going to get ready for the gym now. I'll keep doing what I can, I guess. I'm trying very hard not to think too much about that "scale number". But I do feel fat too so I can't avoid the truth. Thank you all so much for all the great comments. Some of you have more faith in me than I do, hahaha. Bye for now.

kanga on 03/13/2002:
What great honesty, I'm glad you didn't just give in to the moment, if youre like me that leads to alot more moments of regretting it. have a good and healthy day!

Jelly Belly on 03/13/2002:
If you give up, then I give up, which means you can't give up! Where would we be then? Perpectually square shaped! LOL!!! Have you taken your measurements? I bet with all the exercising, you're losing inches! Keep on keeping on!

MichelleP on 03/13/2002:

I am betting you have had many days like today, the only difference is that you did it anyway. That is a huge thing! ( at least for me )!!! Your right we do have faith, lol want to barrow it for awhile? Take care and try to have a better night! We are here to cheer you on and UP!!

Crittermama on 03/13/2002:
Loving and accepting yourself the way you are now will help you a lot. Self hate is a body stressor that will cause your body to store fat. It's hard to do, I know, but believe me, it helps a lot. God bless.

SOU812? on 03/13/2002:
I am there with you all the way! Thanks for your comments. It's really nice to come here and spill the beans! :0) Take care, Kelly

pastagal on 03/14/2002:
Aww soonie,,,your usually always so UP and so it is tough to read your entries and feeling you beat yourself up like your doing,listen,take it ONE day at a time and just do the best you can,,,don't rely on that stupid scale and the numbers ok,,as for today feeling like you needed to just stay in bed,,hey maybe you did,,and should of,,,cut your walking into shorter intervels and don't try to do so much at one time,,drink your water,,and find foods that are low in points and consume more of those when you can,,,do you ever make the 0 pt soup and eat it through out the day when your having trouble staying content,,,i make it alittle different,i add can of stewed tomatoes instead of useing the tomatoe paste it calls for,,i cook it till all the veggies are cooked to death and drink it like coffee,,,helps alot ,,,try to avoid alot of carbs and sweets,they tend to cause us to get really tired late in the day,,, Going to give you a site to check out,i found it today,you might of already seen this but if not i think you will enjoy it,,its got alot of success stories with pics of before and after and alot of stories about how they lost there weight on weight watchers,,very very interesting and motivating,,,today i started something new and had a wonderful day,will write about it in my entry,,,anyway,,you hang in there and just take it slow and keep doing the exersise and drinking the water and portion control,,you may need to start writing everything down that you consume so you can see what it might be that is holding your weight back,,,hope tomorrow is a better day for you:}} take care sweet lady:}


check this out,you will enjoy it if you haven't seen it already:}}let me know ok;}

breakaway on 03/14/2002:
Hello there, you seem down today. I think your doing wonderful..the fact that you were able to pull yourself out of that bed just to go do those miles is wonderful! You deserve more credit then your giving yourself. And as for the 1/2 lb gain...could it be muscle from going to the gym. You should go by measurements and fat percent maybe. All of a sudden your going to see it if you keep up the exercise, gym and eating right. How could you go wrong with that? You can do it! Keep up the great work! Have a wonderful day today!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Mar 12, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

I was just overwhelmed with all the sweet comments yesterday, you guys are the greatest!! You made me feel so much better! Also, if you watched Oprah yesterday, as I did, you saw someone who gave you so much inspiration! She really made me feel very bad for giving in to those lazy feelings that I have lately. I can't imagine going through what she has and being so strong! If you didn't see it, the show was about a courageous woman who was burned over 82% of her body at the WTC on 9/11. It really made me see my so-called problems in perspective. So I did 3 miles on the treadmill this morning for the first time in over a week. Yeah, me! I just felt bad for feeling so down yesterday when my life is so good.

I didn't have a good day yesterday. I gave in to the feelings and had a piggy lunch, even after going to my Weight Watchers meeting. So I will do better today. After all, the DD members are watching, right? So I was up a half pound this morning. You play, you pay!

Okay, going to go read some entries now. Hope you're all doing great today. Take care and thanks for listening.

charlieangel on 03/12/2002:
You are so right! I watched, sorta (kinda dozed most of the day since being so violently ill the night before). I was struck by the love that the two of them share. Also her dedication to getting better and how strong she must have been not to give in to feelings of despair. But, on the other hand, we all have moments of uncertainty and sadness in our lives. I know that you just momentarily gave in to one of those needy whiney days that we all go through. You, however, are a strong and determined woman and YOU CAN AND YOU WILL DO THIS! So get back on the horse and ride.... Love, Charlotte

pastagal on 03/12/2002:
Yes i watched Oprah and was so very touched by what she has gone through and acomplished in such a short time,and what a husband she has,she is going to be fine and as one of her friends said on there,she is a much stronger person today for what happened to her,,,and your right,,if someone can go through something so horrible and come out fighting and acomplish so so much,,,,then there is no excuse or reason why we can't acomplish our goals especially losing weight,,its just takes commitment and determination and wanting to do it for US,,,so WE can do it,,huh:}}} have a great day soonie:}

MichelleP on 03/12/2002:
Hi~ I didnt get to watch Oprah, ( after the CBS show on the 9/11 I just cant see any more). You are so right, it seems when we get really down on ourselves, something comes into our lives that makes us see its not as bad as we once thought. It is okay to feel down, it is okay to feel what ever you feel! Most woman have been taught to keep things like feeling IN... well to heck with that ... I say lets all feel!

I am glad you are feeling better and I wish you all the happiness in the world! Take care and have a great night!

Soon2BThin - Monday Mar 11, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Good morning, everyone! I'm still struggling here. Did okay over the weekend, at least I weigh the same this morning as yesterday morning. I did well on Saturday, don't know why the weight went up but I guess it's just the way the scale treats me, ya know? Although, I didn't exercise all weekend, maybe that's the reason. We had the fish fry yesterday, I did okay. I had lots of salad, a few small pieces of fried fish, one Grand biscuit and a very small piece of German chocolate cake (why the heck didn't I make a diet dessert?!!) Anyways, I sent the rest of the cake home with my sister & BIL. In case you're not familiar with things here, my husband is an avid fisherman, in fact, that's where he is now, so we have to have a family fish fry once in awhile to eat all the fish we have.

So today I've just done the 2 miles on the treadmill. I'm really struggling just to do that much. I've got my Weight Watchers meeting this afternoon but I don't think I'll go to the gym. I had planned on it but I just feel so down today, might be all the news today, the 6 month anniversary of 9/11 and all. I not using that for an excuse, I'm just going to go easy on myself today. It's such a hassle to go to the meeting and then to the gym and fit some lunch in there too. I'm just not up to it today. I'll tell you, it was all I could do this morning just to get up early and get on that treadmill. As you know, when my hubby is gone fishing all day, I just want to cheat, cheat, cheat (on the diet, that is, not him, hehe). Judge me, if you will, I must be honest here. I know this behavior is very childish but I have a hard time fighting it. So far, so good.

I need to thank you all for all your sweet comments. Although, I do feel bad since you all think I'm doing so well and I don't think I really am. After all, I was down quite a lot more than this in weight months ago. I just don't feel that I should take credit for losing weight that I gained back again. And I am really struggling to do it. I just don't feel like I am doing that well. But thanks anyway. I'll try to do better, I think of you all so often, especially when I'm trying to decide whether to take the day off and cheat or to stick with it and try harder.

Well, I'm going to go read some entries now. I didn't get on here all weekend so I have to get caught up. I hope you all have a great day. Buh-bye!

SOU812? on 03/11/2002:
Hey Woman!!!!!!!!!!! You are doing great! Don't be so hard on yourself. Losing wieght is an accomplishment! We all know it is far harder to lose a pound than gain it. It took me months to lose almost 10 lbs and a couple of weeks to get it back!!! I have the same way of thinking as you. I always talk myself out of working out and I "cheat" on myself all the time! All I can say is love yourself even more during these times! I am right there with you!!!!!!! Okay? Take care and be good to you! Kelly

pastagal on 03/11/2002:
Hi soonie,,,i am back:} listen i can relate to you so well,,but try not to be so hard on yourself ok,,,just take it one day at a time and try thinking of each day when you wake up as being the First day of your new lifestyle change,maybe that will help ,,,and BTW,,your fish fry sounded so good,i love fish frys and haven't had one in yrs,,,anyway,,,you hang in there and take time out for you and have a great day ok:}

BellaK on 03/11/2002:
I find the WW meetings very motivational. It�s good to know that you have that kind of support and that so many are going through the same process that you are� Good Luck! Bella

Crittermama on 03/11/2002:
I know what you mean about wanting to cheat with your husband gone all day. I made a bet with my husband that I could stay with me eating and exercise plan for 6 months so I write down everything I eat and all my exercise and everything. But it has crossed my mind that I could eat something bad or a lot of things bad and just not wrote it down and then he would never know. However he didn't believe that my plan would work because it lets me eat so much. So I had to show him that it does and in the last 20 days I have lost 6 pounds. That is where is shows that I have not cheated. Actually since he doesn't even read it he can only know by the fact that I have lost weight and he has to believe that it works. But still it is tempting to just go off and eat all the cake and cookies and everything I want and not write it down so I can get away with it. I know how it is. And you are doing well if you can get up and do what you know you should be. Even if you are losing the weight again it is still an accomplishment and you ARE doing a good job of trying. Don't be so hard on yourself. God bless.

garlic on 03/11/2002:
Hey, I'm still working on losing weight that I have regained. I know what you mean about feeling like you don't want any comments from people. Sometimes I feel like if I don't get comments from people, those people maybe didn't notice that I gained 30 pounds last year. Ya right!!!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Mar 09, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.0

WooHoo!! Like I said, the weight is just melting off, hehehe! I know this won't keep up though. But I'm glad to be back down some. I was very good again yesterday, it wasn't that hard either. I think I have my determination back! I ate even less points than my minimum amount, that doesn't happen often, haha. I had my 2 miles on the treadmill, went to the gym for about an hour, walking another mile on the track and lifting weights, and had plenty of water. Hope I can keep this up. Why is it, we don't have much faith in ourselves? Just one day at a time, I guess.

Well, gotta go get some work done, laundry, vaccuuming, watching the shows I taped this week. I forgot to tell you, I'm walking in the Heart Walk next Saturday. I think it's only about 3 miles, should be fun. Hubby and sister are walking too. We're having a fish fry tomorrow, I must be good. Mom's making a big salad, I'll scarf on that mostly. Okay, you all have a good one. Thanks for the comments and thanks, JellyBelly, for the links, I've already been to Getting2Goal many times. She's done great. Buh-bye!

faith on 03/09/2002:
Congratulations on all your success lately! This weught loss journey would be a breeze if all days were as great as the ones you've been having. Keep up the great work and have a wonderful weekend. Hugs


Crittermama on 03/09/2002:
Great job on losing another pound!! That's wonderful!! God bless.

BellaK on 03/09/2002:
CONGRATULATIONS!!!! I know what you mean about not going over the points - I have such a hard time staying within my points range! Good job!!! Do you weigh yourself at home? Does it usually read same as the WW scale? :) Bella

Jelly Belly on 03/09/2002:
Aren't her pics amazing? Dotti has some great recipes too, especially under the ww members recipes. Have you been to www.3fatchick.com? They're good too.

Kallie23 on 03/09/2002:
Wow! Your doing great!!! I'm hoping I can do as well as you soon. Right now I can barely do 20 min. on my eliptical machine! So keep smiling and like you said...take it one day at a time...you know you can do it. We all have faith in you.

breakaway on 03/11/2002:
I think it's great that you guys are doing the Heart walk! Thank you for your comment and you were also one of my favorites...I really enjoyed your entries and all the comments you had givin me. They are in my binder never to be forgotten. I am so excited to see how well your doing and have been soaking up the excitement I feel in your entries. It really helps to feel off other's excitement. Great job! And have a great time walking,I wish I could join you. Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Friday Mar 08, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Hey, the weight is just melting off, hehehe! Really, I know, it's just water weight, right? Oh, well. 150 seems so far away though.

It's nice and sunny here today, only going to 65 though. Then back in the 70's tomorrow. I'm going out to the gym later and I need to do a little shopping. I still have that "I want to just go back to bed" feeling though. I did get up and walk 2 miles on the treadmill. It seems so hard lately just to do the 2 miles, don't know why. I don't even want to start but I tell myself it's only 2 miles and that helps. One day I may get back to that 3 miles or more, who knows? And I don't really want to go to the gym (who does?) but I know I just have to force myself and I remember how good I always feel after.

Yesterday I did very well. I didn't go out for a junk food lunch and took a 2 mile walk on the treadmill instead. When I was here, typing my entry yesterday, I had fully planned on going to McD's for a crispy chicken sandwich with fries but I resisted, thank goodness. I ate well, had my exercise and drank the required water, okay? And my reward was the 2 pound drop.

I've been spending a lot of time lately reading other people's journals on the net. I think that's really helping me. And, of course, all of you here are just terrific. I should be doing a lot of work around here though instead but I'm just in a bad funk and don't feel like doing anything worthwhile.

Okay, time to get on with it, huh? Hope you all have a great day and weekend. I'm missing Pasta and Mugg, hope they'll be back soon. I'll be back here later to read how you're all doing today. Buh-bye!

Stattynlou on 03/08/2002:
Congratulations on the 2 pound weight loss!! I know we can both hit 150 together :-) It is always great when you lose weight after being good (like no McD's) than to be good for a week and not lose an ounce! Keep up the good work!

Jelly Belly on 03/08/2002:
150 is NOT far away! It's probably only 2 weeks away! Not having the McD's helped a lot. If you like reading journals, check out www.getting2goal.com and then on www.dwlz.com, click on links and she has oodles of journals and links posted! Fun, fun!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Mar 07, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 156.5

Good morning, everyone! I'm still struggling here. I went out early this morning to go have blood drawn for the cholesterol check, so I had to fast, and on the drive home I had to fight with myself to not stop anywhere for a nice, fat breakfast. But I made it home okay, just had my usual breakfast with 2 extra pieces of toast. So much for cutting down on the carbs. But it was a lot less points than McD's, huh? And now I have thoughts of going out for some junky lunch. I keep thinking one more day won't hurt. WRONG!!

No walk so far since I had to leave early. The plan is to do some kind of exercise later, ho hum. We'll see. I feel like just going back to bed. You will kick me out of DD, I'm sure!!

Yesterday, when I referred to someone not giving me the support I need, I was talking about DH. The other night, when we had sister & BIL over to play cards and we bbq'd hamburgers & stuff (I also made a peach pie, what was I thinking?!), anyways, he mentioned to them how I made all kinds of plans but sure didn't stick with them! I was so embarrassed and angry, I still haven't forgiven that. I found a quote last night while reading one of the "3fatchicks" diaries, that describes the situation exactly---"If you want to support someone then do it in a serious and caring way. Teasing her about her shortcomings and inability to focus on a plan is like *exposing all of her fat secrets*. All it will make her do is hide her problem. She'll still cheat but she'll do it in her car or after everyone has gone to bed." That sums it up so well for me. That's just how I felt, like he was exposing all of my fat secrets. All that just led me to do a lot of serious thinking over the weekend (and crying) but I found some real comfort, surprisingly, in my Sunday church service and my Weight Watchers meeting Monday. They were just what I needed at that time. And, of course, all of you here, with your comments, have really made me feel a lot better. So now I just have to be strong and carry on the best I can.

The "3fatchick" girl also had something I thought was really cute and wanted to share with you, I hope she doesn't mind---scale: (skal), noun. 1.a modern torture device developed to cause mental anguish in overweight people, often with the use of an inconsistent digital display. So true, right?

Well, gotta go. Maybe I'll just go take a walk on the good ole treadmill. Heaven knows, I sure need it. How I lost that half pound from yesterday, I'll never know. But now the Fritos and Hershey's Nuggets are all gone, hahaha. I did get to the gym yesterday for a good workout so maybe that helped some. You all have a great day.

Jelly Belly on 03/07/2002:
Gosh! you're just like me. I struggle and fight against going to fast food places. Like Dotti says, If you don't plan to succeed, you plan to fail. I need to get some WW 2 pt. bars to keep in my car. Also, is DH your hubby? If it is, same here. I asked him to rub my back and he started pinching my back fat. I said, "At least I'm doing something about it!" But, it did hurt my feelings. Then, what does he do? One night he gets stuff to make banana splits, the next he brings home glazed doughnuts!!! He doesn't love me--sniff, sniff. Trying to keep me fat I guess so I don't flirt with all the ugly guys at Walmart-lol. About the cake, it's just a cake mix plus one can of diet pop. That's it! 1pt! Have you tried the peanut butter and oatmeal? It was good! My mom thought it was gross. I'm going to send you a good lowfat website. Talk to ya later!

Jelly Belly on 03/07/2002:
ok. can't find an addy for you. So, here it is, www.anitasrecipes.com Enjoy!

Crittermama on 03/07/2002:
I know how it is with a DH like that. Mine does it to me in front of my BIL and his fiance who happens to be thin. Then he spends the whole time flirting with her and only looks at me when I talk. "She thinks all my old jokes are funny," he says. Yeah, right. I think his jokes are funny when he's not putting people down. I have had serious talks with him about that but it hasn't made much difference. I made that bet with him and the comments have stopped but then we haven't seen his brother since then. Maybe talking to him and telling him how you feel and what it does to your efforts will help. I hope he's more understanding than my DH. God bless.

garlic on 03/07/2002:
Sorry to hear you so blue. Getting going is tough but you can do it. I'm cheering for you!!!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Mar 06, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 157.0

I'm baaack! Don't think I was missed though, oh, well. As you can see by the new weight, I haven't been doing well. I thought I'd finally "got it" and I worked really hard last week. But on Saturday morning when I weighed, I'd only lost half a pound! I was so disappointed I just gave up for a few days. And the one person I count on has been pretty down on me lately and I felt the pressure. But that's no excuse! I guess I should just count on myself and not worry about what anyone else thinks. So I've been thinking things over the past few days and I think I can go on now. I've found new strength in my faith and the support of my Weight Watchers meetings. I don't need anything else now.

I've cut back on my walking in the mornings, I don't know if this is a good thing or not. I think I just felt burned out from doing so much. So now I'm just walking 2 miles in the morning, if I feel like doing more some times, I will. I'm still going to the gym 3 times a week though. The big change I plan on making is really cutting back on the eating and eating more things that are better for me. I'll try to cut back on the carbs and no more eating when I'm not really hungry. More veggies too. I really, really don't want to gain all the weight back again and I'm well on my way back up there. I never thought I'd weigh this much again, ever! It's really scaring me. I'm trying not to think too much about the numbers. And it's hard not to be depressed. But that won't do me any good, right?

Well, I hope I haven't brought you all down with this, another failure to read about. I've still been coming here to read and comment. I couldn't do without you all. I'm hooked, hahaha! Have a great day!

shellybelly on 03/06/2002:
Hang in there! Getting upset is not going to do you any good. Just focus on getting back on track. Stay strong! Shelly

Crittermama on 03/06/2002:
No, being depressed won't do you any good. Remember quite some time ago when I wrote about failing til you succeed? It's just another lesson to learn on your journey. Just get up and keep going. Be happy with who and what you are and keep moving foward. You're doing fine. Keep it up. God bless.

Crittermama on 03/06/2002:
I'm glad to know you missed me. Thanks. I missed everyone including YOU!! God bless.

garlic on 03/06/2002:
We've all been where you are. Some are still there. I was there a long time and I could be there sometime again. I hope not, but sometimes is those lowest of lows that get us up on the highest of highs. Come join me on the high.

pastagal on 03/07/2002:
Soonie,,,,trust me sweet lady,we ALL go through what your going through right now,,,that is part of why i left for awhile,,but i will be returning on monday and going to start fresh again,,i have been doing a great deal of reading up on carbs and from everything i have read,,,,i can honestly say i am a CARB Addict myself and need to nip it in the bud,,,i have thought about trying it for 30 days ,,cutting bad carbs and see what it does for my weight loss and how i feel,,,i am so tired of feeling sleepy and drug out in the middle of the day,,and i know its cause i consume way to much bread,,,anyway,,,You hang in there and WE can do this ,,ok;}}

Soon2BThin - Friday Mar 01, 2002
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Good morning, everyone! How are you all doing today? The sun is shining and going up to 72 today. And I have a busy day ahead. First this morning I did 3 miles of walking on the treadmill. Boy, this morning when the alarm went off at 6:30, I seriously thought about how nice it would be to just go back to sleep and take the day off. But I know when I do that I feel really bad for the rest of the day and that could lead to a lot of cheating. Don't want that! The weight is coming off very slowly this time. Usually, I will lose a couple of pounds in one day when I first start over but now it's a lot harder to get off. I guess that could be because I've lost these same pounds so many times before, hahaha. But I plan on having a really good weekend so I will be down some for the WW meeting on Monday. BTW, I think I forgot to tell you that I weighed 157.6 at WW last Monday! More than on my scale because it was in the afternoon with jeans and my shoes on. At home I weigh first thing in the morning, nekkid. So that's the difference. Anyways, on here I will go by my scale at home since that's what I've been doing all along. But I will tell you my WW results also.

Yesterday---27 points, 120 oz. of water, and 5 miles of walking. I did the 3 miles on the treadmill in the morning then DH and I went out for a walk in the afternoon. It was about 75 degrees with the sun shining but windy so we really enjoyed it. I had kind of thought I would have dropped more than half a pound this morning but I'll take what I can get. I know my points were a little high but I figured with all the exercise it would be okay. Sometimes I lose even when I eat more.

I feel great today, glad I got up and exercised. So I'm going to the gym in a little while and do a good workout. Then I have to go to K-Mart for a prescription and a few things. I may go into Michael's and check out the silk plants, we could use some on the patio. I don't have a green thumb so I prefer silk, heh heh. Well, you all get out there and have a great day. For those of you feeling under the weather I hope it doesn't last long. And thanks for all the comments, they really help me keep motivated. Remember....the early bird gets the worm but the second mouse gets the cheese and I like cheese better than worms--Jeff Foxworthy. Hehehe! Take care and thanks for listening.

dietyoyo on 03/02/2002:
You sound like you are doing great. I am exercising every night but I find I am alot hungrier then usual because of the amount I exercise. Do you find that is the case with you?

Stattynlou on 03/05/2002:
Hi exciting about going to Hawaii!!! Which island are you going to go to? I actually lost three pounds when I was in Hawaii--I think it was all of the fresh fruit :-) When are you leaving?

pktwatch on 03/06/2002:
It sounds like you have DECIDED! If you go read my post for today you WILL understand!


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