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Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 02, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 150.5

Well, long time, no hear, huh? How are you all doing? I'm doing okay but got thrown off track last week by that little batch of x-rays I had to get done on Wednesday. I had to prepare the day before by only being able to eat broth & jello & lots & lots of water. Then the dreaded laxatives! Nothing to eat but dry toast on Wednesday morning & just enough water to get my meds down. My appointment was at 1:45 Weds. afternoon. Needless to say, on Weds. morning I weighed in at 145.5, whoo! But as you can see, I gained back the 5 pounds. I haven't been real bad, just not real good either. And NO EXERCISE since last Saturday, bad Soonie! The plan is to get right back in there tomorrow morning bright & early. I tell ya, it doesn't take much to throw me off the track, right? So at least I'm down a pound since the last time I was here.

Now, I need to spend the next few hours!! reading your entries to see how you're all doing. I'm sooooo far behind! I missed you all & think of you all everyday. Talk to you's tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

Maria7 on 09/03/2001:
I'm sorry to hear you haven't been feeling well...I hope you are soon well. I haven't been good with my menu's either...why I'm not putting my weight in. Hope you feel better, Soon! Love, Maria :)

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 26, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 151.5

Hey, everybody! Good morning to those in the west, good afternoon to the rest of you. It's 10:00am here & almost 100 degrees already. Whew, hot!! I went out to feed the birds this morning & the nats & bugs about ate me up, drove me nuts, so I really hurried. I found if one of those little ants bites you, it itches for weeks! Anyways, the birds are happy now.

I did sneak a peek at the scale this morning & was pleased but I'm not putting it here until I weigh on Friday. Although I do have to go weigh-in at WW on Tuesday morning. Thank goodness I've got the weight down enough I won't have to pay for this month. Still have to pay for last month's miss though.

I counted my calories yesterday & was really surprised. Although I had 25 points, which is kinda high, I only had 1295 calories, which I thought was sort of low, considering what I ate. I'm going to do the same today & see how it comes out, different food, of course. I didn't get up to walk this morning. I figured 8 days in a row meant I could have a day of rest. So I slept in a bit. I'm going to try to find time to get out in the pool later though, my tan is fading again. I'll do some exercise there. I haven't been out there all week, I feel so guilty.

We watched "Silence of the Lambs" yesterday, which I borrowed from my sister, then "Hannibal", which I rented. Both were so good, I've seen the first one so many times but still enjoyed it cause my hubby didn't remember it. They're good if you like that kind of thing, I do.

Well, I didn't get to get caught up with reading you all yesterday so I'm going to try to do that today. I've also been reading Rader's "GoFatGo" diary, he's so funny & inspirational. It's great people like him that shows us it CAN be done & I know we need constant reminders of this. Thanks, Rader, for getting it all out there for us.

Gotta go get caught up now, hope you're all doing well. Take care & thanks for listening.

Maria7 on 08/26/2001:
<font color=fusia><b>1295 calories is what I would call a good day...not too low to reduce metabolism and high enough to keep up metabolism! Yes, I felt like just eat them and get it over with last night and that is what I did...finished the whole box of them. I really love Rice Krispy Treats and your chocolate delights sounds great, too! Oh, well, back on track today! :) Love, Maria :) P.S. We have FIREANTS here in the southeast and they are awful! I had to spray inside the house the other day as they had come into the bathroom and kitchen! When they sting, first it hurts, then it itches real bad and you have a red sore for a few days...they make anthills where thousands of the little stingers live at each one! Do y'all have fireants over there?

SoccerMom on 08/26/2001:
Wow...another hot one! The pool should feel good, then. Glad the scale if being friendly to you. I'm looking forward to seeing your posted results.

pastagal on 08/26/2001:
Sounds like your back on track,,keep it up and best of luck on tuesday with your weight in ok:}

Krispy on 08/27/2001:
Sounds like you are doing well on WW, I too am now getting back on track! Thanks for the welcome back!

Lets go for it and get rid of this weight once and for all.

Take Care


herb on 08/27/2001:
Enjoyed reading your posting today, and thanks for the Birthday wishes.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Aug 25, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 151.5

Good Saturday, everyone! Been a few days since I've had time to get on here again. I put on half a pound this week, not bad, I know where I went wrong & plan on doing better this week. I'm not too bummed about it though. I'm on my way down, I know it. I think I only had one good day with the points last week. I have done 8 days in a row of exercise now though. Yippee!

Yesterday was a busy day. I did my walking in the morning then had to take my 24 hour *eh-hem* collection over to the lab, if you know what I mean. My doc is getting my kidneys & bladder checked out in case that's what may be causing all the pelvic pain. Also on Wednesday next week, I have to go for an IVP, which is exrays of the kidneys & bladder. On Tuesday, I can only have broth & jello & clear liquids & also have to take some junk to get cleaned out *frown*. Since my appointment isn't until 1:30 in the afternoon, I can only have a very small breakfast & nothing else until after the exrays. Sooooo, I may just lose a little weight, ya think? Anyways, I'm not looking forward to it, to say the least.

We went yesterday afternoon to see "The Others" *yawn*. It was okay but seemed too long & kinda boring. I think I'm getting too old to sit in those theater seats for so long. I was so stiff afterward I could hardly walk! Then we went to the Olive Garden, not one of my favorites. I was pretty good, just a bowl of minestrone soup with salad, but I did have 2 bread sticks. I just have no control when there's bread, darn! That was at 4pm & I only had a banana & peach around 7pm. So I don't think I did too much damage. Oh, they all ate buttered popcorn with extra butter at the movie but I didn't even touch it, yeah me!

So today I slept in till 7:30, almost didn't even want to get up & walk, but I lay there thinking if I don't, I'll just feel bad. Also any more sleep would have just made me tired all day, I knew. So I did the 3 miles on the treadmill. And my crunches.

I bought a calorie counter book yesterday because I thought I'd count my calories for a change. I'm just curious to see how many I get with the points I eat on WW.

Okay, going to check up on ya's now, I haven't been reading here since Thursday. BTW, I'm now reading the 8th book of the Left Behind series. They are soooo good. Catch ya'll later. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 08/25/2001:
Hi Soonie,,,,glad to see you here today,,as for Bread,,,that is one of my Big downfalls,and i am trying this week to not eat as much ,,,more soups and salad this week for me,,, Will be waiting to hear how your calories rank up to the points you are eating,,that is a good idea to do that just to see what we are consuming in calories,i might get my calorie book and and check mine to,,,,have a wonderful day ok :}

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 21, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 151.0

Hey, everybody! How's it going? Haven't been here for a couple of days but I'm doing okay. Well, I'll just get you caught up on what's been happening here. Sunday we did go up Mt. Lemmon but they (sis & BIL) didn't pick us up until 10am so I did get in a 3 mile walk that morning. KFC didn't have the roasted chicken so we ended up getting the regular fried *groan* & I ate 2 pieces, wing & leg. Afterward, I thought, "why'd I eat that, it wasn't even good?" I could have just gotten by with the potato salad & cole slaw & one biscuit. Darnit, why do I always think of these things when it's too late?! But we did get some walking in & at one point, my BIL said, "hey, you're not even huffing & puffing going up this hill" so I felt pretty good about that. It rained on us some but altogether was a nice day. It was 30 degrees cooler up there too.

Yesterday was a real bust. The doc is still adjusting my hormones & yesterday all I felt like doing was sleeping & crying. I did get in the 3 mile walk in the morning but the rest of the day was terrible. I slept a lot & watched tv & ate. Didn't do too bad with the eating but not real good either. I just want to forget yesterday even happened. Today is going much better. 3 miles walking on the treadmill this morning. I think I will take the week off on the arm exercises. I have tendonitis in my left shoulder & it's really bothering me this week so I'll give it a little rest. Still doing the ab exercises though, 3 times a week. I had Subway for lunch today, the turkey & ham sub, 6 inch, hub ate the other half. A little more points than I'd wanted but I only had oatmeal for breakfast, 3 points. I've got beef, carrots & potatoes in the slow cooker right now, boy, does it smell good. That's for dinner today. Only the smell makes me want to eat NOW! So I'm drinking my raspberry water. I just got done 6 bills ready for the mail & the mortgage payment payed on the internet. So I've had a busy day so far. Also went to Wal-Mart & the grocery this morning.

So now you're up to date with me, hope I didn't put you to sleep. Now I'll go check in to see how you're all doing. It should take me the rest of the day since I haven't checked in the last few days. Talk to you tomorrow, thanks for listening.

pastagal on 08/21/2001:
Sounds like your having trouble with your hormones also,,,,i have been on estrogen pills since i was 25 yrs old,,,and about 10 yrs ago they upped my doseage to the max level and just recently i am having problems again,HOT FLASHES and a few other things going on which i don't like at all,,,i had hoped i would not experience these again,but no such luck,,,hope yours gets adjusted right soon,,no fun huh:{ well have a great day soonie:}

muggg on 08/21/2001:
Gosh, I feel sorry for you experiencing the tears and sleepiness. I'm so lucky that things are going smoothly for me in that department. Well, here's a big hug for you {{{soonie}}}

You're doing great on the exercise.. what a nice compliment! We are doing this for health too!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Aug 18, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 151.0

Hey, everybody, I hope you're all having a good weekend. I've been so busy today I didn't have time to get here until now--6pm. I'm still doing well, ate a few things I shouldn't have yesterday but I'm back on track now, not too much damage done, I don't think. Did my 3 miles on the treadmill this morning & been busy all day. But I did lay down for a little nap this afternoon, was soooo tired for some reason. And it IS Saturday, after all, hahaha.

Don't worry, Maria, I don't get too near those tarantulas but I worry about my hubby. He just says, "Oh, they won't hurt you." But, heck, I'm not taking any chances. I took some pictures of one last night in our driveway but my camera has a good zoom on it, haha.

Well, I probably won't get time to get here tomorrow. We're driving up to Mt. Lemon in the morning, nice & cool up there, with my sister & BIL, taking a picnic lunch. I've never been there before. It's not far from here. Maybe I can work in some exercise there, walking. I'll let you know how it goes. So gonna go have some dinner now, maybe play cards with sis & BIL later. You all take care. Thanks for listening.

halley on 08/18/2001:
Congratulations on losing 4 pounds. That is just awesome! 3 miles is a darn good workout!

muggg on 08/18/2001:
Say.. that 151 sure looks good on you! Keep up the awesome attitude.. glad to see you back on track!

Maria7 on 08/19/2001:
I hope you have a wonderful time hiking up the mountain with your loved ones and your picnic baskets...sounds lovely! That should be exercise enough! Let us all know how it goes! Love, Maria :) (hugs!)

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 17, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 151.0

Weigh day, look to the left. I feel better now. I know a lot of it was water weight but it still counts. I know I can't do that well next week but it's a good start. I plan on sticking with it for this next week too.

Yesterday was a good day. Besides my morning exercise I did some more in the pool in the afternoon. And I stayed low on my points. I didn't sleep well last night so I slept in this morning, no exercise. But I'm going out shopping soon so that will at least be moving, hahaha. Maybe I will be able to get out in the pool again this afternoon too. We expect thunderstorms here every day now, sometimes they happen, sometimes they don't. Last night was just a lot of lightening & thunder but no rain in our area. Also yesterday evening we found a tarantula crawling around the pool area. We have a block wall around the pool area so usually they don't get in there. But they only come out in the evening so I shouldn't have to worry about one crawling on me when I'm out there in the afternoon, ewww!

Well, I gotta get ready to go, it's only 9:30am here, the early bird gets the worm. Gonna go find me some bargains, haha. I hope you all have a great day, sorry I haven't been able to make many comments lately but I usually do get in here to read your entries. I'm always so inspired by them too. Thanks for listening.

Maria7 on 08/17/2001:
<font color=blue><b>SCREAM!!!! from that word you said in your entry today! Be careful!!!!!! Hope you have lots of fun shopping and a safe and wonderful day and CONGRATULATIONS on your weight...you're doing FANTASTIC! Love, Maria :)

Kyrin on 08/17/2001:
You sound as if you're having a better day today. Glad to see that. {grins}

Have fun on your shopping expedition.



pastagal on 08/17/2001:
Shopping is a great way to get extra exersise in:}} Enjoy your shopping trip,,,,i know last sunday i really enjoyed mine,,tho i didn't spend anything on myself,just my daughter and grandkids,lol:}

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 16, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

I wasn't going to make an entry today, I'm feeling kinda down & feel like nothing is going right. I hate days like this, I guess I just have to get through it. I feel fat & I'm having a really bad hair day. Sounds kinda trivial when I type it out like that. Just disreguard what I've already said, haha. Maybe since I've vented it here I'll feel better now.

Anyways, yesterday was a challenge I failed. After dinner, I just ate like there was no tomorrow, darnit! Probably not as bad as it could have been but way over my points allowance. It started when I ate dinner, vegetable beef soup with macaroni in it that I'd made. I ate one cup then when I was putting the leftovers in a container, there was a little more than would fit in the container so I ate it. So then I felt bad for eating too much so I just kept eating & eating. Doh!! But today is going better except for the way I feel. I did the 3 miles on the treadmill, blah, blah, blah. And I haven't over eaten so far & don't plan to. Tomorrow is weigh-day & I want to see good results.

Sorry this hasn't been very up-beat today. I'll tell ya, I'm ready to shave my head & start over with my hair, it's that bad. I was almost out the door earlier to go get it cut off, but then remembered that I always hate it after I get it cut anyway. I've done so much cutting on it myself lately that it is a mess. Maybe I could just buy a cute hat? Hope I've given you a few laughs anyway.

So, going to go check up on ya's now. You all be good & have a great day. Thanks for listening.

Kyrin on 08/16/2001:
I also cut my own hair...and about the only time I really start thinking that I need some professional assistance with it, I usually don't like it <i>because</i> I've gotten it too short. Letting someone else whittle on it would only make the problem worse, so I decide not to pay attention to it for a while and just let it grow out. Invest in the hat and ignore your hair for a bit. Maybe later it will have grown out enough to inspire a better cut...or color.

Don't beat yourself up over the soup. There are worse things in life than eating too much over the course of a day or two. You put in the time accululating some mileage. Why not set a mini goal to rack up "X" number of miles this week and then get to work on getting them done. You and your hair will get a nice and sweaty...hubby will compliment you on your energy...and no one will notice the bad hair day. They'll be too impressed with your healthy "glow" to comment.



Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 15, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Is it my computer or is this site really super slow today? Didn't think I'd even get on here today. So I'm not going to say much, it might not even let me make an entry.

I did get out in the pool yesterday afternoon for a little exercise but no treadmill. My eating was really good again too. 22 points for the day. Have you all noticed how good the fresh fruit is this year? I've never eaten so many peaches & nectarines in one summer before, hahaha. And grapes are good too.

So this morning was 3 miles on the treadmill, ab workout & free weights. I don't do much free weights, just a few for upper arms & one for butt which I do on the floor on hands & knees, with a weight behind my knee, lifting the foot toward the ceiling. I just read that back, does that make sense? Oh, well, I tried. Going out in the pool after I finish this & after I put the laundry from the washer to the dryer. Been so busy already this morning.

You all have a great day. Drink plenty of water & get up & move! Take care & thanks for listening. Now we'll see if I can enter this, hahaha.

Maria7 on 08/15/2001:
Good for you! The 3 miles on the treadmill....wonderful words to inspire me!!! I've gotten lazy with the treadmill over the past few days and it is TOO HOT to walk outside. Enjoy your pool....I love to read about you and Mugg enjoying the pools! Have a great day! Love, Maria

SoccerMom on 08/15/2001:
Hehehe...yeah...that makes sense, and I may even have to give it a try. My butt could use a little toning! Have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 14, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Good afternoon, everyone! It's just past 2:00 here, I'm getting in here kinda late. I had a doctor's appointment this morning so I didn't get in my exercise. One day off won't hurt, I guess. Maybe I'll take a walk on the treadmill later. Not getting in the pool today, it's real cloudy & may storm again. Even though it's 92 degrees here, when the sun isn't out, it is pretty cool when you get in the pool, so I'll just hope it is better tomorrow. Yesterday I was in the pool for over an hour & a half, doing some exercises & working on my swimming. Just swimming from one end to the other & back gets me all out of breath so I'm going to try to do it regularly and see if I get better at it. Exercising in the pool is so nice cause you don't sweat, hahaha. And diet-wise, I did very well again. If I can just string some days like that together for awhile, I'll lose this weight in no time. I think I'm really into it now. BTW, I gave those Sara Lee brownie bites to my hubby yesterday, there were only 2.

Yesterday afternoon we had a really bad storm go through here, the wind blew & it hailed for about 15 minutes, lightening & thunder & so much rain, I couldn't believe it. Around here, when it rains like that, the roads get flooded in no time. And part of our fence blew down so hubby's been working on that today.

I was down 2 pounds at the doc's office this morning but haven't gotten on my scale yet, not till Friday. So I won't change the number here till then. I'm feeling so good I wonder why I haven't been doing this all along. Funny, when I pig out & don't exercise, I feel really crappy, so why was I doing that? Anyway I'm doing great now, even went to Wal-Mart today & didn't buy any junk food & boy, was I hungry then. I'd only had 2 pieces of toast for breakfast but I stayed strong.

Okay, gotta go read your entries now, see how you're all doing today. Hope you're doing great. Thanks for listening.

Kyrin on 08/14/2001:
Good for you! It's great to see you back at it again! You get an attagirl and pats on the back. Can't waith to cheer for you on Friday!



autumn on 08/14/2001:
its funny how junky food can make you feel. you think its soooo good, until you are not used to eating it and then your body reacts to it.... reminds us of how eating healthy and natural foods is really the best thing for us!

stellastarr on 08/15/2001:
You sound like "Motivated Soonie"! Great!!! And, I SOOOOOOOO know what is going on there for you with the monsoons. Stay safe, Sweetie :)

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 13, 2001
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.0

Good morning, all. Yesterday ended up being a gold star day. I had 22 points, lots of water, & lots of exercise. I did end up getting out in the pool for some more exercise & enjoyed the sun until the clouds moved in about 4:30. I plan on doing more of the same today. I got up at 6am & walked for 3 miles again on the treadmill, did some ab crunches (I do 4 different kinds) & free-weights for arms & butt. I had a nice breakfast & I plan on doing as well as yesterday today. But I found some Sara Lee brownie bites in the freezer that I forgot I had leftover from last week's binge. Darn, I wish I hadn't found those, now I'll keep thinking about them being there. Maybe I can get the hubster to eat them, ya think? Hahaha. Give em to Mikey, he eats anything.

I had forgotten to mention, I skipped going to a WW meeting last month. My weight was up so I figured I'd have to pay anyway. So I plan on going this month some time. Gotta get that weight back down. I'll have to pay for missing a weigh-in last month though. Since I'm a lifetime member I want to keep being a member cause I worked so hard for it. You never know, I might want to go to meetings regularly in the future if I can find a good one. After all, I do need the support, I'm not doing so good on my own.

Well, you all have a great day. Going to read some entries now, hope you're all doing really good, I know you are. Thanks for listening.

SAS on 08/14/2001:
Hi - it sounds like you had a really good all round day. Well done!

Throw the brownies away... just remember the old saying 'A minute through your lips - a lifetime on your hips'... I love brownies as well - luckily they don't do them frozen over here - I have to make them which I am refusing to do at the moment.

TweetieCat on 08/14/2001:
Dear Soon2BThin:

Seems like you are doing really well with counting your points and gettting some good exercise using the pool. We, too, have a pool in the backyard but this past week, it was SO hot and humid, I basically stayed in the air conditioned house. I really need to use the pool especially since I'm not working now I don't have a good excuse as to why I'm not going in it.

Hope you have a great diet day today!!!!

TweetieCat (Pat)

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