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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Dec 13, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

A much better day today, thank goodness. Here's what I did today--Got up at 8 this morning & walked for 3.5 miles on the treadmill. I always do my exercise before eating breakfast, I just like it that way & haven't run into any trouble yet. I have a big fan in front of the treadmill to circulate the air & keep me cool. If I don't, I feel like I'm suffocating. I also have my 24 oz. bottle of water & my music on the walkman. I played a little game with myself this morning while I walked--I would walk for 1.5 minutes holding on, then 3.5 minutes not holding on & every 5 minutes I would take 4 big sips of my water. I used to not be able to walk without holding on, now it's getting easier. By the time I'm done walking, I've downed the 24 oz. of water. After I come up from the basement, I drink another 8 oz. This afternoon, I rode the bike for 30 minutes while reading, I'd already watched Oprah. BTW, herb, I don't have a book holder, I just hold it in my hands. It's jiggly & a little difficult to read but my husband couldn't figure out where the book holder fits on the bike. I'll have to check the instruction book for it. Someday! When I got done on the bike, I guess my blood sugar dropped cause I felt shakey & kinda weak, so I tested my blood, it was 73. I had never had a reading that low before. So I ate a small serving of flavored instant oatmeal. I probably should have just had some orange juice, that would have worked faster, but I was really hungry too. Maybe I should have eaten a little something before I rode the bike, what do you all think? I had eaten lunch between 1:30 & 2:00 so I didn't really feel hungry before I rode the bike at 5:15. Anyway, I have done real well with my food points today, staying well below the limit, trying to make up for the Chinese food yesterday. I have also had a gallon of water. I didn't go anywhere today since we had some bad weather, a couple inches of snow & more to come. I thought about a nap this afternoon but fought off the urge & got busy. We're getting freezing rain right now so it doesn't look good for the WW meeting tomorrow. There will be more snow too. I just hate going out after that stuff cause even if the roads are not too bad, the sidewalks & parking lots are usually bad. So I'll just get up in the morning & decide. I hate to miss this week cause they are telling us about the new program & I don't want to miss that. I may just go to another meeting on Friday or Saturday if I don't make tomorrow's. Well, I've been rather long-winded today, huh? I couldn't get on earlier, did anyone have that problem? Gonna go read how you all are doing now. Thanks for listening.

KT on 12/14/2000:
It sounds like you have that treadmill routine down. You said you do the treadmill with a walkman. I want to find one that will stay on my head when I jog on the treadmill. All the ones I've tried come off of my head or come unplugged somehow. Music helps me keep my mind off of how slow time seems to move while I'm on that thing. What kind of music do you listen to while you're exercising?

Before riding the bike if you're not hungry yet you could always drink a glass of juice or get a small snack. You don't want to get dizzy or get the shakes again. I know that has to be a bad feeling.

I hope you get to go to a WW meeting so you can find out all about the new program. I know you were looking forward to it. Have a good day and take care of you!!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Dec 12, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Welp, no exercise today except for bowling, I was lazy this afternoon. And we went to a Chinese restaurant for lunch--you guessed it, I ate all the wrong things, I couldn't resist, we only go there once a year. You know what they say about shiny food---FAT! I always have to have an egg roll too. But I must say, I REALLY enjoyed it. At least I only ate one plateful, everyone else went back for seconds & thirds (it was "all-you-can-eat") They have the best food! I love that place & I seriously thought about not going cause I just knew I would end up eating whatever I wanted. Only $5.25 too, including the drink. And you know what they say about Chinese food, I was hungry an hour later, LOL. I watched "Snow Falling on Cedars" today, it was pretty good, although at first I didn't know WHAT was going on, they kept skipping to different times. Then I took both movies back since they were due back tomorrow & we're expecting a lot of bad weather then. I may not make it to WW meeting this week since they say the bad weather will carry into Thursday morning, boohoo! If not, I will just post the same weight until I make it to a meeting. I know my home scale is different & I've only been posting the WW scale reading. And I had some other things I had planned on doing that day, including my flu shot. My doctor's office finally called to say they got some of the vaccine & they are giving it either tomorrow or Thursday & they are near my WW meeting, so I thought I would just get it after my meeting. Oh, well...... Sounds like you all are doing well. Take care. Thanks for listening. PS. I hope all this bad weather doesn't bring out the piggy in me--I usually tend to eat comfort food when I'm shut in with the snow & ice. Fortunately, there's not much of that in the house.

Soon2BThin - Monday Dec 11, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Hey, everyone, how are you all doing? I'm having a really good day. Even if I did have to go to the dentist. It only took half an hour. It really poured down rain today too. But I made it okay. Here's what else I did today--I got up at 8, I love sleeping in, (who doesn't?) & walked 2.5 miles on the treadmill. I was going 3.7 mph most of the time & I'm even getting better at not holding on all the time. That was always a challenge for me. Then I had to get ready for my hair appointment at 11. She decided not to give me a perm, my hair is still too short & I don't want to look like a poodle. So she just cut it a little to even it out. If I could get it to look like she did it all the time, I might not ever get another perm. But I'm lazy with my hair & grew up in the generation where we didn't use blow dryers & curling irons, so I'm a complete klutz at fixing my hair. Anyway it's always been easier to just get a perm & let it dry curly. Then this afternoon it was off to the dentist, "look, Mom, no cavities!" (and I do still have all my own teeth). So being away from home most of the day, I ate really well. I've only had 14 points so far with just my pretzel snack (1 point) later. I know this is too low (I'm supposed to have between 20 & 27 points everyday) but I won't do it forever, just this week to try to make up for what I ate Friday & Saturday. I don't know if this will work but it's worth a try. Anyway, I feel real good & not starving at all. Also had 64 ounces of water so far. Not as much as I usually do but enough. Oh, after I got home from the dentist, I rode for 30 minutes on my bike. I read a book while riding cause Oprah was a repeat that I'd already seen. So I've had a good day & feel real good, what more can I say? I know, that's enough so I'll go now until tomorrow. Take care & thanks for listening.

herb on 12/12/2000:
Thanks for the comments on the diary. I'm going to keep mine a secret to I'll tell friends that I have one, but I won't tell them where I keep it. On that recombant bicycle that you have. When reading the book do you hold it in your hands or is there a device like a music stand that holds it for you. Lastly, do you think that drinking more than 64 ounces of water is necessary. In other words is there a benefit.

KT on 12/12/2000:
You've been doing really good in exercising!! Getting up in the morning to exercise is something that I keep telling myself I need to do the problem is I haven't seemed to accomplish it yet. I bet exercising in the morning gives you that much more energy to meet the challenges of your day. Keep up the good work...your morning work-outs are an inspiration to me! Take care of you!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Dec 10, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Whew! A better day today. In fact, I'm really low on food points, intentionally though, to make up for what I had the last couple of days. We'll see if it works. 104 ounces of water so far. I walked for 3 miles this morning, did 100 ab crunches, & rode for 40 minutes on the bike this afternoon. I feel I must keep this up for the next 3 days to help make up for my past indiscretions this weekend. I certainly plan on sticking with the plan from now on so I won't have to do the "making-up-for" any more. I have a hair appointment & dentist appointment tomorrow so I won't be home much. Probably won't get as much water in then, I hate public restrooms. But I'll do what I can. Well, going to watch a little TV tonight. Hope you're all doing well. Thanks for listening. PS. I watched the movie "Hanging Up" that I rented--don't bother!! It stunk (or is that stank?) Anyway, you get the idea.

muggg on 12/11/2000:
Wow! You sound inspired! Good for you! I saw another one of those nasty oranges yesterday!!!!I got away as fast as I could (LOL) Take care!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Dec 09, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Well, sometimes you're up & some days you're down, this is a down day for me (not weight-wise). It all has to do with the rest of that chocolate orange candy thing & McD's for breakfast & NO EXERCISE. People, this is not the way a good DDer should spend a Saturday. At least I came here to confess. I will be back tomorrow a better DDer, absotively, posilutely!! Hope you are all having a better day than I. Thanks for listening.

herb on 12/09/2000:
Oprah says "I racked my brain trying to figure out why I eat what I do at times." C'mon I was born at night but it wasn't last night. Its a fact that she has a cook and a trainer. What does she have to think about, she is literally being spoon fed. I'm sure you and I would like to be in this dilemma.

McD's for breakfast? Thats OK if its a salad, with the dressing drizzled on, and a hot tea or decaffeinated coffee eaten inside the restaurant. And eaten very slowly.

muggg on 12/10/2000:
I saw those chocolate oranges at the store yesterday... I kept my distance... and I'm glad I did (LOL) I'm just like you... I would have devoured the whole thing!

You're right.. today will be a better day. I've been snitching candy too.. we'll just have to work on it together!!!

P.S. Thanks for the hugs! :-)

pastagal on 12/10/2000:
Aww just put that bad day behind you and move forward,,,and isnt this a great place for confessions;}}

You will get back on track,,,:} I had a yucky day yesterday myself with how i felt,,felt fat all day,hate that feeling,,i do feel better this morning,,i didnt go potty much and i consumed a ton of water,,i do that now and then,hold the water and it won;t leave me,,,hate that,,,,anyway,,keep your chin up ok,,,we all have those days,,,trust me;}

Soon2BThin - Friday Dec 08, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Having a fine day here. Except I had bought one of those chocolate orange candy things yesterday, you know, the one you smash on the table & it breaks into slices. I guess it won't be too bad if I only eat a few pieces each day & kinda savor the flavor. I just had to try one, I've seen the commercials & I love chocolate & orange flavors together. So I haven't been real good the last couple of days. Also saw the KFC honey bbq chicken strips commercials, haven't given in to those yet. They really look so good & I haven't had fried chicken in so long. Luckily there are none close by to where I live. Enough about junk food, here's what I did today--walked 3 miles on the treadmill. I started out telling myself I would do just 30 minutes, cause it seems all that I did last week didn't really help much, but then I said maybe 2 miles. I ended up doing 3 miles & I'm glad I did cause I didn't get to riding my bike this afternoon as I had planned. In fact I forgot about it until just now. We watched "Nutty Professor 2" this afternoon so I could return it. I guess that's why I forgot to ride since I didn't watch Oprah. I took the movie back & got 2 more for the weekend--"Hanging Up" & "Snow Falling on Cedars"-chick flicks. I could have gotten "Perfect Storm" but he fell asleep in the middle of "Nutty Professor 2" so why not just get the ones I would like to see?! Anyway, that was about it for my day today. I guess I went a little over on my food points but not so much, could have been worse. At least I didn't have McD's for breakfast, in fact, I haven't had that for weeks now. Well, it's almost time for "CSI", I really like that show. Have a great weekend, everybody! Thanks for listening.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Dec 07, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.0

Hey, what happened, I actually lost 1.4! Not as good as I'd hoped but I'll take it (what choice do I have?) I was hoping for a big surprise, like maybe, 2 or 3 pounds gone. But I know better than that. I think I would have to starve to get that. I'm just a slow loser. If I can just keep it going down instead of the up & down I've been doing for so long, I'll be happy. I'm going to give it my best shot. No exercise today, my day off since I had the meeting this morning. Boy, I wanted to go to sleep this morning at that meeting so bad, it was so boring, I couldn't wait to get out of there. But I think I still need to go to these meetings even though I've been going for over a year now. They can be repetitive after awhile but I'm determined to reach my WW goal so I get whatever it is they give you now. It gives me something else to work toward. I know I could do it at home without the meetings but I've been going for so long that I can't quit now without making that goal. You see what I mean? Anyway, next week they will give us the new program so that won't be as boring. Then I will be off for 2 weeks in Arizona at my Mom's house. I may go to meetings there too like I did last year or I may not, I don't know yet. Last year we were there for 4 weeks but this year only 2. I got lots of shopping done today, got the Blockbuster gift card for my sister & bil & joined up myself while I was there, I've been wanting to do that for a long time. I belong to another one, where I rented "The Nutty Professor 2" today, so I've got that to watch tomorrow, too much on TV tonight that I like. And I went to the grocery store again today, that makes about 4 times this week, doesn't it?! It seems we are always running out of something, I hate that. But I was out anyway, if not, I wouldn't have made a special trip. Well, that's enough running on about nothing--talk to ya tomorrow. Hope you're all doing great. Gonna go check up on ya's. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 12/07/2000:
1.4 pounds is terrific! And I know what you mean about the meetings and needing to go. I think a little special routine helps keep us on track!

I think going to the meetings in Arizona might give you a boost with a chance to meet other people. And the new program should help too! I sympathize.. I'm a slow loser with only .5 pounds per week usually. But that's better than nothing!

KT on 12/08/2000:
Great job on your loss!! I agree with you...I'll take whatever I can get as far as a loss. I've never been a part of weight watcher's. What exactly do they do during meetings? I've heard that you have weigh-ins and such but I was just wondering. They don't sound like to much fun. My sister used to go but she decided on doing it on her own without the meetings like you had mentioned. I hope you have a good day and Take care of you!!

herb on 12/08/2000:
Two guys going to coffee is not the giggly part. The strange part for guys is in the asking, especially if its someone you only know casually. I came of age in the 60's when things were up-tight, before the Age of Aquarius. I remember sitting at a bar on 3rd Avenue in Manhattan when two well dressed guys came into this blue collar bar and standing alongside of me ordered their drinks. The bartender came over to them and with both hands on the bartop and said, "get outta here, we dont serve fags." They didn't even argue they just left. Try that today.

I have a suggestion: Did you ever think about going to a O/A meeting. The reason I like them is that they concern themselves with why its going in your mouth, not what is going in. Answer that question, and your home free.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Dec 06, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Good evening, DDers! Well, I stayed home today, all day, LOL. That made it easier for me to get in plenty of water, 136 ounces so far. I think that should do it. Also did well on my diet. I walked 3.5 miles this morning & rode my bike for 30 minutes this afternoon during Oprah. My exercise equipment said I burned over 500 calories altogether but I don't know how accurate that is. I started out with a headache this morning when I got up but I guess the exercise got rid of that cause I've felt pretty good all day. I did lots of cleaning & keeping busy around the house. Now I'm tired so I'm just going to veg-out in front of the TV for the rest of the night. I have a good book to read during commercials so I don't make any trips to the kitchen. Weigh-in tomorrow, wish me luck, please. I feel pretty good about it but I just never know. I hope I have a good surprise. Take care, everyone. Thanks for listening.

KT on 12/06/2000:
Ok first of all let me wish you GOOD LUCK on your weigh in tomorrow. If today is any indication though it seems as if you have no worries! 136oz of water? Wow, that is more than I even think of drinking. I bet you slosh when you walk now. LOL When I have a headache I've found that some type of exercise usually gets rid of it. I wonder if the aspirin people know about this? Could really put them out of business. Keep up all the good work you've been doing. I don't think you need my luck with all the hard work you've been putting in. Take care of you!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Dec 05, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Hey, there, how's everyone doing? Well, I guess I know, I just read all the entries, LOL. Everyone sounds so good today. Here's what I did today--bowling this morning, don't want to discuss how I did, you understand. Lunch out was nice. We went to an Italian place I'd never been before. They had hoagies, I had a cup of zesty vegetable soup, boy, was it ZESTY! My mouth burned! But it was good. It had a few pieces of Italian sausage in it too, didn't know how many points that was, so I just estimated, on the high side, I think. So I still didn't have too many points today--21 so far, with just my pretzels left for later. After lunch, I went SHOPPING AGAIN! Like I told PastaGal, I bought a nice sweater, size SMALL (I can't believe it) & it fit. Not snug, either. It's bright red, thought I would wear it for Christmas. By the time I got home (2:30) I was hungry again cause lunch was early, before noon, so I ate a sandwich & some WOW chips. Then for dinner, I just had corn, carrots, broccoli, mushrooms & an apple, all that for only 3 points. I LOVE this diet!! Then about 8:00, I take my Metamucil with another glass of water, which really fills me up. After that, I just have 5 of these small pretzel nubs for only 1 point (I just love that salt on them). I didn't ride my bike again today, I was so tired from bowling & shopping (those check-out lines!!). So I need a really good walk & ride tomorrow, cause weigh-in is Thursday. I think I'm doing pretty good but you just never know, I've found. Haven't been on the scale since last Thursday. So, gang, that's my day. I'm in a good mood but the poor old body is really feeling beat. That bowling really takes a lot out of me anymore. Good upper-body workout anyway. Talk to you tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 12/06/2000:
MMMM that soup sounds good,,,i love any types of soup,i made a homemade vegetable beef soup today,,,gosh it turned out so good,had it for dinner with corn bread,,,was delicious:}

Well sounds like your day went well for you,,bowling is alot of exersise,,,

Well isnt ww great,,,i know its been the answer for me so far,,,its for sure something i could and can do for life,,,,,have a nice evening;}}

muggg on 12/06/2000:
Sounds like you had a great day. I'm glad you're enjoying your diet... it makes all the difference in the world! You're doing really good with getting exerice in...even if it isn't on the bike!

Soon2BThin - Monday Dec 04, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Same thing, different day! Well, not exactly, I guess. I did get up early to return some things to K-Mart. Boy, I really hated that, it was soooo cold this morning but I did it. And of course stopped at the grocery store too. I must go there at least 3 times a week. When I got home, I walked 2 miles on the treadmill at 3.7 mph. So I didn't do as much but faster than yesterday. I was going to ride my bike this afternoon but I was so sleepy & didn't feel real good, so I skipped it :( No slips on the diet today, 19 points so far with just maybe some pretzels later (I usually only eat 5, that's 1 point) I haven't been getting in as much water as usual the last couple of days, 8-10 glasses, where usually I'd get a whole gallon in. At least it's something, I guess. Bowling tomorrow, so that will be some exercise, I hope I do as good as last week, my partner is out with shoulder surgery so I'm on my own. I'll let you know how it goes. Take care, everyone. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 12/04/2000:
You sound like your doing great with your points,,,i have been doing ok myself,,but same with the water,not getting nearly what i am use to in lately,,,,but i am feeling like i am loseing again,,slowly getting that feeling back,,,which i need to feel to stay motivated,and i know if i start going to the gym it will help alot,,,,well have a great evening and better day tomorrow,:}}

jenny on 12/04/2000:
I really, really envy you your treadmill! Sounds like your pluggin' along. Good for you!!! We need to hold steady throughout the holidays and then...well, there are always New Year's resolutions to live up to!

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