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Soon2BThin - Sunday Dec 03, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Happy Sunday, everyone! Here's what I did today--walked for 3.5 miles on the treadmill again this morning. Oh, I forgot to say yesterday that I also did 100 ab crunches, again today too. Gotta work on those abs, hehe. I've done very good on the food points too. Just 13 so far with just dinner & snack to go. I try to just eat fruit & veggies for dinner, I heard too many carbs in the evening just turn to fat while you sleep. I can't wait to find out about the new changes Weight Watchers is making in the program. I heard it will make it even better for losing weight, I sure need the help. Something about balancing out carbs & protein & such, I think. I won't find out until the meeting on the 14th of this month. I've kept busy today, not lazy & tired like yesterday. I need to get up early tomorrow to return some things I bought at K-Mart the other day. I want to beat the crowd. Then I will come home & do my exercise. Well, hope you are all having a good weekend. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 12/03/2000:
Wow giving you a BIG pat on the back for all that exersise your doing,thats super:}} you inspire me girl:}}

Well sounds like your doing great in all aspects of your dieting,,,,and thats great to hear,,,,oh i am sure if you stick with fruit and veggies at dinner you will lose faster,,,i should try that to,,,,,well have a great day tomorrow:}}Been shoppin all day and i am tired,,,heading to bed soon,,,,nite:}

KT on 12/04/2000:
Here I thought Sundays were supposed to be relaxing. You worked it girl! 100 ab crunches makes mine hurt just thinking of it. I know I need to start doing them also. I think it's the only thing that will tone my stomach. I hope you have a great day!!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Dec 02, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Having a pretty good day today. Here's what I did--got up at 8 & walked 3.5 miles on the treadmill. Also did 3 loads of laundry. Watched a lot of the shows I had taped this week. I usually do that, tape the ones I can't stay up to watch or the ones that are on at the same time as something else I like & then watch them all on the weekend when there isn't much on. Talk about a couch potato!! I've done well with the food points today, I was going to try to eat a lot less but that didn't work out for some reason, LOL. But at least I haven't overeaten (is that a word?) Also didn't ride my bike this afternoon as I had planned. I've just felt so tired all day & even layed down for an hour late this morning. Now, when it's almost time for bed, I feel more wide awake, darnit! I plan on reading a lot this evening though, I have a book that was due at the library yesterday & they wouldn't let me renew it cause someone else has it on reserve. So I'd better get it finished so I won't have to pay much overdue fines. BTW, it's an Oprah's book club book, "Drowning Ruth",really good too. So gotta go read. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 12/02/2000:
Hi there,,,sounds like you had a good day today,,,and good to hear you walked 3.something miles,,,,well i have to say,i got on the treadmill today,first time in awhile,,,felt good to,,,i only walked for 20 mins,,,but hey,that is a start huh,,,,

My daughter wants me to join a gym with her,,and i am seriously thinking of doing that,,,she says it is a brand new place and brand new equipment and might just be what i need to get me into exersising,,ya think?? plus spend more time with my daughter:}

well you have a great day tomorrow,,,i am going shopping tomorrow,,with hubby,,out of town,should be fun,he loves to shop with me now,,,altho he isnt feeling to good,,but says he still wants to go,so guess we will,,,,ok,,,,have a great night and better day tomorrow,,,Keep up the great work,your doing super:}}

Tabitha1 on 12/03/2000:
That sounded like a great treadmill walk. I wish I had one. But no where to put it, yet! :) Have a beautiful weekend, love Tabitha

Soon2BThin - Friday Dec 01, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Well, I did what I said I was going to do today--got up & went SHOPPING!! I was gone for 4 hours but I guess 45 minutes of that was driving, the rest some serious shopping. I wasn't even Christmas shopping, just looking for whatever I thought I just had to have, LOL. The reason I'm not Christmas shopping is that we drew names this year & we ended up with my sister & BIL, so I'm going to get them Blockbuster gift certificates (they are serious video renters) & some other gift certificates, don't know exactly what yet, maybe Red Lobster, they like to eat there. I'm giving my nieces money cause they are all teenagers & I have no idea what they would want or need or already have, for that matter. My sons always get money now from us, they always need it. And my hubby, well, we don't usually buy gifts for each other anymore & things aren't too good with us right now anyway. So I just bought things for around the house & clothes for me, naturally. Like I need them! I bought 3 things that were too big & I will have to return them, I hate trying things on at the store. It used to be I would buy things too small, so that's a nice switch. I'm not really losing weight lately but my body seems to have changed some anyway. Or else they are making things bigger, LOL. But anyway, I had a real good time shopping & the rest of the day has been a big let-down. I did pack a sandwich & Pepsi One for lunch while I was out so I wouldn't be tempted to eat McD's or something, but, stupid me, I also bought 2 Reese's peanut butter trees at the check-out & ate them both (I love those). And all this afternoon I have been sooooo hungry, it's like I couldn't get enough. Maybe it was all that sugar, ya think? At least, I did get all my water in today, not as much as I usually do, but enough. Sooooo, tomorrow it's back to basics, lots of exercise & journaling my food points again. I sure don't want another gain this week, so I will have to make up for lost time the next 5 days. I CAN DO IT. Talk to you all tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 12/01/2000:
Sounds like you had a great morning shopping out by yourself ,,,and giving gift certificates makes it really easy to do your christmas,,but i love to shop for others,so i hope they never want me to do it that way...

But i know kids after a certain age can really be hard to buy for..

Well as for your candy ,,,,yes that is probley what triggered your coming home and wanting more of something,,,sugar really can do that ,,one bite and it like it sets off a signal in the body to start begging for more,,,why that is,,,don't know.

Well hope you have a good night,,and don't let that sugar urge get the best of ya,,your doing good so remember,,,"One day at a time":}}}

Soon2BThin - Thursday Nov 30, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 155.4

Hi, gang! How's everybody doing? Weigh-in day today (see results above, hehe) Could have been worse, I guess, I just gained back the 6 tenths I had lost 2 weeks ago. Oh, well, onward & downward! I just checked to see what I weighed last Christmas (165) so at least I'm down from that & haven't given up & gained it all back as in the past. Gotta look on the bright side, right? And I think I've learned quite a lot over the last year so I just know I will keep going gradually down & never, NEVER gain it all back again. That fat person was a completely different person than what I am now. Here's what I did today--No exercise, WW meeting this morning & I felt I could afford a day off, my knees are thanking me for sure. I think tomorrow I will pack a small lunch & do some serious shopping, so I don't plan on getting up to exercise then either. Then Saturday, I will get back at it with a vengeance. And I think the shopping should be enough walking. I did eat a Hershey bar with almonds & a tiny bag of Fritos today, but the rest of the day was real good. BTW, if any of you live where they now have the WOW Fritos, please send me some, LOL. I'm a Frito freak. I've heard they have them some places but not here yet. Well, I have something to look forward to then, hehe. Oh, I tried to get on here earlier but it was really slow & I didn't have time to wait. And yesterday I just didn't find the time, sorry. I know you all just LIVE to hear what I have to say, LOL. There was a lady at the meeting this morning who said she lost 6 pounds in the last 2 weeks, EEEKK, over Thanksgiving yet, what a woman!! I try not to let these things get me down, I could never lose that much even if I starved for 2 weeks, sheesh! Take care all, have a super night. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 11/30/2000:
Soon, I DO get anxious to read your entries... I love hearing what you're up to! You should be so proud of your weight lose.. funny.. I'm about the same way.. I had lost weight and then gained back 17 pounds last winter. Now I'm a total of 6-8 pounds less than last year this time...but it's a great feeling 6-8 pounds! This year there will be NO gain and there WILL be a loss!!!!

Keep up the good work girlfriend.. hope shopping was fun!

Big B Gone on 12/01/2000:
Yeh they have those Frito wow things here. My husband used to work for Frito, but he doesn't anymore. But we still have a very close friend that does. I'm a big chocolate nut. So I can understand your hersey thing too. But I really get nutsy coo coo when it gets around that PMS (stands for pretty mean sister). Well have a nice night.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Nov 28, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.8

My puter is running smoothly & quickly once again, thank goodness. Son just took off a program he was running & all is back to normal. Here's what I did today. Bowling this morning, of course. And I did bowl a lot better today than I had been, all the practice paid off. We all went to lunch at TGI Friday's, they all had the lunch special, fried chicken fingers with fries, I had the cobb salad (no avocado or bleu cheese) but only ate half of it & had the rest later. I also had 2 bread sticks, darn it, I just can't pass up the bread sometimes. Oh, well, I think I made up for it the rest of the day. I had no idea how many points a cobb salad is & it isn't listed on the Friday's menu at dottisweightlosszone.com, so I don't know how many points I had today but I think I did okay. I kept very busy all day, I had so much energy for some reason, & also rode my bike this afternoon while watching Oprah, 40 minutes this time, so I think I did well on the exercise also. If I could only have everyone who doesn't exercise feel how good it feels when you get done exercising, it would be great. I think it gives you so much energy & you sleep well at night too, besides just the feeling of accomplishment you get. And the weight-loss too. If you're not exercising, get out there & do it, it's great! Okay, off my soapbox now, hehe. Well, gotta go, almost time for Millionaire & there's probably more dishes to load (like everytime I turn around). Hope you're all doing great! Thanks for listening.

muggg on 11/28/2000:
You're sure right about the exercise making you feel great! (did you hear that Pasta????) It helps me get my morning started!

Big b gone on 11/28/2000:
It's a great day. I just wanted to say keep up the good work. I was suppose to get on my treadmill oh!!, 10 hours ago. I still have to get on it and you ended my reading on a encouraging note. Thank you. Happy Sweating!!!hehehe. I like that!!!

Big B Gone

KT on 11/29/2000:
Congrats on the bowling. It sounds like you were going to do whatever it took to make sure you bowled better. Guess this time practice did make perfect!

I agree with you about the exercising making you feel better. The weird thing about it is for some reason I dread doing it but once I start I'm just fine and enjoy it after a bit. I usually just dread going to the gym and doing the treadmill or the stationary bike. If it's any kind of sport I don't have a problem with wanting to do it. I think it's just that for me it's more fun to exercise while playing. I hope you have a good day!

Soon2BThin - Monday Nov 27, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.8

Just a short one today. My puter is running so slow right now. My son installed something new, I don't know what, & that's why it's running so slow, I guess. He needs to fix it. So here's what I did today. I slept til after 8 this morning, then walked 2 miles on the treadmill. Showered & ate breakfast, then went to bowl 3 more games. I haven't been doing well lately so I'm trying something new & I needed to get some more practice at it before tomorrow, when it really counts. So that was some more exercise. I bowled the 3 games by myself in 35 minutes. We'll see if I do any better tomorrow, my partner is ready to trade me in, LOL. You could say I'm not "carrying my weight" hehe! Then I went grocery shopping :( for about an hour. Also did a little much needed house cleaning this afternoon. The diet's going well again today, 20 points so far without my evening snack of pretzels, which I will have soon. Watched another movie--Final Destination--not real good, but I've seen worse. Well, gotta go check in to see how you are all doing today. It will take a lot of time with this slow puter so I may not get to you all before "King of Queens" comes on at 8. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 11/27/2000:
Sounds like you are doing well. I'm not much of a bowler.. so I doubt any partner would want me on their team LOL. Isn't a slow puter frustrating???? Hang in there!

krndrln on 11/27/2000:
I enjoy bowling but have never bowled on a league and would need some major practice before I attempted something like that, but I think I might ask my husband if we could go do that sometime soon...my knees are feeling pretty good and I think I could get the bowling ball around my hips without too much trouble now!!! LOL

Keep up the good work. :)


Soon2BThin - Sunday Nov 26, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.8

Well, the big weekend is all over. Now just a few more weeks until the next big holiday & then we have 2 in a row to get through. We can do it, right? So, here's how my day has gone. I got up early to go bowling with my middle son. I've been bowling so badly lately that I needed him to give me some help, he's a very good bowler. Anyway, we ended up bowling 4 games in about 1 1/2 hours. And I didn't get much better so we'll see what happens Tuesday morning when I bowl. I bowl with a 16 pound ball so I think that counts for some exercise. Who knows how many times I sat down & stood up again while there, LOL. That's exercise too, right? I watched 2 of the movies I rented the other day--The Patriot and Return to Me--both were excellent movies, I thought. I haven't watched the other 2 I rented yet, been too busy. Then I had some time before dinner so I walked 2.5 miles on my treadmill. I tried a new music tape that starts out slow, about 3 mph, then gradually gets faster until you are going 4 mph, which I had never done before. Whew! Thank goodness that only lasted about 5 minutes, I was really huffing & puffing. How do people walk that fast?! Anyway, I felt really good about that accomplishment. Oh, and then it gradually starts going slower & slower, all this with good disco music. It took 45 minutes to do the whole tape. I think I will try to do this one every other day, we'll see. I've done really well with my points today, 20 so far. I did have a big lunch though, 12 points for that, I was really hungry after all that bowling, but I did count the points & fit them in my day & I feel really good. I think I will sleep really good tonight after all that exercise. In case anyone wondered, I decided to take a break from the gym & just exercise at home since I have the equipment. This way I can sleep later & I don't have to brave the elements. It's been so cold. I can't do much upper body anyway because my left shoulder has been hurting off & on since I injured it over a year ago. And I do crunches on the floor for my abs, so I think I have things pretty much covered. I think the bowling is enough wear & tear on my shoulder, you should try picking up a 16 pound bowling ball a zillion times in an hour! Thank goodness I throw the ball with the arm that isn't in as bad a shape, although that shoulder hurts sometimes too. I'll tell ya, it's hell getting old! Sometimes I feel like my whole body is falling apart. Well, almost time for "Who Wants to be a Millionaire" (gotta watch that, I might learn something, LOL) Talk to you all tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 11/26/2000:
Sounds like you had a great day out,,,and the bowling sounds like alot of fun and exersise:} Seems no matter what i do lately it makes my whole body hurt,,,that is a good sign this lady is out of shape,,,,:}}

Well get some much needed rest from you busy day and keep it up,your doing super,,,,and doing good with your points to:}} nite ,,,

KT on 11/27/2000:
I haven't went bowling in so long. I'm just happy to break 100 pts. when I go. I don't think that is really good but I just like to have fun. I'm not competitive at all when it comes to bowling. I can't believe you use a 16lb ball! I try to find the lightest ball possible. I think 14lb would be the heaviest I would go. Sounds like your arm got some good exercise with that ball.

It sounds like you are doing super on your treadmill. That tape sounds like a killer but I'm sure if you do it after while it would become easier. I have to have music while I exercise. It keeps my mind on something else than trying to talk me into quitting because I'm tired. You're doing so well!! Just keep doing what you have been, it's working!! Hope you have a good day!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Nov 25, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.8

Hey, everyone, hope you're having a good weekend. I'm doing great again today. Too bad I did so bad for a few days or I wouldn't be so far from goal now. I know, One day at a time, Pasta. That's how I'm doing it. Got up & walked on the treadmill this morning. I was only going to do 2 miles cause I was kinda worn out from yesterday, but I did 3 miles. I really need to push myself harder to make up for those 3 days that I goofed up. So, anyway, at least I'm doing better. The diet has gone well today, 19 points so far again. And 12 glasses of water. The water is the easiest part for me. I still didn't get on the scale, I think I will give it until Thursday morning at the WW meeting. You all sound so great, getting all your Christmas decorating done. All I do is put a wreath on the door & a Santa flag out front, since we spend the holidays at my Mom's. I kinda miss it, all the decorating. I used to be putting the lights up out front with my fingers so numb from the cold. What memories! It's been about 4 years now since I've done that, I think. Well, the pumpkin pie & cranberry-cherry pie that I made for turkey day are all gone, thank goodness. Boy, that cranberry-cherry pie kept calling to me but I resisted, although I did have a small piece on that day. When I look back on it, I guess I didn't do so bad, just not as good as I would have liked. Oh, well, all water under the bridge, right? Talk to you all tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 11/25/2000:
aww sounds like your doing great,,,,glad you had a nice turkey day,and you did good;}} <pat on da back>:}}

And yes,,thanksgivings and christmas only comes around once a yr,so enjoy it ,,but just in moderation,,,it is possible to enjoy and have what we want without over doing to much,,and if you do,,just start over,,:}and yes,my motto is,,,,"ONe day at a time" focus only on today,,and you will get to your goal,,,,

i know what you mean about them pies,,i got mine out of my house and sent them to the kids houses,,which i am sure by now there all gone,,,,:}} well have a great day tomorrow :}}

KT on 11/26/2000:
It sounds like if you did do bad in your eyes for the past several days that you are certainly making up for it. You are drinking lots of water and walking 3 miles on the treadmill. Looks like you are back on track and doing well to me!!

I know what you mean about pies calling. I had a couple slices of pie that my husband brought home in my fridge and I swear they were begging to be eaten everytime I opened the door. They are all gone now so happy days are here again.

I hope you have a very good day!!

Soon2BThin - Friday Nov 24, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.8

Okay, okay, I didn't do as well as all of you did yesterday. In fact, for the last 3 days, I haven't done so well. I didn't exactly stuff myself, but it doesn't take much for me to gain weight, & I'm sure I did, even though I'm too chicken to get on the scale. I got on it yesterday & that was bad enough. But I'm back on my way now. Just 3 more weeks until I leave for my Mom's house in Arizona for the holidays. That's a REAL test & I already know I probably won't do too well there but I will try & just do the best I can. So, today I got up & walked 3.6 miles on my treadmill & I've only had 19 points, with just a snack of pretzels soon for another 1 point & that's all for today. A great improvement over the last 3 days. I rented 4 movies today for the weekend so I will be busy. Maybe I will ride my bike while I watch them (well, maybe not for all 4 movies). I'll let you know if any of them are any good. I also got the last Oprah book club book from the library--Drowning Ruth--so I have some reading to do too. Of course, first thing in the mornings, I will get my walking in. I plan on working real hard for the next weeks to lose as much as I can--NO MORE cheating. Well, ya'll take care & thanks for listening.

pastagal on 11/24/2000:
Hey,,try to remember that the past three days are behind you now and just move forward and start right now,,this moment and you will do fine:},,

Just don't give up ok,,,,and sounds like today has already started off to be a better day for you,,so see,you can do it:}}

jaimy_sella on 11/25/2000:
i rented movies, too. it helped do somehting besides eating on thanksgiving! have a great day!

Soon2BThin - Monday Nov 20, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.8

Happy Monday, everyone! Things are looking better today, I guess some of what I gained was water weight. I was down 3 pounds this morning. Yippee! Usually I don't get on the scale every day but I will this week because I need to watch it closer. And, Pasta, you are right, I didn't drink water for those 3 days (and was I ever thirsty by night time) so I probably just retained because of that. I'm on my second day of cutting way back on food & drinking lots of water. I didn't exercise this morning because I had an early appointment for my mammogram & then I shopped at Target & Wal-Mart, also the grocery store for Turkey Day items. Have I said before how much I LOVE shopping? LOL Not in the grocery store but the other stores. I didn't buy much, just walked around, looking. So that's some exercise & then, this afternoon, I walked 3 miles on my treadmill. I was going to ride my bike while watching Oprah, but they had that "important court battle" on instead. At least they didn't have it on instead of my soap opera (All My Children), that would have really made me mad. So, I've only had 17 points so far, still room for a little snack later. I've been filling up on chicken broth, which is 0 points, & so nice during this COLD weather. Maybe it will ward off the flu, since I haven't been able to get a flu shot yet, my doctor's office will call when they get some in, they said. I'm not going to hold my breath. Well, hope you're all having a good diet day. Thanks for your comments, PastaGal, Bug & Karen. You guys are great. Thanks for listening.

pastagal on 11/20/2000:
Sounds like your doing super,,,mmm that chicken broth sounds good,think i will start drinking some of that during the day,,thanks:} well keep doing what your doing,its working,and Congrats on the weight lose!!!!!!!!!!:}}}}

jenny on 11/20/2000:
Water weight is such a stinky thing! Man, I really suffer with it. I swear I can feel it sloshing around on me, and drinking more water doesn't seem to help! Glad you didn't miss your soap.

muggg on 11/22/2000:
Thank you ever so much for your kind comments. It really does help. I can't say anything at work as I don't want to get rumours started. It's so nice to be able to come here. You know.. he may just be 'ticked' at me for refusing to do so much. He may get over it.

Today is his birthday and I am taking him to dinner regardless. He said he wouldn't hold me to my offer, but I figure if we stay together, he will always feel bitter about missing out on a birthday. I stopped by the camera store tonight and picked up my things as I won't be going back no matter what. He is on his own there. He was in a pleasant mood. Maybe he thinks he is teaching me a lesson by letting me think it is over and then again...maybe he is really serious. I have no way of knowing. Either way, I will have to make the best of things.

I sympathize with you on the "nice guy". My first husband was a police officer and everybody's best friend. He treated me much differently than other people. I stayed with him for 20 years.

My current husband can be a sweetheart... things aren't bad all of the time. Usually when things go awry.. we really do talk and they improve in the long run. Perhaps it will happen this time too. Anyway... I hope things improve for you and thanks for sharing your thoughts with me.

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