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Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 07, 2000

Weight: 0.0

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 05, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Just a quickie today. Didn't get the walk this morning. I have a rash on my arms & back so I wanted to stay home & call the doctor's office first thing so I could get in today. He thinks it's an allergic reaction to something & gave me medication. So I think I will take tomorrow off too til I see if this gets better. I'm a wuss. I guess I will drag myself to WW meeting this week with another gain. But that's what they are there for, right? I NEED HELP! I didn't do too bad on eating today, but not too good either. Talk to you later. Thanks for listening.

krndrln on 09/06/2000:

You can do this, you just have to determine you are going to do it. Like you said in the reply to me, I have a good mindset, but I didn't have that for many years and actually waited until I knew I was ready to lose this time.

I love the FM, but I think that the point system on WW is about the same as the windows for FM. It really is the attitude thing the determines our success. There are many good eating programs out there, but unless we have the right attitude they aren't going to do us any good.

I hope you find that mindset and can lose the rest of your weight. :)

jenny on 09/06/2000:
You know, sometimes it's just so darn hard! At times like this, I like to switch to my "maintenance mode." (Of course, I've been on "maintenance" far too long, but that's another story.) Anyway, if you can just hold steady, try not to gain, then you can resume your losing efforts when the inspiration hits you, and you wont be any worse off. Hang in there!

muggg on 09/06/2000:
I feel for you... I had been losing so..oo..o slowly! Sometimes switching to another plan helps, or upping the exercise, or drinking more water, ... just one thing can shake your body up and get it moving. But don't give up!

Thanks for your comments... if it weren't for my diet buddies, I'd have had a much harder time dealing with my husbands creepy friend!!!

The Bug on 09/06/2000:
Sorry about your rash, I hope it clears up fast. Your right, about the WW Meeting, thats what they are there for, and also us. Go to your meeting and weight in. Come home with some inspiration to continue you healty eating!

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 04, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Hey, everyone. A much better day today. I braved the gym this morning, & what do you know, no one laughed at my hair, hehe. (At least, I didn't hear anyone) I thought, what the heck, I'm not going to let this stop me, & I REALLY needed it. Got 3 days to make up for the last 4 :( I'm going to try to only eat when I'm really hungry today. And fill up on water. So far it has been good. And I did workout for an hour & a half this morning. Boy, I sure did soak up those endorphins & feel really good today so far. The weather is getting better & I will probably take a good walk outside tomorrow morning. Low in the low 50's tonight. I like walking outside better than the gym & since I did the weights today, I won't do them again til Wednesday. So just a nice long walk tomorrow. Well, happy Labor Day, gang. Thanks for listening.

krndrln on 09/05/2000:
I've been hungry lately too...eat those good raw FREE vegetables (cucumbers, lettuce, celery!!)

Drinking water helps me not to be hungry too. :)

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 03, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

I feel like such a failure right now. I have done very badly the last couple of days, but I felt I had to come here & confess--again! I hope I don't bring anyone down with me, you are all so up-beat & doing so well. Thank you all for your comments. It makes me feel like I do belong somewhere. Well, if you don't want to read about doom & gloom, better stop here, you are fore-warned. The doctor called me the other day & my blood tests were all good, that's a GOOD thing, but he just left me in the lurch about these headaches, so I asked him,"Should I make another appointment with the ear, nose & throat doctor?" (Maybe they are sinus headaches) & he said go ahead. Before, he didn't seem to think they were sinus. What a great help he has been! Run one test & give up, it seems. I did have 2 sinus infections this year (at least that's what the doctor said) & he just treats them with anti-biotics. The headaches get better for a couple of weeks & then come back. So, anyway, I guess I'll try him again & go from there. I'm kinda worried about feeling bad on the cruise at the end of this month. My next catastrophe was the "haircut from Hell" I got Friday. I'm very picky about my hair (I feel that's one part of my body I have some control over) I told her to cut off about 1/2 inch----I'm SCALPED, practically. My ears are sticking out & I have a poof on top of my head, I tell ya, I don't even want to go out of the house, it IS that bad! No one can even look at me, they are afraid they will hurt my feelings by laughing. I'm just avoiding the mirror & sleeping a lot, hoping it will grow by the time I wake up. Do I sound very vain? I just want to look normal, that's all. I thought of getting a wig but that would be so hot to wear right now, especially where I'm going on the cruise. When I write this it sounds so petty & vain & unimportant. Maybe I should just try to forget about it. I haven't been exercising since Friday, that's another story you don't want to hear, problems with my feet. I think they are getting better so I will plan on doing something tomorrow although I am afraid to go to the gym with this hair, I mean I really look terrible. I know I have put on a couple of pounds this weekend, that doesn't help, too many trips to McD's again. AAAhhhh, that comfort food!! I also rented some good movies so that helps keep my mind off my problems. So, I am just vegging out this weekend. Hope you all have a good one. Thanks for listening.

Quack on 09/03/2000:
You can whine to us, I do it all thetime, in fact DD is my favorite whinning gallery. First of all the things that are getting you down are extremely ligit(my spelling is atrocious) if we are already not feeling good about ourselves with not exercising(which is our first BIG mistake) then sometimes a little haircut makes us feel pretty again, so if they botched your hair it only adds to the already down mood. Also headaches are very disturbing. I was having headaches for weeks and got acupuncture after one treatment they went away. She did the pressure points on my neck because due to wrestling with my son I did hurt my neck and that is where the headaches came from. Also allergies do cause headaches. We have to know our own body, doctors can only prescibe drugs. TRy getting the sinus headache otc drugs, if that takes the headache away for 4 hrs or so then it is a sinus headache once you know that you should look into herbs for the allergy. But ALWAYS check with your doctor first, especially if you are on any RX becausethey dont always mix with herbs. While your hair is botched, dress super nice and put makeup on, your hair will grow out soon. But make yourself feel pretty, dont give into being a victim. My Mom gets so mad at me when I do that. If you say "Im fat, I am a loser or whatever then it;s like telling yourself YEP that is how it is and I probably wont change. AM I writing a book? For now go take a good walk, you will work things out and get back ontrack. But I am giving you the same advice for myself. We have to keep exercising we NEED those endorphins for our mood and emotions as well as the diet benefits. OK I am done! Have a good week!!

jenny on 09/04/2000:
Oh, oh, oh, terrible troubles...I'm so sorry! First off, I think you should go with your instinct on those headaches! I had a similar problem once, with fibroid tumors. I went in for lots and lots of tests, and my doctors wanted to do exploratory surgery to find out what was wrong. I even said, "Maybe it's fibroid tumors." OH NO, she assured me! She actually said, "I'd bet it's cancer before it could be fibroids!" So I went for a second opinion, thank God, and he said "It's a big fibroid" right off the bat, without any tests! He was right, he then took it out, and I was able to have four kids. I bet I would have ended up with a hysterectomy if I had gone through with the exploratory surgery with the other doctor. So, go for another opinion! And if you don't get any answers, find a third! It's worth it! As for your hair, BUMMER! Especially with a cruise coming up! Maybe you could find a really cute hat...you might need one for the sun anyway! And remember, nobody is looking at you nearly as much as you think they are! And finally, as for the stupid, stinkin' McDonalds, well, you know how I feel about that awful place. I've been there four times this week...WHAT IS WRONG WITH ME? When you find the answer, let me know!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 31, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Okay, the weigh-in wasn't as bad as I thought it would be. So I have a reprieve, maybe I can do better this week. Today wasn't too bad, although I didn't write anything down & probably went over points, I don't know. No exercise. I plan on going to the gym tomorrow to get started over, even though, right now I feel kinda crappy. These headaches are just doing me in. I have no energy. If I can drag myself there tomorrow, maybe it will help how I feel. I only have 4 weeks before my cruise, although I'm trying not to set a certain goal of weight-loss before then. Usually when I do that, I fail, then feel bad & end up gaining. Well, thanks to you all for sticking with me & giving me encouraging comments. Makes me feel like I'm not such a hopeless case, if you can believe I can do it. Y'all have a good night. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/31/2000:
Sorry you arent' feeling well. Headaches are just awful. A few hours wouldn't be bad... but I know they can drag on for days. Hopefully when tomorrow comes you'll be perky again.

Keep up the good effort... you'll be so glad you did!

jenny on 08/31/2000:
Well you know we all have our ups and downs...sorry you're kinda on a "down" right now, but it wont last forever! You're going to have so much fun on your cruise, I'm jealous!!! But I do hope you have a great time. Hey, you're so close to your goal, aren't you? You WILL get there, don't worry.

wanda-belle on 09/02/2000:
Hi I am on weight watchers too! Way to go..Have any great recipies to trade??I have a few really low point ones..That are yummy..I have lost from 187 to 159..WW is great.

danygirl on 09/02/2000:
I am sorry you are having headaches,what is causing them? But how fun to have a cruise to look forward to! Hope you feel better soon.

Quack on 09/02/2000:
This time will pass, look how good it was you went to the meeting, you will pep up again, we have all been feeling alittle discouraged. DO you know why you are having headaches. A cruise is going to be awesome! This week will be better. P.S. the times that I have fallen off the WW wagon is when I stopped journeling, be careful. Take care.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 30, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

Uh oh! Weigh-in tomorrow. I'm not ready. I know my weight will be up this week big time. I've been a pig again today, just eating whatever I could find around the kitchen. While I was at the hospital waiting for my husband to get his colonoscopy, I hit the snack machines. I enjoyed it though, but it was short-lived. By the way, he has to go back to get it done again because he didn't get cleaned out enough, all the laxatives he took didn't do the job right. Poor guy. The first thing he asked me when he woke up was "Did you go get something to eat?" He was worried about me because I'm diabetic. That was so sweet. (Do I ever miss a meal? LOL) Here he was, only half concious, & he was worried about me! Boy, if I ever thought he didn't care, that has been erased. Made me feel good. So, anyway, he's fine & I'm doing terrible. No exercise, too much food. But I will go to the meeting tomorrow & face the music. It always helps me. I'll let you know how it goes, but I can tell you right now, it will be bad. Haven't heard yet from my doctor about my cholesterol or all the rest, so I have that hanging over my head, but I know that is no excuse & I will try harder from now on (haven't I heard that somewhere before?) Talk to you tomorrow. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/31/2000:
Stress makes me eat too... and being away from your regular routine doesn't help. You'll do better next week! Don't be too hard on yourself!

Quack on 08/31/2000:
Your right to go to the meeting anyway, once you miss the meetings it's so hard to get back on track and we need the group encouragement. You probably have been stress munching, what your hubby's going thru is a bit of a drag. So be patient with yourself, these little piggy side trips happen to all of us. Be well.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 29, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

I wasn't even going to write today, but here I am. I guess I just can't stay away. And I guess I have to confess. I don't even need to tell you what I did this morning, AGAIN! That's all, no more. NEVER AGAIN!! RRiiight. Well, I can try, can't I? I didn't even go to the gym again this morning, headache again. It was nice to sleep in too. Just so I don't get in the habit of it. Can't go tomorrow, my hubby's colonoscopy, so I will be with him at the hospital to drive him home. Too bad I'm not having one too, he's been on a liquid diet all day today & maybe I could use that to drop what I've gained this week. Well, maybe tomorrow will be better. I'm so glad we have so many people here at DD now. I look forward everyday to hearing how everyone is doing. Ya'll keep up the good work, hear? Thanks for listening.

jenny on 08/29/2000:
Oh, you poor, sweet thing! I somehow missed your last entry, and am just catching up on both of them today. I'm so sorry you've had a rough couple of days! And about your little McD slip...I'm telling you right now, that's not your fault! That stupid place! It casts a wicked spell, and we do pretty darn good to resist it 99% of the time, right?!? Cut yourself some slack, don't beat yourself up, etc. You have just had a bad time of it and are pampering yourself a bit, so don't sweat it. And you're right, we DO want to know how you're doing, whether good or bad, so don't give up on us.

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 28, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

Soooo, not a good day all around! First I woke up with a king size headache & went directly to bed for another couple of hours. When I went to the doctor's (after waiting for over an hour GGGRRRR) I told him about my headaches & he seemed really concerned which concerned me, which I don't like. So along with the cholesterol test he's having other tests done on my blood. My blood pressure was 180/80 (he said it was his fault for making me wait so long) & I'm already on meds for that. By the time I got home after a couple of stops, I was so tired I took more ibuprofen & layed down for awhile. Oh, I forgot to mention--ahem--I got on the scale this morning--big mistake, I usually only weigh at WW--was up 2 pounds, said to hell with this & went to McD's for breakfast!!! How stupid??!! Could have something to do with the blood pressure since I had a medium Coke with the breakfast (didn't tell the doc that!) No wonder I weighed 155 on his scale. I just feel like too much stress today & everything going wrong. Just an all around BAD DAY!! I'm surprised I'm even here writing this but I feel I should be honest with all of you. After all, you are here to hear the good, so here is the bad. Thanks for letting me vent & thanks for listening.

Quack on 08/29/2000:
You know I think there is a reason for weighing once a week, I too, weighed myself after having a broken scale and I am up about 4 lbs, I was very upset. So ya know, start over the next day, I know how depressing headaches can be too. I went back to my acupuncturist and had a few treatments and they were gone within a week. But there are so so many reasons for headaches, dont be scared. Drink alot of waterand try todo better, me too.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 27, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

Okay, I think I have my groove back (or is that "back in the groove"). Absolutely, no temptations today. I got up at 7 & headed for the gym & they were actually open already when I got there at 8. Usually on the weekends, you have to wait til 10 or 15 after before they open the doors. And it wasn't crowded at all like it used to be when I went the last time on a weekend. Whoopee! I had a great workout, about an hour of cardio & some ab crunches. Not a long workout but, hey, I patted myself on the back since it WAS Sunday. Food intake has been good today too. I'm done for the day at only 23 points. AND had 6 fruits & veggies & more than enough water. I sometimes have a hard time getting in all the fruits & veggies, water is never a problem. So I plan to go to the gym again tomorrow & I'll do a little less cardio & more weights. Then I have a doctors' appointment at 11 where he will take blood to check my cholesterol again. It's been 4 months since I quit the Zocor & he thinks it will be up again, I'm hoping he's wrong & I am right. I've been eating right (mostly) & exercising & losing weight, so it would follow that it should be down still, right? Let's hope. Thanks for listening.

Quack on 08/27/2000:
Let us know how the doc visit goes, I think you are gonna be right I bet your count will be down. Good for you for getting to the gym it really makes us feel as good on the inside as the outside. Keep it up.

muggg on 08/28/2000:
Some people have high cholesterol regardless of how much or what kind of food they eat... Don't be discouraged or blame yourself if you have really been good and your cholesterol isn't behaving.

I had a friend who went on the liquid diet. The minute she reintroduced carrots and celery her cholesterol sky-rocketed!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Aug 26, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

Well, a better day today. It wasn't easy, since, when I goof up, I tend to have a hard time getting back with it. And I had a close call at dinner time, I almost went to McD's again, that Big Mac was a-callin' me. But I had a good talk to myself--it kinda went like this--you know you need to make up for yesterday already & after you eat that stuff, it's over & you're left with nothing but a bloated stomach & guilt feelings---that convinced me to not go & overeat. So I had one of those veggie burger things & some fat free baked beans with a diet caffeine-free Mountain Dew & I feel so much better knowing I was strong. My husband went to a football game & I didn't want to go & it seems that's when I'm ready to party--junk food for me is a big party--psycho! So anyway, I'm glad I didn't give in. I think this is a good sign. I did have a nice 45 minute walk this morning around the neighborhood, really fast walking too. The weather was cool & sunny. And today is laundry day so I've been busy most of the day. Hope you're all having a good weekend. Rest up, DVDMon. Thanks for listening.

jenny on 08/27/2000:
What IS it with that stinkin' McDonalds? I think it was invented by the devil just to tempt us all. It's the place we HATE to LOVE, LOL! I almost had a McD moment myself tonight, but had pizza instead. Probably not a big improvement, oh well. I think I'm going to try your pep talk on myself, because you're absolutely right...when the eatin' is over, there's nothing left but the guilt!

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