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Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 25, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

Hi, kids, how's it going? I started good today with a great workout at the gym, almost 2 hours, & then it was downhill from there. I WENT TO MC'D's for breakfast!!! Why, why, why?? The hubs was gone for the day when I got home from the gym & I just turned around & headed back out the door. Psycho?? It was the first time in weeks (I can try to comfort myself with that, can't I?) And it was SOOOOO good! Bacon, cheese & egg biscuit, hash browns, cinnamon roll & small coke. 27 points!!! My limit for the day. Needless to say, it didn't stop there. I had that "Oh, well, I've already screwed up, so I may as well eat what I want for the rest of the day" mentality. At least, I didn't go out again for more fast food, I just ate more than I should have. And, of course, peanut butter (cause I just love peanut butter). Oh, well, better day tomorrow, as the saying goes, right? Gotta go now. Wish me luck. Thanks for listening.

Quack on 08/25/2000:
We have all had those kind of days..heck I have those kind of weeks. Just hop back on track tommorow and if you can sqeeze in some exercise than you probably wont even gain, so dont fret over it just start over tommorow. have a good weekend.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 24, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.0

Well, didn't lose much this week, bummer. But at least it's a loss & maybe next week will make up for it. Now I'm at an even number anyway :) Two more pounds to go to goal. I'm not worried, in fact, I feel pretty good. I actually felt skinny this morning (tho I know I'm not really) but you know those days when you feel like your clothes fit better. So, I had 10 extra banked points to use today, what shall I have for dinner? I've used 19 so far of my total 37 (with banked points) so I can have almost whatever I want, I'm debating. Do I want to go that far or do I want to stay kinda low & not use those extra points? I'm thinking it over & that's a good sign, right? I might check to see how many points is in a hamburger & fries from McD's, but then I would need the Coke too, huh? No, I think I will make a chicken breast sandwich here, I like those, and I have WOW chips again & also a WW chocolate cake. That would total 10 points, not too bad. Later, if I want, I could make some of that low fat popcorn while I watch Big Brother & Who Wants to Be a Millionaire. That's only 2 points for a whole bag & I usually only eat half. Sounds like a plan. And I'm actually looking forward to going to the gym tomorrow since I took the day off today. I made a new music tape with 3.8 mph music for 45 minutes of walking, I'll try that tomorrow, I don't think half an hour has been enough. And my shoulder feels better so I will do some arm exercises. So, have I bored you all to sleep yet? Hope you all are having a great day. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/24/2000:
Dinner sounds wonderful! And you've jumped 2 pounds on me! Be proud of that! Yes, I do know what you mean by feeling thin even at what we weigh! Congrats!

jenny on 08/24/2000:
Two little bitty pounds! I'm so jealous! Good for you.

Quack on 08/24/2000:

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 23, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.4

Didn't write yesterday, I was playing with my new toy, the TV. Wow, it's really great, I love new toys. Just hope we don't lose our eyesight with that big screen, our living room is pretty small. Already having trouble with the TV tho, so they will be out tomorrow to check it. Aaaarrrggghh! Still doing well with the food, I have points banked for tomorrow, if I want to splurge some, it depends on how the weighin turns out. I don't feel any thinner & I'll settle for a pound loss, wish it could be more tho. I've been really working out hard at the gym, I've upped my walking speed & still doing 10 minutes on that THINGY (that equals almost 3 quarters of a mile) but I didn't do any arm exercises this morning, my shoulder was hurting pretty bad yesterday so I thought I'd better give it a break again, I'll try again Friday. (Have I mentioned, I have rotater cuff tendonitis in both shoulders) Also, did I mention that I only have 5 weeks to whip this body in some kinda shape for my cruise? My Mom & I are going to the Virgin Islands for a week. Sure hope the weather changes for the better by then, LOL. Maybe I can wear that cute bathing suit I bought at the beginning of summer & haven't worn yet. I'd like to get as close to 145 as I can get by then. I figure I may put on a couple on the cruise & I'd like to stay below my goal of 150. So I have something to work toward. Time for dinner, talk to you tomorrow (after weighin :() Thanks for listening.

Quack on 08/23/2000:
Congratulations on sticking to WW and going on a cruise, you know you may even lose because they have a great gym on the boat! Keep up the good work.

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 21, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.4

Hey, everyone! Well, I killed those munchies last night, I went for another walk, this time at the park near here. It's small but they have a half mile track that goes up & down hills so it's a pretty good workout, hubby & I did 4 times around, 2 miles. Went to the gym this morning, did my half hour of walking & all the weight lifting that I usually do, then I did "10" minutes on that elliptical thingy, woohoo. Kinda gives me hope that I can keep increasing my time on it after all. I really like that one, it really uses those muscles on the front of your thighs & gives your arms a workout too. Boy, my arms really need it, you know, that underarm droop! It looks like it will never go away. I've been so good on the food points today too, only 19 so far & I've already had dinner. Question---can we really believe those nutrition information things on the food packages? I had this dinner that is mostly noodles, some chicken, a sauce & a few peas & carrots. It said it contained for one cup--150 calories, 4.5 grams of fat & 2 grams of fiber. This makes it only 3 points per cup & a cupful is quite a bit, it filled me up, along with the asparagus I had. It tastes surprisingly good & leaves me skeptical about the information. Has anyone found this besides me? Oh, well, I ate it anyway. If I gain this week, I can put the blame there, huh? Oh, on the TV front--we canceled the one from Circuit City & went with hhGregg. It seems Circuit City forgot to order the stand for it, but the TV did come in yesterday. A lot of good that will do without a stand, so my husband got aggravated with them & cancelled. The one from hhGregg should be in tomorrow, along with the stand. Go figure. You wouldn't believe what a couch potato I am, especially when the new shows start this fall, can't wait. Two more days til weighin, wish me luck. So far, so good. I was going to take another walk tonight but I really need to get to that piano. I'm determined to keep up the practice. I've found that when you don't play for months at a time, you REALLY get bad. Gotta get it tuned too. Well, I won't bore you any longer. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/21/2000:
Okay, miss couch potato.... winter time turns me into one too! I just want to curl up and eat... I gained extra 17 pounds from October to February.. just by doing that. Not this year! We really have to make a serious effort to continue our exercise through the winter so we don't gain. Right???

jenny on 08/22/2000:
Well! You've got lots of fun things going on, that's great. I bet your new TV is awesome! Now, don't get too addicted to it! As for the nutrition information, this is similar: I was at a restaurant and I ordered a diet Coke. I was mostly through it when I began to really wonder...is this diet? I mean, those extra 200 calories REALLY matter to me! I hope it WAS diet, but I guess I'll never know. Kinda like your TV dinner. Maybe we'd better just have faith, and know that in the long run, our vigilance will pay off.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 20, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.4

What's everyone doing this weekend? Doesn't seem to be many visiting here. But here I am. Same old, same old. Walked this morning again, been good on the diet so far today. I've just been feeling soooo hungry today but I am trying to keep the points low. Almost dinner time & I'm chomping at the bit (get it, CHOMPING) I just had a nice bowl of fresh strawberries & mango an hour & a half ago. Guess I'll go drink another big glass of h2o. Thanks for listening.

jenny on 08/21/2000:
So you get the stinkin' munchies, too? Some days that's all I can do or think about!! How I hate that. Here's to you for keeping the faith, you sound really strong.

The Bug on 08/21/2000:
I hate those days that you feel hungrey, all day. Those kind of days you need to get out and away from the food. Good luck!

muggg on 08/21/2000:
I agree.. on those days when you are so hungry, it seems best to get away from the temptation. I like to tell myself though that if I'm that hungry maybe I'm really burning up those calories and losing weight!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Aug 19, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.4

Oh, the weather here is beautiful! Hope you're enjoying yours, where ever you are. Hubby & I took a nice walk this morning, it was about 60. We walked 45 minutes, briskly. I've done really well on food today, all the servings of fruits & veggies & plenty of water. I still have some points I can use but will try not to so I can make up for going over a little yesterday. Hope it helps & I don't gain this week. It seems sometimes I forget why I'm doing this & it doesn't seem so important compared to the food I want to eat. I think that is the "other" me coming out, so I must fight that & be more aware. I kept real busy all day too (laundry day). Now I have to go practice my piano, I started back up with that yesterday, boy, do I stink! Maybe if I practice everyday, it will improve. I should probably start taking lessons again too, if I want to sound half way decent. I'll think about it, huh? Meanwhile, it keeps my hands busy & out of the frig, hehe. Thanks for listening.

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 18, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.4

Well, there went that "good feeling", bye, bye! I just knew it couldn't last long, darn. Oh, well, it will be back again, I just have to wait. I got up at 6 again, went to the gym, but didn't do quite as much as usual. I was just REAL tired this morning, maybe due to the lack of good sleep again because of storms in the night. And I had my weather alert radio set to get bad weather alerts & it kept going off every 5 minutes until I finally shut it off. It is so loud I have to put a pillow over it, it scares you out of your skin every time. And then it's usually for a county 2 away from us. Useless thing! I was so sleepy by then I didn't care if we all blew away!! Not really. And with the air filter going in my room, I wouldn't hear the tornado sirens if they did go off. Oh, well. Food-wise, I haven't done too good today, I'm just craving a lot of junk & there is some in the house. But the WOW chips are gone now & the coconut creme pudding I bought yesterday. OOps. I'm a little high on the points today, needless to say. AND, I had a peanut butter sandwich. I always go for the peanut butter when I want to eat things I shouldn't. I'll be lucky if I don't gain this week! Isn't it nice that kdiamond is expecting? Glad to see some good things are happening around here. And DVDMon is nearing the 150's, good for him. I love this site & all you people. We are in this together. Still didn't get the new TV, now they say Monday :( I've been really lazy today, just trying to get caught up on the ****ypoo website I've been reading. She is so funny & writes almost everyday, so I've had to read all the archives from last Oct.(?) onward, only up to April so far. You know, it's funny, but I think of things to say here all day long, & then when I'm here, I forget half of them. I guess I write enough as it is, right? Hope ya don't mind. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/19/2000:
You just keep on writing... that's what this is for ... and I love reading what you have to say.

Seems like I can say more about how I am doing inside at the diet diaries than to other people. We don't really tell deep dark secrets here... but who else would I admit that got into the oreo cookies... or whatever?

I get really long-winded too... Everyone is so nice... I appreciate that they listen and give me comments. Keep up the good work and don't get discouraged... you're doing good!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 17, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 152.4

Darn, only down a pound. I had hoped for more but by now I know these things happen. Maybe next week will be better. I think I will try not eating the WOW chips everyday & not eat so many low-points desserts. I'll just try concentrating on good ole fruits & veggies. I still haven't eaten all my points plus the 10 I had saved this week yet. Still have dinner to go yet tho. And no exercise today unless you count shopping at 2 grocery stores, otherwise, I've spent much of the day in front of the computer. And Circuit City hasn't called with my TV yet either. Better be tomorrow or else :( Weight Watchers meeting this morning was good, I always feel more inspired after them. I only have 3 more pounds to goal too. I think I can do that by the end of the month, don't you. That's the plan anyway. It rained here today quite a bit, but now the sun is shining & we should have a great weekend, 70's. Hope everything is going good for you all. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/17/2000:
Oh, yes... shopping at two grocery stores is exercise.. in my book anyway...plus packing in and putting away!

Congratulations on your pound.. it may be more next weigh in day!

jenny on 08/17/2000:
Oh MY! Three pounds, that is totally cool! You can do that lickety-split. Have a great weekend.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 16, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Well, here is how my day has gone so far----The radio came on at 6AM & I hit the snooze, naturally. I thought a few more minutes couldn't hurt, but, darn, I couldn't get back to sleep anyways. So after a little stretching & laying limp, I got up & went to the gym (after getting dressed, of course). I did 45 minutes of walking, then 45 of weight training (I've finally added some arm exercises, since my shoulders aren't bothering me too much lately & I thought maybe a little work would help strengthen them). Then I got on that elliptical thingy (what the heck is that thing called, really?) again for 8 minutes. I tell ya, I wanted to quit several times before then, but forced myself to do the full 8. The guy next to me probably thought I was gonna pass out. I could barely walk & it's hard to wipe the sweat off your face while your arms are supposed to be going back & forth on it. I guess I won't be increasing my time for awhile until it gets easier. But I figure it's something to work for & it said I burned 68 calories in that 8 minutes, hehe! And people look really cool on those things, LOL. (I don't mean temperature-wise) I had my usual oatmeal after my shower at home--I like the little packets of flavored instant-this morning was apple-cranberry cobbler--& I have green tea with that, also flavored. Then the hubby & son moved the entertainment center from my room upstairs, since the 31 inch TV won't fit in it, down to the basement, 2 flights of stairs. What a circus, they argued over every step of the way! But finally got it there in one piece. Along with my old 20 inch TV. So now I have a space cleared for the 31 inch which will be mine after the new one gets here. Whew! Then I had to sweep where the entertainment center was & did the rest of the upstairs. Along with the usual chores I have (you know what they are, ladies) I have been really busy all day. After lunch (with All My Children) I thought I'd take a nap--I was beat--but I layed there for 45 minutes & didn't sleep, so I got up. What's with that? I always can nap, any time of the day! I'm still feeling high, I guess. So many things to do, I can't waste time napping, life is too short, right? Anyway, I'm having a really good diet day again. Weigh-in is tomorrow so I'm all keyed up for that, hoping for a good loss. I feel like I have. And I've saved up more than 10 points this week so I plan on having them tomorrow, that way I can make up for it all week. On Weight Watchers, you can eat less than your maximum points for the day & save them for a special occassion or whatever, so I plan on using mine from now on on Thursdays, if I can. That way I'll have the feel of cheating but really won't be. Pretty smart, huh? Hope it works & I can still lose that way. Well, sorry I wrote a book today, I just have so much to say sometimes, none of which is important, I guess. (No, honestly, I'm not on crack) Oh, well, hang in there, everyone. WE CAN DO THIS!! Thanks for listening.

danygirl on 08/17/2000:
Thanks for welcoming me back! It's good to be back,for a while I thought I might get depressed because my vacation was so beautiful and LA seems so dull in comparison,but I am actually glad to be home and looking forward to us working hard so that we can rent a little house instead of our dumpy appartment... good for you for waking up that day and going to the gym! When I was in WW,I used to go the cuban bakery across the street after my weigh in-but that is without my saved points-as you.It is always a good idea to save points-keep up the good work!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 15, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Hey, how long can this high last?! I've been going all day again (reminds me of 25 yrs ago when my ex-doctor put me on diet pills). Whew! But it feels great. Hope it lasts forever. I know there will still be down days but I'll try not to think about that, huh? Went for a great walk with the hubs this morning, about 2 1/2 miles. The weather was good, if a little warmer than I like it for walking. But there was a nice breeze & we really enjoyed it. Then my wonderful hubby gets home & calls the city about all the yards that look like crap cause people refuse to keep them up. I mean when the weeds are taller than we are, that's pretty bad. So he does his turn for the community, hehe. He also takes a plastic bag with him so when we turn the corner into out street, he picks up any trash that may be laying around. Whatever makes him happy, I say. I still haven't done anything with my pedometer (I did finally read the instructions). I need to figure out my stride length to set it to measure mileage. One of these days..... We went & bought the TV last night but they didn't have one in stock so we have to wait until Friday, maybe tomorrow, if we're lucky. Since it's just a 43 incher, my hubs thinks he & my son can carry it in, if the store people put it in the van. It has picture-in-picture so I won't freak out all the time when my hubby flips channels when a commercial comes on "Who Wants to be a Millionaire". I'm always afraid he won't flip back in time & miss a part. Well, gotta go. I'm going to the gym tomorrow, actually looking forward to it, don't tell anyone, they wouldn't believe that! Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/15/2000:
Keep up that "feeling good" feeling! How nice that your hubby will walk with you... Have fun at the gym!

jenny on 08/15/2000:
Honey, ship a little of your high this way! I need it. Regarding your pedometer, they have directions for measuring your stride on digiwalker.com, under FAQ. It was pretty easy, just involved measuring out 10 or 20 feet, counting how many steps it took you to walk it and dividing it somehow. You are doing so well, I'm envious of your 153!!! I've just got to get down there with you...

The Bug on 08/16/2000:
The TV sounds cool. When we looking at houses, we looked at ours through an open house. The kids watched the BIG SCREEN TV, while we looked at the house. When we bought the house, our kids were upset that the TV wasn't part of the house. Too bad!

Do what ever you can, to keep up your high. I can tap into it, while I'm reading your entries.

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