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Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 14, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Wow, I did run on yesterday, didn't I? Yak, yak, yak, LOL. Sometimes this new life change gets me really high. And I still am. When the alarm went off at 6 this morning, I shut it off & rolled over, AGAIN. But 2 minutes later, I had talked myself into getting up. That good little voice just wouldn't leave me alone & now I'm glad. I had a good workout at the gym, lots of fast walking & doing the weights. Then I got on that elliptical thingy (does anyone know what it is called?) & did 8 minutes at only about 45 rpm's. Boy, does that thing make my legs shakey, I could hardly walk for awhile. But I had one good thing happen, a man was passing me on the track (I was walking slow, cooling down) & he said it looked like all the exercise was paying off for me & asked how much I had lost. That made my day. I went out to the mall to get a new battery for my watch & a couple of links taken out of the band. I couldn't resist the sales & I absolutely don't need a thing, I have been buying so many clothes lately. Somebody stop me! It is such fun to buy the smaller sizes now but I think I have enough summer clothes to dress a small country! I vow not to go shopping for the rest of the summer, you are my witnesses. And I did get a few things I will have to take back since I never try anything on. Why do they make the legs in shorts so BAGGY? The waist fit great. I can't stand baggy legs, a little leeway is okay, but these were gross. I also bought some of that glucosamine condroitan (sp?) that is supposed to be good for arthritus. I'll let you know in a few weeks if it works. Boy, that GNC is expensive. I think I could have gotten it at Drug Emporium for half that much. Big dummy! I've done good on the food today, so I feel great. And I talked him into getting that TV, so will be leaving soon to go get it, yippee! I am so spoiled! Hope you all feel as good as I do. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/15/2000:
You sound like you are having so much fun! I am really happy for you, the new lifestyle makes me feel good too!

Looks like you and I are about the same weight and age, so we have something in common. We are only about 9 hours away from each other. If we ever go to Washington, D.C., (my husband and son both want to go there, me too) we would cut a straight path right through Columbus, OH. If we ever do, and it might be a couple of years, we should try to meet for dinner. That would be so cool!

Keep up the good work!

Congrats on the TV!

The Bug on 08/15/2000:
Wow, talk about a high! Great compliment and congrats on the TV!

The Bug on 08/15/2000:
Wow, talk about a high! Congrats on the TV and the compliment!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 13, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Hey, everybody! What a great weekend I'm having, hope you are too. I tried to update the other day, but found you need to use your password now & I couldn't remember mine & never received an e-mail from them with it. So I found where I had written it down (I forgot I had written it down) & here I am. Don't worry, I'm never giving up this chance to talk here, I love this. Don't you hate it when you check back with people on the net & they have given up? I have a lot of them on my "favorites" list that I need to delete. I just love this site & all you people. Well, I am bragging here, but I haven't cheated all week, so far, since Thursday's meeting. Before the meeting, I had it all planned to splurge a little that afternoon, since I had been so good, but the meeting changed my mind. So many people are doing so well there, I guess they inspired me to join them. So I've been really good since I want to lose at least 2 pounds this week & that is usually so hard for me. I went to the gym for the usual workout Friday. Boy, those early mornings are still hard to take. I usually have to take a little lay down about 10:00, after I've showered & eaten breakfast, but usually just for an hour. This weekend is going well also. Hubs & I walked about 3 miles yesterday & at least 4 miles today. I know it was at least 4 today because it took 1 hour & 20 minutes & I KNOW we walk faster than a 20 minute mile. Food has been really good too (I mean diet-wise, hehe), staying low to middle of my point range. And no nap today. I took the hubs out to Circuit City to look at TV's (we spend more than half our lives in front of one, I'd say). I really want a 43 incher (ours now is 31) then I could move the old one to my room. And picture-in-picture would really be great. I have the one we should get all picked out, but he is slow to come around. I had a hard time convincing him to get the 31 inch years ago. Anyways, I guess he is still thinking about it. Then when we got home, after a stop at the grocery, we grilled a big bunch of zucchini, bell peppers, mushrooms & onions in one of those foil bags. Boy, is that good! And I'm not much of a veggie eater but I sure love those. We just discovered grilling veggies recently so we're excited about it, hehe. And zero points! Oh, I got my pedometer in the mail the other day, but I haven't even read the directions yet. Got to get with that. I love new gadgets. Well, I already have my stuff ready to go to the gym tomorrow morning, now I just have to make myself get up & go. Oh, by the way, the weather here was great this weekend, that's why I did my walking outside, around the neighborhood. And we have lots of nice hills, too. Going up those hills, I just think of how nice my rear end is going to look,LOL. It helps. Can't wait to hear how you all are doing. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/13/2000:
It is so great to hear how excited you are this weekend! Sounds like you are doing very well and I am proud of you.

Like you, I wouldn't do nearly so well without this site! Keep up the good work!

Quack on 08/13/2000:
Boy you sound like you are doing very good and another compliment towards good ol WW, it really lends the support. It is wonder ful to be able to post, the people here are always great, I do miss very much certain ones that have dropped out like Chubbie2, hotgirl, thinjen, Christine, and even Adam I miss his daily posts, it does not mean they are not losing weight and still with it but for some reason or another things change and they cant be on the computer or something, I went for a long time just checking in and doing some commenting while we were selling house, buying another, moving etc. IT's just sort of how it is but I just enjoy whatever present group is here. But like you I wished alot of them would stay with us. Well keep up your awesome work.

The Bug on 08/14/2000:
Congrats on the good week. It will pay off at your meeting. And the walking......WOW.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 10, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 153.4

Haven't been able to post for a couple of days. Everything is going well, we did have a lot of storms again last night, so no puter. I didn't get to the gym Tues. but did walk on the treadmill for 45 minutes again. Got to the gym Weds. morning, 45 mins walking, about 40 mins weight training. Boy, I really didn't want to go (I felt kind of sickish) but I made it through. Not as much as I used to do, but I think I will keep it at this to see how it works. I went to Weight Watchers this morning (it's been almost 2 weeks since the last time) & I did drop more of that nasty weight I gained a few weeks ago. Just 2.2 pounds to go to get back to where I was over a month ago, ughh! Someone also said at the meeting that they lose better when they eat at the upper end of their points' allowance, which I have also found after much starving without not much results. So that is good news, I can eat a little more. I hope to lose that 2.2 this week so I must keep up the exercise, that really works. So on to the gym tomorrow. I've done pretty good so far today, I did allow a regular Coke for a treat & bought some Snackwell's coconut cookies but only ate 2, they are so good. My hubs will probably finish them off, he can't resist as well as I can. So at least I should be able to stay within points today even though I indulged a little. I think next time I will buy a can of Coke instead of the 20 oz. bottle, that will save 2 points. I planned on only having half today, but finished it off with 1 oz of Wow chips while I was surfing the web this afternoon (is that how you put it, I am so puter illiterate). I have found a great site--onefatman.com, check it out. No exercise today but I did do some shopping. Hey, I actually bought a dress from Victoria's Secret! Do you think that is foolish for a 51 year old woman? I like to dress young but I hope I don't look stupid, but maybe I shouldn't care what someone else might think, right? Well, talk to you all tomorrow. Hope you all have a great day. Thanks for listening.

muggg on 08/10/2000:
Hey, some of us older gals happen to look young... who says you have to look matronly? Just think how good we'll look when we make goal!!

Keep up the exercise... you're doing great!

Quack on 08/12/2000:
Good for you for going to WW meeting, I have found the more meetings I miss the harder it is. THe group really is encouraging. I looked up the onefatman. it was really interesting and I was very impressed with him, thanks for sharing that. Take care.

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 07, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

A better day today! I didn't get to the gym, it was storming at 6 when I woke up this morning & I hadn't slept well because of all the thunder all night long, so I turned off the alarm & went back to sleep. But all was not lost, I did walk for 45 minutes on my treadmill & I have been very good on the food today. It looks like more storms tonight but I plan on going to the gym tomorrow. I like walking on their track more than my treadmill in the basement. Hope everyone's had a good day. Thanks for listening.

Quack on 08/07/2000:
Hey good for you that you exercised anyway, you had a good excuse not to. I do like going to the gym, not so much at first but once I am there I know I am doing good and the aftereffects really make us feel good. I have not gone to a WW in a month and a half, it is too hard with the kids home and summer but I recently went back on program and I am going to go to a meeting probably next week. WW is really the best, I have tried a bunch of diets, you probably have to. Hope those thunder storms ease up alittle.

jenny on 08/07/2000:
Whew! Very stormy here, too! In fact, as stormy as I've seen it for quite a while. Not good for walking, huh! Don't worry, we'll both get back to it soon.

The Bug on 08/08/2000:
You slept in, but you still worked out. That's great. Keep it going!!

muggg on 08/10/2000:
I DO love sleeping in on rainy days. It is so hard to crawl out especially if there is a warm body still under the sheets! Good for you on exercising anyway!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 06, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Still hanging in there. Didn't get to a Weight Watchers meeting this week. At least I have lost some of the weight I gained back, according to my scale. I actually picked it up yesterday to see if there was some way to adjust it to make you weigh less (it's digital) in case someone had fooled with it, but there was nothing to adjust it, so I guess it is weighing right. I was just surprised to see that I had lost that much since I am not doing really good diet-wise & no exercise. So I will finally get back to the gym tomorrow & get started again. I had a sinus infection last week but am now on anti-biotics so I do feel somewhat better. We also went to WalMart today & bought a hepa filter thinking this might help me with the sinuses. It would be a miracle, I think. I can't take over-the-counter meds since I have trouble with high blood pressure but the doctor has me on Flonase, which doesn't help much. Hope you are all doing well, there has been no journaling from any of you all weekend, except DVDMon. Guess you are all enjoying yourselves. Thanks for listening.

The Bug on 08/07/2000:
Hey, the weight loss looks great. Whatever you did in the last week or so, seems to agree with your body!

muggg on 08/07/2000:
Sorry to hear you're under the weather.. somehow colds and sinus seems worse in the summer time!

Soon2BThin - Monday Jul 31, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 158.2

What is happening to me? HELP!! I feel like I'm out of control. I meant to get up at 6 this morning to go to the gym but I hit the snooze, then just turned it off completely & went back to sleep. So no exercise this morning. It is so hard to get back to it after so much time off. I'm wondering if I can really do this now. And I haven't felt well all day, sinus headache that makes me nauseaus. I slept for 3 1/2 hours this afternoon. Now I feel better & have eaten enough to make up for what I didn't eat the rest of the day--all bad. I feel like I could eat everything in the house. It's been rainy & gloomy all day too, so that doesn't help the mood. Well, enough complaining from me, hope everyone is doing better than this. Sometimes it helps me to come here & complain, sorry about that. I know this is just a phase & things will get better, but it is still scary. I just hate the set-back on my weight-loss. Take care, you-all, & thanks for listening.

jenny on 08/01/2000:
I'm so sorry you're struggling! Girl, I've been there so many times! Sometimes you just have to accept that there will be "bad" days. There just will. Then you have to pick yourself up and start back. Try checking out a motivational weight-loss book. It helps to read success stories, don't you think? I just read Richard Simmons "Never Give Up" and also another book called "Win the Fat War". Both very interesting. C'mon, you CAN do this, you HAVE been doing this. Don't allow yourself to give up. Look back at your earliest entries, and review your reasons for wanting to lose weight. You are worth it!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jul 29, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 158.2

Baaad day here! Not just the weather, which is not good, rain, but I did go to the Weight Watcher's meeting this morning just to weigh-in &, well, you can see the results. I didn't even stay for the meeting & headed to McD's for breakfast. What's wrong with me?? I guess I figured just one more bad day, & then I would start over. I also had Wendy's for dinner, with Hostess snow balls & a candy bar for dessert. I know, I know, I can just hear you all now. But I think it's over & I can move on tomorrow. I had planned on staying as much on program while my relatives were visiting here as I possibly could, usually I do well when other people are around me, but I just lost all control, I guess. And they were all eating whatever they wanted too, I know that's no excuse. Okay, it's over now & I can move on, I feel it. Wow, I've gained 7 pounds in 3 weeks, yeeeck! If I could only take it off that fast, hehehe. Anyway, I'm so glad I can come here & confess to my friends, I know you all understand. So, I'm gonna go now & catch up on all your journals. Thanks for listening.

jenny on 07/30/2000:
OK, OK, take a deep breath, calm youself! It's over, you can get right back on track now. I think you really just might take off those pounds pretty quick. For me (at least), it doesn't really stick and "gel" for a while, so you have a little bit of "grace" period to get those pounds right back off while they still consist of water...see the logic????

Soon2BThin - Friday Jul 28, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Wow, do I have a lot of catching-up to do. I don't know how I'm doing weight-wise, it can't be too good. So, tomorrow, I will go to my Weight Watcher's meeting & face the music. I've never gone to one on a Saturday but I couldn't go to my regular one on Thursday because of my company here. We just took them to the airport & they are on their way back home as we speak. We had such a good time while they were here & went to so many places everyday. I think we need a week to rest now. But they had a good time & I'm glad. Now, back to the diet. Let you know how I do on the weigh-in tomorrow. Hope you are all doing well. Thanks for listening.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jul 23, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Just wanted to check in & say I'm still here. We are keeping very busy with my sis & BIL here, doing things everyday. I know that weight listed has really gone up, don't want to even check it. Oh, well. Hope everyone is doing good, I haven't had time to catch up on the entries. Guess I'll be able to do that this weekend. Take care, everybody. Thanks for listening.

jenny on 07/23/2000:
Don't worry, things will calm down soon. Maybe when you check the scale, it wont be as bad as you fear. I hope so!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jul 16, 2000
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 154.5

Where do I begin? First the site is down, then my son moved the puter to the basement & didn't come home for 4 days & it wasn't hooked up yet & I don't know how to do it!!! So I was lost, no DD, no e-mail, wow, I was lost! (We had to move the puter to the basement so my son could get on it after work, he works 3-11PM & my niece is going to be sleeping in the puter room after she gets here tonight) My sister & BIL are sleeping in my son's room also since that is the only room available. They will be here for 12 days. Anyway, does that all make sense? It sounds right in my head but I don't know if it does to you all. So as you can see, I haven't been doing well, diet-wise. I also hurt my foot over a week ago & thought I'd better take some time off from exercising so it will be better for when we go to Niagara Falls this week. So with everything being all messed up from regular routine, I have just been eating too much of all the wrong things (McD's) So I have gained over 3 pounds in one week!! It sure would be nice to take it off that fast heheh. And I had no one to talk to on DD with no puter available.

I just finished catching up on all the entries I missed from you all. That sure does cheer me up! Especially, Jenny, you are so funny. I just love reading yours, you are always up to something. It's so nice to see I am not the only one struggling here.

Well, I gotta go do some more last minute cleaning, my sis & family will be here tonight from Arizona. And I may not get to write much this week since we will be gone to Niagara Falls for 3 days. I'm really looking forward to this since my sister & I don't really get to spend much time together so this will be a good time to get to know each other more. I'm so grateful this site is back up, we all need a good place to vent & read about other people's same struggles. Take care, everyone, and thanks for listening.

danygirl on 07/17/2000:
Well,have a great time with your sister in Niagara falls,and don't worry about your weight till you get back from vacation!

jenny on 07/17/2000:
Wow, what a houseful! And no computer...how DID you survive? I'm glad you're back now. How I hate it when the site is down, too. I need this forum -- no one else really understands like we do!

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