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Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 17, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 160.4

Weigh Day! Not as much loss as I would have liked but then, the week was full of stress and the eating and exercise was not up to par. So I'll take it. Now I'd like to have a really great week. I'm pressed for time right now, got to take Mom in for some kind of scan of her belly. I did get here to read finally yesterday and left a few comments. I really miss it when I don't have the time to get on here to read entries. I guess after 7 years it becomes quite a habit. Hang in there and have a great Monday. See ya tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 10.6 lbs lost so far, only 20.4 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 09/17/2007:
Over a pound - good deal! Hope all is well with your Mom's test!

harleygirl79 on 09/17/2007:
hope your mom's test comes out okay. Have a great day and thanks for the comment!

greengirl on 09/18/2007:
Hope the news is good for your mom. Well done on the weightloss. You are doing great. You will be in the 150s before you know it. Keep up the good work Soonie :0)

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 16, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Helleewwwww! Okay, I made it through the week! And the scale said I was down a tad this morning, yippee! Now I must continue through today so I will have a loss tomorrow and there are goodies in the kitchen, aaaaahh! But I will ignore them, right?! Yep! Only good things today. Because really, I think I caught a break after yesterday's eating, it was not good, although I did only eat a little. I had my Bunco group over, 11 ladies that I had to feed! I had all kinds of snacks (and a nice veggie tray) and desserts. So now I have the dreaded leftovers and I can't bare to throw them out. Okay, really there's not that much and one dessert is sugar-free and I can't tolerate that sugar alcohol so I don't need to worry about that one. I have lots of little carrots, celery, and grape tomatoes to snack on so that's good, love those. But there are Nacho Doritos, Cheez-its and Baked Ruffles left too. I can eat some of the Baked Ruffles but not the rest. I'll try to just save those for the next time we have people over to play cards, which shouldn't be too long from now. So that's my plan. I'm looking forward to the 150's again tomorrow, heh! Today I'm just going to veg out, I'm so tired. I slept until 8:30 this morning, not like me the past week. It felt good. I may do some exercise later, I don't know. DH cleaned the pool so maybe I'll do that. My shoulder hurts a lot from the accupuncture treatment on Friday and my back aches so we didn't go bowling this morning. Sis didn't want to anyway and brother is up in Laughlin, gambling. So DH and I just took the day off. Like I said, I'm going to just veg out today. Then starts another week. I hope y'all have a good one. I'll be back later to read entries, I promise. #2 son is on the phone so I must go talk to him. He bowled a 299 game on Thursday night and I haven't talked to him since. He lives in Ohio, BTW. Okay, see ya later!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/16/2007:
ehhh, it's ok to throw the food away - especially bc its just really processed junk! LOL. Someone should have told me this as i bit into pizza hut pan pizza this morning at 11am !

cutiee23 on 09/16/2007:
i agree with horn_of_plenty. throwing away unhealthy food isn't bad, but i can relate to not wanting to waste food. what i have tried to do is "hide" the junk food in the house, esp. since i live with other people. my thinking is if its not in my immediate line of sight i'm less likely to eat it.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 13, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Hey, what's happenin'?! Things are going well here with me. Not eating perfectly and no real exercise lately except the bowling this morning. Yep, I tried it and my back didn't really hurt so I did the usual 3 games with the gang. And ended with a 222 the last game! Highest game of the whole group, hehe! Made me feel good. Took a nap this afternoon though, I haven't had my usual 8 hours the last couple of nights so I was whipped.

Last night, or rather, yesterday afternoon, we had another couple over that we play cards with and I made dinner, heh. Spaghetti and meatballs with garlic bread sticks. I am not a good cook and my sauce and meatballs come from packages and jars and the breadsticks are frozen but it wasn't too bad. I thought it wasn't hot enough though but they all said it was good, even the DH. I forgot to put out the parmesan cheese though and usually the DH always has to have it and even he forgot! For dessert we had Sara Lee strawberry cream pie, yum! I just ate a slim piece and we gave the rest to our neighbor this morning, heh. He doesn't mind our leftovers. So that evil is out of the house. We had a great fun time playing cards though. We are making this a regular weekly thing now and I'm happy about that. This couple is a bit older than us but such fun and they also bowl with our group on Thursdays. In fact they are the ones who got us into this group a few years ago. DH and I were there just bowling by ourselves and this lady came over and asked us if we'd like to bowl with them and we've been friends ever since. We consider ourselves really lucky with that.

Okay, time to go make myself some dinner. DH already had leftover spaghetti earlier and I'm not sure what I will have. Something light, I guess. We have the best Utah peaches to eat up also so that will be my dessert. I hope you're all doing well. Thanks for all the comments. Have a great Friday!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/14/2007:
yummy foods. the breadsticks and pie are my favorites. you know what a good idea is...if you have a craving for something and don't want it in the house, you can go out to eat for it...and then not bring it in the house. the only bad thing, when you go out, they may give you a BIG portion. haha.

hollybelle on 09/14/2007:
When the weather turns cooler I love to bowl. I haven't bowled over about a 125, though! 222 sounds really skilled to me! Glad you back is better. Hope your stay pain - free!

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 10, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Happy Monday, everyone! Well, my weight is exactly the same as it was 2 weeks ago! I guess that's better than being up. But, as I said yesterday, I was up to 165 point something several days ago. I have only 5 weeks until the Maui trip so I'm going to see how much I can lose by then. I'm figuring at least 7 pounds. I know, I know, you've all heard this before but this time it will happen! Here's to a great day! Have a good one!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

greengirl on 09/10/2007:
Good for you Soonie. I think you can do it and I'm behind you 100%. Go for it !!!!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/11/2007:
that's a good amount to aim for! i'm rooting for ya!

maria777 on 09/12/2007:
Not gaining IS progress...that's what I always say...and 5 weeks til the maiu trip...that gives you some time to work on getting closer to where you want to be! Hope you have a blessed day, Soonie and thanks for the sweet comment to my entry.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 09, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

I'm struggling today but managing to stay strong, somewhat. We had brekky out after bowling (I didn't bowl) with Sis at Mimi's, we had never had brekky there before. Eh! Not that good but I succombed to having a brekky of 2 eggs, toast, a few hashbrown potatoes. Afterward I kicked myself because I knew I really didn't need it after having a packet of oatmeal before we left this morning. Oh, well. Water under the bridge. I also ordered a cobb salad to go for eating on the rest of the day, so did Sis. So maybe I can undo some of the damage. No exercise, my back is hurting from yesterday, I guess. So I took a short nap, heh. I'm hoping I will still have some loss tomorrow, although, the weight listed here was not what I started with last Monday. I got up to around 165 again. So maybe I will be just back to the listed weight here. I'm trying to keep busy and not think of food. I know there are a million things I need to get done but I'm just doing the computer thing. DH was napping so I needed to be quiet. He's up now so I will get busy. Hope you're having a good day! Oh, forgot to add....I did 2 miles on the treadmill yesterday, and 15 minutes of treading water in the pool. So not too bad.

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 08, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

What's up? I'm still doing pretty well with my diet here. The scale is moving downward everyday. I'll let you know what it says on Monday morning. Yesterday I ate well and exercised in the pool in the late afternoon. I did 15 minutes of treading water, rested and floated, and then did 15 minutes more of treading water. Soooo boring. At least I have some music going. I have to do it holding onto a pool noodle because of my bad left shoulder, it hurts if I try to use it much. I'm going to the accupuncturist again starting Monday for that, starting all over with the treatments. I haven't been there for a couple of months and if I'd kept it up maybe once a week or so, it probably wouldn't be so bad now. GAH!! So starting over. I just went through a tough time when my BIL got so sick and then passed away, I was so depressed and just didn't care about myself. That seems to be finally over now and I feel better.

So the eating is going pretty well so far today. I was up at 5am and have already eaten 2 meals, it's only almost noon. The meals were small and my calories are only 485 so far. Also drinking lots of water. How is your weekend going? I haven't had time to get here to read much lately but I will try harder. Busy, busy! My whole next week will be busy....I have the accupuncturist on Monday, Tuesday Mom, Sis and I are going to the casino again, Tuesday night over to Sis's, Wednesday is the Red Hat Lady luncheon, then I have to make a nice dinner for friends that are coming over to play cards again Wednesday night, bowling Thursday morning (I don't know if I can bowl by then or not, if not, I go to watch the DH and gang), then Saturday I am hosting the Bunco group at my house. Need I say I must get some house cleaning done this week too?!

Okay, hope things are going well for y'all. Stay happy and hang in there!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 09/09/2007:
So happy to read that your scale is moving down! Congrats! You are a busy lady!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/09/2007:
Good calories and good on the meals. for me, that's the only way not to binge like crazy! I also must eat every few hours.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 06, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Okay, here's what's happening in Sooniland....Tuesday I did go to the bank, then when I was leaving, my Mom called and needed me to do some grocery shopping for her, she wasn't feeling well and really needed some flavored water (she hates regular water) and a couple of prescriptions that were waiting. So I headed to her house for her list and then to the store. After I dropped off her stuff, I did then go to the second hand store and the Goodwill store. Didn't buy anything at the second hand store (and I had some credit with them from some stuff I sold them) but bought 3 shirts and a pair of denim bermuda shorts at the Goodwill store, all for just over $8!! 2 of the shirts are a tad tight but I'm keeping them for later, heh. One says "It's Not About You, It's All About Me" heehee, and the other just says "It's All About Me", they suit me, haha. So that was my Tuesday.

Wednesday, I did well. First I took all the junk food, put it in a garbage bag and took it to the big garbage can that was waiting at the curb to be picked up that day. Yay, me!! Junk food all gone now! I ate pretty well yesterday but still no exercise. In the evening we played cards at friends' house and ate dinner there so I didn't have very good choices (I mean, the food was very good, haha) and I didn't turn down the small slice of cake she had made, I didn't want to be rude, haha! But my weight was down some this morning so that's encouraging. Oh, forgot to tell you, I saw the doc about my back and she wants me to have an X-ray done, although I don't know what that could show, and I will do that tomorrow morning. Also stopped in this morning to have them draw some blood for the usual tests, cholesterol, thyroid, A1C. Then we went to the bowling alley but of course, I didn't bowl, bummer! Then off to lunch with friends, Mimi's, for our favorite Cobb salad. I didn't eat much of it but did eat a nice slice of date-nut bread, sigh. So I will be having the rest of my salad for dinner soon. Oh, and I did 1 mile of walking on the treadmill at 2:30pm and another mile at 4:30pm, so I did have some exercise today, yay, me again. My back didn't hurt walking, just my left hip and knees, go figure. It's always something! Getting old isn't for sissies, they say. So here I am, it's 5:45pm and time for some salad. I hope you're having a good evening. See ya later!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 09/06/2007:
Isn't it amazing how the older we get, the more our social functions center around going out to eat, eating at others houses, food, food food? I notice it even with the guy I'm seeing...he always wants to feed me lol. I asked him if we could go on a hike and picnic one weekend instead of going and sitting at a restaurant. I honestly think we all forgot how to have fun without making food the starring attraction!

Congrats on getting rid of the junk food!

WorkingIt2 on 09/06/2007:
OH and YAY on the great clothes deals!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 04, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Okay, it's time to get back on the wagon!! I still have some junk food leftover from yesterday in the house but I will try to resist. No exercise so far either. Maybe later. I have to eat breakfast, then go to the bank and then, I thought I'd go look around at the Goodwill store to pass the time. I haven't been there in a few weeks so they may have something I need, haha. Really what I should be doing with my day is emptying closets, cupboards and throwing stuff away, and the computer room is atrocious! I'm so unorganized everywhere in the house! But...I'm not in the mood today. Maybe tomorrow. After lunch maybe I will get out in the pool for some exercise and maybe do some treadmill before that. The key word is "maybe". Pay no attention to the weight listed here, it's fake. I'm waaaaay over that now but I'm not going to change it until next Monday. So there! In fact, I didn't even bother to hop on the scale this morning, didn't want to ruin my day. So, time for brekky, I'm starved! Have a good one!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt2 on 09/04/2007:
LOL I do enjoy thrift stores and resale shops! Stay strong!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 02, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Well, feeling much better today, only a few small twinges in the back. I got up real early this morning and went to the casino---again. I had just gone on Thursday with Mom and Sis, but I forgot to cash in one ticket that I had put in my purse when we went to eat lunch and it was for $34 so I went back today because DH went fishing all night and still wasn't home. Soooo, I ended up with a $400 ticket to cash in when I left the casino. I had sooooo much fun!! Heh, always have fun when you win, right? Anyway, when I left, I called the DH and he was still at my brother's (they fished together), something was wrong with his van and since my brother's place was near the casino, I drove to pick him up from there. We stopped at a Mexican food place out there and I made him buy me lunch, haha. So I had a nice day. Oh, BTW, we just split a chicken chimmi and drank ice tea. Tomorrow we're having the family over again for a bbq, just hot dogs, brats, baked beans and cole slaw, strawberry shortcake for dessert. I still have to shop for that. I think I will go early in the morning. Already stopped at KFC for the cole slaw. Oh, I enjoyed my evening alone last night, I watched "Saw 3", heh. Not really my kind of movie but that's all I had.

I'm thinking if my back is still doing well, I will try walking on the treadmill some on Tuesday. Then I see the doc on Wednesday. I was thinking I would cancel the appointment if my back is all better on Tuesday, but that small lump has me kind of concerned and I still have some pain there. So I guess I will go anyway. Doubt if I can bowl on Thursday either. I hope you're all doing well. Have a great week!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/02/2007:
you must be a great gambler! Nobody in my family is...we cannot go...because we ALWAYS LOSE!

Workingit2 on 09/03/2007:
Congrats on all accounts!

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 31, 2007
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 161.6

Called the doc's office this morning for my back--she's not in today and couldn't get an appointment until Wednesday! The part that hurt when I moved my legs has gone away, now I just have this "knot" on the left side of my middle back, I feel a small lump and the pain is pretty uncomfortable. Also the pain goes down my left leg if I sit too long. Whine, whine! Can I have a little cheese? Haha! No exercise, eating bad. Have a nice weekend!

Progress as of today: 9.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/01/2007:
i also know what you mean...it's also sooo frustrating when you can't make an appointment. i've seen something that works to get an appointment earlier: give the receptionist an "ultamatum" (sp?). Say, "I need an appointment in these next three days because I'm going out of state." something like that...and that you wont be back. that's all i can think of. lol. if you don't think lying is good..don't do it!

GG on 09/01/2007:
Eeeps! That does not sound good! I hate when doctors cannot take you right away!! You wish they were at your beckon call but sadly they have lives too :( hahha!

workingit2 on 09/02/2007:
Keeping my fingers crossed for you!

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