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Soon2BThin - Sunday Oct 22, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 166.4

Well, I knew it wouldn't last but 2.2 pounds in one day?? Can we say "water weight"?? I knew I was retaining because I woke up in the middle of the night with my right hand numb! My rings still fit this morning but kinda tight. Another Bad Soonie day yesterday! But today will be better. I'm up, I didn't want to this morning, but I'm going bowling, with or without the DH. I forgot to mention that he has Shingles! In case you don't know what they are, it is caused by the chicken pox virus and 1 out of 2 people over the age of 60 get it. His started out with pain in his left ribs and he thought he'd bruised himself there. It lasted for a few days so he went to the VA hospital to get it checked out and a small rash had started in the same area. Right away they knew what it was. It can last a long time and causes the pain and rash in certain areas, pretty uncomfortable. So I don't know if he feels up to going bowling. He needs lots of rest. He's on an antibiotic for a week. Anyways... I'm going to spend this week busy, busy, busy, and I'm going to try to exercise as much as possible and eat right. I know it's a little late (lol) to do much good before the cruise, but anything would be better than what I've been doing. Stupid, stupid, stupid Soonie!! *kicking myself*

Okay, this time next week, I will be on my way to L.A. and the cruise. It is my 9th cruise. Can we say "lucky Soonie"? If you had told me 20 years ago that I would go on one cruise, I wouldn't have believed you! Okay, gotta go eat brekky. Have a great day! And thanks for all the wonderful comments. You guys ROCK!!

Progress as of today: -2.6 lbs lost so far, only 26.4 lbs to go!

Moody on 10/22/2006:
Poor husband!! How does a person get shingles? Is it contagious? I know that they can be painful, I hope your husband recovers quickly, poor guy.

9 cruises!!! Dang Soonie!! LOL Thats awesome that you have been fortunate to have all those experiences! One of these days I would love to take one..maybe for my 50th birthday? LOL You are going to have the best time!

WorkingIt on 10/22/2006:
Awww, I feel bad for your husband. My mother had them, and my 3 year old nephew had them! That poor baby was in so much pain it was heartbreaking. I hope he feels better soon!

Have a great day!

maria777 on 10/22/2006:
Hope your Hubby feels better soon!

Where are you going on your cruise and how long will you be gone? We will sure miss you, Soonie!

greengirl on 10/22/2006:
Oh dear. Commiserations to your poor husband on the shingles. My hubby caught them some years ago and they were very painful. His developed in a line across his back and under his arm, and I'm afraid they lasted for quite a long time. The doctor thought he picked them up from contact with a child who had chicken pox. Apparently they can recur after some time as well!!!

Brian's girl on 10/23/2006:
So much has happened but it is good to catch up with everyone...I feel as though I have been gone a year or more. I have heard that shingles can be very painful, your husband has my sympathies.


Soon2BThin - Saturday Oct 21, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 164.2

Okay, I just needed to report that loss because I know it won't last. I'm still not doing well at all. With the vacation coming up, I just feel like why try now, there's not enough time to do any good. But if I just lose a little or stay about the same, I'll be happy. My eating is not good at all and there has been no exercise except bowling or shopping. I was gone for over 6 hours yesterday, shopping around. At least while I'm shopping, I'm not eating. But on the way home, I stopped for some KFC for lunch-dinner. They didn't have any biscuits ready so they gave me more mashed potatoes instead, yum. Happy Soonie! Bad Soonie! I love the 3 crispy strips meal! I know though, that on the cruise, I won't gain a lot as other people do. I tend to not eat as much even though the food is always available and I plan to do lots of walking. We'll see. I'm starting to look forward to a nice vacation. I wish the DH were going though, I'll miss him. It's just Mom and I (she paid for my share) and Sis and BIL. Just 8 more days.

Okay, hope you're all having a good Saturday so far. The weather here is nice and sunny, about 80 degrees today, 50's at night. Perfect! Maybe a walk later??

Progress as of today: -0.4 lbs lost so far, only 24.2 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 10/21/2006:
ohh how exciting.. :)..

Moody on 10/21/2006:
Shopping for 6 hours?! *High five* LOL

Mmmm KFC mashed potatoes, I could live on them alone. I have a weakness for mashed potatoes. They are probably my ALL time favorite dish; I think I get it from my Dad as he is the same way!

Only 8 more days til the cruise!! Is this your first one? When my dad retired his company gave him and my mom a two week Alaskan cruise as part of his retirement presents. They loved it; and Yes they said the food was fabulous and ALWAYS around!! Always!!!! As much as you want Whenever you want!! The only thing they had to pay for was drinks! Those weren't complimentary!

I am excited for you! I would love to go on a cruise one day! Take a bunch of pictures for us!

geevee on 10/21/2006:
I had a friend who said she had to stop going on cruises because she felt like a goose being force fed with all of those snacks in addition to regular meals. She complained thatevery day on a cruise meant another pound!

You're lucky that you can avoid all that eating. Your KFC foray reminds me of the Checker's I passed every day this week on my way to the library. It was so tempting! I love their burgers, and fries? I'd only eat theirs - so good!

WorkingIt on 10/21/2006:
Congrats on the loss! I hope you do keep it! I was reading something online once about people going on cruises and gaining 20lbs in a week! OMG!! I would be crushed if I gained that much weight during a vacation! Mostly it was from eating so many different foods..trying everything that they don't normally eat, and deciding to eat it EVERY DAY instead of just getting the taste and moving away from the buffet LOL

You will be ok. Don't give up!!!

WorkingIt on 10/21/2006:
Don't think of your weight loss goals in terms of 'events' like the cruise, a birthday, holidays ect. If there isn't enough time to lose weight to the degree you would like for THIS trip..think about next year at this same time when you will be at your goal! But if you keep giving up because you feel you've failed, you will never reach the finish line!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/21/2006:
Have fun on the cruise! Usually, the cooks/waiters try to serve your food the way you like it. I'm sure there'll be healthy choices!

smiley2 on 10/22/2006:
Just try your best to eat healthy and exercise until you leave. Dont make yourself anxious about it though, otherwise you could set yourself up for bingeing etc. Just do what you can and then you have a wonderfu holiday to look forward to! Its a pity your DH cant go along though....

Soon2BThin - Friday Oct 20, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

Hellooooo! Wow, you people are the sweetest, nicest, most wonderful people in the world!! Such great comments, even though I'm not doing well at all. I feel like such a slug lately but you're still there, encouraging me on. The weight's still exactly the same! I think the scale is stuck! And I weigh holding my clothes hamper first to get a different weight so I know it's not just stuck, I really do still weigh the same. It could be worse, I guess. But I'm really not back on the wagon yet. Not really even trying either. It's so hard to change back after being off for awhile. I know you all know that. One of these days. I'm just not getting that urge yet, ya know? Baaaad Soonie!

Okay, nothing new on this front. Hope you're all doing better than I am. One of these days I'll have time to get on here and check up on y'all. I really miss it. Have a great day!

Progress as of today: -1.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.2 lbs to go!

moody on 10/20/2006:
I know exactly what you mean about how hard it is to get back on the wagon after being off it for awhile! The good news is that it Can be done when You are ready! When you are ready I know you will be successful!

WorkingIt on 10/20/2006:
My scale is stuck also! VERY frustrating! But, I figure if I keep doing what I'm doing..it'll move when it's ready LOL. Don't fall too far off the wagon!

tourguidebarbie on 10/20/2006:
I know what you mean! Once you slip once it just becomes easier to do it again and again. Good luck though i'm sure you're scale will unstick for you soon enough!

monet0239 on 10/20/2006:
no loss.. better then a gain any day :)

maria777 on 10/20/2006:
I REALLY do know what you mean!!! When I came back from vacation and ALSO a couple days before, I confess I still ate like I was on vacation!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Oct 18, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

Weight--the same. I'm not worrying about it though. I know I can't lose a lot in so little time now so---whatever! Yesterday wasn't a very good day. I started out well but then, since I was so hungry, I ate and ate. I left here at 10:15 and went to the Goodwill store to return some things. Yep, I discovered the Goodwill stores. I needed to get a flowery muumuu for my costume on the cruise (Halloween party) Mom and I are dressing Hawaiian. Anyway, this time of year you can't find anything like that and even the fabric stores don't have that kind of fabric. My sis said try the Goodwill store, that's where they found their costumes, they have lots of muumuus. So Saturday, DIL and I went to one nearby. I found the perfect muumuu but bought a couple of others too, since I hate to try things on and didn't know which would fit. The best one fit perfectly so I took the others back yesterday. I shopped there for an hour too. They only give you a store credit so I had to spend it within 7 days and no trouble with that yesterday. Bought 2 paperbacks ($1 each), a pair of denim shorts (exactly like the ones I was wearing only a size bigger) and some shirts, some of which I have to take back, too small, dernit. Saturday I bought one that fit well and was really cool and only 75 cents! Anyway, I left there and went to bowl 5 games. Then I went to another Goodwill store and shopped another hour, heh. So by the time I got home it was almost 4pm. I was starved! We had some leftover hamburgers, baked beans and potato chips from the BarBQ on Sunday so I ate that. Then about 6pm, I ate another burger (they're gone now) some more beans and chips. I was out of control again! So even though I did well for most of the day, I ruined it the rest of the day. I think I'm not too concerned with that and as long as I don't gain more weight and can still fit in my clothes for the cruise, I'm not going to worry about it. I'd be happier if I had lost the weight but I'm not going to stress over it. Been there, done that! I told DH I guess that I'm just supposed to be fat. Could be worse, could be better. Oh, well. And now, after the cruise (buffets), the holidays will be here. I'm telling ya, if I don't gain more, I will be happy.

Okay, I didn't get here to get caught up yesterday and probably won't today either. I have so much taped TV to watch from last week that I need to catch up on before I can watch this week's. So I hope things are going great for you all. Take care and have a great day!

Progress as of today: -1.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.2 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 10/18/2006:
So glad there wasnt a gain for you sweetie.. :).. Thank the Good Lord for that huh. :).. I like the attitude your having.. you shouldnt stress it.. just try to to do your best.. the evening splurg is alot better then the whole day.. so think of it that way.. :).. hugs my friend..

mattscat3295 on 10/18/2006:
I hope you have a great time on your cruise. You are doing fine and the attitude is great, keep up the good work.

maria777 on 10/18/2006:

It sure makes me feel better about my 3.5 gain!

I love that you wrote:

...as long as I don't gain more weight and can still fit in my clothes ... I'm not going to worry about it.

I think that is SO POSITIVE! Thanks for your inspiration, Soonie!

WorkingIt on 10/19/2006:
Congrats on finding the costumes!

maria777 on 10/19/2006:
Hope you've had a fantastic day today, Soonie! Missed reading an entry from your today!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Oct 17, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

I am a terrible dieter when there is junk food around!! Can we say "understatement"?! Soonie was a bad, bad girl! But we had fun. It seemed that almost everything we did had something to do with food though. They were here for 6 days and left yesterday morning. So now it's back on the wagon, even though there are only 12 days left until the cruise. Anyone want to place any bets on how much I can lose by then? Heh heh. I'm going to give it a go anyways. Starting today! Bowling by myself will be my exercise and I may do more exercise later. I really need to crank it up! I'm sure a lot of what I gained is water weight. I hope! The weather here has cooled off finally, highs in the low 80's, upper 70's and lows in the upper 50's and lower 60's. Perfect for exercise. Really breezy here today too. Okay, I'll never get all caught up with how you all are doing but I'll do the best I can. I hope things are going well. I really missed coming on here. Well, now things are back to normal, at least, until the cruise in 12 days---12 DAYS!! Where did the time go?? I'm not ready yet, I'm not skinny yet!! What the heck happened?! Typical Soonie, huh? I always have plenty of time to get there and then I never do make it! Maybe I'm just meant to be this weight. I hate it though. Oh, well, figure that one out! Gonna go now, time for brekky. I promise I'll be good today. Have a good one!

Progress as of today: -1.4 lbs lost so far, only 25.2 lbs to go!

Moody on 10/17/2006:
There you are!! I am glad to see you back!!

12 days til the cruise! Woohoo!! I am sure that no matter what the number says on the scale you will have a wonderful time!!!

borntocry on 10/17/2006:
Just get back to your "feel-thin" weight before your cruise, and you'll feel good. You have enough time for that!

Glad you had fun with your son and daughter-in-law!

maria777 on 10/17/2006:
Soonie, I believe you can at least get back to your Oct. 3 weight 159.8 by cruise-time...just get back on your treadmill, and eat your fat-free bologna s/w's (I like that, too and have some in the fridge)...Glad to see you back...glad you had some quality time with family...now...it's back on the wagon time for both of us! Big Smile!

WorkingIt on 10/18/2006:
Get back in the swing of things and you will be fine!

smiley2 on 10/18/2006:
Hey you! Welcome back! Glad you had a good time with your family! Wow i cant believe its only a few days left will you go on your cruise, time really does fly! I think the most important thing you can do for now, is to just take it a day at a time and do the best that you can. Try not to stress about losing weight, otherwise you might just get anxious and be tempted to binge. You had a great time with your family and you are lucky and healthy enough to go on a wonderful cruise...so focus on that :)

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Oct 10, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.4

Busy, busy! The kids will be here this afternoon. With DH's help, the house is presentable. He did all the vacuuming and mopping, what a dear! Guess that makes up for forgetting our anniversary, right?! He would do anything for me. I still have the modeling thing at the Red Hat Ladies luncheon this afternoon, well, really it's at 11am. Then followed by an Oktoberfest lunch! The way I'm feeling, all nervous and anxious, I probably won't have any trouble with eating too much, lol. Although there will be black forest cake. Maybe just a small slice, huh? Okay, that's it for Soonie here. Hope you're all doing great! I miss reading the entries. I'll be back! P.S. Still haven't been on the scale, eeeeek! I don't feel any fatter though, lol.

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 22.4 lbs to go!

navywife2021 on 10/10/2006:
good luck at your event! no cake lol!!! you will feel better if you dont eat it (that is all the guilt im gonna give you) anyhow how long has it been since you have been on a scale???

WorkingIt on 10/10/2006:
I am glad to see that you are taking control of your environment. I do believe that is key to managing depression. I wish you the very best and a BEAUTIFUL day! **HUGS**

maria777 on 10/10/2006:
Have fun, Soonie! So happy to see you feeling better! Sweet of your Hubby to help you get ready for family coming in. Have a wonderful day!!!

mattscat3295 on 10/10/2006:
Have fun, husbands do forget certain days but some of them make up for it just by giving of themselves in the most wonderful ways, and it sounds like you have one of those.

maria777 on 10/12/2006:
We miss you! Hope you're having a wonderful day with your family!

monet0239 on 10/16/2006:
hey sweetie.. I hope you had fun with the family.. I am guessing they are still there?/ I must have missed how long they were staying.. but enjoy them.. hugs

Soon2BThin - Saturday Oct 07, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.4

Okay, no more scale. I'm just going it alone. We'll see how long that lasts, lol. I have so much house cleaning to do that I'm not doing the exercise either. As I said before, I'm just overwhelmed with it all so I'm just going to do what I can. And the housework comes first right now. With all the depression I've just kind of let things go and now it's overwhelming. But I'll just take one thing at a time. The DH is over at the neighbors, helping him paint his house. He's been doing that for days now, about 5 hours a day, and the guy is paying him $15 an hour. It's not that he needs the money but it's nice to have. My DH just likes to have jobs to do and keep busy. He's going to help me clean house too. Anyway, while he's not here, I can get more done by myself. I have the radio cranked up and I don't feel quite as down this morning. So I'm going to just push myself to get it all done. Thank you all for all your nice comments, they made me cry of course. I just can't imagine life without you all. Thanks for being there. And I'm sorry I haven't been able to find time to read and comment lately. Busy, busy. I must have tried on a dozen outfits at that lady's house yesterday and I will be modeling 3 outfits on Tuesday for the luncheon. At least they are all stretchy, lol. She was amazed at my long fingernails (I'd never met her before) and she said I had nice legs, good for my ego. Okay, I gotta go get busy. Think I'll start with the frig, it needs a good cleaning. Have a great Saturday!

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 22.4 lbs to go!

maria777 on 10/07/2006:
Sounds like you're going to be real busy today! Hope you have a wonderful day! Big Smile!

smiley2 on 10/08/2006:
Hey Soonie! Im sorry to hear that you are going through a tough time again. I also go through depression from time to time and dont want to start taking medication again. Maybe you should try some CBT (cognitive behavioural therapy) with a therapist or something like that, that wont involve medication. The mind is so strong, and we are more powerful than we think. Mind over matter, dont let it get you down. You are a strong woman with wonderful qualities. You are worthy to be here and you are here for a reason! I hope you enjoy the show on Tuesday, sounds like fun ;)

Moody on 10/08/2006:
Hey Soonie...sounds like today was better than yesterday! Still a bit blue but not quite..

You asked me about what type of meds I am on..I was on Effexor for many years and it worked great, but coming off of them was horrible. As I said, I tried to come off of the depressants when I felt like everything in my life was going ok and really had no environmental reason to stay on them, but the withdrawl was too much; even when I weaned myself off them as my doctor told me to do. He even said that Effexor is one of the toughest anti depressants to come off of (withdrawl wise)..I have a new doctor now and at the beginning of the summer I mentioned how I would like to find a new anti depressant because it worries me how badly the withdrawls are..he prescribed Cymbalta and it works GREAT! I take 60mg a day..if I happen to be late in taking them or accidently forget a day I don't suffer the withdrawl sypmtoms like I did with Effexor. I don't really feel anything physical in fact. So, I plan on being on Cymbalta and making it a part of my life. It works for me and as I said, I truly believe I have a chemical disorder because I am NOT ok when I am off anti depressants;or at the wrong dosage (too low). I become irritable, moody ( you think I pulled this name out of my azz? heh) and I have to struggle to hold it together and usually just can't do it and end up bawling when someone farts in my direction or I am up at 2 in the morning sitting on the couch in the dark crying my eyes out and not even knowing why!! So, yes..anti depressants changed my life for the better. Once I started taking them I realized "Wow, so this is what it's like to feel normal."....

Take care and know we are all here for you...God bless

borntocry on 10/09/2006:
I think I also told you that you have nice legs, didn't I? ;)

Maybe the housework will be cathartic and help cheer you up. I should try that too, as I've also been letting everything go lately.

Hope you are feeling better, girly!

maria777 on 10/09/2006:
Hope you're doing okay and having a good visit with your family! We miss you!

Soon2BThin - Friday Oct 06, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.4

Well, well, what can I say? The weight is up and I really didn't eat too badly. The waitress at Mimi's cafe did bring us a slice of chocolate fudge pie but I just ate a few bites and we split the cobb salad (no avacado and no bleu cheese) so what's up with this weight?! I feel like I weigh a lot more than that too. My only good shorts that I can still button are so tight and I haven't even eaten anything yet! And to top it off, I have to go to a ladies house this morning to try on clothes that I will be modeling for the Red Hat Ladies luncheon on Tuesday. It's one of those clothes party things. I wish now I'd never said yes to that! I feel so bad! All my clothes don't fit and I bought a bunch of stuff on sale at Kohl's yesterday and tried it on this morning and most of those don't fit either! And I'm still feeling depressed. I almost cried at the bowling alley yesterday, I was bowling badly and just felt terrible but I did end up with a 226 the last game so that made me feel somewhat better. But I feel that the tears are just under the surface and any little thing could set me off. I cried this morning when I put on a shirt and could see all my huge rolls around my waist and it's a size x-large!! I hate myself, I really do. I know I should probably be on meds for this and my doc suggested it last time I saw her but she didn't have any samples to give me to try and I was supposed to come back when they had some but I didn't. I just don't want to take any more stuff. I had some of my others filled the other day and with the new insurance (so-called insurance) I paid over $800!! I'm such a burden to my DH! I hate it!

Okay, I'm going now. Sorry for the downer. It helps to get some of it out, I guess. I wish I had someone to talk to. Oh, and I had a nice complement from DH yesterday that haunts me, I know he's just a man but, he said "you're not so bad", heh. Not really what I want to hear right now. I wish he'd just lie a little, ya know? Okay, I'm so busy right now and haven't even started on the house cleaning. I just feel so overwhelmed right now. Have a great day, my friends.

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 22.4 lbs to go!

missile on 10/06/2006:
I am sorry that you are having such a bad day. It does help if you are able to talk to someone. I know that when I feel depressed and everything seems to be going wrong, I call up my friend and she kinda helps me put everything in perspective. You can always talk here, we can try and help as much as we can. Hang in there.

Moody on 10/06/2006:
Awww Soonie.. I am so sorry that you are feeling so blue. I know exactly what you mean when you say that you feel like the tears are just under the surface and any little thing could set you off. I hate when I feel that way. Have you ever been on anti depressants before? I have been on them for 8 or 9 years and they changed my life. I have tried coming off them before, thinking everything would be ok, but I truly believe I have a chemical imbalance because once I am off of them I am NOT the same person and have a much harder time coping. So, I have accepted that they will be a part of my life.

Is there anyway you can call the doctor and make an appt. Just share with a professional how you are feeling and see what he thinks? Please don't think that you are a burden to your husband..you are a true blessing and have been such a source of encouragement and hope for me, and for others here as well. Everything will be ok, this feeling won't last forever. Take care and God bless.

wannabmeagain on 10/06/2006:
i hope you start feeling better. you do encourage the rest of us. i read your journal and your treadmill times encourage me to try harder! just keep up the exercise and the water and im sure the weight will come off!! and exercise is great for depression! sunshine is also good for depression. but you should still talk to your dr, too. i know meds are expensive, but if they help, they are worth it. i have to take meds everyday too, and i hate it. hang in there, and i hope tomorrow is better!

maria777 on 10/06/2006:
And we ARE your friends! And we DO care about you, Soonie! You know how some men can be sometimes (not all but some)...they say the wrong thing and they mean good when they say it but it doesn't come out that way to us women! Since you're already feeling down, that doesn't help but had you been feeling 'up', you'd probably have shrugged it off as a compliment!!!

Think about all the hard work you've accomplished to get to where you are...and I don't think you even show it in your goal thing at the bottom of the page of how far you've come....and you may not be where you want to be 'YET'...but with a little perseverance, you'll get there! Take action today! We love you, Soonie! Hope you feel better TODAY!

borntocry on 10/06/2006:
Oh, poor girl. Perhaps you are retaining water or something... hopefully you will see a change soon and that will surely make you feel better. Wish I could say something a little more motivating but am not feeling all that motivated myself right now.

Funny, I remember your husband saying something similar to you once before. "You're not so bad really." Only that time it didn't seem to upset you.

I also feel that I'm a burden on my husband, now that I have a "disease". (Yuck!!!) But you know if they felt that way, they'd probably just leave us. They're men, after all. They must really like us to stick around. Okay, in retrospect perhaps that wasn't very reassuring... it was meant to help cheer you up, honest!

borntocry on 10/06/2006:
Oh yeah, just so you know... you're a real inspiration to me too. Whenever I go walking I think of you on your treadmill. Really helps!

monet0239 on 10/06/2006:
{{{ Soonie}}}} there is oyu a big hug.. sorry your feeling so blue.. sniff sniff.. but just remember.. tomorrow is a new day hun.. make it what you want it to be .. smile and know we all love you in here and so does that dh of yours :O).. drink lots of water.. just may need a good flushing.. and if you need to just sit ans cry.. do it.. get it all out.. then shake it off.. wash your pretty face.. and look at yourself in the mirrow.. your beautiful.. and again.. tomorrow is a new BRIGHTER day!!... you'll have fun at the Red Hat thingy.. :O).. love yaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.. Me~

cornucopia982 on 10/06/2006:
wow, the pants fit yesterday and not today!? I am sure that the bloating/weight will go down soon, Soonie! You are a motivated person and I know that you will be feeling better soon! Just keep the activities coming!

maria777 on 10/06/2006:
It was not me, it must have been someone else that commented concerning meds, Soonie....but thanks for what you commented about going to church and about my entries...and it would be a wonderful thing for you and your Hubby to start back to church...or if going means you'd go alone, go by yourself! I will say this: God's Word is a medicine that no medicine in this world can match! I've memorized many Bible verses that have helped me tremendously! I just recite them at different times...the ones that come to my mind for the occasion! Please really consider to start back to church and go. Love, Maria (BIG SMILE!)

Soon2BThin - Thursday Oct 05, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

Woohoo, down .2 of a pound! Big whoop! I think my body just likes this weight and wants to stay there. I DON'T!! Anyway, bowling with the gang this morning. I loves me bowling! It's our 38th wedding anniversary today and, of course, the DH doesn't remember it, big surprise. I'm not sure how I'm going to handle it, maybe I'll spring it on him later. He never remembers and that makes me think it's just not important to him. I hate that! Hey, thanks for all the comments, you guys rock! I didn't get here to read much yesterday again. I'm just going to be busy for the next week or so, I miss you guys. Have a great Thursday.

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

moody on 10/05/2006:
Happy Anniversary!!! 38 years is beautiful!! You are both very blessed.

As for your husband forgetting, oops! I remember not too long ago, on my parents anniversary, my dad had forgotten. I was over there visiting and my mom told me he hadn't gotten her a card or anything; as I left told them BOTH happy anniversary and my dad's face went white but he quickly recovered and said he was taking mom out to dinner that night to celebrate! One year my ex husband forgot my birthday; I didn't mention it all day and that night his mom called to wish me happy birthday and THATS when he remembered! He felt awful and made it up to me. *sigh* men...need I say more?

greengirl on 10/05/2006:
Congratulations to you both on your anniversary. Dont worry about your husband forgetting it, mine is just the same!!! I think their brains are wired differently to womens and such things as important dates just slip thro' unnoticed .

WorkingIt on 10/05/2006:
Happy Anniversary! And CONGRATS on the .2loss! I have hit a plateau and you can bet your bippy that I will be celebrating every single ounce I lose LOL

maria777 on 10/05/2006:
Happy Anniversary, Soonie!!!! That is FANTASTIC!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Oct 04, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.8

Okay, back up 2 pounds in 2 days. WTF?? Sorry, bad Soonie! I haven't really been doing anything to explain that, I don't think. It seems if I even deviate slightly with my diet and exercise, that's what happens, I pay big time. I'm chalking it up to the menopause and my meds. Maybe they just make it harder for an old woman to lose weight. I thought I did really well yesterday---23 points, 5 games of bowling in an hour by myself, plenty of water and I shopped at 7 stores. I left here before 11am and didn't get home until 4pm. I took a FF bologna sandwich with me and that was lunch with water. Oh, well, maybe all that good will show up tomorrow. I guess I just have to stick with it exactly every day, no time off. I was tired this morning when I got up at 6 and I was so tempted to go back to sleep. My legs ached and I certainly didn't want to get on that derned old treadmill. I was feeling depressed from the scale numbers and I just wanted to chuck it this morning and head out to McD's for some breakfast. But I just can't do that!! The thought of stopping and giving up just scares me to death! I don't want to be fat!! I'm tired of this, I'm tired of all the clothes hanging in my closet that don't fit. I know, you're all saying, why didn't I do this months ago?? That's what I'm asking myself now. All water under the bridge, can't do anything about that now but just go on from here. I'm still feeling depressed and alone with my troubles but I'm fighting it as hard as I can. Anyway, I did do the treadmill---2 miles in 33:24, not as fast as Saturday, and then I went on and finished the whole 40 minutes, 2.34 miles altogether. So at least I did it. I have a lot to do today, haven't even started on getting the house in shape for their visit, so much to do. I do feel better and more energized after the exercise so that's a good thing. I hope you're all doing well. I didn't have any time yesterday to get here and read. I really miss that. Have a great day. And remember, PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

borntocry on 10/04/2006:
Oh no, not that "old woman" stuff again! You're not fooling anyone now that we've seen the pictures. I wish I had calves like that!

Good job resisting McDonald's. I've been feeling the same way lately - my favourite binge foods don't even sound that tempting to me any more. When I think of them all I think of is the anguish that goes along with them, and I've had enough of that! Is it really worth it?

Brian's girl on 10/04/2006:
Yeah you hot sexy mama, lol. I agree with BornToCry...old woman my foot. I know what you mean about fighting as hard as we can to lose weight, I think I must have been born overweight and it has been a constant battle ever since. Some years are better than others. I am so tired of being the fat one in the group...it's time that we change things...PATIENCE!! I will remember.


greengirl on 10/04/2006:
You are not old!!!! If you are old that means I must be old too and I'm not ready for that yet. I think your times on the treadmill are awesome. I can only manage one mile in 22 minutes!!! Keep it up - don't let me down on this. WE ARE NOT OLD, OK??!!

WorkingIt on 10/04/2006:



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