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Soon2BThin - Tuesday Oct 03, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.8

Forgot to weigh this morning and then, after my shower, my hair was wet so I didn't then either. Wet hair weighs more, right? Yesterday wasn't such a good day anyway so the weight was probably back up again. It wasn't a disaster but not as good as I'd planned. No exercise even. The only goals I made was my water and no eating past 7pm. The eating wasn't as bad as it has been in the past when I get off track but I had planned on keeping it really low for the day. So today will be much better. No exercise yet but I'm planning on going for some bowling practice by myself and then I need to go to the mall for some shopping. Maybe I can even take my exercise clothes to the gym right there and do some walking on the track, we'll see. I'm going to pack my lunch and eat after the bowling. No fast food! So that's my plan. Hope you're all doing terrific. I read some yesterday but not all, sorry. It's going to be a busy week, getting ready for the #1 son and DIL visit. And then all next week, when they are here, I probably won't be able to get here much. Get out there and have a great day and stay strong and then.....be PATIENT!

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 19.8 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 10/03/2006:
Good for you.. you got that day out of the way.. and now.. today is a brighter day!!... smile Soonie.. we love ya.. hugs

Moody on 10/03/2006:
OMG- I thought I was the only one that wouldn't weigh with wet hair! I know it seems silly because, honestly, how MUCH extra can that wet hair weigh; but I still won't do it!! LOL

Just curious; do you know how many calories are burnt when bowling? I know you work muscles, but I am just curious about the calories burnt; it's probably more than you think.

WorkingIt on 10/03/2006:
LOL wet hair...I tried to weigh with wet hair and then dry...there wasn't a difference lol. Now, if I still had the towel on my head..THAT would be different LOL

Have a great day!

maria777 on 10/03/2006:
Hope you all have a wonderful enjoyable visit together! Have fun!

smiley2 on 10/04/2006:
Enjoy the visit with your children!

Soon2BThin - Monday Oct 02, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.8

Hey, no more challenge! But that doesn't mean I'm not going to try to keep it up!

Scale's down this morning! Back in 150'sland! I'm impressed! Just what I wanted. Now to keep going. Yesterday's only exercise was 5 games of bowling with the DH. Nothing to brag about there either. I struggled but I did beat him all 5 games. My right knee hurt some but it's always been my weakest. I think it may be the jogging that it's not used to, but it seems okay today from all the resting it. I didn't get up this morning until almost 10am!! Now you may frown at this but I have taken the day off, sort of. Not completely off track, just letting up some. I've already had about 1000 calories already and it's only just after 2pm. So I need to be more careful the rest of the day. At least I'm keeping track, sort of. No exercise either. I had a terrible hormonal, menopausal, emotional meltdown last night, poor DH! I was so depressed and just needed to get some things off my chest and a good cry. My eyes are so puffy today too so you know it was a real good cry. Anyway, I feel better somewhat. Just taking a day to regroup. I'm happy with the weightloss and intend to go on with it. 4 weeks from yesterday we leave on the cruise. I can feel the difference in my body already and I want MORE!! Know what I mean?

Okay, need to go fill my water bottle, I'm a little low today so far. Then I'll be back to read some entries. Have a great rest-of-the-day!

Progress as of today: 4 lbs lost so far, only 19.8 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 10/02/2006:
wo0o0ho0o0 on the loss.. thats awesome Soonie girl!!,,, I knew it would happen :)..love the loosing feeling :).. I KWYM about the good cry.. and that in its self make s me tired..lol.. so no wonder you spelt in.. and your body must have needed it.. or you wouldn't have been able to sleep that long.. I know my body say.." get the heck outta bed Lisa.. and will not let me go back to sleep.. no matter how long I lay there..lolol..

and good for you for beating dh in bowling hehe.. woot woot for the girls !!..

I'll be back tomorrow.. hugsssssssssssssss

maria777 on 10/02/2006:
Wooooohooooo!!!! Congratulations!

smiley2 on 10/03/2006:
Congrats on winning the challenge and congrats on your weight loss! We told you it would happend sooner or later :) And way to go for beating your DH in all 5 bowling games lol!

borntocry on 10/03/2006:
See, Soonie, what did I tell you?! Now don't go overboard on the calories today...

Soon2BThin - Sunday Oct 01, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.0

Challenge Points for Saturday, Day 30: 5

Well, I'm not yelling or singing this morning. Soonie is in meltdown mode! I'm really p.o.'d about the scale staying the same again! I need help. I'm ready to cave! HELP!! I had an excellent day yesterday, I thought. I did my usual 2 mile jog/walk first thing in the morning, then about 11am, I got back on it and did almost another 2 miles of just walking. I would have finished but the phone rang twice and I thought I'd better get off and answer it the second time, it could be important. It was DH's friend in Ohio and he likes to talk and since the DH wasn't here, it was up to me. So I didn't quite finish the whole 2 miles, maybe 1 7/8. Still, I thought it was great. Maybe I'm not doing enough. I only ate 23 of the possible 28 points for the day too. (25 + 3 for exercise) Did the 3 veggies and 2 fruits, >100 oz. of water, no eating past 7pm. Made all my goals. What happened?? The scale has said the same for 3 days now!! That's not like me when I do so well. Oh, well...

Bowling this morning with the DH. It's going to be hard to think positive and stay on track. Help, help, help!!

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

smiley2 on 10/01/2006:
Hang in there....sometimes when you stick to your eating plan for a few days, it takes your body a while to adapt to the less calories. And you only start to see a drop on the scale after a while. Dont give up!

Moody on 10/01/2006:
You are doing amazing!! I know it's frustrating when you don't see a change in the numbers when you are working so hard; but it WILL change!! Just keep doing what you are doing and you will see!! DON'T GIVE UP!!!

maria777 on 10/01/2006:
Check the tape measure...if it shows you are getting smaller, then the weight is MUSCLE WEIGHT (which, btw is a good thing)....We can't always go by the scale when we are doing the right things...you are doing FANTASTIC!!!!

breakaway on 10/01/2006:
I just read something online about this...they say to change something. Or to do an exercise routine you don't normally do but give it your ALL maybe get out there and run as fast as you can for 5 min and then slow to your normal. They say three days of doing this is suppose to budge that scale again. It's worked for me before. I used the treadmill all the time and then the scales stopped for a week. I then did the treadmill but added a hill to my normal speed for a week and by next week that scale finally moved 2 lbs in the right direction! It was awesome. Just something to think about.

ima2hefty on 10/01/2006:
scales are the devil! I lost two inches and gained 3 and 1/2 pounds the first month of dieting! I agree with maria777, get out the tape measure! Even if there is no change, just keep in mind how you feel when you try to improve your health. Rather you are trying or not , the issue is still going to be on your mind...if you stick to your plan and keep trying you will feel way better than if you give up and give into food!!! YOU CAN DO IT!!! :D

monet0239 on 10/01/2006:
hey sweets.. give your body time to adjust.. it will be moving down soon.. just hang in there.. and yes.. do what Maria said.. :).. cause we all know muscle weighs more then fat.. so you could be burning that fat.. but gaining in muscle!!... dont get down.. NO MELTDown SOONIE.. your stronger then that.. MAKE it happen girl!!.. hugs

borntocry on 10/02/2006:
Don't give up now. What's three days? I know it seems like a long time when you're dieting and exercising (I get upset when the scale doesn't move after just one day!) but can you really say it isn't working if you haven't seen results for three days? Give it at least two more days. I guarantee you will see a change after that. Come on, Soonie, two more days!

WorkingIt on 10/02/2006:
Might just be a couple of days before you notice it. Since seven days is what it usually takes to create a deficit enough to lose one pound =)

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 30, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.0

Challenge Points for Friday, Day 29: 5

GOOD MORNING, DDers!! Yep, I'm yelling! I feel good, da da da da da da da! And singing too, lol. Only dropped that pesky 6 tenths on the scale though but I'm not going to let that ruin my day. Off to a great start---2 miles of walking on the treadmill in 33:10. Cut 12 seconds off my time from yesterday. I cranked it up to 4.4 on my jogging. Whew, I'm really pushing myself. And when I first got up at 7am, I was thinking I would just do a slower walk today since it's Saturday and all. NOT! But I'm going to go back later and do a slower walk, maybe another 2 miles, I don't know. I slept in till 7 for a change though. Nice. At least it's still not cold here so the mornings are about 60 degrees or so and it's not too hard yet to force myself out of the warm bed in the mornings. I know it will be harder when that comes. Oh, and I've noticed my stretching is getting a lot easier too, I'm more flexible. I know I need to get back to the gym and work on some muscles too but maybe I'll start that after the cruise. I still have a lot of pain from my left shoulder and I'll probably have that forever unless I get surgery or do some therapy. I intend to look into that after the cruise too. You know sometimes I think the age thing holds me back some, when I think I'm too old to look really good anyway but I do know it's possible. So I keep on trying for it.

Yesterday was a really good day. Nice that I'm starting to string some of those together. How long will Soonie keep this up, you ask! We'll see. The plan is to keep it up as long as I can, of course. This is a forever thing. But I know there will be bad days and I'm just going to take it one day, one minute, at a time. I didn't do any other exercise besides my morning walk/jog yesterday except for shopping at Super WalMart and a grocery store. Doesn't it seem that I shop an awful lot? It feels like that to me, lol. When I was in Super WalMart, I remembered how I used to buy myself a donut and then eat it in the car so DH wouldn't know, heh. I didn't buy any junk food at all yesterday even though before I was finished shopping I was getting really hungry. But I'll be staying home today and doing some things around here. Less than 2 weeks and my #1 son and DIL will be here and I have so many things to take care of before then. Most of it has to be the last few days before they get here. So I am feeling some stress over that and of course, the cruise too right after that. Poor Soonie, lmao!

Okay, time for some brekky. I'm having my usual--packet of instant LS oatmeal, 2 LC WW toast with SF jelly and green tea/honey. 5 points! But I'm going to try to keep busy the rest of the day and eat less than my usual. Usually I eat up all of my allowed points but I want to shake it up a bit and see what happens. That's the plan anyway. I'm so hungry all the time, it seems. Of course I'll let you know how it went tomorrow. You all have a great Saturday, stay strong, and have PATIENCE!! We CAN do this!

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

borntocry on 09/30/2006:
Man, you are doing so well! I'm getting jealous. You did great on the treadmill. And don't be silly, you're not so old that you can't look good. You looked great in those photos you posted!

monet0239 on 09/30/2006:
Good for you for beating that treadmill yayya.. awesome.. and I just love this Soonie.. all happy and all wo0o0ho0o.. good for you!!..You can do this lady.. just keep smiling :).. hugs

maria777 on 09/30/2006:
WOW!!! Look at you! WTG!!! <font color=red><b>CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

WorkingIt on 09/30/2006:
YAY! Good to 'hear' some singing! LOL

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 29, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

Challenge Points for Thursday, Day 28: 5

A star day again. That's 4 in a row! Then how come the scale said the same thing this morning?? Grrrr! It's all about the number, ya know! Oh, well, maybe tomorrow. I thought I had an excellent day yesterday. I bowled 3 games with the group in the morning (206, beat all the guys, but then I just had a 149 and 159 the other 2 games), didn't touch the nice, fresh-looking donuts one of the guys brought in for the snack, didn't go out to lunch with DH afterward, later I got on the treadmill while I watched Dr. Phil (sheesh, did ya see that one?), walked for 2 miles in just less than 38 minutes, nothing fancy, and I ate just 24 points for the day. Had all my fruits and veggies, not a lot of salty things, >64 oz. of water and no eating past 7pm. How good can I get, lol?! But I'm keeping this up this weekend, no repeats of last weekend since I know it takes all week to take off what I gain over the weekend!! DUH!! I just keep thinking of the cruise and that #@*# number on the scale and how much I DON'T want to weigh this much on the cruise, and that keeps me going. I'm so determined this time. Dernit!!

Okay, got up at 6am this morning and did my treadmill walk--2 miles in 33:22, cutting 7 seconds off my time from Wednesday! I'm pumped!! I did 4 times of jogging at 4.2mph for 1/8 mile each = 1/2 mile of jogging. Whoopee! I think I've never done that in my whole life! Who'da thunk it? And nothing hurt, lol! A great start to my day!

Well, time to go feed the birdies and fill the birdbaths and clean the litter box and feed the cat. Then a shower and brekky. Need to go to Super WalMart and the grocery for a few things later and that's my only plan. I know there's lots to do around here so I'll keep busy. Going to be a hot one again, upper 90's. Need to get back here later and get caught up, I only read a few yesterday. For Those Who Thought They Knew Everything---No piece of paper can be folded in half more than seven times; You burn more calories sleeping than you do watching television; Venus is the only planet that rotates clockwise (since Venus is normally associated with women, what does this tell us?!) Okay, have a great Friday!! Remember--PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 09/29/2006:
Back when I was on a roll, I never lost weight bit by bit. I would have five good days in a row and see no change on the scale, and then all of a sudden it would drop by two or three pounds. So you hang in there and it will happen to you too - I'm sure of it.

monet0239 on 09/29/2006:
whats that.. you said.. Patience? well MsSoonie.. Keep being good and getting those starts and with Patience.. it will happen.. that scale will start on a downward motion hehe.. your doing great!!.. hugs sweetie

cornucopia982 on 09/30/2006:
keep on going, like BTC said, sometimes it takes the scale awhile...

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 28, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

Challenge Points for Wednesday, Day 27: 5

Just for BTC, I favored the Skyline chili 3-way with lots of those little crackers! Yum! Also they sold it frozen in the grocery stores, the chili-spaghetti, and I would nuke that and put lots of grated cheese on top and, of course, the little crackers. So, you see, I could have it everyday at home too. Curses!! Thus, the 200 pounder I became back before 1997.

Okay, yesterday another good day. As I said yesterday, exercise was walking the 2 miles on my treadmill. I didn't do any other exercise later in the day but I think I will today. Also bowling this morning with the gang. It's hot here, going to 97 again today. Can't wait for the cooler weather. Watched Biggest Loser last night and felt like such a failure. I wish I could do all that upper body work they do but can't because of my shoulder. I'm lucky I can still bowl. If it were my right shoulder, I wouldn't be able to bowl for sure.

Okay, time for brekky. It's 8am and we leave for bowling at 8:30. Hope you all do great today. Have some PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

Moody on 09/28/2006:
2 miles is great! Good for you.

Where do you live that it's 97 degrees?? Yikes!

monet0239 on 09/28/2006:
Don't you feel like a failure young lady.. you cant help it your shoulder is bad..as long as your doing what you can.. THATS WHATS MATTERS !!.. so smile pretty lady.. your doing great!!..can't wait till I can walk 2 miles on my treadmill.. how long does that take you?..just curious.. hehe.. hope you bowled great today !!.. hugs

WorkingIt on 09/29/2006:
I agree with Monet! =)

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 27, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.2

Challenge Points for Tuesday, Day 26: 5

And going strong! Had a great day yesterday! My exercise was bowling 5 games by myself in about an hour (172,189,191,193,200!!) Not too shabby, huh? At least I went up each game. Fun exercise too. Later at 5pm, I walked on my treadmill for 1 3/4 miles in about 33 minutes, not that fast but at least I did it. Expected a bigger loss this morning but that's okay. My eating was good, >100 oz. of water and no eating past 7pm. So a good day. This morning I got up at 6am and walked/jogged for 2 miles on my treadmill in 33:29, cut some seconds off my previous time. And I feel great! Thank you all for your comments. I need to explain the chili thing---my son lives in Ohio but I'm in Arizona and they have no Skyline Chili restaurants here but I know in the grocery stores there you can buy packets of seasoning mix that you mix with ground beef and water that makes the same as the restaurant's chili so I thought they could bring some when they come here. My son just loves the Skyline chili and I used to eat it all the time when I lived there, thus the 200 pounder I used to be, lol. The restaurants serve it in many ways--with spaghetti (a 2-way), with spaghetti and grated cheese (3-way), with those and onions (4-way), well, you get the drift. They also serve it on hot dogs with or without cheese, w/wo onions, called a coney. Yum! Makes me hungry just talking about it. And the smell, ah, the smell, I can almost smell it now! Okay, nuff of that. And, oh, Biscottibody, we don't have Steak and Shakes here either. I know, what kind of place am I living in, right? Lol We have all the Mexican food restaurants here though, can't beat that. Yummy too! And Maria and BTC, I know I can make that 153 by the cruise, it's possible, if I just work hard at it. And when they are here that 6 days, I CAN eat right and avoid the snacks. I'm sure we will keep busy doing things and going places and usually when people are around, I can be good. So all is not lost---yet!

Okay, it's after 8am and I still need to shower before brekky at 9. So I must get going. I'll leave you with a tidbit I got in an e-mail this morning---For Those Who Thought They Knew Everything: A duck's quack doesn't echo and no one knows why! Dentists have recommended that a toothbrush be kept at least six feet away from a toilet to avoid airborne particles resulting from the flush (Yuck,I'm keeping mine in the living room now!) Lol Donkeys kill more people annually than plane crashes! Okay, stay strong, we can do this. With PATIENCE!

Progress as of today: 1.6 lbs lost so far, only 22.2 lbs to go!

borntocry on 09/27/2006:
The thing about the duck's quack is actually false. You can look it up on one of those websites that debunk urban legends, like snopes.com. And as for the toilet, you could try putting down the lid every time you flush. My husband and I started doing that when I saw a show about household germs and now it's become such an ingrained habit that we don't even think about it.

Oh and you just had to go into that lengthy and mouth-watering description of Skyline, didn't you! Now I'm starving and still have to go grocery shopping - this could be dangerous! But I just have to ask - which way do you like your Skyline? My husband and I are 3-ways, but mine is vegetarian of course. (My husband tasted it once and he really liked it but said it's nothing like the regular chili so I guess I don't even know what that tastes like!) I have always wanted a coney but I guess I'll have to wait until they have vegetarian hot dogs for that!

WorkingIt on 09/27/2006:
I've heard about Skyline Chili..in fact the Travel Channel had a big special on Skyline. And that Skyline Chili is the number one York Peppermint Patty sellers in the country LOL

Sounds like you are doing great! and YAY on the weight loss! *HUG*

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 26, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.6

Challenge Points for Monday, Day 25: 5

Okay, back on the wagon securely. And some of the weight is gone---again! It's going to be a hard day today, DH is gone all day fishing with my brother again so that's always a trigger for that little voice to nag at me to just eat whatever I want all day and do nothing else. But I'm fighting it, I just have to, with the cruise less than 5 weeks away. I feel like a drowning person! I've got to stay afloat or it's all over! I feel so bloated and huge around my middle and I HATE this feeling. I don't want to be this way on the cruise, or anytime! And 2 weeks from today my #1 son and DIL will be here for 6 days so that means eating out and I'm going to ask them to bring some Skyline chili mix (hey, BTC) so I can fix that for one meal because my son loves that and I haven't had that in years. We can't buy it here. I plan on having the spaghetti and cheese with it too. I know, it's only one meal and I can plan my day around that but there will be other times when we go out to eat too. HELP! I just need to stay calm and plan. I can get through this. I just want to relax and enjoy them being here but the food is going to be difficult, to say the least. I just have to keep that cruise in mind all the time and do really well in the next 2 weeks. I'm sunk, aren't I?!

Okay, no exercise this morning. I'm planning on going bowling by myself later. It will get me out of the house and have some fun exercise. My back feels better, it's not perfect but better. I've been having these headaches lately and my ears are aching some too, down into my neck. It's not real bad, just nagging, and I have some queasyness too at times. Hope I'm not coming down with something. That's what kept me from doing anymore exercise yesterday, I just felt bad all afternoon. So just had the 2 miles of walking on the treadmill yesterday morning. I hope you all have a great day. Stay strong and have lots of PATIENCE! See ya tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 1.2 lbs lost so far, only 22.6 lbs to go!

nijuyon on 09/26/2006:
Chili with spaghetti and cheese? That sounds...strange *laugh* OH! I saw that on Unwrapped on the Food Network once. They have a mix for that?

Brian's girl on 09/26/2006:
Skyline, you must be in the area that BTC and her husband were....Ohio was it? I have been off the exercise wagon too, must get back into that routine.


maria777 on 09/26/2006:
You are NOT sunk!!! You still have time before the cruise to get your act together!!! You could EASILY be at 153 by then...chili and eating out included! Just go down 2 a week, for 5 weeks...Soonie, I KNOW you can do it! (and I'm talking to me, too!)

borntocry on 09/27/2006:
Skyline, yeah! I'm flattered that you (and apparently Brian's girl too!) think of me when you think of Skyline!

Boy do I know what you mean about using your DH's absence as an excuse to sit around eating. My whole weekend seemed to revolve around that. I'd be hitting the snack cupboard practically the moment he'd exit the door. I honestly don't understand it - it's not like I can't eat in front of him or anything. Although I do get the occasional surprised, "You're hungry??" when we've just eaten a huge meal and I'm breaking out the snacks. (You know all about that, don't you, hehe?)

Perhaps when your son and daughter-in-law are around, you could just try to avoid that kind of at-home solitary snacking. That's what I did when my parents and brother were in town for a weekend. I knew I wouldn't be able to avoid the meals out with them so I thought I'd just try not to eat on my own at all. By only eating when they ate I could at least ensure that I was eating like a normal person and not like I do when I'm in binge mode (eating all the time).

Also, perhaps you should try to make the next two weeks really count. If your weight is down by the time they arrive it may inspire you to be strong in the face of temptation!

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 25, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 163.8

Challenge Points for Sunday, Day 24: 3

If you don't like to hear profanity, stop reading now, lol! No, I'm kidding, I wouldn't say exactly what I'd really like to say here, heh. So I'll spare you all. Not a good weekend, to say the least. No exercise, no eating right, although, yesterday I did fit in my 3 veggies and 2 fruits. My only redeeming success was that I didn't go out anywhere and buy junk food, no candy, no McD's, no KFC, if you can call that success. I did drink all my water and didn't eat past 7pm both days. So today is a new day again. I was up at 6am and walked/jogged 2 miles on my treadmill already---new record, 33:54! I did the jogging 4 times this morning instead of the 3 I had been doing, still less than 1/8 mile each time but I feel like it's getting better, only slightly. I still keep my eye on the counter thingy and feel like I'm going to die but I get there, lol. I think I'm recovering my breath in less time now though. Oh, my back is better, now my hips ache but I struggle through that. Did all my stretching and that's getting easier too. I don't know if I should try some ab crunches today since I think that's how I pulled the muscle the other day. If I do them, I will do them v-e-r-y carefully. I also plan on doing some more exercise later today too, don't know what yet. I really should get out the yoga tape or my line dancing tapes and work on those and I do still have my recumbant bike that's gathering dust too. I could do that while watching Oprah or something later. Oprah is on here at 4pm. And there's always the pool, which I've been neglecting but the water isn't as warm as it had been, maybe 80 degrees by the afternoon. So lots of choices. Okay, that's it. New Monday, new week, let's start over again. Blah, blah. The alternative is too scary to think about, right? Join me back on the wagon, enjoy the ride. And be PATIENT!!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 23.8 lbs to go!

Brian's girl on 09/25/2006:
Is there another seat on the wagon, think I would like to join you. It's going to be a bumpy ride so hold on, lol.


WorkingIt on 09/25/2006:
Great job on the treadmill! I can't seem to get past a 17minute mile LOL

monet0239 on 09/25/2006:
man oh man.. we already closed our pool up for the summer.. its cccoold here in these parts.. well too cold to swim anyway..lol.. better get some in before its to late.. :).. hugs

maria777 on 09/25/2006:
Good for you on avoiding the fast foods and getting in the exercise!!!

ima2hefty on 09/25/2006:
you did find success this weekend if you didnt eat out and you normally do, also you drank your water and didnt eat past 7 on both days...so HA! i love the attitude you have. ;) I laughed out loud when you said you watch the timer and about die on the treadmill lol. keep it up!

smiley2 on 09/26/2006:
It doesnt sound like you did too bad at all! Better than me anyhow! Keep up the good work with the exercise and welcome back on the wagon lol, im back on it from today as well ;)

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 24, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.4

Challenge Points for Saturday, Day 23: 2

I almost didn't get on the scale this morning, heh. But honesty is the best policy I guess. Waaah! Thanks for all your comments and advice for my back muscle. I remembered that with the new sort-of-insurance thing I have that there is a number you can call for a nurse's advice so I did. She said "ice for the first 2 days, then heat". Ice for 20 minutes at a time, 4 times a day. So that's what I'm doing. And ibuprofen. It's feeling a little better today but I will keep on with the ice. I think I hurt it doing ab crunches Friday. As you can see by the points and the weight, yesterday was a very bad day. No exercise, no keeping within my WW points, not enough veggies (unless you count 3 servings of refried beans on 3 tostadas, I'm not counting that, heh), I did have the 2 fruits though. And a whole lot of junk! At least I didn't leave the house for the fast food though! Today, no bowling, dernit! I certainly don't want to do that yet with my back. I'm giving it a rest. So no exercise today. I'll try to do better with the food. The magic number today is 5---5 weeks until the cruise. And here I am, still can't get into my smaller shorts and the bigger ones are uncomfortable. What the heck am I going to wear on the cruise if I don't step it up?? Must do better. Okay, I'm sure there are other things I wanted to talk about but I'm old and I forget, lol. Have a nice Sunday. See ya tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 22.4 lbs to go!

cornucopia982 on 09/24/2006:
Sometimes I feel the same way getting on a scale. I've noticed that I have been eating less veggies also. Like you, I am making a goal to get them in. Actually, I had three really good red and yellow peppers this evening. I love veggies, so its unfortunate I did't have them the past couple days!

WorkingIt on 09/24/2006:
Now that you know what to do to help yourself, you should be feeling better in no time! YAY!

Moody on 09/25/2006:
Wow 5 weeks! That'll be here in no time! You can do alot in 5 weeks; and you CAN do it!!!

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