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Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 23, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.0

Challenge Points for Friday, Day 22: 5

Okay, I had another great day yesterday, did everything right, but the scale showed a slight gain, humph! You know, I could understand it staying the same but I just never understand the gain for no reason. Oh, well... I woke up to pain in my back this morning. I must have pulled a muscle yesterday doing something, who knows. It feels like a giant knot in the muscle and hurts even when doing nothing so I'm planning on no exercise today. Okay, do I do heat or ice? Please give me any advice you have, k? And I'm sitting here, scratching my legs. I went out to feed the birdies and fill the birdbaths and then I went out on the patio with my cat for a few minutes and boy, did the mosquitos get me on my legs!! I must have a dozen small bites that itch like heck! I was thinking that now, with the humidity back down and the temps cooler, that maybe the danger of mosquitos is over, but not so. Hope I don't get the West Nile virus!

So I'm just going to relax today. I have lots of TV shows to watch that I taped this week and I have a good book to read, sounds good to me. Have a great day. And as I reminded myself this morning---PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 21 lbs to go!

Moody on 09/23/2006:
I hate pulled muscles and mosquitos!! I have plenty of experience in both! I don't know about heat or cold; my doctor gives me muscle relaxants.

Enjoy your RELAXING day of watching tv. Sounds good to me!!

geevee on 09/23/2006:
You've been doing so well! Keep up the good work.

borntocry on 09/23/2006:
Sounds to me like you need heat. Have done some research on the subject and apparently the reason some say ice and some say heat is that in most circumstances either one will make you feel better, though for different reasons. Ice reduces swelling while heat loosens you up. Some recommend that you do one followed by the other. However, you should never use heat if you have any actual swelling or inflammation. In your situation though it sounds like muscle tightness rather than swelling, in which case I think you'd be better off with heat.

I had a star day for the first time in ages yesterday and my weight was also up today, and normally it's down on the weekends. What is this curse?

monet0239 on 09/23/2006:
I agree with borntocry.. :).. heat it up girly.. :).. but I would at least try to stretch out alittle.. nothing real painful.. just like sit on the floor and try slowy to touch your toes.. might feel better that way.. then heat..? or maybe heat.. then stretch out.. then heat again hehe.. what ever you decide.. get better soon..big hugs.. but not to tight.. hehe..

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 22, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.4

Challenge Points for Thursday, Day 21: 5

GOOD MORNING, DDers!! Yep, Soonie is having a good day, so far! It's only 7:30 here, lol. But I did get up at 6am again and did my 2 miles of walking on my treadmill. Cut my time again---34:16. I don't know if I can do that again, it KILLED me! This time when I did my sprints of jogging, I cranked it up to 4.2mph but only did less than 1/8 mile at a time again and I did that 3 times during my walk. Most of the rest of the time I was at 3.5mph. And still the treadmill thingy said I only burned 209 calories. I know this can't be right because I worked harder and it doesn't consider how much I weigh so I really don't pay much attention to it. Anyway I lost some weight this morning from yesterday and I'm happy *dancing Soonie* There are times when I'm on the treadmill that I just want to rip my t-shirt off, I'm so hot and sweaty, and I am at home so I could but I don't want DH to walk in and see that, lol. So I persevere with it on. Someday.....

Okay, yesterday had some challenges but I had a great day! In the morning we bowled our 3 games with the group and then went to Sam's to fill up the gas tank ($2.35nine a gallon) and went into Sam's to get a huge bag of frozen peas that I could use as an ice pack. I was using a small bag and that works well but I wanted a bigger one for my shoulder. Anyway they didn't have frozen peas so I got corn instead. It works just as well and only $3.74, a nice cheap ice pack! Also bought a big bag of frozen mango, yum! I love this! I thaw it out in a bowl and eat it or use it in a smoothie. Anyway while DH was trying all the samples they were giving out, I didn't touch a one, yay me! And by then I was getting really hungry, only having my small bowl of instant oatmeal and cup of green tea for brekky. Bowling really gives me an appetite. Oh, and there were home made brownies at the bowling alley---didn't touch them either! Then we stopped at the grocery and got some more peaches and bananas. Got home at 12:30 so I got on the puter until 1:00, lunch time! I would have gotten on the treadmill some in the afternoon but I didn't want to get all sweaty and have to shower and do my hair since we had a meeting to go to at 6pm. This is my usual dinner time since I stop all eating at 7 so I had to eat some dinner at 4:30 and get ready to leave. Had my veggies and fruit to make my quota for the day and that's all for dinner. So before the meeting I only had 16 points for the whole day! They had chocolate chip cookies at the meeting so I had one, just one, so still within my points for the day. Of course, they kept calling me during the whole meeting but I just ignored them, yay me again! When I went to bed at 10 (after ER, love that show and I was so afraid they were going to have Abby die I couldn't stand it, she's my favorite) anyway, I was kinda hungry but also very sleepy so I got to sleep okay. So that was my day. SUCCESS!! And then the little reward on the scale this morning.

Okay, this has been so long. Are you still there? Lol Time to go feed the cat, clean the litter box and get my shower. Don't forget to watch the Relly Awards this morning, lol. I know, for most of you it's already been on, sorry. But that's what I'll be doing while eating my brekky. Love that Regis and Kelly! Anyway, you all have a great Friday and weekend! I'll see ya tomorrow! PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 3.4 lbs lost so far, only 20.4 lbs to go!

wannabmeagain on 09/22/2006:
great job on the treadmill, im only doing 1 mile and it takes me 23 min. by then im all sweaty and my legs are tired out. i keep hoping when that gets easy for me , i will add to it. but great job to you.

borntocry on 09/22/2006:
My gosh that frozen mango sounds good!

I wouldn't put too much stock by how many calories the treadmill says you burn. The general formula is 100 calories per mile, no matter what the speed. However, I have a hard time believing that. I can walk 3 miles with much less effort than it takes me to run 1 mile. So I can't believe that I'm burning three times as many calories by walking 3 miles than by running 1 mile! And there are other factors to consider too. When you get your heart rate up high like I'm sure you do when you run, that raises your metabolism. So you will continue to burn calories for quite a while even after you've stopped exercising. Kind of like weight-lifting, which helps you burn calories by building muscle. These effects can't really be measured on a monitor, but trust me, you will notice them. Not to mention the increased fitness and improved muscle tone. That's what got me hooked on running, not the calories.

WorkingIt on 09/22/2006:
Congratulations on the weight loss and the great day!

smiley2 on 09/23/2006:
Congrats on the weight loss! You are really on a roll and it even motivates me! My treadmill is also not accurate when it comes to calories burned. I try to do the same distance each time, but increase my speed or incline, like you do. At least that way you KNOW you are doing a harder workout, even though the calories burned might not show it.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 21, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

Challenge Points for Wednesday, Day 20: 4

Okay, I didn't make the WW points goal, I went over some. I really tried hard though. We did a last minute dinner out thing with Sis and BIL at Swensen's. They're like Friendly's, an ice cream place that also has sandwiches and burgers. And we had----a coupon!! They always get me in trouble. But that's not really where the trouble lies. Sis and I split the burger and fries and drank iced tea but you get a small sundae for dessert with the coupon meal. I only ate a few bites of mine and gave the rest to the DH so I did pretty well there, although I had no idea how many points I had. So I figured I was over for the day since I had no chance to plan ahead. And you all know what happens to Soonie when she knows she's already over in points---I ate after we got home. Well, I hadn't had all my fruits and veggies yet so I some of those and then I had an apple-caramel parfait thing (only 2 points) and I ate some more, can't remember what. So I was way over for the day. But still went down .2 of a pound, go figure. But I did make all my other goals for the day.

I want to thank everyone for all their sweet comments. BTC, you made me chuckle about the bowling. I have been bowling for over 30 years so I guess you have to improve with that much age, lol. I used to bowl in leagues all the time, smiley2, but just haven't felt like committing myself to one now. This group we bowl with now on Thursdays is fun and you don't keep track of who wins and all that and you don't have to show up every week if you don't want to. Of course, I do show up every week, I love it! And it only costs us $3.50 each for 3 games of bowling. And such fun people!

Okay, must eat brekky now, almost time to leave for bowling. You all have a great day and remember---PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

monet0239 on 09/21/2006:
3.50.. not bad at all.. wish it was that cheap here.. gesshh..lol.. shake it off and move on...:).. hugs sweetie

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 20, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.8

Challenge Points for Tuesday, Day 19: 5

Okay, another star! But the scale went up! I'm okay with it and I'm sure it's because of the salty things I've eaten the last couple of days. For example, dinner yesterday---canned tuna, canned corn, canned lima beans and a glass of V-8!! I had a serving of baked Ruffles at lunch too with a LQ panini. Today will be less salt. But that's so hard for me, everything I like to eat is full of salt. I'm drinking more than 64 oz of water every day but I guess that doesn't help or, maybe if I didn't, I'd gain even more, ya think? Yesterday's exercise was 4 games of bowling by myself. It took almost an hour and I did break a sweat. I had a 187, 175, 206 and 170. I was kinda tired the last game. I would have bowled more but as I said, I was tired and it was time for lunch and I had a long 25 minute drive home and had to make a stop on the way. While I ate lunch and watched my soap, I iced my left shoulder. I bowl with my right hand but it pulls my left shoulder which is bad anyway, so a lot of pain there. I know I should probably switch to a lighter ball, I use a 16 pounder, the heaviest you can get, and have been using it for years. Oh, I had a compliment yesterday too. There was a senior's league bowling there while I bowled and a man came over when I was packing up my stuff and said "You're a really good bowler"! Wow, that felt good! So that's why I listed my games here. I figure I can't run any marathons like BTC and Runner (where is Runner anyway?) but I've always been able to bowl well. That's my thing and I guess I can be proud of that, at least. I don't really do anything else well. Okay, I ramble. Anyway I had a real good day yesterday. And another thing, I'm learning to like myself and concentrate on the good things about me and I'm not relying so much on how DH treats me to make me like myself. Ya know what I mean? I used to get so depressed and just hate myself if he didn't say nice things or if he'd go off and spend the day with other people, his friends, instead of me. And my whole day would be ruined because of it. I'd head right for the junk food. But no more, he can do whatever he wants and I still have me and that's not so bad, right? YEAH!! Okay, maybe TMI here, I tend to open my heart here too much but I know you all understand.

Anyway, I got up at 6 and did my 2 miles on my treadmill this morning. Cut 8 seconds off my time---34:35. It's so hard to lower my time, I even did some jogging at 4.0 for 3 times, less than an eighth of a mile each time though. It KILLS me but I think I'm getting better. Most of the time I was doing 3.5mph. Of course my time does include my short warmup, a few minutes at 3.2. Oh, well, I'm working on it. I know today will be a difficult day since I don't plan on going anywhere so I must stay busy and hang on to my mojo, lol. I need to get caught up with you all here, I just ran out of time yesterday and didn't get to everyone, so many newbies. And now, with the new TV shows coming on, and you know what a TV freak I am, I'll have even less time here. But I think of you guys all the time, I'm so glad I found the DD so many years ago. You all have a great day. I'll be back later to read. Buh-bye!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

liza36 on 09/20/2006:
I like bowling but I'm not very good at it. I'm impressed with your numbers, and what a great compliment. Congrats on your new treadmill time...that's fantastic. You're doing great, keep it up.

greengirl on 09/20/2006:
I think the amount of exercise you do is brilliant. I'm hopeless at bowling and it's not taken so seriously here in the uk. The only thing I play competitively is ladies darts and that doesn't exactly help the diet (what with the drinking beer at the same time and stuff). I am going to try and get more exercise in, like you do but the nights are drawing in and it's not really safe to go walking in the dark where I live. I must get a treadmill !!!

monet0239 on 09/20/2006:
big hugs girly.. :)

WorkingIt on 09/20/2006:
Congratulations on the star! And how wonderful to get a compliment from a stranger! **Hugs**

smiley2 on 09/21/2006:
Wow great job on the bowling! Maybe you should try and play for a league? Maybe the guy talking to you was some sort of sign?! Im so glad you have a positive mindset these days....realizing once positive points really helps to build the self esteem. I have found that talking in the mirror...looking yourself in the eyes also works very well. You are right, we are all we've got at the end of the day:)

borntocry on 09/21/2006:
Hi Soonie,

I actually think bowling is really cool and I am really jealous of my husband because he's quite good at it too. It looks so easy, but it's not! I was so embarrassed when I finally tried it and found out how terrible I am at it. And I mean really terrible - the kind of terrible where sometimes the ball doesn't leave my hand and I go tumbling down after it like in a cartoon. That kind of terrible. So I love to read about your bowling exploits! You rock!

And you've been jogging too? That's awesome! 4.0 is pretty fast, even if it's just for an eighth of a mile at a time. When I started I also couldn't do more than an eighth of a mile without getting winded. You will improve, though. It may take a while but you'll feel great once you notice it! That's what I miss most about running. I was never fast at all, you know! But I always remembered how out-of-shape I was when I started and it felt great to have come such a long way.

Thanks for the comment you left me, by the way... you were the only one who gave me hope that I might still be able to get back to running!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Sep 19, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.4

Challenge Points for Monday, Day 18: 5

I'm on a roll, lol. The weight changed a bit but not as much as I'd thought it would. I made all my goals and had a busy day so I'm happy anyway. No exercise yet this morning. I know I said yesterday that I need to get it done in the morning but I think today I may go bowling by myself. I heard on the radio this morning that there's some kind of tournament thing going on there between noon and 1pm so I'm going to check that out. It may be some fun. And I will probably go to the outlet mall and Super WalMart too.

Let me tell you, I have so many things going well right now, if I'd just get my weight down along with them, I'd really be happy. My nails are longer than they've ever been in my life, my hair is finally getting as long as I've wanted it to be (past my shoulders,I had short, permed hair for over 20 years) so all that does inspire me to get the weight off. Small things, I know, but they make me happy. Does that make sense to any of you? Well, that's me anyway. And, smiley2, the cruise is down the west coast of Mexico to Acapulco and back, for 8 days! I'm going with my Mom and Sis and BIL. Mom paid my way except for the airfair which wasn't much since we embark in L. A., so only about an hour's flight from here. And I am so determined to get off as much weight as possible before then. I know I won't be skinny as I'd planned way back in the spring but I'll do the best I can. Just thinking of that keeps me going.

Okay, I know I had more to say but can't think of it. You good people have a great Tuesday and I'll be back tomorrow. Ta!

Progress as of today: 2.4 lbs lost so far, only 21.4 lbs to go!

Moody on 09/19/2006:
I love bowling but am not very good at it--its so much fun! I totally understand what you mean about the small things that can inspire you. You are doing such a great job--how many days til the cruise?? That sounds like heaven!

WorkingIt on 09/19/2006:
Yay on the loss! And yes, I understand how you feel about the hair and nails..those little things DO make a big difference! Have a great day!

mattscat3295 on 09/19/2006:
Congratulations on the loss. You are doing a great job.

borntocry on 09/19/2006:
Wow, Soonie, you are doing great! I am always trying to grow my nails too... but they're all cracked and broken right now.

Glad things are going so well for you. I forgot to tell you when I read your last entry how impressive I think it is that you lost so much weight and have kept it off for so long. I forget sometimes that you're really only a few pounds over your goal weight. And the same goes for me, too. So thanks for reminding me of that!

monet0239 on 09/19/2006:
aweome girly.. keep this up and you'll be where ya wanna be..:).. hugs

maria777 on 09/19/2006:
We might as well all be happy now...after all...I heard on the news that soon 'thin' will NOT be in anymore...fuller-figured women are already being sought after for models instead of thin ones!

Soon2BThin - Monday Sep 18, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

Challenge Points for Sunday, Day 17: 5

Another star! Soonie is BACK!! This time I have to keep it up. The magic number is 6--6 weeks and I will be on the cruise. So I would like to get back to 153 by then, I was there back in April, I think. That is my mini-goal this time, heh. I think I can do it and I'm keeping that cruise in mind now to help me. I know I've said it all before, but this time, I think it's going to take, lol. I've learned a lot in the last couple of weeks, really. You'd think at my age, I'd know it all by now, but not so, lol. I forgot to mention, it's been 9 years ago this month that I weighed 200 pounds and started my weightloss journey. So at least I'm not right back there as so many people do. I'm proud of that but I also think I should have reached my goal by now, it's been a lot of ups and downs. I had reached my WW goal of 150 back in 2001 and I did go lower than that, down to 143 for one short time but now, here I am. This time the plan is to get out of the 160's and NEVER see them ever again! I feel better already, after losing that water weight the last couple of days and I need to start doing the ab crunches again too. I did get up at 6 this morning (it's a beautiful morning here, btw, cool and dry with a little breeze and bright sunshine, I'm loving it with the windows open) and I did my 2 miles on the treadmill--34:43, better than ever lately--so I already have the exercise finished. I find that I have to get it out of the way first thing or I probably won't get to it.

Yesterday, was great. We bowled our usual 5 games, I was pooped at the last one, only had a 111, the only game that DH won, lol. So I gave myself 2 extra exercise points for that and only used one of them. I had 26 points for the day and had all my fruits and veggies and, of course, all my water, no problem there. And no eating past 7pm so a great day again! I'm going to go on doing this too, I just have to. I feel strong and I know there will be challenges in the next 6 weeks but I'm here to crush them down, bark, bark!! You've heard it here. help!

Okay, you all have a great day, stay busy and be strong! We CAN do this, we CAN!! Luv you all, my friends. Ta!

Progress as of today: 2.2 lbs lost so far, only 21.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 09/18/2006:
I'm impressed that you beat your husband at bowling - I can never beat mine at anything. Maybe sewing... or cooking...

Well, enjoy that nice weather! It's pretty nice here right now too... but it won't last!

WorkingIt on 09/18/2006:
YAY!!!! And congrats/happy weight-loss journey anniversary! I think you are very strong and have a very positive attitude, I'll be cheering you on from over here!

Moody on 09/18/2006:
Don't you love the weather change? Feels so good. Great job at working out..keep it up!

smiley2 on 09/19/2006:
Oh im all excited for you! How wonderful...where is the cruise again to and how long will you guys be gone? Where do you you board the boat from, San Diego? That MUST be a motivator for you! Focus on what you want to lose until then, what you are going to wear etc....you can do it!!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Sep 17, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.4

Challenge Points for Saturday, Day 16: 5

Whoosh, there went that water weight! No wonder I was up all night, lol. I'm feeling better. Although, I didn't sleep well. I was on such a high from my great day that I couldn't get to sleep last night. Where is all that energy when I need it in the daytime?! Then I was awake at 2:30 until after 4 and my stomach was empty! Finally slept until 6:15 and that was it for me. Getting ready to go bowling with the DH this morning. It's 61 degrees here this morning, going to 94, the sun is shining, not a cloud in the sky and it feels great. I think our monsoon is finally over. I thought when we moved from Ohio we'd left the humidity behind but not so from July through part of September here. The rest of the year is just beautiful and perfect! We love it! Anyways....

I made all 5 of my goals yesterday---eat within my allowed WW points, 20-25 plus exercise points, eat at least 3 veggies and 2 fruits (and btw, I don't need the Metamucil anymore, heh) drink >64 oz. of water, do some kind of exercise everyday, and no eating past 7pm. Check and accomplished yesterday! I'm BACK!! And today will be good too, and tomorrow, and the next day, and the next day.....I know I had more to say but can't think of it right now, it's too early, lol. Have a great day and stay strong, it's worth it in the end, if I can ever get there, lol. Ta!

Progress as of today: 1.4 lbs lost so far, only 22.4 lbs to go!

greengirl on 09/17/2006:
WoW!!!! You are doing really well with your goals. No wonder the weight went all at once. Well done!!!

monet0239 on 09/17/2006:
awesome job yesterday girly.. :).. keep it up.. hugss.. hope your bowling is good :)

WorkingIt on 09/17/2006:
What a great day! Very motivating entry, thanks!

borntocry on 09/18/2006:
Hi Soonie,

Thanks for your comment. You are such a sweetie! Here's to a great week for both of us!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Sep 16, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.0

Challenge Points for Friday, Day 15: 2

I made the water goal and no eating past 7pm. Big Deal! When I walked on my treadmill this morning, it felt like I'd gained all that weight right in my legs, lol. They were so heavy! But I did the 2 miles, it weren't easy! And here I am, back at trying again. Sheesh! I ate more than anyone should yesterday and it's amazing my stomach didn't explode! Doesn't make for a very restful night either, heh. I don't know what to say, I've said it all before many times. All I can do is take it one minute at a time. I hope to get caught up with you all later today. See ya tomorrow. Have a good one!

Progress as of today: -1.2 lbs lost so far, only 25 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 15, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.6

Challenge Points for Thursday, Day 14: 4

Again I didn't make the WW points goal and I totally lost count this time. We didn't get to use the coupon for the bowling and pizza because you had to have a second part to it which the bowling buddy didn't give us. So at least that was avoided. But I took DH to Mimi's Cafe for lunch. I know I said last week that I wasn't going to eat out until the #1 son and DIL were here in Oct. but I just had to let him see how good that place is. So we split a cobb salad and the low-fat blueberry muffin that came with it. I just love their salads because they chop the lettuce up really nice and all the rest of the stuff too. I know it wasn't low cal very much but we left off the bleu cheese and avacado and I drank water. So no problems there. Oh, I only ate 2/3 of mine and brought the rest home. BUT...since the waitress recognized me from Tuesday's lunch, I told her that had been my first time there and she said she wished I would have said something then because they do something special if it's your first time and I said it was the DH's first time so she said she'd have a nice surprise for him after we ate. It was 4--I said 4 FOUR--huge muffins to take home!! I know, we shouldn't have accepted them but we did. DH can't resist something free, lol. I only tried a couple of bites later and he ate most of them and took the rest with him this morning fishing. So I didn't do too badly then either. It was later in the afternoon I just went nuts. I don't know what takes over my mind, it's like I'm posessed. Anyway, I just kept on eating all kinds of stuff. I'm so embarrassed to say that. I've been doing this so long, why can't I get it?? Now with all that said, I'm taking today off. I wasn't going to say that but I'm being honest here. That's my plan. DH is gone fishing all day and I'm alone. I have a hair appointment at 1:00 to get a trim and then I'm indulging in whatever I want for lunch. I know, so stupid but that's it. I just need that today and tomorrow I'll start over, heh. Same old Soonie! I feel like I should appologize to you all, why do I feel that way? I know you're all yelling at me right now but I'm not listening. So stupid, right? Sorry. And with that note, I'm going now. Hope you're all doing better than I am. Have a good Friday!

Progress as of today: 1.2 lbs lost so far, only 22.6 lbs to go!

smiley2 on 09/16/2006:
I have found that my state of mind are sometimes tied to food and some days i just need a break, otherwise i will break down mentally. Dont know if youre the same. Must be the way i was brought up or something. But on the other hand, when i gain weight, my state of mind falls even more, so its a delicate balance of allowing yourself that occasional splurge, but then also eating healthy most of the times to lose the weight. Dont feel guilty over a day or 2 a week, just make up for it on the other.

Oh and DH and me use to love Mimi's Cafe too! I think i had the most wonderful lamb shank or was it pork there!

WorkingIt on 09/16/2006:
Nothing like a good cafe' with good food and a relaxing atmosphere. Take care of yourself. =)

Soon2BThin - Thursday Sep 14, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.8

Challenge Points for Wednesday, Day 13: 4

Made all my goals except the most important one---WW points, I went over by 7 for the day. At least I kept counting and didn't go wild, that's progress! It showed up on the scale too *groan* Today's exercise will be bowling with the gang. We may even go eat lunch and then bowl some more, we have a coupon that expires tomorrow for free bowling. I hate coupons, they always get me in trouble. This one includes free pizza too. Don't know how we're going to handle that, maybe call #3 son and ask him to help us eat it and bowl with us. I plan on having no pizza myself, dern coupons! Okay, you guys go out there and have a great day. I was so busy yesterday that I didn't get here to read and comment. See ya later today. Ta!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

BethAktoNM on 09/14/2006:
Hi...Just wanted to check in and let you know I am no longer known as Beth201...I am now down in NM and working, so not to bad. My pup is on her way down from AK with my dad. Well I better run. Keep up the good work. Beth :)

Brian's girl on 09/14/2006:
No pizza for you my dear, order it and take it to a neighbor or a family member...not only are you using the coupon but also doing a good deed unless that person is dieting of course, lol.

Eat an apple or an avocado or something that will fill you up before you use the coupon, less likely that you will want to give in to the pizza. Be strong.


WorkingIt on 09/14/2006:
At least you counted them! Don't you guys get flex and exercise points? I am reading my latest issue of Fitness magazine, they had a VERY good story on reasons why our weight fluctuates..I'll see if I can find it..if not I'll post them one at a time in my diary. **hugs**

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