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Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 18, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Thursday, Day 32: 3

Didn't make the WW points limit or the 3 veggies, 2 fruits goals yesterday. My exercise was bowling, I drank > 64 oz. of water and no eating past 7pm. So 3 points. I didn't get on the treadmill in the afternoon, I went to the grocery store and Walgreen's for a prescription instead. I bought a candy bar. A Symphony bar to be exact. I love that chocolate and the little nut and toffee bits. Dernit! 230 calories, 6, count them, 6!! points! Well, I had already had too much for the day with lunch. It started with the mini-muffins I made to take for the bowlers. They were fat free but oh, so good! Cranberry-orange! I ate 3 while bowling, for 3 points. I usually don't eat the snacks while bowling. Then lunch we thought we'd shake it up a bit and went to Red Lobster. Now I suggested this knowing full well I was going to eat too much, namely, those cheese biscuits, yum! I had a salad with full-fat dressing (thousand island) 2 biscuits and 2 of DH's jumbo fried shrimp. And it was soooo good! Bad Soonie! So knowing I was already over for the day on points, I bought the candy bar at the store and ate a LC pizza and some almonds (yeah, don't forget the almonds, a whole big can lurking in my pantry) at about 4pm with it. That was my 3rd meal of the day. Later, at 6pm, while watching Seinfeld reruns (yep, I'm a die-hard Seinfeld fan, seen every episode at least 3 or 4 times, probably more) I had the 4th meal, a fried egg on toast with a slice of toast and sf jelly and 2 low-fat sausages! Another 6 points right there! At least I quit eating before 7pm and drank water all day except for my iced tea at lunch. Oh, I forgot, I ate another handful of almonds with the 4th meal. I WILL NEVER BUY THOSE EVIL NUTS AGAIN!! Heh.

Okay, got that off my mind. I got up a little earlier this morning, figuring it would give me more time to get on here and read some entries since I didn't have much time yesterday to read them all and I wanted to read the comments to WorkingIt and BTC too. But DH got here first so I had to wait anyway. At least I got to clean out a file cabinet drawer while I was waiting, a much needed chore. And here I am, it's almost 9am and time for brekky. Then after cleaning up, I will head out to the gym. I won't forget my snack bar this time either in case I need it. So I'm planning on a star day today. You all have a great Friday and weekend. I'll see ya tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 08/18/2006:
I must try those cheese biscuits some day - I have heard so much about them. However, Red Lobster is not one of the places that my husband and his family frequent, so I'd be the one dragging them there. On my next trip to America, of course!

I agree - you should never ever buy nuts again! How I wish I were one of those mysterious people who don't like nuts (like my husband). Lucky, lucky them.

Oh and I love Seinfeld too! Have you seen that new show by the same guy who created Seinfeld... what's it called... Curb Your Enthusiasm! It's really good, too!

monet0239 on 08/18/2006:
better luck tomorrow sweetie.. time to move on hehe.. hugs

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 17, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Wednesday, Day 31: 5

Thank you, maria, biscotti, BTC, Brian's girl, monet and liza for your wonderful comments! You really made me feel so good. You were all so sweet with what you had to say about my pics, although I don't agree, lol. No big surprise. Still it was nice to "hear"! I did really well at the luncheon yesterday, it was a surprise birthday party for an 85 year old member so there WAS cake. I only ate a small square of it, not too bad. Mom and I shared a cheese burger, not my choice of a meal but that's what Mom wanted and I didn't want to get a huge salad and waste half of it. I only ate 7 or 8 fries that came with it. Mom HAD to have the fries. Oh, well, I ate light the rest of the day. I had to get in my 3 veggies and 2 fruits with my dinner so that's all I had for dinner. My fruit was a fruit smoothie with yogurt, peaches, mango and banana. I only had half a serving of peaches and mango, thus, 2 fruits with the banana. We've been having fruit smoothies almost every day now but DH wasn't home so I had it all to myself. Still only 5 points. So 8 points for dinner, 4 points for brekky and I'm sure the lunch wasn't more than the 15 points I had left. I gave myself 2 extra points for the 2 miles of walking on my treadmill I did later in the afternoon, yay, me! I also did 3 loads of laundry and made some FF mini-muffins in the evening (didn't eat a one!) for the bowlers this morning. I was busy all day! So my exercise will be bowling this morning, maybe something else later on, and probably lunch out, more than likely at Applebee's again. At least I'm safe there with the WW menu. Of course, it's more expensive than I would like for the amount of food you get. Oh, well. Anyway, we had a great fun time at the luncheon, I'm so glad I found this group. We have so much planned for the future and Mom and I are planning a Cinco de Mayo party for the group in May. I'm so excited! Okay, you all get out there and have a great day. Thank you so much again, monet03, for sizing my pic and also adding the title at the bottom. Don't know how you did that but it's nice. After I put them up again yesterday cause the others disappeared, the others came back so I had to delete them. I may delete the other ones too soon, they just make me uncomfortable being up there for the world to see. Well, anyone who happens to read my entries anyway. See ya tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 08/17/2006:
Wow, Soonie, you have outdone yourself yet again! The kind of day you had is sort of an ideal for me, because I find it easy to do well when there is nothing around to tempt me, but when presented with cake or fries all my resolve goes out the window. So I would love to be able to face such challenges with such restraint. If I ever do that, I'm giving myself a huge bonus point!

Your smoothie sounds delicious, by the way! I need to start making smoothies too - it would be a great way to get my husband to eat more fruit, for one thing!

maria777 on 08/17/2006:
You know, I used to make smoothies with my blender...ice, banana, and strawberries...or something like that...it was so good...I just remembered it when I reading about your smoothies that you make. This is reminding me that there are ways to have sweets that are not SUGAR and FAT sweets...and they are good, too. I think it's wonderful that you and your Mom are having a good time together, spending time together like you do. My Mom and I sometimes go to the flea market together.

maria777 on 08/17/2006:
BTW, I saved your pics!

monet0239 on 08/17/2006:
your welcome sweetie.. any time.. I have a program called paint shop pro.. thats how I put the font on there and cropped your pictures and resized :).. you have my email now.. feel free to use it any time.. hugsss

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 16, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Okay, the pics are there now at 8:50am pt. Hope they stay there now. The one with the skirt is the outfit I made. The one with the pants is what I actually wore to the Elvis thing. Forgot my red and purple boa dernit!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

Brian's girl on 08/16/2006:
I love it, the purple outfit looks good on you...it would probably look sick on me, although I am a winter person but look better in whites and blacks.


borntocry on 08/16/2006:
Wow, Soonie, you look AWESOME! Why are you always complaining about how old and fat you are?! You must be crazy! You look so slim! At first I thought that this must just be a particularly flattering outfit on you, but then I re-read your entry and how you think you look "fatter" in the photos than in your mirror, so now I know you're just delusional. Well, I won't be so worried about your little binges in the future, haha!

Speaking of binges, it's easy to see what went wrong for you yesterday - you let yourself get WAY too hungry. Don't let that happen again! I used to make this mistake frequently and it led to some of my worst binges (which would end with me clutching my stomach in pain from how much I had stuffed myself - and it takes a lot for that to happen!). I NEVER let this happen any more. I make sure I always have an energy bar or a little packet of cookies or at least a calcium chew or something with me so that I never get that hungry. And grocery shopping in that state? Forget it! You know how dangerous that is!

borntocry on 08/16/2006:
P.S. I had forgotten that you made that outfit yourself! The skirt is lovely - it doesn't look homemade at all! It looks really nice on you too - you are so lucky you have such pretty knees! I could never wear a skirt that length!

liza36 on 08/16/2006:
Wow, I love the pictures. You look fantastic and the outfit is lovely. I'm very impressed you made it yourself. You look great!!!

monet0239 on 08/16/2006:
See.. I told you you where a beautiful lady :).. glad you could get them on here hun..:).. hugs

maria777 on 08/16/2006:
What GORGEOUS pics! And you are quite the seamstress!!! Thanks for sharing those photos with us. Maybe one day I'll put one up...maybe more than one, hehehe! (after I get back to where I was before this binge)...btw, thank you so much for what you said in comment to my entry yesterday. It has helped me feel better

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 16, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Tuesday, Day 30: 3

I went over my WW points for the day and didn't eat the 3 veggies and 2 fruits, I think I only had 2 veggies and 1 fruit. Way too many points! It was the almonds that did me in. Let me explain: I didn't leave here to go to the gym until 10:40 because I downloaded my pics from my camera before I left. Oh, yeah, and I was taking pics of a strange bird in the front yard too. Whenever we see a bird we haven't seen before, we take pics, lol. Here in Arizona we see a lot of birds we never saw before. In fact, I just saw a roadrunner run accross the yard a minute ago. Anyways....I went to Target first for some things they had on sale so I walked all around there because I left my list at home so had to walk around and try to remember what was on the list, heh. Oh, and I did remember them all, BTW. So I didn't get to the gym until noon. I did my 2 miles of walking on the track and then started the weights but after the first one, I felt soooo tired and like my blood sugar had dropped. And I knew I had to stop at the grocery for a few things on the way home so I only did 2 more weight machines and left. At the grocery store, I was soooo hungry, my stomach felt totally empty. So of course, I wanted to buy everything in the store. I found myself down the frozen dessert aisle, go figure. I. WANTED. PIE!! I looked at those clever 2-slice pie packages (I would never buy a whole pie, then the DH would know) trying to decide if I wanted apple or cherry, heh. Then I saw the Smart Ones chocolate mousse so I bought that at only 3 points per serving. One challenge down. Then I found myself in the chips aisle. I was going to get just a small can of almonds (thought I could control myself with that) but picked up the large can anyway, I saved more money that way, hehe. I also bought 4 fresh large peaches, a loaf of whole-grain bread and a box of Glucerna bars made for diabetics, low-glycemic (so expensive, but things like that always are). By the time I got in the car, I just had to eat something on the drive home. So instead of one of the bars, I opened the nuts! Wrong move. I was shoving them in my mouth all the way home. No counting, no weighing! So you know the rest, since I figured I was already going to be over for the day, I ate some other things without counting points, including both the chocolate mousse things. Not all at once though, heh. Anyways, a bad day of eating. At least I had the exercise, only about 45 minutes all together. I did get in all my water and no eating past 7pm though too. So 3 points for the day. It seems I remember that old saying "if you fail to plan, you plan to fail" so from now on, I think I will take something with me to snack on after the workout and maybe avoid that fiasco again. Those Glucerna bars would be just the thing. Sounds like a plan! Go, Soonie! I never had that happen before after a workout and always get through the whole workout with no problem, except for a hot flash or 2. Those always make me weak and I just have to wait them out.

So today I will pick up Mom and we're heading to a Red Hat Lady luncheon at the Metropolitan Grill at 11:00. I already have my purple t-shirt on that has a big fancy cat dressed in a red hat that says "It's all about me---ow" Lol. So true! Going to put on my purple pants, some makeup and my red hat and leave here at about 10:15. I'm going to try to be good with my lunch and stay strong all day today. Don't know if I will get any exercise in though, the ideal would be to get on the treadmill after I get home, we'll see. Well, this has been a long one and my fingers are tired. I don't know what happeded to my pics, they were here last night. I guess just keep trying, maybe they will show up. Dernit all! If not, I will try again. You all have a great day! Stay strong and have "PATIENCE"!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

WorkingIt on 08/16/2006:
Oh I see your pics! They are FANTASTIC! Very pretty! I love those smart ones treats!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 15, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Okay, the pics are up, thanks so much to monet03!! She sized them beautifully for me. The bottom one is the whole purple outfit I made and the second is what I actually wore to the Elvis thing. I didn't make the pants though. I was surprised that I look fatter in the pics than I do in my mirror, lol! What an eye-opener! I never have a good smile in my pics either. Oh, well. Thanks so much, monet03, and you said such nice things too. A girl always needs that, right? Too bad I forgot to wear my purple and red boa. So there you have it. Nighty night!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 08/16/2006:
Oh, man! I can't see your pictures. Something is wrong with the server. I can't see my own most recent progress charts either, so just going to have to guess what the total scores are in today's. Will check back to see your photos later - can't wait!

Oh and I'm giving you a bonus point for the day before - I found such a great icon for you, you can't let it go to waste!

WorkingIt on 08/16/2006:
I can't see the pics either! Will check back later, I'll bet they are lovely!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 15, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Monday, Day 29: 2

Okay, I didn't make the drink > 64 oz. of water, no eating past 7pm and 3 veggies and 2 fruits goals. I didn't want to drink lots of water because I didn't want to have to use the restroom during the show, heh. Or on the car trip which took half an hour to get there, although I guess that wouldn't have been much of a problem, only half an hour. And the no eating past 7pm---I was good at dinner there, everyone else ordered pizza but I ordered the grilled chicken salad with FF ranch. It was just lettuce, one cherry tomato and the grilled chicken strips on top. The chicken was okay but the lettuce had that "old" taste, which I just hate! So I ate the chicken, there wasn't much of that, and a few bites of lettuce. Yuck! They also had baskets of buttered popcorn on the tiny tables but I only ate a few bites of that, it wasn't easy. Some of them drank beer but I stuck with my water and lemon. And didn't drink much of that, I was so cold and sitting directly in the airconditioning draft the whole night. The show was pretty good, the guy was very young, probably not more than 25, a young "Elvis" but he did a good show and had a great personality. So cute too. His singing was okay, not very Elvis-like though. We didn't get out of there until about 9:30 and I didn't get home until almost 10:30, late for me. I was starving and my stomach growled at me all the way home so all the fast-food places were beckoning but I passed them up. Lost one point for the day when I just had to eat some LS oatmeal at home because I just knew I wouldn't be able to sleep on an empty stomach. So I ate that while watching Letterman, something I never do, BTW. I'm usually in bed by 10. And then I slept very well all night. So I only made 2 goals for the day--eat within my WW points allowance and exercise (2 miles of walking in the morning). I'll do better today. I'm sure I've gotten rid of the water weight by now, I feel thinner. I'm going to "talk" to monet about getting a couple of my pics on here soon so you can see the Red Hat Lady in all her glory. I forgot my purple and red boa though, dernit!

Okay, I'm heading out to Target for some shopping then on to the gym for a good workout. You all have a great Tuesday and remember "PATIENCE"!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 08/15/2006:
That's just not right that you should only get two points for yesterday - you did so well! You passed up pizza and popcorn and beer and fast food on the way home - Soonie, you've outdone yourself! I think you deserve a bonus point for yesterday. Good thing I haven't added your points to the chart yet - that'll give me a day to think of what icon to use for your bonus point.

That oatmeal was a great choice for your late-night snack, too! What a healthy and filling thing to have. No wonder you feel thinner!

Thanks so much for the nice comment you left me. I haven't been called "tiny" since I lived in America - haha! It always amazes me how much I can eat, too. Often it doesn't even seem like a lot and then when I add up my calories at the end of the day I can hardly believe the total. I think it's dangerous when one has a taste for fatty or sugary foods because those can really pile on the calories so quickly, without being very filling. Don't worry - I am also very thankful that I never got into the whole bulimic thing. I tried it once when I was a teenager and thank goodness, couldn't do it. Otherwise I'm sure it would have become a lifelong habit... so bad for health.

WorkingIt on 08/15/2006:
I agree with BTC! I probably would have had something other than oatmeal for a snack. Can't wait to see the pics!

Brian's girl on 08/15/2006:
I think you should give yourself bonus points for all the good things you did, passing up the fast food places, only eating little bit of popcorn, passing up the beer....great job!!!!

We would love to see the purple lady...!


monet0239 on 08/15/2006:
ok.. you should have mail by now..lol.. I deleted my entry to get my email off there .. incase we have any crazy lurkers in here..lol.. I explained to you how to upload the pictures in your entry ok.. hope they are a good size for you.. hugsssss

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 14, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Sunday, Day 28: 5

Yeah, another star day! We bowled 5 games and it really tired both of us out this time. Must be getting older, lol. I finished my outfit but I'm not sure I'm going to wear the skirt part of it tonight, it doesn't fit the way I would like it to, a little snug. I'm really picky about things I make, heh. I'm afraid it looks home-made and not too good. But I will wear the top with a pair of purple pants I have already. I think I will be more comfortable with those. What was I thinking, a skirt?! But I had an idea---on the cruise we're going on in October, it will be over Halloween and they usually have a big party on the ship, so I was thinking I would dress as a Red Hat Lady as my costume and I could wear the skirt then. What do you think? Anyway, I'll have DH take some picks this afternoon when I get ready. I have to leave here before 5:00 and meet with the ladies before 5:30 and we're going to carpool since it's way across town where we have to go.

Okay, gotta go shower. Oh, I almost forgot, I just finished doing 2 miles on my treadmill, no gym today, I'm pressed for time, have to do my nails and hair and such. But at least I did do some exercise. Hope you're all having a great day. Remember, there are only 139 days left in 2006 and "PATIENCE". ELVIS LIVES!!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 08/14/2006:
Good girl! You are doing so well!

I made a skirt for myself once too - a dark blue skirt with black lace trim! - but I've never worn it because I also worry that it looks homemade. I guess I'll never know until I wear it! You should definitely test yours out at that Halloween party - that will be the perfect opportunity, as it won't matter even if people can tell it's homemade.

Okay, a little less conversation, a little more action! (Sorry, that's just my Elvis line for the day!)

Moody on 08/14/2006:
I couldn't hem a skirt much less make one from scratch..so I am impressed! If you don't mind me asking; what is this "star" program or challenge I see so many DD'ers referring to?? Keep up the great work!!!!!

Brian's girl on 08/14/2006:

don't worry I don't hate you...lol. You have just said or should I say typed what I have thought many many times so it is nothing new really. I could be wrong but I don't think it's an out for him as I have given him plenty of opportunities for these, even suggested it but he would not have any of it. But of course anything can happen and sometimes does. Yes you are right he has no right to say anything with him still being married and he does take blame in this as well, too much sometimes.

My mother used to make all of our clothes while growing up and even though they were fantastic I hated them, made me feel so self-conscious. I am sure that your skirt is great and looks even more great on you but I do know the feeling of what you say.

Things are going better today for some reason even though I received that very heart wrenching email from Brian...it's not over until the fat lady sings and I am not considering myself fat anymore and I cannot sing so it's not over, lol.


harleygirl79 on 08/15/2006:
Yes, I am having it at UH in Cleveland. I live for amusement parks and am real excited that Cedar Point bought Kings Island as I have never been there. That is on tap for next summer. I did read her site. I also visit a site called WLSindy.com. It is a great site for WLS and support. It is based out of Indiana and the people are wonderful. Thanks for your comment. Great Job on your weight loss. Linda

RareDiamond on 08/15/2006:
I hope you enjoy your workout.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 13, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Saturday, Day 27: 5

Finally, a star day! I had a really good day and I'm back on track! It feels good! My exercise was the 2 miles of walking on my treadmill and I was busy all day. My WW points were 20 for the whole day, pretty low for me. I had more than 64 oz. of water and 4 veggies and 2 fruits and no eating past 7pm. I need to keep this up now.

Today will be bowling this morning with the DH. We'll probably bowl 5 games again. I still need to finish my purple outfit; just need to do the hems and put a button and loop at the back neck of the top. It's not perfect and it's been taken apart and put back together several times now. But I think I'll know better for the next one, heh. Tomorrow is the Elvis night thing with the Red Hat Ladies--an Elvis impersonator, not the real Elvis, lol. We have dinner there too so I hope I can be good. Usually, when I'm out with people, I don't have a problem with food.

Okay, you all have a great Sunday. Stay strong and remember---PATIENCE!!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

stringbean on 08/13/2006:
OMG- I do sound just like you a week ago! lol. I'm feeling better today- I forgot that it was tom too, so that probably has a lot to do with it, and my weight should look better by the end of the week, lol.

Have fun bowling and with Elvis! lol.

inmorning on 08/13/2006:
Please please please take a picture of yourself in your outfit. I am soooooo curious. Thanks and aloha annastasia

BethH on 08/13/2006:
Wow sounds like you are doing GREAT!! Keep it up. Have fun bowling. Beth :)

borntocry on 08/14/2006:
Way to go, Soonie! You didn't really get way-laid for very long at all this time, did you? I'm proud of you! Now I hope I can do the same and get back on track after two or three bad days instead of letting that set the tone for the entire week!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Aug 12, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Friday, Day 26: 2

Ate too much again, no exercise and missed making the veggie and fruit goal by one veggie, heh. Guess I can't count fries as a veggie, lol. I did get in all the water and no eating past 7pm. Today will be a better day. So far I've done 2 miles on my treadmill. I'm having a kinda "personal" problem, won't go into it here, that is aggravated by walking a lot so I probably shouldn't have even done that much walking, ouch! So I have the exercise over already. And it's not even 9am. I didn't go to the gym for that same reason. And besides, it takes up too much time driving there and back and I don't have time to waste today. I sewed the skirt together yesterday (I think the pinning and cutting out the pattern is the WORST part!), tried it on last night (it's not finished yet) and it's too big! I mean, way too big. I measured the pattern and my body so I would cut the right size so I don't know what happened. So now I have to figure out how to alter it. It's made in 8 panels so maybe if I just remove a couple. I need to try it on again to see just what I can do with it. Otherwise, I love it! Still need to do the hem on the blouse too. I put the zipper in the skirt yesterday and did pretty well. My sewing machine really makes things like this easy. Funny, I looked at the outer envelope of the blouse pattern and it says "EASY, one hour" lmao! Heck, it took me more than that just to do the sleeves! Guess they're talking about people like inmorning. Now she's a seamstress! But I am kinda having fun with it and the gratification of making something myself is great. Now if I can just get it to fit!

Okay, Soonie is back on track! I'm going to eat right and make all my goals today. What have I been thinking the last couple of days?! I hope you're all having a good weekend so far. See ya tomorrow!

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

inmorning on 08/12/2006:
You know those "one-hour" and "easy to sew" patterns aren't reallly that much easier, if any. I think they just put that there as a psychological approach. You know, if they tell us it is easy, maybe we will have confidence and get it done. I know I know I told you I liked to sew, but what makes you think I am a seamstress? I bungle too, I am just pretty good at covering mistakes. Take care. annastasia.

maria777 on 08/12/2006:
I saw a sewing maching in a store the other day...a small one, for only $15. Wonder if it would sew well?

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 11, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.6

Challenge Points for Thursday, Day 25: 4

Just went over in my WW points a little, heh. Otherwise, I made the other four goals. I'm calling bowling exercise since I'm moving and my left leg and shoulder hurt afterward, lol. Still the weight is up more again. I deserve that but I don't seem to have any near-future plans to counteract this. I have 2 weeks to the Laughlin trip and about 2 1/2 months to the Mexico cruise. You would think this would give me the incentive I need to get going with this but, as Dr. Phil says "Past behavior predicts future behavior" or something like that. And you're all familiar with my ups and downs here. Hey, does that mean I'm "maintaining"?? At least, I haven't gained back all the weight I've lost in the past almost-9-years. Small comfort when you're still fat and can't fit into most of the clothes you own. Anyways, I'm thinking of not weighing for awhile. I know some of you disagree with that but I think that's what I'm going to do. Maybe just not weigh until the day of my trip on Aug. 24. I know that won't make the weight go away but it will keep me from being depressed about it. Anyway, I'm going to try that. All opinions are welcome. And thanks, Maria and BTC, for your comments yesterday.

Okay, I've been working hard on my purple outfit and the top is almost finished. It's going along well since I finally figured out how to adjust my sewing machine for the kind of fabric I'm using, lol. As I said, I'm not a seamstress and I haven't sewed anything in years. I tried the top on last night and, yippee, it fits great! The color is a pretty dark lavender and the fabric is soft and light and s-t-r-e-t-c-h-y, lol. And I've learned that sewing takes lots of "PATIENCE"! I'm going to finish the top and start the skirt today. So no gym today. The Elvis night thing is on Monday so I'm pressed for time on this outfit. When I get ready Monday afternoon, I plan on taking a pic of me (or I mean, DH will, heh) and if someone here can help me with it, I will post it here. Anyway, I may just go to the gym tomorrow, who knows? I know I'm slacking here but that's the way Soonie goes. See ya later. Have a great day.

Progress as of today: 4.2 lbs lost so far, only 19.6 lbs to go!

borntocry on 08/11/2006:
Gosh, I can really relate to that quote from Dr Phil. It's like my weekend trips to visit my parents - after a while, I stopped stressing altogether because I knew nothing would ever change, so why even try?

Might be a good idea to stop weighing yourself. The way I see it, if I know what to do and I'm doing it, there's no point depressing myself and risking my good behaviour. It's when I'm pretending to myself that I can eat whatever I want and not gain weight - that's when I need to face the truth so I can stop fooling myself before it's too late!

Looking forward to that pic!

monet0239 on 08/11/2006:
Hiya sweetie.. not weighing yourself is a great idea.. :).. you might even try extra hard to eat the right way with your points and all.. just so you will see a hug loss on that date.. :)..what do you need for your picture.. ?. I can help you resize it if you want to.. I help Briansgirl get hers smaller :).. so just let me know hun..

cant wait to see the outfit.. :).. hugss

inmorning on 08/11/2006:
I love to sew. I am getting a new machine this month, I hope. I love rewarding myself with new custom-made outfits.

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