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Soon2BThin - Friday Jun 30, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.4

Woohoo! Glad to be back in the 150's again! I know, you're thinking that for how long? Well, who knows? I'm hoping this time I will not ever see the 160's again. So that's 5 pounds down from Monday. Maybe it's the new vitamins I started taking about a week ago. Those One a Day Weight Smart things or something like that, only they are Walgreen's brand. At least they are not making me nauseous so far. My eating hasn't been great but I'm exercising enough to counteract that, I guess. Yesterday's exercise was only 3 games of bowling and I was going to get on the treadmill in the afternoon but opted to do some housework instead. And I did sweat, heh. We ate out at Friday's yesterday for lunch and I had the chicken fingers (fried) sandwich because it was on chiabatta bread and I wanted to try that. I had a small salad with it and I gave 2 of the chicken fingers to the DH and only ate 3/4 of the sandwich. And no dessert even though I wanted it. DH saved me from that. So anyways, not a bad day. I did eat some stuff in the afternoon that I shouldn't have but that's all water under the bridge.

This morning I got up at 6am and have done 2 miles on my treadmill in 35:26. Not great but okay for me. I plan on doing some yoga and other exercises later. My abs have recovered from Monday by now. Okay, I'm going to shower now so I can catch the special on Larry King with Star Jones Reynolds at 8am, heh. I watched CNN this morning while walking. How 'bout that case in Florida about that little girl that was killed back in '05 and now they threw out his confession and the fact that they found her dead body in his house?? And did you know they say that people driving while talking on their cell phones, even with the "hands-free" devices are just as impaired as a drunk driver? Watch out, peeps. It will be a high of 108 and a low of 88 in Phoenix today, don't you wish you lived there? Haha! That's it from Soonie FM. Thanks and tune in tomorrow! Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 4.4 lbs lost so far, only 19.4 lbs to go!

kates on 06/30/2006:
Oh I miss Arizona!!! Good job on being back in the 150's! I wondered if the Weight smart vitamins worked, I have a hard time taking vitamins, they make me super barfy! Oh star jones! What would the world be without your self inflicted drama! Man, you make me want to watch cnn! my bf loves that channel! Keep up all the hard work! It's definately paying off!

maria777 on 06/30/2006:

Do you live in Phoenix (I mean that area)???

I'm over here in eastern South Carolina.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 29, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.2

Weight's still the same, thank goodness! You'd understand why I say that if you'd seen what I ate yesterday. But, trying to do damage control, I didn't eat all afternoon and just had LS peaches and cream oatmeal and green tea with honey (3 points total) for dinner just before 7pm to get me through the night and I FORCED myself to do 2 1/2 miles on my treadmill in the afternoon. Usually when I have a bad eating day, I don't make myself exercise so I did good, heh. Probably, had I not done the exercise, I would be up about 2 pounds this morning.

Okay, bowling with the gang this morning. Maybe lunch out at Applebee's. No other plans. Maybe I see some more walking on my treadmill later, who knows? Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 3.6 lbs lost so far, only 20.2 lbs to go!

sam1109 on 06/29/2006:
Good job not making a slip up into a really bad day! Thats great that you stuck with the excersize. I now when I overeat I tend to give up on it for the day.

liza36 on 06/29/2006:
Good for you for forcing yourself to get on the treadmill. I had to force myself to get up early today to do only 15 minutes on my gazelle, but don't you feel better for doing it? Like you said, you've warded off the extra pounds by doing your exercise. Keep up the great job, and enjoy your bowling today.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jun 28, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.2

Actually it is coming off pretty fast! Although, it's probably just that water weight, ya think? A lot of water weight. Down 4.2 pounds in 2 days. I wish it would keep going that way. I did well with the food yesterday, although it got a little shaky after dinner. I was already full, didn't need more, but the Ritz crackers started whining for me and I ate a bunch of those, didn't even count them, then I topped it off with a pb&j sandwich. Yuck! Way too full. And there's the "WHY"? I just don't think, it's like something takes over my mind. At least I had lots of water and exercise. Besides the 2 miles of walking I did go bowling by myself for 4 games in 45 minutes. My arms and shoulders are falling off right now, at least, I wish they were. Couldn't sleep last night well with all the pain. Monday's exercise started affecting me yesterday afternoon. Ouch! My legs are fine, it's just my shoulders and arms and abs. Got an appointment for labwork this morning at 9, I didn't get up at 6 again, I think I'm taking the day off to recuperate. I'll try to be good though. Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 3.6 lbs lost so far, only 20.2 lbs to go!

sam1109 on 06/28/2006:
I know how you feel, I just began eating well also, and am seeing it go quickly, hoping it will last, but knowing it won't. It is motivating though. Keep up the great work!

maria777 on 06/28/2006:
I am SO happy for you!!! Must have been water weight from high-glycemic carbs that had your weight looking like it was up. You're doing so good! Keep up the good work! Big Smile!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jun 27, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.8

Good morning! I'm doing okay so far. Lost some of that water weight. I got up at 6am again and did 2 miles on my treadmill. Yesterday was good. I did the yoga, it takes about 45 minutes, did some things around the house, the usual morning stuff, then had brekky, rested and then did 2 miles on the treadmill. Well, remember how I said I was going to try that 5K training thing? Okay, I walked briskly for 5 minutes, as it said, then did 60 seconds of running at only 3.8mph, and then you're supposed to do 90 seconds of walking, then 60 seconds of running, and so on until you reach a total of 20 minutes. Well, it took me 5 minutes after the first running to catch my breath!! So I guess I need to work my way up to that. This morning I did most of the walking at 3.4mph and cranked it up to 3.8 every 5 minutes but just fast-walked, no running. I could handle that. Maybe next week, I'll try doing more at 3.8 or even 4.0. My eating was good all day (had a few times when I REALLY wanted to chuck it all and cheat) 26 points, 3 fruits, 2 veggies, supposed to be just the opposite, more than 100 oz of water. Oh, after lunch, I went out in the pool for about 45 minutes. I had to clean it first and that's good arm exercise. Which reminds me, I did some ab crunches and arm exercises in the morning too. I have my own hand weights, various sizes.

Okay, today will be---did the walking, need to shower next, then brekky, then maybe I'll take myself bowling. I'm going to stop at Super WalMart and check on this new Slim Fast extra protein stuff and maybe some chicken that I can divide into single servings to put on the George Forman. I don't think I get enough protein. Need ink for the printer too. Then later I need to do my laundry. So that will be my day. I still have a movie I rented to watch---Memoirs of a Geisha. Over the weekend I watched "An Unfinished Life" (good) and "The Weatherman" (it was okay). I have a book waiting for me at the library and I still have a paperback that I haven't finished yet. So lots to keep me busy. My "WORD OF THE DAY" is "PATIENCE"!! We all need lots of that. I know, why can't we just lose all this weight overnight?? It's so hard to wait!! Hang in there and have a great day!

Progress as of today: 2 lbs lost so far, only 21.8 lbs to go!

gigi43 on 06/27/2006:
Good work on the treadmill! I've been trying to increase speed, indurance, etc. and it does happen. Slower than I'd like it to, but your word of the day is patience. I couldn't even run more than three minutes a month or two ago, but now I can run at 4.6 for almost eight. I always vary my speed between 3.5 and 5.0 and just let my body tell me when it's time to adjust the rate. You'll get there!

liza36 on 06/27/2006:
You did great with your exercise. Do you go to Weight Watcher meetings each week? I've just decided to stop going to the meetings but still follow the principles on my own. If you go to the meetings, do you feel they help you?

Have a good day, keep it up.

maria777 on 06/27/2006:
Good for you on your plan, especially the exercise...how inspiring!

Soon2BThin - Monday Jun 26, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 164.4

I'm afraid. I'm afraid to come in here and say once again that this is it, I'm starting over. Usually my new-found courage (and that's what it takes) doesn't last very long and I go right back to what I was doing before but I'm hanging on to the memory of just a couple of months ago, when I lost 10 pounds and was doing great, eating right and exercising. Can I do that again, only this time, keep going? I know it's possible since I did it before but WILL I do it again? I guess I can only take it one day, one minute at a time and don't worry about the past. I really feel like, well, you know, bloated and fat and like a slug. My weight hasn't been this high in quite a long time. I'm trying to remember that it's just a number on the scale but when it affects how I feel, it's more than a number. I don't know, I'm afraid, afraid that I will never get there, to that point when I feel that I WILL get with it and straighten up. So I'm just going through the motions this morning, forcing myself to do what I know is the right thing. So far I got up at 6 (really din't want to, almost din't) and did my yoga tape. I plan on doing that on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays. After breakfast I will get on my treadmill and do at least 2 miles. I want to start the running thing too. I found a website that is called something like "Couch Potato to a 5K" that guides you slowly, step by step, into running so I'm going to try that. I will also do some ab crunches and arm exercises with weights at home. I don't plan on going back to the gym for awhile, I think I can do a plan here at home for awhile. I also have my bowling and swimming in the pool and I do have a recumbant bike I haven't used in a long time so I should be able to do some kind of exercise every day. Anyways, Soonie is back (again) and ready to try again. It's amazing how fast the weight can come back on. I can't let it get the best of me. Here goes! Have a great day!

Progress as of today: -0.6 lbs lost so far, only 24.4 lbs to go!

maria777 on 06/26/2006:
We're here with you! Good plan.

borntocry on 06/27/2006:
Hi Soonie,

I think it's a great idea for you to try that 5K thing. It will give you something else to focus on rather than the neverending up-and-down cycle of weight loss which we are all too familiar with. That gets so depressing after a while, because we can't help but think of all the times we've tried and failed. It was for this very reason that I decided to run my first half-marathon a few months ago. All of a sudden my focus shifted from trying to lose the same weight I had lost and regained a dozen times before, to trying to accomplish something really challenging and rewarding. So I ended up losing that weight without even thinking about it. At the same time I became a lot fitter and my self-esteem really improved. Now, a few pounds here and there don't even seem that important any more.

Good luck!

sara23 on 06/29/2006:
I also agree that the 5K will give you a huge burst of confidence. There is nothing like being cheered on by lots of people, and trust me, your friends and family will look at you like you are a super hero who was able to accomplish something that they have not done (unless they are all Olympic athletes or something:)) Plus, they usually give you a tee-shirt from the event that you can wear every time you workout so that you remember your accomplishments, trust me, I wear mine all the time just for motivation! Good luck!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jun 24, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.8

Thanks for the comments, Smiley2 and Maria! I was just reading all the entries for today and yesterday and I'm sooooo envious!! I need to get in there and join you all. You're all doing GREAT!! I think I'm going to go walk on my treadmill pretty soon. It's almost 11:30am here and I had a crappy breakfast from McD's :( and some candy (yep, it's hiding in my drawer, I'm trying to just limit it to one a day, those chocolate stick things) Drinking some water now. So I'm still the "bad" Soonie. Weighed this morning, back to 162.2. Oh, joy! I've just got to get going with this. Have a great Sunday!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 20.8 lbs to go!

maria777 on 06/24/2006:
Hey, dear friend, come on!!! You can do this! Trash the candy if you have to (I'm not into wasting food, but I've sure done it before!)

monet0239 on 06/24/2006:
So you took a few more days off.. get back to it lady!!.. life is to short to be in a bad mood.. we love ya.. so love yourself and get back on the train.. and remember..

you can never fail as long as you DONT give up !!!

smile.. your beautiful and worth it.. get-a-move-on woman hehehe.. big giant hugssss

Soon2BThin - Friday Jun 23, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.8

Good morning! Don't have much to say except I just couldn't resist the pull of the DD. Just had to check in. Weight's up, I guess, didn't check this morning, you know how that is. If I don't acknowledge it, it isn't real, heh. I'm just struggling along, trying to find the old me. You know, that me that was down to 153 just a few weeks ago. Exercising every day and eating those veggies and fruits. That old me. Where has she gone?? I know she'll be back, maybe even today. But I don't have any plans for the gym or anything, just some shopping at a few stores but I'm going to try to keep the calories down today. It's a start. Which reminds me, my stomach is empty and it's time for brekky. Have a great weekend!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 20.8 lbs to go!

smiley2 on 06/23/2006:

Have a great weekend! And you will find your "old" self, just look inside yourself....she is right there just waiting to come out lol!


maria777 on 06/24/2006:
You can find that 'you'...I hope you have a wonderful day today...today is a new day!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jun 21, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.8

Yep, there I am again, back into the 160's and all my own fault. It seems every time I have a day off, I gain back that exact 1.8 pounds. My body loves it! So, okay, my day is off to a rocky start. I feel like crap, my whole body hurts, don't know why, I didn't do that much the other day to warrant it. Is this just getting old? Why do I hurt every day for no good reason?? I'm tired of it and I just don't want to do anything, but that just makes it worse. So I may do something today, just don't know what. All I want to do is eat and sleep. Sorry to be such a downer. It's hot--about 90 already, going to 106 today--and like I said, I feel like crap. Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 3 lbs lost so far, only 20.8 lbs to go!

maria777 on 06/21/2006:
Hope you get to feeling better today!

I think I tried the kettle corn...we do have it...but it was kind of sweet, sort of, so I decided to go back to the butter flavored kind. Thanks for telling me about it, though.

Maybe you just need to rest a little while so you will feel better...maybe overdid it with bowling, you guess? Bowling balls are real heavy. Just guessing. But I hope you feel better today.

Umpqua on 06/21/2006:
Hi Soonie, thanks for your comment, and I'm sorry you're having a bad day. I had days like that before the pregnancy too - gaining and losing with no rhyme or reason. It's probably just a temporary flux so I wouldn't stress about it. Try to stay cool (I thought we had it bad here with temps in the high 80s!)

maria777 on 06/22/2006:
Hope you're having a good day today!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jun 20, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.0

Well, got that point 2 off of there, what a relief! Hehe! I worked my butt off yesterday but that's all that happened. And I'm completely sore this morning, all over! I think I pulled a muscle in my back from that oblique thingy machine. Oh, well....

I met all my goals yesterday except one---eat at the table with no TV. I think I'm giving that one up. It's one of my few pleasures to eat and watch TV and I don't think giving it up was doing any good anyway. So there! My exercise was 80 minutes at the gym, including 2 1/2 miles of walking on the track. I skipped one exercise at the end since one guy was on the thing and 2 guys were waiting for it and I didn't feel like waiting. It was the one for the backs of the arms that I really need too. Like I said, oh, well....

Okay, I'm not in a very good mood this morning, the scale thing. But I will try to fight it all day. I'm going to give my body a rest and try not to eat much but I can't promise. Maybe I'll just indulge in my favorite LS peaches and cream instant oatmeal several times today, I love that stuff. That would be better than some of the things I really want to eat. And only 2 points a serving. I tell ya, I just crave that stuff lately. I know, lots of carbs though. Again, oh, well....

You all have a great day! And thanks so much for the comments. You ROCK!!

Progress as of today: 4.8 lbs lost so far, only 19 lbs to go!

maria777 on 06/20/2006:
Hey, you're in the 150's....just remember a long time ago when you would have been very THRILLED to be in the 150's and that should make you feel happier! You are doing fantastic...good for you on the 80 minutes at the gym!!! Have a wonderful day!

kates on 06/20/2006:
I am so envious of your exercise! I am so lazy! It really isn't fair how quick it can all come back. I horrible about eating in front of the tv too. Keep up the great work!!!

Soon2BThin - Monday Jun 19, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 159.2

A whole brand new week! Let's get going!

I didn't reach all my goals yesterday--->64 oz. of water--check; no eating past 7pm--check; exercise (5 games of bowling with the DH and swimming in the pool) check; 20-25 points--not; eat all 3 meals at the table with no TV--not, just 2; 3 veggies and 2 fruits--not; positive thoughts all day--not so much, heh. So only met 3 out of 7 for the day. And it shows! It never fails---if I don't reach those goals, I have a gain. And I'm only down 1 pound for the week. Dernit! So that makes me feel like I need to try harder, work harder at it. IT'S SO HARD!! Today I don't wanna go to the gym but I know I must! I wanna eat foods that aren't good for me, WAAAH! I sound just like a baby, it's time to grow up, right? My shoulders, back and legs hurt so much but I'm at least going to go to the gym and do my walk and work on the abs. At least that's something. But I did enjoy my exercise yesterday, heh.

Okay, on with the day! Have a great one!

New goal for today---don't think about food so much, hahaha!

Progress as of today: 4.6 lbs lost so far, only 19.2 lbs to go!

liza36 on 06/19/2006:
I like how you have daily goals and keep them in check. Especially your no eating after 7 and eating at the table with no TV, I like those. I think I will adopt those as well. I may have to make my no eating after 7:30 or 8 because of my schedule, but sometimes I snack right up till 10, and that's just too late.

How do you get all of your fruits and veggies in? I'm averaging 2 rather than the recommeded 5 by WW.

You're doing great! I do feel like you too sometimes and lament that fact that I can't eat what I want. But I know where that has landed me.

Great goals - keep it up.

inmorning on 06/19/2006:
Good job inspiring yourself. You are doing great.

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