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Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 04, 2011
Weight: 189.4

First day of loading. First day of hcg. Must eat as much fat as possible today and tomorrow. You'd think that would be easy considering that's what I've been doing for weeks now. As my weight shows. I'm sure it will go up. I'm also retaining water big time. When I saw my doctor yesterday, he prescribed new meds for that. You should see my poor ankles and feet. I feel bloated all over. I will start the new meds tomorrow since I will be going out all day today and I don't want to have to deal with any side effects I may get from them. My poor feet and ankles will just have to suffer. And I had a really rotten night's sleep too. Hot one minute, cold the next. Just couldn't sleep much. BTW, the hcg doesn't taste too bad, it's the holding it under my tongue for 15 minutes that's hard. It's mixed with liquid B-12 and colloidal siver. See you tomorrow!

Progress as of today: -18.4 lbs lost so far, only 49.4 lbs to go!

Em17 on 08/04/2011:
Have a great day its almost the weekend =)

Umpqua on 08/04/2011:
Best of luck to you on your new plan! I'm interested to see how it goes since our other poster who was doing it hasn't updated in a while. Hope you get some better sleep tonight.

biscottibody59 on 08/04/2011:
I hope the HCG is all you hoped for! Above all I wish you the best for your health!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 03, 2011
Weight: 188.4

Wow, the weight is really going up! But I'm trying not to worry, I will be starting the HCG tomorrow and then......I will be thinner very soon! I know I will be putting on even more weight the next 2 days since you need to "load"  the first 2 days on it. That means as much fat as you can eat for that 2 days. I know it doesn't sound healthy but it's only for 2 days, how much can it hurt? I have read about so many people that have been successful on this that I'm really pumped to get started. I know the first week is the hardest but after that it's not so bad. I saw my doctor today and he didn't try to talk me out of it and I'm glad he's on board to help me. I wasn't even going to tell him but he asked me. I was so afraid he would try to convince me that it wouldn't work and all that and I really didn't want to hear it. People who don't know anything about it always want to tell you that it isn't good for you. We'll see about that. Anyway, Saturday will be my first VLCD or very low calorie day. That means 500 calories. It's all healthy food, no fat, no sugar or starches and lots of water. So I will  be posting here to keep a record. See you soon.

Progress as of today: -17.4 lbs lost so far, only 48.4 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jul 31, 2011
Weight: 187.6

So, I'm up a pound from last weigh in. I wish that HCG would hurry up and get here. I want to get started before the 15th so I will be in phase 4 by the time we go to Vegas on Oct. 23. And from what I have been reading, I will be down at least 20 pounds by then. They said it was shipped on the 15th of this month so what is taking so long?? If anyone wants to know more about this plan, there is plenty of info on the internet. I will keep you posted when I get started. Meanwhile, I'm just trying to control myself so I don't gain too much before then. Have a great day!

Progress as of today: -16.6 lbs lost so far, only 47.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/31/2011:
Hi Soonie. Hang in there.

Soon2BThin - Monday Jul 18, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 186.6

Okay, at least my weight is not going up. I'm just waiting for my HCG to get here and then, it's buh-bye fat city. If anyone wants to comment about this diet, please do. I won't be talked out of it though but I sure wish someone on here was doing the diet. My sister did it so I have her to talk to and there's a lot of people on youtube I can see and learn how they are doing on it. I plan on posting here everyday when I start so I can have a record of how it goes and you can all see how I'm doing. I know I've had so many failures in the past but I try not to think of all that. This is it!

Progress as of today: -15.6 lbs lost so far, only 46.6 lbs to go!

mysterywoman100 on 07/18/2011:
that HCG diet sounds horrible at 500 cal you will lose weight bur you will also lose muscle and your strength. Your immune system will drop and you may get sick again. Since you paid for it I would try it but dont get discouraged. There are lots of diets but only some work. I think a balanced low cal. moderate exercise lifestyle works best for me as an older woman.

hollybelle on 07/18/2011:
Maybe this is the way for you to get a kick-start. Also - will you be taking vitamins?

hollybelle on 07/18/2011:
P.S. I am older woman, too 57.....

mysterywoman100 on 07/19/2011:
sometimes the nurse kicks in with me. I have been a nurse 28 years and although I always over ate and didnt take care of myself I tried to care of everyone around me. Before I went on my diet I talked to my doctor.

thinkpositive on 07/20/2011:
My friend did well but under a Dr. supervision.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jul 14, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 186.6

Hellew! Okay, all is ordered for the new diet program. As soon as it gets here, I will start. I've heard the first week is tough, but then, you lose those old cravings and hunger. If you have any questions, let me know. I'm sure you'll all have to put up with all my winings and complainings that first week, although the first 2 days I will be "loading", that's the fun part. You have to eat as much fat as you can those first 2 days and then, it's down to the 500-calorie days. Anyway, it's worth a try. Hope you're all doing well. See you soon.

Progress as of today: -15.6 lbs lost so far, only 46.6 lbs to go!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jul 13, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 186.6

I've weighed your comments but, you know, I'm 62 years old and I've tried it all over all these years. I just feel that I need something to really lose the weight fast, maybe 20 pounds or so for right now, and after the first 45 days on the diet and the Dr. Atkins-like diet for a few weeks after that and then I can begin to add in some other foods gradually. If I want to lose more after that, I may do it again after the first of the year. I'm really determined to try this again and my sister says it is safe and she lost over 20 pounds on it and she weighed less than me when she started so I may lose more in the same amount of time. Anyway, I'm going to go order it now and I'll keep you all posted here when I get started. I like the idea that my sister said you lose mostly belly fat (my worst area) and you don't end up with saggy skin and no exercise. So wish me luck. See you soon.

Progress as of today: -15.6 lbs lost so far, only 46.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/14/2011:
Keep us posted. As I said yesterday - I will support your efforts no matter what!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jul 13, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 186.6

Well, I've reached the desperation point. I'm seriously thinking of doing the HCG diet. My sister did it and it worked great for her although she wasn't as heavy as I am. Is anyone here doing that? I'd love some feedback on this. What do y'all think?  I did try it back in October but came down with a severe sore throat that developed into a terrible cough that lasted for weeks so I only lasted a few days on it. And then we went to Maui at the end of that month so it really wasn't a good time to start it anyway but they told me I could. My sister said that was crazy. Anyway, I wasted a lot of money on that so my sister told me about a site where I could get it at a reasonable price. So I will order it tonight but I will come back here to see if any of you had a comment about it. Like I said, I am so desperate now. See you later!

Progress as of today: -15.6 lbs lost so far, only 46.6 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 07/13/2011:
Soonie - you may not like what I am about to say - don't do the HCG diet....just get back to healthy eating and some exercise and the good old fashioned method. Look at those who have been successful and see that's how they have achieved their goals...you can too - get eating.....just healthy stuff and moderate exercise - you CAN do it. P.S. I'll support Whatever you decide to do. :o)

Umpqua on 07/13/2011:
I have to agree with Holly, I think slow and steady lifestyle change is really the only way that is effective in the long haul. And of course you know we are all here to support you whatever you decide!

FitAmbitions on 07/13/2011:
amen to the above statements! We know and YOU know you can do it without spending money on false promises... eat clean, workout and spend the 'hcg' money on some yummy good for you food or a sexy workout outfit. (I'm thinking crab claws myself....mmmmmmm) But whatever you decide, we are here for you we love yu and we support you!

thinkpositive on 07/13/2011:
Although I would agree with hollybelle, Umpqua & FitAmbitions- I saw that Dr. Oz said he would recommend it only if under a Dr. order. A friend was successful ( under her Dr.) In the long run though I think eating healthy , watching portions is the way to go & to relearn how to eat.

biscottibody59 on 07/13/2011:
Balloonlady was doing it.

Soon2BThin - Monday Jun 27, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 187.2

More bad days than good ones! I just can't seem to get a good start on this. Guess I'm just not ready and I'm enjoying the food too much right now. I must be honest. I'm hating being fat but not enough to quit eating junk food. And no exercise. I don't even do my PT exercises like I should. My back pain is not too bad and I had a few days with hardly any pain at all but that was short-lived. Two weeks from today I go back for my fifth prolotherapy treatment. Hopefully, my last. Mom may be trying the spinal stimulation thing for pain. If anyone here knows anything about this, please let me know. We watched the video about it last night and she's desperate to get relief from the pain. So it's worth a try. She is also overweight like me and we know this does not help things at all. I keep telling myself I need to lose this weight or I will end up like her, with all the pain and no real life. Easy to say, hard to do. So that's it from Soonie. Sorry it's a downer. I hope you're all doing well.

Progress as of today: -16.2 lbs lost so far, only 47.2 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 06/27/2011:
OK, you've confessed and been honest about it - hold on and try to just maintaini at least until you can find you mojo again!

greengirl on 06/27/2011:
Hi Soonie, I hope your mother finds relief from her pain. Do your best with the food and try to enjoy the good stuff !!

V on 06/27/2011:
Sending you some positive vibes :) Have a good one!

thinkpositive on 07/03/2011:
For me I need to get a good week in, see some results and then I feel motivated.Could getting a few good days behind you help ??

Soon2BThin - Monday May 30, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 184.6

Weeeeeelll, I'm going the wrong way again! But I'm having such a good time, eating the Mexican food and stuff. Ugh! I just can't seem to get a good grip on this weightloss thing right now. There is so much chaos in my life right now too. My house is a mess and I feel like crap so that doesn't help, I know. Too many excuses. I'll try harder this week.

Progress as of today: -13.6 lbs lost so far, only 44.6 lbs to go!

~Moody~ on 05/30/2011:
It's hard to focus on weight loss when things are chaotic in your life~I hope things calm down soon for you~hang in there!

liza36 on 05/31/2011:
I agree with Moody. I hope things get better, and that you feel better too.

hollybelle on 05/31/2011:
With the Holiday Weekend, I think it likely many of us are going "the wrong way" - but not too far off the path.....Can you post more often - it helps me stay a bit more accountable. Regarding the house - pick one thing to get done with it a day - divide and conquer I say - when you look at it (or any task) as a whole it can be overwhelming. Break it down and start. You can do it!

thinkpositive on 05/31/2011:
I agree with both postings. For me when things feel chaotic I need to write down what needs to get done & then decide on priorities & get started on the first thing. Good luck!

Soon2BThin - Monday May 23, 2011
(Counting Calories and Exercise)
Weight: 181.6

Well, I gained a tad this week. Not surprised! That usually happens early on even though I had a pretty good week. Still not exercising regularly though. Therapy exercises and I did 20 minutes on the recumbant bike last night while watching the Celebrity Apprentice finale. It's getting hot here this week so should be able to do the pool this weekend. That will be nice. And we will have to break down and crank up the AC finally. We put it off as long as possible to save on the electric bill but it's gonna be time now. Okay, have a good one. See you soon!

Progress as of today: -10.6 lbs lost so far, only 41.6 lbs to go!

liza36 on 05/23/2011:
It's great that you got in your therapy exercises and the recumbant bike. I'm sure the pool will be a welcome thing if it's starting to get hot. Have a great day!

~Moody~ on 05/23/2011:
I know all about holding off on the AC thing~it gets expensive. Glad you were able to get some exercise in~Keep it up!

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