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Soon2BThin - Thursday Feb 02, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

ALOHA!! Here I am in Maui! Hey, they have free internet here at the resort. So I thought I'd stop in and let you all know we made it here. The resort is great, beautiful unit we have. We just walk accross the street and there's the beach. How great is that?! We had a nice time in Venice Beach in LA on the way here too. Better than spending the layover at the airport. So right now the DH is resting and I'm on my way to the ABC store to do some well-needed shopping. We spent the whole morning driving up the mountain to Haleakala Crater. Took us 5 hours up and back and we picnicked on the way down. Okay, that's it for now. I may be back another day. Hope you're all doing well. Buh-bye.

Soon2BThin - Monday Jan 30, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.6

Good Monday morning, all! Not happy about the weight but that's it. Leaving soon after I eat a little toast. I'll see ya all when I get back. Aloha!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jan 29, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Yeessss!! Soonie is back to normal, whatever that is. (See last entries) And I'm starting to get excited about the trip now. We're planning on going to Venice Beach during our 4 1/2 hour layover in LA. It's only 7 miles from the airport. I've always wanted to go there. Yippee! Of course, I'll be a little nervous about getting back to the airport and through security on time. But we'll allow plenty of time for the return. The weather there is just like what we have here now so we'll be dressed for it. The weather in Maui won't be quite as hot as it was last year when we were there---low 80's, but should be nice. We've got a snorkel trip all lined up on a boat (of course) for Friday. It will last 5 hours and they provide food and drinks and it goes to a great place for snorkeling and scuba. Never did that before except for in the pool last summer, heh. Hope it's fun.

Okay, down to 160.4 this morning but who's counting?! At least I'm sort of maintaining. And I am down a few from last year when we went so that's something, isn't it? Huh? It only took a year, heh. Baaaad, Soonie! And do I ever regret it. You think I will have learned something from this experience, always letting the food ruin my great plans? It's about time I learn, time is running shorter for me these days. I'll be 57 this year. Sheesh, double sheesh!! Funny, I don't feel that old, really. Oh, well. To most of you, I'm ancient.

Okay, peeps, I'll try to get on here tomorrow morning but it's iffy. We leave the house at about 6:45am. I would like to post a new lower weight though. We'll see. I'll miss you all while I'm gone. Take care of yourselves and wish me "bon voyage". I'll be back here possibly on Feb. 7 or 8. If not, you know something went wrong, heh. Buh-bye! Aloha!

gigi43 on 01/29/2006:
Have a FUN time on your trip and try not to concentrate on your weight but just on having a great time!

Venice Beach is great - so quirky and full of life. I'm sure you'll enjoy it. Just don't miss that flight to Maui!

Have fun snorkeling and just relaxing and give us all the great details when you get back!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jan 28, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Saturday, everyone! I've been busy, busy all morning, trying to get some things together for the trip. Wow, we have a 4 1/2 hour layover in L.A. Anyone have any suggestions what we could do that wouldn't take us too far from the airport? Maybe I'll check some maps here on the net and see what I can dig up. I figured it will take us a total of about 13 hours from the time we leave here to get to Maui!! Can we say "TIRED"?? Anyways, got a deck of cards, some magazines and a good book to pass the time.

I've been going through my summer clothes that I was hoping to get into by now---so, so sad. I was 161.2 this morning, still constipated, even after eating 2 Taco Bell tacos and some Kashi Go Lean Crunch yesterday. Going on 3 days now. Darn that Immodium! Maybe I'll go get some more tacos today, heh. Then try a laxitive if it hasn't worked by tonight. Sheesh, I don't want to start my vacation like this, all bloated and miserable. Usually the tacos work. I know, TMI. Sorry. This won't make that long flight very comfortable, that's for sure. Oh, still haven't tried on the bathing suits, procrastination! Later, for sure.

Okay, I hope you're all having a great weekend. Wish me luck with the tacos cause I sure don't want to take something, yeck! See ya all maybe tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Friday Jan 27, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Okay, down some more, not even trying, really. 160 this morning. And I'm even constipated from all the Immodium I took the other night. I know, TMI, heh. No exercise at all except bowling yesterday morning. I almost didn't make it, the cramps and you-know-what started up again right after I made my entry here, so I took another Immodium and only ate a small bit of Cheerios for brekky and I was fine.

Today, tanning salon, maybe the mall and Home Depot, need a humidifier, the air is so dry here this winter, usually this is when we get some rain, haven't had a drop yet. And a dry house is not good for the puters and we get shocked all over the place. In fact, I zapped the monitor on the puter that #3 son has set up for TV and recording and now I have a small window in the middle of the screen that says "audio control" that we can't get to go away. So, like I said, looking for a humidifier. And that's pretty much my day today. Oh, also have to start getting ready for the trip. I need to unpack my shorts from storage and things like that. Still haven't tried on the bathing suits to see which one to take. I'm not looking forward to that!

Well, you all have a great Friday! I hope things are going well for you all. Sorry this is not a very inspiring entry but that's just how it is for me right now. I feel kind of in limbo until this trip is over and out of the way. Then it's "let's go, Soonie" I WILL be back. And at least, I'm keeping the damage at a minimum. And it shouldn't be too hard to handle with the "diet police" with me on vacation. I'm sure the DH will keep me in line then. Anyways....I hope to make another entry sometime before I leave but, if not, buh-bye and see you probably around the 7th or 8th when we get back.

BethH on 01/27/2006:

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jan 26, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Gee, I did make an entry just Tuesday, somehow, it feels like days ago. So here I am. Down to 161.2 this morning, not even trying really. I haven't been eating anything after 5pm every day this week. But I eat a big lunch so I'm not really hungry after that. Oh, and I did have some kind of intestinal thing last night, heh. So I'm probably a little dehydrated. Anyways, bowling today, although I still don't feel really well. I guess I'll make it, we'll see. 4 more days to Maui. I haven't even started to get things ready yet. At least I have the whole weekend. Hey, did ya hear, they're going to make that prescription diet drug over-the-counter soon (can't think of the name of it right now, starts with an M I think) but, ya know, what's the use? You still have to follow a good eating plan or you end up with diarrea all the time. So why even use it? It just blocks the fat, which you're not supposed to eat with it anyway, it doesn't curb the appetite. Not really a miracle pill for us dieters.

So you all have a great day. I've been lurking in the entries lately, just not commenting much. Take care.

sweetpea1977 on 01/26/2006:
Hey Soonie,

Thank you for your comment you left me the other day. Im only 28, so I hope it isnt menopause! And thanks for the low blood pressure warning. I will have to take note of it the next time the dizziness returns.

You are exactly right about there not being a miracle pill for losing weight. I wish those companies would get shut down for all their false stories and so called research.

Im sorry you arent feeling well. Dont work too hard right before your vacation. It would really suck if you were sick while on vacation on a beautiful island.

I cant wait to hear all about Maui!

Take care and Have Fun!


Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jan 24, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Everything's about the same here. Had a really bad, depressed day yesterday. Ate a really big lunch but no dinner and only a packet of flavored oatmeal for breakfast so not much damage done. Only 6 more days til we're on our way to Maui. I'm so not ready. Not gaining, not losing. I'll weigh in Monday morning if I don't forget in the rush to leave. Oh, and no exercise. Went bowling with the DH on Sunday but that's it for that. Sunday Mom was in the ER again all day, they found nothing wrong again. Yesterday I took her to the doctor and got her some groceries and that's been pretty much it for me lately. Ho hum! Going to get my brows waxed today, hey, I'm still trying to look decent. Still haven't tried on my bathing suits to see just which one will fit the least horrifying. I tell ya, when I look in the mirror lately I can see just how old my arms and legs are getting, all flabby and veiny looking. I look just like my Mom, only she's going to be 75 and I'm only going on 57. So not fair! Even the tan isn't doing much good.

So that's it for me. Hope you're all doing well. I'll be back later to read some entries. Have a good one!

jolt on 01/24/2006:
Hey you :)

Sounds like you are in flux.. Thats a hard part on this journey to be in. Its also hard to remember to love yourself for just what you are... Don't focus so much on what your body looks like. I know how hard it can be. But you will get there. ONe day and one step at a time.



borntocry on 01/24/2006:
Hi Soonie,

If it's any consolation I am really depressed now too. In my case my weight is actually down today, but for some reason that just reminds me of how I keep losing and gaining the same few pounds over and over again. I work so hard at it for weeks and then blow it all in a couple of days. So all I can say is that you're not the only one - I'm here to keep you company in misery!

Bandmom on 01/24/2006:
Hi soonie! I have miss you. I did want to tell You I hope they find out whats wrong with your mom. Have fun in Maui!

Maria7 on 01/24/2006:
Okay...so you didn't make it to pre-vacation goal...well, here are some things you can do that I believe will help. First of all, thank the good Lord that you are in good health to be able to go. Second, although you leave in only 6 days, you could do some salads and soups mainly until then and get some exercise in to tone up! Third, accept yourself as you are...not perfect, but ALIVE!!! ...and get some vacation music going.....Hey, you're not by yourself, I've put on some weight also...but good health is more important than size...feeling good is also more important than size. Smile! No matter what size a person is, if they don't smile, they don't look as nice as someone who may be a little heavier but has a beautiful smile! I hope you have a wonderful vacation!

Soon2BThin - Friday Jan 20, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Hey, guess what! Not doing so well here. I'm not sick, I have new meds for my sinuses, feeling better, still awful fat! Hah! I just don't have the ambition to do anything, even eat right. It's this vacation coming up. Things like this always mess me up. I know I have no time to lose the weight I wanted to before then so I just give up until it's over. And send the men in the white coats---I'm not even looking forward to this vacation!! It's freakin' Maui, for gosh sakes! How could I not be excited??! I just feel so ashamed that I wasted this whole past year when I had planned on being skinny by now. And here I am, just the same fat person I was last year. So ashamed. *hanging my head* I just can't get over this feeling. So down.

Okay, enough about me. How ya all doin'? I've been reading all the entries every day and some are losing weight like crazy (congrats) and some are still struggling but not as bad as me. Thank goodness, huh? Why do we let food run our lives? Sometimes I feel like just not eating anything at all. Too bad we can't do that, right? If I could just stay away from food completely, I know I could do this but you have to eat every day. Oh, well. I'm going now. Eat brekky, take Mom for a CT scan and I don't know what after that. See ya later.

GG on 01/20/2006:
What do you struggle most with when going on a diet? What foods do you consume the most of and what do you wish you consumed more of? I can help you: but in the end it is only your will poower that can save you! Good luck and hang in there!!!

Minou on 01/20/2006:
Don't be too hard on yourself...that's what I've been doing forever, and it doesn't change anything! Tomorrow is a new day to achieve something-forget yesterday.

And have a blast in Maui-I use to live in the South Pacific and really miss it-lots of great walking and tons of yummy fruits and veggie dishes await you!


Maria7 on 01/20/2006:
Hey, Soonie! You're not the only one up some in weight...hey...

I hope you have a wonderful vacation! When are you leaving? You've been to Maui before, haven't you? What is it like?

Maria7 on 01/23/2006:
Just know you're not alone...I, too, have gained some weight. Maybe we need to start doing salads...but in the winter I CRAVE comfort food (junk kind, that is...). Like you, it RELAXES me...not a good excuse, but sure helps relieve stress.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jan 18, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Hump Day! It's 8:20am here and I have Good Morning America on. The doc is talking about what to eat and what not to eat. Just what I need. Wait a minute while I pay attention a bit.....Nothing I didn't already know. I love that Dr. Oz. It's 40 degrees here and sunny again. We haven't had rain for ages and that means wild fires later. The desert is so dry right now. If we get any lightening, the fires will start. We had a big one not far from here a couple of years ago. I remember one day the sky turned like night because of the smoke. Let's hope we don't get any of that again.

Okay, yesterday was a disaster! After I took Mom to the doc, I went to the grocery store pharmacy to get her prescription filled and got some groceries and some junk food. Why? Why? No bowling, no exercise, but you know what I figured out? Junk food relaxes me! I can sit in front of the tube and pig out and I RELAX!! All my troubles are gone! For awhile, anyway. I tell ya, if I spent every day with my Mom, I would be a real loud mouth. Just like my Mother-in-law. My Mom can't hear!! She won't get checked for a hearing aid. Why don't people like hearing aids?!! She didn't hear half of the things at the doc's so I was her ears and when I talk to her, I have to talk loud. I hate that! My DH is the same way. He has to have the TV up loud to hear and I say that is going to make me go deaf! Oh, well, that's my rant for today, heh. If I couldn't hear well, I would get the hearing aid. I don't want to miss something important, ya know? Anyways....That's no reason to go off the deep end with the food. But I did enjoy it. In fact, there is half a Mounds bar and a Reese's peanut butter heart still in my dresser drawer *blush* But I did sneek on the scale this morning---163, not good, not as bad as I thought. So maybe that will make me be good today. I don't know what is going on today. DH called sis and bil last night and asked them if they wanted to go bowling today and they said maybe---maybe--in the afternoon, so that leaves me hanging, waiting to see what they decide. So I got up, showered and I'm going to veg until I see what's happening. I'm kinda p'd since DH didn't even okay it with me first. I had mentioned earlier this week that maybe we could bowl with them on Thursday afternoon but now he's going fishing maybe that day so that's why he decided today would be better. We used to bowl with them every week but since we started with the group on Thursday mornings and their off days changed way back, we stopped. Anyways, sorry to blab on. Oh, BTW, my toes got all cleaned up and polished yesterday, ready for Maui. I have great feet, heh.

Well, you all have a great day! I didn't get here yesterday to read entries so I'll try to make that up later today. I hope things are going well for the DDers here. Thanks, Geevee, I know what you're saying but doing it is another thing. And I do think of you and use you as a good example. I will try harder. I'm in such a turmoil right now, I get that every time I have to get ready for a vacation. My schedule is all off. And I know it's my own fault. And, BTC, at least the only fast food place I stopped at was Subway so it was low-fat. Okay, I'm going now. See ya tomorrow!

borntocry on 01/18/2006:
I know what you mean - junk food relaxes me too. Any kind of food, actually. Eating just makes me happy. The only way I can lose weight is by resigning myself to not being happy for a while. How sad! But it's worth it in the end... isn't it?

liza36 on 01/18/2006:
I still eat junk food too occasionally, and it really doesn't taste as good as I once thought it did. Indulgences are ok once and a while. Just keep up the exercise. Subway is a great place to get low-fat food fast. Hope you get to go bowling. Sounds like fun.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jan 17, 2006
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 0.0

Here we are---Tuesday and the month of January is half over already. Seems like yesterday we were welcoming in the new year! Sheesh! I had a great--well, good day yesterday. The eating was perfect but no exercise. I know, I said I was going to the gym after the doc's office but by the time I finished there, I was feeling pretty crappy--headache, sinus, yucky--so I just went right home and took some Tylenol. Just didn't feel like gymming it at all. And didn't do much for the whole day. Still feel bloated this morning. My jeans are fitting pretty tight. I convinced the doc to give me one more chance on the diet. She wanted to change my diabetes meds since my bloodwork came back even higher than last time. I told her I'm sure it's my crappy eating and that I would try harder so she told me to keep testing it every day and keep track and see her in a month to show her the readings. And we'd go from there. I know she told me once before that the next step would be insulin shots and I sure don't want to do that! It was 126 this morning, fasting, so that's kinda high for first thing in the morning. *worry* We'll see how it goes. My stomach is growling right now for breakfast, that's a good sign, isn't it? I did have 24 points yesterday so higher than I'd like but all good things. No junk. Let's see if I can do that again today. It's sooooo hard!

Okay, the plan today---take Mom to the doc this morning, maybe some bowling after for me, then I have a 2:00 pedicure. Got to get my toes ready for Maui, heh. Too bad the rest of me is such a mess. My own fault....So you all have a great getting-smaller-and-healthier day. I'll keep working at it. Hard to pass up those fast food places when I'm out. See ya tomorrow.

borntocry on 01/17/2006:
You can go to those fast food places after your trip to Maui - they will still be there when you get back!

geevee on 01/17/2006:
No! No! No! You CANNOT go to fast food joints. Period. You need to take diabetes SERIOUSLY. If you had read the series of articles about diabetes that was in the NYTimes last week, you'd be scared to death!

Right now, you are still okay, but in 10-15 years, the cummulative effect of this silent disease will really start taking its toll on your body. One thing after another goes wrong, including amputations!

Because my doctor feared that I was going into Type 2 diabetes, he called me, very concerned and told me to go on the Sugar Busters' Diet, one I had never heard about, but after seeing the Hell my poor mother went through with testing her blood all the time, I knew I didn't want THAT! So I bought the book, read it and started on this "slow carb" diet.

Within one month my sugar was back to normal! And it's stayed normal for a year and a half or more.

PLEASE check this out and stop playing around with your health. We're not even considering the fat and flab. It's your HEALTH that's at stake and SO important!

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