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Soon2BThin - Friday Sep 02, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.4

Okay, so I didn't see the 150's this week but next week for sure!! I ran into a little trouble last weekend that I won't be repeating this weekend. Miss Soonie Smartiepants thought she could splurge for 3 days and make up for it in the next 4. Not possible! So I live and learn once again. You'd think I'd know all this by now, wouldn't you? But I did have a good exercise week, I think. That kept the weight from going way far up.

So how are things with you guys? Well, really, I know because I've been reading the entries every day. Sorry for not commenting, Soonie is a very lazy girl when it comes to commenting. I'm glad none of you were in the path of Katrina, except for you, Geevee. I'm so happy for you that you have your power back on now. You are one strong woman!! Let's hope there are no more hurricanes this year! Well, the weather here looks like rain today, all cloudy this morning, but it will be hot again, probably 90's. And just because it's cloudy doesn't mean it will rain, right? Well, I'm going to the gym anyways.

Okay, nothing new here really. Just Soonie plugging along day to day. Grateful for my health, except for that pesky heel trouble. I didn't stay off of it this week. It'll have to give me a whole lot more pain to keep me from my walking. So that's it. I'll see y'all later. You have a great weekend.

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 26, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 160.0

Okay, 150's, here I come!! A great week! And I'm wearing a pair of shorts that I haven't worn in quite awhile. Granted, they have elastic waist but they're not tight like they used to be. Whee! And I think my shoulders are getting smaller. And my belly, my worst spot. I'm feeling great! Oh, and I had a nice compliment yesterday---one of the ladies we bowl with said I have really nice legs!! What a morale booster! And what a surprise!

Wednesday's exercise: 85 minutes at the gym, including 2 1/2 miles of walking fast on the track. Thursday's exercise: 3 games of bowling, walking all over the 99 cent store, and 40 minutes on my recumbant bike---without stopping!! The only day this week that I didn't exercise was Saturday, yippee!

I may be making some changes this week though. Since my heel is still trying to kill me, I may just stay home and ride the bike and do some free weights, I don't know. With the walking, my heel hurts pretty bad afterward and I don't think it's going to heal if I don't give it a rest. I'm just not sure of this yet since I love doing the walking and other things at the gym. Also, we may have to take my van in for some more repairs next week and I don't know how many days they will need it. So this is all up in the air. We'll see. But this little glitch isn't going to stop me, I'm going to get in plenty of exercise no matter what!

Okay, that's it for weigh day. I hope you're all having a good day. Hang in there, we CAN do this. Just remember there will be good days and bad days, and after awhile, the bad days will even get better. I started out 13 weeks ago at 169.8 and I didn't do as well those first few weeks but now I'm on a roll. And I WILL keep this up. It feels great! Take care, all you loverly people, and I'll see ya later.

Liza36 on 08/26/2005:
I'm glad to hear you are doing so well. Way to go! Your exercise is awesome, now if that heel would feel better!

Thanks for the vote of confidence you left me. I'm excited to be doing weight wathers, and I'm glad to hear it has worked for you too. We'll both just keep at it, right?

Have a great weekend.

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 24, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.4

Hey, happy hump day!! The week is just flying by. I'm doing very well so far. Eating right and exercising. Let's see---Friday's exercise: 2 miles on the track of walking and my 8 weightlifting exercises (and I did have some treats that day) Saturday: no exercise (and I extended the treat day one more day, not good) Sunday: 50 minutes on my recumbant bike; Monday: 90 minutes at the gym, including 3 miles of walking on the track and weightlifing; Tuesday: bowling 3 games with DH and keeping very busy all day at home. So that's it up till now. Today's plan is walking and weightlifting at the gym. I don't know how much walking I can do today, my heel is still giving me trouble so I'll let it tell me what is enough. It usually doesn't hurt much until I get home though. I think my knees and left shoulder are getting better with all the strength training I'm doing so that's a good thing. I had hurt my left shoulder years ago when I was doing some weightlifting exercise and it's never been the same since. Oh, well, enough of my problems, let's get on with the day.

I read the entries yesterday, as usual, and did some commenting. You're all doing great! I'm so glad I have you all here to talk with and lend support. The DD is truly a great thing, isn't it? Okay, love to you all and keep up the good work. WE CAN DO THIS!! See ya later!

legcramps on 08/26/2005:
You're going great! Keep it up and have a great day today.

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 19, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 161.4

Weigh day! Down a couple of pounds. Yayyy! I worked very hard this week. Now to carry on for the rest of my life. I wasn't perfect but I don't expect to ever be perfect. Some days are better than others, that's all. I exercised every day but one of the last seven. To me, the exercise is all important because if I don't do it, I don't lose. And it is good for a body, right? Today will be the gym for me. I almost look forward to it since I missed it Wednesday. And I have to admit, I do use Fridays as my kinda relaxed day, I allow myself a couple of treats that I don't have during the rest of the week. But I still have to get that exercise in. When I have this to look forward to all week, it makes the week seem easier somehow. Oh, well, that's just me. I am doing so much better than a few weeks ago and it does get easier as time goes on. And I do need to lose the weight before Jan. 30, when we leave for Maui. Also, DH said I could get a tummy tuck if I lose the weight! Hah, I think it would be kinda wasted on a 56 year old, don't you? I need the face lift more, hahaha!

Okay, that's all my news, let's see what everyone else here is doing. You all have a great weekend and I'll see ya later sometime.

P. S. I forgot to add my exercise for the last couple of days---I did 40 minutes on the recumbant bike on Wednesday (I think I put that in Wed. night's entry) and yesterday was bowling 3 games but I also added in one hour, that's ONE HOUR of riding my recumbant bike (I just did half an hour at a time). Boy, was my bum sore! Heh.

borntocry on 08/19/2005:
Hi Soonie,

Way to go! I like your attitude. And you're doing great with the exercise. It's hard to exercise six days a week. I'm having trouble with just five!

So you suffer from plantar fasciitis too. It's so true that when it comes to exercise there's always something or the other that gets in the way. If it isn't injury, then it's the weather, or work, or family commitments. There's always a hundred excuses not to do it, but I guess we just have to prioritise. I often think about how people who play team sports, like my husband, would never just skip a game or a practice, so why should we be any different?

Bandmom on 08/23/2005:
thank you! I feel so much better!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 17, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 163.4

Hey, gang, how's it going? I'm doing pretty good this week. Since I had that little gain last Friday, it gives me incentive to stay with it this week. I HATE gains (don't we all?) So far, pretty good, as I said. Let's see, Monday I went to the gym and walked 3 miles on the track and did all my weightlifting things---100 minutes total. Then Tuesday we bowled 3 games in the morning and that's all for that day. Today my car was in the shop so I didn't get to the gym. So I had a doctor's appointment this morning and rode my recumbant bike this afternoon for, first 25 minutes, then later, 15 minutes. And we went to Applebee's for lunch, where I had the WW's grilled talapia with mango salsa (6 points and delicious) and I finally tried one of the WW desserts, raspberry chocolate layer cake (awful expensive for the small slice you get, 4 points) and I only ate half of it, DH had the rest. It was surprisingly good and hard to believe the amount of points for it. DH says they must be lying, what do you think? Can they do that? Oh, well.

So, all in all, I'm having a good week. Seems like there was something else I wanted to mention but can't think of it now. My heel is still giving me grief but, heck, when you're as old as I am, you just have to deal with all kinds of body problems. I hope it goes away in time (not too much time) I can still do all the walking and it doesn't bother me much until afterward and then I ice it up some. I remember some of the exercises I did the last time I had it when I took therapy for it years ago. So I try doing some of those. Well, I hope you're all having a great week. Keep up the good work. I've been reading the entries every day, sorry I'm not much of a commenter. See ya's later.

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 15, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 163.4

Good Monday morning, everyone! I made it through the weekend, did you? I had a great day Saturday, walked 3 1/2 miles on the track and ate really well. Sunday could have been better but not too bad. Other than that, we didn't too much. We're in the monsoon season here now and it rains almost every afternoon.

The plan today is to go to the gym and work out and eat right all day. I've been having some trouble with plantar fasciitis so my right heal hurts a lot after walking but I'm not letting it stop me. I learned a lot about it and what to do for it on the internet (thanks, borntocry, I never even thought of that) I had the problem once before a long time ago so I'm sure that's what it is. Anyway, it seems there's always something trying to stop me but I won't let it. I did rest it yesterday and just rode my recumbant bike for 20 minutes. I was going to go back and do more later but somehow never got to it, heh.

Okay, time to go check up on you all. I hope you're having a great day. Hang in there. See ya later.

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 12, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 163.4

And I complained last week that I hadn't lost much! Now I'm going the wrong way. But it was expected since I'd taken 4 days off from exercise and slept a lot. Not a good thing. So I know my mistakes and will do better now. Not too much to say. I've been checking on you all almost every day and things are going great for the DDers. Have a good week.

Bandmom on 08/12/2005:
Bad soonie! There you are I miss you!Hug and smiles! Love Rosalind

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 05, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.0

Six-freaking-tenths-of-a-pound!! I worked my butt off this week (guess not) Here's what I did----Friday: 2 miles on the track and weightlifting Saturday: 3 miles of walking on the track Sunday: 3 miles of walking on the track Monday: 2 miles of walking and weightlifting Tuesday: bowling 3 games Wednesday: 2 1/2 miles of walking and weightlifting Thursday: bowling 3 games And I think I did very well with the food part too, although, not perfect every day. So I guess it's the "you're building more muscle to replace the fat" thing, huh? I do feel thinner, especially in the morning. Oh, well, carry on.

I want to say welcome back to biscottibody here. We're all in this together, right? You're all doing great. I have been coming in every day and reading the entries. Okay, I'll see y'all later, same bat time, same bat channel!! Have a good one!

hopeful01 on 08/11/2005:
thanks for that link that's going to help A LOT!

I'm not sure what the 9 to 11 difference is for sure but I'm guessing it would be the point difference with or without the lf ranch dressing.

Thanks for telling me I'm doing great my ww meeting night is tonight and I'm hoping I lost some more weight because I've been trying so hard!

hope to hear from you again :)

Soon2BThin - Friday Jul 29, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 162.6

Well, down a little this week. Better than nothing. And it's going to keep going down from now on. No more ups. I'm working at it!

How's ya all doing? Well, I know, cause I've been here reading all the entries every day. Sorry I haven't been commenting, bad Soonie! Hey, where's Biscottibody?? I miss her. If you're out there, girl, come on back, I'm worried about you. We sure have a lot of new members lately! Welcome to you all. And the best of luck to you. Everyone here is doing so well. It's so great to read the entries.

I must make a comment about the Weight Watchers menu at Applebee's....We've been there a few times lately and I've tried two of their Weight Watchers meals---the grilled talapia with mango salsa and yesterday, the teriyaki shrimp and steak skewers. They're both great and I can eat them and know I'm eating something good for me and low points. I get tired of going out to eat and having to eat a salad and not much else. So if there's one near you, try it out, you'll like it.

Okay, take care and have a great weekend!! Later.....

sweetpea1977 on 07/29/2005:
I totally agree with you on the Applebee's WW menu! It rocks! I've had both those meals and the "diet" onion soup and they all tasted fabulous!! Man, now I am tempted to do Applebee's for dinner tonight! :o)

Congrats on the loss! Keep up the good work!

Have a good weekend!

BethH on 08/05/2005:
Thank you for your comment. I am feeling a little better. I hope you have a wonderful weekend. I hope you are doing well. We miss you. Beth :)

Soon2BThin - Friday Jul 22, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 164.0

Going the wrong way! Had a good week, must have been the bad weekend. Am I just meant to be this weight?! I won't accept it!! Have a great day!

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