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Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jun 07, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.8

Well, well, no comments the last couple of days! IS ANYBODY OUT THERE?? Yeah, I know, I don't comment much either but I do try. How y'all doing today? It's 8:30 here already and I've done my walk on the trusty ole treadmill---35 minutes this morning, 1 and 3/4 miles, so I increased my time and mileage. Whew! I can feel my face still burning! But I feel goooood! Almost breakfast time for me, mmmmmm! I'm so hungry this morning. I'm still not eating anything after 7pm every day so that's a good thing too.

Yesterday was a very busy day. First we went bowling, just the DH and I. We bowled 3 games, he beat me 2 games, he's getting much better while I just had a bad day of bowling, heh. Then we took a couple of bike helmets we had over to my sis's house so she could try them out and decide which one she wants to keep. She's buying a bike, you know, the kind you ride outside. She's a year younger than I so we're all kind of worried about her but she used to ride all the time. Anyway, then we went for an early lunch at the Five and Diner. I had a cobb salad with no bleu cheese and I barely ate half of it. So that was good. Then we went on to Sear's at the mall. We were looking for a cabinet with shelves and doors to put on the patio to keep the pool chemicals and stuff in so it would look nicer than the cheap shelves that were left here when we moved in. It takes us awhile to improve things, haha! Anyway, couldn't get one there so went on to Home Depot and did lots of walking around there, they didn't have what we wanted either. So on to Lowe's, where we found just exactly what we were looking for, plus we bought new towel racks and stuff for my bathroom, something a little fancier than what the last people here put in. So I'm excited about that. Also did lots of walking around there, you know how big those places are! Then we went to Mom's for awhile. She's doing better. Did I tell you she fell on her first day of her cruise? Not a good way to spend a nice vacation. She bruised some ribs, bruised her knees and cut her nose. Yeah, she fell forward all the way onto her nose. She's a big woman and it was a hard fall on a bare floor. But she's recovering. Then we came home. So there went most of our day. I didn't get out in the pool but after dinner, while watching Two and a Half Men, I rode the recumbant bike for 35 minutes. Yay, me! And my eating was good for the day, although I didn't keep track of points but tried to eat wisely. And had enough water. So a very good day.

Okay, time for my brekky! I'm so hungry! BTW, I didn't mention, since I've cut back on some of my blood pressure meds, I haven't had all the dizzy spells that I was having anymore. One did surprise me yesterday but it wasn't very bad. And my blood pressure is doing okay too. And I feel sooo much better, more energy and more awake than before. So that's all good. I see the doc next month for another adjustment, maybe can quit them altogether. I hope so. Welp, you all have a great Tuesday. Take care and stay strong. I'll see ya tomorrow!

mummypod on 06/07/2005:
I'm out here LOL

It is great to exercise BEFORE you eat in the mornings apparently (I do it and have had great results!). It is supposed to start the metabolism up and burn off your stores of excess weight. Then when you finally do eat breakfast and "break the fast" as they say, your metabolism is burning so fast that it doesn't store what you eat (providing it is healthy of course LOL).

I get up at 6am three days per week and head off to the gym to do weight work, alternating between upper and lower body with cardio (20 mins) for the other three days and then a day off EVERYTHING.

On my day off I eat and eat WHATEVER I like and then I tend to stay more focussed for the rest of the week.

My blood pressure has ALWAYS been an issue.. I was borderline medication, but as I've lost over 50 pounds (25 kilos) that has dropped greatly.

Keep up the good work!!!!

Kim xxx

Soon2BThin - Monday Jun 06, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.8

Good Monday morning! Quickie this morning. We're going bowling. So no treadmill this morning. Yesterday was a good day. I ate right, about 28 points which is about 1400 calories. And I did 30 minutes treadmill, I can't remember how much on the bike, had to be between 20 and 30 minutes, and some swimming in the pool, not much. Later, before dinner, I did another 20 on the bike. So I had good exerise. I hope you're all doing well and I've been thinking much about bandmom this morning. Her surgery is today. I said a little prayer for her this morning. You all take care and stay strong. See ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jun 05, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.8

Hi, gang! How's it going with you all today? So far I'm doing well. Better than yesterday. Yesterday I did 30 minutes treadmill and some work in the pool, not much. And I ate too much. I figure I had about 32 points, which is about 1600 calories. So I guess it wasn't too bad, it just felt like it. And I don't know if that is really accurate or not, the calories part. I'm going to get around to check that one of these days. So otherwise, I had a lazy day. Today is better, 30 minutes walking on treadmill and 25 minutes on the recumbant bike (is it r-e-c-u-m-b-a-n-t or e-n-t??) And I'm heading out in the pool pretty soon. Also going to eat better today. And I decided not to get on the scale until Friday, like it should be.

So I know I should have taken my measurements before starting over on this but I didn't. I just don't know how to do it right anyways. So I'm just going to go by how my clothes fit and the scale.

Okay, peeps, I hope everything is going well for you all. And that you're having a great weekend. The temps here are around 95 lately, with sunshiney skies and just a little breeze. Also the humidity is very low---about 12%. And it's very cool when you get out of the pool, heh. My tan is coming along nicely since I got a head start at the tanning place this year but I think I need to get some nice tanning lotion. And I haven't burnt anything yet so I'm being careful. I saw on the CNN crawl a week or so ago that a professor at Harvard medical school said that people who are in the sun regularly get less skin cancer than those who don't. I guess that still means you shouldn't get burned though. Just gradually work your way up to a tan. Yeah, I know it ages the skin but I have very good skin genes. My Mom is 74 and she still looks pretty good. Anyways.....Take care, everyone, and I'll see ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jun 04, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.8

I'm down another pound this morning! Yippee!! It's working! But I'm still a "porker", right, geevee? I'm just kidding ya! I thought that was funny. I figured out the other night while I couldn't sleep that I'm a UFO----ugly, fat and old. I know, I know, I'm not supposed to keep putting myself down and I'm not really serious. I just thought it was funny. Sometimes I say these things to my DH hoping he will say something nice, but I've given up on that. Oh, he's not so bad and he does say some nice things sometimes but he's a man of the 50's, ya know. So old fashioned. But I love him! Anyways......

So how's it going for you all? I got here yesterday afternoon to read all the entries and leave a few comments. We're all struggling together, ain't we? But we're gonna stick with it and WIN!!

Okay, yesterday's exercise----30 minutes on the treadmill, just walking, in the pool for over an hour, swimming and SNORKLING!! Yep, after bowling the other day, we went and bought snorkling equipment! I had never tried it before but DH did when we were in Maui and he didn't do so well. So we thought we'd buy our own stuff and practice in the pool. I caught on right away and it's fun! I was afraid to try it before. So I will keep on practicing and when we go to Maui in Jan. I will be ready to see all the pretty fishies, haha! Oh, and I did 20 minutes on the recumbant bike. Not bad, huh? And my eating was great---21 points or about 1050 calories. Lots of good fruit and some veggies, okay, just some raw carrots but it's better than nothing. We have some nice fresh cantaloupe and strawberries and I mixed some sliced bananas in and made a fruit salad for lunch. Yum! And I found out the real secret to losiing weight---KEEP BUSY!! As long as I'm on the computer or swimming or reading or, heaven forbid, house work, I don't think of food. Well, except when I'm on this site and reading what everyone has eaten, heh. And sometimes it does make me hungry, haha! Oh, and I had 104 oz. of water. So my body thanks me, the scale thanks me and the DH is thanking me, haha!

I forgot to mention that on Thursday, after we picked up the snorkling stuff, we went to Sam's. And I didn't eat any samples, haha! We ogled the big cakes and pies but passed them up. It wasn't easy! And they had boxes of Krispy Kreme glazed donuts right inside the entrance. DH tried to put one in the cart but I nixed that! Hehe!

So here I am, rambling on. I'd better get on that treadmill or I won't be eating brekky until noon, haha! I'm all ready and set to go! Okay, you all have a great Saturday and I'll see ya tomorrow!

jolt on 06/04/2005:
Sounds like you are doing great! :) Keep up the awsume work!



Soon2BThin - Friday Jun 03, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.8

Down 2, that's good enough, I guess. How are you all doing today? It's only 7:30 here right now and I wish I'd gotten up earlier cause I feel so rushed. I like to get my walk and my shower in before 9 when I eat brekky and watch Regis and Kelly. I always get some good laughs from that show. So I'll be off to get my walk on the treadmill as soon as I finish this. I'm already all dressed. But first, I need to set my goals for the month of June. I plan to reach 160 or below before the end of the month. Maybe that's too much but I should be able to reach at least 163 by then. I plan on doing some kind of exercise every day except Sundays and may even do some then. And I will eat wisely every day. I thought I could have lost more this week since it's the first good week for me and all. But I'm adjusting a couple of my meds and one is a diuretic and I skipped 2 days on that one so I think I may be still holding some water. I did take one last night cause my ankles looked a little swollen before I went to bed and I was up plenty all night. So it did work some.

Okay, on with today. The plan---walk on the treadmill for at least 30 minutes, eat right and drink plenty of water. Oh, yesterday was a very good day again. I ate 26 points or about 1300 calories. All I ate for dinner was a nice bunch of fruit--fresh cantaloupe,banana and strawberries. And some raw carrots with FF Ranch dressing for dip. My exercise was bowling---I bowled with 2 old men, 83, and my DH who's 59--and I won 2 out of the 3 games. Hahaha! I never did get out in the pool since it got all cloudy out but I did do 30 minutes on the recumbant bike in the evening.

Okay, have a great day, everyone! I plan on it. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Bandmom on 06/03/2005:
I will nerver leave my family! Sorry your stuck to me like glue!lol

geevee on 06/03/2005:
I was very surprised at how quickly my body adapted to the new regimen I imposed on it with swimming. The first time I went, well over two years ago, I thought I'd never reach the other end of a 25 meter pool. When I did, I had to rest, catch my breath and rev myself up for the return which I dreaded. There was a clock on the wall which I watched incessantly. The minutes passed SO slowly! End result? I think I only lasted 15 min. the first day. I was out of breath and exhausted!

But I came back the next day and the next. Each day I would set a new goal for endurance and believe it or now within a couple of weeks I was swimming an hour. I had told BTC the same thing as regards to running when she first started, and now she runs and runs and runs. As long as you understand how the body works, it all makes sense and then we don't expect the impossible.

But I know that I'm in much better physical shape now than I've ever been in. I'm never tired. Never out of breath. I could probably swim two or more hours, but I can't take the tedium of it.

And one thing I've learned, swimmers are not interested in the bodies of other swimmers. They're interested in the number of laps they do, how their time and stroke has improved. We're very self-absorbed, which is what enabled me to get in the pool at a whopping 165 lbs and a size 16 suit! Wow! What a porker I was! It didn't bother me though. My mind was set on swimming, and that was where I put my focus.

So do give it a try and have faith that each day you'll do a little more and be a bit stronger. In no time at all you'll reach whatever goal you set for yourself.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jun 02, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 169.8

Quickie this morning! We're going bowling at 9 and it's 7:50am right now. I just finished using my Paypal to pay for something I bought on Ebay last night. You'll never guess----a belly dancing video!! Yep, I'm going to try to learn to belly dance. Imagine that! A 56 year old fat lady belly dancing! No, never mind, maybe you don't want to go there, hahaha!

Oh, I remember what I forgot to say in yesterday's entry---I just wanted to go over my goals for the month since it was June 1 but I don't have time right now, still have to eat some brekky. So I'll do it tomorrow.

Yesterday's eating was excellent! Only 21 points or about 1050 calories but the scale showed a slight gain this morning. The movie we saw was really good---"Million Dollar Baby". Really good! And I ate no popcorn, even though they had it for $1 on Mondays and Wednesdays. But no other exercise besides my 30 minutes of walking on the treadmill. Today's plan is bowling this morning and some pool exercise this afternoon. Although it looks a little cloudy right now. I hope it doesn't get worse.

Okay, that's enough for a quickie. I wish you all a great day and you all stay strong. See ya!

jolt on 06/02/2005:
**pictures the belly dancing** lol I have heard its great exercise so good on you for getting it. I hope its as fun as you hope! Have fun bowling I used to love bowling. **thinks she should start again**

You can do it!



sandrella on 06/02/2005:
Hi and congrats!

I just bought the belly dancing dvd and it's loads of fun! I'm sure I looked a little silly while I did it, but it was a blast! I'm going to do it again today and let me tell you, you will definetly feel it in the morning! Best Wishes, Sandi :)

tabbylove74 on 06/02/2005:
LMAO...you and sandrella make a right pair that's all i can say! Good on ya! (wishing you both had webcams and were willing to use them) LMAO

Jennifer68 on 06/02/2005:
Good for you on the belly dancing video!! Lol, you're never too old to learn something new. Plus, Your activity is going to pay off!! Jen

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jun 01, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 169.8

Day 3, moving right along! Thanks for all the comments, no one around this house gives me any credit, that's for sure. I can hear them thinking, well, how long will she stick to it this time, ya know? I really feel like this is it though. I've already done my 30 minutes on the treadmill but since I'm going with sis to see a movie this afternoon, I won't be able to do the bike until maybe later today. I still have to get a shower and do my hair so the pool is out today too. My exercise for yesterday was----30 minutes treadmill, 20 minutes bike, and some arm exercises in the pool with some swimming. Oh, and also 50 crunches! I'm feeling so much better and happier. It's funny how we quit doing it and don't realize what we're doing to ourselves with no exercise and junk food. Until we start back up again and feel so good. Oh, and I had 25 points which is about 1250 calories for the day. One of these days I'm going to keep track of calories and see if that theory of 1 point equals about 50 calories is true. According to the scale I'm down about 2 pounds from Friday but won't enter a new weight until this Friday. Yeah, that's right, I'm still getting on the scale every morning! Oh, well. It goes well until I have one of those unexplainable gains, then, look out, I throw the scale out the window. Heh!

Okay, I know there was something I was going to say but can't remember now. Maybe if it comes to me later, I'll add it here. Oh, yeah, I did get here yesterday and read all the entries and made some comments. I spent a lot of time on the computer and downloaded 8 more songs on my mp3 player. It sure kept my mind off of eating. So it's going well. I hope things are great for you all too. Take care and have a happy June 1st. Summer's almost here! Soonie has left the building!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 31, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 169.8

Day 2 of the week. How's it going? I haven't been on here to read for a few days and I really miss it. I had a really busy day yesterday. I walked for 30 minutes on the treadmill then had breakfast. Then, during Price is Right I rode my recumbant bike for 20 minutes. After that, I went out in the pool for almost an hour. Soaked up some sun and did some swimming and arm exercises. Oh, I almost forgot, I did some crunches before that too and I can really feel it in my abs this morning. After lunch, I went out to Target and Walgreen's. I bought some new workout clothes from Target, they have some cute stuff. I figured it couldn't hurt my motivation. So I'm all set and wearing some right now, all ready to get to my walk on the treadmill. BTW, it's only 7:50am here. My eating was really good yesterday too. I had 24 points which is about 1200 calories, so they say. Lots of fruit and veggies and water too.

Okay, let's get with it!! I'm ready, are you? I hope to get on here this afternoon to read entries so I'll see ya later. Have a good one!

jolt on 05/31/2005:
Way to go! Nothing like new workout clothes to help keep you motivated :) You are doing great, keep up the great work!



Maria7 on 05/31/2005:
Hey there! Glad to hear it! (That you're starting back to church.)

Also, I, too have upped my fruits and veggies and water. I've eaten 2 large apples and 2 large bananas today.

You are doing fantastic with the workouts and points. Bet your new workout clothes are pretty! Did you get the jogging suit kind or capri?

I walked and worked out with weights at the gym a while today. I went yesterday and forgot about it being a holiday and they were closed.

Have a good night and keep up the good work! (SMILE!)

Bandmom on 05/31/2005:
My surgery is June 6 at 11:00 am! Thank you soonie! I will miss you girls until I can get back on! I will be mia for a while. Rosalind

Soon2BThin - Monday May 30, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 169.8

Here it is, Monday again! Time to get started! I'm up early and all ready to do the treadmill. It's all cleaned off and ready to go, heh. Just have to grab my water out of the frig and I'm off! I've been doing okay with the food thing---went to Mom's yesterday for a family get-together and I didn't even eat much. And we watched "Meet the Fockers" for the second time and it was just as funny. But last night I was so hungry after we got home from driving Sis home, I ate too many things. Started innocent enough, just my usual breakfast stuff, oatmeal (low-sugar) and an english muffin with sf jelly. But then I ate a cereal bar and some tortilla chips so I weigh the same today as yesterday. Yes, I've been getting on the scale every day again. But only Friday's counts.

Okay, I hope you all had a good holiday weekend. I know, it's still going on, isn't it? So, enjoy! And have a really good Monday! See ya!

Soon2BThin - Friday May 27, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 169.8

Okay, that's my final answer!! The LIMIT!! I can't keep gaining at this pace---or any pace! I can't believe I gained so much! Not much exercise, eating whatever, just about, so that's what happens, right? I really have to work hard just to lose any at all!! So I guess that's what I have to do! So far today I'm not doing too badly. We went bowling again (heck, it's only 99 cents a game this month!) this morning, DH, #3 son and I. We just bowled 2 games though. So I've bowled 11 games this week. Fun! We did go out for those spectacular pancakes for breakfast but I didn't eat all mine, hah!! And, of course, I always use the sugar-free syrup. I had a small can of pork and beans and an english muffin with sugar-free jelly and a diet coke for lunch. I went out in the pool and messed around some and now I'm watching Oprah and eating an apple with a little cinnamon and Splenda on it. And drinking lots of water as usual.

Okay, best wishes to everyone! See ya!

Jennifer68 on 05/27/2005:
Deep breaths, girl, its OKAY. The exercise from bowling and staying conscious of the food you eat WILL pay off. You can get back on track, the train won't leave without ya!! I had a few rough weeks but I'm back in full force, calling all my DD friends-- Don't give up!!! Jen

willpowerqueen on 05/29/2005:
Thanx for the comment in my diary. That apple and cinnamon and splenda snack sounds lovely! Hope you had a nice weekend x

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