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Soon2BThin - Thursday May 26, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 166.0

Good afternoon! Kinda late entry today but I'm here. We went bowling this morning for the 3rd time this week, DH and I. My brother joined us today too. We had a pretty good time and lots of nice exercise. DH is really getting into this bowling thing lately. Which makes it fun for me, I've always liked to bowl. Of course, I beat them soundly. All 3 games. But they were close behind. Fun, fun! But the eating isn't going so well today. And the scale said my weight was up yesterday so I just know it will be worse tomorrow, weigh day. Oh, well, I enjoyed it all but not really worth the added fat on my body. What the heck is wrong with me?! DUH!! My hair is growing nicely and I have a nice tan so I just need to get rid of all this fat---PDQ! The doc's assistant has lowered the dosage on one of my blood presure meds but I still have the dizziness, maybe not as much as before, but we're also decreasing another one and if I do well with that, I will be able to quit that one altogether. Whoopee! And I feel more alive now without all that! So all that is good!

Okay, that's all my good news--and bad. Probably no one will read this since it's so late in the day. I must get back into a routine. Tomorrow! Right! I hope you're all doing well. Maybe now that all the shows on TV have had their season finales, I will get here more often. Have a great Friday!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 24, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 166.0

I have been very neglectful of the DD this week. But here I am now. I'm doing fairly well and trying a new approach with it. I'm being a lot less uptight about it and just taking it one minute, one meal at a time. And trying to make good choices. And I'm not getting on the scale everyday as I was. Just Fridays. I'm not thinking about food all day and I'm not going at the exercise as much as I was a few weeks back. Yesterday we went bowling with a bunch of seniors. It was 9 pin, no tap, which is when you knock 9 pins down, you get a strike. It was all fun and we're meeing some new people. My brother is going with us on Thursday when we go for the breakfast bowling. I will eat here before we go though. Anyways....I also got out in the pool for some fun water exercise and I'm working up a pretty good tan. It's true what they say---tan fat looks better than white fat! Hah!

So that's my life lately. I guess we'll have a get-together this weekend with the family for the holiday. No set plans yet. I hope you're all doing well and enjoying the good weather whereever you are. Take care and stay strong! Later!

Jennifer68 on 05/25/2005:
Isn't it so true about tanned fat vs. white fat?? Lol, I always feel better whe I have some color. Enjoy your family time this weekend :O) Jen

Soon2BThin - Friday May 20, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 166.0

Just here to record the new weight today. Not very good news but what can you do? Better the next week, right? I haven't been exercising the last few days. I was afraid to because of the dizziness and shortness of breath. I saw a neurologist this morning. He seems to agree that it's just low blood pressure when I stand up. But he also agrees that I'm on too many blood pressure meds. So I will continue with my regular doctor to get that amount lowered. You can't just quit, you have to gradually take less. So anyways, that's the news from here. Guess I'll try going back with the exercise and try to do what I can. Hope you're all doing well. See ya later.

Jennifer68 on 05/21/2005:
Yeah, my weight is up too, but I haven't been consistant with exercise either, so what did I expect?? It could be worse, lol! Just keep swimming. We'll get there. Jen

Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 17, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

Still hanging in there. It's starting to become natural now. I really think I can do it this time. It helps that I haven't been that hungry lately too. The exercise is hard though. I get tired so easily any more. Yesterday I only forced myself to do one mile on the treadmill and I was ready to give up after 10 minutes. I had planned on doing some recumbant bike too but ended up out in the pool for awhile. First time this year and it was great. So no bike yesterday. The eating was pretty good, too many carbs and not enough veggies and fruit though. But I kept the calories and points down enough and didn't snack while watching the Raymond finale. The night eating doesn't really bother me much. I can handle that okay.

Well, what's the plan today? I don't have one yet but have thought of just doing a lot of recumbant bike here at home. I can do that while watching TV. What are you all doing today? I know some of you are just way too busy to fit in that exercise and I can sure understand that. Just do what you can and keep busy so you eat right. Ya'll have a great day!

Jennifer68 on 05/17/2005:
What IS a recumbant bike???

Great job on the exercise. I've discovered Pilates and its doing wonderful things to my body and this is definitely something I can keep us with. I love it :O) Jen

Soon2BThin - Monday May 16, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

Okay, here we are again, Monday! I'm doing pretty good these days, even resisting the candy and cookies and cakes every time I go in a store. And that's pretty darn good, for me! Don't think I haven't wanted to buy them, I just tell myself "no, it will just ruin what I've already accomplished" and finish my shopping. Even just now, when the DH was leaving to go to lunch with a buddy at----HOOTER'S. This just bugs the hell out of me, for some reason and I wanted to race down to the McDonald's for MY lunch! They go every Monday because it's "double punch" day (so they say) and when your card is filled, you get a free meal. Now this just makes me crazy to think of these guys sitting there, while little girls with a lot of body exposed are waiting on them. Why does this bug me, you may ask? Heck, if I know, but I feel so disrespected because my feelings about this, which he knows, are ignored. Sometimes I talk myself out of it and I just want to go eat something (I'll show him) but today I had all kinds of ****y things to say before he left. I must say, he did ask if I wanted to go but it's too early for me to have lunch and I'm kind of afraid to really see what's going on. I know it's all not so bad because some of the other wives go too and they don't seem to care. And that makes me look twice as much of a **** for being so ****y about it. (Sorry about the language) As it is, I'm always thinking I can't compete with what's out there and feel twice as bad about myself. I'm not really that worried about him, that he would actually do something, but I just can't get over it. What do you guys think? Am I just a b****? So, now that I feel kind of mad and kind of down, I'm going to go do some treadmill and recumbant bike. I know that always helps my mood and I do really need it.

As for the weekend, I did really well. Saturday no exercise but the eating was almost perfect. Sunday I just did 40 minutes on the bike--- 20 mins., then rest 10, then 20 minutes more. And my eating was great. My weight was back up to where it was Friday but I'm all right about it. I sure know that happens.

Okay, must go change my clothes to exercise. I'm not going to the gym because of the dizzy spells and breathlessness I've been getting just walking around. I'm kind of afraid I might pass out or something. It doesn't bother me much while exercising (strange) except I can't do as long or fast as I had been and I'm just wiped out afterward. I hope you're all having a good beginning to the week. I hate not having time to come read entries but I have a lot of other reading to do right now. Maybe I'll get here this afternoon while I watch Dr. Phil and Oprah. You all be good and take care of yourselves. See ya tomorrow!

Soon2BThin - Saturday May 14, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

Hi, gang! How's it going? I'm doing great! I ate good yesterday and did fit in some exercise on the treadmill. And I discovered something----exercise does help your mood. I was feeling kinda down in the morning yesterday and something DH said made me mad, so I figured I'd show him and walk on the treadmill for as long as I could. So I did. And, ya know, afterward, I felt all better, heh. And I felt good for the rest of the day. I guess that's a good way to knock out depression, huh?

I have no real plans for today. I weighed again because I just have to and it has gone up a fraction. But I know how that goes. I should just wait until next Friday. But I had such a good day yesterday that I just had to peek. Oh, well. I have an appointment at the tanning place at noon and that's about all I have planned. I have lots of TV to watch that I recorded this week. Did I tell you my #3 son bought me a DVD recorder for my birthday? It's pretty cool. Anyway, I may not exercise today. It's getting into the 90's today and we don't have the AC running yet so it's just nice to sit under a fan and keep cool. Good thing about the heat and sun though is, the pool should be warm enough soon. Can't wait for that. I had planned on getting up at 7 this morning but, when my radio came on, I turned it off and went back to sleep. Bad Soonie. Sometimes I think I should change my name to Never2BThin, heh. But I'll keep working on it.

So you all keep having a good weekend and keep working at it. And, if you missed yesterday's entry and care to look at it, it's right below here, naturally. So keep on truckin' everyone! I'll see ya tomorrow.

Bandmom on 05/16/2005:
That was nice of #3 son! I miss you soonie!!!Remember you are sooo worth it girl!hugs and smiles.

Rosalind Bandmom

Soon2BThin - Friday May 13, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 165.2

A considerable drop in the weight this week. Ya see, I can do it if I just put my mind to it. Heh! We had a good time bowling yesterday except I got so darned tired by the second game. I mean, I actually get out of breath and feeling weak. But we finished 3 games. I can't remember if I've mentioned this before but I have these sort of dizzy spells when I stand up and they've been getting worse lately. And I also get way out of breath sometimes. I've talked to my doctor and she suggested I see a neurologist but I didn't go, thinking it must be too much blood pressure meds (I take 3) because my blood pressure has been pretty low with them---90's over 60's. So the doctor has decreased one of my meds but it's still not helping. I decided to go see the neurologist and will see him next Friday. It was really bad yesterday after bowling and when we were at my Mom's house, I stood up once and my legs and arms started going all weak and I had to grab onto a chair or I would have fallen. And I just felt weak and sort of loopy all day, getting out of breath for the smallest thing. So that convinced me I need to do something about this. Now DH is kind of afraid to leave me alone, not a good thing. Anyways....

I did do some exercise today---one and a half miles on my treadmill, sheesh, and I had to rest over half an hour before I had the strength to take my shower. But, hey, at least I'm down 2 pounds from last week! Woohoo! Now will Soonie keep at it? Will she succeed this time? Tune in next week when Soonie does her weigh in to find out! I feel like I have more determination than ever but you just never know, right? I really, really need to lose this weight for 2 good reasons (well, to be healthy is the biggest one) but I want to get off all this medication because our Cobra insurance runs out in Nov. and usually, no one wants to insure me (diabetic, with high cholesterol and high blood pressure). And the second reason is because we're going back to Maui in Jan. and I don't want to be fat this time. I know I'll never be able to wear a bikini (that's sad) but I could still look pretty darn good for an old lady, haha! So I MUST keep this up. Hang in there with me. Besides, if I never get to goal weight (whatever that is) I won't be able to get my tattoo and belly button ring, right? Hahaha!

Okay, I hope you're all having a great day. Sorry I have been a slacker lately on the reading and comments. I have 3 library books that I had on hold and they all came in the same time so I have a lot of reading to do! Okay, I'm going to go boil some eggs now, may have that with some fruit for lunch soon. See ya's later!

Soon2BThin - Thursday May 12, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.4

Bowling day today!! I'm up early so I could do my stupid hair. Yuck! I'm in the middle of growing it long and don't quite know what to do with it in the mean time.

So we'll (DH and I) be heading to the bowling alley soon. We'll eat breakfast there too, it's a breakfast league, sort of. All one price. BTW, it's 7:40am here. So there will be no gym today. Tomorrow is weigh day. I hope I've lost some, at least. Yesterday was a good day. I worked for about 70 minutes at the gym, a little better than Monday. But I still ended up exhausted. You don't think taking that few weeks off could have anything to do with it, do you? Usually, I bounce right back in there. Oh, well.

I hope you all have a good day, peeps! Hang in there and stay strong. See ya tomorrow!

feeleebubs on 05/12/2005:
Good luck at bowling! My hair is at that point too. I'm thinking of growing it, but it's at this point where I don't know what to do with it. I just want to cut it again.

Congrats on working out for 70 minutes! It's tiring, I know!

jolt on 05/12/2005:
Have fun bowling sounds like lots of fun! Good luck on the weigh in.

Hugs Pat

jolt on 05/12/2005:
Have fun bowling sounds like lots of fun! Good luck on the weigh in.

Hugs Pat

Soon2BThin - Wednesday May 11, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.4

Hello, hello, everyone!! Happy Wednesday! The middle of the week. Whoopee! Does one sense a bit of sarcasm here? Heh. I'm just not doing as well as I wish I was. It's that eat-what-I-want-and-later-asking-myself-why-I-did-that kind of time! I wish I could keep myself from eating except when I'm actually hungry, ya know? No real junky food lately, just too much, too often. I haven't eaten chips in days now, woohoo! And I used to think I needed them every day with my lunch.

Okay, today is gym day again. I'm kinda dreading it since I got so darn tired the other day. Ya see, I have these awful hot flashes that heat me up, make me sweat and just take all my energy lately. And when it happens while I'm working out, it just wipes me out. Well, wish me luck with it today.

Hey, what's up with that Dr. Phil talking about men who cheat on their wives so much lately?! I hate even thinking about things like that! 2 days in a row now. And Oprah had it last Friday. Sheesh, what are us wives supposed to think, huh? I really need to get myself into shape or they will have me on their shows, haha! Okay, enough of that! I hope you all have a good day and all things go right for you. Keep smiling!

Cynthia on 05/11/2005:
Hey Soonie! Happy Wednesday to you too!!! Sometimes you gotta fake it till ya make it girlie. Way to hang in there with the exercise ... every little bit of effort is gonna benefit you ... whether you like it or NOT! So, keep at it!!! Look I am really NOT trying to be hypocritical here, cause Lord knows I have been OUT OF SYNC here for about a month now! But, I'm believing that one day it's all gonna come together for me again and I'll be on that track to Thinland again. Oh how I would LOVE to weigh 167. Have a good day Girlie! xoxo cynthia

jolt on 05/11/2005:
Dr Phil and Oprah must have a corner on the market or something LOL> Tomorrow oprah has a weightloss show on. (hmm I think it was tomorrow)

Head to the gym and try to take it a little easier, you will be sore for the first while, not to mention emotionally exhausted!

I know you can do this so keep up the awsume work!



Soon2BThin - Tuesday May 10, 2005
(Weight Watchers)
Weight: 167.4

Good morning! How's it going for you all? I had a good day yesterday---went to the gym, worked for an hour. I just couldn't do any more than that. I walked 1 and a half miles and only did some of the weight lifting exercises. I just was so tired before I finished that I quit. And did I sweat?!! Sheesh! Buckets!! My eating was very good too. So I've had 2 good days in a row. Let's see what happens today. No plans. I was getting up at 6:30 and walking on the treadmill but didn't make it, heh. But I guess I'd better find something to do, maybe the bike. The weather here is great, 80's, sunny and dry. So here's to today! Have a good one!

Jennifer68 on 05/11/2005:
WTG on working up a good sweat!! I bet you're going to see a major drop soon if ya keep that up. Need to get my bike out too, I miss it :O) Jen

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