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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jan 12, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.6

Well, the weight just keeps bouncing up and down. At least, I'm good at maintainance, haha! But I decided to skip the exercise again today. We're going out to see Meet the Fockers this afternoon and I just didn't want to go through the hassle of driving to Bally's, coming home to shower and do my hair and hurrying up to get ready to go. I know, it doesn't take much to throw me off, does it? I know if I really had planned it out, I could have somehow managed. You know, if you fail to plan, you plan to fail! And I guess I'll just jump for any excuse to stay home and not exercise. But I WILL go tomorrow.

Okay, gotta go. I hope you're all having a great day. See ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jan 11, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.2

Jeez, I hate changing that weight over there. What a difference a day makes, huh? A bad day, at that! We went out for dinner with sis and bil to an Italian restaurant for "all you can eat" spaghetti. Also, garlic bread, salad and minestroni soup. All you can eat. If I'd known ahead of time, I could have planned better. But it was a bargain and who can pass up a good bargain?! Not me, as you can see. I really didn't eat that much but was still hungry when I got home. Not just hungry, not satisfied, ya know? So I ate some more junk. So that's what did me in. I was sorta hoping that the 80 minutes of hard exercise at the gym would stop the damage but, no, not for me. So here I am again. I'm just not going to let it get me down again. I'm so tired of seeing the same ole numbers! I was so close to the 150's, darnit! Oh, well, onward and downward, I always say. Thanks for the comments cowboy, nikechick, skinnyjill and Maria777. You are the greatest!

Okay, not much planned for today. Maybe we'll go bowling for awhile. Also plan on going to WalMart (eek, watch out for those doughnuts!) for the yarn for my #2 son's afghan I need to start on. I'm not going to wait until Christmas to give it to him, although it may take me that long to make it. I've been feeling like I need something to do with my hands while watchiing TV and since I made one for #1 son and his wife this past year, I owe him one. And keeps my hands out of the eats. So I'll see ya tomorrow. Time for brekky here! Have a good one!

startanew05 on 01/11/2005:
I understand so much what you mean by the same numbers I am so ready to see the 50's I can taste it.

Maria7 on 01/11/2005:
It's more work to put on weight than to take it off...To take it off, we don't have to do anything...but to put it on, we have to lift the forks or spoons of food to our mouths, then we have to chew the food and swallow it....now that's not counting walking to the chair we're going to sit in while we do this and that's not counting preparing the food to eat or going to the store to get it or the hard-earned money it took to buy it...so it is WORK to put on weight...whereas...if we just mind our own business and stay away from food except when we REALLY need to eat to feed our bodies, we'd very soon find ourselves at our goalweights. Think about it...

Runner on 01/11/2005:
I know excatly how you feel! Maybe your extra "gain" is simply due to the salty food...garlic bread and soup does it to me! I know what it's like to work out really hard and then wonder if it even makes a difference on the scale. But I DO know that the exercise is good for me, so try to remember that your heart is benefiting from the 80 minutes of hard exercise, even if it doesn't show up on the scale right away!

Soon2BThin - Monday Jan 10, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.6

Sooo, no progress this week. In fact, I'm up .2 of a pound for the week. I'm feeling like I just wasted a whole week and I can't afford that. I think I did really good. Maybe I could have exercised more days, I don't know. I feel like I'm spending my whole life right now on exercising and losing weight. I'm going nuts!! I was going to go on ranting about this but that doesn't do any good. I really don't want to go to the gym today but what choice do I have? I feel like I'm going to cry any minute, I'm so disappointed. And I sure don't want to cry at the gym, they'd think I was nuts. But I'm forcing myself to go. It's either that or gain more weight. I have no choice and I hate that.

Okay, sorry. I'm going to go get ready to go now. Maybe it will make me feel better. See ya tomorrow.

cowboy on 01/10/2005:
Hang in there; you will lose your weight. Anything could be causing that very small flunctation in your weight; but over a long period of time you will lose what you want to lose. How often are you exercising? I have been going to the gym for years and I often see people overtrain. The optimal exercise program is 4 days a week and 3 days a week is fine. All I do is 3 days a week. If you can, try to think of your exercise as something you do every day like brushing your hair or your teeth, and you will always feel better after you work out unless you are sick and then you don't have any business working out. So, try not to overtrain, and I'm telling you that you will lose that weight over a long period of time so don't despair and don't give up!

skinnyjill on 01/10/2005:
You can take time for yourself you know. I know you don't want to gain, but stress can cause that too. People stress over work and family, but you can stress over other things too, like your diet. Your body and mind may need the rest.

If somethings going to make you as upset is best to just stop and think of what you really want.

It's all good. Just take time for yourself. You will so be glad that you did.

nikechick on 01/10/2005:
Don't let decimal points ruin your life. Numbers on the scale only give a small fraction of the picture. Go by how you feel; that's all that really matters, anyway.

Maria7 on 01/10/2005:
Soonie, read what I wrote in my Jan. 9th entry and you will surely see that you are not alone in feeling like you do. (Yesterday's entry.)

Soon2BThin - Sunday Jan 09, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.4

Okay, weight's up, must be that doughnut catching up with me, heh. I did well yesterday, eating within my points (27 of 27) and DH and I went for a good 45 minute walk. I know it must have been at least 2 1/2 miles, we were going at a good pace. So it's just one of those scale glitches. Hope to be back down tomorrow. But I feel real lazy today. DH went to my brother's again to work on the boat and I know they'll go out for breakfast and maybe lunch too. So I almost felt like going to McD's for breakfast but I didn't. I think weighing everyday helps me. When I was weighing once a week, I would weigh in on Monday morning and then proceed to eat whatever I wanted that day since I felt I had 6 more days to make up for it. Now I ask myself if it's worth it to eat what I want and see a bad number on the scale in the morning. So it's helping me stick with it. I'm just not down enough to risk it. I was so hoping I'd be out of the 160's finally this morning but I had a feeling it would go up just for the heck of it. I also know I need to eat more veggies. I always get the fruits in every day but not the veggies. And I still am not cutting the carbs down enough. Must work on that.

Okay, have a good Sunday. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Saturday Jan 08, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 160.2

I've been Whoo-hoo-ing all morning! I CAN do this and I WILL this time! I feel great! It's funny how losing just a few pounds can make such a difference. My budah-belly is feeling and looking smaller and I can cross my legs easier. Whoo-hoo!

I had a great workout yesterday. I was feeling really good so I really pushed myself and worked out for 75 minutes. And the eating was great too. Well, unless you count that doughnut I had in the parking lot of WalMart. Bad habits are hard to break, I guess. Yep, I treated myself after my shopping but if I count it in my points for the day, I didn't go over by much. Otherwise, I ate 22 of my 29 points for the day (25 plus 4 exercise points) so, you see, I probably didn't go over by much or none at all. I looked up points for a Krispy Kreme jelly doughnut on dottisweightlosszone.com and it said 8.5 points but maybe the one I had from WalMart wasn't as much. Anyway, I did pretty good, huh? And the weight did go down so there's proof, right? So that just makes me want to do even better today. There's a good long walk in the plans too.

I haven't been here to read entries for a few days but I hope you're all doing great. Maybe I'll have some time today to read. Keep up the good work and we'll all be thin in no time! See ya tomorrow.

breakaway on 01/08/2005:
Nice to see you here when I came on today! I am saying hi to some the the few I still remember from back when :) Your doing a fabulous job and you sound so excited today in your entry. Good for you! And great job on that exercise! I think you deserved that donut ;) Keep up the good work!

Soon2BThin - Friday Jan 07, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.4

Hey, happy Friday! In a hurry this morning. I went to WalMart to shop this morning, came home, had breakfast and soon I will leave to see my internist and off to the gym. I should be good and tired after all that. No exercise yesterday and eating wasn't so good. I was extra hungry the second half of the day. So weight's up a little this morning. Have a good Friday and a great weekend.

Soon2BThin - Thursday Jan 06, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 160.8

Good morning! I had a pleasant surprise from the scale this morning. Even though I didn't do much exercise yesterday---only 35 minutes at the gym. After I'd finished with all my errands, I didn't get started at the gym until 12:20 and after 35 minutes, my energy just gave out. Everything became a lot harder to do. But I did do all the weight exercises, only 1/2 mile of walking on the track. I just needed my lunch. Oh, and I finally got my flu shot yesterday so that was another errand I had. So it's good to see a drop in the weight today. My eating was very good. I've been going to bed a little hungry the last couple of nights too.

Okay, I have a hair cut at 10:00 so I have to leave soon. I'll see you all tomorrow. Hang in there!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Jan 05, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.6

Whoa, up and down, up and down, I'm getting dizzy! Although, it seems my ups aren't going up as far as they had been so I guess I'm on a "downward trend". Gotta rush this morning. Have a GYN doc's appointment this morning at 10:30 (it's 8:35 now) and I need to stop at Target and get Dr. Phil's book for my Mom on the way. So I need to leave here by 9:20 at the latest. Still need to have brekky. (Thanks for the advice, Runner) After the doc's, I will go to the gym for awhile, maybe not as much as usual since I have an appointment this afternoon for the ole eyebrow wax and I need to shower and eat lunch in between the gym and that. So a busy day. Hope you're all doing well. See ya tomorrow.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Jan 04, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.2

Good morning! It sure is gloomy here today. More rain. Only up to 53 degrees. I'm feeling kind of down but the weight is up again. I'm so tired of seeing the same old numbers. Oh, well.

I went to the gym yesterday and worked for 70 minutes. When I was almost finished, it was after 1:00 so I didn't do the last 1/2 mile on the track because I didn't want to get low blood sugar, as I do sometimes. I hadn't eaten anything for 4 hours and, on top of all the exercise, my blood sugar could fall a lot and I needed to be able to drive home. So I left and drove on home to have lunch at almost 2:00. I'm still not doing as low on the carbs as I want to. I'm just working my way up to it. I just don't know what to eat for breakfast. Usually I would have the low-sugar instant oatmeal and 2 pieces of toast with sugar-free jelly. All carbs. So some days I have eggs in place of the toast but I don't think I should eat eggs too often. And I need things that are low points besides being low carb. So I need to work that out.

Okay, today I just don't know. I'll try to get in some exercise later but I feel more like taking a nap--and not even 10:00 yet. I was going out to Target and maybe WalMart but I don't feel like going out in the rain. So I'll just hang around here and get some things done---maybe. I hope you're all having a good day. I've been reading all your entries and I see there are quite a few new people here. Welcome to all of you. Okay, over and out. I'll see ya tomorrow.

Runner on 01/04/2005:
What about just eating the egg whites? I often have an egg-white omelet...you can have three egg whites and some low-fat cheese and it's only about 100 calories! Plus, there is no cholesterol in egg whites, and they're a good source of protein!

Soon2BThin - Monday Jan 03, 2005
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.4

Happy Monday, everyone! I'm ready to start a whole new week and whole new year, are you? C'mon, we're going to do it this year, right? I'm feeling great this morning but I should have got up earlier though. So here I am, late again. I'm going to the gym again today and I'm looking forward to it. I didn't exercise at all yesterday and I expected the scale numbers to go up but they didn't, yippee! I did very well yesterday with the eating, only 20 points, but I didn't do so well on the carb thing. I still have Baked Ruffles left and only one more Skinny Cow ice cream sandwich (strawberry shortcake, yum) I only eat them at lunch. So anyway, I'm cutting down.

Okay, must get ready to go to the gym. Have a great day!

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