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Soon2BThin - Friday Dec 03, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.2

Happy Friday! I just got up (it's 8am) (yawn) I did very well yesterday except for no exercise and after dinner, I just ate and ate and ate some more. What's with that? I must stop doing that! Hoping today will be a better day. After my breakfast settles, I'm heading out to the gym. And I WILL eat well for the rest of the day!! It's only 11 weeks from tomorrow that we leave for Maui. So it's now or never. I must lose this weight. I figure if I lose 2 pounds a week (ahem!) I will look great by then. Well, that's the plan and I'm going to do the best I can. I must add more exercise EVERYDAY and quit with these binges. Or the DD will kick me out for sure, haha! No, seriously! You all probably wonder what the heck I'm doing here after all these years. I WILL NEVER GIVE UP!! Because I know what happens then--it's back to a life of obesity! It's so easy to put the weight back on and I don't want to go back to where I was --what, 7 years ago (195). So I will trudge on!

Okay, go out there and have a great day. And STAY STRONG!!

legcramps on 12/03/2004:
We all go through those moments where we just feel like sitting right where we are and enjoying the weight we're at. There's nothing wrong with it, especially since you've managed to maintain your weight quite well. I think working on cutting out the junk food would make a huge difference. Imagine eating fruits and veggies at night instead of junk food. You'll feel better about eating so much at night, and you're body will thank you for it too! You have a strong day today, and remember that 'hope' is not a word we should use. 'Will' sounds a lot better!! Have a great day today!

Maria7 on 12/03/2004:
So you were 195 seven years ago and in January, 1998, (also about 7 years ago) I was 205. NO! We do NOT NOT NOT want to go back to that!

Come on, sister! Time to get to WORK!!! (smile!)

Maria7 on 12/03/2004:
Thanks! You have a good weekend too!

Soon2BThin - Thursday Dec 02, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.2

Didn't get here this morning. Busy, busy! Waited most of the day for a new curio cabinet to be delivered. First, they didn't call me to let me know when it would get here today so I called them and they said between 7 and 11. Well, it was already after 10. They didn't get here until 12:15. Not too bad, I guess. But, of course, there was a little nick in it but not too noticible so I kept it. DH will probably have a fit. But he wasn't here so too bad!

I did get to the gym after the doc's yesterday and worked out for an hour again. But when I got home at 4:30 to an empty house (except for my cat) I just ate and ate. I should have never started and I probably would have been okay. Who knows? Doing better today but no exercise. Plan tomorrow is the gym again and maybe to WalMart early in the morning. I need to start shopping for the families we adopted for Christmas. Yep, 2 families this year. My sis and bil got them from somewhere, I don't know. I get to shop for 2 little girls in one family. I like shopping for girls because I had 3 boys of my own so only shopped for boys. They give us a list of their ages, sizes and things they like so it's not too hard. It turned out great last year. We only had a mother and daughter then though. So we aren't doing the gift exchange for our own family this year. But someone always goes against this and gets presents anyway---not me!

Okay, hope you all had a great day. I'm going to go read some entries now. See ya tomorrow.

Maria7 on 12/02/2004:
That is wonderful what y'all are doing to help other families. AMEN!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Dec 01, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.2

So, yesterday, no exercise! But I left kind of early to travel about 25 miles to get to our one and only K-Mart on the other side of town. I know that's no excuse, I should have fit it in sometime. Anyways, I've been missing K-Mart since they closed the one nearest to us. So I thought I'd take a little adventure and check out that one. Didn't buy much, I guess there really wasn't anything they had that was different than any other store. So now I know. But I used to buy most of my clothes there, I just don't need any right now. But I did pick up Mom's clock that she'd had in the shop for months now since she hates to drive very far. The shop was right on the way to the K-Mart so I killed two birds with one stone, good for me. So that took up most of my day. And I ate lunch at Wendy's there, not good. I know I could have had a salad but I wanted a burger so bad. And fries. And a 3 Musketeers bar. Ba-a-ad Soonie. How am I gonna lose this weight doing that? And then for dinner, we went to happy hour at Macayo's! So just a really bad day. But, today's a new day and I'm going to do really well. I have an appointment with the heart doc this afternoon and then I'll head right to the gym for a good workout. I usually don't like to go that late in the day, but I'm determined to get it done today. And my legs aren't quite as sore as they were yesterday from Monday's workout.

Do any of you watch "The Biggest Loser"? I don't know, but when I watch it, I feel like such a wimp with the exercise. The things they do!! I can't believe they can do so much exercise! Guess I'd better pump it up here. Heh! And the weight-loss is incredible! I'm going to try pushing myself a little harder from now on.

Okay, time for brekky. I hope you all have a great day today. Happy hump day! And happy December! See ya!

Maria7 on 12/01/2004:
Sounds like we were both out and about today, shopping and stopping at Wendy's, hehehe! Thanks for the encouragement. Your 3 Musketeers bar sounded wonderful! I love them! But none for me for a while now...I am determined!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Nov 30, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.2

Good morning! Weigh-day yesterday but I didn't get on here. Just up four tenths of a pound. At least I'm keeping control of it. But I WILL have a loss this week. I went to the gym yesterday, first time all this month, and worked out for an hour. Forgot my towel, legs not shaved, and my hair was a mess but I went anyway. Heck, I'm old, who cares what I look like! Eating wasn't too good though. Well, the fact is, it was terrible. I decided to give myself the day off to kind of splurge. But I had a light breakfast and dinner so maybe it wasn't too bad anyway. Hey, who am I fooling, I ate chips, chocolate cupcakes (2) and a big chocolate chip cookie with my 2 McD's hamburger for lunch!! But I enjoyed every bite! So today and the rest of this week, I will do better.

You may remember, probably not, but I made myself a mini-challenge awhile back--to be at 155 by Thanksgiving. We-e-ell, I didn't quite make that, haha! Not even close. When I think of all the times I've failed, it sure makes it hard to believe that I can do this--THIS time! Yep, hard to believe. But here I am, still plugging away at it. Plodding my way, hoping THIS time I will stick with it. Hey, I've got less than 3 months now until we go to Maui so I just have to do something, even I don't lose the whole 15 pounds. He-e-e-elp!!

No, bandmom, I don't communicate with any of the old people who used to be here. I sure wish Pastagal would check in to let us know how she is. And all the others. Good to see you, bandmom, and Maria777. Okay, time to fix my brekky. See ya tomorrow!

mARIA777 on 11/30/2004:
I know...the scale can be so discouraging...and also fit of clothes...but hey...look at what you did right! You spent a whole hour at the gym...that's gotta help...I think we (you and I both) need to change our chocolates to 25 calories cocoa mix...what do ya think???

inmorning on 12/01/2004:
I am so jealous about Hawaii.I really miss living there. Good luck on losing the weight ahead of time.

Soon2BThin - Friday Nov 26, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.8

I was going to exercise this morning but, well, I just didn't. I know it's not too late to do it but, well, I'm just not going to. One of these days.....Hey, how 'bout tomorrow? Yeah, that sounds good to me, heh. I did really well yesterday with dinner. I just wasn't in the holiday, pig-out mood. And, really, the food just wasn't worth it. My sweet potatoes turned out really well though. (I think I'm using "really" an awful lot today!) And I only ate one small piece of cherry pie (sis made) and it really wasn't that good either. As for the mood I was in, I'll just chalk it up to "no hormones" anymore. Yep, when I found out I had that blood clotting disorder, the doc immediately took me off the Prempro. So now I'm on my own. So far it's not too bad, although, I think it's affecting my moods and I do get some hot flashes once in awhile but I think I'm going to make it. I just hope I don't gain weight easier and grow a mustache, haha! So anyways, we ate about 3:00 and after clean-up, we played Uno until about 7:30. We divided up the leftovers so we have some of those but, really, I just don't even feel like eating any of that. Like I said, it wasn't all that good. DH and #3 son can have it all.

Okay, I hope you all had a good day. Guess I'll go read some entries here and get caught up. I hope all you early morning shoppers got some good bargains. As for me, I just couldn't drag myself out of bed for that and, besides, I just really don't need anything. And, like I said, we're not doing the present exchange this year so, for me, NO SHOPPING!! Hehe! Guess I'll just have a lazy day today (the usual Soonie, no?) Too bad there are ball games on instead of my soap, waah! Guess I will watch the 6 hours of shows I taped last night, haha! And I have a good book to read too. Yep, that's the exciting day of Soonie! Aren't you jealous? Haha! Have a good one. See ya tomorrow!

Maria7 on 11/29/2004:
Hey, Soonie!

Your sweet potatoes sound so good...I had 3 or 4 baked sweet potatoes yesterday (nothing added)...and they were sooooo good!

Looks like we've both gained some...oh well...we'll do better beginning tomorrow...right???? Hehehehe!

Love ya, Maria (smile!)

Bandmom on 11/30/2004:
HI Soonie! I just when back over my diary>I want to thank you for being there for me,and the other that we don't see ant more.I miss everybody.do you keep in touch with any of them.hugs and smiles Bandmom

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Nov 24, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.8

Yee haw! Good morning, everyone! I feel great today! I hope you're all doing well too. I'm still babying myself though. Not doing too much. That's gotta change---next week. I'll start on Monday, haha! No, I'm trying not to eat too badly but just not doing the exercise yet. It's really hard to get back at it, isn't it? I'm feeling "thinner" this morning though but didn't get on the scale. Don't want to ruin a good thing, hah!

So are you all getting ready for turkey day? I only have to make the sweet potatoes and corn bread. Mom and 2 sisses are doing the rest. I plan on eating everything that I want, just small portions though. And I'm going to eat light the rest of the day. I can do that!

For all that wondered--the doc put me on a 375 mg. aspirin a day. Seems kinda high for me, the commercial says the Bayer 81 mg. So I will discuss that with him when I see him for the follow-up. Also now that I know that I have the factor five thingy, the hematologist will probably want to put me on a blood thinner too. I'll just leave it to them to figure out what's best. Anyways, the pain I was having seems to be getting less these days.

It's cold here but at least, the sun is shining finally. We had 2 days of clouds and some rain. Maybe that's why I feel better today, nice sunshine. It's about 45 degrees this morning, was down in the 30's, awful cold for here. Usually we don't even need jackets around here this time of year.

I hope my feelings change or we won't have any Christmas decorations this year. I just don't feel like doing all that, lazy Soonie! But usually after Thanksgiving, I start getting in the spirit. I already bought 3 Christmas cards and that Hallmark snowman and dog thingy and my order of personalized cards are here and ready to address. I always buy the family ones at the Hallmark store though, you know, the ones that say "Sister and family" and "Mom" and all that. So I still have a lot of those to get yet. The personalized ones from Miles Kimball catalog are for friends. And no Christmas shopping since we are adopting a family again this year. That's really more fun.

BIL is going through his radiation treatments right now (brain tumor, in case you didn't know) Sis has to drive him all the way to Phoenix every day for that. That's about a 2 hour drive each way. My DH has volunteered to do it when they want since he doesn't work but they like to be independent, I guess. I think BIL will be doing chemo too or already is, I don't know. But we'll see them tomorrow and see how things are going.

Okay, enough rambling here. Oh, I almost forgot, the afghan I'm making for son and his wife is almost finished, just one more time around on the edging. Of course, now I wish I'd picked a prettier pattern and better color--it's white. But that's me, I'm never satisfied. I think I'll get busy and make more for other members of the family for next Christmas.

You all go out there and have a great day. I'll get caught up with you all later. Time for Regis and Kelly and breakfast. See ya tomorrow maybe.

skinnyjill on 11/24/2004:
It's ok that you aren't ready to decorate for Christmas. It's not quite here yet anyways. Let's get Thanksgiving out of the way first. If you decorate too soon, you may get tired of it too quickly and that's no fun!

I hope you get back to 100% as soon as possible.

Soon2BThin - Monday Nov 22, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.8

Weigh Day!! Well, at least, I didn't gain any. And I really deserved to gain. I've been doing really bad this week. And no exercise either. I had planned on starting that up again yesterday but I'm having this lower belly pain that's suspiciously close to where they made the incision for the angiogram. But I don't know if there is any connection. So I've just been taking it easy, hoping it would go away. I did have good news when they checked my cholesterol while I was at the hospital last week and it was very good---135, low LDL and almost a perfect HDL. Of course it should be good, I'm taking Lipitor. I want to lose this weight so bad just to see if the diabetes would go away (it is possible) and all the other problems too. But I did find out last Wednesday that I do have something that isn't even related to my weight---factor five something, I don't know the exact name. Anyways, it's a blood disorder that causes your blood to clot when it shouldn't, I think. I'll be going to a hematologist in a couple of weeks to find out all the details. I was tested for it because my brother has it and they say it's inherited. Anyways, just one more problem.

So at least I'm trying to do well with the food now. I've even changed my favorite breakfast from instant oatmeal and 2 slices of toast with sugar-free jelly to low-sugar instant oatmeal and a hard boiled egg. Trying to cut down on the carbs some.

Okay, I'll be back tomorrow. I hope you all have a great day and a fine week. And I did get caught up with you all yesterday, reading all the entries. I sure miss it when I don't get on here. See ya!

TheMother on 11/22/2004:
Geez, sorry to hear you're not feeling well from the angiogram. I had one in January of this past year and it was very frigthening. Fortunately, I had no complications and the medical staff was simply fabulous. The incision area did hurt for a few days but it eventually went away. Just take it easy and hopefully the pain will pass. I'm sure you're keeping your doctor informed of your progress - that is very important. Feel better soon!


Bandmom on 11/23/2004:
Hi Soonie! I glad some of your test came back good.I sorry that your still having pain.Ask your Dr. about taking a baby asprin one a day if that would help.Thinking of you always. Bandmom

Soon2BThin - Saturday Nov 20, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 165.2

Okay, what a week, glad it's over!! I have absolutely nothing good and positive to say so I will just say I hope you're all doing well. I haven't been here since Tuesday and haven't gotten caught up with you all. Just one great big bad week!! You DON'T want to know!! So I'll let you know when things get better again. Hope you have a great week!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Nov 16, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 165.2

Hi! I made it! The angiogram was okay, only a small blockage they didn't even have to repair. Now I just have an owie that I have to be careful of in my groin. And 3 black and blue places on my arm where they put the IV's, or tried to. Such is my life. Yes, biscottibody, something abnormal did show up on the nuclear stress test but the only way they could see for sure was to do the angiogram. Thank goodness, that's over.

Okay, I didn't eat much yesterday since I had to fast before the test. But I probably made up for it after I got home. Blech! Today is the first day of the rest of my life (how original!) so things will be better, I think. I'm not supposed to exercise for at least 5 days though. Must take it easy. Oh, and if you or anyone you know has to have an angiogram, don't worry, it's a piece of cake, heh. Didn't feel a thing. And it was cool to see my arteries on the little screen. Too bad though, I would have liked some more of those drugs, hehe.

Okay, going to go get ready for the rest of my day. I just got up a few minutes ago, lazy Soonie. It's 8:10 here now. So I hope to get caught up with you all later since I shall have lots of time today because I have to take it easy, ya know. Hehe! That's me, lazy ole Soonie. You all have a good one.

legcramps on 11/16/2004:
Good to hear that everything went well and that there was nothing to be found in the angiogram. Get better soon, and have a great day today!

skinnyjill on 11/17/2004:
I'm glad everything went smoothly. W will all bethinking about you as you rest

Soon2BThin - Sunday Nov 14, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 165.2

I'm ba-a-ack! I got back Friday but didn't have time to update yesterday. How's everybody doing? I can't wait to get caught up. As you can see, I didn't do too well with the weight while I was gone. Oh, well, time to start over. And I have that darn angiogram tomorrow morning! Not looking forward to that! If you don't hear from me any more, you know I didn't make it, sheesh! No, I know, there's nothing to be afraid of but, darnit, it's my body and I'm just a tiny bit worried. I'll tell you all about it afterward.

Las Vegas was great! We had a good time, just gambling and watching TV and getting room service in our nice room. I highly recommend the Golden Nugget if you want to stay downtown. It's really nice. We had a beautiful room and the casino is huge! And I discovered Virgin Marys at the poker bar (for you non-drinkers, it's tomato juice without the vodka and kind of spicy, mmmmm) I must have 7 or 8 of those so I did get some veggies, haha. Oh, that's right, tomatos are fruit, aren't they? Anyways, I bought 2 bananas and an apple for $3 at the snack bar too so the eating wasn't all bad. In fact, I must confess, I weighed 163.4 yesterday so I had really lost some while I was gone, just put some back on yesterday. Heh! Bad Soonie!!

Okay, time to go eat brekky. I'll talk to you all later this week. I hope you have a good one!

geevee on 11/14/2004:
WHAT commendable behavior! Buying fruit in Las Vegas, drinking Virgin Marys, wow. With all of those cheapie meal specials everywhere, you stayed on course. GREAT!

TheMother on 11/15/2004:
Welcome back from your trip to Vegas. I haven't been there in years (like 30). We stopped there on our way back from CA - we were on our honeymoon!! Glad you had a good time. Now it's time to get back to work - especially with the holiday season upon us. I'm still on my plateau which has lasted six weeks - give or take .5 lb. I'm hoping to get the scale moving this week by eating more protein and less grains - according to my sister's dietician. We'll see. Anyway, glad you're back. Good luck with your angiogram today.


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