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Soon2BThin - Wednesday Sep 01, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.4

Happy Hump Day!! Yesterday was a good day, as far as the food went. I didn't exercise though. I ate all of 20 points and went to bed very hungry. Hard to get to sleep when hungry. Oh, well. I just kept thinking of all the stored fat my body was burning, heh. I plan on doing some exercise a little later today. Already have my exercise clothes on.

Okay, here's to a great day for all of us! Go out there and get it done! Woof, woof! Have a great day!

legcramps on 09/01/2004:
Great job last night! Have a good one today, and woof woof right back at'ya!!

geevee on 09/01/2004:
OH, dear, you only have apples and bananas? And you're SO close to California with all the fruit that's grown there. We traveled around the US for 5-6 years and were so surprised to findsuch poor quality fruit in certain areas plus a total lack of it, so I understand. You know you can find frozen fruit which is just as good as fresh for smoothies and probably pies.

feeleebubs on 09/02/2004:
Oh I love hump day! It's almost as good as Friday. I've found the best way for me to ensure that I will exercise later in the day is to get my exercise clothes on in the morning. I feel frumpy always going to work in work-out pants, but when I wear jeans, ironically I manage to skip the gym afterwards lol Even if I brough gym pants to change into.

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 31, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 162.6

Well, well, the weight is going the wrong way again. I must stop that now! No exercise this morning. I'm leaving to get DH at the airport pretty soon. Yesterday I had no exercise and ate like a pig. McD's for brekky and a small strawberry shake for lunch. Then I only had an apple and a hard boiled egg for dinnner to try to make up for it all. And I wasn't really hungry anyway then.

Okay, no plan for today, I know, that's a bad thing. But I'm going to eat right today for sure. I hope you all have a good last-day-of-the-month. I'll see ya tomorrow!

legcramps on 08/31/2004:
Good luck today!

geevee on 08/31/2004:
Those shakes are as good as the sundaes, my downfall. I had to lay down the law with myself and not go to McD's. I haven't been there since last August. You can't lose weight AND go to McD's. It's one or the other. I find smoothies just as tasty and satisfying as shakes. Have you made them?

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 30, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.8

Well, I'm up a little from yesterday but that was expected. I didn't eat as well as I should have. I did 15 minutes on the recumbant bike 3 times for exercise. I'll try to do better today, although I'm not doing exercise, I have a lot of work to do around here before DH gets home tomorrow. Lazy Soonie! Okay, I may find time to come back later and check up on you all. Have a great Monday!

Soon2BThin - Sunday Aug 29, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 161.2

I whooshed a couple more pounds away. Now today I feel soooo tired! But I did do 15 minutes on the recumbant bike 3 times today. But I'm not doing as well on the food. Yesterday I ended up with 21 points and besides the 30 minute walk in the morning, I did another 25 minutes plus 2--15 minutes on the bike. Total 85 minutes for the day! I'm trying hard not to eat too much today but I'm being lazy and eating more than I should. One more day without the DH and then I have to get back to normal stuff around here, you know, cooking, cleaning, laundry, stuff like that. I've been kind of like on vacation while he's been gone.

Okay, just wanted to check in today. I'm watching movies on the Lifetime channel all day. Lazy, lazy!! I'll talk to you all tomorrow.

Runner on 08/29/2004:
Wow! That's great news about the "whooshing" pounds! :) Keep up the great work! Glad you're keeping up with the exercise!

legcramps on 08/30/2004:
Good luck today! Stay away from temptation!

Soon2BThin - Saturday Aug 28, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.8

Great! As long as I can change that weight number for the better, I'm happy. Is this the water weight everyone talks about? I just finished my 30 minute walk on the treadmill and will do either more walking later or ride the bike. Do you think it still works if you break it up like that? I just can't make myself do a lot all at once (wimp!) I only did 4 rows on the afghan yesterday but it's starting to look like an afghan now. I read all the entries here yesterday for my daily dose of inspiration. You guys are doing great!! I love this site! And since I went down a little since yesterday, I feel like working even harder today. So here we go. Time for brekky. You all have a good Saturday. See ya!

geevee on 08/28/2004:
Desert DD's? No chance of that! When I reach my goal, that's when the REAL battle begins! I've lost weight numerous times only to promptly regain it. DD's has taught me to BEWARE. Runner is in that situation. You know, it's just like trying to lose weight for us what those on maintenance are doing. It's just as difficult, but they have even more to lose having reached their goal they're trying NOT to lose it. Your comment about seeing yourself, believe you can do it and then accomplish it is the course I took. I truly believed that it was my fate to be fat! Can you believe that?True. I couldn't lose even 2 lbs! It was a hopeless situation, yet the minute I read about DD's, I got right on my computer and logged on, and then I slowly started losing weight.

Soon2BThin - Friday Aug 27, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 164.2

Happy Friday! Just another day to me, since I don't work. It looks like yesterday's great day paid off. Down 1.2 this morning. Whew, still a long way to go. I did very well yesterday---only 18 points, but no exercise unless you count the 10 rows I did on the afghan. My arms are sore! Also did house work and kept pretty busy all day. I'm not saying I will eat this low on points all the time. It was hard getting to sleep last night since I was so hungry. And I realized how little I really need to eat every day. I wasn't really hungry at all until bedtime. But I stayed strong. Now for another good day!

Taking Mom to the doc's for an upper GI this morning. That shouldn't take too long. Then what? I guess we'll just wait and see. I really need to get to the Nike outlet store and get some running shoes, way overdue. And I need gas in my car. And I need to pick up some prescriptions at 2 Walgreen's (don't ask!) And we'll see what happens from there.

DH has been gone for almost 7 days now and I find I'm really not missing him much. It's nice to be on my own for awhile. I know he'll expect to come home and find me several pounds lighter (guess again!) and I'm going to keep working on it. I hate to think of what I would weigh now if only I hadn't slipped up. Oh, well.

Okay, must go now. Have some brekky and get ready to go. I read all your entries yesterday but I didn't leave many comments, sorry. I just think you're all doing great and I get much inspiration from reading the entries every day. Keep up the good work. And I will too. See ya tomorrow. Have a good one!

legcramps on 08/27/2004:
Great job on the loss! Keep it up and have a great weekend!

Maria7 on 08/27/2004:
You're doing good...it's all about wise choices...eating things good for us, not junk foods...right? Well...I'm talking to me!

feeleebubs on 08/28/2004:
10 rows is alot lol My mom made me an afgan when I was little. It's still the warmest, most wonderful blanket in the world, but I wish is was bigger. It took her about 3 years to finally get it done. I don't even want to think about how long it will take for her to make a few more strips for it to make it bigger lol

Soon2BThin - Thursday Aug 26, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 165.4

Why, oh, why can't we lose it as fast as we can gain it?!! Okay, time to get with it again. So far, I'm having a great day. The washer and dishwasher are both humming away. I already washed my sheets and got them back on the bed. Also started on the afghan this morning. I had bought some yarn from WalMart and when I worked with it the other day, I decided it was too thin. It said 4 ply, worsted weight, and it was soft, but it was just too thin. So I took that back and got some better yarn. You know how they have to put a sticker on whatever you return when you first go in the door? Well, she had to put a pink sticker on every one of the skeins of yarn. There were 8! Hard to do when they are in a bag. Anyway, I had no problem returning them. Then bought some more of a different kind. And snow white. I think it will be pretty. As I said before, it's for my son and daughter-in-law for Christmas. So that should keep my hands busy and out of the frig. So far this morning I've had one egg on a slice of WW toast and a peach. Darn, the peaches are all gone and, wow, were they great. I'll have to find some more good ones like that. Trouble is, you can't tell if they're any good until you eat them. Oh, yeah, and no exercise this morning, just keeping busy on the house work. I plan on starting back on the exercise on Saturday. Tomorrow I have to drive Mom to the doc's for an upper GI. Maybe I'll do some bike riding after that in the afternoon, who knows? My stomach kinda aches today, could it be all the junk I've been eating?!! But I'm back now. The scale really scared me this morning. I feel so embarrassed for being so stupid lately. You know what I mean? What have I been thinking??!

Okay, time to get back to work. I hope you're all having as good a day as I am. I read all the entries yesterday and you're all doing great! I hope to be joining you all at this now. Why have I let food rule my life this past week?? No more of that. It's just food, something we need to survive but that's all. Food is NOT my friend! So you all take care and I'll get to reading your entries later. Stay strong, everybody, I will!!

Maria7 on 08/26/2004:
I believe you'll get back in gear...especially with that beautiful afghan you're crocheting to have your mind on. One time I knitted a small afghan, but it's been so long I've forgotten how to now. (smile!) Have a nice day!

legcramps on 08/27/2004:
Great attitude today! Have a good weekend!

Soon2BThin - Wednesday Aug 25, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.2

Still enjoying my little "vacation". Doing as little as possible and eating whatever. Not good! I'm sure I'll get tired of this pretty soon. I'm lucky my weight is not skyrocketing.

We spent 3 hours at the casino yesterday. Neither of us came out a winner. Should have gone to the other one. Oh, well. Better luck next time.

Well, not much to say today. Same old, same old. I got up early and went to SuperWalMart. Bought a jelly donut. Just one. All gone now. I think what's keeping my weight from going up is that I don't eat much for dinner and nothing after that. That's the only explanation I can come up with. I'm sure you're all disgusted with me. You're all doing so well and I am still keeping up with reading the entries. I hope you have a successful Wednesday!

Soon2BThin - Tuesday Aug 24, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.4

Well, at least, I'm sort of maintaining. Not doing very well the lat couple of days. I have no excuses, it's just a mood. I know I should try to fight it and make myself make the right choices but I just don't care right now. No exercise this morning. I'll be picking Mom up at 11. I hope it doesn't rain, it's all cloudy this morning. I have enough trouble driving without rain. Okay, it's time for brekky (8:45am) I'll be back tomorrow. Have a great day, everyone!

Soon2BThin - Monday Aug 23, 2004
(Weight Watchers Flexpoints)
Weight: 163.2

Don't know what the weight is today, forgot to weigh before I got dressed. But I imagine it is up, not down. I went on a sort-of binge yesterday afternoon--not really eating junk, but just kept eating and eating all afternoon. So I didn't eat dinner. And I don't know what is with me today. I didn't want to get up, I didn't go to the gym and I've been eating too much again. I'm sooo bored. Lots of things to do but I just don't feel like doing them. And it's all cloudy today, just the way I feel. So here I am, looking for some inspiration, and I just read all the entries. You guys are great! I feel better now. So tomorrow will be a better day. Also I pulled a muscle in my back and my knees hurt but no excuses!!

Tomorrow I'm taking Mom to the casino. I've never driven there before but I think I can make it alright. So wish us luck. Both on the driving and the gambling, haha!

Okay, I'll see ya tomorrow sometime. Thanks for being there.

GregNorahs on 08/24/2004:
It may not be that the weather matches your mood, it may be that your mood matches the weather. I know that I am very sensitive to the weather and on cloudy days it is nearly impossible for me to be productive. I just simply force myself. Anyway, good luck at the casino.

legcramps on 08/24/2004:
For me, inspiration comes in waves. Sometimes I can read someone else's entry and it will motivate me to get back to work. Sometimes I can read the same entry and not feel motivated at all to work out. It's frustrating because you can't just wave a magic wand and voila - you have all the energy in the world! Good luck today!

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