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Sunny2020 - Tuesday May 19, 2020
(on my own, right now)
Weight: 0.0

 Hi everybody:

     Is it possible to "tag" someone in a post? I wanted to comment to greengirl but didn't see how...     
Well, I put my goal weight up to start an accountability part of this new site for me.
My newest goal has been to "listen to my body". That is good, and it also can lead me to
trouble. Yesterday, I walked to get a dessert and came home and made low calorie bran
muffins. They were ok, made with molasses, and I ate 4 small ones with butter. Just
not satisfying. Today, the scale was up several pounds. I'm facing that. So, I will try
to track here what I eat so that I am more accountable. I had actually lost one pound
during my first two months of the shutdown. Once I started weighing and paying attention
I have gained seven pounds during this third month. The shutdown may be getting to me!

Food to start today: coffee with canned milk, and water

Donkey on 05/20/2020:
You can respond to a member's entry, and if they have their account set up to receive notifications, they will know you've commented.

My account is NOT set up to receive notifications, so I would not know if someone has added a comment to an older entry.

Horn_of_plenty on 05/20/2020:
You can fight back then in the 4th month !

Try to have lots of fruit on hand for snacking.

For myself, there are quite a number of things I rely on to help me remain satisfied throughout the day: iced coffee, almond milk, fruit, sometimes these sugar free gummies that I like, many times oatmeal, veggies at least once a day with a meal...proteins like usually at least eggs or meat once a day at least helps me a lot!

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Sunny2020 - Monday May 18, 2020
(on my own, right now)
Weight: 0.0

Hi Everybody:
     Hope you are all doing well today. :)
Got a super walk in yesterday (4 miles!) since I had gained a pound. Back down
it today. Now to tackle the 20 pounds that I need to get off to have the
BMI not call me obese!
     Still getting some snacking in, but using more control.
I have not been counting calories for two months now. Trying to listen to
my body. That is a slow process for me to learn. But, planning my food, moving more,
listening to my body and taking comfort in non-food ways should help.

Hugs to you all! Thank you!  Sunny2020 

Maria7 on 05/18/2020:
Hope you are having a good day. My DD's name is Sunny. Welcome to DD.

Sunny2020 on 05/19/2020:
Hi Sunny Maria: :)

Thank you for the welcome! I am having a good day. You have one, too!

bearcountrygg on 05/18/2020:
I listen to my body too...and it serves me well.

Sunny2020 on 05/19/2020:
Well, I am practiciing listening... lol. :)

Thank you for the commenty!

Horn_of_plenty on 05/20/2020:
That is a super walk ! I’ve been trying to get some good walks in now that I am not working bc of this pandemic !

The slower to learn the longer you will stick with it ! Meaning the slower the better

Sunny2020 on 05/28/2020:
I agree. Thank you!

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Sunny2020 - Saturday May 16, 2020
(on my own, right now)
Weight: 0.0

    Great day. Comforting to know that I can make a posting tonight about life and
diet struggles. Just great!
     As for diet programs, they all have their good points. I have enjoyed WW,
Tops, Nutra System, South Beach. Since I tend to be fickle about diet regimes,
I am off of those programs. I just need to psych myself out and not lose my
motivation. This is a common challenge for most of us! Anyway, I am grateful
to you all for being at this site. I look forward to reading your posts and learning
from you all. Thank you! Sunny2020

     Good day. Well, scale has not budged yet, but, I am always impatient about that
sort of thing! As they say, I didn't put on the weight overnight... So, doing pretty well,
have been getting a small or medium walk in each day. That really feels good. Had
a back ache for about two weeks and that sure slowed me down.
Guess I'll post this, and say a huge thank you for the nice welcome messages.
I don't yet know how to reply to them. Thank you everybody! Sunny2020 

Sunny2020 on 05/16/2020:
OK, I see how to answer folks. Yay! Now, for my cup of tea with comfort. :)

Donkey on 05/17/2020:
I was reading on a weight training group I belong to that it's not motivation, but discipline that fuels us to get started and then keep going. I thought that was very insightful, actually. I hope it helps both of us :-)

Sunny2020 on 05/18/2020:
Yes, discipline is a great thing. I love it when I have felt unmotivated by something, but found myself doing the task. I think that was the discipline you are mentioning. That feeling of, "ok, I don't want to, but..." and then I see myself do the task.

Thank you for bring that up!! I will keep it in mind. Tell myself that "Donkey says Discipline!" :)

bearcountrygg on 05/17/2020:
Self discipline when it comes to food can be difficult.....where self discipline when it comes to so many other things can be almost automatic and easy......my guess is that it's because we look at food as fun or a reward.....so it's difficult to give that "fun" up.......This group can be a big help here...I know they helped me a lot. Sometimes because i was posting everything I was eating...just the thought of posting something counterproductive was enough for me to pass it up.

Sunny2020 on 05/18/2020:
That is just so true, BearCountry! When I read your comments I flashed upon the memory of emotions as an excuse for taking that unplanned (unneeded) snack. The emotion of sadness, or oh, well... But, that becomes an excuse for not making progress in my goal to wear clothes in my closet.

Thank you so much for your insight! :)

Horn_of_plenty on 05/17/2020:
Nice to see you posting again! Yes it takes time to lose the weight :(

I tend to get lasting pain over many days too sometimes, so I totally understand!

Sunny2020 on 05/18/2020:
Thank you for your comment, Horn 'o plenty. Just had to put the 'o in there...hope that is ok. :)

You folks on this site are awesome!! Just love being here.

Thank you!! :)

Donkey on 05/17/2020:
Do you know that you can reply to our comments, too?

Sunny2020 on 05/18/2020:
Good to know. I am getting used to the flow of the site.

Thank you!:)

Sunny2020 - Thursday May 14, 2020
(on my own, right now)
Weight: 0.0

 First blog entry:  Greetings, Diet Diaries members. Thank you for being here!

     Just found this site tonight. I have been needing a place to connect during the evening sometimes,
since that is the most challenging time for me to not overeat. So tonight, I am writing to this
community and am so grateful to do so.
     Diet wise: I have always struggled with having too good of an appetite! At age 63, I find that I
seem to want to eat again after dinner and then snack until bedtime. Tonight, I will enjoy a nice
cup of tea. This new to me site is a comfort and I look forward to reading and learning.

Thank you, DD members!! Sunny2020

bearcountrygg on 05/15/2020:
Welcome Sunny.......Evening eating is a common problem....that plagues most of us I think.

Sunny2020 on 05/16/2020:
I agree. Habit? Blood sugar level? Just tired? I try to figure out what is going on with me! But, tonight I will have some tea stevia and can milk. Had a big dinner. Thank you for the welcome!!

Donkey on 05/15/2020:
Welcome!!! I struggle so badly with evening eating. I'm open to any suggestions you might have.

Sunny2020 on 05/16/2020:
Well, I am newly filling my heart and time with enjoying this site. It is comforting. Then, I will fix a nice big cup of tea, stevia and canned milk. Comforting, also. I will watch some TV, but will head to bed if I think I need to snack. I am full right now!!

Thank you, Donkey. Bless you. :)

innerpeace on 05/15/2020:
Welcome to DD! evening eating is a problem for everyone at ANY age. Good luck on your journey.

Sunny2020 on 05/16/2020:
Yes, indeed. Some years I do well, but other years I get back to the bad habits. This Diet Diaries is a new habit of comfort and friendship. Bless you folks who have been here. I so appreciate you!! :)

Horn_of_plenty on 05/15/2020:
Welcome ! You will surely get support here !!!

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