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TOPSgirl - Wednesday May 21, 2008
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

Yesterday's menu

Breakfast: Tuna Sandwich 1/2 Coffee

Lunch: Salad, Oriental Vinagrette, Selzer

Dinner: Black-eyed Peas and Rice, Water



Breakfast: Toast w/butter and jam, Orange juice 1/2 cup, Coffee

I am having a good day - emotionally and dietwise. I worked this morning in the garden. We are having a beautiful day today in New England. It is quite enjoyable. I got tomatoes and peppers planted.

Beth201P on 05/21/2008:
It looks like you are making good choices. Hey the brownie sounds good. We all need chocolate sometimes. :) I have a few tomato plants also. I am hoping the tomato worms don't attack them this year. lol Well you have a great day and keep up the wonderful work.

thinnsidenotout on 05/21/2008:
Need some cilantro, garlic & onions...Salsa! Yummy!... Nothing like fresh air, gardening & sunshine to lift the spirits...My friend bought me a coffee mug for a B.D. present last WEd that has flowers all over it...Says "Flowers have the right idea!... Feet in the dirt & Face to the sun"

Good Day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/22/2008:
interesting foods! perhaps i'll try eating a few of them myself!

TOPSgirl - Monday May 19, 2008
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

7:30 am I went to the gym this morning at 5:30 am- got a 30 minute walk in. The exercise helped me get motivated for a healthy breakfast. I am feeling pretty good to the start of my day and week.

Wanted to say thanks to everyone who has left comments on my diary. I really appreciate the input and advice.


Coffee w/splenda + half and half Bran Flakes Strawberries Walnuts Milk


Tuna/onion Sandwich Reduced fat chips Water

Dinner: Hamburger French Fries Root Beer 1 cup

thinnsidenotout on 05/19/2008:
Have a great Monday!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/19/2008:
that is a tasty, healthy breakfast. Congrats on the gym in the AM. I personally am more of an afternoon person. Plus, the gym in the morning makes me extra hungry haha.

TOPSgirl - Thursday May 15, 2008
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

6:55 am

I did not make an entry yesterday. It was a bad choice day. I am not sure if today is going to be a better day. (To be honest, I think it can only be better because yesterday's choice was awful.) But I wanted to make steps in the right direction by acknowledging yesterday's choices.

Wednesdays are always hard for me. I have marriage therapy on that day and it just always seems to be a negative experience.

I can't seem to break the bad cycle

9:30 Sourdough Sandwich - Pepperjack cheese, tomato, bacon (2 slices) - Toasted, Coffee, Water

selina on 05/15/2008:
bad days are part of life. i hope you have a great day today, for a positive change.

thinnsidenotout on 05/15/2008:
Have faith in yourself...Banish the word can't and decide what you "can" do....

changeofheart on 05/15/2008:
Bad days come and go... just remember that bad day has come and gone, make today a great day!

maria777 on 05/15/2008:
Hope everything gets better for you.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/15/2008:
perhaps make sure you schedule something really cool on wednesdays. Rlovell told me how she meditates which i think is pretty cool. do something just for you on wednesdays as well as marriage therapy.

TOPSgirl - Tuesday May 13, 2008
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

Quick entry -- just what I have ate so far today before I run off to work. I will add more later . . .

TJ French Toast - 2 4 points OJ 1/2 cup Coffee

Eggplant/Zuchini Bake Whole Wheat Roll Water 1 cup Coffee

Horn_Of_Plenty on 05/14/2008:
the eggplant/zucchini bake sounds GREAT! :)

TOPSgirl - Monday May 12, 2008
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

This is a new start for me - trying to get back on the tracks

9:30 Caffe Mocha Grande - 330 calories 10 points

12:30 English Muffin 5 points Turkey 2 slices 2 points Cheese 2 oz 5 points Water 24 oz

7:00 Brocoli/Feta Pizza 1 slice Strawberries 1/2 cup Water 16 oz Caramel Delight Cookie (2)

When I started this day I didn't plan on "dieting" hence the caffe Mocha. But I realize if I want to lose weight I need to take charge of my life - count the points and move through this no matter how hard. so I am starting from this point to take charge - I will aim to do the best I can no matter what - watch what I eat and count points.

Total 22 points

legcramps on 05/12/2008:
Have a great day today!! :):)

Beth201P on 05/12/2008:
Enjoy your week. Have a good day.

Beth201P on 05/12/2008:
Oh...welcome to DD.

maria777 on 05/12/2008:
Sounds like a good plan! Welcome!

thinnsidenotout on 05/12/2008:
Welcome Back!....Goals? Short Term & Long Term....

Glad to see that even though you had already had the Mocha, you still decided to change the course of the day.... I don't look at this as "dieting"...anything that has the word "die" in it, I won't do... Even though I was "KILLING" myself by eating the wrong choices, every day until Jan 21st...This is a "life change" and once we get to our goals it does not stop there....

Have a wonderful week!

thinnsidenotout on 05/12/2008:
Re: Figuring out the "sticking with it"..... The more days you get under your belt...The easier it will become...I have had a couple not so good days this last 14-15 weeks, but always realize that as long as I keep a log of foods/exercise and see it in the black/white lettering EVERY day...It REALLY does help...I am not accountable to DD'ers, but to myself..It is easier to stay on track when you know that you don't want people to see that you may have went overboard or ate the wrong things in the same token though...

You will figure it out...Having confidence in yourself is a great first step!

maria777 on 05/13/2008:
Hope you're having a wonderful day!

TOPSgirl - Wednesday Aug 09, 2006
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

Treadmill 60 minutes 130s HR

Breakfast - Total points 4 points

Coffee (12 oz), Splenda, FF 1/2 + 1/2 (1/4 c)1 point

Bran Flakes (3/4 c)1 point, Walnuts (1 Tbsp)1.5 points, Skim milk (1/4 milk c).5 points

Total Points
4 points / 22-27 points range

16 oz

TOPSgirl - Friday Jun 23, 2006
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

35 minutes Treadmill
25 minutes Weights

Food Journal
Breakfast: Egg Omelet w/ Chicken, onion, cheddar, English Muffin, Iced Coffee

Lunch:Red beans 1/2 cup w/ balsamic Vinagrette, Bread

Lite popcorn


Water: ounces

maria777 on 06/23/2006:
Good for you on all that exercise! Your breakfast and lunch look good, too! You are really working your plan!

TOPSgirl - Thursday Jun 22, 2006
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

Food Journal
Breakfast: Egg Omelet w/ Broccoli, onion, cheddar, English Muffin 1/2, Iced Coffee

Lunch:Turkey/cheese Sandwich w/lettuce, tomato, pickle 1/2

Dinner Grilled Pizza w/ chicken, onion, tomato, mozz cheese 2 pieces

Water:74 ounces

maria777 on 06/22/2006:
Love your yesterday's menu...yum!

TOPSgirl - Wednesday Jun 21, 2006
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

Treadmill 35 minutes 125 - 140 HR
Weights 20 minutes

Food Journal
Breakfast: 1 Egg omelet w/ cheddar, English muffin, Iced Coffee

Lunch: Chicken nuggets 2, French Fries 1/2 cup Chocolate Almonds 4

Dinner: Hamburger, Baked Potato, Salad

Water: 74 ounces

Mistakes I've made today - Did not have a "planned" lunch -- picked over kids leftovers

TOPSgirl - Tuesday Jun 20, 2006
(Weight Watcher points)
Weight: 0.0

Treadmill 70 minutes 125 - 140 HR

Food Journal
Breakfast: 1 Egg filled w/ Cheddar cheese, broccoli, onion and red beans, OJ with Fiber

Lunch: Seafood sandwich on 12 grain bread, Chocolate Almonds 3

Dinner: Mussels, Bread, Grilled Chicken Salad w/Balsamic Vinagrette, Iced Tea

Water: 74 ounces

maria777 on 06/20/2006:
I think it won't be long til you'll be fitting back into your favorite clothes again! Good for you on the 70 minutes on the treadmill and your menus look good, too! Have a nice day!

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