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TruthBTold - Thursday Dec 25, 2003

Weight: 0.0

TruthBTold - Sunday Dec 21, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Hi all!It's been a really long time.Lots of stuff happening..I came home,and everybody's mentioned I lost a lot of weight!It made me really happy...I've been pretty good since I got here too..Walked into Starbucks today with an old friend and came face to face with peppermint brownies,toffee and chocolate bars,and lots of that other stuff.Oh,the strangled breathing and longing looks.My friend urged me to get one,but in the end I settled for a non-fat no-whip peppermint mocha,and I have to say I'm feeling pretty good about that right now.My hair looks really bad right now though,I think the coloring really made it freak out..Other than that,I'm feeling pretty good..I haven't gone to the gym yet though,I will plan to soon though,I really hope...First I'm going to do some shopping and catching up with old friends :),and hopefully keeping in shape...good luck all!!HAPPY HOLIDAYS!

TruthBTold - Wednesday Dec 10, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Yup,it's been a while since I've updated...Mostly because I've eaten so much food I should start to oink.It's been okay lately,I guess...Home in 5 days and don't really have time to lose weight before then,that plus I don't have martial arts anymore,so I won't even get a workout before I leave,and what with all the goodbye dinners...oh man,I don't even want to really think about it.

Anyways,I know this has nothing to do with diets,but I really like Britney's new CD,even though that's not usually my kind of music...I bet it would be really really good gym music...When I get home my best friend and I have promised each other we'll go to the gym every day,at least during Xmas break...I'm going to try and watch what I eat,too...Plus I am going to try and watch my weight until I leave,ya never know I could lose a pound or two...As soon as I get home I'm seeing one of my good friends,and he made a bit of a hint about how my ex-boyfriend is going to be at his house the same day I am,because they're friends...Hmmm....This would be that ex most of us have,the one that we never really got over and whom we can't decide if we want to slap or kiss...So,it should be interesting :)

Hope all's well with all of you!


Scruffy on 12/11/2003:
Scruff was here :-)

TruthBTold - Thursday Nov 27, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Hi all!

Thanks for your comments yesterday :).JohnPK,thanks for your offer to convert for me,that's really nice of you :).Currently I don't actually know what I weigh in kilos either,my father's house doesn't have a scale and when I ask him to buy one he gives me a bad look (he thinks this whole weight loss thing is ridiculous and will eventually end up with me on the floor due to starvation.He thinks I'm starving myself unless I eat an entire cow.)

Starlight,yes,that's exactly how I feel!And I feel terrible because it makes me feel shallow,but sadly,I feel that way nonetheless.I'm even more determined to lose weight by the time I get home,and shock him.

Now.I'm trying to drink a lot of water,firstly because it's good for me and secondly because it cuts my cravings.But honestly,then I have to pee every ten minutes.I've had a lot of problems with dehydration,I actually ended up in the hospital last year because of it,so I should be drinking even more water.Fact is,unless I'm paying attention to drinking water,I'll go a whole day without taking a sip.But I am working on it :)

It's about 11 in the morning here,and so far I've had a bowl of cereal,some dirnkable vitamin yoghurt stuff,and lots of water.Good start.This morning I realized we didn't have a lot of healthy stuff in the house,but there's lots of chocolate,so when my dad went out to buy a cake (yes,a cake) I asked him to pick me up some apples and grapefruits and cottage cheese and stuff like that.He came home with those,and more chocolate.Then he nudges it hopefully to the front of the fridge hoping I'll eat it when I open the fridge.I know he only wants the best for me,I know he thinks I don't need to lose weight and he doesn't believe in denying yourself something,but I want to eat healthy,I'm not starving myself!It is a significant loss to how much I do eat otherwise,because I eat like a complete pig when I'm not watching myself.I hope that this diet lasts and that I won't break down and eat everything in the fridge...I have to say that the whole thing of going back and shocking my boyfriend really motivates me,even if I know I'm not supposed to be losing weight for him,if it works,for now I'll take it.

Not looking that forward to martial arts tonight because last lesson I smashed my knees into concrete,so I'm a bit wary.But I love it too much to not go..Funny how a lot of times it's the things we love that hurt us.


TruthBTold - Wednesday Nov 26, 2003

Weight: 0.0

Hello everyone :)

I'm new here,I ran into this website and I thought wow,that's actually really not a bad idea.I need a place to maybe vent about things,even though right now I feel a little awkward...I can't put my weight down because I've been out of the US for 5 months now and haven't weighed myself for the basic reason that kilos mean nothing to me and that's what they go by here.I'm not really overweight,but I would definitely like to lose some.I like to think I'm a strong person and that society's definition of beauty doesn't affect me but Britney Spear's stomach does nothing to improve my mood!

So we'll see how things go...I'm actually worried I'm not eating enough,I don't want my metabolism to slow down...I do martial arts twice a week,really hard physical training,but I fear not often enough to constitute a workout regimen.Plus my 'diets' usually last only about five days where I'm really really good at dieting and then I give in and eat everything I can get my hands on.But I've been watching my food intake for about 15 days now and people are starting to notice I've lost weight,which is a really nice feeling.I'm trying to be more healthy and drink more water,whilst fighting the chocolate temptation!

I'm going home in about 20 days,finally,and I'm determined to lose a little weight before then,sadly yes,mostly because of the fantasy in my head where I walk in looking gorgeous and the boyfriend I left behind is stunned into silence.Sad,yes,but true.I'm thinking about going on the Special K diet actually,does anyone have any advice on that?I wouldn't stay on it for more than two weeks,actually I doubt even that because I don't know how often I can possibly eat Special K before the thought of it begins to revolt me..

Now that I've completely bored anyone who happened to stumble across this journal, I'll go!


starlight on 11/26/2003:
Trust me, you didnt bore anyone. This is exactly what we are all here for. There are times when I feel like I can be ok with myself, but then there are the times, like you, where I see some celebrity's (or even just some really thin girl on the street) and wish I looked like that for my boyfriend. As stupid as it is, the biggest reason I want to lose weight is so my boyfriend will think I am absolutely gorgeous and wont want to take his eyes off me. I have such a huge fear of losing him, and I know he will not leave me b/c of my weight, but it still sucks when you see someone like Brittney Spears right? Knowing that your boyfriend is drooling over another woman's body just sucks. Anyways, this is what has been on my mind, sorry to bore you with it :) I look forward to your entries. Hope you keep us posted Kim

JohnPK on 11/26/2003:
Hi, welcome!

I'm pretty new too, but everyone here is really nice and very willing to give advice!

It can be very reassuring to be able to talk to people and share feelings with others you know have/are going through the same thing you are.

Kilos to pound converters are commonplace on the web if you wanna change them, or post the kilo value here and I'll change it for you (irish so using kilos all my life).

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