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Umpqua - Monday Nov 16, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Happy Monday all. I wanted to do a quick check in since I've been scarce around here. The last week and change has been a real challenge for me with lots of stressors. The afternoon of my last post my Mom had to go to the hospital yet again with another health issue/complication. She's back home and on the mend but it was a tough weekend and week following. When combining that with some other stressors with extended family and my husband's job, I just haven't felt up to posting here regularly.

That said I've been pretty consistent with eating healthy so not much has changed there. I've also been logging foods on MyFitnessPal and getting in exercise when I can. I'm also trying to move more toward vegetarian/vegan a majority of the time. I've already made some tweaks to cut back on dairy and am taking small steps toward this goal. I will definitely get back to posting here regularly soon, when the latest round of dust has settled. I really need to be mindful and stay on top of things as we get into the holiday season since I don't want to backslide. I'm looking forward to getting back into my regular routine really soon!

grannyannie on 11/16/2015:
Sorry about your mom. Hope she's okay. Hope everything else sorts itself out as well. You're doing well sticking to plans when you are stressed.

Umpqua on 11/16/2015:
Thanks, Annie. I'm hoping to move more toward your type of diet of eating mostly veg but not excluding meat and dairy entirely. I think that will be less restrictive that my last attempt at going full vegan and will hopefully be more sustainable over the long term!

puddles on 11/16/2015:
Hope your mom will feel better. Keep up the good work on your food.

Umpqua on 11/16/2015:
Thanks Puddles, I appreciate it!

grannyannie on 11/16/2015:
At home we eat mainly vegetarian unless we have company, or like today I felt like some chicken breast for lunch. When we eat out I often eat meat.

thinkpositive on 11/16/2015:
Sounds very stressful . You're doing fine considering all that is going on. Hope your mother continues to improve.

Maria7 on 11/17/2015:
Hoping your Mom is soon well. Take good care of you, too. :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/18/2015:
I am sorry about your mom & I can see how that can be extremely stressful both the extra care she needed while at the hospital and of course your time going to & from there & time you spent with her. I am sure that's another reason you were scarce over here! Family always takes precedence...same for me of course! with that being said, i'm looking forward to time spent with my own family for the holidays. I look forward to it more now than I ever have in the past actually.

Like you, my mind is also set about the holidays. I will not be gaining any weight. Plans are to eat veggies. Christmas I don't need to worry about bc I don't celebrate...but thanksgiving, i'm sure i'll be able to stay within a moderate range.

with my sister's wedding looming at the early part of 2016, I can't afford any major backslides. :-D

so, like you, i'm making it work - I'm being mindful.

and i'm finally making the changes to help me lose weight. I think for a long time I didn't think I could do it - eat lower calories during the work week - but turns out, with a few minor adjustments, I definitely can. Like you say, it's being mindful. Being in the moment. Making it work. And realizing exactly what we want to do - and doing it. Not letting excuses get in the way.

Excuses were in my way before in terms of weightloss. I didn't change my calories - so therefore didn't change my weight. I think I was keeping a blind eye to it for awhile (past few months or since spring i'd say).

Umpqua - Friday Nov 06, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I'm finally feeling mostly back to normal, although tummy is still not 100%. I'm really hoping after a low key weekend of R&R that it will be.

1,400 calories or so yesterday and a Jillian Michaels HIIT workout with cardio and weights. I kept it low impact and I'm still feeling it all over today! I will probably get in leaf blowing at a minimum this weekend since I really don't do with sitting still for long periods. I hope you all have a fantastic weekend! 

puddles on 11/06/2015:
Good that you are feeling better. Have a great day.

grannyannie on 11/06/2015:
You had quite a bad case for it to take so long to get back to normal. Hope you feel 100% soon. Have a good weekend.

Maria7 on 11/07/2015:
Hope you are feeling better today. My Daughter had a stomach upsetment the other day and she was very sick but has slowly recovered and feeling better now. Take care of yourself and don't overdo. :-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/08/2015:
Glad to hear you are mostly back on track :-D. Low key weekends will definitely help. I figured i'd need a low key day yesterday since today is going to be a big deal! :-D

Maybe the routine you did was a new one - so even if it's easy, different muscles were activated and/or in a new way...so you feel it! and that's good...but...i'm sure you'll get used to it a bit so you're not crazy sore all the time! haha have a great day!

biscottibody59 on 11/14/2015:
Hope all's well there--hope to see an update soon! Take good care of yourself!

Umpqua - Thursday Nov 05, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Yesterday was about 1,500 calories and just inside chores (laundry and cleaning). I have a busy day on tap and am hoping we can get a lower body workout in too. Date night tomorrow, woo hoo! 

OhioRaven on 11/05/2015:
Glad to hear you're getting your strength back. Save some of that energy for date nite.

grannyannie on 11/05/2015:
Well done! You're a bundle of energy. Enjoy your date night.

livinglight on 11/05/2015:
Have fun tomorrow night!

Umpqua - Wednesday Nov 04, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Good, healthy day yesterday at around 1,400 calories. Exercise was upper body strength training and I used a combo of my 5 and 8-lb weights. The 8s weren't too bad, even after going a week or so without a workout. So they were a good purchase! I have another on tap with my buddy tomorrow so today will be a day of rest so I don't overdo it. Hoping to get in some leaf blowing or other useful activity.

grannyannie on 11/04/2015:
Glad you're back on track and feeling better.

puddles on 11/04/2015:
Good job have a great day.

OhioRaven on 11/04/2015:
I have gutters that need cleaning :v)

biscottibody59 on 11/04/2015:
RYC: Thanks--we weren't in the bad area. The worst was well south of where I am, and that same area has just been pummeled with these late year rains. We're already under a flood watch 'til Friday.

I was glad to see an entry from you. I hope the bug that had you has been knocked out and doesn't return.

Yes, the main thing when increasing wt is to not overdo it and risk injury:-)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/05/2015:
Today's basically a day of rest for me, too. I did weights last night, but sore throat is def not improved this AM as much as it was yesterday...so day of rest it is.

Those are great calories. And i'm telling you from my experiences, weights are the best thing in the world for toning a body. :-D

Umpqua - Tuesday Nov 03, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I'm finally feeling mostly better and back to business this week. Whatever I had was an extended stomach bug that had me feeling lousy. I tried all sorts of stuff to try to get it under control and ultimately it had to just work itself out of my system.

I started feeling better over the weekend and got back to regular eating yesterday and also painting outside doors for exercise. Everything is the same paint color now so I'm glad I took advantage of the warm weather. The boys have a day off school today and I'm getting my work done now (well right after this!) so we can do something fun, maybe a hike. If not I will try for a workout to get back in the groove.

Around 1,500 calories yesterday.

grannyannie on 11/03/2015:
Sorry you were sick for so long! Don't overdo too quickly.

puddles on 11/03/2015:
Good to hear you are feeling better. Have a great day.

thinkpositive on 11/03/2015:
Gosh that lasted for awhile- glad you are feeling better. Looks like you are having great weather!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 11/03/2015:
Happy to hear you are getting back into the swing of things. Enjoy your day with the boys!

OhioRaven on 11/04/2015:
Good to see you back.

Umpqua - Tuesday Oct 27, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I had a great weekend of eating and activity and then came down with a stomach bug Sunday night. I actually took yesterday off work, something I rarely do, and spent much of the day sleeping and recuperating. I'm feeling better today than yesterday so will resume counting calories and work on getting my gut back in balance.

Saturday activity was loads of walking at our town's Harvest Fest so the boys could see the attractions and their friends and we also had fun giving out candy. On Sunday I spent a solid hour digging and raking as part of a community clean up project. I'm looking forward to getting a workout in soon, maybe I'll feel up to it tomorrow. 

OhioRaven on 10/27/2015:
Get Well Soon !

biscottibody59 on 10/27/2015:
Take it easy and I hope you're feeling better!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/27/2015:
I hope you feel better. Stomach bugs are the worst. In the past, I had a few, so I can relate to you. I am glad you are basically back to normal health again.

Good job being active in the community and good exercise to boot.

thinkpositive on 10/29/2015:
Hope you are feeling better.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/29/2015:
I hope you are feeling better! Maybe you are busy getting back into the swing of things?

Umpqua on 10/30/2015:
Thanks for checking in on me :) My stomach is still off and I feel like I've tried everything (probiotics + yogurt, peppermint tea). I actually have taken straight apple cider vinegar the past few days followed by a pint of water and that helps it feel better for an hour or so, then the pain returns. Any suggestions for me? Maybe now is the time to try kombucha since something is obviously off in my gut.

Anyway, I hope to return in force next week!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/31/2015:
Yes, I have a sorta different suggestion than you would think...

I think, based on what you wrote above, that you may have overdone it all. I think you should lay off all the probiotics, vinegars, and other acidic / gut bacteria producing things. Take a break. Have some bland food. Have normal / lower fiber things. And also relax a bit...and no pickles either lol bc those are also like a probiotic. Just take a break from all the high fiber stuff. Don't try the kombucha now either.

I think you should relax a bit right now. and that once you do that, and stop thinking about all these probiotics and other things, that hopefully it'll improve.

Maybe you were stressed about Halloween or something?

Either way, sometimes it's like a vicious cycle - you do things to make yourself better which actually cause you to feel worse and you keep doing them and just making yourself worse...

.....that's my opinion on what you should do :-D

and I hope you feel better really soon so you can try some kombucha.

I suggest not messing with any other products now :)

Maria7 on 11/02/2015:
Hope you feel better...glad you got some rest... Take care. :-)

Umpqua - Friday Oct 23, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Around 1,700 calories yesterday and I did have a nighttime snack, but kept it fairly healthy. It ended up being a more active day than I planned and I got 3 coats of paint on my door, plus did some lifting and winterizing at my MIL's house. I also picked up a set of 8 lb free weights so for the first time in my workout career, I'm moving up from 5 lbs. This is something I've been needing to do for a couple of months and I finally just went and spent the money. I'm hoping to try them out today!

Eats yesterday:

B - pb cup smootie
L - a small serving of sesame noodles, Larabar (was kind of on the run)
D - 3-bean chili topped with a little cheddar and light sour cream
S - glass wine, 1/2 lavash wrap with a little peanut butter and dark choc chips 

thinkpositive on 10/23/2015:
8 lbs ! Wow . Those should give you a workout!

biscottibody59 on 10/25/2015:
Very good!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/27/2015:
ahhh...smoothies...I think I want one this weekend! jaja...i'm already thinking of the weekend!

congrats on lifting higher weight. that's awesome - you've got more strength...which also means you'll burn more calories!

Umpqua - Thursday Oct 22, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

1,500 calories yesterday and 2 kettle bell toning workouts. Ow - I'm taking a break today to rest my muscles :) I also spray painted half my front railing, which was a difficult, messy job. I don't think the weather will cooperate to do the other half today, but I may paint the front door if time allows.

Massive layoffs at my husband's job began yesterday and we are very, very grateful that his entire little department was spared. It's still a very stressful time all around as he watches longtime friends get laid off.  

Plan for today is catching up on some chores like the painting and maybe bringing in deck furniture and stuff to winterize the yard - we'll see if the weather allows. I'm also going to make a 3-bean chili for dinner, I've been really trying to make more veggie/vegan stuff for myself, particularly since husband shares so few of our meals and it's easy to make something else for the boys.


B - egg, cheese and Quorn sausage on 1/2 lavash wrap
L - roaster pepper tomato soup
S - peanut butter cup smoothie
D - crockpot pork loin, sweet potato, ratatouille

puddles on 10/22/2015:
You did well. It is sad to see friends loose their jobs. Hard times. Take care

thinkpositive on 10/22/2015:
I was so surprised to read about the layoffs! Glad your husband wasn't affected. I was wondering if your husband is still doing his own thing for meals. Everyone now well in your family?

Umpqua on 10/22/2015:
Husband is still drinking Soylent a majority of the time, he eats maybe 2 meals a week with us. I think we've all gotten used to it so I'm focusing more on things I want to eat/make, and my older son is usually adventurous and will at least try things.

We're doing well here although my Mom is still struggling with her health with my Dad as her sole caregiver. We'll be going out there for Christmas so that will be nice - thanks for asking about everyone!

Umpqua - Wednesday Oct 21, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

Another good one yesterday and I'm doing my best to keep the focus on improving overall health, strength and endurance. Workout was a 30-minute FitnessBlender cardio class with toning throughout. The class is designed to build endurance and I have plenty of room for improvement there as I really started to get tired at the end. Today will be strength training.

Eats (around 1,300 calories and successfully resisted the nighttime snacking bug)

B - lowfat cherry yogurt
L - salad topped with tuna and tzatziki
S - Larabar
D - chicken sausage mixed with ratatouille, sesame soba noodles 

puddles on 10/21/2015:
Good job keep it up and have another great day.

horn_of_plenty on 10/21/2015:
Awesome calories and even better exercise.

biscottibody59 on 10/21/2015:
I went on a ratatouille kick in the 80s and just about got sick of it.

Good going with the workouts--keep on cookin':-)

Umpqua - Tuesday Oct 20, 2015
(Moderate Healthy Eating & Exercise)
Weight: 0.0

I ended at just under 1,500 calories yesterday and exercise was a walk with my friend that we finally did in the afternoon. The week is off to a good start and I'm feelling pretty positive about my health in general. Today I'll get a FitnessBlender workout in at some point, no matter how quick, and I'm also getting my hair cut!

Yesterday eats:

Br - 2 boiled eggs, a little leftover roast beef
S - Kind bar, banana
D - black bean burger on 1/2 lavash with tzatziki sauce, asparagus, baked sweet potato fries
S - bowl of popcorn with a little EVOO

puddles on 10/20/2015:
Great job keep it up and have a good week.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 10/20/2015:
I hope you post a pic of your haircut :-D

Walking is probably my favorite type of cardio. So relaxing and you can go for miles. I am happy to hear that you are feeling good.

Healthy eating...I've been trying to increase my carbs actually, similar eating to yours.

ohioraven on 10/21/2015:
I couldn't even pronounce Tzatziki.

Umpqua on 10/21/2015:
Heh, it's just plain nonfat yogurt mixed with lemon, cucumber, garlic and dill. The stuff is great with everything!

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