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V - Thursday Jul 29, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 178.3

Good evening lovely ladies  Just  reading everone's diaries and waiting for dinner  to be done, nothing fancy just some more chicken baked in fat free low sodium chicken broth. I sliced up some mushrooms, onions and red pepper and put it in there as well for flavor, The extra broth makes for a great soup. I also drink a cup of it before eating if I am feeling super hungry and it really quells the pangs and I am usually full and still have food on the plate. Since ff low sodium broth is a free item on my diet I make sure to make plenty. I hope that everyone had a healthy  happy day, You all mean so much to me  Oh does anyone know if it is possible to send photos from fb to DD? I left my camera at home yesterday but my friend was nice enough to send me a few. So let me know pretty please :)  I will talk to you all later. Tanglyn if you are reading this keep your head up girl! 

Progress as of today: 48.7 lbs lost so far, only 28.3 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 07/29/2010:
Don't do fb, so don't know about that. Your supper sounds real nice. :-)

2luvself on 07/29/2010:
just right click on whatever fb image you want and scroll down to "save Image as" and that should save your image to the computer and then upload it to the DD server.

--- ha ha yeah... I kinda have been peeking at the scale and its up 1 pound. But I am happy I just kept the 8 pound loss since thats pretty good for 13 days. I measured my waist and bust and they said a 2 inch lost each. So even if the scale isn't saying it I think my body is. My husband keeps noticing the change which is great.

V on 07/29/2010:
What did I tell you about that acale 2luv???? Stop the insaanity...LOL I bet he can't keep his hands off of you!!! Happy Anniversary talk to you later :)

sweetpea1977 on 07/29/2010:
I had a craving for chicken broth last night....and now it has come back after reading about it in your entry!! Thats a great and simple chicken recipe, thanks for sharing! :)

2luvself on 07/29/2010:

V - Wednesday Jul 28, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 178.3

Good morning lovely ladies!  Well I have a busy day ahead! I must start cooking for the baby shower. While the chicken is de-thawing I just might take a nap. I have a feeling this will be a loooooong day!  Well I will talk to all of you later. Lots of love

*-UPDATE-*  Just got home from the shower!!!  The afternoon/evening went really well with the on and off rainshowers as well! suprisingly enough there were just as many guys there as girls (gotta love that) I even met a cutie! I have a feeling that he might  be a Himbo (male bimbo). there were times when we were talking there was no brain activity...Exchanged numbers so we will see, I will keep you posted.

So I managed NOT to eat a single wing while cooking and even more impressive I resisted all the forbidden foods, Sangria, Champagne, Grey Goose, Captain Morgan and more libations too long to list (yes they love to drink). So with my Starbucks and Voss as my beverages of choice I slowly peruse the endless table of yummy smelling foods and although very tempting i opted for celery, broccoli, cauliflower and 6 pieces (cubes) of assorted cheeses...Halfway through the shower my stomach starts bubbling and i start to have cramps. I seriously felt like i was gonna die. It dawned on me that the only cheese I have eaten in 4 months was either fat free or light. Luckily  the mom to be had alka seltzer and it subsided. I hope that I can someday eat regular cheese again, Brie is my absolute fav :(   Talk to you ladies in the morning :)  Much love to you

Progress as of today: 48.7 lbs lost so far, only 28.3 lbs to go!

loveray on 07/28/2010:
Morning lovely yourself!! xoxo

hollybelle on 07/28/2010:
Just read your laundrymat story - YES - it distrubed me, too. You are right, but all we can do is take care of ourselves and our kids as best we can. I am so excited for you, though - do you realize you are at 63% of your goal weight? YAY!

biscottibody59 on 07/28/2010:
Good job with your program--keep up the good work!

nita51 on 07/28/2010:
Love you too V :) :) :) Hope you've been enjoying your day. Hey, what happened at the laundromat was heartbreaking. My daughter always gives my 2 year old grand son a huge bag of Cheetos, he drinks sugary drinks and not enough holsum food. So I went to Wal-Mart & bought him some vitamins. While they are staying with me, I'm going to make sure he eats better, thats all I can do. uneducated parents, make obese unhealthy children and they turn into obese unhealthy adults. That's how I was created. Love Ya & keep doing good. hugs!

moogy on 07/28/2010:
Morning Angel, You will probably have finished cooking all those wings by now, so I am hoping that it went well and that they are OUT OF THE HOUSE.LOL Have a wonderful time at the baby shower, steady with the wine!!!!LOL You don't want to undo last weeks great work.!!

2luvself on 07/28/2010:
mixed beans, green onions and white onion, some sweet peas and sprouts with seasoning and vinegar to taste

sweetpea1977 on 07/28/2010:
Ugh,I just read yesterday's entry and it made me sad. It reminded me of these two obese kids that were playing at the same park with my son. They both kept running up to their obese mom asking her if it was time for lunch yet. It was 9am when they first started asking. The more they asked the more they whined. Meanwhile, she is setting up their picnic and its nothing but bags of chips, boxes of snackcakes, 2 liter bottles of soda, and something inside a huge cooler. :(

Anyway, I hope you have fun at the baby shower!

just42day on 07/28/2010:
Have a great baby shower. I'm sure everyone will appreciate all your hard work!

just42day on 07/28/2010:
thanks for your support re: my strange job interview. I think it worked out for the best. If a company has so little respect for people's time BEFORE they're hired, I wonder how people are treated after they're hired? Very strange experience.

Maria7 on 07/28/2010:
Your food at the shower sounded really good. Glad you got to feeling better. :-)

moogy on 07/28/2010:
Oh Well Done You, I am so proud of your resistance to those Horrible Yukky BAD Tasting foods and especially!! for avoiding the alcohol. You deserve a medal. Such a good girl. Thank you for your kind words and support.

don'tstoptrying on 07/28/2010:
I bet you feel very proud of yourself as well you should. It is very difficult to resist temptation I so glad you did, I'm sure they all tasted just terrible anyway.lol

selina on 07/29/2010:
Himbo -lol! Glad you had a good time at the shower!

V on 07/29/2010:
Thanks for all your kind words :) I gotta go soon so I will post later! I have pics posted on fb from the shower so I am gonna try to see if I can post one here :)

Umpqua on 07/29/2010:
Congratulations on showing such restraint at the shower! I absolutely love cheese and I've never been able to get into the nonfat ones. Brie, chocolate goat cheese - you name it and I'll try it :)

just42day on 07/29/2010:
I'm glad the shower was such a success. What restraint you demonstrated by resisting so many unhealthy foods. Sorry cheese upset your tummy but glad that was short lived.

V - Tuesday Jul 27, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 178.3

Goodafternoon ladies! i just got back from my doctor's appointment and I am pleased to announce that I lost 3.9 lbs! I am hoping to come within 10 lbs of my goal weight before i go on vacation...I am sure that will be a great motivator not to overindulge while I am there.

So as i sat at the laundrymat before my appointment sitting there obsessing about my weight a little girl sits next to me with her bag of McDonald's breakfast of pancakes. Just a guess but she appeared to be 5 or so.Anyways she eats most of her meal and proceeds to tell her mother that she is full. her mom tells her "okay but you are eating the rest later."Maybe 10 minutes later the mother and daughter comes back from the market next to the laundy, the little girl is eating a Bomb Pop and has a big bag of Fritos in her other hand, Her mom had also purchased a can of coke for her as well. I couldn't help but to think about what else would that normal sized girl would consume the remainder of the day. I also couldn't help but to think what would possess this woman to feed her kid all of this before noon. This is how unhealthy eating starts and this woman is setting the stage for problems in the future for her little one. Food For Thought

 Okay getting off my soapbox now but  this really disturbed me  I am gonna respond to all later, I gotta make a baby shower run, somehow I  started as a guest and now I am one of the hosts!!!!! LOL    Love to you all 


Progress as of today: 48.7 lbs lost so far, only 28.3 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/27/2010:
congrats on ur loss. thats a really great job!

don'tstoptrying on 07/27/2010:
Thanks V for sharing that, it's very sad, even though that little girl ia an average size now it's sad that she is learning to like almost all food high in calories and sugar. There are really great parents out there though that are very conscious of what to feed there kids. I work as a prek teacher and most of kids lunches are very balanced but I've also seen the overload of junk kids are being fed. I have to litterly bite my tongue when I see a child day after day not eating a healthy lunch. Thanks for being a great example to us on your determination and getting to a 50 lb weight loss, you must feel awesome!

Moody3 on 07/27/2010:
Congrats on the loss~Fantastic! Yay!!! I'm sure you'll meet your goal for vacation at this rate!!

Yeh, sadly, the story you shared is way too typical~And then we wonder why obesity among our children is becoming an epidemic~Sigh~

Hope you have a beautiful day!!!

Umpqua on 07/27/2010:
Congratulations on your loss! I also observe little kids eating all kinds of junk food and wonder just what the parents are thinking. But I think almost always the parents eat like that too so they think nothing of it. Bad cycle.

cleaneating on 07/27/2010:
Great job on the 3.9lbs :) I too get very concerned when I walk around the supermarket and see mothers with young children in tow with their shopping trolleys full of processed food,no wonder so many children have no idea how to rustle up a healthy snack or actually cook something from scrath!

cleaneating on 07/27/2010:
Thought I would let you know I have a terrible sweet tooth but I let myself have a bit of dark chocolate (real dark 85% cocoa) as it keeps me sane and that sugar craving at bay. I usually work into my days food intake,and if I have a good gym day well I try not to feel too guilty,lol.

moogy on 07/27/2010:
Great job girl! I am really proud of you. You know the scale never lies and when it shows that sort of loss it has been preceeded by a good few days of good healthy eating and restraint. I worry about the American diet, just about every other kid appears to be fat obese or heading that way. What a crazy world.

Maria7 on 07/27/2010:
Congrats on your new lower number! Yooowoooo!

moogy on 07/27/2010:
Thanks for the suggestion. I am not venturing out again today, but I will check out your suggestion next time I am in the health food shop. I don't know if we get it here.

KathyBlue on 07/28/2010:
3,9 lbs, how great!!!!!

balloonlady on 07/28/2010:
congrats on the loss....Rock on~

Maria7 on 07/28/2010:
Hope you're having a nice day! :-)

V - Monday Jul 26, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

Goodevening Lovely Ladies I had a low key day not on purpose, i just couldn't  get off the couch,lol. After napping most of the afternoon got a quick workout and off to do groceries for the week, in addition to the usual stuff I also had to shop for food for a baby shower that the mom to be specifically tapped me on the shoulder to make ( Hot and BBQ Wings). What started out as a small gathering has become a co-ed pool party with 60 or so guest. It is Weds. afternoon/evening and I am so glad that I did not volunteer my place this time whew!

Girls if anyone tells you that it is expensive to eat healthy is full of it! I spent $50  alone on just the wings, flour and cooking oil. Wow!  my weekly groceries are almost half that!  SO with that being said I am going to attempt my greatest feat and not eat any of the wings while cooking them Weds. lol. I will be fine I am taking everyone of them out of this house!  Well ladies I gotta keep it short and sweet I still have to shop for a baby gift. i will talk to everyone later

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

Moody3 on 07/26/2010:
Wow, that's quite the party!! Nobody would dare ask me to cook anything for something like that, not unless they had stock in Kaopectate or something...heh~cooking and Moody do NOT go hand in hand...

Hope you are having a wonderful day!

Umpqua on 07/26/2010:
Meat is ridiculously expensive. Especially when you try to buy lean/organic/antibiotic-free, etc. That's so nice of you to make what your friend requested, I'm sure she'll appreciate it. Hope you have a great day!

moogy on 07/26/2010:
BBQ Hot Chicken Wings, Yum!! I agree with you fresh fruit and vegies are really inexpensive, especially if you buy in season and if you can shop at a market. We live next to a rural area and we have an abattoir 15 mins away, they kill meat raised locally buy small farmers (he! he! not little farmers!!!!!LOL) small farm holders!!! I make myself laugh sometimes. The meat is excellent and literally half the price from the supermarket or butchers. Hope you resist trying one of those wings and get them out of the house quick smart.

Bikiniwax85 on 07/26/2010:
Wow.. Did you know 50 dollar here is like 175 Ringgit. I can get like 12 cartons of wings.. Ehe... its like 144 wings.. Ehe... I can eat em all!!!! Lolz.. Can't wait to see your pics on wednesday I hope... hugs babe!

selina on 07/27/2010:
Enjoy the party on Wed! Have a wornderful day!

KathyBlue on 07/27/2010:
I wanna hear about Danimal, not the 50$ chicken wings.... :)

V on 07/27/2010:
LOL Kathy! You are very funny!

just42day on 07/27/2010:
Thanks for your words of encouragement. Yes, produce in season is pretty reasonable. I buy chicken and turkey only when it's on sale and then stock the freezer the best I can. Every little bit helps. Hope your day is great!

V - Sunday Jul 25, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

Mis managed my time once again and now I gotta run MUST have Starbucks on the way to work, Man am I exhausted! Must never pick up a shift after 2 doubles (well 1 and 1/2, lol) Love to you all and I will answer all when I get home  Moogy i will give you all the sordid details later...lol

Okay I am back  by popular demand sorry to keep you all waiting so here it goes....So  there is a guy that work with me Dan that has blatantly been flirting with me for months now and I have always taken it as Dan being Danimal. It is kinda what we all do especially with customers, I know shameless isn't it but that's how we pay our bills. I am notorious for flirting as a matter of fact I am one of the best  I find it interesting that everyone says that we are mirror reflections of each other (well except for his washboard abs) I guess that's why I can't take him serious I mean both of us have issues with staying interested in relationships(I am trying to work on it) Sorry had to give you a little background so you can fully understand.

Fast forward to friday night, all of our co-workers went out to celebrate Binx's birthday, I invited some guys that I met from my bar with us, when we meet out of towners it is really refreshing to have new people around because it is a really small beach town, So Dan thought I was spending too much time with them and came over to us and said " You're playing darts" After a few round I decided to go home because I had to get up early and Dan told me he would walk me to my car....When I got to my car he planted  a mind numbing kiss on me...Girls he is a Really good kisser with the softest lips, all I can say is WOW, After coming up for air minutes later he said "I've wanted to do that for months' I seriously had to abstain from leaving with him.

Fast forward to my house we are still making out like 15yr olds and although it was really nice something in the far reaches of my brain was saying YOU WORK WITH HIM...So I finally voiced that to him and that kinda brought us both back to reality...It is very common when you work in the industry to date co- worker  but I am not willing to risk our friendship and work relationship. I've dated co-workers in the past and always remained friends with them so why not him????  I don't have an answer. Neither one of us are looking for a relationship but is it possible for us to be okay with the whole FWB deal??????

So there you have it. This has absolutely nothing to do with what I ate today but it sure was entertaining am I right...LOL Ladies I have taken way too much of your time Have a great evening!!!!!! 

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/25/2010:
thanks! but as u know, i dunno how much of it is a real loss, cause ive not been getting enough calories, and been drinking too much liquor, which is making me dehydrated... i think we should both vow to do all we can to try our hardest to make it to the 170s by this time next week :) best of luck to u!! have a great day at work and afterwards, check back in with us! :)

2luvself on 07/25/2010:
I look forward to an update as well. *poke* Hope todays a good one.

just42day on 07/25/2010:
Thanks for your understanding and support. Will look forward details -- I love sordid ones!

tangalyn on 07/25/2010:
hey! while im thinking about it... did u say something to me the other day about me having ur facebook name? cause i dont think i do... do i? lol im so sorry if i do and have forgotten!! plz dont hate me! :) .. :(

loveray on 07/25/2010:
hope you have a wonderful day!! xo

loveray on 07/25/2010:
...i want to hear this juiciness too!

Moody3 on 07/25/2010:
LOL~Glad you had such a good time out~wooohoooo!! Looks like we're all waiting on the juicy details!!!

Hope works go quickly for you and you can come home and get some much needed rest!!

WI3 on 07/25/2010:
Keep up the good work!

moogy on 07/25/2010:
Now, that is hardly fair, it was sordid!!!!!! I am awaiting with baited breath for the details.....rubs hands together!!!

moogy on 07/25/2010:
Now, THAT, was worth waiting for. You couple of schoolkids - the feelings never change do they?

moogy on 07/25/2010:
Oh Oh, After reading your entry I forgot what I came here for. Sydney is about 16 hours ahead of Mountain Time (Utah time), so where ever you are you can work it out.

Maria7 on 07/25/2010:
Thank you. Some days I try to do a lower carb day but not all days. :-)

Bikiniwax85 on 07/25/2010:
Aha.... Dan eh??? You wild thing! Lolz... Love reading your post will always put a smile on my face face. You should start writting novels babe! :) Anyways, I am back now. It was an "Eventful" week end for me. I was supprise I can squeeze in all that things in a week. :)

don'tstoptrying on 07/25/2010:
Oh, NO, No, No all those details is what we live for right ladies, your not wasting ANY of my time, this is one of the funnist posts I've read so far, lol Please anytime :)

KathyBlue on 07/26/2010:
eheheh I really like this story!!!! :-))) Of course you're good at flirting, you are a Lioness!!!!! :-)

tangalyn on 07/26/2010:
ohhhh, nice story... good luck with whatever u decide to do with that situation in the future.. let us know tho! r u from chicago? i only see 1 person on FB with ur name, is that u?

V on 07/26/2010:
@ tangalyn I am from Chicago and it probably is me

loveray on 07/26/2010:
sounds like a really fun time!! hope you have a great week.

Donkey on 07/26/2010:
Love the name "Dan"...

I don't like FWB -- I don't think that works, and I have strong doubts about an office relationship, but I think if you stay "detached" enough to enjoy the physical thrill without getting emotionally involved -- those emotions will get ya every time -- then what's wrong with that.

My 2 cents anyways ;-)

V - Saturday Jul 24, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

So I went out for a bit, didn't drink but I did have a REALLY good time :) I will catch up with everyone later Have a happy healthy day, I am off to work

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

just42day on 07/24/2010:
Glad you had a nice night out! Nice, too, that you didn't take in empty calories via alcohol. (though an occasional drink certainly isn't bad) Hope you have a great day!

tangalyn on 07/24/2010:
ty for all the concern u have showed lately.. its good to know that people do care.. im glad u had a nice time out.. we all need that sometimes.. have a great day :)

selina on 07/24/2010:
Have a great weekend!

moogy on 07/24/2010:
I await further informaion on the REALLY good time!!!!!

Maria7 on 07/24/2010:
Hope you're having a real nice day! :-)

2luvself on 07/24/2010:
Hopeing todays another good one.


V on 07/24/2010:
Moogy!!!!! Your mind is in the gutter....LOL....Okay details later ;)

nita51 on 07/25/2010:
Glad you enjoyed yourself, thanks for yr encouragement. Have a nice Sunday and....Chat with you later. xoxo

V - Friday Jul 23, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

She's back!!!!!! Well thanks to Tropical Storm Bonnie turned my double into half of a single and still ended up walking out with a decent amount of cash $. Maybe it was the wet T-shirts...The rain just kinda snuck up on us, it wasn't expected until much later. Oh well I forgot that I picked up a shift Sunday so hopefully it will come out even. So now with no solid plans I am torn between going out, staying in alone  or being a naughty girl...hummm the possibilities are endless...Well girls I am gonna catch up with everyone. Love to you all!

B-Starbucks house blend black,

L-4 oz extra lean Turkey Meatloaf

S- 2 wedges laughing cow light cheese

D-6 oz exta lean Turkey Meatloaf

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

moogy on 07/23/2010:
Well, extra money is always welcome. It sounds as if the weekend is now has possibilities. Have fun.

biscottibody59 on 07/23/2010:
Have a happy and safe weekend! Cheers!

KathyBlue on 07/24/2010:
go out!!! :D

V - Friday Jul 23, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

Top of the morning to you all!!! Once again I have managed to spend way too much time reading diaries and now I gotta jet. I have a double today and 2morrow so you will be hearing from me later!!!!!! Much love to all and a little extra to tangalyn

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 07/23/2010:
Hope you have a great day!

skinnygrlwithin on 07/23/2010:
Uugghh I hate doubles!!! That's the only good thing about the bar exam...I got to take off from work!! Hopefully you make it through!!!

just42day on 07/23/2010:
Have a great start to your weekend!

KathyBlue on 07/23/2010:
ahh lovely! :)

moogy on 07/23/2010:
I hope time passes quickly for you while you are working and that you get to enjoy yourself even though you will be tired. Catch you after you have had a sleep.

Moody3 on 07/23/2010:
I've done plenny of doubles~yuck!! I hope you find some V time on Sunday~you need and deserve it!!

V - Thursday Jul 22, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

Goodevening all! Once again this morning I didn't have time to post, I was so busy reading eveyone else's posts and time just crept up on me. I thought I was bad with facebook, which by the way if anyone wants to add me as a friend there please feel free to. You can find me under Vannessa Branch, I would be the one with more than 4000 friend (out of control right). And of course everything we discuss on DD is not mentioned on FB.

Well it was a sweltering  95 degrees here and that sun just zapped me.I drank a gallon or so of water and that still wasn't enough. When I got home I had to take a mini nap and now it is time to answer all and then some cardio! I hope that everyone has a pleasant evening. Much to all of you.

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

moogy on 07/22/2010:
Hi girl, you must be popular. You have my admiration - exercising in the heat, take it easy. What this.....no food entries. I am dissapointed!! I would love reading what you eat.

V on 07/22/2010:
Well I promote parties and a few of my friends bands as well as meeting people all over the world that i meet at my bar....My food is very boring I am limited to 12ozs of protein and 3-4 servings of veggies a day my Dr. prefers me eating raw veggies but I make my eggplant or zucchini fries once a week(Yawn) lol. I guess I should start posting maybe that will help all of our friends who have insomnia sleep :)

Umpqua on 07/22/2010:
I hear you, I got a headache from gardening in the hot sun today. Hope you have a great evening!

Moody3 on 07/22/2010:
Woweee a gallon of water! It's sweltering here in WV as well~I am working on my water but am having trouble getting 64oz. today~WTG!!

Bikiniwax85 on 07/22/2010:
I added you in FB. I hope I add the right person. Using my phone when I am on it :) If you get a friend request from Adrianne Delinting thats me babe! Ah.. I hope you enjoy your cardio. almost collapse and die yesterday when I did mine. Lol... My trainer is alil senile about my work out regime. Lolz

V on 07/22/2010:
Got your request and accepted! You know I had a feeling that was you :)

Bikiniwax85 on 07/22/2010:
Lol... Really? Huh? Glad you like the pictures and thanks for the add! I think i have some Not so skinny clothes on FB picture. :) Comment as much as you like. LOLZ... I know.. I can't resist it. In Malaysia we have soooo many Delicious and of coz fattening food. I agree I need to get it off my system I will walking around for groceries and another date with my crazy trainer. :)

Maria7 on 07/22/2010:
Sounds like you had a busy day, too! :-)

Maria7 on 07/22/2010:
PS...tv just announced a 'heat advisory is in effect for our area' (tomorrow). We're used to it...July and August.... :-)

KathyBlue on 07/23/2010:
17th Aug? I'm 12th!!! :-)))) And my man is 1st Aug, so it's always a party at home... :)

just42day on 07/23/2010:
It's been awhile since I've used the salad spritzers. I did like them when I used them in the past. thanks for the reminder.

V - Wednesday Jul 21, 2010
(Low Carb)
Weight: 182.2

Good morning to all and welcome back Bikiniwax. I had to refrain from responding to everyone because I have to head out for work soon and lately I totally get so wrapped up on this site I find myself losing track of time lol...Must shorten time on Facebook(yea I know) or get up earlier. I will respond to all later this evening but I just wanted to tell you all that this site has really gave me alot more than I ever anticipated and I appreciate all of your kind words of encouragement. I often find myself thinking of loveray because of her heartbreak or just42day, girl last night I was up pretty late and I hoped that if you were up late too that you would resist binging.And with skinnygrl's upcoming exams I find myself nervously excited for you..The list goes on but I will have to finish this later because once again I have mis-managed my time AGAIN so to be continued........TTFN Talk to you all after work.....I'm back!!!!! Work was pretty slow today but I can't complain, I work on the beach and meet  major hotties on a daily basis( shirtless ones are my fave well as long as they are shaved,lol) So as I were saying earlier this site has been more helpful than my doctor. The day I joind the group, I had just left my Dr's office with still alot of unanswered concerns, So  I did a little research and DD came highly reccomended. I gotta tell you my crazy thoughts fears and anxiousness have been validated and it is comforting to know that there are others who feel the same way. Now as moogy said to me yesterday I can't wait to log on to see how everyone is!

Okay enough of the sappy stuff LOL. So last night I went in my "Skinny Closet" and had myself a one woman fashion show. I was a hit! The crowd went wild,lol. So I was able to not only fit in most of them I was also able to zip them without laying flat on my bed while sucking it all in (ever done that?) Unfortunately I really don't know what size any of the clothes are because I cut all tags out of my clothes :(  I would guess sizes 8-14????? So let's just say I am right around 12 ish??? Girls I still have alot of clothes with the price tag on them and some of them are downright hideous...lol. I spent good money on clothes so I try not to buy trendy ones but I wish you all could see some of my fashion faux pas!!!! I have lots of skirts that will always be in style and then there are some that are kinda hoochish(for those across the pond Tartish or Trollopy) So my goal is to give the ones I don't wear to goodwill. I hope everyone had a great day and evening, Again thank you all for being here

Progress as of today: 44.8 lbs lost so far, only 32.2 lbs to go!

tangalyn on 07/21/2010:
this site and facebook take up alot of my time too.. im not sure how i let that happen lol... hope u have a wonderful day :)

just42day on 07/21/2010:
Thanks for thinking of me! I DID get through last night w/out a binge. Thanks so much for your support. I hope your day is grand. :)

skinnygrlwithin on 07/21/2010:
Aaaawww thank you so much!!! Don't worry I spend sooo much time on this site too!!! I really do think about all you ladies as well, making sure everyone is doing well throughout their day! Have an amazing day at work!!!

sweetpea1977 on 07/21/2010:
These social networks are addicting huh? Somehow, I've miraculously cut back on FB and seem to spend more time on here, lol.

Anyway, I hope you have a happy and healthy day!

don'tstoptrying on 07/21/2010:
So far I've resisted FB my husband keeps me updated on family and friends. This is the only site I use now for a social site because so many of them are so complicated and way too many people are on them. Thanks, V for the suggestions on the veggie fries I love sweet potatoe fries, I've never fixed an eggplant so that should be interesting I quess you peel it first? Hope you've had a great day.

loveray on 07/21/2010:
you are too cute and so sweet. i hope that you had a wonderful day!! i think about you all as well, as if you were my family. i wish so much that we could all meet in person, but maybe it is better this way:) love to you.

moogy on 07/21/2010:
Woo Hoo, back into smaller clothes, what a great accomplishment, congrats. I can just picture you in your own fashion show, I am smiling as I am typing. You are soo funny!

Maria7 on 07/21/2010:
That's so cool what you wrote about your skinny closet, hehehe! Doesn't it make you feel good to be able to wear your smaller clothes! :-)

Moody3 on 07/21/2010:
Wooohooo for skinny closet clothes!!! I think we all know about "laying down and sucking it in"~hahahaha~I should go thru MY skinny closet stuff~I know I have a few pair of jeans I have held onto~would be a good idea to see how they are fitting~and it would give me a visual/tangible goal to work towards~

Wishing you a beautiful day!!!

tangalyn on 07/21/2010:
i have tons n tons of clothes too, i keep meaning to go through them all and seperate them into sizes or something, to use as goal clothes to motivate me, but i havent done so yet.. guess im lazy in that way too.. ty for ur comment today.. have a great night =)

Bikiniwax85 on 07/21/2010:
Lol.. Love your post its so "Posh" :) Triple WOW's... You work at a beach!? Holy Molly! That is awesome! Love the beach! Went for a holiday in some Island it's called Tioman, Pahang in Malaysia Its very beautiful. I'll share some pics when I have the time to post it up!

It actually trigger me then that I need to be more healthier and So size 10 to put on those nice bikini!

We shall go through this togehter yes?! XOXO


Bikiniwax85 on 07/21/2010:
Oh yea! Not a prob I'll webcam you when I am doing so! Lolz... Sure, hold on to ur seat babe! Will post it up Especially for you! I think i'll be okay. I just get alil emotional when she said that. Hahaha.. :) XOXO

Horn_Of_Plenty on 07/21/2010:
lol, actually, the computer made a mistake. i gained 5, lost none!

selina on 07/22/2010:
Great entry, V! Have a great day!

nita51 on 07/22/2010:
Hi V, miss you too. I rejoiced with you when you were able to easily zip up your skinny cloths. thats got to feel pretty darn good!!! :) :) :) Keep up the good job and hang on in there. Hugs!

loveray on 07/22/2010:
very true- not sure if im one of the east to find ones or not. i guess i just need to keep going through the grieving process and not try to stop it up with crushes and other things. i will definitely keep him around as a friend in the meantime...you never know!! xo

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