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V - Tuesday Feb 19, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning  After a good night's sleep up and at it for Power legs class..Thrilled that the weather has warmed up nicely after several days of yuckiness..Also thrilled that I won't have to spend the majority of my shift organizing, LOL Off to get prepped for work, catch ya later..Have a stellar day all

Back from a busy day, although the wind was still pretty high, it didn't deter tourist and locals alike suffering "cabin fever" Thank goodness for a really good day because I was pretty much out of all my GNC supplements and couldn't justify the spending with missing 3 shifts last week.. Good Evening!!


B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, natural pb and strawberries

L- Chicken Breast atop spring mix, tomato, parm/cheddarjack, croutons red wine vin and fresh lemon

S- Bora Bora bar

D- Pan Seared Salmon atop spring mix, cucumber, roma tomato, red onion, rf blue cheese crumbles, red wine vin and fresh lemon..2 glasses of red

Gallon of water..Lf cottage cheese with blueberries(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Maria7 on 02/19/2013:
Good morning, V. Hope you are having a good day. Are you expecting rain your way, also? :-)

getmebackto150 on 02/19/2013:
Have a great day:)

IndependentEm93 on 02/19/2013:
Have a great day!

OhioRaven on 02/19/2013:
Great attitude !

supercheese on 02/19/2013:
Hi mama V!!

lolla on 02/19/2013:
Hey v, glad you are having a great day. I get my photos at National Geographic site or at this amazing site called "thisiscolossal.com", they have the most amzing art and photos. Check it out!

biscottibody59 on 02/19/2013:
Good sleep and weather cooperating--who could ask for anything more--hahaha!

Hope it was an extremely lucrative day for ya'!

Puddles on 02/19/2013:
Hope you had a good day V

horn_of_plenty on 02/19/2013:
power legs...who knows i may need to get some dvds for lower body leg workouts when i move out!

also, i am planning for shakes galore! it's been a long time & i have a ton of tasty shake mixes to be used...it'll be heaven! shake mix is going to be put into everything, i imagine...even maybe eggwhites, protein powder, and some other ingredients to make out of this world protein pancakes!? ;-)

nunnermack on 02/19/2013:
Hey V!! You had asked me about the guys awhile back and I didn't get chance to respond....not ONE of them panned out. Well...actually still working on one and we'll see what happens. I have a feeling he may be involved in a long distance romance and I don't want to get caught up in that.

Maria7 on 02/20/2013:
Good morning, V. It is a sunny morning here. The rain was nice, but glad to see the sunshine back again. :-D Hope you have a good Wednesday.

V - Monday Feb 18, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Well Saturday shift was quite hectic, It was still a bit cool but comfy enough to sit outside, that was before the batch of rain and high winds swept through the beach, def not forecasted.The inside restaurant/bar was already quite full so we had to scramble to find seats for our customers to eat..What a nightmare!! We stayed to help out the inside crew, they were in the weeds so bad, one chick had a massive meltdown.. I had to take over her tables for a bit until she stopped crying.. I couldn't wait to get out of there..LOL

This morning I slept in a bit before Upper Elite class and started on cooking my meals for the week..I agreed to go over my friend's house to watch her kids for a 2 hours til her hubby comes home from work..I have so much to do today but I couldn't say no to the kids, especially since they said that they wouldn't need a babysitter if Auntie Nessa comes over to play with them..LOL AND I can do laundry over there so that is a bonus!! 

Hope you all have a happy healthy start to your week

My play date went without a hitch, only had to play tag for a half an hour so that was good since my legs were pretty cashed from my workouts.. LOL.. I cooked up a pot of MLE's famous red bean recipe..When I walked into the house the aroma hit me..Smells all shades of amazing.. I added a Cardio Abs this evening and now off to catch up with you all and get some fuel.. Good Evening!!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein,1/2 banana, blueberries, natural pb and strawberries

L- 2 eggs with parmesean, smoked turkey kielbasa

S- Pretzels

D- Red Beans with whole grain brown rice and hot sauce

Gallon of water.. Casein shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/18/2013:
Yikes, what a hectic shift! Very busy day. Hope you can get enough rest. Have an amazing week!

Puddles on 02/18/2013:
Big fire in Tampa at a warehouse today. You have been busy - you did get a few day off because of weather I guess this is payback. LOL Thank you for your comments greatly appreciated and encouraging. Have a great day V

OhioRaven on 02/18/2013:
Hope the weather turns better for you. Thanks for your support. Have fun with the kids.

thenewMLE on 02/18/2013:
Unexpected hectic is the worst! Glad you could help out on the inside. I hate to see someone have a meltdown and feel that out of control - wait - that was me yesterday!!! RYC, I can smell your beans from here!! Yum for the sauteeing sausage and onions... I'm sure your smaller beans will be fine and soaking will make them better. You may need a longer cook time on the smaller beans to get them to cream nicely. My black beans seems a little small today and they will definitely require a little more cooking. have fun with the kids - how old are they?

Tangalyn~ on 02/18/2013:
ahhhh the darn laundry :( im doing mine today too, trying to get it done before bf gets off work so we can just chill til dinner time... hope today is a good one for ya even with bein so busy :)

IndependentEm93 on 02/18/2013:
Have a great day!

thenewmle on 02/18/2013:
How did your beans come out? V???? Are those kids holding you hostage??? I hope you had a fun afternoon!

thenewmle on 02/18/2013:
Ok, we posted at the exact same time!!!! Haha! Have a great evening! Don't you wish that aroma came in a candle?

V - Saturday Feb 16, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Championship class didn't seem as brutal this morning, I guess it was the bonus rest days..Nice workout and pumped up and ready for work..The temps are a little cooler but i doubt it will deter many from getting outdoors especially after all that rain we had over the 2 and 1/2 days..Well I better get prepped for my day, chat with you all later, have an awesome weekend

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries, natural pb and strawberries

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 02/16/2013:
Have a great weekend!

OhioRaven on 02/16/2013:
Have a good weekend, V.

grannyannie on 02/16/2013:
You are a machine, V!! Have a fantastic day! :)

grannyannie on 02/16/2013:
Oh, and thanks. Will have fun tonight!

getmebackto150 on 02/16/2013:
Hope you have a great day and get surprised by a NICE crowd outside:)

biscottibody59 on 02/16/2013:
Happy Weekend!

Puddles on 02/16/2013:
Have a great weekend.

Maria7 on 02/17/2013:
Good morning. Hope you are having a good day.

V - Friday Feb 15, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning So yesterday I actually went in in attempt to possibly open the bar and had to scrub that mission since the rain kept coming..Came home with tons of energy, could of caught up with a little cleaning, instead I caught up with my piles of crossword puzzles from the newspaper.. LOL  Then boredom set in and zzzzzzzzzz's Hahaha..Nice nap..Went up to the my fave Bistro up the street later in the afternoon/evening brought some V-Day treats to the staff, had some Oyster's Rockefellers 2 glasses of wine..Before being lured into staying there the entire shift with my friend, I got out of there so I could watch "Project Runway" (I know lame right? LOL)  Oh!! I  received a beautiful bouquet of flowers from  "Chicago Guy" good thing that I was home for the delivery..

Had the opportunity to sleep in a little later today since Stretch class was only 30 minutes..Not sure what today will bring again since it is STILL raining... I am still going to get prepped for work just in case they need me to work inside..Catch up with you all later, maybe sooner! Happy Friday all

No work for me again today..I did use the time to do a little pondering, and watched a few mindless "reality" shows..LOL I have to say that I am pretty proud of myself for declining offers to go out and about..For one I just don't think that it would have been a wise decision to go out and blow money when I have been off for the past 2 scheduled shifts..And the other reason is I have decided to take my "Rainy Day" fund to the next level while season is here..My goal is to not even touch this separate savings until I REALLY need it say in August when it is brutally hot/stormy and no one wants to sit outside..Ideally I would love to just take the entire month off or split it up..It is so do able but I  must be dillegent .. And then there is Championship class tomorrow morning, I want to perform at my best!! As hard as it was to say NO to my coworker Mia(called back 3 times just to ask if i was sure I didn't want to go out, LOL) I stayed put..

Good Evening!!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- 4 hot drumettes.. Popcorn

S- Skinny Margarita

D- Blue Cheese Turkey Burger atop Spring Mix, cucumber, roma tomato,red onion, boiled egg, pork sirloin strips, red wine vin and fresh lemon

Gallon of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

IndependentEm93 on 02/15/2013:
Have a great day!

thenewMLE on 02/15/2013:
Sounds like you had a fun Valentine's Day! Sorry the rain messed you up, but at least you got some good oysters!! Enjoy your weekend!

OhioRaven on 02/15/2013:
I like crossword puzzles. Sounds like you had a Power Nap. Be Good.

Umpqua on 02/15/2013:
I'm glad the extra days off are welcome, too bad they couldn't have happened last week (although that probably would have meant rain for us too ;P) Sounds like it was a great day yesterday and yay for the surprise flower delivery!

lolla on 02/15/2013:
I love project Runway!How wonderful to get flowers!

grannyannie on 02/16/2013:
Glad you had a nice day and a nap! Have a great weekend.

RYC the editor says there are several of my photos she wants to uae for covers!!

V - Thursday Feb 14, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Speed and Agility class was brutal. LOL It was a class from volume 1 which I haven't done in months, forgot how Shaun T. is more "just do it" without many cues so I had to rewind a few times to get the moves down..My agility ladder skills have improved but I am a bit rusty with a few of the exercises, like the "Bear Crawl Progression" .. Gonna work on getting more reps!

It is pretty dark out right now, quite a few thunderstorms that appear to be winding down...Not sure what to expect today workwise since today is official start to "Season" here.. Either way I am going to get prepped for work so I will catch up with you all later..


B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana. blueberries, natural pb and strawberries

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 02/14/2013:
Your foods from yesterday look fantastic! I absolutely love lobster bisque, I'm sure it will be a popular menu addition. I did 2 Chalene classes yesterday and they were quick and got the job done ;) It's been a while since I've done her toning classes and I forgot how effective they are. Happy Valentine's Day, my friend <3 <3

IndependentEm93 on 02/14/2013:
Have a great day!!

thenewMLE on 02/14/2013:
Happy Valentine's Day!! Remember last year when I joined I thought you wanted to DATE Shaun T!! Just goes to show you that I had no clue in the exercise world!! Just wait and see what's behind that rainy, dreary weather - we dropped to 45 degrees!! I left all my tropical plants out last night because since they said that little hedgehog thing didn't see it's shadow, I thought winter was over!! I've never had lobster bisque, but we quite often have crawfish bisque. Do they stuff it in the heads like the crawfish? We are having grilled lobster tonight and I do it similar to the way you were telling me. I cut the membrane of the under tail with a scissors and then remove about a 3/4 inch strip of that tight membrane covering of the tail meat. We brush it with garlic, butter and lemon and a little red pepper. We put them on the grill meat side down first and then flip it so the shell is down and put more marinade on it and let it basically grill in it's own juices because the shell will now retain the marinade. I'm going to have to look into lobster bisque and when I can catch it on sale I might try it! I just ate shrimp and grits for breakfast because it was that good last night and that way I can have a fruit lunch to get ready for valentine's dinner tonight! Hope you have a great one - don't let the weather get you down!

getmebackto150 on 02/14/2013:
I saw the Florida weather when I was at the gym and it looked like the whole state was in storms! Try to stay dry and have a great day:)

grannyannie on 02/14/2013:
You rock!! So energizing! Have an amazing valentine's day.

legcramps on 02/14/2013:
LOL thenewMLE, about thinking you wanted to date Shaun T. I would totally date Shaun T ;)

Have a great day today V!

OhioRaven on 02/14/2013:
Happy Valentine's Day !

Umpqua on 02/14/2013:
Ack on your weather, I hope you are enjoying your bonus day off though!

Puddles on 02/14/2013:
I hope you have a great Valentine's Day V. Your getting storms and so am I but I wish I could trade the snow for rain storm. LOL LOL Will catch up with you upon my return.

liza36 on 02/14/2013:
Happy V day!

V - Wednesday Feb 13, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum 1 & 2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Another good night of sleep, up and at it with Strength class..It's been a few months since doing this workout and it was a sweaty one..LOL..So far I really like the hybrid program..The weekly class schedule mixes up both Asylum 1 and 2 and it is never the same in the 8 week program..

Well I better keep it moving and prep for work. Hope you all have a happy, healthy day, catch ya later

Back from a crazy day weather wise..Very windy and really foggy the entire shift..It made for a really slow day..Had the opportunity to leave early so I took it..Had a nice power nap and added an  Ab Shredder class..

Good Evening!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, natural pb and strawberries

L- Salmon atop Spring Mix. cherry tomato, parmesean, red wine vin and fresh lemon.. Lobster Bisque

S- Smoked fish spread with crackers

D- Blue Cheese Turkey burger with spicy mustard on ww bun..Sauteed Portabellas

Gallon of water.. LF Cottage Cheese with blueberries(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Puddles on 02/13/2013:
Have a good day will catch up later with you.

thenewMLE on 02/13/2013:
Yeah for good sleep!! I had a great night too! Reading your entries always reminds me that once you build your strength you have to maintain it or it's gone! You truly are an inspiration! Have a great day!

Umpqua on 02/13/2013:
Glad you are enjoying the hybrid schedule, I know how important it is to keep things challenging. I hope you have another busy day at work (without the soggy sandwich though)!

grannyannie on 02/13/2013:
Glad you slept well. Have an amazing day, V!

getmebackto150 on 02/13/2013:
Have a great day:)

Puddles on 02/13/2013:
My plan is a low carb diet and low fat so that might just be the reason for my craving of protein. We have been together about 6 yrs now. I figure if I don't live with him he will stay 6ft above ground. LOL I have been a widow twice sure would not want to become know as a black widow spider. LOL. Have a great evening.

Tangalyn~ on 02/13/2013:
i really liked the patty :) will be getting those regularly.. hope ur havin a great day!

horn_of_plenty on 02/13/2013:
then i should say hi to you too! :-)

IndependentEm93 on 02/13/2013:
Have a great day

V - Tuesday Feb 12, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Went to bed at a decent hour and a really good night of sleep..X-Trainer class today was a beast, just the boost I needed to kick off the work week..

Anyone check out Biggest Loser last night? It is getting cut throat now that everyone is on their own, I have to say that that was and awesome jesture from Danni, what a class act she is!!

Headed out early since the traffic report stated there was an accident on the road I take to work..Wanna give myself a little extra time just in case..Time to prep for the day, I will catch up with you all later.. Have a wonderful day all

Hey back from a hectic day..The bar was in shambles and although I got there with plenty of time to set up, there was so much to do.. Wonderslugs I tell ya..I barely had time to eat my lunch today since we had customers before we actually opened(someone forgot to lock the door) ..After my sandwich sat getting soggy, I chucked most of the bun and just noshed on the protein..  Anyhoo just happy the day went by quick.. Added a Stretch class to unwind from the day..

Good Evening!!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries, natural pb and strawberries

S- Sample of Lobster Bisque(new menu item)

L- Chicken Breast with ff pepprejack, lettuce, tomato on a ww bun..tortilla chips

S- Cranberry and nut bar

D- Terriyaki Pork Sirloin stir fry with broccoli, mushrooms, waterchestnuts, red pepper and onion..Sweet Potato "pancake"

Gallon of water..Casein shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 02/12/2013:
Good morning, V! Hope you have an amazing day.

Puddles on 02/12/2013:
Hope you have a great day. Always enjoy your write-ups.

skinnygrlwithin on 02/12/2013:
I have never actually watched Biggest Loser, but I hear that it's really good. Do you find it inspirational??

I hope you made it into work ok. Have a good day!!

getmebackto150 on 02/12/2013:
I am LOVING the biggest loser this season... The last few seasons really turned me off (hello Conda!!!!!) but this season is inspiring!! LOVE Danni! I agree total class act-and actually really smart strategic move as well:) Have a great day V!

Supercheese on 02/12/2013:
have a wonderfulllll day! Ive never watched BL, but i may start as an extra motivation?

OhioRaven on 02/12/2013:
Have a good day :v)

biscottibody59 on 02/12/2013:
Hope your week is a good one!

legcramps on 02/12/2013:
Morning V; have a great day at work today :)

IndependentEm93 on 02/12/2013:

Kati on 02/12/2013:
A trip??? WONDERFUL IDEA!!! :) I have to convince Rui to go out on Valentine's Day. To where, I dunno...

Umpqua on 02/12/2013:
Excellent and beastly start to your week :) Have a good one!

Puddles on 02/12/2013:
Thank you for the encouraging words. Have a good evening.

Tangalyn~ on 02/12/2013:
i love danni :) hope u had a great day!

V - Monday Feb 11, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning/Afternoon I suppose, LOL I was dragging this morning, couldn't be from the 7 hour Power Brunch I went to yesterday..Hahahaha.. My friend texted me saying that she needed to get out of the house because she couldn't stand the sight of her boyfriend any longer so I met up at her bar/bistro for a nice relaxing afternoon that rolled into the evening..Food was on point, I had eggwhite and borsin omelete, grits and a side of andouille sausage and later on we all shared a fruit and cheese platter.. The drinks were spaced out pretty well, I made sure to chug lots of water..All in all 6 drinks and managed to avoid shots since they always spell trouble for me..LOL

Slept in pretty late and got in my Fit Test.. Off to the dreaded laundry, thankfully that is the only run I have to make.. I sorta knew brunch would turn into an all day event so I got some of my needful things done yesterday..  Better get going, catch up with you all later.. Have a wonderful start to your week!

Back from a busy day of making my meals for the week as well as relaxing my hair..It is a tedious process but I only have to do it every 2 months so at least that is out the way.. Took a nice aternoon nap and it gave me tons of energy for my Ab Shredder class.. I didn't have a substantial lunch so I am pretty hungry..Keeping it short and sweet to I can get some fuel.. Good Evening!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- LF Cottage Cheese.. Cranberry and Nut bar

D-Pan Seared Salmon, low sodium soy and wasabi...Spring Mix, cucumber, red onion, roma tomato, ff feta, red wine vin and fresh lemon..

Gallon of Water..LF Cottage cheese with blueberries(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

getmebackto150 on 02/11/2013:
Sounds like a fun day!!! I think you did pretty well keeping your indulgences in check:) Have a good one!!

supercheese on 02/11/2013:
Ha totally understand that whole "I need to get away for a bit...." Glad you had fun!!!

OhioRaven on 02/11/2013:
7hours, yeah, That's Power !

INDEPENDENTEM93 on 02/11/2013:
Have a great day!

grannyannie on 02/11/2013:
Glad you had a good day! Have an amazing week, V!

RYC: One more week to France, so I'll be very good till then. Knee was fine during workouts, still sore to touch though and so itchy!

Bikiniwax85 on 02/11/2013:
You are so consistent! What motivate you?? Have a good day love! :)

Bikiniwax85 on 02/11/2013:
You are so consistent! What motivate you?? Have a good day love! :)

grannyannie on 02/12/2013:
RYC yes itchy is good and means I'm mending but I can't stand not being able to scratch it! LOL. We are flying to Lyon and going to a village near Montelimar (Rhones-Alpes region). I've never been to that area before. Looks like some charming villages with canals, the Alps...

V - Saturday Feb 09, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Saturday!! Yayyyy It's my Friday, LOL  Completed Ab shredder class and off to get this last shift of the week done..No big plans, just looking forward to some well needed down time!  I have been glued to the tv watching the storm coverage, I hope all of you in it's path are safe and sound....Catch up with you all later, have a great weekend all

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana, blueberries and natural pb

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/09/2013:
Have a good one, V

NebraskaGirl on 02/09/2013:
Have a great weekend, V!!

Puddles on 02/09/2013:
Have a great weekend V. Nice and sunny here but I am sure it is much warm where you are. LOL

grannyannie on 02/09/2013:
Have a fantastic weekend, V!

hollybelle on 02/09/2013:
Cindy went home.....check this site out:


hollybelle on 02/09/2013:
You said you were on Pins and Needles - hahahaha designer humor!

grannyannie on 02/10/2013:
Thanks, V!

horn_of_plenty on 02/10/2013:
hi V! thanks for writing on my entries :-) you are a sweetie pie!

as for the storm, i am lucky i live in NASSAU county. the county right next to mine, suffolk, received 2 FEET more snow! yeah, they got a total of 3ft. but we only got 1ft! yay. so all is good here. and with the sun out, the roads are decent now.

nice shakes...when i move out - in March yay!!! - you will see more shakes on my diaries. i have so much to use. hopefully they aren't spoiled!?!? i presume the powders last a long time. if not, i will try to return and buy again!? lol.

shakes are so filling and do not have a lot of calories. a girl at the gym who is very into fitness showed me something cool - she adds chia seeds to her shakes. try it! it's a great way to add fiber with little calories. you can add quite a bit of fiber for just alittle bit of calories. i think one tablespoon of chia seeds is 25 cal - sounds like a lot, but it's good fiber/fat

Maria7 on 02/10/2013:
Hope you are having a good Sunday. :-)

thenewMLE on 02/11/2013:
I hope you are just still enjoying your well needed time off! It's unusual not to see an early morning entry from you!! Hope you had a great one!

V - Friday Feb 08, 2013
(Building a stronger body/Asylum2)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Man I must have been beat because last night I woke up in my recliner around midnight..No problems falling back to sleep once I made it to bed so I had a good night of sleep..I am just bummed that I missed the outcome of "Project Runway" I must have dozed off after the runway show and obviously before they eliminated a designer..Any PR fans out there? If so please give me the 411...LOL

Completed a HIIT20 class and headed to work here in a few..Hope all of you guys that are affected by the blizzard are safe and sound..Catch up with you all later..Happy Friday

Back from work..It was a long day or so it seemed, LOL I got in a stretch class just to wind down a bit..Although the official start to "season" for us is Valentine's Day. the beach is alot busier than this time last year..This is a good thing! 

Good Evening all!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana natural pb and strawberries

L- Chicken Breast with ff pepperjack, lettuce, tomato on ww bun..Tortilla chips

D- Pan Seared Ahi Tuna with low sodium soy and wasabi.. Broccoli stir fry..2 glasses of Red

Gallon Of water, Lf Cottage Cheese(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

OhioRaven on 02/08/2013:
Thanks, V.

thenewMLE on 02/08/2013:
I've never seen Project Runway, but I fell asleep on the sofa and got some really good zzz's! Hope you have a great weekend. Our weather cleared and is warmer, but the outlook is REAL bad for Sunday through Mardi Gras...

legcramps on 02/08/2013:
I had some issues getting all my sleep in last night; but it was mostly because I was up late trying to watch the Vampire Diaries ;)

Hope you have a great day today!

grannyannie on 02/08/2013:
Hiya V! Have an amazing day!

Our friends invited us to go to France with them to see our other friend who lives there (the same group we went to Morocco with for my big birthday last year). I said no since we were going on the big trip to Uganda, but everybody else was keen to do it, so I caved. Looking forward to it now. I'll be there for my 61st birthday. And I do love France!

hollybelle on 02/08/2013:
I love Proj Runway! I missed the outcome, too, but I'll bet it was someone from the team that jacket outfit. Tim Gunn just tore them up in his mid-project critique!

niftyjack on 02/09/2013:
Project Runway started up again? I'm a fan, but the last 2 seasons especially have been kind of awful. I do like it, though, so I guess I'll be watching it tonight...

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