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V - Sunday Sep 09, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Evening Ladies It has been rainy all day here and I was quite alright with it since all I had to do today was get groceries.. Although I did have plans to go up to the new deli up the street to watch the Bears vs Colts(they have the NFL Package) since I can't see my team play on the local stations here..I was invited up by the owner that I met yesterday  and he seems to be into me but I didn't want to seem too eager cause he is sorta a "Pretty Boy"  okay he is a major pretty boy with highlights in his hair to boot!! Hahaha.  Bears won BTW!! Yayyyyyyy!  Yep Football season is here and to the members who were not around for seasons past, sorry for my weekly rantings..LOL  I am def going up there next week, I can't miss out on watching my team play again..

I spent most of the afternoon watching other teams play and napping ended the afternoon with my scheduled  Relief class.Off to see how your day went and get some fuel


L- Eggwhite Omelet with Smoked Turkey Sausage and Jalapeno Jack... 1 "Virgin Mary"

D- Red Beans and Rice.. Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, julianned carrots, red wine vin and splash of evoo, oregano..2 1/2 glasses of Menage a Trois(red)

Gallon of water...LF Cottage Cheese(pre bedtime)


Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

selina on 09/09/2012:
Go Bears!

Tangalyn~ on 09/09/2012:
im not real sure why lovely isnt posting :( as far as i know she is doing alrite.. hopefully we will hear from her soon :) hope u have a great day!

inmorning on 09/10/2012:
Ahh, I miss the tropical climates. I do love my snooze too. I learned the little trick in jr. high of setting the alarm early and then hitting the snooze. The only problem being, is that I am somewhat of a perfectionist in my old age and keep trying to get up earlier and earlier. Hehe.

hollybelle on 09/10/2012:
Gotta watch out for those pretty boys. I am suspicious of any man who keeps up with more "hair maintenance" than I do. LOL! I'm sure you are a good judge of people - absolutely - you got it all going on. Just keep us posted.

thinkpositive on 09/10/2012:
I know it's great to follow a team. I'm not a football fan but enjoy women's college basketball and watch a few other sports for enjoyment.BTW do you hear anything from Moogy? Would try to get together with her when I travel through Australia if she were available.

V - Saturday Sep 08, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies  Kicked off my morning with Back to Core class, super excited that I only have 3 classes to go before I am an Asylum Grad!  It is a nice sunny day here and hopefully my last shift of the week will be rainfree and busy.. Off to get prepped so I will catch ya later..Have a great weekend all

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze Shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/08/2012:
Yahoo nearly Asylum Grad! You go girl! Sounds like you've got a lovely day there. Have an amazing weekend, V! :)

Maria7 on 09/08/2012:
It's been a pretty day here, too. Sunny and mild. Wow, you are almost through with your workout class. :-D

IndependentEm93 on 09/08/2012:
At least it is sunny there it's cloudy all day today...=(.

inmorning on 09/09/2012:
We didn't have anything wonderful for Shabbat this week :-( as far as food goes. I was down with allergies. I just like to get my house all cleaned and tidy and get rid of the weeks' business as much as I can so I can enjoy the day of rest and start the new week out new. You are right about Hawaii. I miss it alot. It is beautiful but we needed to be back here for now.

Maria7 on 09/09/2012:
We got some good rain last nite. It was a cool morning this morning. :-)

biscottibody59 on 09/09/2012:
Hope your day is going well!

V - Friday Sep 07, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies  I had a good night's rest and put in work in the Asylum, my last Vertical Plyo class of the program complete.. Now that I have a decent pump going, checking out the weather here and it looks really dark on the beach although nice and sunny here inland..We had lots of storms overnight so I am hoping it stays dry for my shift.. Off to prep for my day either way so I will chat with you all later..Happy Friday all

Well today was a repeat of showers, for a half hour or so, this time it was right at opening.. That was really lame but we battoned down the hatches til the storm rolled over and I actually had the opportunity to sit and eat my lunch inside without interruption.. Once the rain stopped we had to dry everything off and back in biz..It turned out being a good day, could have been better without the rain delay..LOL

I added a Cardio Ab class along with the 7 minute arm workout..Off to see how you all are while dinner heats up.. Hope it was a good one for you!

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

L- Jerk Chicken Breast Sandwich with Jalapeno Jack, lettuce, tomato, pickle and spicy mustard..Tortilla chips

S- Sauv Blanc( wine sample at work)

S- Kickin Crab Soup

D- Jerk Chicken Breast... Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower..2 Glasses of Red Blend

Gallon of water...Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Tangalyn~ on 09/07/2012:
glad u got some good rest, hopefully ull have nice weather to help ur day be a great one :)

legcramps on 09/07/2012:
Very strange weather going on; hopefully you don't get a hurricane over the weekend and it only amounts to some rain.

RYC - Definitely i'll message you if I need some help this weekend! I can almost guarantee that you'll get a message or five hundred LOL!

hollybelle on 09/07/2012:
Here's hoping for dry weather. I hope our humidity dies down!

Maria7 on 09/07/2012:
Hope you have a good day. Looks like we might get some rain today maybe... :-)

inmorning on 09/07/2012:
Fall/winter in Hawaii is very nice. I am not in Hawaii anymore and there is a part of me that can't quite change that on my bio yet. :-(

grannyannie on 09/07/2012:
Hope you're having a great day, and a sunny one!

biscottibody59 on 09/07/2012:
Have yourself a good weekend! Cheers!

IndependentEm93 on 09/07/2012:
Rained here in Michigan too!

V - Thursday Sep 06, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies My last Game Day and Overtime of the program is complete!!  Energy level was stellar despite the fact I was jolted from sleep with some severe cramping..Reluctantly taking a few pills to ease it,I was so worried that I would sleep through my workout time but up and at it with no problem and the cramps are gone! Thank goodness!

Must keep it moving so I can prep for work so I will have to catch up with you all later..Have a wonderful day all

Hey ladies..Back from an odd day.. It was beautiful out a little hot but whatevs, anyhoo as soon as I got everything set up it started pouring without a cloud in the sky...It was a quick shower and by the time we opened it was Aokay but sticky..  It threatened to rain early afternoon but never came to fruition thankfully.. I had a nice crowd by late afternoon so I stuck around a little later til they all departed..Crazy news is the remnants of Isaac is making his comeback to the gulf??? How insane is that?  They are now expecting it to come our way late Saturday/early Sunday.. Although they don't think it will organize well enough to become a hurricane, we are still expecting wet weather...

I arrive home feeling a little sore from my AM workout so I added a Relief class and I am off to catch up with you all, get some fuel and chillax..Hope you all had a good one!

During/post workout   L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

L- Grilled Terriyaki Chicken Breast atop spring mix, tomato, ww tortilla chips with Pineapple mango vinegarette.. Garlic Toast

D- Red Beans with whole grain brown rice... Glass of Sauv Blanc..Glass Of Menage a Trois(red)

1 1/2 gallons of water...Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

liza36 on 09/06/2012:
Yep, same cycle. TOM arrived, finally! Can I borrow some of your energy? Have a good one.

Maria7 on 09/06/2012:
Glad you are feeling better and hope you have a good day. :-)

legcramps on 09/06/2012:
Awesome! Way to get it done!

Have a great day at work today; stay cool!

hollybelle on 09/06/2012:
Glad you didn't miss your workout and your feel ok today!

grannyannie on 09/06/2012:
Glad the cramps are gone. Been a very long time for me but I still remember then well! Hope you're having an amazing day, V!

selina on 09/07/2012:
You are so energized! Weird weather to say the least... Glad you had a god day!

V - Wednesday Sep 05, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning ladies   This morning's class in the Asylum was" Strength" My favorite class of the program..I am already planning to upgrade my second round of Insanity swapping the Cardio Power and Resistance for this one! It def helped out with the cramping from TOM ..Super YUCK it made it's untimely appearance overnight..

Nice sunny day here and the temps are slightly cooler 76 degrees right now and high of  90 expected ..I hope for a good first day back and since it is a solo mission, heading out a little early since I am sure there is lots to rearrange so I will chat with you lovelies later..Have a happy healthy day all

Hey back from a hot slow day..It is expected this time of year so no crying about it. LOL

I added a Cardio Abs class as well as the Tracy Anderson 7 minute Arm workout..I think i can speak for Grannieannie and say that we are hooked on it..Hahahahaha  She posted it on her entry today and a great super quick way to tone up the arms..

Well I better catch up with you all, get some fuel and hit the sack before 11pm..I have the "Superbowl" in the Asylum tomorrow to tackle(Game Day and Overtime)  I bid you a good evening!

During/post workout  L-Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

L- Jerked Chicken Breast with jalapeno jack, lettuce, tomato and spicy mustard on a bun... WW tortilla chips

D- Pan Seared Tilapia in chili ginger rub with wasabi and low sodium soy...Cucumber, cherry tomatoes, julianned carrots, kalamata olives and oregano with red wine vin, splash of Evoo..  2 glasses of  Menage a trois (red)

1 1/2 gallons of water...Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 09/05/2012:
Have a great day! I hope the cool lasts for a while. I guess everyone is back to school and the beach scene is slowing down a little? Were y'all busy for Labor Day and did the rep. convention ever take place? I've been under a rock for 10 days and feel so out of the loop in national news...

Maria7 on 09/05/2012:
Your weather sounds very similar to ours. Hope you have a good day. :-)

liza36 on 09/05/2012:
Nice to start the day with your favorite. Have a great day at work.

inmorning on 09/05/2012:
I use the anywhey powder in my smoothies. It is supposed to be tasteless, but it isn't bad at all. I bought the vaniilla to try out. Hope your day goes smoothe.

grannyannie on 09/05/2012:
Have a great day, Wonder Woman! We have our heat on here. :(

legcramps on 09/05/2012:
Nice start to the day! I had to turn on the furnace last night :( I woke up around 3am freezing my butt off. So sad to see summer temps leaving, but you're probably looking forward to the cooler weather?

hollybelle on 09/05/2012:
That Nichole Wallace! She has it it out for our Bobby!

hollybelle on 09/05/2012:
Clever play on words "you have the superbowl to tackle"! Cute! See, you are born marketer/motivator/coach!

thenewmle on 09/05/2012:
Dinner sounds awesome! The pis are salmon cakes, creamy black beans and my stone ground wheat bread. Glad you like! I am getting ready to read all your entries I missed and get caught up. I usually do that at work while tasks are loading but I haven't come up for air these last two days! Hope you score a touchdown in the Asylum tomorrow!! I want to try that arm workout but I'm afraid of the burn that y'all are so fond of...

selina on 09/06/2012:
amazing exercise routine, V! have you been watching the speeches? the first lady was just awesome!!!! so was clinton!

selina on 09/06/2012:
amazing exercise routine, V! have you been watching the speeches? the first lady was just awesome!!!! so was clinton!

grannyannie on 09/06/2012:
Easy to see why you have abundant energy for workouts with your healthy diet!

V - Tuesday Sep 04, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning ladies  I just completed "Speed and Agility"..I went to bed at a decent hour but when my usual wake time rolled around, I hit that snooze button far too many times..LOL  It's okay since I don't have to work today and not much on the agenda either..Oh wait, that stupid laundry...DANGIT! I guess you can't win em all.. Hope you all have a great day, chat with ya later

Hey well my attempt to do laundry was weak to say the least and after I realized I have enough clothes to tide me over, I nixed my trip..LOL   My girl stopped over to borrow something to wear at a dressy function so we had a Rita as we caught up and tried out the options I had..  The rest of the day I chilled and along with a Stretch class, I added a 7 minute arm workout that Sweepea posted on the FB site by Tracy Anderson.. It was short, sweet and very effective! Addding this to my repoire on my upper body workout days!

Well I am off to catch up with you all, get some fuel and attempt to get to bed early.. Good evening!

Post/During workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

L- Grilled Chicken Breast in terriyaki marinade chopped and mixed with cucumber, cherry tomatoes, jalapeno jack, oregano drizzled with red wine vin and evoo

S- Skinny  Margarita

D- Blue Cheese Burger on bun with Horseradish Mustard.. Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower... Absolut Wild Tea and Elderberry with Crystal Lite lemonade

Gallon of water, Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/04/2012:
Isn't Speed and Agility your middle name? :-) Enjoy your day off. Okay, except for the laundry!

RYC still tired so just chilli'. Did enjoy the evening though but between Sat, Sun, and Mon I'm not going near the scale for a while! (although I don't feel any bigger!)

legcramps on 09/04/2012:
Nice! Three days off for me too this past weekend - and back to work today :( Get that laundry done today LOL! I blew off a lot of my to-do list, and now it's staring me in the face on a weekday. Oh well! Have a great day :)

thenewMLE on 09/04/2012:
Hey Girl!! I did 6 loads of laundry last night!! back to work this morning and it's going to be hectic. I'll try and post in between phone calls!

legcramps on 09/04/2012:
RYC - yes, I may do that if I haven't already scared him away LOL!!! I remember closing the door and staring at it, shaking my head at myself. It was pretty bad.

Maria7 on 09/04/2012:
Would you believe I was up doing laundry in the weeee hours of the morning today??? :-) Before daylight.

HereIAmAgain! on 09/04/2012:
V you are always so consistant with your workouts, gives me hope I can become from like you freaks from heaven, just kidding. Glad you had a day to chill too.

selina on 09/04/2012:
Good job with the amazing workouts! Laundry is the only household chore that I actually like doing, haha!

inmorning on 09/05/2012:
Thanks for the sweet comments. Last winter was pretty good (for here) to answer your question. It felt freezing to me because it was my first winter in 7 years. Hopefully, this year I will have acclimated. :-)You sound like you go go go all the time. Good for you.

V - Monday Sep 03, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies  I stayed up slightly past my bedtime and still initially woke up at the usual time but had no problem drifting back to sleep for a few... Today is a scheduled rest day from the Asylum.. I am sure I will add an abs class at some point today.. I finally got my Tuesdays off(after being promised I would be able to drop this shift in May) 4 months later they finally followed through...LOL Anyhoo it is nice to now have the option of blowing off laundry til tomorrow(jury is still out on this one)

Off to get my day started..Hope you all have a happy, healthy Monday

So my it was a day of leisure for me..I blew off laundry, chatted it up on the phone with my Nana, Mom and Sister( separately of course there is no way that could have been possible since we all have the gift of gab, LOL)  I did get my usual food prep for the week done and the rest was all about chilaxing..

I did a Cardio Abs class omitting the first 3ish minutes of jumping since it the 2nd rest day of the program. I can't believe I will be an Asylum Grad next Tuesday  How exciting to get  my Masters in Insanity!! LOL

Have a good evening!


B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein 1/2 banana and strawberries

L- Chicken salad with ff mayo, cherry tomatoes,cucumbers and pepper jack

D- Red Beans with whole grain brown rice.. Steamed Cauliflower.. 2 Glasses of Red

Gallon of water...Casein shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/03/2012:
Enjoy your day, V! :) I just love the names of the programmes you use!

Bikiniwax85 on 09/03/2012:
Horray for the off day! Can't wait to hear the rest of your day!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/03/2012:
I'm glad you had a great day! :) I did too!

mcwoo40 on 09/04/2012:
Just stopping by to say "hello" :-)

inmorning on 09/04/2012:
Thanks for the positive thoughts. They are much appreciated. :-)

V - Sunday Sep 02, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Hello! Happy Sunday all I had a nice chillaxed day.Of course I really didn't get to sleep in as much as I wanted still feeling a little fried from the week.. I took a little nap before getting groceries. After lunch and marinading chicken breasts for the week, I checked out the Law and Order SVU marathon on USA..Actually it was more like the TV was watching me sleep the afternoon away..LOL 

I just completed my Back to Core class. Now that I have a decent pump on, I gotta get some fuel in me..Super hungry now..Hope you all are enjoying your weekend


L- Eggwhite omelet with pepper jack.. 1 Walsa Cracker with sf blackberry preserves.. Organic OJ

D- Blue Cheese Burger on Ezekiel English Muffin with Horseradish Mustard.. Cucumber, Cherry Tomatoes, Julianned Carrots with Oregano, Red Wine Vin and a splash of Evoo..Glass of Red

Gallon of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

selina on 09/02/2012:
Sounds like a perfect Sunday to me! You needed the rest and got it! Have a great evening!

inmorning on 09/03/2012:
Sunday did sound great!

grannyannie on 09/03/2012:
Sounds like a great day! Hope you have an amazing week, V!

V - Saturday Sep 01, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies I just finished my Vertical Plyo class, it was a good sweaty one. My weekend is almost here for me.I am hoping today will bring lots of people out to the beach since it is a really nice sunny day..Well i better keep it moving, chat with you all later..Have a wonderful weekend all

Work was decent today, and I am looking forward to having a few days off since it was a really stressful week...Time for some R N R!!

During/post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

L- Hummus on Ezekiel 4-9 English Muffin with lettuce and Tomato

S- Slice of Liver Cheese with crackers..Trail Mix

D- Red Beans with whole grain brown rice... 2 Glasses of Red Blend

Gallon of water...Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 09/01/2012:
Have an energetic weekend, V!

RYC enjoyed our guests and our meal and wine!

selina on 09/01/2012:
Have a great weekend V! You deserve some R&R!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 09/02/2012:
never heard of liver cheese! have a lovely holiday weekend...and YES! i do have Monday off! I am soooo thankful! then, I go on vaca to toronto next weekend....and I come back Monday...and took Tuesday off too! :-) yeah, nice 3-day work week next week and the week after! :-)

biscottibody59 on 09/02/2012:
Hope it's a great week--with nothing to disturb your livelihood!

RYC: The Clint speech was the only thing I tuned into for more than 10 seconds. I guess he went off-script--haven't read much about the fallout. But of course some of Mitt's people are spinning it as a perfect speech--haha!

TheMother on 09/02/2012:
Hi V: Just checking in to see how you're doing. As usual, you're dedicated to your workout (which is very impressive). Hope you have a chance to enjoy the nice weather we've been having. Lovebugs are starting to appear here in central FL. Going with the hubby to Downtown Disney to Raglan Road Irish Pub (he's a crazy Irish guy) later. Enjoy your time off - you deserve it!!!!!

Maria7 on 09/02/2012:
Hoping you are having a good day. :-)

V - Friday Aug 31, 2012
(Building a stronger body/ Asylum Program)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies Before I start with my usual stuff, just wanted you guys to know that I received a few texts from thenewMLE all is well with her and the rest of her family..They are without power but using a generator as well as putting use to her gas grill alot and yes she is still creating culinary delights! LOL She just wanted me to pass along to you guys that she is doing well and Hello!!

So Game Day was just as exciting as the first time and I did better with the wrestling moves..Not much of a future in it as a profession but maybe I can be a football or soccer player when I grow up..LOL Overtime was hellish..I went the distance but those single leg pushup/jump in the agility ladder(still on one leg)?? Superfail..Hahaha I cranked out 1 on each side and just did standard one leg pushups while they went psycho with it.. To add the10 pullups and the 25 pushups in the end was sick but I did it! 

Well I better get going I am not sure what the traffic will be like today.. I have to catch up with you lovelies later..Happy Friday all

Back to normal at the beach today and the locals and tourists alike are trickling in town for the weekend! Yippee..It was still slow for a Friday but the sales were better than it has been in weeks..

I came home a little early once the lucnh crowd dispersed, took a power nap and added  Cardio Abs and Relief Class..There was no stretching at the end of Overtime so did my best to inprov and still felt a tad bit sore especially after my shift..

Off to say hello to you guys and get some fuel. Hope you had a good one!

During/Post workout  L- Glutamine

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, 1/2 banana and strawberries

L-Jerk Chicken Breast with Ezekiel 4-9 english muffin with lettuce, tomato and hummus

S- Peanut butter

D- Pan Seared Ahi Tuna and Tilapia in Chili Ginger Rub with wasabi and low sodium soy. Steamed Broccoli and Cauliflower... 2 Glasses of Red

1 1/2 Gallons of water..Casein shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

inmorning on 08/31/2012:
Happy friday back at you and thanks for the well wishes.

liza36 on 08/31/2012:
Thanks for letting us know about thenewMLE. I was thinking about her. Nice going on the workouts.

grannyannie on 08/31/2012:
Glad thenewMLE is fine! Your workouts are totally amazing! Never get bored with them do you? :) Have a great weekend, V!

Maria7 on 08/31/2012:
Hope you are having a good day. :-)

selina on 08/31/2012:
wow! what an immense amount of good exercise! i hope good things come to your way today.

Great to hear about thenewmle. I was thinking of her.... thanks for relaying the message.

selina on 08/31/2012:
i'll post photos when i can download them in my computer.... thanks for asking!

Bikiniwax85 on 08/31/2012:
Thanks for the info about your shake darling! We have GNC here but going to look up powders soon. But I doubt I can get unsweetened Almond and coconut. haha! BTW, it always cracks me up when I read your post. Envy your positive spirit! Love ya women! and thanks for the compliment. Need to lose more! hohoho

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