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V - Thursday Mar 22, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Well my only scheduled class today is YogaX but I just can't  be that mellow at work where I am expected to be ontop of my game. so I did a Burn Interval 47 class and save the yoga class for Sundays or maybe if i get home early enough this evening..

Well we finally got some rain last night so I am very thankful for that(so is my car!!) LOL  There is a slight chance of more rain later on so hopefully it will hold out..Well I better get going while time is still on my side..I will catch up with you all later Have a good day!

Hey all!! It was a super busy day for me and I arrived home a little later than yesterday  and very bummed that there was not enough time to get in another workout.. I know that it will def not effect my progress however this is my free therapy..

Anyhoo I am going to read some diaries and get some fuel

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, banana, blueberries and strawberries

S- 1/2 eggwhite omelet with lump crab, parm and roasted red pepper

L- Tuna, Crab and egg salad with lettuce, tomato and cheddar on 7 grain deli flat..

S- Mixed Nuts

Skinny margarita

D- Homemade Pizza on light lavash, Lean Ground turkey, mushroom, ff cheddar, anchovy...Romaine, cucmber, boiled egg, orange pepper, onions, anchovy, red wine vin, lemon..2 Glasses of Menage a Trois

Gallon of water...Casein shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/22/2012:
Good choice of class, I hope you have an excellent day!

liza36 on 03/22/2012:
Did you do your 349 ab exercises? That sounds intense for sure. Thanks for your encouragement yesterday. I truly appreciate it!

supercheese on 03/22/2012:

sweetpea1977 on 03/22/2012:
Good for you. I dont think I can do yoga first thing on a busy day either. I still think it should be done on a day off when you're in the mood to relax!

Yay for your car getting a free bath! :)

Maria7 on 03/22/2012:
Hey there! Hope you have a good day today. Yes, thank the Lord for the rain...we've been getting some off and on also! :-D

grannyannie on 03/22/2012:
You are awesome! Impossible to sit still, isn't it?! LOL. Have an incredible day, V! :)

biscottibody59 on 03/22/2012:
Glad to help you remember your sister's BD--thanks to you for your BD sentiments to me too!

Keep up the good work!

Selina on 03/23/2012:
Good job, V! Keep it up! Thank you for your support!

V - Wednesday Mar 21, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning I just completed my Ab Ripper and Fat Burn Challenge classes..My goal is to get all 349 ab exercises in the 16 minute class without stopping...Yes you read that correctly 349..hahahaha. The most challenging thing for me is to do the bicycle backwards and my feet are not cooperating with the backpedaling! LOL Anyhoo everytime I have this class I have a pep talk with my feet, you can do this! Feet don't fail me now!!

Hey ladies! I arrived home a little later than the norm, due to traffic..I still completed my Shoulders and Arms class and I released some yayas for sure!!

I am off to see how goes it with you all, hoping the day went well for all my friends here!

Well I better get going so I can prep for work, chat with you ladies after my shift

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Tuna Crab and Egg salad on light lavash..Potato Salad..1 pear

S- Mixed Nuts

D- Paella.. Steamed Broccoli..Romaine, cucumber, lump crab, mandarin oranges, onion, anchovy, parmesean, red wine vin. lemon.. 2 Glasses of Menage a Trois

Gallon of water..Casein shake (pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

grannyannie on 03/21/2012:
Awesome! Aiming for a 6 pack?! You're amazing, V! xx

hollybelle on 03/21/2012:
Bicycle backwards??? Yikes! Good idea, though. I'll have to try that - for the abs - not actually ON my bike!

Umpqua on 03/21/2012:
I was thinking about the bicycles, it reminds me of this finger trick, which I also have trouble with: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=yn0rQzdoGtg

Same with playing drums, I can keep the beat but once I layer on top of it I start to fall apart. It's a focus issue I think - we're gonna figure this out!

sweetpea1977 on 03/21/2012:
I've been practicing with backward pedaling and am getting better at it. Practice it without any noise on and focus on the movement of each leg. :)

thenewMLE on 03/21/2012:
Are you back peddling on a stationary bike? I don't think I have ever tried to peddle backwards. Isn't that one of those things that your brain just won't let happen? Kind of like patting your head with one hand and rubbing your stomach with the other?? Let me know if you succeed!!

legcramps on 03/21/2012:
Love the pep talk with your feet!

By the way, I looked for that powder you mentioned on my entry yesterday but I can't find it on the GNC site. Of course, i'm on the Canadian site, so maybe it's not available for me?

moogy on 03/21/2012:
I was picturing you on the floor hands under hips and peddling in the air like we used to do when I was young. You know when Moses played football:)) D already has a couple of anxious suitors awaiting the divorce, I don't think she is particularly interested in them, but it is nice to have admirers. As you well know!!! LOL

grannyannie on 03/22/2012:
You are a machine, V!

selina on 03/22/2012:
Your paella sounds delish! I love menage a trois cabernet sauv. yum!

I posted the hazy photos for you ;), check it out.

V - Tuesday Mar 20, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning I just completed my PlyoX class and I am all fired up now! Hahaha..It is already pretty warm here and the temps are expected in the mid 80's and still no sign of rain..I am hoping it doesn't get too muggy..Well I better get going, chat with you all later, have a wonderful day

Hey Ladies, back from my busy day at work from start to finish..I am pretty thankful that the crew from MTV didn't show up during my shift as scheduled to film one of their "Reality Shows"(assuming "The Real World") as planned so Whewww what a relief!! LOL

My GM is so excited to get the exposure and I understand but NO One gets in my way when I am trying to work, ya dig?? LOL Hopefully they will shoot it this evening so I won't have to deal with that nonsense..

Anyhoo I stopped after work to have a drink with some very generous customers that are in town and then completed a 30 minute stretch class..

Well I am off to read some diaries, get some fuel and unwind a bit..

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Tuna, Crab and egg salad with lettuce, tomato and cheddar.. Potato Salad..Watermelon

S- Mixed nuts

S- Skinny Girl Margarita with club soda

D- Homemade Pizza on light lavash, Ground Turkey, mushrooms, parmesean and anchovy... Romaine, cucumber, boiled egg, orange pepper, yellow onion, red wine vin, lemon..2 Glasses of Menage a Trois

Gallon of water, Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 03/20/2012:
I figured it must be pretty warm down your way, good for business though I hope!

Kati on 03/20/2012:
A wonderful day it is!!! :) xoxo

thenewMLE on 03/20/2012:
We are warm too but the rain is coming tomorrow evening so maybe you'll get a spot of it by Friday! Have a fun day!

supercheese on 03/20/2012:
Have a great day v!!

grannyannie on 03/20/2012:
Have an awesome day, V!

legcramps on 03/20/2012:
Good job on the workout this morning! I now know what you mean, since I had a plyo workout this morning as well and am flying high from it still!!!

I think I have a profile set up on Beachbody already, but i'll have to actually confirm that and start logging my Insanity workouts onto the site.

I have a feeling i'll be pretty sore all week long from these workouts! Hopefully next week won't be as bad, and i'll get into some kind of rhythm with the workouts. But aren't you proud of me? I've been getting up at 5:30AM every MORNING to workout! Okay, only two mornings so far, but still! That's pretty crazy :)

hollybelle on 03/20/2012:
I WAS up early today. Not to worry, though. I am cautiously optomistic about the fact that I "think" I am feeling better. Yesterday (Dad's birthday) was kind of a sad day, but I feel like I got through it OK and I feel like the vitamins and subdermal "pellets" might be beginning to work. I took a nap yesterday afternoon, went to bed early and work up too early, but I think I am sleeping better. I am working hard on getting on a better routine and getting my body what will make it feel better - love you for thinking of me!

hollybelle on 03/20/2012:
Oh, BTW - I can't place Lawrence Evans, but if he was on L & O then we KNOW he's GREAT! Yesterday was a Criminal Intent Marathon and I got to be with Bobby all day as I did chores, etc. LOL!

sweetpea1977 on 03/20/2012:
Plyo always fires me up. Love it!!

Stay cool in that heat!! I cant believe Im already saying that! Pretty soon, you'll be begging for rainy days again. :)

moogy on 03/20/2012:
The only thing good about a hot day is that it bring out the customers. Hope you had a good day V:)

hollybelle on 03/20/2012:
Oh yes, we will have to have it out over who "gets" detective Robert Goren. I love the quirky ones! Have you ever seen the movie Mystic Pizza? Julia Roberts busted out after that one. Well, Vincent D'Onofrio had a small part in that movie.

hollybelle on 03/21/2012:
I remember Full Metal Jacket, but not Adventures in Babysitting. May have to check that out. You can have the jocks! But I'm not sharing Bobby!

V - Monday Mar 19, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Ladies I started my day out with an Ab RipperX and HIIT class.. I am hoping to get my chores out the way so I can enjoy my last day off..Time to get it cracking!  have a good day

Hey back from my day..I got all my chores out the way early and prepped all of my meals for the week.. I completed my Chest and Back class as well as a little extra work on the abs.. I am off to read some diaries and get some fuel..I hope you had a happy healthy Monday!!

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, banana and blueberries

S- Pear

L- Tuna Crab and egg salad..cucumber slices, 2 Wasa Crackers with ff cream cheese

S- Mixed Nuts

D-Pan Seared Ahi Tuna steak with wasabi and low sodium soy sauce, Paella..Steamed Broccoli with ICBINB spray..2 Skinny Girl Margaritas with club soda

1 gallon of water, casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 03/19/2012:
I love theater too. My niece is a theater major at Oklahoma State. I have been attending her plays forever. We actually are planning a drive to Chicago this summer because she got 4 leads in the Summer Lyrical series. I don't think I could have watched the hurricane play though. I still have a lot of Post Trauma Stress from Katrina and even watching documentaries makes my heart race and I don't sleep for days. I know it's been 6 years, but that kind of trauma stays with you (kind of like the shooting I was in the middle of 3 years ago - that's a story for another day!) She mainly performs musicals and girl, does she have a voice!! I'm glad you enjoyed your outing and hope you have another great day!!

Umpqua on 03/19/2012:
That play sounds great, so glad you had a fun time! Enjoy your day off :)

selina on 03/19/2012:
Enjoy your day off! I love plays, I'm glad you enjoyed it!

biscottibody59 on 03/19/2012:
Enjoy your week!

sweetpea1977 on 03/19/2012:
so glad you enjoyed the play over the weekend!

enjoy your last day off!

grannyannie on 03/19/2012:
Have a fantastic week you amazing woman!

legcramps on 03/19/2012:
What a weekend! Amazing that you got a free ticket to the theatre AND that it was so close you could walk to it!

Hope your workouts are going well! Have a great week :)

moogy on 03/19/2012:
I did have a happy and healthy Monday, thank you! It is now 11.30, later for me to post than usual (been watching Top Chef with D). You will hopefully be enjoying a good nights sleep. Lub you angel:)

panda22 on 03/19/2012:
Thanks girl. I wish we were planning Leo's 1st....sadly we are planning his 3rd this year ;p ...but yes we are planning Logan's 1st for may :). Miss you!!! See you are still rockin it out as always :)

hollybelle on 03/20/2012:
Another great day for V!

V - Sunday Mar 18, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Hey Ladies Well my outing with Tony and Richard was really cool!! The play was very dramatic, very talented actors as well as amazing vocal skills.. The theme of the play was a Sister(main character) her Brother, Grandpa and Sister's boyfriend during a hurricane.. The play itself took place mainly on the roof of the "house" and in the living room that was submerged in shin deep water and after intermission the water was knee deep..

It was a very busy play with lots going on in the family scheme of things, lots of asides, dead family members "ghosts" even inuenndos of incest as well All  but one of the characters dying, final scene was the main character jumping off the roof to her death!! Bummer! It was emotional and I was on the edge of my seat the entire time, not just beacuse we actually got splashed quite a few times, but there was lots of yelling and the acoustics in that place was KILLER (pun intended) LOL  Tony and Richard made me sit in the middle and each of them kept grabbing in the more intense moments!!! Hahahaha

Now that they know I am a lover of theatre, hopefully I can accompany them for free ALOT Well I better get dinner started early, I didn't eat much today, I napped instead..I hope you all enjoyed your weekend! back in a few to catch up with you all

Brunch- 1/2 of an omelete(crab, roasted red pepper and parmesean) 1 whole wheat light waffle with blueberries, sugar free maple syrup..3  extra lean slices of Turkey bacon..Mimosa

D- Paella with whole wheat Pasta..Romaine, boiled egg, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, mandarin oranges, red wine vin, lemon..Glass Of Menage a Trois

Gallon of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

moogy on 03/18/2012:
I love a romantic play!!!!! Hah!! Glad you had a good time and didn't get too wet:) Lub you:)

grannyannie on 03/18/2012:
Glad you enjoyed yourselves! I love watching plays, it's almost like you're a participant instead of viewer.

Thanks for Mum's day wishes! :)

grumpy on 03/18/2012:
That sounds fun! And yummmm, paella!!!

hollybelle on 03/18/2012:
Very exciting theatre experience! I would like to see that one. I love musicals. I'll have to look this one up online and see what I can find!

V - Saturday Mar 17, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Happy St. Patty's Day!!!!!!!!

Good Morning Just completed my fave P90 class KenpoX!! I had to keep my spirit yells to a low roar though..Bummer! LOL Well I better get going so I can crush out my last shift for the week..Catch up with you all later

Back from my day and YES, my weekend is HERE Amazing that the former party girl is sitting it out for this evening's shennanagins.. I stopped off at Obistro after work to pick up a salad(out of spinach) more importantly decompressing for a bit before I went home..

There was a note in my mailbox from my landlords inviting me to a play that they have an extra ticket for tomorrow This is the same playhouse that put on "Dr. Jekyl"( for those of you who where around last year for that one)

Anyhoo this is pretty exciting seeing as though we have front row seats(Richard is a former actor, producer as well a voulunteer worker for the company) but the new playhouse is 2 blocks up the street so I can walk there! It is a former church that was converted into a campus, they even have acting classes there so I can't wait to see what they have done to the place, I have actually been there when it was a church... The play starts at 2 pm so I have plenty of time to get my usual chores done.. It  is titled "Rip-Tied" and it takes place on the ocean so it will be interesting to see what they did with all of the water that they had brought in for the show, I just hope it is not like "Blue Man Group" where everyone in the first few rows gets splattered!! LOL

Well I am going to read some diaries and get some fuel!! Enjoy the rest of your weekend!!

B- Almond breeze shake with banana, blueberries and strawberries

L- Tuna Crab and Egg salad with ff cheddar, lettuce tomato on 7 grain deli flat.. Mixed nuts

S- Lean Ham

S-  Skinny Margarita

D- Lean Pork Sirloin Roast..Steamed Broccoli..Spring Mix, 1/2 boiled egg, cucumber, black olive, mandarin oranges, crumbled blue cheese, craisins..red wine vin, lemon wedge.. 2 extra skinny margaritas(Skinny girl margarita mix with club soda)

1 1/2 gallons of water, Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

Em17 on 03/17/2012:
Have a great day!

grannyannie on 03/17/2012:
Low roar! V, the lioness. ;) Enjoy your weekend.

thenewmle on 03/17/2012:
Kill that last shift - go out with a bang!!! Happy St. Patrick's day to you too!!!

hollybelle on 03/17/2012:
Have a great time tomorrow! How nice to be invited to the playhouse! I am green with envy - how appropriate for St Paddy's Day! wink wink!

thenewmle on 03/17/2012:
Here is the link to my original Crawfish Biscuits... The kids can't get enough of them http://www.tastebook.com/recipes/2814109-Crawfish-Biscuits Instead of the Biscuit Mix and milk, I take 2 cups of WW pastry flour in my stand mixer and blend a 1/2 stick of butter into the flour until it gets a sandy texture then gently blend 1 cup of buttermilk into the flour. Take the bowl off the mixer and cover it with a plate and put in a warm area overnight. In the morning put the bowl back on the mixer and with a clean paddle gently add 1 tsp. of baking soda and 1 tsp. of baking powder and then continue to add the rest of the ingredients in the crawfish biscuit recipe. Only mix until evenly distributed because overmixed biscuits are tough. The part of the recipe with the ww pastry flour and buttermilk is a little wetter than I am used to using so once all the ingredients are in the bowl, sprinkle a little more flour onto the dough and pat it down and then fold it over on itself, sprinkle a little more flour, pat it down and do this about three times creating layers of into the dough. Spray a silicone muffin pan with non-stick spray and drop spoonfuls of the biscuit dough into the pan. Spray the tops with a little more non stick spray to encourage browning. Of course you could do the straight up version because of your mad work outs and enjoy a real treat!! I will have to try the jalapenos and corn in them. I have a jalapeno crawfish cornbread that I make too. I just haven't had the chance to healthy it up yet!!!

hollybelle on 03/18/2012:
Yeah, I'll be "borrowing" that reacipe up above!

V - Friday Mar 16, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning I just completed my Ab Ripper and HIIT25 class so I will be pumped for my shift today..I am just hoping that the traffic isn't too terrible during the drive home this evening..As I metioned before Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens is filming a movie down the street from us and ever since the reports of Justin Bieber sightings this week along with the shutting down streets on the only road to get on and off the island while they film, traffic has been a bit of a nightmare..

Well ladies I must prep for my day, I hope you all have great weekend, chat with ya later

Well I am back and although the beach as pretty packed, the day was really slow,epecially for a Friday..I am sure the combination of the extreme heat(for this time of year) and the friggin "No See Ums"(sand fleas) it threw a monkey wrench in my program..I still fared well though..

I completed my Legs and Back class and added an Ab Burner class for extra credit for "Project Ab Mayhem"

Well ladies I am off to read some diaries and get some fuel..

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, banana and blueberries

L- Tuna, Crab and egg salad with lettuce, tomato and ff cheddar..Mixed nuts

S- Lean Ham with pepper jack, Wasa Crackers

D- Seafood, Turkey and pork Paella, whole wheat angle hair pasta... Spinach, cucumber, red pepper, red onion, mandarin oranges, ff cheddar, red wine vin, lemon..2 glasses of Menage a Trois

1 1/2 gallons of water..Casein shake (pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

liza36 on 03/16/2012:
Both you and Umpqua suggested the book Push, and I ordered it yesterday from Amazon. I'm sure there will be some pearls of wisdom in there that will resonate with me. I'm also going back to some books Biscotti recommended.

Have a good weekend!

Umpqua on 03/16/2012:
LOL Bieber!! They shut down part of downtown NH where John was working to film the last Indiana Jones. There were a few times he had trouble getting back to his office. I hope traffic isn't too terrible for you and maybe you'll get to serve the Bieber and his entourage ;P

Umpqua on 03/16/2012:
^^Shirley Temples of course!

grannyannie on 03/16/2012:
Have an awesome day, V! :)

Em17 on 03/16/2012:
Have a great weekend!

legcramps on 03/16/2012:
Bieber Fever!!! LOL

Nice work on your steps yesterday! I was in a couple of walking challenges a few years ago and my goals each day were 15,000 steps or more. Man, that was hard work, so kudos to you fighter! Have a great day today!

P.S. - no plans for St. Patty's Day; wanna meet for lunch?!!! heehee.

sweetpea1977 on 03/16/2012:
Ugh, three annoying whippersnappers causing chaos in your town. If it were Zach Braff, Jason Segal, and David Boreanaz, I wouldnt mind it so much! :)

Have a good weekend!

biscottibody59 on 03/16/2012:
Even if there's chaos, you'll come through it with gusto--have a great afternoon/evening!

sweetpea1977 on 03/16/2012:
Speaking of traffic, The President is making an appearance here tonight and traffic was/is at a standstill on a lot of our interstates here as well as quite a few side streets. He is attending a democratic fundraiser party (Tickets to attend cost $36K). Afterwards, he is doing a party at Tyler Perry's studio and followed by a private dinner at his house. I feel sorry for those who had to wait for hours in their car on a hot day just to get home from work on a Friday night!

sweetpea1977 on 03/16/2012:
true dat!

grannyannie on 03/17/2012:
You are amazing! :-)

V - Thursday Mar 15, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning ladies I just finished up a CardioX class and later I have to make up the class I missed last night, but hey if you play, you gotta work even harder! Oh I forgot to check how many steps before I left work but when I arrived home it was at 12000...Well I am off to get prepped for my day! Have a good one

Hey all back form another busy day at the beach..I had a nice steady day which makes the day go by a little faster.. I completed my Shoulders and Arm class with the bonus round..I killed the side tri rises again! It hurts so good!!

Well I am going to read some diaries and fuel the machine!! I hope you all had a stellar day!!

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, banana, blueberries and strawberries

S- Spinach and Roasted Red Pepper eggwhie muffin

L- Tuna Crab and egg salad with lettuce, tomato and ff cheddar on 7 grain Deli thin, Sweet Potato fries, 1 pear

S- Mixed Nuts

D- Lean Pork Sirloin Roast, whole grain brown rice..Steamed Broccoli with parm and ICBIB Spray.. 2 Glasses of Cabernet

1 1/2 gallons of water..Casein Shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 03/15/2012:
nice work on the steps yesterday!

have a good shift!

newme24 on 03/15/2012:
You need to show some love to those party gods!! lol. 12,000 steps is awesome... have a great day!

Kati on 03/15/2012:
almond breeze... I saw soooo many interesting flavors in whey protein!! "Chocolate with peanut butter" sounds interesting! I liked the Vanilla w/ Extra Berry too. Next time I want the Mocca (Coffee) flavor. :)

Umpqua on 03/15/2012:
How'd I manage to miss you yesterday? I'm glad you had fun with your visiting friend, I think allowing a few hours instead of nonstop partying is the way to go ;) Have a good one!

grannyannie on 03/15/2012:
12000! Wow! Enjoy your day!

liza36 on 03/15/2012:
That's an amazing amount of steps. Are you wearing it when you exercise? Several years ago I had a goal to get in 10,000 steps a day, and would wear it while I walked on the treadmill. If it was nearing the end of the day, I would pace the hallway in my house to get the steps up. Hmm...I should pull mine out and do that again. Have a good one.

Umpqua on 03/15/2012:
It's super spicy and it's the bomb! I'm too lazy to post it, here's the link ;)


I used sriracha but it would be good with red hot sauce too I think!

hollybelle on 03/15/2012:
12,000 steps - wow! You are living to the optimal limits, V - keep it up!

hollybelle on 03/15/2012:
12,000 steps - wow! You are living to the optimal limits, V - keep it up!

hollybelle on 03/15/2012:
12,000 steps - wow! You are living to the optimal limits, V - keep it up!

starfish on 03/15/2012:
Thank you!! You are doing great!!! Awesome :-)

V - Wednesday Mar 14, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning Great start to the morning with an Ab Ripper and HIIT20 class..All pumped up and ready for the day..One of the girls at work brought in some freebies from the Heart Association.(her mom works there) It is a monitor that tracks how many steps you take..Although i clipped mine on at noon yesterday, I still managed to get in a little over 5000 steps by the end of  my shift..I am interested to see how many steps I take from start to finish so stay tuned!! LOL

Have a happy healthy day

Hey I'm back!!  It was a He double hockey stick kinda day.. That was until my girl from Rochester NY walked into my bar Although I could have said no to the request of "Hanging Out" I still took a little time out my day

Sometimes I feel horrible for not hanging out with my visiting friends their  entire stay, HOWEVER  I at least give it up for a few hours to the "party gods" Tomorrow is another day in the life of V

B- Almond breeze shake with whey protein, banana, strawberries and blueberries

Tuna, Crab and egg salad lettuce, tomato on 7 grain deli thin.. 1 pear

S- Mixed nuts

S- 2 extra skinny Margaritas

D- Homemade Pizza(see yesterday's post) Steamed broccoli..Spinach, blue lump crab, mandarin oranges, cucumber, red onion, eed wine vin, lemon,,Glass of Pinot Noir

1 1/2 gallons water.. Casein Shake ( pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

newme24 on 03/14/2012:
That monitor sounds so cool! (Even better that it's free!). Have a good one!!

Kati on 03/14/2012:
Ab Ripper, that name makes me shiver!!! :))) I don't want to rip out nothing from my body!!!! :) And I do have a 6-pack but it's well hidden... laying low! :)

Kati on 03/14/2012:
Ahh that "monitor" is a pedometer I guess. I have one at home, too... I'm a bit suspicious about it, but that's just me... I'm also suspicious about the heartrate monitoring/burnt calorie counter watches which are so popular nowadays... Those "burnt calories" values are always way too high, it falls into what I call "too good to be true" category!

grannyannie on 03/14/2012:
Love the name ab ripper! A pedometer is a good idea. Have a great one!

legcramps on 03/14/2012:
I have a pedometer that I got from work - part of a "Be Healthy" program that kind of got snuffed out early on ;) I've only used it a few times, but it turns out I get a lot of walking in during work hours! Though I don't clock as much as you, I can get in around 3,000 steps easily enough.

sweetpea1977 on 03/14/2012:
you should find some way to wear your pedometer during your cardio workouts. :)

moogy on 03/14/2012:
Nice freebies V! I bet that made for a happy V:) Yes it will be interesting, I will await numbers later today or maybe tomorrow:) Lub you:)

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/14/2012:
yum! extra skinny margaritas? are they sugar free! so cool!

hollybelle on 03/14/2012:
I think you and Umpqua may be doing the same workouts today! About not hanging out the entire vaca with friends - well I say always leave them wanting more! A little in reserve for the future. Hahaha! You food looks wonderful - that tuna and crab and eggs - w lettuce on bread - is that sandwich? Do you put anything in with the tuna, crab and egg? I am looking for a substitute for mayo. Love tuna salad. May make some. I use just enough to make it stick together.

thinkpositive on 03/15/2012:
I don't blame you for not hanging our for their entire stay, a short visit & they should be happy that you made time for them.

V - Tuesday Mar 13, 2012
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.0

Good Morning I just completed my PlyoX class and oh yeah, it was a nice sweaty one! I know I said no crying about having to work today but allow me to express my thoughts about this  for a sec... LOL Okay i'm done, now it is off to prep for the day, I will catch up with you all this evening

Hey ladies!! Back from my day..It wasn't too bad and the fact that my fellow coworkers Jim and Tavoris are my fave guys to do a shift with because we pretty much laugh all day..It makes the shift go by fast at least

It wasn't as busy as expected so we all got out of there right around 4..I took the opportunity to get the 90 minute YogaX class done so I won't be in a trance on Thursday(when the class is scheduled) at work..

Now that I am chillin like Bob Dylan, I am going to see what's up with you all and get some fuel!! Hope you all had a wonderful day.

B- Almond Breeze shake with whey protein, banana, strawberries and blueberries

L- Tuna, Crab and egg salad with parmesean, lettuce, tomato on 7 grain deli thin

S- Mixed nuts

D- Homemade pizza on light lavash crust. sf pizza sauce, basil, oregano lean hot Italian turkey sausage, portabella, ff cheddar and parmesean.. Spinach, boiled egg, cucumber, mandarin oranges, red onion, red pepper, red wine vin and lemon..2 glasses of Cabernet

1 1/2 gallons of water..Casein shake(pre bedtime)

Progress as of today: 93 lbs lost so far, only 0 lbs to go!

thenewMLE on 03/13/2012:
Thanks for the words of encouragement V. Have a great day!

Umpqua on 03/13/2012:
We must suffer for our art (or something like that). I hope the day goes by quickly for ya!

grannyannie on 03/13/2012:
Go ahead and cry! But try to have a great day anyway. :)

supercheese on 03/13/2012:
Have a great day V!!

legcramps on 03/13/2012:
LOL, some days no matter how much you like your job it seems like a chore doesn't it?!!

I'm so glad to hear that you are going to work the Insanity program into your days! It's extra motivation for me ;)

Kati on 03/13/2012:
awesome name, PlyoX... :) Sounds like a robot :)))

liza36 on 03/13/2012:
I'd cry about work. It's no fun sometimes.

moogy on 03/13/2012:
Hope that your suffering is rewarded by lots of generous customers V:) It is always a shame when we cry in private and get no reward:) Have a good one my friend:)

moogy on 03/13/2012:
Actually I am ready mainly the same books to them as I read to my children but we now have Grug, Maisy and Dora thrown in!! So lovely to have her cuddled up to my side loving 'reading time', I treasure every minute, time passes so quickly.

loveray on 03/13/2012:
I love your smoothie combo. that sounds like what I make a lot! Delish...I could eat a smoothie for every meal!

Umpqua on 03/13/2012:
Yep, the Xtreme yoga is through my satellite on demand. I bet you could get it through cable, search for Exercise TV Xtreme Yoga. It's only 40 minutes too. Here is her site:


thenewmle on 03/13/2012:
Your foods would be my choice if I were at a restaurant! I love mandarin orange segments in my spinach salad but I like to add blue cheese crumbles and cayanned candied pecans. And the crowning jewel is fried oysters on top! I'm glad you didn't let work bring you down. You sure ended it on high note!

thinkpositive on 03/14/2012:
Hey , I don't think you're old enough to quote Bob Dylan! :)

selina on 03/14/2012:
Sounds like you have a great work environment! Have a great day V!

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