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V - Wednesday Jun 01, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

"Remember, anyone can give up.It's the easiest thing in the world.Why do easy?Easy doesn't build muscle.Easy doesn't build character.Easy doesn't get you ahead" Chalene Johnson

Good Morning Divas I  completed a HIIT30 a while ago and the profuse sweating has finally ceased...LOL After my shift I have a scheduled Tone30 to crush...last night the afterburn effect kicked in a bit and it took quite a long time to finally get some sleep...I actually went to bed pretty early and resisted the urge to get up and have an insomnia fueled session with the punching bag, that would have been a recipie for diaster...LOL!!

Well girls I am going to get going shortly and I shall chat with you lovelies laterHave a STELLAR day!!

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

loveray on 06/01/2011:
have a wonderful day sweet lady! xo

liza36 on 06/01/2011:
I love Chalene's quote. So true. Unfortunately, I wimped out on my workout yesterday - it was just too hot. Today's another day. Hope you have a good one.

Umpqua on 06/01/2011:
I like that she says you have to be your own trainer. You have to make sure your posture is correct and make sure to keep pushing yourself. She's got the charisma haha!

When I bbqed our turkey burgers I cut up a bunch of peppers and tomatoes and put them on tin foil on the top shelf of the grill. I just re-heated them last night and they were awesome, you could put them on anything really. Have a good one!

Umpqua on 06/01/2011:
Oh and I also love how she says that people who exercise and are fit look younger, haha. Even if it's not entirely true it makes me feel better!

YellowDress on 06/01/2011:
One more classical V quote! I wonder how do you find this energy? Your style of writting also has full of energy! What's your secret V? Come on and tell us :)

hollybelle on 06/01/2011:
Yeah! Giving up doesn't get ya where ya wanna go, does it? I like Umpqua's comment about Chalene saying fit people look younger - yeah, baby, that's what I'M going for! Even losing a few lbs lately (maybe 7??) has helped. Just a few more to go.....gonna eat healthy this week.

thinkpositive on 06/01/2011:
Good point- anyone can give up. And I ask myself- why have I given up so easily in the past. Love reading your posts!

Em17 on 06/01/2011:
Thanks V =). Have a great day =)

selina on 06/02/2011:
Have a great day, V! That turbofire thing sounds like a lot of fun!

V - Tuesday May 31, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

"If you train hard, you'll not only be hard, you'll be hard to beat."
- Herschel Walker

Good Morning Divas I just completed my Fire60 class and happy to report I crushed it!!! The new to class option is no longer needed...It is a wonderful breakdown showing how to get the maxiumum workout but it does slow the constant flow of extreme cardio and you  still burn a ton of calories since an extra 30 minutes were added to the 60..Wooohoo!! YES! I kicked my own butt!!!

Now it is time to play catchup with all my chores I should have done yesterday...I am hoping to get home in time to catch a little of the Casey Anthony trial..Later I am going to get the guns pumped up with an Upper20 and Core20...

Well lovelies it is time to get  a jumpstart to my day!!!

Hey I am back and better than ever!! I got the groceries done, laundry and a little tan as wellThe icing on the proverbial cake was my Upper20 and Core20...I am feeling it in the obliques already!!! YES! I kinda took the ball and ran with it as far as the class schedule goes, that is the beauty of the program, you can tailor your own program to suit your needs and problem areas...One thing that is NOT allowed is dogging it! Chalenealways says you are so strong and capable of doing more and at ANY age you can be in the best shape you have ever been in your life....AMEN girl!

I am off to read some diaries and eat....Have a good evening ladies!!

B- cameo apple

L- sugarfree "vegan" rolled oats raspberry torte

D- Lean pork sirloin chops in spicy mango marinade, romaine, red peppers, red onions, cucumbers, broccoli, ff feta, sunflower kernels, red wine vin, lemon wedge

1 gallon water, 2 celsius, pre workout jet fuel caps AM and PM

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

loveray on 05/31/2011:
awesome job on the exercise. i need to kick it up a notch for reals!! love you, have a great week!

thinkpositive on 05/31/2011:
Yes, nice day with exercise & you seem to love it- inspiring!

hollybelle on 05/31/2011:
Good start of the week. Hey - I SAW your Jerry Garcia wall hanging in your picture! And now you tell Umpqua your car is called the "Deadmobile"! Too much. I've listened to A LOT of GD music in my day......LOL! Too funny - the things I'm figuring out about you! (and you about me, too!!!). :o)

Umpqua on 05/31/2011:
I don't know why I thought you didn't have a car, of course it's covered in Dead stickers LOL! I'm sure driving is extremely dangerous in your area with all the loonies. You're doing Upper20 AND Core20 after doing a Fire class? Hot damn woman!

liza36 on 05/31/2011:
I watched part of the trial coverage over the weekend. It kinda sucks you in and I spent way too much time on it. Anyway, enjoy your day!

Supercheese on 05/31/2011:
have fun!! I know what you mean about the energy now since I just finished a class this morning! yawza was it hard but ill get easier with time!

shell2418 on 05/31/2011:
Thanks for tips...and I did calculate my calories according to the book and I was eating very close to that amount to begin with. Just a tad under. I bought some wrist weights today so that my arms get a more intense workout! I considered ankle weights but my legs I think are getting a good burn. P.S. I love Chalene!

~Moody~ on 05/31/2011:
Hehehe, you kicked your own butt!! Love it!! I have really got to check out these TurboFire workouts..Soon!!

I'm following the Anthony trial as well~today was intense...

Thanks for the comment you left yesterday~=) Hugs!

hollybelle on 05/31/2011:
I've been thinking about that at any age deal......I don't like to do harder workouts sometimes because I can't do all of them or do them really perfectly - If I get over that I'll be able to do more than ever, though. Not that I don't work out hard. I do! But I need to be less rigid about it....I'm just thinking at this point, but usually I'll spring to action after some thought. We'll see.

thinkpositive on 05/31/2011:
Just read your last postin. The pill epidemic sound bad. I'm not a big State & Federal regulation person but something needs to be done. Scary.

selina on 06/01/2011:
Awesome! Awesome!

V - Monday May 30, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

"Within the shadows of darkness there is a light that shines amongst ourselves"
"Inspire to be heard" John DeRosa

Good Morning Ladies!!! as you see I am wearing my shades still. My future is still so bright I really need them but I am slightly hungover tooLOL!! The last of my overnight guests have departed and I am on the road to recovery as we speak(She takes a sip of her "Urban Detox" ) This is a wonderful recovery fuel for the overworked and overserved...  www.functiondrinks.com  

So my quotes are all from my really good friend who is a bartender at PBG(that's where I was last night) His first book was finally published(Days In Collision) and I went there ONLY to pick up my autographed copy and give him some love and kudos for making his dream a reality and ended up raging out hardcore!!! LOL Oh snap "Dude where is my car??" It is safely parked in the lot of PBGMan oh manachevitz I have to walk to get my car, the fresh air might do me some good!!! The life of a rockstar is tough, especially when you don't have a limo, but someone has to do it..LOL Okay I will continue my story after I retrieve my vehicle, I need to get groceries....

Okay the party girl is back and energized from the HIIT30 class!!! YOWZA!! Just the pick me up I needed...I was scheduled to do a Fire45EZ class but as usual I was craving that endorphine Super High

Okay so I didn't go for groceries, in fact I went to pick up my car and was so NOT feeling any of it so I headed back home and took a nice little nap....I am refreshed and tomorrow I will have to play catchup with all my chores...

For those of you who were curious as to the pill problem I mentioned yesterday, there is an epidemic sweeping the state with "Pain Management" clinics that are plentiful here...These unethical doctors dispense all sorts of addictive scripts to any and all who have the cash..It doesn't take long for the ATF and FBI to shut them down but for every one they shut down, another two spring up seemingly overnight..There are alot of people who "doctor  hop" to these places and find themselves with lethal doses of a combination of pills and the death rate gets increasingly high as each day passes now add booze to this equation and stir...BAD NEWS... Florida is ranked #1 with OD's related to pill abuse...

Well ladies I am packing away my soapbox for the evening, so I can eat...My intake has been far too low for my liking the past few days(work was so busy, I only managed a few bites here and there)  Have a good evening all

B- Glass of pinot  and Urban detox, 2 advils zzzzzzzz

L- zzzzzzzzzzz Urban detox zzzzzz

D- lean turkey patties topped with chilli and cheese 1 small baked sweet potato with cinnamon and nutmeg

1 1/2 gallons of water, 1 celsuis

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

legcramps on 05/30/2011:
Work hard, Play harder!!!!

shaunnac on 05/30/2011:
dude u got a tat...sweet whats it say?

biscottibody59 on 05/30/2011:
There are no hangovers on my horizon, so I'll just live vicariously through you--haha!

Umpqua on 05/30/2011:
Wait, you have a car now? Or did you lose someone else's car?

~Moody~ on 05/30/2011:
LOLOL~V's world is exciting as always!! How cool that your friend actually published his book~Awesome!!

Hackersdiet on 05/31/2011:
This was an entertaining post. :) I think you are very funny.

hollybelle on 05/31/2011:
Have a good week, V!

V - Sunday May 29, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

Good Afternoon Ladies Hey all!!!! I just wanted to check in before I take another trip to "Sleepy Town" before I have to go to work don't get me wrong because the money is KILLER however, this weekend has pretty much sealed the deal on my plans to use my talents elsewhere....There are alot of idiots out here in the world and they all seem to have convened here in town.....Total time that cops and paramedics were called to our establishment so far this weekend, you ask???? 25 need I say more...Thankfully none of the incidents involved me so WHEW!!!!  One more quick PsA....This pill problem(oxy, roxy, zanax et al) is turning a nation into Zombies for real.... It is like the night and day of the living dead here...

I only have to push out this last shift and then I can exit stage left for 2 days

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

shaunnac on 05/29/2011:
ugh! I feel you on the pill issue. I'd rather be a slave to food than to pills anyday! I hope you have a good and safe weekend maybe I will catch you later tonight <3

KathyBlue on 05/29/2011:
AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.... now, between you and me, honestly... do you have grey hairs?????? :D Now I'm panic! Ahh... just kidding, I have grey hairs for ages :)

moogy on 05/29/2011:
You can do it, and I agree on the pill thing. If you have to take the medication you shouldn't be in any condition to go out let alone to bars!!!!!! Get out the soapbox!!!!!!!! I have warned you the zombie apocoplypse is coming, I just didn't know it was going to start there!!!! LOL Look after yourself:)

nemogirl on 05/29/2011:
What do you mean about the pills? I'm out of touch, what's going on?

thinkpositive on 05/30/2011:
OK , I'm with nemogirl- need more info. .9 lbs - fabulous.

hackersdiet on 05/30/2011:
Thanks for the inspiration on my post. I try to talk positive to myself. I needed that reminder to keep doing that. I have energy. I have energy. ...and I don't take pills.... :)

V - Saturday May 28, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

Good Morning Divas Oh Yea!! I just completed a Fire55 class in preparation of a very busy day...I really wanted to do the 60 class but since I haven't perfected the moves yet, I wanted to make sure I get Maximum Afterburn!!! LOl!!!!!  There is another chance of rain in the evening here so I am not sure how much of my double I will work but I am ready!!!!

Well ladies time to make that cheddar!!! I  shall chat with ya much later

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

hollybelle on 05/28/2011:
Have a good day at work and kuddos on the great workout!

loveray on 05/28/2011:
have a great weekend lovely lady! xoxo

Em17 on 05/28/2011:
Have a great day =)

shell2418 on 05/28/2011:
Have a great weekend V! Thanks for your enthusiasm! It's very motivating.

shaunnac on 05/28/2011:
Have a great night hope the rain holds off long enough to fill ur pockets!

V - Friday May 27, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

Good Morning Lovelies   WOOOHOO!! I just completed my HIIT30 class (all fire drills) and crushed out an Upper20 afterwards since I have a double today...I am certain that lunch will be fruitful but the chance of rain in the evening is slightly higher...Isn't that always the way it goes on holiday weekends??? LOl Well ladies for those of you who are taking the weekend off from DD have a wonderful holiday and for the rest of you I shall chat with ya later tonight/morning?

Hey girls I am home from a super long day...Sorry not much time to respond because I have to hit the hay so I can get a sweaty workout before my double and now that my GM begged me to work Sunday evening. my plans and visions of Turbo have been slightly altered 

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

KathyBlue on 05/27/2011:
Yeah, weekends are rainier here, too! It's been hot and sunny during for 4 consecutive days - and now rain is predicted for tomorrow, Sunday and Monday.

shaunnac on 05/27/2011:
I have to work 12-8 today. Plus my girls are home so I won't get any coverage. At their ages I don't think they need to watch this trial. So I am going to record Nancy Grace tonight so I can get highlights, but those I will certianly pass along!! I think the exboyfriends testimony that Casey was laid up in bed with him all day the day after Caylee went missing was pretty damning to her defense.

selina on 05/27/2011:
Enjoy energy from within! I'm looking for mine, very hard, lol! Have a wonderful weekend!

Runforfun on 05/27/2011:
Have a great day! :)

Umpqua on 05/27/2011:
I am such a wuss, I need to toughen up haha. Have an excellent day/evening!

hollybelle on 05/27/2011:
I won't post as much, probably, but I am NOT taking off this weekend bc you guys keep me straight. I always gt off track when I stay away! Turbo night tonight. I am already sweating all the food that will be around on Sunday and Monday. things will be cool 'til then - we're having husband's family and neighbors over Sunday for potluck and either fried chicken or BBQ sandwiches!

Runforfun on 05/27/2011:
Are there gyms that offer turbo fire as a class?

shell2418 on 05/27/2011:
Thanks for the tip about the core20 - I will definitely try and squeeze in some extra if my kiddies allow!

legcramps on 05/27/2011:
Enjoy your day today!

moogy on 05/27/2011:
I bet you are finding running up and down at work a breeze now that you have become so fit and cut! I hope you are showing off your guns for the boys, bound to be a few extra buck in it for you!!!! Do they ask how you got them????

loveray on 05/27/2011:
im glad you liked the bubbly. it's quite delicious. thanks for toasting to me, i felt it from FL. xoxo

moogy on 05/27/2011:
I hope you got a good night's sleep and manage to get a Turbo in before you start another long day at work. I also hope you get some time off shortly, your life seems to be just Turbo, work, sleep at the moment!! Lub you:)

shaunnac on 05/28/2011:
hugs...the weekend is almost over and then a nice little break till july!

V - Thursday May 26, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

Happy Birthday Loveray

 Good Morning Divas I have stopped sweating enough to post my entry....LOL  my Fire60 (yes an hour of hard core cardio and 4 fire drills) That workout was off the charts insane to the membrane!!! Words cannot express the surge of energy I am experiencing....At the beginning of the workout, Chalene say "Get ready to burn a Bizillion calories" well she wasn't joking.. lots of new moves to learn so every time I have a Fire55 class scheduled, I am gonna swap it out for the 60, you know what they say, practice makes perfect

Well ladies time to get this shift out of the way so I can test out the Ab10 and Lower20 classes tonight..And have a glass of bubbly in honor om my girl  Loveray's B-day LOL have a stellar day all

Hello Lovelies!!! I completed an Ab10 and Lower20 and well life can't get much better!!! Okay I take that back it will be better when I am able to do this FULL TIME!! (working on it) It was a pretty hot day at work and this is our last big push til the next big beach Holiday here(July 4th) So I will have alot more free time to hone in and perfect my skills so I can pay the bills  Turbofying others!!! WOOOHOO!

Well not much else to report so it is time to get some nourishment and chillax with my girlies here!!! Have a good Evening

B- 1 small peach, sf "vegan" carrot muffin

L- black bean burger with ff cheddar

D-Chili, lean boneless pork ribs, 1 Millet and Flax garlic Chip, glass of Pinot Grigio

1 1/2 gallons of water, 3 jet fuel pre am workout, 3 scoops jacked pm pre workout

1 glass of Champane

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

loveray on 05/26/2011:
Thank you sweety!! I will pop open the champagne tonight around 9:30-10. You are such a wonderful friend, love you!

~Moody~ on 05/26/2011:
Your energy flies off the page!!!! LOVE it!

How many calories do you think you burn in one of your workouts? I'm just curious! I'm all about getting a bang for my buck..so if I can burn a ton of calories without having to work at it for hours, I'm all for it!!

Have a great day V!!

selina on 05/26/2011:
Where in the world you get all that energy from girlfriend! Wow, wow, wow! I can feel the energy all the way here! Big smiles to you :)

Hey, that drink dispenser thingy is super cool! Have a wonderful day!

shaunnac on 05/26/2011:
Have a wonderful day!!! Have fun with your classes tonight I know you will :) btw mudrace sounds like fun but first we need some rain!!! haha. gotta love google info on a mudrun!! http://toughmudder.com/events/florida/?utm_source=Google&utm_medium=CPC&utm_campaign=TSM_Florida_General&Keyword=Florida%20mud%20run&MatchType=p&Distribution=Search&AdID=8178687780&Placement=&gclid=CKD__OzXhakCFYg32godlm5xpA

KathyBlue on 05/26/2011:
I just saw loveray's post, and I have to say, lol, everyone's in TurboFire fever over here lately, it became too hot! It's so cool, isn't it! :D Love you, have a nice day :D

KathyBlue on 05/26/2011:
Fire60 sounds great, now I'm curious. Well, anyway, I have at least 2 days per week when I can and want to practice, and I want to go for muscle building and fat burning (mainly abs and arms), and I don't want anything that would require jumping (due to spine problem) or too much space (I have space for a single mat in front of the TV). Ahh, I am really bad in doing exercise at home but I'm willing to give it a try.. again. LOL...

hollybelle on 05/26/2011:
Like Chalene says - we are capable of SO much more than we think we are......burn those cals V! Woo-Hoo!

Umpqua on 05/26/2011:
I'm only a partial convert LOL. I really liked the Ab 10, short and to the point. She doesn't mess around! I will celebrate Wine Day in honor of Loveray's birthday tonight haha!

shaunnac on 05/26/2011:
ohhhhhhhhhh V!!! I do hope your watching george anothy on the stand getting argumentive with baez

Runforfun on 05/26/2011:
I think you are even more nuts for exercise than I am! hah!

Em17 on 05/26/2011:
Sounds like you had a good day =)

legcramps on 05/26/2011:
Oooo, it's Wine Day? I can dig it.

moogy on 05/26/2011:
You sounds so happy with your new video, so that makes for a happy moogy!! Have a great day, I hope your customers are generous and the time flies by. Lub you:)

moogy on 05/26/2011:
I suspected this, you are attempting to indoctrinate all who will lisen into the secred society of Turbo!!!!! Seriously, how are you going in finding a space to run your own classes???? I am sure you would be a great leader, I mean you are leading quite a few of these women virtually, just think what you could do in person!!!! And, I am serious I don't want to be an old lady, who wants to be old, infirm, taking meds to stay alive etc. and generally being a pain in the bum to your family. Our family doctor is a firm beliver that flu shots should not be given to the old. I only take my meds so that I can function and I am still in my fifties and more useful than a burden. As soon as the scale tips that is it!!! I am looking foward to life after this life, no pain, no tears, lots of joy and family reunions, plus I get my husband back. What's not to look forward too??? Lub you:)

hollybelle on 05/26/2011:
You are a poet - and don't know it!

shell2418 on 05/27/2011:
I just did Fire55 for the first time this morning. I didn't do the prep schedule...just jumped right in to the class schedule! I'm loving it so far but hate the "new to class" option b/c it slows down the pace a bit. I guess I'm being impatient like you - I'm just ready to be able to crush the workouts!

V - Wednesday May 25, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

Good Morning Ladies!!! Hello my name is V and I am a Turbo addict....LOL!! Seriously, I got up this morning and decided to wait til my new toys to arrive to get my workout after my shift, but when i checked the status of the package,i discovered that I might get it later in the evening(def before 7pm) So as i sat super antsy craving some cardio, I Crushed a HIIT20 just in case....LOl

Last night i had the opportunity to peruse my June issue of FitnessRx and it has a KILLER article and workout for the abs...Actually it has quite a few workouts and tips in there for all parts...I tried a few of the pullup workouts and man it is pretty amazing!!!

Well girls I better hit the shower, time to go to work!!! I shall talk to you after my shift Have a stellar day!!

Hello lovelies!!! Today was a bit like Christmas Upon my arrival home pleasantly surprised that my Turbo tools came!!! My SAHD landlord Richard signed for it and both him and life partner Tony came to the house to deliver it...I seriously thought they came to have a discussion about my yells and WOOOHOOS that I cant help(it's the turbo, me thinks) LOl..Anyways they were curious where i was putting all this workout gear and they also said that they felt a LOT safer now that a trained ASSASIN lives on property....LOL Wheww I thought i was gonna get a lecture....

Well I had the opportunity to use my weighted gloves for my Fire30 and I tried out the advanced Upper20....Let me tell you, it is NO JOKE!! LOL Unlike the regular tone and sculpt classes,  you work your muscles to failure!!! I am thankful that I have a bit of a jumpstart from lifting with the big boys, Rich and Tattoo Face...I hung right along with the rest of the class!! WOOOHOO!!

To answer your question Moogy, your friend Vannessa is still here, she is just a tad bit possesed....LOL Time to eat and read some diaries...Love you all! Thanks for the wonderful comments and constant support!!

B- 1 Plum, 1 banana jumble

L- Chili with ff cheddar, 2 crackers

D- lean boneless pork ribs in Spicy mango marinade, 1 small sweet potato, raw spinach leaves, cucumbers, orange peppers, raw green beans, ff feta, sunflower kernels, red wine vin, lemon wedge 2 glasses of Pinot Noir

1 1/2 gallons of water, 2 celsius  3 pre workout Jet fuel caps for both workouts

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

h82bfat on 05/25/2011:
I'm impressed!! Pulllup workouts?!?! Me & pullups don't get along! In the military, they werre my weakness - I struggled just to hang above the bar!! ~ ~ I am giving some serious thought to the weight gloves. I'm thinking that if I stick with the boxing for another week or so, I may go ahead & make that investment. Obviously from my previous statement - my arms have ALWAYS been an issue for me!!! ;c)

selina on 05/25/2011:
Good job, V, for having already done your workout! Have a wonderful day!

selina on 05/25/2011:
Wow, that before/after photos are amazing! Congrats! What's that jagerator thing?

liza36 on 05/25/2011:
Awesome pics V! I can only dream of pullups at this point. Maybe someday...

h82bfat on 05/25/2011:
Wow - I just looked at your photos! UH - MAY - ZING!!!

loveray on 05/25/2011:
have a great day!! i need to try the turbo stuff. need to get ripped like my lady V! xo

Umpqua on 05/25/2011:
I just plugged your before and after photos on my entry, they are a true testimony to the wonders of Turbofire. Your enthusiasm is infectious, getting ready to do the tone!

legcramps on 05/25/2011:
Cripes, you tire me out just reading about all the turbo classes! You're KILLING it!

Have an awesome day today V!

shell2418 on 05/25/2011:
Great before and after V! Congrats on all of your hard work. And thanks for the input on TF! I guess I should do the before and after photo too!

KathyBlue on 05/25/2011:
loll... I just saw the photos below! You're an extra motivation indeed, I love you so much! I'm so happy to have you around as a friend! :)

nemogirl on 05/25/2011:
Thanks for the trial update. I read about it, but seeing the examination in person always gives you extra information - things you just can't read about! Your pics look good. You have definitely taken the extra cushion off your midsection, it looks good! Yeah, I'm having trouble with these last ten pounds (it might need to be 15, but I won't get started on that until the 10 are done)

What are the noodles you are referring to that I might like to try?

skinnygrlwithin on 05/25/2011:
hey you, thanks for the kind words. Getmeback is on a business trip for the last couple days and is supposed to either be back tonight or tomorrow. As for relocating, I have definitely thought about it, my only concern is that since the cost of living is so much cheaper here I'll be able to pay off my loans and debt easier than if I lived in the city... I'd have to be making much more there just to survive. It's a big question I need to figure out the answer to. Plus, I kinda just don't want to leave...who knows.

skinnygrlwithin on 05/25/2011:
just saw your pictures from below... I really am so very very proud ofyou... you look amazing!!

shaunnac on 05/25/2011:
LOL well it's a good thing to be addicted to! Been watching the trail for you all day (almost). LOL nothing really excited although her exbf look like a jerk to me

loveray on 05/25/2011:
yippeee!! it's so good, you won't regret it. my actual bday is at 10:32 p but feel free to pop it open any time you want. i will be drinking a glass for you too!! miss you. xo

shaunnac on 05/25/2011:
Hey V have you checked this out? http://www.facebook.com/TurboFire

Maria7 on 05/25/2011:
Hello, V! Looks like you are getting a lot of toning in! :-) Thanks for your comment to me. Mom is doing pretty well. I put some fresh pictures up on her walls today, which she likes a lot. Good to hear from you! :-)

moogy on 05/25/2011:
Who are you and what have you done with my friend Vanessa???????

~Moody~ on 05/25/2011:
Is there anyway you could bottle some of your energy and send it to WV? hahahaha~

Wishing you a fantastic day!!!

moogy on 05/25/2011:
I put yesterday's choc chip muffins in their lunch boxes. Sleep well angel:)

KathyBlue on 05/26/2011:
V, Umpqua advised me to ask you: what is the best TurboFire to try out?

hackersdiet on 05/26/2011:
I just love reading about how happy you are about exercising. I mean, I struggle sometimes to just do my 10-15 minutes. I need to think of you tomorrow morning when I exercise again and I will try harder. :)

V - Tuesday May 24, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

11 weeks ago




My Jagerator


After Turbo Prep...CHeck out my before Prep photos on the forum page..... After regular Turbo classes, I am giving you at least a 6pk, hopefully 12...LOL


Good Morning Lovelies I completed my Fire55 class and GOOD NEWS Guess what??? i have the confirmation that my advanced DVD's along with my weighted gloves will be here tomorrow Yayyy!!! Wow I guess I am officially a jock again..LOL Well last night as I lay in bed unable to sleep due to the "afterburn", I fought the urge to knock that bag around becasue that would have only made matters WORSE!! LOL I finally dozing off somewhere around 2ish to be awaken by severe cramping thanks to TOM  That is so lame and cowardly to do the late night sneak attack, I mean come on really?? LOL

Well not much slated today, I am hoping to catch a little of the Trial of Casey Anthony (the crazy broad that killed her little girl) The trial is being held in Orlando and there are mobs of people outside the courthouse, it is quite the media circus...

Other than the trial I am going to head over to my Fla fam's place so I can learn how to upload photos from the camera..I want to document my "after Turbo Prep" Pics... Well lovelies I hope you all have a wonderful happy healthy day


Sorry I will be back, this trial is getting really heated, and don't worry Nemogirl(and the other legal eagles out there) I am taking notes.....ALl I have to say is WOWWWWWWW!!!

Hey Girlies!!! Completed a Tone20 class to rev up my core..I am happy with all my progress but I have lots a work to get those abs right where I want them to be...

Okay so my day was dominated by this trial that I can't stop watching, one thing is certain, this will thrust the judge and lawyers on both sides into the limelight, it is sensational..I caught all the opening statements from the prosecution side and it was damaging to an already weak defense, but Linda Drake Burdik point drove home to all when she talked about Casey's decision to get a tattoo a day after reporting Caylee's "disapperance"....While everyone combed the neighborhood for this little angel, her mom was getting"the good lfe " permanently inked on her

A shocking accusation from the defense side stated that Caylee drowned in the grandparent's pool accidentally and it was also stated that the Grandparents hid Casey's secret....BS!!! Don't get me started....The first witness called was George Anthony(Casey's dad) The defense badgered him like it was his trial, with innuendos of sexual and physical abuse involing his daughter, and it really sickens me that they stooped this low...I wonder whatother tricks are up the defense's sleeves??? I am so bumming I have to work tomorrow, I am wondering who will be called next????

Anyways sorry for my ramblings, I had to give Nemogirl an update...You can follow the trial on Court Tv(truetv)  Well girls it is off to get some nourishment, I didn't eat very much, Tom makes me feel so icky, i just don't have much of an appetite, but at least the cramping is gone Off to read some diaries and have some grub

B- 1/2 sf "vegan" carrot muffin, watermelon cubes

L- grapes

D- Chili, 4 baked Millet and Flax garlic chips, raw spinach, cucumbers, red onions, green peppers, ff feta, sunflower kernels, red wine vin, lemon wedge

1 gallon water, 2 celsius, 3 jet fuel caps before each workout

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

Umpqua on 05/24/2011:
Weighted gloves? This is serious business! Good luck with the tech stuff and say hi to Dave Chappelle LOL. Oh and dinner is ~6:30!

Runforfun on 05/24/2011:
Have fun today! :)

hollybelle on 05/24/2011:
Those weighted gloves will rip you up! Good going! Your arms and shoulders will have so much definition. My neighbor has a pair and I have been using them for a small period of time to build up. They really burn extra calories. Get some sleep, girl!

selina on 05/24/2011:
Good morning! Sounds like you are doing great (except for those cramps, yuck!) Enjoy your gloves when you get them, ha! Hey, I haven't been reading the news on the Casey Anthony case - not too much of it in the paper I subscribe to, but I read about it some time ago - hope she gets the death penalty! She is nuts!

h82bfat on 05/24/2011:
I was actually looking at some weighted gloves just last week but thought that they wouldn't do me any good as all I'm doing right now is walking..... what say you? Oh - and as always, I LOVE your enthusiasm!! LOVE IT, LOVE IT, LOVE IT!!!

liza36 on 05/24/2011:
You're incredible - weighted gloves are awesome! Have a great day.

legcramps on 05/24/2011:
TOM sneak attacks are horrible. It always used to sneak up on me in the middle of the night too. And then it was too late to take anything so I remember walking around the house to try and settle myself down. Horrible memories ;) Hope you're feeling better soon.

Weighted gloves? Sweet! I love it!

nemogirl on 05/24/2011:
I'm interested in your pics. Can't wait. Also, the trial sounds very interesting. See if you can find out when the key witnesses are testifying. I've see a trial or two, but only the criminal trials are that interesting. Let me know what you think of it, what you see!

Em17 on 05/24/2011:
Have fun =)

Runforfun on 05/24/2011:
Lookin' good!! What's a Jagerator?

loveray on 05/24/2011:
Holy crap!! you look amazing. Did you find the Gruet yet?

~Moody~ on 05/24/2011:

I forgot about Casey's trial beginning today dangit..I have been following this story since the beginning..I must remember to watch tomorrow~

Wishing you a wonderful evening!

moogy on 05/24/2011:
I am so proud of you, you have changed yourself not only in body but also in your lifestyle and outlook.! It would be so wonderful if you could teach this new way of exercising professionally. I just saw loveray's comment, not very 'centred' was it, I think you might of scared her. Lub you:)

legcramps on 05/24/2011:
Wow, you look great!!!! That is awesome girl!

And, uh, The Jagerator is totally cool. Don't tell, but I may have salivated a little bit when I saw it...

hollybelle on 05/24/2011:
OMG, V! your abs are great! No way I would take a pic of my mid section and post it! But maybe soon.

thinkpositive on 05/24/2011:
You go girl! Pictures tell it all. Congratulations- such an accomplishment.

Runforfun on 05/24/2011:
haha!! Oh man :) ... I thought it was some exercise drink! lol. I miss our chats too! What have you been up to?

hollybelle on 05/24/2011:
That is SO funny that you asked me to show your pic to Rachel. She just came in from a run as I was looking at it and I did show it to her. Her comment was "Wow she's done good! She looks great!" I'll show her the one from 11 weeks ago, when she comes back - she's gone again. It wasn't on there then. Too funny, though, isn't it?

hollybelle on 05/24/2011:
That is SO funny that you asked me to show your pic to Rachel. She just came in from a run as I was looking at it and I did show it to her. Her comment was "Wow she's done good! She looks great!" I'll show her the one from 11 weeks ago, when she comes back - she's gone again. It wasn't on there then. Too funny, though, isn't it?

hollybelle on 05/24/2011:
That is SO funny that you asked me to show your pic to Rachel. She just came in from a run as I was looking at it and I did show it to her. Her comment was "Wow she's done good! She looks great!" I'll show her the one from 11 weeks ago, when she comes back - she's gone again. It wasn't on there then. Too funny, though, isn't it?

hollybelle on 05/24/2011:
That is SO funny that you asked me to show your pic to Rachel. She just came in from a run as I was looking at it and I did show it to her. Her comment was "Wow she's done good! She looks great!" I'll show her the one from 11 weeks ago, when she comes back - she's gone again. It wasn't on there then. Too funny, though, isn't it?

Runforfun on 05/24/2011:
Who are you flirting with nowadays? :) haha... That would be so awesome to teach that!

chidogs on 05/24/2011:
Hi V. I am around, lurking. Still have issues going on so I am basically low on self control right now. Hoping issues will resolve soon, and then I will inch my way back. Take care. Awesome pics!

Bikiniwax85 on 05/24/2011:
awesome awesome picture!! I am so happy to see that beautiful body!! Congrats dear. and I love those jager's machine (Jagerator!) hahaha its great! have a lovely day darling and thanks for dropping by!

shaunnac on 05/24/2011:
ewwww jager! lol not my type of beverage. unless it's in a red headed S***. yum. WOW 11 weeks? you went from that to omg that in 11 weeks? sexy momma!

shaunnac on 05/24/2011:
oh oh and btw I don't mind the denfense side of it I know it's all bs. it's just the procustions side. I always thought the tape was put after caylee died...as a person with a very active imagination I just...yea couldn't watch anymore at that point

V - Monday May 23, 2011
(Building a stronger body)
Weight: 134.1

     The warrior's approach is to say "yes" to life: "yea" to it all.” Joseph Campbell

Good Morning Lovelies I just completed my Fire45 class and the world is already a better place!! It is already a balmy 77degrees and getting hotter as we speak... I have the usual GTL to get in so I am hoping to get that done early so I can assemble my Punching Bag....Yes this time I will read ALL directions first so I won't have random leftover parts...LOL Umpqua knows what I am saying I also have to purchase sand  for the base of it but I was thinking outside the box pondering getting scented kitty litter to fill it....I spend so much on fresheners so my place won't smell like a gym and this might be a good idea????

Well ladies, time to hit the shower and get a move on!! Time to seize the day!!! HURRAH!!

Good Evening Divas!!! I completed a HIIT20 and Tone20 class!! WootieHOO!! I also have been putting in work on that Punching Bag I can't help but to hit it a few times when I pass by it....I am thinking about putting it in my bedroom but I would NEVER sleep!! LOL

I opted for the kitty litter and I even sprinkled potpourri and carpet fresh for that extra added touch..It works like a charm and I managed to construct it without assiatance!!!

Well lovelies I have to check on dinner(I am extra hungry) I went light on the calories today in anticipating a glass of vino with dinner....I made a BIG mistake when I stopped by to see Mrs. Valente at the liquor store(that is next door to the Dollar Tree) She reminds me alot of my Nana, her son Jimmy owns the store but she does all the bookkeeping and orders...She seen me as I was headed to the store and says to me "I know you are coming for a visit" Let me tell you it was NOT a question...She always has the best stories and thank goodness she got busy, I do believe she was trying to get me buzzed(just like Nana) LOL

They have a separate "wine room" as well as a really decent cellar and I lucked out today with only having a few samples because Jimmy and Mrs. V were pretty busy(but not too busy to sample the town of Naples) LOL!!! I managed to get out of there SOBER but 50 bucks lighter(2 bottles of really good Pinot Grigio) They even threw in 2 bottles of Pinot Noir cause that is just how they are(don't ask) LOL

Well I must get going, time for some grub and read some diaries!!! Have a good evening

B- watermelon cubes, 1/2 sugar free "vegan" carrot muffin

S-wine samples

L- black bean burger, 1/2 slice ff cheddar

D- lean boneless pork ribs in spicy mango marinade, raw spinach, green beans, cucumbers, red onions, orange peppers, ff feta sunflower kernels, red wine vin, lemon wedge 2 glases of Pinot Grigio

Progress as of today: 92.9 lbs lost so far, only -0.9 lbs to go!

sweetpea1977 on 05/23/2011:
lol, kitty litter. what a great idea! Another thing you can do is take those laundry dryer sheets and secure them inside your air vents. I did this all the time in my old house, since we had 3 hairy pets living in our fully carpeted home. Carpet absorbs so much odor that is almost impossible to get rid of. If you have lots of carpet, you can get a Bissell carpet cleaner and clean your carpets every few months. Smells wonderful when you're all done!

sweetpea1977 on 05/23/2011:
Or you can make your own air freshener: http://mixes.cdkitchen.com/recipes/cat/609/

Runforfun on 05/23/2011:
Hope you have a greeaaat day! :)

loveray on 05/23/2011:
Thank you sweetness. I happen to love a brand called Gruet - they are a winery in New Mexico, I think...I stumbled upon it a few years ago at a seafood joint where the waiter wanted to tell me about an inexpensive great tasting sparkling. I fell in LOVE! I think it's like $15 a bottle but Im telling you, it's almost as good as drinking the Dom! It is HOT here in the ATL as well. Hydrate and have a fun week! xoxo

selina on 05/23/2011:
Hi V! Missed you girlfriend!

liza36 on 05/23/2011:
I'd love to exercise early in the day like you. I just get up so darn early for work, I don't think I'd make it. Have a great day!

Runforfun on 05/23/2011:
I miss you too!! :) We do need to catch up!

loveray on 05/23/2011:
i think you will like it, let me know!! cant wait to meet in person and celebrate!! xo

loveray on 05/23/2011:
ps- get the Brut or the Extra Dry if you can!

shell2418 on 05/23/2011:
You can also fill the base with water. That is what I did to mine! I am very anxious for my Turbofire to come!!!

shaunnac on 05/23/2011:
very creative on the kitty litter I like it! LOL if your looking for a yummy bottle of bubbly...swing by an abc and try ca dagal asti. mmmm so good. like crisp green apples or at least that is what I taste. It runs around 15 bucks here of course every abc is different pricewise. best thing is if you don't like it you can return it rule of thumb no more than a glass...

Umpqua on 05/23/2011:
Have a wonderful day my friend! Oh and good luck if you try the kitty litter. I don't see why it wouldn't work, I use it in a pinch on ice in the winter or to sop up gas messes in the garage. Works well!

hollybelle on 05/23/2011:
The kitty litter might work. Interesting idea! Is it the same weight as sand? Cause I gotta feelin' you are going to need that thing anchored down when you start pounding on it! RE: The Shapes owners...that is the name of the gym where I taught classes the longest a long time ago (among other places through the years) can't remember the owners names but one of them was Dave. It would be crazy if it was the same people.....probably not. Anyway - it never hurts to ask.....they might put you in as a "guest instructor" or a sub. Often they will let you come in and workout with some of their other instructors and lead a part of the class to see your style, technique, etc. after awhile - sort of an instructor "in training" and sometimes they will pay for your certification classes - which you'd need to call the classes a trademarked name.....all kinds of possibilities. Yikes this is exciting. In the meantime you are just killing the workouts and what a testimony you would have among any of the gym members. I can see you being a personal trainer, V - you could sell the heck out of memberships with your success story. One of the most successful fitness consultants I ever knew was a woman who never met a stranger and had turned her life around for the positive with a big weight loss. She had a before and after pic of herself in her office and used it as proof that "it can be done" - she just added that "...and HERE (her gym) is the place to do it"!

YellowDress on 05/23/2011:
:) your quotes always make me smile! Have a good day that can also encourage us ;)

moogy on 05/23/2011:
Now this Greek god body you are dream of, is that your body or some Mediterranean hunk you are on the look out for!!!!! LOL Have a great day warrior! Catch you later:) Lub you:)

~Moody~ on 05/23/2011:
Another fantastic day for Miss V I see! Love the scented kitty litter/potporri idea, how creative!!

How did you manage to get FREE wine!!!???? Totally jealous! hahaha

Hope you have an amazing evening!!

hollybelle on 05/23/2011:
Mrs. Valente sounds like a good person to drop in on!

Runforfun on 05/23/2011:
So tell me, V! Is there a new guyy or the same one you talked about before that looks like leonardo decaprio??

sweetpea1977 on 05/23/2011:
Free wine? Dang, I need to learn your secrets. You are the MASTER!:-)

thinkpositive on 05/23/2011:
Oh yes the wine.. my downfall as well. Liked the way you listed the wine samples in your snacks! Congratulations on reaching your goal! What an inspiration.Like the punching bag, too.

Runforfun on 05/23/2011:
I missed what happened with him! haha

shaunnac on 05/23/2011:
Free wine is always the best!!! =( missing out on grabbing a free bottle wednesday. We have a wine class but I can't go to it cause I got to take my daughter to the doc. But that is fine cause lol if I have the wine I will drink it...have a great night V <3

loveray on 05/24/2011:
Oh man!! Probably not at Publix, Ive never seen it there. Sometimes Kroger has a more extensive wine selection but not sure if you have those there. I would try a local package store if you can. Also, you might be able to call a FL distributor to see where your local stores are http://www.gruetwinery.com/distributors

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