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abdab74 - Sunday Apr 19, 2020
Weight: 179.2

 Happy Sunday! This morning marked two straight weeks of me walking every morning. Most days I did three miles in about 45 minutes or a little more, but my minimum is 30 minutes. I honestly think this is the longest streak I've ever had of any sort of exercise. The funny thing is it wasn't something I planned. I was struggling with some anxiety/depression around the current state of the world, and read an article about how much exercise can help alleviate both naturally, and just sort of took it one day at a time. And now it's been two weeks and I can't seem to relax until I've had my daily walk. It really has helped with my anxiety, among other things.

I remember when we lived in Indiana with hopes of someday moving to Florida (we moved here almost seven years ago now), I would tell myself that once I didn't have to deal with winters anymore I would walk all year round outside. Until now I've never stuck to any regular walking routine here. Now that I am doing it regularly I feel a little sad at all the walks I missed. We live in a small, rural lakeside neighborhood in central Florida with an abundance of live oaks covered in Spanish moss, magnolias and cypress trees, among other various tropical trees and plants. The morning song of birds and briney smell of the lake air that accompanies the sunrises I'm able to witness each morning...it's darn near a religious experience. I'm sad for all the time I wasted but I'm grateful I finally started.

I can feel my legs getting stronger, too. In the past I would discount mere walking as "not being a good enough workout," but walking an average of a 17 minute mile, especially on uneven ground, isn't a joke. And it's definitely more than what I was doing (pretty much nothing).

My relationship with food is a different story. My highest weight, back in 2009/2010 was 199. I lost forty pounds on WW in 2011, and kept if off for a good two years. Moving to Florida, changing jobs three times within the first four years and all the fun and stress that accompanied all of that led me to slowly put on 20 pounds. The last two years I've been floating there, around that 180 mark, but I'm thankful I've at least been mindful enough to have not gained all of it back (or even more).

Sometimes I forget what an accomplishment that is. And all of the things I've accomplished. I made moving here happen. I finally found *the* job, then went for a promotion 18 months after I started and got that, too. We bought a house that needed a lot of work and have made it our own. I've healed relationships. I've found and nurtured some new friendships and worked to keep long distance ones alive. I've completely changed the way I eat and what I feed my family, choosing whole, natural ingredients and avoiding processed food as much as possible (this was definitely not a priority ten years ago). I've also tackled some health issues of my own, dealing with two surgeries in the past seven years. Reading the old post here last night at first made me sad, feeling like ten years have passed and I'm still struggling with the same thing. That's true, but just to a point. A LOT has changed in the past ten years, and although I still struggle in my relationship with food in a lot of similar ways, I've also grown tremendously as a human being. And struggling with how I deal with food is at least better than throwing in the towel altogether. This will mostly likely be a struggle for me as long as I live. All I can do is try, and learn, and do a little better than yesterday.



Progress as of today: 7.2 lbs lost so far, only 29.2 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/20/2020:
That’s great you are exercising first thing in the morning !!

A 17min mile is very fast walk !

Sounds like overall you have done better and better for yourself and I am sure you will get better with your food relationship! This is a good time to work on it a little bit - not to extremes I would say bc the current environment is extreme enough and I’m on a position where it’s better not to be extreme anymore bc it’s hard to make an extreme habit last

Donkey on 04/20/2020:
Oh your area sounds lovely right now! Florida was on our short list for retirement places but I don't think I could handle the humidity in the summer. Plus, snakes...

Way to go on the walking!

abdab74 - Sunday Apr 19, 2020
(clean eating, calorie counting, exercise)
Weight: 180.4

 I believe my last post here in DD was over 10 years ago. I can't believe I remembered my password. In reading those old posts, my biggest realization is that, as far as my complicated relationship with food, nothing much has changed. I still weigh about the same, and I'm still constantly starting over and going back and forth between WW and calorie counting. The only thing I've done consistently over the past 30+ years that I've been struggling with my weight is to break promises I make to myself about losing it.

So where do I go from here? What's the point of declaring yet another goal or plan? I'm now in my mid forties and am still at least 30 pounds heavier than where I'd like to be. I'm still not comfortable with my body. And now, in the words of Nora Ephron, I feel bad about my neck.

i know what I need to do. No matter what plan I'm following, good days all look the same. And bad days all lead me down a path of depression and are followed by more bad days. I'm not going to promise that I'll do anything tomorrow. Except try. If I've learned anything about myself in reading those old posts, it's that I'm not ready to give up on myself.

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 30.4 lbs to go!

Horn_of_plenty on 04/19/2020:
Yes, you can always try and make a small change this time.

Try to be kind to yourself as any addiction is hard to break. All of us here at DD can relate to you 100% because we have all be there and still work on ourselves everyday.

The smaller the change you make, the easier it is it will last. Since 30 pounds will take time to lower, try to see about a change you can make to help it drop. Take your time, there is no rush!

Donkey on 04/19/2020:
Hello! I love what you wrote today. It really spoke to me, from the addiction aspect to the promise to yourself to keep trying.

One thing that has helped me immensely is to start drinking more water. Some of my co-workers set alarms on their phones to remind them to drink more water. One lady had her alarm set every 15 minutes at one point. I find that when I don't drink more water, I struggle on those days. Every time.

abdab74 - Thursday Mar 04, 2010
(clean eating, calorie counting, exercise)
Weight: 180.4

Morning all!  Hope all is well.  I had a bad couple days food wise.  I was doing great there for a few weeks and then allowed myself one day of junk food (hubby's B-day), which turned into a weekend, which turned into 6 days.  I stopped at the grocery before work this morning and got some supplies...apples, natural pb, larabars and odwalla bars, protein shakes, etc.  I also got fish oil capsules and baby aspirins.  My father in law has been hospitilized probably 10 times over the last few years with heart related stuff, plus both my grandmothers have had heart attacks, and 2 uncles.  I want to lose this weight but I also want to live a healthy, long life.  I have been worried about this for awhile, as I know I am not in the best of shape anyway, plus I get a lot of swelling in my hands and feet and I worry that this has something to do with my heart.  The heart hospital in Indy does $99 heart scans so I think I will schedule one, just to be sure.  My family doctor kind of blew me off when I told her I was concerned, and told me to lose weight.  Nice.  I did have blood test done and my kidneys and liver are fine as well as my blood count and thyroid.  I don't know, its just weird.  My hands and feet get all red and hot and swollen at weird times, and its worse when I get up in the morning or when I sit at work all day, or if I walk my hands do it.  I have been doing this for a couple years now, and am curious to see if losing weight and regular exercise will help.

Anyway, my plan of action right now is 800-1000 calories per day and 100 grams of carbs or less per day, plus all carbs coming from natural foods.  No bread, potatoes or sugar.  I know it sounds extreme but I also know my metabolism very well.  I have hormonal imbalances and my maintenance level seems to be around 1500 per day.  This is what I did for about 3 weeks in Feb and lost 6 pounds, but I'm sure I gained some back.  My normal weigh in day is Tuesday and I am not weighing until then, so hopefully I can undo some of the damamge I did this week.  I also am going to start doing the circuit at the gym 3 days per week.  It's similar to curves and gets my heart rate up while hitting all the major muscle groups, plus it is a no brainer.  I can just put my Ipod on and do it. 

So, plan for today:

apple w/ organic pb and cinnamon, protein shake, larabar, scrambled egg whites w/ salsa,  organic yogurt w/ berries.  1 hour at gym, circuit+treadmill

Whelp, I'm off - Have a great day!

"I'm not overweight.  I'm just nine inches too short."
~Shelley Winters


Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 30.4 lbs to go!

biscottibody59 on 03/04/2010:
I urge you to keep asking what's wrong that you swell, etc until you get some answers. Get a referral to a cardiologist given your history and your concern. This arrogance on the part of drs thinking they know you when you can clearly see there's an ongoing problem makes my blood boil!

Good luck--you are your best advocate. After all you're the one who has to live in your body!

Sure, losing weight may help, but in the meantime if you're wigged out (not that you said you were) about something going on, it may interfere with your motivation to exercise and eat right.

I wish you all the best in your journey to get the answers you need!

legcramps on 03/04/2010:
I agree - getting the answers is the only way to go. Sometimes, it's a hard battle (i'm going through one too) but in the end it's better to know that you did all you could to help yourself. Good luck today!

Horn_Of_Plenty on 03/04/2010:
i used to eat odwalla bars all the time, mainly the protein flavor/ingredient one, when i was in college 5 years ago. i tried one the other day, same flavor, but it was WAY TOO SWEET! damn, i think they changed the ingredients slightly bc it was more like a hard cookie than how i remember it. :-(

abdab74 - Tuesday Mar 02, 2010
(clean eating, calorie counting, exercise)
Weight: 180.4

Well hello there!

So much has gone on since I last posted here, but I have been lurking now and then as I still think about my "DD friends" often.  I love that you can feel so connected to people you have never met. 

I am still blogging regularly and have a weekly post each Tuesday called Fat Tuesday where I talk about my current weight loss efforts.  I have been doing pretty well the past few weeks, so hopefully I am following a good path that I can stay on.

My son turns 17 next month and right now we are preparing for a spring break trip to the Blue Ridge Mountains in northern GA for his birthday week.  I would really like to get down to 175 or so by then, which is possible in 3 1/2 weeks I would think. It has been years since I have been in the 170s and I think it would do remarkable things to my psyche if I were to make it there before vacation.

So, I hope you all are well.  I see a lot of familiar names in the side bar.  I would like to become a regular again, mainly because I'm selfish.  I miss the support and like-mindedness of this site, so here's to starting over!

Today's menu:

protein shake, cottage cheese, sugar free jello, almonds, scrambled egg whites w/ salsa, yogurt w/ berries

Progress as of today: 6 lbs lost so far, only 30.4 lbs to go!

legcramps on 03/02/2010:
Hi! Good to see you back and at it again! Good luck today :)

PsychKat on 03/02/2010:
Hi and Welcome back~Wishing you the best of luck!!!

Your upcoming vacation sounds like heaven!!

abdab74 - Thursday Jul 09, 2009
(clean eating, calorie counting)
Weight: 185.2

Coffeemate Coffee Creamer Vanilla Caramel 0.50 30 1g 0mg 15mg 5g 4g 0g 0g
Banana, medium 1.00 105 0g 0mg 1mg 27g 14g 3g 1g
Nutri-Grain Cereal Bar Nutri-grain Blueberry Bar 1.00 140 3g 0mg 105mg 26g 13g 0g 1g
Lean Cuisine BBQ - Recipe Chicken Pizza 1.00 350 8g 20mg 620mg 45g 10g 2g 19g
Strawberries 2.00 154 0g 0mg 8mg 40g 20g 9g 2g
Aldi's Fit And Active Strawberry Cheesecake Nonfat Yogurt 1.00 110 0g 5mg 105mg 18g 15g 0g 7g
Athenos Feta - Reduced Fat 1.00 70 5g 10mg 470mg 1g 0g 0g 7g
Spinach 1.00 7 0g 0mg 24mg 1g 0g 1g 1g
Chef's Slivered Almonds 0.50 80 7g 0mg 0mg 3g 1g 2g 3g
Dole Italian Salad Blend 1.00 15 0g 0mg 10mg 3g 2g 1g 1g
Kraft Raspberry Vinagrette Dressing 1.00 60 4g 0mg 0mg 5g 1g 0g 0g
Boca Original Burgers 1.00 100 1g 0mg 390mg 8g 0g 5g 18g
Wishbone Salad Spritzers Caesar Delight 1.00 15 1g 0mg 85mg 0g 0g 0g 0g
Green Bell Pepper 1.00 33 0g 0mg 5mg 8g 4g 3g 1g
Moonrose Soy Milk 0.50 50 2g 0mg 60mg 5g 5g 0g 4g
Totals: 1,319 32g 35mg 1,898mg 195g 88g 25g 65g
Here is food plan for today.  I stayed on food plan yesterday (about 1350 cals) but did not work out.  I was so tired last night, I fell asleep at 6:30, woke up at 9 and went back to sleep at 11.  I still haven't recovered from vacation.  I can't wait until Saturday.  I didn't put exercise on today's plan, but I am planning on getting to the gym tonight.  Scale was down a little this morning, but that should be the last of the water weight...now it's time to get rid of some fat.  Hope you all are well.  Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 5 lbs lost so far, only 35.2 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 07/09/2009:
Burn FAT Burn!!!!!!!!!!!! You are going to make it!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

nenak on 07/12/2009:
on a mission well done. where can I get this kind of info about food from?

hollybelle on 10/06/2009:
Hey - this reminds me of the Live Well website tool I sometimes use. I need to get at it again.

abdab74 - Wednesday Jul 08, 2009
(clean eating, calorie counting)
Weight: 187.4

Nestle Vanilla Chai-spice Coffee Creamer 3.00 105 5g 0mg 30mg 15g 15g 0g 0g
Kashi Heart To Heart Instant Oatmeal - Golden Brown Maple To Go Cup 1.00 160 2g 0mg 130mg 42g 12g 5g 4g
Aldi Fit & Active Peach Parfait Nonfat Yogurt 1.00 100 0g 0mg 95mg 17g 12g 0g 6g
Banana, medium 1.00 105 0g 0mg 1mg 27g 14g 3g 1g
Fiber One Oats And Chocolate Bar 1.00 140 4g 0mg 90mg 29g 10g 9g 2g
Amy's Spinach Feta Sandwich 1.00 260 9g 20mg 590mg 34g 4g 3g 11g
Baby Carrots, Raw 1.00 35 0g 0mg 65mg 8g 5g 2g 1g
Whole Yellow Bell Pepper 1.00 50 0g 0mg 0mg 12g 0g 2g 2g
Strawberries 1.00 77 0g 0mg 4mg 20g 10g 5g 1g
Kraft Raspberry Vinagrette Dressing 1.00 60 4g 0mg 0mg 5g 1g 0g 0g
Chef's Slivered Almonds 0.50 80 7g 0mg 0mg 3g 1g 2g 3g
Spinach 1.00 7 0g 0mg 24mg 1g 0g 1g 1g
Morningstar Farms Veggie Corndog 1.00 170 5g 0mg 530mg 22g 6g 1g 8g
Fitness Minutes Calories Burned
Elliptical trainer: general 30.0 -405.0
Circuit Training - general, minimal rest 20.0 -227.0
Walk: 3 mph (20 min/mi) 10.0 -64.0
Totals: 653 36g 20mg 1,559mg 235g 90g 31g 40g

Here is my food and exercise plan for today.  Ended up at about 1450 in calories yesterday and we took a long walk with the dogs.  It was a great day.  Hope you all are well!

Progress as of today: 2.8 lbs lost so far, only 37.4 lbs to go!

grumpy on 07/08/2009:
Oh wow, Abby, this is perfect! 1450 is perfect for you and all that workout! So glad to hear JC did work for you, it's how I feel about it right now. And soooo glad also you're motivated and have a plan, the livestrong sounds awesome, I need to check it out! xoxo

thinnside40 on 07/08/2009:
2.8#'s down...........WaY To Go!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! :-)

hollybelle on 07/09/2009:
Welcome back. I'm back, too. Love the chart you are doing on here. How are you doing that? Happy to hear depression anxiety better. I know good eating and exercise help me with that sometimes, but other times I feel frozen by those emotions. Determined to work thorough whatever comes, though.....keep us posted.

abdab74 - Tuesday Jul 07, 2009
(clean eating, calorie counting)
Weight: 190.2

Food Item Servings Cals Fat Cholest Sodium Carbs Sugars Fiber Protein
Kashi Honey Oat Waffle 1.00 80 2g 0mg 185mg 16g 3g 2g 3g
Tropicana Original No Pulp 1.00 140 0g 0mg 0mg 33g 28g 0g 2g
Publix Creamy Peanut Butter 0.50 100 8g 0mg 70mg 3g 2g 1g 4g
Wendy's Grilled Chicken Breast 1.00 110 2g 65mg 610mg 1g 0g 0g 22g
Marie's Ranch Salad Dressing 0.50 95 10g 4mg 90mg 1g 1g 1g 0g
hard boiled egg 1.00 77 5g 212mg 62mg 1g 0g 0g 6g
Food Club Shredded Cheddar Cheese 1.00 110 9g 30mg 180mg 1g 0g 0g 7g
Iceburg Lettuce 1.00 10 0g 0mg 7mg 2g 1g 1g 1g
Tomato 1.00 4 0g 0mg 1mg 1g 1g 0g 0g
Sugar* 2.00 30 0g 0mg 0mg 8g 8g 0g 0g
Wegmans Non-dairy Creamer 2.00 20 1g 0mg 0mg 2g 0g 0g 0g
Ronzoni Smart Taste Pasta 1.50 270 2g 0mg 8mg 65g 2g 9g 9g
Wal-mart 93/7 Lean Ground Beef 1.00 180 9g 70mg 70mg 0g 0g 0g 23g
Kraft Parmesean Cheese 1.00 20 2g 0mg 85mg 0g 0g 0g 2g
Prego Traditional 0.50 40 2g 0mg 290mg 7g 5g 2g 1g
Pillsbury Bread Country Italian Loaf 1.00 110 2g 0mg 270mg 21g 2g 1g 0g
Spinach 1.00 7 0g 0mg 24mg 1g 0g 1g 1g
Strawberries 0.75 58 0g 0mg 3mg 15g 8g 3g 1g
Chef's Slivered Almonds 0.50 80 7g 0mg 0mg 3g 1g 2g 3g
Kraft Raspberry Vinagrette Dressing 1.00 60 4g 0mg 0mg 5g 1g 0g 0g
Fitness Minutes Calories Burned
Shopping - groceries, with cart 45.0 -149.0
Totals: 1,452 62g 381mg 1,954mg 184g 60g 21g 84g

Here are yesterday's totals from Livestrong.  I didn't get any exercise in but I did do a lot of moving.  I am thinking about starting Slim in Six again if anyone is interested in joining me...

We just got home from FL Sunday night and I still haven't unpacked, so I will try to get a work out in tonight but at some point I will have to unpack.  I went to grocery last night and worked yesterday and today.  I am beat!  Hope you all are well!


Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 40.2 lbs to go!

abdab74 - Monday Jul 06, 2009
(clean eating, calorie counting)
Weight: 190.2

Hi ladies!  Think I'll come hang out again.  I have been doing really well in life, not so much in food, but it is what it is.  Just got back from vacation and know i really need to get serious about my health.  I have been reading and lurking in here, just have not been ready to post.  I am so much better, as far as my bouts of depression/anxiety and really feel ready to tackle my issues with food.  Hope you all are doing well!

Progress as of today: 0 lbs lost so far, only 40.2 lbs to go!

nenak on 07/06/2009:
welcome back x

grumpy on 07/06/2009:
Hey girl, sooooo glad to see you back here. I also was struggling and had started gaining back, and realized i needed something different, with more monitoring and not a lot of room for mistakes. so i started jenny craig 2,5 weeks ago. I am excited about it as it's easy to follow and i lost 6 lbs. :) Maybe you wanna try a more 'closed' plan, where there's monitoring, like that, or WW, or a dietician? On another note, thats GREAT you're happy and doing well in life. I missed you here and can use your support. xoxo

abdab74 - Friday Mar 06, 2009
(Jenny Craig)
Weight: 186.0

Hello daaahhhlings!  Happy almost-spring to you.  I am in an ab-fabulous mood today.  Hope you all are doing well and enjoying the wonderfulness of Friday. 

I am not officially doing JC any longer, but still following the general concept, which is planning out each day and sticking to the plan.  I have been logging everything on "The Daily Plate" and doing really well.  The JC food was wonderful and I love the structure and one-on-oneness of it, but just too expensive and far-away for me.  I have my second weigh in tomorrow and am hoping to be at 184, but we shall see.

Come check out my blog anytime:


Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo - A

Progress as of today: 6.8 lbs lost so far, only 36 lbs to go!

grumpy on 03/06/2009:
Hey doll, I missed you, great to hear from you, especially in this great mood. the weather is beautiful here. I am up in weight, but up in spirits as well. :) Love ya,

thinnside40 on 04/07/2009:
Hopping by on this week before Easter to say "hi"...Checked the blog to see how you may be doing, but you weren't updated there either.... Hope all is going well...... {{{HUGS}}}

abdab74 - Wednesday Feb 25, 2009
(Jenny Craig)
Weight: 187.4

Hi all,

Still following program to a T.  It is pretty easy right now and I am not really having cravings or anything.  I have my first weigh in on saturday morning.  I am down about 4 pounds at home so far and I still have a few days left so we'll see.  I have to go to the store after work as I am out of fruit and veggies almost completely.  James has to work late tonight, and I haven't worked out all week as my back has been hurting pretty bad.  Feeling a little better today and I would love to get on the treadmill a little tonight.  It is just so hard to get started again once you haven't worked out for awhile.  I know once Ido it once I will feel better and motivated to keep doing it. 

Anyway, sunday is James' B-day, and I am taking him to a comedy club Saturday night and to a wild big cat preserve on sunday which I know he will love.  I want to get him an actual gift but am not sure what to buy.  we'll see...

Hope you all are well.  Have a great day!

Progress as of today: 5.4 lbs lost so far, only 37.4 lbs to go!

thinnside40 on 02/25/2009:
Congrats on following yer program.... Proud of ya!

legcramps on 02/26/2009:
I haven't been to the gym in well over a week so I can understand when you say that it's hard to get started again once you haven't workout out for awhile. I'm going through it too! I hope we BOTH get to workout toinght!

legcramps on 02/26/2009:
um, TONIGHT, not toinght.

Horn_Of_Plenty on 02/28/2009:
have a nice day!

thinnside40 on 03/01/2009:
Love You....Keep yer chin up & stay strong... Your going to make it.....{{{Hugs for a lifetime

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